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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 1, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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pele's former team new york cosmos will play a friendly game on tuesday. speaking to journalists he said it could create peace and happiness for people. we'll get more on that on you have. >> a key part of the patriot act expires after a meeting ends without a final vote. >> this is your right to be left alone. >> kentucky senator rand paul leads the charge, but some say it's all about politics. we're moments away away from
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lindsey graham joining the presidential race. we'll bring that to you live. and the court makes two decisions. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. the senate is due back in session in just a few horse debating again the future of some controversial intelligence provisions. the nsa authority to collect bulk phone records and use some surveillance tools expired at midnight. senator rand paul's delay tactics put the final vote back to tuesday. libby casey is live in washington. libby it was not just the nsa authority to do away with bulk data collision that expired last night, was it? >> is that right, instead of stephanie. on hold the ability to do roving wiretaps wire traps on those
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who are using disposal phones and the ability to track lone wolf suspects. those who are not working in a network or cell. the senate could not come to an agreement in time for last night's midnight deadline. >> a rare sunday night senate session ended without passing legislation of the patriot act. the senate's authority to collect information in bulk expired. rand paul led the fight against renewal. >> people say well, they're not looking at t they're not listening to it. it's the type of the iceberg what we're talking about here and realize that they were dishonest about the program until we caught 'em. they kept saying over and over again we're not doing this. we're not collecting records and they were. >> on sunday cia director john brennan restated the
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administration's position on surveillance. >> i think they've watched very carefully what has happened to the united states. whether it's disclosure of classified information or changes in the law and policies they're looking for ability to operate within. >> the patriot act passed in may -- >> what's the problem? a small group of senators is standing in the way. this is a matter of national security. >> the debate has highlighted a rift within the republican party with mitch mcconnell arguing that global threats justified widespread data collection. >> i think it should be worrying for our country because the nature of the threat we face is very serious. as our enemies grow more sophisticated and aggressive.
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>> senate reference have agreed to bin debate on the freedom act as early as tuesday. the question now whether the senate will agree to house versions or make changes which could extend the process even further. >> stephanie the senate does meet today but don't expect a vote until tomorrow at the earliest and if there are amendments it could be reconciled in the house. >> libby, how does this expiration the sun setting if you will, of this provision of the patriot act how does this impact the surveillance of foreigners? >> that's a good question. this really has to do with domestic surveillance. that's what has people like rand paul so up in arms. the bulk collection of american data. this has not been about the surveillance tools of foreigners foreigners. rand paul really raised the ire of republican colleagues many who say they want to protect american civil liberties but he took this to the edge.
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lindsey graham was caught rolling his eyes during rand paul's big peaches speeches this past week. >> and lindsey graham will come up later in the show because of his iowa announcement of running for president. >> i think its important that this meta-data program is one of countless programs we reported on. it's a small percentage in the way that nsa engages surveillance on millions of people all over the world. it doesn't effect the listening in telephone calls or the reading of e-mails it doesn't effect the sweeping up of internet activities. it's only about the domestic meta-data program. >> just to be clear-- >> just to be clear you're saying that mass surveillance
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you also don't agree with that when it comes to foreign countries. >> well, no, i don't think we should be pointing populations. when you essentially break the internet by engaging in mass surveillance and turning it into a tool you're going to be sweeping up up. it's a global inter connected internet. i do again think that there are some reforms that are helpful because you still have this secret court that essentially operates in secret with some greater transparency making these rulings and passing judgments about what the law and what is unhealthy for democracy. >> there is a question of efficacy. so why are we still hearing the cia director say quote these
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tools are important to american lives. is it possible that he knows something that you and i don't? >> i don't know, we can always assume that the people who hold political office are wiser and smarter and just better than all of us and we should just mindlessly listen to what they say. >> well, he is the head of the country's spy agency. >> right, he was appointed by the president united states. i think the cia director is regarded pretty much a political official. if you want to crust the cia director and everything he says without evidence even though it ignores history where the cia denied everything. the point you made is a key one. in the wake of revelations we've had courts look at all the evidence including classified data and the president's own commission that he assembled for this reason to look at these questions and they concluded that the program in question, the meta-data question has played a role in stopping zero
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terrorist attacks. the reason why the cia director and other officials go on television and say you're all going to die unless you give us these powers is that is what government officials do. they're fear monger unless you do what they won't want. >> do you think edward snowdon is thinking at this point i can come back to the united states. i can face justice. i've been vindicated. they're having this debate and the law appears to change. >> if we had a healthy society that was an all democratic and law abiding he would be able to come home on the next flight to not decades of prison but to a heroes welcome. if you're someone who exposes a secret government program ruled by courts to be unconstitutional and illegal and that prompts the first post nine 11 serious debate over what the balance should be over privacy and national security, if you're not
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a whistle blower in that circumstance, then there is no such thing as a whistle blower. >> he said that expiring the patriot act is not enough, but that it needs to move in the other direction. al jazeera has learned negotiations are going on between u.s. and qatari leaders. five men were swapped to free american bowe bergdahl. they've been living in car at a under travel restrictions since released from guantanamo. two big decisions just handed down, the supreme court sided with a young muslim woman who sued because abercrombie and fitch would not hire her. the justices said she can show she was discriminated against for wearing a hijab. and the court threw out the conviction of a man posting threats to facebook. they said that the lower court
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used the strong standard without addressing first amendment issues. a muslim woman is accusing united airlines of discrimination. she is a chaplain and she asked for an unopened can of coke for hygienic reasons. she was not given one but the man sitting next to her was given an unopened can of beer. she said that unopened cans could be used as a weapon on an april. >> after she said you would use it as a weapon, the man sitting across from me on the other side said you muslim shut the f up. i was just in shock. so i leaned over and he said, you know you would use it as a weapon so shut the f up. honestly at that point i was in tears. i could not believe what happened. at the end of the flight i approached the flight attend, and i tried to explain to her i said look, this is not about a
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can of diet coke. this is not about you going after you and your job. i respect you. i just want you to know that you made this april a very unsafe flight for me and to allow everyone on the flight who can hear you that i would use a can of coke as a weapon. you're going to target me because of the way i look. i said you created a space where a man was able to say bigoted things towards me and you didn't even intervene when did he that. she acknowledged that it was wrong. the pilot also apologized and said he does not know what it may feel like to live as a minority in this country and walked me over to the service desk where i was age to file an official report. >> we reached out for a
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statement on their policy. but they released this statement. lindsey graham is expected to throw his hat in the ring for the presidency any time now in just a few minutes. these are live pictures from graham's hometown in south carolina where he is expected to announce his decision soon. the three-term senator from south carolina that three senate colleagues are running. al jazeera political pundit michael shure is visiting us. i understand that senator graham is going to be focusing on his foreign policy retentions. are there much precedence for candidates running on foreign policy platform. >> yes, you know, i think that
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people like to think that it is. republicans certainly like to think it is. john mccain, a well-known senator and former presidential candidate in 2008 tried very hard especially going up against what he framed as a neo- knee phyte in barack obama and that was in the wake of 9/11. there has to be a multi-facetted approach for presidency, and i think dram has that because he has been willing to work across the aisle on different issues. >> one of the criticisms we have heard is that he has reached across the i'll on certain issues including climate change and that has anglerred some members of his party. let's talk about the primaries. is he going to be a shoe in
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shoo-in in south carolina. >> absolutely he's a shoo-in. the problem is his expectation that he'll win. in iowa he'll have to finish top tier, and in new hampshire. south carolina won't matter, and a lot of people won't put resource there is and they'll move on to other states if the case is that graham is going to win or second place becomes the prize. you have to do well. >> michael shure, thank you for that analysis. it will soon be easier to carry guns in texas. texan lawmakers passed allow a law that allows to carry concealed guns on universities. and they signed into law the open carry on the streets.
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in chicago three people were killed and others injured. some say it may be a precursor. ash har quaraishi reports. >> just a snapshot of how fast and furious violence can hit the bindiwindy city. saturday night 12:30 a.m. two males are left in critical condition after shots are fired in their argument. one hour later, a mother and son shot in their car. that same night 2:24 a.m. one person shot multiple times in the chest. cpr admin administered but the victim is unresponsive. three shootings within two hours. all told, a dozen killed and 40 wounded in shootings concentrated in chicago's south and west side. >> i rahm emmanuel--
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>> he would spine a spotlight on young chicagoans. >> we as a city must and can do better. >> cook county commissioner said that starting with the mayor who should be doing better. >> all the trauma that's associated with this gun violence is on the hands of the elected officials who aren't willing to stand up and have the courage to lead. >> coming up tonight we'll here about the commissioner's controversial plan to tackle the problem and hear from a mother who lost her son to gun violence. ash har quaraishi al jazeera, chicago. >> malaysia airlines is making big changes but is it enough to undo a year of bankruptcy and tragedy. and banning smoking in a city where millions light up every day.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. taking a look at today's top stories. funerals today for the victims of the dc mansion murders. a father, mother and ten-year-old son were killed inside their home last month along with their housekeeper. one person has been charged with their murders. he's back in court later this month. a factory owner in bangladesh and 41 others face murder charges. the 2013 collapse of a garment factory killed 1100 people the accident called sparked a global outcry. and secretary of state john kerry is headed back to the hospital. 45 men's of iraq's security forces have been killed in a suits bombing. the attack was carried out with an explosive in a humvee left at
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a base in fallujah. along with coalition airstrikes the u.s. said its exited to helping iraqi forces defeat the group. >> well, we saw a huge set back last year with the fall of mosul where we saw the iraqi army lose a considerable amount of its in-strength. the iraqi army may be half the size it was before the june offensive last year in mosul. there is no doubt that the iraqi army was not as strong as it once was and the iraqis need all the help they can get on the battlefield in isil. i think in the long term it is still in the interest of all of us to make sure that the iraqi security forces fall under an unified commanding control arc texture and that reports to the minutesster of defense and reports to the prime minister. but in the near term it's
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understandable why the iraqi government in a case by case basis would lean on whoever is willing to get in the fight against daesh. >> the iraqi defense ministry said that it's fighter jets have carried out strikes in anbar. a new plan released today said that a company will cut 6,000 jobs and may change its name. the announcement comes after two major disasters last year. analysts say that the carrier has been racking up losses for years. >> the need for it was identified long before last year i wouldn't put too much direct direction. it's the intensely competitive marketplace that. >> the restructuring will resues the number of fights on certain roots and the company is considering re reducing of size
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on those routes. banning smoking in beijing is a tough sell in a country where millions smoke. >> this is the toughest anti smoking legislation introduced by china and the fines you just outlined really give a measure of how draconian these measures are certainly by chinese standards. $1,500 by the owner of a cafe, bar or restaurant, who allow someone to smoke in his establishment. that is, you know, something that has never happened here before but fines in the past have been very low. the other issue, of course, is enforcement china has passed strong answered smoking legislation before. you know, the problem was enforcement, and the question remains to be seen whether enforcement is going to be the issue again this time. nearby here we were filming in a
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local cafe where one of the patrons was quite clearly violating the smoking ban and they were shown the door by the owners. this gives you an indication whether the authorities will be able to enforce this particular ban. i think it's going to be very tough. but they're certainly up to what the "world health organization" believes is the right start. >> scientists say the brains of soldiers are aging in the battlefield. the long-lasting effects of being caught in the cross fire.
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tonight, and we go live... >> the search giant is launching a new accounts page. it comes after complaints that the existing tools for making changes were confusing. the company questions over how it uses information. a new study out this morning said that troops who have been near bomb blasts could experience early aging in their brains. we have details.
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randall? >> it's worse for veteran from iraq and afghanistan? >> yes, between the age 19 and 62 years. it's the first study that looks at veterans who were exposed to boom blasts but were not diagnosed with concussions. being near explosions harms the brain and may speed up the aging process. for years the veteran's administration has been tracking veterans for the first 12 years of the conflict in afghanistan and iraq. 244,000 service members had been diagnosed with brain injuries. this new study decides the damage is far nor extensive. researchers looked at two types of veterans. those who had been exposed to bomb blasts and had concussions and those who had been exposed and had not had concussions. scans reveal both sets of veterans show damage to white matter issue, which is
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correlated to the aging process effecting memory and other cognitive functions. now even veteran who is were exposed to bomb blasts years ago still showed signs of brain deterioration and early aging. >> and they didn't even have to have a concussion. what are the larger implications of this study? >> it has huge implications taking care of our wounded warriors going forward. for example the city of center disease control and prevention found that iraq and afghanistan war veterans had more than twice the rate of diabetes, hypertension cancer than non-veterans and illnesses associated with people much older. >> with aging. thank you. the fda will announce a new rule banning all trans fats. it could make americans healthier, but not everyone is for the change. >> for more than 60 years
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trans fats have been part of the food supply. they're made by to create better texture and shelf life for foods. studies have linked hydrogenated oils to cardiovascular disease. some of the late studies date back to the 19 50's by a chemist who told our lisa stark he was trying to get rid of trans-fat. >> you were trying in 1968 to get rid of trans-fat. >> that's right. they still don't want to do it, but now they're being forced to. >> over the decades the industry has been phasing out trans-fats. new york became the first city to push to ban them from restaurant in 2006 but hydrogenateed verbal oils are still inside some foods such as microwave popcorn creamers and
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frosting. the agency calculates 20,000 earth attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease could be avoided each year by eliminating it all together. new york. >> taking live look now at central south carolina. this is the small town where lindsey graham senior center senator, was born. he'll announce his candidacy for president in just a few moments and we'll carry that announcement live. you can see his crowd of supporters gathered there. thanks for watching, i'm stephanie sy. the news continues next live from doha.
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>> welcome to the al jazeera news hour. coming up in the next 60 minutes. isil launches series of devastating suicide attacks from the iraqi army using captured american vehicles. military maneuvers al jazeera finds evidence of russian troop movements close to the border of ukraine. bangladesh charges the