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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ >> i'm jane mcdonald. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ gunfire ] iraqi security forces advance in anbar province. isil suicide-bombers killed dozens of soldiers. the e.u. ask member states to take in 40,000 syrian and e
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eiretera asylum seekers. >> hello there football's world governing body is being accused of systemic and deep-rooted corruption. seven top fifa executives were arrested earlier in a dawn raid on a swiss hotel. they're facing extradition in the u.s. with more than $100 million. separately switzerland has begun their own criminal investigation in money laundering. >> they said anyone guilty of corruption would be removed from
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the game. and voteing will likely go on friday as planned despite calls for it to be postponed. alan fisher has the latest. >> corruption allegations have been swirling around fifa for years. >> they are expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and keep the integrity of the game. instead they served their interests and enriched themselves. >> the three-year investigation but the alleged crime stretches back two decades. >> this really is the world cup of fraud. and today we're issuing fifa a red card. >> u.s. justice department has a wide range of powers which means it can investigate any criminal activity which touches the u.s. through u.s. banks or even internet service providers. the charges alleged crepes stretching back into the
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1990s. 14 people have been indicted, among them jeffrey webb. jack warner. he said that there is nothing new in the allegations. >> it does seem strange. >> and also among the indicted, eugenofigueto. they assume that the arrest will help fight corruption. >> it confirms that we are on the right track. it hurts. it's not easy, but it's the only way to go. >> these developments registered more anger than shooter shock. >> it's absurd absurd.
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in the meantime we have lots of brazil brazilians struggling to survive. >> it's not a surprise. we built all the stadiums. they left the country and now the country is even worse. >> fbi agents raided concacaf headquarters. this is a straight investigation into the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 world cups. the tournaments in russia and qatar are still planned to go ahead, but fifa's global sponsors will be watching developments closely. no action has been taken at this point since blatter is due to take re-election in a few days. he said that his record is unparalleled and he expects more of the same. he's expecting to win. >> well joining me to discuss this further in the studio is matt scott a columnist inside world football.
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a very warm welcome to the program. just want to add in to the mix here that we're hearing that the former vice president handed himself over in trinidad. the accusations continue. it's been around for two decades and then we have seth blatter flooding above the mess. that's rather extraordinary. >> it is. he certainly could handle his bail problems. he's alleged to receive a $10 million drive from the fifa account authorized and paid by a high-ranking official. it's just remarkable that there should be this complicit in the whole event the scheme, as it's been referred to by the u.s. department of justice. this goes way beyond what any of
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us had expected, a few bidders or marketing companies may have been paying bribes. that's something that has been coming out in the wash for a very long time. but for fifa itself to have been the conduit for bribe-taking is the most serious allegation i've heard in any of this. it does raise the question what of seth blatter? what of the auditor of fifa? how could they have turned a blind eye to this at the very top? >> fifa is doing damage control. can he hang on to his tenure? would he want to at 70 years old. there are people who say he opened plenty of markets. he has investment in countries he does have his supporters. >> he has many supporters. there is a strong ground swell of feeling as colleagues on the
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ground were tell megling me today that there are many constituents and national associations in fifa that they're quite indignant about this this is the imperialism of the united states meddling in fifa affairs. you certainly don't want the scrutiny that comes with this legal inquiry. i think there could be a backlash in favor of seth blatter in the vote in the coming next few days. he has not appeared in a number of expected events. that tells us quite a lot about the fact that he is having a real long thought about what comes next. it may be that he decides that's enough. i've got five more years of
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this i can't do it at 79, as you say. >> what about your average football fan? what is the public opinion out there in the world of football, but in that world what do people think? do they want fifa to clean up its act or do they not care. >> well, fifa presumes that this is a sad day for fifa and a sad day for football fans. most football fans would not feel that fifa speaks for them in any way. there is a general--monk sports aficionados, there is a feeling that fifa has been asleep on its watch. young kids associate fifa with the computer game. if that's the case, it's to many people this is something that makes no sense to them at all. the more that it gets onto the
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front pages of newspapers around the world the more there is a proper media scrutiny on it, and i think people will understand that there really needs to be some collective attention paid to this. >> thank you very much for joining us. thank you. >> now 55 iraqi thunderstorms have been killed in the way of suicide-bombings by the islamic state in iraq and the levant the bombers hit anbar province. it's not clear how many bombers there were, but the military said they were attacked from multiple sides. [ gunfire ] >> meanwhile, iraq has released video showing iraqi soldiers and shia militias fighting isil
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targets. we have the latest now from baghdad. >> there has been sporadic fighting since tuesday as both sides prepare to battle for ramadi. iraqi security forces are trying to take control of roads and towns and once the towns and villages are secured then the push for ramadi will begin. >> our aim is to meet our forces other fronts. operations have us exclusively shelling and advancing towards isil hideouts. >> iraqi army tactics against isil are failing because they can't prevent suicide car bombs. >> the iraqi security forces lack the intelligence and
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reconnaissance to prevent it before it happens. the weapons they use can sometimes be ineffective. >> despite that the operation goes on. this is the latest operation. it's used by military and civilian contractors. military operations in anbar could come to a stand still if isil managed to close this highway. >> surrounding baghdad you see these. they're called defense lines. in many ways it's a very apt title because it's the last line of defense before the capital itself. you get the headquarters of the 24th brigade. they're in charge of reinforcements and logistics. keeping the road open between here and anbar province, and keeping the military supply is crucial. >> it appears that the security forces have yet to learn. al jazeera baghdad.
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>> isil fighters are reported to have killed 20 men in front of a crowd in the city of palmyra. the men are accused of fighting for the syrian regime were shot dead. that's according to the monitors for the syrian human rights. it's been a week since isil seized palmyra. this airstrike happened on the northeastern suburb of damascus. it has been another deadly day in yemen with sustained saudi airstrikes across the country. dozens were killed. >> houthi fighters ram donnelly sheffield united military. yemen forces say that coalition forces almost entirely destroyed
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the naval base. now the leader of al-qaeda al-qaeda-affiliated al nusra front said that the group had been told not to attack western targets. >> the mission of al nusra front in syria is to bring down the regime such as hezbollah and to reach an understanding with others to establish wise islamic governance. the instructions we've received is not to use syria to launch attacks at western or european targets. so as we do not deviate from them going back. >> former prime minister tony blair is resigning as envoy
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diplomat. he has confirmed his resignation. the role was created in 2007 to support the move towards palestinian statehood, but it's struggled to deliver any dramatic change. still to come. >> street protests continuing in burundi for the president's bid for election. and he has given them one more reason to be angry. find out what has caused the german city of cologne to carry out its biggest evacuation since post-war history. . [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness.
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>> welcome back. there were calls forked hit of fifa to resign after seven top officials were arrested in switzerland on corruption charge. switzerland will hold it's own criminal investigation into russia and qatar's hosting world cups. in yemen saudi-led coalition forces have carried out more airstrikes in the capital of sanaa. at least 36 people were killed in a peace commando camp owned by forces loyal to ousted president ali abdullah saleh. the e.u. union has asked its states to take in 40,000 asylum
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seekers but there has been resistence. >> the italian navy brings 300 migrants into port. but one man did not survive the journey. rescuers believe he suffocated under the deck. just one of many who have died in the mediterranean since the beginning of the year. now there is a controversial proposal individual member states agree to give refuge to tens of thousands of asylum seekers. >> there is now proposal to relegate migrants across the european union. we do not pro most that fixing of quarters. it's a word that we don't like, and we have never used. all of this is about insuring society, but it is up to each member state to decide on how
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many persons they will grant refugee status. >> of the 40,000 migrants considered in need of international protection, the commission asks germany to take in 8,763. france 6752. spain to accept 4,288. >> senior officials here are appealing to european governments to show compassion and to live up to their international responsibilities. but some aid agencies are criticizeing the plans. >> these migrants were rescued after making the dangerous journey why libya. a place that's been identified as a key point on the route for the people smugglers. part of the e.u.'s broader plan
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involves destroying the smugglers' boats. that would require the agreement of the u.n. security council. >> they may end up eventually in depriving of even very limited means of those people. >> the plan to offer thousands of these people a permanent home in europe is a voluntary scheme, and the united kingdom is one country that has opted out. >> there should be much more interest in dealing with the source of these difficulties. of actually finding the criminals who are involved in trafficking of these poor people. and actually holding them to account, and actually putting more resources into the country where is they arrive in europe. >> they are taking their first tentative steps on european soil. despite the dangers of the
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journey thousands more will follow them in the coming months. and there is little europe can do to deter them. jacky rowland al jazeera, brussels. >> about 20,000 people have been forced to leave their homes in the german city of cologne in what has been called the biggest evacuation in post water history. they have created a 1,000-meter radius exclusion zone after the discovery of a world war ii bam in thebomb in the suburbs. they were ordered to clear the area. >> the special thing about this find that the bomb is very large with the weight of 1,000 kilograms. 60% that have weight is explosives. if it were to explode a massive area would be effected. >> madagascar's parliament will release its president now it
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will be decided by the constitutional court. the president came to power in january of last year. his critics say he has not delivered on economic promises. in india a severe heatwave has killed more than a thousand people most of the deaths have been in the southern states. a red alert has now been issued in those states. in some areas temperatures have climbed to 50 degrees celsius every day for the last five weeks. but there is relief in fight. forecasters say that monsoon rains should hit india in the next few days. nigeria will pay the money it owes to oil countries to end the fuel crisis. most companies in nigeria rely on diesel generators for power. we have the latest now from the capital abuja.
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>> more gas stations in the nation's capitol sell petrol. lives and businesses have been disrupted, and the situation is worse in other places like rural towns and villages across nigeria. drivers spend hours and days as people try to get petrol especially in government-controlled institutions and petrol stations like this. >> the alternative is to buy from black market where prices can be as high as four times the government's price. more towns are thrown into darkness with power cuts. >> burundi's president is
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campaigning in the rural countryside despite protests against him running for a third term. this is when he asked for burundi to pay for the third term election. >> she still can't believe her brother was shot and killed by police. he was protesting against burundi's president running for a third term in the june presidential election. >> my brother is dead. how could they be so cruel. >> this broken family has to find a way to cope. elsewhere another family is concerned about a situation in burundi. the president's run for a third election would violate the constitution. he has asked burundians in a tv effort to pay for the polls. >> look at the economic situation.
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people have no money. maybe others can help but we can't. >> protesters are determined. >> withother people are saying both sides need to meet and find a solution. [ gunfire ] >> number a solution is found street protests seem to be the only action for opposition members. but they accuse the police of using unreasonable force. >> it's not true. sometimes the national police shoot in the air to disperse the demonstrators. the demonstrators, they are
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there to kill someone. in this case national police can shoot in the air in order to disperse the demonstrators. >> several people have died in weeks of protest. there could be more if these crisis is not resolved soon. >> colombia's farc members say that peace talks cannot continue while there is bloodshed. it follows airstrikes from last week which killed 26 rebel fighters. farc say that a man was visiting the troops to discuss the peace talks. flooding in texas and oklahoma deaths have risen to 19 people. thousands of homes have been damaged, and more rains threat threaten. rescuers are still looking for more than a dozen people in texas who have gone missing
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during those powerful storms. animal rights activists have gone to court in new york to argue that two chimpanzees in a research lab have personhood rights and should be freed. they want them recognized as autonomous beings and relocated to a sanctuary. they told the court why the court opposed the moves. >> in reality they're a different species than human beings. these are laws that we're creating for them in some way that perhaps they're participating in. but they've had no ability to sort of partake in human society and in a society that develops in on their behalf. these rights as they evolve relate to human rights. that's an important thing that we would lose. >> well, earlier i spoke to steve wise who heads the organization who has taken the
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case. he explained why he wants the chimp's rights recognized. >> they're two chimpanzees who have been kept at stoney brook university for five years. and they're being used in some kind of scientific investigation as to why humans have developed a straight leg instead of a chimpanzee's bent leg. we argue that they are autonomous and self determining beings. they're complex. and we ask that they be freed pursuant to a writ of habeas corpus and be sent to a chimpanzee sanctuary in florida called "save the chimps" where they spend the rest of their lives on an island and they live their lives out as chimpanzees. >> a french rocket has successfully taken off from french guyana. the flight took off from the guyana state carrying a load of
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satellites. the company recently reported revenue in 2024 of $25 billion euros, it's best-ever turnover. meanwhile in the u.s. spacex has approval to launch military satellites. now you can find more on our website, of course you probably guessed it our main story is the reeling about the fifa corruption scandal. you probably know by now that fifa that's football's world governing body, is accused of rampant systemic and deep-rooted corruption. that follows with seven officials being arrested. and there is a separate investigation by switzerland over the' award of world cups to
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russia and qatar. there is palpable shock but no reason to believe that anything might change. the address for that if you want to take a look is i hope to see you very soon. >> i wouldn't die or anything >> what's wrong with dying >> well, i want to be with my family. i don't want to miss out on any of the fun >> my kids are probably like most kids out there.