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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 28, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is the news hour, live from london. >> we, o i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. >> he says he can't be held responsible for the corruption scandal. where the head of european
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football has urged blatter to quit and asks associations not to vote for him. >> also ahead yemen civilians killed as fighting spreads to a busy shopping street a whistling stop tour to sell his ideas on changing the e. u. and south africa president told he won't have to he pay money spent on upgrades to his private homes. hello. despite the deepening crieses at the world governing body. he is tolding the opening of the congress that he cannot be held responsible for the scandal. the head of uefa says he asked him to step down.
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a vote on friday will decide if he gets a 50 term as the president. but the uefa, is against. the majority of it's members are expected to back his own rival job the russian president has defended him credit can siding the u.s. for meddling in fifa affairs. >> global football governing body organized a party with music and dancing but not even blatter could admit that everything was fine. >> actions of individuals proven bring shame and humiliation on football and demand action and change from us all.
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>> but for the first time, he said fifa would recover with him in charge, after all he was not to lame we, or i cannot monitor everyone all of the time. if people want to do wrong they will be those that try to hide it. >> the refusal to step down comes in the face of unprecedented criticism. this was the uefa delegation from europe arriving for an emergency meeting which demanded that blatter go their preferred candidate will stand in opposition there is not at all clear if he could get enough votes against the loyal support he enjoys in places like africa can and asia. >> of the most numbers that they have to stay.
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and we stay. in the 2018 bids this process saw correctly to link the alleged corruption with a lock of rights for workers who has come under heavy scrutiny. fifa is too corrupt to care. so it is all word no action. >> still you have to i have if the event since wednesday aren't enough to get the head of fifa to step down, then perhaps nothing will. >> it is really difficult to see how fifa can now escape with any kind of united global voice. assume for a second that he is re-elected again that would be met with absolutely division in the united
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states much of europe, countries like australia and yet in other parts oif world russia asia, and african his reputation seems absolutely undiminished. of course, the nuclear option is for companies like german, france and others to break away that would signal the end not only of fifa, but of the world cup too. in the end many would argue that fifa would have no one to blame but themselves. lawrence lee al jazeera. >> live once again to zurich and speak to andy richard canson andy, he says he is not going anywhere, he says i cannot possibly monitor all the people in my organization, be uh the critics wow say he has been in charge for so long, he should have known something about what was happening. >> resident career spans 40
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years. this shows you how he has stayed in charge. he was the man to fix things, he also warned the congress that maybe more bad news to come so would suggest that he believes there could be more arrests more charges of corruption, on their way i don't think anyone is expecting him to personally monitor the actions of every individual within fifa, but this is an organization worth billions of dollars. and a $1 billions industry should have a checks and balances of any normal company to ensure that people below the president are acting in a good manner. four years ago he was kick canned out of the process when he was charged with trying to bribe his way to victory, he steps up and says i am the man to restore the
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reputation to remove corruption from fifa, four years doesn't have just one of his candidates kicked out of the presidential race, he has seven of the topluths held by swiss police. i guess the question is now what will they do if he does win friday's vote? >> well with, the question is whether or not their president could really is the man who wants to take uefa out of fifa. the championships league final is coming up, and there will be a meeting of uefa's members associations there and that is up for discussion. but the implications are mass i, not just missing own on the fun and games it means telling players in your, not
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only be playing in a world cup and that is a huge step. >> life for us, many thanks. many people do think that he should go, but he is being backed by vladimir putin who also criticized the investigation. which is a grave violation of principles of international organizations. >> so 79-year-old appears determined to hold on to world footballs top job. he joins if i family 40 years ago. first at a technical director, then as the organization secretary general. he was elected president in 1998 and has held the position ever since.
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with accusations that delegates were bribed to vote for him these have never been prune. the middle east. let's talk more about him now, he has been based in brazil for the last 25 years. thank you for your time. he is certainly criticized by many eses specially in europe, but there are other whose love him because he has brought the sport of football to their regions. he is the hand picked predecessor, and brought about a new age up until that time, europe has always been in charge of fifa, and fifa was run very much as a
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european club, now he came in in 1974, with anti-european coalition he saidly expand the world cup from 16 teams to 32, so there will be placing for the developing world with. he saidly start world cups under 17 and under 20 levels that can can be staged in the developing world and number three, he saidly sell a product called football, and i will distribute the proceeds around the various members. fifa now has 25 members. and they have stayed to those three objectives. the rise of global popularity in football, which is belined these astonishes numbers we are hearing about, but it is poisen sos flute of the success of the game, and while the game is growing and distributing revenue there
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seems to be enough room for countries in the developing word especially africa can and asia to keep can voting for him. >> are we seeing a sippuation where it is becoming europe against most of the rest of the world. >> i this i really it has been that situation from that time. it has been europe against the rest of the world for some time, and for my mind, the big sadness of the current situation is the lack of alternatives to blatter. personally as a proud european i would love to see europe enganging because there is a justified fear in the rest of the world. but if you let the europeans back in charge again they will only be football in europe, as it is the european clubs have a monopoly on the world's best players with a
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certainty lofty december stain. but international matches the represent teams what ever think at the moment, is there's a real need rather than europe pulling out there's a real need to engang for europe to come one an alternative program which is global, which is inclusive, and which persuades enough of fifa's membership of 209. that there is an alternative europe had over half of the fifa membership. in 1974, when they lost power, europe had less than a third. now, europe has around 25% they must make alliances with other continents. those are the continents, who so fully supported because of
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what he has achieved both in revenue and in bringing football to their region. that blatser a tainted name now, that they do need a new leader. >> we will find this out in the most few hours. we will find out about the strength of that coalition the works from 1974 and his works from blatter on wards. disgoing to be very interesting in the presidential election, which will now go ahead lit be very interesting to see if that coalition that he has put together, if that remains as strong as it has been. >> good to talk to you, joins us life there, thank you. well, major international sponsors have threatened to pull their support the deals of course, are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
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five from may be learning to it's cost, bad publicity can be the most expensive. the current corruption scandal threatened to rub off on fifa's world cup can sponsors. and they are not happy. this lengthy controversial has tarnished the mission and ideals of the fifa world cup says coca-cola they expect them to address these thoroughly mcdonalds says it takes matters of corruption very seriously expressing extreme concern and says it would monitor the situation closely. says it expects them to take swiss steps to aassess this the tipping point might be the negative pub businessly
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becomes so large that fifa become as toxic brand. it may be that they can't afford to pursue this kind of relationship. it may be they feel they have their own legal liabilities if they are giving money to fifa so there are a whole host of things that might make the company think again. with the big brands fifa is big business. last year's world cup in brazil broke viewing records in key territories like the u.s. and europe. it was watched by more than 1 billion fans worldwide while the content is follows by social media users. this may explain why many countries have stomached the hints of scandal before, but perhaps not any more. there are politician, government fans, associations that have said
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we want reform, sea they have refused to engang and listen so the only people that have the power to make this happen, are the sponsors. >> some names have already dropped out so called second tier sponsors and johnson & johnson opted not to renew their deals in russia. but it is the top tier names that they will worry about most, without all of them, they may be no more of this. al jazeera still to come on the news hour, as the heat wave continues to kill in india, doctors leigh is canceled. plus. where the government plans to cancel temporary i.d. cards threatens to leave hundreds of thousands in limbo. >> and find out if alberto
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contador continues his charge can. and the rest of the sport a little later in the show. iraqi forces are battled to retake the biggest oil refinery. dwighters hold long sections in the uncan's north. control of this refinery has been hospitally contested for months. >> losing control of it again. early this week, iraq enlisted more -- they say the government has ignored them
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and it should be a sunni led operation, and not led by the shia militias. they are officially joining the fight after criticism the government is trying to recruit more groups they have long been suspicion of the government which is accused of pursuing sectarian and discriminatory policies they say it was sunni fighting force which is won the battle seven years ago to get it of alcid can da and iraq. but after that victory they say the government re-negged on the promise to bring them into the national army and abandoned them. government policies are going to make the fight with isil difficult. >> the current government is deliberately not helping the sunni community the only
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slews is to army the sunnies and ask for help, there is no hope from this government at all, and the battle won't be over any time soon. drives suspicion because of the politics. militias have been blamed for revenge attacks in the areas they have cleared from if that happens tribal leaders shay they won't be able to stop their people from joining the government came can so though that it isn't about secretaryism. aural over baghdad you will see posters like this, promoting the army and the popular mobilization forces. otherwise known as the shia militia, now they are brought to you by the government, some would say they are progress gan da, the government says they are about information the fight
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against isil is a fight for all of iraq. ur but just a few meters away highlighting the involvement of iran who train and promote sectarian language. has taken another city in the north west province there was heavy shelling before the city was stormed. the last remaining government held city in the province. whichboarders turkey.
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losses are mounting on both side. blood stains the streets in what was a busy shopping district, the warring sides blame each other for what happened here. civilians are among the wounded and the dead. amateur video shows the rubble of what is said to be a military commander's home. activists say it was once the headquarter from outside. further inland, forces loyal are advancing under the cover of coalition air vehicles. they say they are moving forward but are still enganged. the saudi led bombing campaign is now in it's tone week, in the houthis
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controlled capitol residents called for annd to the wars. >> this is shrapnel that hit working men not targets not military bases we must distinguish between the two we must maintain our good senses this was an attack on everything. an attack on the whole nation. the children and the women inside the homes. >> the united nations says it is listening to those calls and the vying to reschedule peace talks. as the war rhetoric increases so does the number of dead. al jazeera. >> more than 1400 people have now been killed in a severe heatwave. with temperatures close to 50 degrees celsius. >> funerals have been taking place across the southern indian states. nearly 1400 people have died
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there because of heat related illnesses. >> this woman dies because of sunstroke. most of the people who have died here are workers. they do small jobs and have no financial security. with the state government putting the death toll at more than 1,000 people. india's meteorological department says temperatures have risen quickly and unexpectedly. catching residents in the region's hottest areas by surprise. people are doing what they can to keep local governments are trying to raise awareness about illnesses like heat stroke. there are fears these are a little too late. >> i have to cover up when i am traveling, it is easier
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for some people with air conditioning i also try to go out in the morning or during the evening. >> the heat is great for my business people are buying a lot more and drinking drinks like lemonade to stay hydrated. here in the capitol temperatures have consistently risen frequent have compounding the misery and led to criticism of the state of the infrastructure. the first rains aren't expected to hit until next week and it will be at least a month until the forecast improves. 58 al jazeera, new delhi. now there have been reports of russia amasses military equipment close the ukrainian border. won't kilometers from the border. nato has said that pro russian rebels are stocking up their forces ahead of a possible new offensive.
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the kremlin has denied that russian forces are fighting in ukraine. each russians are fighting. >> passing by russian military. the decision. earlier the russian opposition released saying 220 russian soldiers. in france, the legacy of the whistle stop tour. it's membership in e.u. they say they will vote to lead the block in the referendum he has promised to hold migrants claiming world
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sectarian. they have this to say -- >> well, of course, france hopes that britain will remain in the european union a referendum has been announced and it will be the british people that announce. >> al jazeera has more. >> there have been warnings here in paris, but the british prime minister may be pursuing a very risky strategy with this tour of cap can tolls. which he is warning european leaders that brits tape could vote to leave one actually
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went as far as to describe what he was doing at a threat. to gain more room by warning threatening his counter parts that if in fact there aren't changes than the u. k. can may lead. about what the british prime minister is hoping to achief, now the next stop is germany and there he may find more of a meeting of minds with the chancellor certainly the gentleman point of view, and the british point of view on issues such as finance business the economy are more closely aligned however the chancellor has said there is no question of renegotiating some issues such as freedom of movement, the right f ocitizens to work throughout the e. u., and of course it is the whole issue of movement, people from
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eastern europe coming and working in the u. k. can and claiming benefits in the u.k. which can is some of the issues that mr. cameron is most keep to address. >> still to come on the news hour. where the country's vast potential lie drove electric power is seen as one rout for economic recovery after the earthquake, be uh the earthquake is also highlighted the risks posed to installations like this. >> also tell you why high school students have been fighting with police in chili's capitol. and in sport success the world number one through to the next round in paris, find out a little later on. [beeping]
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ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight >> my name is imran garda the show is called third rail,
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when you watch this show you're gonna find us being un-afraid. the topics will fascinate you, intrigue you... >> they take this seriously... >> let me quote you... >> there's a double standard... >>...could be a hypocrite >> you're also gonna get a show that's really fair bold... never predictable... >> the should be worried about heart disease, not terrorism... >> i wouldn't say that at all... >> you'll see a show that has an impact on the conventional wisdom that goes where nobody else goes... >> my name is imran garda i am the host of third rail and you can find it on al jazeera america fifa boss says he cannot be held responsible for the corruption scandal. he was speaking for the first time since is seven officials were arrested in switzerland. the head of uefa says the
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majority of it's members are expected to vote in a vote on friday. and iraqi forces are voting to retake the oil refinery. >> he intent renovating his private home. the police officer has announced that the $20 million of upgrades including a swimming pool and animal enclosures were legitimate security features. >> thank you for your time. what reason for the decision.
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>> talking about 240 million -- yet the policeman. so very very ludicrous. and thing sha is sure to anger opposition. >> most supporters -- the
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supporters for being. >> . >> the political and the political structure in south africa at the moment. >> back to this moment, and highlighting as the one in which the anc really lost it's way. >> the opposition and activist say are very angry about this, and they have been campaigning on it for some time now but have they been a able to capitalize on what has happened? not really, they have made some gains we have seen that the official opposition has made gains in the western with cape, it is probably likely to make some gains in
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major municipalities in the next local election, but overall, the anc vast majority is not really vented by this. the opposition leaders have not been able to capitalize on this effectively enough. in fact, the president mocked opposition leaders in parliament yesterday, mocking their pronunciation of the name of his private resident and basically seemed very very comfortable perhaps knowing what was to come from the policeman. >> in which case do you think the president will now feel emboldened by this decision. >> i hi so. very much so, in fact, the policeman have said recommended that more of taxpayers money be spent to complete the upgrades that are not yet completed. which, again is an element of this report. so the president does seem to be very very emboldened, very
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brazen and totally unphased by any demands. repeated demands both in parliament and outside for him to pay back the money. >> good to talk to you joining us there from johannesburg, thank you for your time. >> nigeria's new president will be sworn in on friday, in the capitol of but as reports once in office, they will have some major challenges to deal with. rehearsals are underway for the new president mo hamdu. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be attending along with leaders from across africa can. after the celebration, he says he will get to work. >> he has major problems to deal with, economists say the country is almost broke because of the falling price of oil nigeria relies
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element exclusively on money from oil exports from income. baharry has promised to end corruption, and improve security. nigeria has seen a huge decline in terms of infrastructure condition but also in terms of processing and in terms of the way government has been run. huge levels of corruption, decay and infrastructure dwindling revenues. >> but the first problem he may have to deal with with is the massive fuel shortage that the bringing niagara to a standstill. many have has to close and they say the fuel crisis led to corruption in the oil sector. >> there are going to be a number of -- approaches to take in order to deal with practices. one of those who hands have been found in the cookie jar
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will have to pay the price. but purely in the rule of law. two, if you -- you will have to find a way to return it. there's been a huge imbrought this the fight in the northeast. so in security is less of a concern, for the people. but over 1 million have been displaced like these people. he will have to work hard to get them resettled. >> baharry supporters say he is inconstructble and highly disciplined so he will be able to deliver the changes he has promised. >> advisors to the new president say the first thing he will do is take stock and then tell the people in a nationwide arrest what he intends to do so solve nigeria's president. al jazeera nigeria. >> the malaysian government says 139 people are buried in the grey found in abandoned detention camps.
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the accounts on the case cans in a remote part of the jungle on the thai boarder. two policeman have been detentioned in connection with the discovery. and the call dalai lama has urged to speak out on behalf of the persecuted. he said they have discussed the issue on many occasions. they have remained silent on the persecution of the muslims by the predominately buddhist country. he was worried about alienating voters. by the end of the month they will face even more uncertainty, as their temporary registration cards are due to expire. the ethnic moor norty is not recognized and with no legal status, they are wondering what future they have.
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florence lee reports. >> the only country they have ever known. but she has seen her status going from being a citizen to a noncitizen. she has had to surrender her temporary registration card to immigration officials. i have already given it up, i don't know what will happen now. she used to hold a citizenship card. but in the late 1980's, the government took this back from the ethnic minority to which she belongs. the government sees them as illegal migrants from neighboring bangladesh. even though many of have been leer for generations. they were promised citizenship documents but were instead issues temporary registration cards. they still have some rights. including the right to vote, but now that is gone. >> this is one of the offices set up to collect i. d. cards it is in the form of school buildings.
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>> mostly the motivation is to strip these last remaining and in so doing they are disenfranchising hundreds of others. there is nothing sinister about the decision. >> we will accept white cards until may the thirty-first, after that, those that gave up the white cards can can start applying for national identity cards.
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>> many doubt they will be granted citizenship. they say the government has let them down in the past, for now they remain a minority and recognized and unwanted. florence lee, al jazeera myanmar. >> last month's earthquake is having a devastating effect on the economy which was already in bad shape. it's also exposed vulnerables in the countries hydroelectric network. there are some that think the quake could be the jump start the industry needs. from the river valley, harry reports. >> the hydroelectric plant is out of commission awaiting repair. >> 13 plants across the country, are thought to have been effected by the 7.8 magnitude quake on april the 25th, may's after shock or both. it can take months more to get back on line.
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>> it's been severely damaged. but there are other threats to the safety of these facilities. >> what is interesting about the damage you can see her is that much of it wasn't caused in the earthquake, it was caused by flooding after a landslide which happened last year. it is a sign that the very geologist which has potential for hay drove electric power also threatens it. >> further up spring, the chinese company stopped work on the day of the quake. be uh the government is telling would be investors that this is just the time after the big event so long predicted to put their money into nepal. >> that's what i tell them, because we haven't had earthquakes for the last 80 year as big one happened now so let's saying looing back at the history every 78 years -- so hopefully they can be confident. >> a landmark deal signed
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last year, points the way. the agreement would see an indian company build a 91 megawatt plant the power would receive in the short term and export it the other way in the long term. hype drove power expansion has long been the subject of political wrestling. not just of the concerns about what it might do to the natural environment but also over fears of a resource will be sold down the river to a southern big brother. >> hydroelectric engineer and former water minister says india would get regularized water flow free and electricity on the cheap. >> if you export electricity they will be set up there not here, and our guys won't get jobs in the country they will have to go to qatar and saudi arabia, and malaysia. and they will have to go to india in the heat now. >> nepal uses just pun% of the estimated megawatt
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hydroelectric potential there is more agreement that this powerful resource needs to be better harnessed. but just how that should be done remain as devicive issue. >> harry faucet, al jazeera. nepal. >> the fighting back against a possible kuala. a overcrowded colony of around 1,000 animals is being assessed for ill health this week. there are concerns many are undernourished. they are a protected species with around 45,000 left. and just the kuala in the bottom of the trees just dying. the whole area smells of dead kualas. >> sustainable density what we are observing on the ground is three to four on a minimum, and up to 20. >> 22 personnel at a u.s. air base in south korea have been
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given treatment for anthrax. it comes after a test authority. the pent gone says no one at the air base is thoughing signs of exposure to the spores. nine laboratories were also sent the samples. confirmed that least one was life. they are also receiving prevent i treatment. >> demonstrators have clashed with police in chili in the latest protest for educational reform. in the capitol high school students university students are due to take their place later in the day. students are demanding free education, and better pay and conditions for staff while latin american ed toll sends this update. >> don't be deceived by their age, they are highly politicized heightly mow
2:47 pm
sated and very very well organized, they are marching right now towards the presidential palace to protection against police brutal by p be but this march has not been authorized and they know just up the street, police are equipped with water cannon and tear gas are waiting for them. the confrontation has begun. but there seems to be a difference this time, the police are being very generous with their acid laced water cannons but they are being more kayful with how they use it, they are not aiming it directly at the students body, last week a student was with thrown into the air ands toed against the wall, and is in critical condition right now in a hospital in the city the students are also demanding a voice in the education reforms, the government has agreed to make public education free, and the responsibility of the state rather than of the municipalities but these reforms will take place over
2:48 pm
a ten year period and the students are saying they want more reforms and they want them now. >> with vote closer to the presidential palace where the riot police has regrouped but this is only the beginning a much larger demonstration has been called by university students for this evening. and the forces belief there could be much more violence. >> still to come, rory mcilroy, not having the day it was hoping for. full details on the way in sport.
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>> corporate full authorities to make sure anyone involved in wrongdoing from top to bottom is discovered and punished. he has also refused requests for him to resign. two president of europe's governing body called for the president to quit following wednesday as events. they say they will consider starting their own break away body. they already host the premier league, and then we have a meeting in the secretary. already because we invite them so the final league. and in terms of the rotations of the presidential elects, we can take decisions perhaps not to participate to
2:52 pm
the executive committee. perhaps other decisions with veto think about that. but many people did not want to stay with this. >> former presidential candidate michael van prague says the current investigations could help them move forward. we have to acknowledge that, it is not a european problem we are not involved but i am a member of fifa, and as a matter of fact, my association is one of the founders of the fifa. so i feel ashamed i fool ashaled to all the fans in the world, and all the clubs in the world that this is happening in fifa. and so i am happy that now this happened, and maybe the authorities can help us to clean up things. >> in brazil, the governing body has removed the name from the front of it's headquarters. it is one of the seven men arrested in zurich, as part of the investigations into corruption.
2:53 pm
he stepped down as if the earlier this year. south african officials have denied accusations that bribed were used to make sure they hosted the 2010 world cup. >> no such amount was paid by the department of sport and recreation and the government of south africa can to any individual. our financial records and books for the 2010 and 11 financial years and those before and after the period of the world cup have been audited by the auditor general of south africa, and no such amount has been found on our book.
2:54 pm
will be leaving napoli after the club's final match on sunday the spaniard is favors to take over in real. a beeting in italy on thursday he refused to discuss it in detail, he won the spanish league twice during his time in charge of valencia. i would like to thank the team president the city, everything they have done for me and i want to end it welp p we can win the next match and leave napoli at a level we know the team can can sustain. this news conference was called somewhat to say goodbye, everybody if i want to say goodbye on sunday, with a victory and with a squad that's qualified for the champions league. >> former world number one is out, the fifth seed straight sets will be left to watch the rest of the tournament on the sidelines along.
2:55 pm
>> it is disappointed and i had hoped better for myself, and i hoped i could do better so obviously that's disappointed. wimbeldon is next, and i believe i can win it i think grass is my game better, again, i have bigger expectations for myself this week so obviously disappointing right now. >> although no such current problems for -- coming back from a set down to claim a 5-7 victory. seated 6th after a los that is the nine time champion, with the straight sets win over fellow spaniards. crews into the third round with straight set wins 6-1
2:56 pm
6-4, 6-4 the final score there. bittish third seat dropped a set before progressing. porch bat his victim. we have a walk over in round two after his opponent pulled out with injuries. ever congress that tor increased his lead, with the world time attack on the decline. contador extended his lead to five minutes and 15 seconds. the six minutes bovinall leader, he is attempts to become the first leader to win in the same year. he won his second stage of this year's event and there are three more stages to go. he is in danger of missing
2:57 pm
the cut in a row. this ineffectively is his home event. he bogies half the holes and couldn't find a single giddy. following a pass 67. he shares the lead with max mall mixian. that's the sport. >> thank you for that. it has emerged that ancient remained innocence of prehistoric man have been set alight. a wooden temple from the stone age were torched on friday. ing organizers of the festival have apologized for the damage. it is not clear how much is left of those relics. what a mistake to make, that's it for me and the news hour team.
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hello. this is al jazeera live from london. iraqi forces battle forces more than 1400 deaths blamed on india's heatwave. an