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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  May 30, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> rescued from the mediterranean, more than 4,000 migrants are saved at sea in just 24 hours. >> i'm lauren taylor. also coming up. measure than 70 people are killed by barrel bombs dropped from syrian government helicopters. civilians in south sudan in the worst fighting in months. >> i have no concerns about that and i have especially no concerns about my person.
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>> sepp blatter defiant as the corruption scandals involved in fifa rumble on. >> you hello, a massive rescue operation has taken place in italy. more than 4,000 hundred my 2400 migrants have been rescued in the last 24 hours. 1800 people are dead or have gone missing since the beginning of the year. dozens of migrants crammed on a boat were picked up and transferred to safety to the island of lampedusa. 2 people died off the22 people
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died off the coast on friday. more migrants arrive in the early hours of the morning. they were seen destroying their boat. athens has called on the e.u. to help. let's get more now. the extraordinary scale of this operation. give us details of what's been happening. >> some will be taken to sicily. we're expecting 400 to arrive here now that ship will stay at large and will be brought back by smaller vessels of the
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italian coast guards. that number 4,000 is probably going to rise in the next few hours because since that number was announced there were many more rescue operations under going by the german navy and italian navy. with these better weather conditions the sea is flat at the moment, so the italians are expecting that flow and that number of migrants trying to reach here will increase dramatically in the next hours and days. >> i suppose in some ways that the good news about this is that they've been rescued and largely rescued. a few weeks ago we were talking about hundreds of people dying so in some ways things have improved but there is still the issue of what happens to these people when they get there isn't there? >> yes that's probably an issue that is bigger for the authorities and.
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when they get here they're penallyless, italy is just a transsit transit point to their journey to another country. for the authorities it's a huge problem. they have to relocate them to mainland italy. if you recall just a few weeks ago the government has called on all the regions to pinpoint anti-locations anti-buildings where they can bring and transport these migrants until the authorities go through them and go through the process of identity recognition. that does not happen easily. some communities are not happy to see all of a sudden a large number of migrants live in their neighborhoods without money not knowing what they're going to do next and not knowing with they are in the country. certainly there were a lot of issues for the italian
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government. >> hold on, thank you very much indeed. >> there are manybring us up-to-date with what you're hearing. >> there has been an attack inside of a mosque. this incident is coming just hours after an attempt to attack maiduguri. it was at midnight local time when fighters fired a rocket propelled grenade into a home killing eight members of that family and more than 30 people have been taken to hospital
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because of the explosion. suspected boko haram members tried to attack the city but was repelled by the military this is coming just a day after muhammadu buhari was sworn in as president and promised to crush boko haram fighters. >> thank you very much, indeed for that update. thank you. >> 70 people have been killed in northern syria after government forces dropped barrel bombs in two areas of aleppo provinces. the worst attack was in a town of al bab under the control of isil. [ sirens ] >> the scene this morning was grim.
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activists say that government helicopters have just dropped bombs. this ambulance is rushing to help survivors. many people are dead, including women and children. many groups fighting in syria are in aleppo. but in idlib next door, of the towns have been over ran. >> we're using weapons we never used before. we're promising our brothers very soon they will see the new weapons. >> fighters and coalition groups including al nusra front fight fighters allied to al-qaeda are reported to have plans. they are headed to the coastal areas. the area could be the next crucial battle for the rebels
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and the syrian government. it's in the province of hama and lies in the power base of the mountains to the west and the rebel-held province of idlib in the north on the other side of the country there is a fast-moving battle between kurdish fighters known as the people's protection units and people from the islamic state in iraq and the levant. kurds say they cleared the village from isil. activists posted in video showing the destruction of the syrian church which was recently overrun by isil. kurdish fighters backed by u.s.-led airstrikes drove them out. >> this woman said that she lost everything. >> i built this house with my sweat and blood. i don't have anything. they don't fear god.
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>> sources close to isil in iraq say that fighters have repelled the gunman attack. the offensive in the area was a part of an attempt by at iraqi army to regain control of ramadi which was taken by isil forces earlier this month. these videos show ammunition left behind as they retreated from the area. popular mobilization forces are fighting in beiji. these stills show rockets thee seized from government troops fighting al nusra. fifa president sepp blatter denies he's to blame. he said he's the man to restore
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world football. >> they wanted him fifth term of sepp blatter and he's not happy. >> i forgive but i don't forget persons or fact. >> david gill, a newly elected member from europe has chosen not to attend in a protest to blatter's re-election. the manchester united director said he could not see any positive changes in fifa while blatter was in charge. s one detail in a growing split between fifa and europe's governing uefa who backed blatter's rival brings ali hussein. >> you have the best players. but when it comes to clubs if you don't have the prayers from the other continents then they will not be so rich or so good
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in football. they have to be an example not only to save fifa, but they shall help, come in and take responsibility and responsibility you cannot take when you're elected you don't even come to the first meeting. thisyou're elected. you have to come. whoever is the president of fifa. >> blatter does have loyal support in many countries beyond european borders. that's why he was able to survive a week that saw seven high-ranking fifa members arrest arrested on suspicion of corruption. >> they are of the opinion that i'm still the man to go into these problems and solve these problems. >> uefa may be told ironic to be told to be an example by the head of the organization that currently has seven senior officials residing in prison on corruption charges.
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uefa will meet next saturday and the topic of whether to full out of fifa will be discussed. >> still to come, hopes for the future. we speak to nigerians and whether they think their new president can defeat boko haram. plus? >> behind me is 83-year-old leo bud welsh. he's carrying on a musical tradition of mississippi blues music. the question comes after men like lee leo are gone where does this music go from here?
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for a if a's president said he does not fear arrest amid corruption scandals in the fifa body. government fights rebels in the u.n. said the fighting is the worst for months. catherine soi reports from bentu. >> these men have just arrived to a camp for displaced people. they come from a village and it they have been on the road for 24 days hiding in swamps during the day and only daring to walk
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at night in fear of government soldiers. they carry their father, who was too weak and sick. he died on arrival here. >> my dad's health did not improve. he was walking and talking. i went to look for his food. but when i returned he had died. >> after days on the road one-week-old had also just arrived. her mother gave birth to her on the day they escaped from the village after after assault by men in military uniform. >> they beat us and killed some people. after burning our homes we ran to the bushes. that's where i delivered my baby. >> doctors without borders have received dozens of patients with bullet wounds since april. >> my son was with other people at the cattle shed when armed men came. they started shooting and took
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the cattle. my son hid in in the swamp until the night. we had to leave the next day. >> in bentiu, a government offensive is going on. many have come to seek refuge here. at least 21,000 in the last few weeks. they are exhausted traumatized and afraid. >> they come for registration so they can get humanitarian help. then they'll received basic supplies like food, blankets mosquito nets and utensils. some of these people have been through this process before and it seems like an never ending cycle of recovery. >> this family's father will be bury in bentiu, a town he had never visited before, and far away from the town he had lived.
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katherine soy bentiu in south sudan. >> two of the five-member elect raul commission has fled the country. in the weeks following for the president's decision to run for a third term. >> the fact that two officials have fled the country say it could be a blow to the president. some people say that they cannot replace the officials. and some say they can impose new members. what does it say about the credibility of these polls. the africa unity say they have not seen observers. and the e.u. has said the same. and the catholic church, who is
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usually influential here, has backed out of the protest. they feel that the international community has abandonnening a sinking ship. they say they'll try to find an end to this crisis. it's not clear yet if the president will be going. >> in a campaign full of promises now the hardest task for nigeria's newest president muhammadu buhari begins. >> this family were forced from their home in borno state. now they found refugee here trying to organize their lives. they want one thing from the government: >> security, security. without it, you can't achieve anything. that is my expectation people
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like me we've been through so much. >> six years of unprovoked violence have left tens of thousands dead, more than a million displaced and the rise in poverty all in a region already struggling with low literacy levels and high unemployment. six days after his graduation, he is still looking for work. >> like millions of other nigerians he puts his hopes in this man muhhamadu buhari. >> expectations are high right now. people expect him to quickly resolve the major problems the country struggles with. insecurity corruption and the energy crisis. but pew harry is inheriting a country of crisis, security,
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corruption, and the economy all need urgent detection. and observers know that it will be tough. >> it will be difficult because people will have not worked through a lot of things. it will will be difficult because we do know what kind of plan they have. >> the drop in the price of oil has left the country desperately short of cash. that will limit but harry's options, and no one knows how long the people's good will will last. al jazeera. nigeria. >> the saudi-led coalition has been leading bombing across yemen. planes targeted an air base coalition planes hit two
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compounds, dozens of houthi fight percent reportedly killed in those attacks. meanwhile two civilians were killed by houthi shelling. local sources say that there have been reinforcements on the province. >> governor of the strategic important odessa region the former president of georgia and has a reputation for being pro western. >> president poroshenko called him a friend of ukraine.
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he's also a foe of vladimir putin. his appointment is a clear sign of defiance to moscow and may also be part of president poroshenko's drive to root out local corruption. >> we must build a new ukraine. there will be no future for the region or four our town. everything is being decided now as a lot of it is odessa itself. >> as president of georgia until until 2013, he would move georgia away from moscow towards closer ties with europe. in 2008 they fought a war. saturday's surprise appointment assumes ukrainian citizenship while he faces criminal charges in his native georgia. the russians are stirring up tensions. these are the latest military exercises taking place on ukraine's borders which have
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kiev and the west fearful that russia will initiate another round of fighting in the ukraine ukraine. sporadic clashes continue. this hospital was hit on friday. the minsk agreement, which was meant to end the fighting and separate forces still has not been fully implemented. ukrainians accuse the russians of continue to go send weapons and regular troops in to rebel-held areas of the country. the appointment will do nothing to improve the atmosphere. simon mcgregor wood, al jazeera. >> the cost of elderly care in europe is rising and at the same time young people are finding it difficult to find somewhere to live. that's prompting some places to pull challenges together. in a four-part series there is an unique solution.
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>> home isn't an apartment. dorm room. he lives in an old people's home. one of six students living rent free at the center. in turn the students spend time with the elderly. >> sometimes before all this, when i move here, i get a little bit of annoying by people. but when i'm here i think about the time differently. so 15 minutes for me is not so many but for some people in the house here, some elderly retirement people, it's 15 minutes of their lives and you can see the smile on their faces. >> the old people and the students have an easy relationship. they tease each other the warmth is evident. >> we get along very well.
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they're just like our sons. it's like a part of the group. >> the center has won prizes for the students-resident concept. it's the brainchild who came up with the idea when faced with a challenge of dwindling funds. she's been surprised by it's resounding success. >> when the doctor cannot fix it any more but youngsters telling stories about girlfriends music, parties they're going to in amsterdam, they bring in life they bring in stories they bring in joy. they bring in a smile. >> there is no down time to this experiment. the young and the old benefit alike. so it's no surprise that they've had inquiries literally from around the world from people wanting to know how it works. like all great ideas it's so simple you can't imagine how it wasn't thought of before. the concept looks back to
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decades earlier in europe when the elderly lived at home with multiple generations. but the scheme has been updated for modern economics and more importantly it brings some benefits that can't be measured, the students learn caring skills and for the elderly, the last years of life are much more enjoyable. jessica baldwin, al jazeera netherlands. >> now bb king, muddy waters, the mississippi delta region produced some of the world's most famous blues artist. but some of the blues he' figure are now dead. we have reports from mississippi. >> on his front porch strumming his guitar his vocal chords in full throttle leo bud welsh is in his element. he place an unique strand of
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blues music that is music of poverty and life struggles while growing up desperately poor and still is. for 60 years he was virtually unknown to the blues world playing only in his local church and for friends at home. [♪ singing ♪] he mastered his craft that few ever heard the dying breed of american blues music. a genre mostly played by men in their 80s and 90s. there is a rush to preserve the music before it's too late. but two years ago welsh was discovered and signed to a small local record contract. his first album came two days before his 83rd birthday. >> i thought it would die out but we're bringing it back alive now. >> leo said he'll be singing and playing his guitar until his final days. he's still going very strong, as you can see. leo represents a whole generation of old time mississippi blues musicians and they won't be around forever.
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so the big question becomes where does this music go after men like leo are gone? [ music ] >> that would be left to people like leo's son leo welsh jr. who learned to play by watching and playing listening to his father. >> young people, other folks black, white brown. >> self describeed blues aficionado said that it will be difficult for people to replicate welsh sr.'s type of music. >> not many can play the blues the way leo plays it now. leo plays the blues the way it was played on the farms before it was taken north and urbanized, so to speak. >> leo is full of energy and wants us to hear one last song. the lyrics are titled "one last journey" presidents he's hoping that thinks style of mississippi
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blues is a journey with no end even after he's no longer around. al jazeera mississippi. >> a quick reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all the news and sport by checking out our website. and you can also watch us by clicking on the watch live icon. >> i'm sylvia rowley in the south of england where support for small scale sustainable fishing is catching on. >> and i'm russell beard in bangkok to meat a team innovative urban farmers turning air polution into protein.


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