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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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coming up, iraq says the offensive recap sure ramadi has begun. shia militias say they are ending the charge. the remains of dozens of people thought to be trafficked migrants. the oil froze again. but power shortages continue, and the financial black hole that has caused new doubt over the space program. >> roof fall nadal is off to
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a winning start, forecasten for now as he bids to win a tent title. iraq's military has launched -- the soldiers will be p be supported be i the shia militias who have a key role. however, their involvement has risen fears of sectarian tensions because most of the population is sunni referring to one of the most revered figures in shia islam, which the pentagon says is unhelpful. sharing borders with syria jordan and saudi arabia. the capitol felt to isil just over a week ago a major defeat for forces. the city is only 115-kilometers away from
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iraq's capitol. reports from the bridge, on the edge of anbar province. >> forces gather preparing to retake the city that fell to it fooers more than a week ago. it is likely to be a long operation, there are reports of fighters preparing to meet government forces. they will lead the operation with backing from shia militia, many of which are supported from iran and air strikes led by the united states. >> with isil in control of border crosses from syria into anbar the fighters can push into back dad. to prevent that they are securing the capitol. the town just under 30-kilometers is being fort fied. fie ft.fied. >> we are fighting a psychological war.
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the portioned here are mainly shia militia. since they brought them under the command of the government they fly a new flag. each militia has it's own identity but all fight under this banner, including this group. fort fying baghdad comes with unique challenges. this is the bridge, the last safe place to cross from the pro vince into baghdad. it is likely to see more scenes like this as long as to fight we will take it. that will enter baghdad disguised as displaced people.
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in the capitol. >> life there to baghdad and al jazeera is there for us, do we have any updates on the operation so far the progress of it. >> what we are hearing from the security forces is they are pushing to try to take some of the roads which are key and anbar is very much a dessert province, so the roads only a few of them, you need to take control of hose and also pushing into the towns on the outskirts in places but they have already suffered losses in the last hour or so, we have heard there have been three car bombs killing at least 25, bringing the total amount to date against the security forces to five, and at least forty-five soldiers are dead, so it is a very tough battle, these car bombs are one of isil's most devastating weapons they have been used to great effect by the group against iraqi security forces. and particularly when they went into ramadi.
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the way they are devicing the forces sup that you have the army you have the shia militia whose are supported by iran, and you have the air strikes, that's already crucial, but people are worried that it may not be the coordination needed between iran, and the u.s. who are in charge of the air strikes and that's a role concern can to a lot of people here. >> tell us more about those militias and their involvement so far in the fighting? what the sensitives may be this time. >> well, the militias have had great success against the targets and have taken over places that isil has taken many the past. they are a motivated group they are also very well trained and motivated. so they have had these successes and they are being brought in by the anbar provincial council there is a fear though, that the
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sectarian element of this will rise, because they have been blamed in the past for committing effectively war crimes now they have always denied this, but there has been significant evidence that has been produced saying they have gone into areas and they have executed people, or arrested people without charge. this is the kind of thing that if gets out of hand will be a real problem, because ask barr is very much a sunni has a very sectarian name, it's called named after one of the key can shia arms so the optics of that are also very countryinging we are very worried about the role they play. >> all right, thank you very much indeed. a mill dare history would be co wrote a book on the armed forces. do you have more of an idea of what the balance is within this grouping won the army
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and these other elements. >> well, when we are talking about the iraqi army, we have the iraqi security forces, then within the iraqi security forces we have the special forces that was trained by the u.s., and the iraqi police. now you also have the shia militias that are divided between four major factions it seems the militias are more willing to serve as shock troops especially in the more violent urban combat scenarios that we saw in the fight for tikrit. >> are they likely in this case can to succeed. >> they are -- based on the precedent of tick credit, we have seen that the militias tend to be bit more motivated. not necessarily because they have a connect can to ramadi which tends to be the arab city, but as a means of inflicting jets on isil which
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appears to be a threat to the shia iraq. >> tell me, the pentagon has again said today that forces suffers from low morale, and the problem in command structure. prior to their withdrawal, do you think -- they seem to be repeated the cement similar we had from the defense secretary over the weekend is that accurate? is low morale part of the problem? the main part of the problem. >> well, we saw low morale must have been part of the problem for at least the regular iraqi discusser forces. there's also questions about the circumstances why did the iraqi special forces withdraw did they withdraw because they were outnumbered or do they still have affiliations with the former prime minister and wanted to give the new prime minister an embarrassing situation with the fall of ramadi so kit can
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be a combination of infighting. low morale, among at least the regular iraqi discusser forces and remember the police station but i don't think those credit teaks would be applicable to the irake cashia militias because they aren't in place before the fall. >> what add the don't name given to operations is unhelpful. >> i think that you are paying attention to the wrong behavior if they have openly sectarian symbols that's one thing. it is the behavior that you can should pay more attention to and if they have finally learned that if they practice justice in the towns that attack over, i think that will do more damage than the actual whatever flags they fly or the names they call
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themselves, most of ramadi is displaced. i think if any allows those refugees to come back, i think the citizens won't really care if they are openly sectarian, it is how they behave. if the militias allow them to come back to their home, don't -- harass them, and allow them to return to the homes i think that's what will make the difference in the long run. >> okay, thank you very much indeed. syria's air forces reportedly carries out an attack in the northeast of the country state news agency said 140 isis fighters were killed an isil strong hold, isil seized the base in august after fierce fighting that left hundreds dead on both sides. government forces reportedly dropped six-barrel bombs on the refugee camp, which is hope to some 6,000
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palestinian refugees. isil fighters also attacked the camp last month. popular resistence brigades were able to take over the city in what is their first major victory in the south since the saudi coalition began the offensive. that had been loyal to former yemen leader. >> saudi arabia says one civilian has been killed and five injuries by houthis shelling which is near the yemen border. while in northern yemen seven members of one family were called by saudi led air strikes. libya's u. n. recognized government is forced to abandon a session after protestors set fire to a car outside the base in the eastern city. it is unclear exactly what the protestors were demanding. the fire is latest trucks which has struggled to stamp it's authority over an
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increasingly fragmented country. five washington post reporter has gone on trial in iran accused of spying. the three hour hearing was held behind closed doors in the teheran revolutionary court. which usually presides over political cases. or those related to national security. the u.s. says credit sidessed the lack of transparency in his case. the foreign minister of the washington post, he says the case against him is ludicrous, and without foundation. there is nothing as all that is cleared. from the moment he was detained we have heard nothing from the irhinian authorities and even the nature of the charges have not been made public, what we have heard sounds on surrender, and ludicrous to us. the idea that he was in anyway doing anything more than what he does as a journalist.
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that he would be acquitted in a fair court and that's what we hope to see happen now. >> the only access point not controlled by israel. egypt closed it last october after a. booing in the peninsula killed 30 of the soldiers. however it is not allowing traffic the other way leaves thousands stuck inside the tiny enclave. police have begun exhuming the bodies of dozens of trafficking victims. lawrence louie has been to one of the camps and sent this report. >> in the a shallow unmarks gray, a forensic teams is carefully trying to unearth what is buries here. they soon find something. human remains, wrapped in what was probably once a white cloth, now yellow dirt,
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question are still digging up the grays exhuming the remains so we still can't tell you how many bo bodies there are except for the ones we found today. the police suspect there are almost 40 grays in the area, they don't yet know who they are, or how they died. but they are likely to be migranted or refugees who have been trafficked into malaysia. about 200-meters from the site is a camp. the inhabe tonights long gong. >> they believe this camp has been abandoned for at least two years much of the structure, you can see it was probably big enough to hold 200 people. all around the camp, there are signs that people lived here plates, crockery, bases thrown into a pit. pieces of cloth that may have been curtained and crudely built cages where trafficking syndicated help their human cargo. to prevent escape they used barb wire. less than 500 meters from the thai border.
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it is one of 28 human trafficking camps found by the malaysian police over the weekend, less than a month after thai authorities made a similar discovery in their territory. these camps are where traffickers hold their prisoners. the majority are thought to be an ethnic minority. they escape by sea and are brought overland through thailand thousands of them are thought to be adrift at sea, after police starting cracking down on human trafficking. police at first denied the existence of these camps but now they say they are investigating what happened. these may be abandoned but there is no indication that they have been broken up. lawrence lee, al jazeera. malaysia. >> coming up on the news hour. the migrants whose desperate journeys have finished where they started, plus.
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>> london's royal festival conductor the unveiling his reinvention. >> and in sport find out if one of the nba's biggest names was able to pick himself and his team up. after this fall. two antigovernment protestors have been killed by police. while the demonstrations go on the president is refusing to bow to pressure from inside and outside the country. >> they know this won't protect them from bullets and tear gas but protestors say they have little they can do so they keep going and then. >> in seconds they are
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disbursed. >> but they haven't gone far they are waiting for the police to move on. the police are shooting at us, they are arrested people, they are shooting and shooting. >> we say no to him. the police seem to know what the protestors are planning. >> as soon as the riot police arrived people ran away, they are now slowly coming back on to the streets they say they want to march into the city center but the police are stopping them. it's been a month of back and forth, it seems the protests are spreading beyond the capitol. at least one person was shot and killed in the protests. al jazeera.
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>> thousands of people have been trying to escape the unrest many are vulnerable children with no one to look after them. some are leaving the capitol and taking a boat across the lake to the small town in tanzania. mothers and children by the hundreds boarding boats to get as far away from the fighting as they can. they are among the estimated 50,000 who have traveled to tanzania in the past month. many are children who have lost their parents like 16-year-old. after they landed in tans niya, the two sibling were taken do the stadium for shelter. >> the security can situation is getting worse every day we have no parents and nobody to protect us. peel are being killed or beaten up that's the reason why we decided to leave. >> 1,200 unaccompanied
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children have been registered in this camp alone. >> this is largely a crisis facing children. 83% of the population on the move that have been registered are children. >> cholera is a major problem in the refugee camps more than 30 people have already died in the past two weeks. aid groups are racing to provide medical supplies and psychological care. >> unicef is deploying on the ground, 30 social worker officers that have been trained in child protection, with the identification, the documentation, and the identification of options for these children. while they seek shelter here, the refugees say they have little faith in finding a peaceful solution back home. they have had a turbulent past of mass killings. for many this isn't the first time they have been a vick
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time of violence back home. her parents were killed by militias when she was just 9. many more refugees say they want to do what they can to make a new life here, because they are little reason to return home. erica wood, al jazeera. >> a policeman in kenya has been killed by suspected al-shabaab fighters. four others were injured in the attack. the police were amount bushed. the somali based group says the fighters killed 25 kenyan police officers in the attack. he says ensuring that the entire country is secure is a huge challenge.
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there was a fire and ambushed. >> but they are one of and -- >> the village is always attempt on a daily basis. as much as it is got a war that we are dealing with with one or two who are raised somewhere. you cannot have police officers of the country. the air force to the group security in the area. it will expand the search and rescue operation in the mediterranean. last month's decision to triple funding faced with a
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surge of migrants making the journey, in greece hundreds of people arrived. greece is one of the countries currently shoulders the biggest number of migrants. the plan to redistribute migrants more evenly will be unveiled on wednesday. some are now being helped to return home, 145 have arrived back in the capitol with the help of the international organization for migration. after months of traveling they have tried at least once to cross the mediterranean sea. but failed. which provided them with flights and money to get home. >> woe talk the boat once, they caught us at sea and took us to prison, we were sleeping on the ground, the conditions there aren't goo good for anyone. >> i took the first boat and we were lost at sea for five days the police came to get
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us out of the water afterwards tried a second time but three people died during that trip. thousands have begun military maneuvers as part of a large scale exercise. it involved hundreds of aircraft and antiaircraft missile systems. this is one of several exercise which is have been held since russia annexed crimea. the defense ministry says the aim is develop a command system in the field. can u.s. and eight other agencies are taking part in exercises in northern europe. the drill involving fighter jets it aims at toasting cooperation among arctic nations near russia. rush shags public defender vladimir putin hoping to restore the space program has suffer add new blow. the state auditors have uncovered about $1.8 billion
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worth of financial irregularities. that have shaken international face in the space industry, and put commercial contract in jeopardy. charles straitford has more from moscow. >> another major embarrassment and huge set back for russia in the attempts to reform and rebuild it's aging space program. the state auditor says it has evidence that misappropriation and misuse of $1.8 billion in state money, by the federal space agency now it says the majority of these allegations are being focused on the building of a new crone, a place in the east of the country. this is one of the pet projects it was hoped that it is going to have the around 300,000 people in the future even the ability for space tourism to be conducted at
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this plant. now the president himself visited in september, and he pledged an additional $1 billion but it came with a staunch warning and it looks like that warning has not been heeded. now this has huge implications for the future of russia's space industry. the state saying that it is to be disbanded it is a huge embarrassment for the president, and it has massive implications for just how much can really be done in cracking down here in the space agency, and wider government parliaments across the country. >> a wish that swept through a rest home for the elderly has killed 38 people. it is the latest incident to race questionses about the facilities being used to house some of the most vulnerable people. this is all that remains of the happy and healthy garden care home, where so many
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perished. almost all of the building was destroyed suggesting cheap materials were used in it's construction. it is one of the poor ohs areas in china. some were very frail and so would have had little chance of escape. from the flames and smoke. many did make it to safety, but by tuesday night rescue crews were involved in an operation to recover bodies but this the most part, had been burned beyond recognition. the cause of this latest blaze is still not known but china's president has ordered an investigation promising anyone found responsible will be punished. >> the police have now cardenned off the area, survivors have been telling local can media that conditions were bad there simply wasn't enough staff. many of the dead were in a
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dormitory reserves for the infirm. they couldn't move without help and there wasn't much help after the fire broke out. adrian brown, al jazeera. >> still to come on the news hour. we will have the latest from texas where at least seven people have been killed and dozens more are missing in the wake of flash floods. >> rivers of fire spilled from an erupting volcano. he is free to say what he wants to say. >> and find out what the president thinks about being described as a dictator by this playing legend.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. >> being a musician, there's no demand...
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>> world renowned artist lang lang >> the moment you're on stage, it's timeless >> american schools falling flat... >> there are no music class in public schools... >> and his plan to bring music back... >> music makes people happier... >> every tuesday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america. who helped to push out the armed group from other part oz if country. fighter backing yemen's president had capture add key can city. the recapture from houthis fighters is the government's
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first significant victory since the saudi led coalition began the air offensive. teams have begun exhuming bodies from shallow graves found near the taye border. an agreement has been reached that could end a serious energy crisis, the government has promised to pay all importers money that is owed to them. unsure how long it will be before normality returns. it is revision time. the crucial decision examinations are here they must up their grade in order to progress. with no electricity at all they are forced to revise their notes in an unusual environment. under streetlamps on a major highway. >> i am here in order to
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because there is no electricity in the our area, because we are facing abomination, we are facing the practical activities but there is no electricity. >> a power shortage is pushing students like him to take desperate measures. a wrong turn by a truck could be disaster here. the students come here to read, despite the risks. they are not sure how long lit be before these streets are plunged into darkness. they say the grades are falling. along with education sector. >> it effects the quality of education they are getting and also effects the output coming from the students. it has immaterial packeted in such a way that it has effected the researches, most of which the teachers are
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teaching the students is coming from the research conduct bed i the teachers themselves. >> the government side electricity hit an all time low. for a population of 117 million people. it blames sack tomming of oil and gas pipelines as well as oil workers strikes. request chronic shortage of pet troll, most places including hospitals are finding it difficult to deliver services. in the a few day as new government will be sworn in. security to infrastructure decay. yet still many are hopeful of change.
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big supermarkets in the france are to be stopped from throwing out unused food. the government wants to cut the waist for super markets to half. let's go now to a counselor in paris whose campaign led to a change in the law tell us what made you start this and how did you start it. >> hello. >> yes -- tell me how you started what made you start your campaign, what prompted you to start targeting the super markets in this way? >> when i was elected one year ago in the my city. just next in paris it was a big problem. the super markets that's --
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that throw out 40-kilos of foods. in front of these scandalous behavior, we have middle class that much more money and the homeless. this food waste is amazing. and i fight that. when i ski this situation, i make a petition to say that we don't want the super markets to throw in the garbage the foods. question had two signatures in the petition, that in the parliament say in france, that's whole super markets
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have to give the food immediately, the night in order to give to the middle class and homeless. >> do you think this is something that could be taken worldwide do you have plans to try to expand your campaign. >> this method, and this idea this proposition, is very quick situation for the poor persons. it was difficult at first, because nobody wants to talk about the poor persons. nobody wants to talk about the tourists and about the their the person that are hungry. but today we are 7 billion persons in the earth and we are reaching for 9 billion.
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the proposition that i say and defense a law in france have to go globally. in africa, in india and other countries it will be very very immediately and quickly a good situation for the poor persons. because the poor persons needs these feeds and the foods -- is going to the garbage. it's not possible for us today. >> for the politician in frabs. >> thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us. >> police in cleveland are to have training as part of a settlement over the number of unarmed black men. the investigation by the justice department found police enganged in wide use force the situation of the new standards office and
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review board to handle the claims. joining us live from washington d.c., how is this going to work this agreement. >> working through 106 page or 105 page report. every time a police officer unholster as gun that has to now be reported and investigated by a superior. it prohibits police from using force and simply talking back or them or running away, prohibited police officers from pistol whipping people, and the report said that's a systemic problem from the police force in cleveland. they would hit people in the face. that won't be allowed any more. at least one reporter it is surprising that these aren't in place as standard anyway, but they aren't. and they are particularly proud of these new wash dog
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groups including a civilian watchdog, this is the idea of how will this all work comes in. improving their interpersonal skills and how do you measure that, and secondly, and this is a problem we found in albuquerque, and other police departments that are under d. o.j. surveillance, and d. o. j. watchdogs are they still relying on the police to self-report, if you have a watchdog, and they are still relying on the police officer to tell their superior hay i unholsterred my gun today fully there's problems there. >> thank you very much indeed. and joys on the distortion on the sound there, at least seven people have been killed in the u.s. state of texas texas and oklahoma. tornadoes have creating floods that the texas state governor likened to the tsunami.
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more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed. and more bad weather is expected. let's go life now where rescuers are serging for 12 missing people, give us a just date there on how that search is going. we are in the town of wimberly texas in between san antonio and austin, and we are in this town right now small town of 2600 people on the banks of the river a river that was absolutely in the words of one resident here hell when this overflowed it's banks and as you can probably see behind me all of the trees that were behind me just totally got flattened. not only that but just behind me over my right shoulder are the remains of one of the cabins in the rio lodge, a resort that we are at right now. they say they lost 11 of
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their cabins there were cabins that were made out of brick that just got completely washed away when a wall of water just came through. it just lifted up the cabins and just tumbled then down the river, so they are looking for ten people that are missing over ten people that they think are missing here. this is a city that has been hit by far the hardest but the entire state and the entire region has seen some of the worst flooding now in decades. this river that you see behind me, it had not joan flown banks like this for over 30 years. the worst part is that forecasters say this kind of rain and flooding can continue in the days to come. >> with with that forecast of further bad weather what's the advice to people there? are they being helped to get to safety. >> they are people are told
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to not go outside we are seeing people here in the town starting to clean up as best they can and the state has been put on several counties in the state have been put on a state's of emergency, so we have seen police blocking off roads leading into some of the areas like this, that are so badly effected but basically the message here, in the state of texas is be very careful because these can hit very fast and they can be deadly even though the number of casualties has been very small so far. rescue personnel are worried if these continue it can put more people at risk. the interim president warned that a et mooing in brussells today much more help is needed to bring stable to the
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country. jackie reports. >> the extra money pledged by the european union is a recognition of the crisis in the central african republic is far from over. the money will be spent on humanitarian aid and promoting security and stability. we are not at all ashames to ask for this assistance, because we done have the means. we have begun to give hope to the people of the central african republic, and we need to take that through to the end with the support of the international community. it may no longer be in the headlines but it remains volatile, french and afternoon can troops oversee a frog jail peace. nearly half a million people are now homeless within their own country. christians forced out by muslims and muslims forced out by christians. the muslim minority in particular is paying the price of the intercommunal
2:44 pm
violence. here they are living in refugee camps entirely depend on international aid. when there is a lack of food and other basic supplies people tend to move to where they belief they can get access to the things they need. this kind of come can tis over scarce resources in a tense place, may lead to further conflicts. this is the lead season in central africa, and food stocks are dangerously low. mothers and their children are most at risk of starvation, health workers say infant mortality has reached crisis levels and it is still several months until the next harvest. the aid agency is spending $55 million on emergency aid alone, which puts the
2:45 pm
$18 million pledged by the e. u. into context. >> it is something but again, the question is where will it be orien tated and the impact will be measured in terms of mortality and morbidity, reduction for the population. >> some of the armed groups have begun releasing children they recruited to fight with them. the risk of renews fighting is never far away, the central african republic has few natural resources so it isn't high on the international agenda. without action now claiming more innocent lives. >> the his and hers pajamas have just gone for $7 to one
2:46 pm
lucky bidder. people at thisa in central brazil, are hoping to raise money for social programs for the homeless. a couple of years ago these same projects might have been funded by the central government. which recently announced cuts getting money from the federal government just got harder. it is rah routine now. >> high public spending rising inflation and a looming recession have forced the president to slash funding as much as 23 billion-dollars this year alone. this means 35% less than last year will be available to local governments. some of the harder hit sectors will be held in infrastructure. this man had to wait for three hours just to get a dog bite examined. we are suffering here.
2:47 pm
we pay taxes but for what reason, they have only two doctors. what are they doing with our money? is what are they doing to our country? they are destroying our country. public officials are feeling defeated and with hands tied. month after month cuts are seriously damagers towns everywhere. >> it is not the only city feeling the economic news around it's neck, over 5,000 mayors and other local authorities have gathering here to express their concern over what these project cuts can can mean for their local government this rally controls one kay before a march to ask for the itch peachment, awe though most here gathers have come to express their dissatisfaction, others insist the economic measures must be considered it is a
2:48 pm
general judgement, not only reaching the federal government but also states and cities. we have do think in a long term project if we have issues we will certainly be able to reach our goals next year or the year after president was scheduled to adenned today's event but didn't in mexico on a presidential visit her absence here is to many the closest sign that no dialog between the federal and local government will take place. a volcano in one of central africa yeah dormitory reserves' islands has erupted threatening a unique species of pink iguanas. it erupted earlier on monday, lava was seen flowing down the side of the volcano. coming up on sport after the break, it's not just the cyclist who are stretching themselves at the injury row it tail yeah.
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>> but also his political engangment, he formed an orchestra which includes musicians from israel, and the palestinian territories. now taken on another challenge by designing a brand new piano. charley has more. the keys look like they have for hundreds of years the
2:51 pm
sound they prodowns is slightly different. he has played on pianos all his life, but this is the first one with his name on it. it is inspired by the piano used by the 19th century hungary composure. he tried it and quantitied to combine it's sound with the power of a modern piano. from the outside it looks like a modern concert piano but inside is where the differences lie. you can see how the strings run in straight lines that is what create the difference sound, the much warmer sound. closer to what come can pose sures would have had 200 years ago. >> he is considered the world's greatest all around musician. and a conductor he has tried to build bridges through music, with his orchestra of palestinian and israeli musicians. he has repeatedly condemned
2:52 pm
steal's occupation of gaza and the west bank. even when describing his instruments he likened it to solving a political problem. >> each note is there for a reason. and you the pianist has to give them a feeling of solidarity. but i feel very inspired by that, i am rapture rousely happy with it. >> but listen to him talk to the instruments builder it sounds like there's still some tweaking to do. >> if -- make a difference. >> i think -- >> another problem so far this is only one of two in the world that will be kept under wraps until he runs his fingers over it later this
2:53 pm
week in london. 58 al jazeera, london. time for sport rafael nadal's effort to win a 10th french open title after a winning start his only six this year but he had a pretty good time of nit the first round, the french teenager here in straight sets usually the spaniard has been beaten five times on play. this season. >> when i had some up and down bidding. it is normal, that can happen here. but i am here to try to avoided that, and i am here to try to play good tennis, and to give me a chance to play well, and to compete for everything. i will try as i try every year my mentality is the same always. this is one major title to so far allude number one he beat in straight sets he is now won 23 consecutive
2:54 pm
matches. in the women's draw, serena williams is chasing her 20th grand slam title. into the next round but straight sets win. number 16 is out the canadian beaten in two sets. she has lost eight of her last nine matches. now fifa president has shrugged off claims for his job that he is a dictator. former international louis here withdrew from the race from the presidency saying he wasn't prepares to stand until it was proven we are not living under a dictatorship. he is aims to be re-elected, he is the only other candidate. >> listen, he is free to say what he wanted to say.
2:55 pm
because he is a freeman, he is a footballer, and if he says that, and you ask him why, how does it make you feel to be call add dictator. >> listen, i have received so many titles, i am still the president until friday let's say 6:00 o'clock in the afternoon. >> he is the favorite to become real madrids new coach, in negotiations with real after the match on monday, he was dismissed despite guarding real to a 10th european cup last season won then spaish league twice earlier we spoke to spanish football writer ben hayward. >> i don't think they are happy, particularly, real madrid has spent 12 years talking about winning it is like a holy grail wasn't it, the fans were happy the press likes him. which wasn't the case with
2:56 pm
his spread recess tor, the players liked him. has coming out and said he plays the best football of his career, so as far as the players are concerned they didn't want to change, i don't think the fans want add change yes obviously they wanted to win trophies they want to win trophies but he is the only coach in their history to deliver four titles in one calendar year obviously they are missing out this season, but the feeling is they have had injuries and a difficult season, it isn't his fought, and it's believes to be in most quarters that this isn't a upgrade that he is not a better coach. >> contador has extended his overall lead after the injury detail yeah, with contador able to take a big stride towards a second title.
2:57 pm
pakistan hitting 375 for three. >> one of the nba highest rated players says he will be okay can to carry on. know further part in the game, but x-rays have revealed mo serious damage,. >> more sport for me later on, that is it for now. >> thank you. and that's it from me, for now, here with sporting news in the a moment, bye for now.
2:58 pm
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3:00 pm
>> rallying to recapture ramadi shia officials say they are heading the offensive in iraq. >> hello there, this is al jazeera, live from london, also coming up. the latest investigations dig up remains of dozens of people thought to be trafficked migrants. as agreement is reached in nigeria's field the power shortages continue. and financial black hole