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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ . >> all of the tile. >> he says he can't be held responsible for the corruption scandal at fifa's congress kicks off. >> hello there. and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. iraqi forces battle isil to take back the oil refinery. meet the bangladesh she people that pay add high price to search of a better life.
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to sell his ideas of changing the e. u. despite the deepening crieses at the world governing body. he told the opening of fifa congress that he cannot be held responsible for the corruption scandal. the head of uefa, which represents the european association says he asked him to step down. the vote on friday will decide if he get as 50 term as fifa president, something uefa wants to stop. the majority of it's members are expected to back it's only rifle. be uh the russian president has defended him criticizing the u.s. for meddling in fifa repairs.
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if you had been on the move, you would probably be forgive was nothing but happy. with music and dancing but not even set that they could have met that everything was fine. >> actions of ruin, bring shame and humiliation on football and demand action and change from us all. he said fifa would recover with him in charge, after all, he was not to blame. he, or i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. people want to do wrong they also try to hide it.
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the face of unprecedented criticism from the many many quarters. an perjury meeting that demanded they go, their preferred can't date will stand in opposition though as not at all clear if he could get enough votes against the loyal support he enjoys in places like africa. and asia. >> think we already lost. >> with the separate inquiry under way to allegations of corruption, in the 2018, and 2022 world cup bids, this process sought directly to link the alleged corruption with the lack of rights for workers which has come under heavy scrutiny over the
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people of died on construction sites. >> fifa is still corrupt. they have given the country -- the world cup to a country that has slavery and not met qatar commit to a type line for reform, so it is all word, no action. you have to think if the events since wednesday hasn't gotten him to step down voluntarily, nothing will. assume for a second, that he is reelected again as president that will be met with absolutely division in the united states, much of europe, countries like australia, and yet in other parts oif world, russia, asia and africa, his reputation seems absolutely undiminished. of course the nuclear option, germany, france, and others to break away, that would signal the end not only of fifa but of the world cup too in the the end many
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would argue that fifa would have no one to blame but themselves. al jazeera. also with more reaction to the comments. i think people will look at that and say we are not expecting him to individually monitor the actions themselves. what we would suggest is a multibillion dollars industry that it's world football but is fifa should have the necessary checks and balances in place to make sure that it is properly run as you can see the company and mas. corruption taking place, even normally you are held responsible but that is not the case. two other point is that at the moment, the shareholders either the member associations of 24 company remain happy if it was a different company and there was these accusations and these headlines and the share falling then it would be cause for the president to resign from within. as it is, the money keeps rolling in and therefore the
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member associations stay happy, perhaps what would change things is if sponsors starting pulling out we have had statements from sponsors saying they want to see action, they are not happy with how things are but if the statement was along the lines of either he goes or we leaf, then perhaps we would see some action, while the money rolls in from sponge sos the member associations stay happy and he stays where he is. >> yet another blatant attempt, and it is obvious. this is a grave violation of principles of the organization. >> the 2010 world cup and
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south africa sports minister says they have yet to receive an indictment from the u.s. prosecutors concerning south africans. to any individual. and it is those before and after, the period of the world cup. have been auditorred by the auditor general of south africa and no such amount has been found on our books. >> two iraq where government forces backed by shia forces are battling to retake the
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oil refinery isil fighters hold langer sections of the complex in the north. control of the refinery has been hotly contested for months. the government captures it in november before losing control again in the meanwhile, they say it kills at least 110 iraqi troops, in just 24 hours that is in the battle of the am bar province. many remain suspicious and angry. the fight to retake the province should be a sunni led, and not led by the militias. >> sunni fighters take an oath happening at the air bass, they are officially joining the fight against isil. after criticism for deploying shia militias to the predominately sunni province,
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the government is trying to recruit more groups, they have long been suspicious of the government which is accused of discriminatory poll citizen. they say it was sunnies that won the battle to get rid of al quaida in iraq, a predecessor to ice salt lake, but after that, they say the government re-negs on the promise to bring them into the national army and abandoned them, that led to the rise of isil. they are biased and deal in sectarian methods the only solution is to arm the sunnies and ask for international help. there is no hope from this public government at all. and the battle for anbar won't be over any time soon. >> tribes are suspicious of shia militias because of the tribal politics. militias have been blamed for
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revenge attacks in the areas that cleared fight iraqis from, if that happens in anbar, tribal leaders say they won't be able to stop their people, from joining isil. is that the latest isn't about secretaryism. >> all over baghdad you will see post tores like this, that are promoting the army and the popular mobilization forces otherwise known as the shia militia. now they have brought to you by the government, some would say they are propaganda, others say they are about information. they say it is a fight for all of iraq. >> just a few meters away political parties have put up their own posters praising their role, highlighting the involvement of iran, and promote sectarian language, it is this kind of image that has the population both worries and angry al jazeera
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baghdad. >> homes in yeah men are under increasing pressure as the crisis escalates. forces lyle to the president in exile say that pushing houthis fighters back across several fronts. but despite support in the form of the saudi led campaign losses are mounting on both sides. blood stains the street in what was a busy shopping district. yemen's warring sides blame each other for what happened here. civilians are among the wounded and the dead. amateur video shows the rubble of what is said to be a military commander's home. activists say it was one of the head quarters for houthis fighters from outside. >> further inland, forces
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loyal are advancing under the cover of coalition air strikes. >> they say they are moving forward but are still engaged in the battle. the saudi led bombing campaign is now in it's 10th week, in the houthis controlled capitol residents called for an end to the war. >> this is shrapnel that hit working men not targets or military bases we must distinguish between the two. we must maintain our good senses. this was an attack on everything, an attack on the whole nation. to the children and women inside the home. >> the united nations says it is listening to those calls and is trying to reschedule peace talks. as the war rhetoric increases so too does the number of dead. al jazeera. still to come, doctors leave
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is canceled as the heat wave kills thousands. >> and reaching crisis point, animal activists have plans that could lead to call las in one australian colony.
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♪ ♪ a reminder the top stories here on al jazeera. fifa bos says he cannot be held responsible for the corruption scandal in football's world governing body. he was speaking for the first time since seven officials were arrested in switzerland.
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two head of uefa, which represented european football association, says he asked him to step down. five majority of the members are expected to vote for jordan's prince alley to replace as president in vote on friday. and iraqi government forces backs by shia fighters are battling to retake the biggest oil refinery from the islamic state of iraq and levant. the deals are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. we have more detailed. they may be learning to the cost of big advertising. bad publicity can be the most expensive.
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it is just a little. >> and they are not happy. this lengthy controversial has tarnished the mission and ideals of the world cup says coca-cola. the company expects them to address these issues. it takes matters of corruption very seriously expressing extreme concern and saying it will monitor the situation closely. visa expressed disappointment and concern saying it expects them to take swift and immediate steps failing which visa will reassess it's sponsorship. >> the tipping point might be the negative publicity that comes so large. it might be that the companies ethically they can't afford to pursue this kind of relationship. it might be they feel they have their own legal
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liabilities. so there are a whole host of thing that might make them think again. >> for the big brands if i fa is big business last year's world cup broke viewing records in key territories like the u.s. and europe. to final alone was watched by more than a billion fans worldwide, while the official content is followed by social media users in their hundreds of millions p p this may explain why many companies have stomached the hints of scandal before. but perhaps not any more. it is only the sponsors that fifa will listen to. there are plenty of beam in the community politician, government athletes, fans, associations, who have said we with want reform, said vladimir and his careennies have arefused to listen, so the only people that have the power are the sponsors.
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continental and johnson & joe son opted not to rerenub their deals. but it is the top tier names that fifa will worry about most without all of them, there may be no more of this. accept matter. they are the worse effected with temperatures close to 50 degrees celsius. >> funerals have been taking place across the southern indian states gnarly 1400 people have died there because of heat related illnesses. >> this woman died because of sun is stroke, most of the people who have died here they do small jobs and they have no financial security. the government needs to help
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them. >> they have been hardest hit by the heat wave with with the state government india's meteorological department says temperatures have risen quickly, and unexpectedly. >> about illness like lead voak. but in some areas there are fears these public service announcements are a little too late. >> hundreds of millions are sweltering in conditions. >> i have to cover up well, when i travel. it's easier for some people with air conditioning, i also try to go out in the morning or during the evening. >> the heat is great for my business. people are buying a lot more and drinking cool drinks like lemonade, to stay hydrated.
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frequent paths have compounded the misery and led to criticism of the infrastructure. >> the first rains of the annual monsoon season aren't expected to hit the southern indian state until next week, and it will be at least one month until the forecast improved in northern india. al jazeera, new delhi. >> there have been reports of russia amassing military equipment close to the ukrainian border. military vehicles were seen being loaded on to trains in the southern region that's 20-kilometers from the border. nato has said that pro russia forces -- the kremlin has question nighed that russian forces are fighting in ukraine. now the british prime minister is currently in france, he is on a whistle stop tour of europe, he is trying to drum up support from leaders to negotiate
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loser terms for it's membership of the e.u. well if he fails cameron says he will hold a referendum whether the u. k. would stay in the block prime ministers will be warned that it is very risk. we can can see the podium with the frenching and british leaders due to arrive very shortly we might dip into that prez conference, if they are saying anything particularly interesting better for us to go to jackie rollins life. tell us more about the french reaction to this by the british? >> well, as you mentioned the foreign minister has described this as a very risky strategy. he said that the british are almost being bombarded by politician telling them that europe -- if this was to care cannery on it would have a brainwashing effect, if a referendum is head, there could be this risk that
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people would vote -- that europe was a bad thing and that can have very far reaching consequences not only for the u.k. but europe as a hold. certainly at least one member of the ruling socialist party has warn withed david cameron not to use the prospect of a referendum and the prospect of the u.k. can voting out as blackmail to try to gain room for maneuvers during these negotiations so that's the point of the ruling par by, but there are some on the right wing in france who may not find the idea of renegotiating the treaties such a bad thing because potentially if there is issues were opened up for renegotiation, then they may also be issues that maybe the french right wing would like to look at as welp p but in general, a lot of cautions and warning that in fact, david cameron could be embarking on a very risky strategy here. >> next up on this whistle
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stop tour is germany what sort of reception is he likely to get in berlin? >> i think in berlin, there could be more of a meeting of the minds. at least from the a financial point of view, the germans are very keep for the u. k. so stay in the european union, because if britain were to leave then germany would end up picking up basically the part of the unpaid bill, most of the part of the unpaid bill, and up until now the contribution that britain has been making so that would be costing germany a lot of money to make up the short fall. also if you look at the nature of the economy and the nature of legislation in britain and germany, there's more similarity than britain and in france, and in germany again, there's very much an emphasize on business, financial institutions, flexible job contracts whereas in france, there's more protectionism there's more social rights protection from workers. certain things that here in france people enjoy, but people in the north of here
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are arguing this kind of legislation is suffocating growth and holding the economy back. so certainly the jeremy, and the german approach to business and finance is more similar to the u.k.'s, but again, chancellor merkel has already said, that there's no question of camperring things that the fundamental to the e. u. like for example freedom of movement, and freedom to work with in different country cans and obviously it is this idea of movement this question of people moving from the east of europe to the u.k., which is one of the most sensitive subjects in the u.k. at the moment and one of the issues are david cameron is likely to be looking for changes to the current rules. >> thank you. >> the malaysian government says 139 people are buried in the graves found in abandoned detention camps over the weekend. each graveside has the remains of one person, not
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put pal bodies as previously feared. many of those that put their hands in traffickers are those seeking a better life in countries like malaysia. where as many as 4,000 people are believed to have been trafficked. it's been since months since he came home. where he then was terrifying. he was tortured in thailand but high man traffickers. they beat him with a pipe, when he couldn't give them any more money. me and the others were all starving but we were all throwing up as well because of torture. every smelled terrible, it was like our skin was rotting i saw two people die. >> he was lured to thailand by promising of better jobs is a better life. about 4,000 people have been trafficked from his home district, ray cording to migrant rights researchers.
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two families have been lucky enough to see their relatives return. these boats are filled wees caping religious based violence but the bangladesh she are trying to escape oppression which is environmental and economic. many people here have lost their homes several times. >> our research found that only 20% of those who left knew how to sign their names. so that shows the traffickers are targeting uneducated people. who are easily fooled. >> who spent days through forests to get to the boats. they began their journey in a much simpler fashion they hop on a train or a bus that will take them to the coast. often with little clue about the dangers that await. >> it's been six months since she heard from her husband.
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she is expecting her third child. >> the last time i spoke to ohim is when with he was about to get on the boat, and he said don't worry, i am in good hands. i asked who is taking you he said it is an agent. >> nina is due any day now. and the only thing that keeps going around in her head is a question will their baby ever see his father. al jazeera bangladesh. >> the dalai lama has urged to speak out on behalf of the persecuted. in a newspaper interview he said the pair have discussed the issue on multiple occasions. he has remained silent on the persecution of muslims by the predominately buddhist country. demonstrators have clashed with police in chili as the protests of educational reform continues. >> in the capitol santiago, high school students front
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the process university students are due do take their place later in the day students are demand freeing education, and better paying conditions. >> animal well with fair lobbyists are fighting back. a overcrowded colony of around 1,000 animals is being assessed for ill health this week. there are concerns that many are undernourished as the population outgrows it's supply of leafs. kualas are a protected species with around four thousand left in the wild. >> kualas in the base of the trees the whole forests and just the kuala sitting in the bottom of the trees dying. what we are observing on the ground is about three to four at a minimum and up to 20. finally ancient remanents
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of -- a wooden temple from stone age were torched on saturday. the site wasn't marked and organizers of the festival have apologized. for the damage. >> more on some of our stories on our website, al jazeera come. these are unprecedented and difficult times. for fifa. >> 5235's opresident breaks his silence over corruption charges against some of soccer's top leaders. texas prepares for more rain after historic flooding the search for the missing as rivers continue can to rise. and an investigation after the u.s. military accidentally ships