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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 3, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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a day after f.i.f.a. boss sepp blatter quits the corruption investigation intensifies, interpol adds six of the accused to its most wand list you're watching al jazeera, live from headquarters in doha. also coming up... >> d.a.e.s.h. is a regional problem trending to global implications. the u.s. envoy to the anti-i.s.i.l. coalition backs the call for a global response to fight the group a man with a financial plan
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greece's prime minister heads to brussels, can he convince the e.u. to strike a deal. and families of americans gaoled in iran urge u.s. politicians to push for their [ ♪♪ ] combine a high cost of living, high unemployment, violent crime, and soaring debt. and people who can leave porto rico are doing it, in numbers not seen since the big migration to the mainland. the threat of bankruptcy is deepening woes and leaving 3.5 million wondering what to do. the trouble island is tonight's "inside story". welcome to if nds r -- "inside story", i'm ray suarez. it's been 117 years since u.s. soldiers invaded porto ryke, ending with the spanish authority in america's hands. it's a complicated relationship. today porto rico is america's failure, poorer than the poorest u.s. state, missouri, or a latin american success, providing the highest standard of living in its region. almost a sent jury ago, puerto ricans were made american citizens, the people fought in every war, and many took advantage of the free and unrestricted most between the island and the may land to make the 50 states their home. porto rico is in deep trouble. it's unclear how the island can pay its debts. we have this report from san juan. >> reporter: at this family home in san juan, they are making changes, the airconditioning is going off. windows are being opened, and lights dipped. all to save money on electricity charges that have risen dramatically. the family's latest bill is close to $700, in past months it's over 1,000. >> you are closing your high, eye, looking with one eye. let's see how we come out this month. >> the financial burden rising costs forced him to have difficult conversations with the family. >> you have to talk to them about this, because you have to be conscious about it. it's not easy to get $1,000 and put it down the train for electricity. >> reporter: electricity is supplied by one company, in debt to the tune of $9 billion. the man in charge insists consumers are treated fairly. people in porto rico have the best service and price. >> that's no how people feel. they don't feel they are getting the best service. >> we are doing our best.
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>> reporter: problems with the electric company are part of a broader systematic failure. the economy has been in trouble oyes. >oinge ern shgt mssnefor "pmeim unketh mbe, he's tnkou thank you for inviting me. >> how did porto rico get into the fix. in excess of $70 billion for a population of three and two-thirds people. some of it is structural. some of it is related to the status we have. some of it is the result of bad decisions by government officials. but we can overcome in. porto rico has a bright future. it's not - when we talk about 72 dead. it's not that the government from porto reek joe instead. owes that amount of money. the central government owes about $30 million. the other $40 billion is spread out. some are facing difficulties, financial difficulties. some are healthy. so - but, it's still a lot of debt. and we need to mke sure th oforrsergin irpipstill t'gog o be dfit erin t yr 00puto co eerunning deci, difference, the shortfall. that is not good. it caused downgrading our fed it rating in the markets. so now is difficult for the government to have access to the markets at decent prices. it's like every family spending more than it is earning, and it gets to a point where the line of credit is not available, where your credit card probably is cancelled, where your mortgage, if you are not making the payments, you could face foreclosure, and your only option would be to go to a loan shark. that is happening to the government of porto reeko. it has to operate on a month to month, on a cash basis, making sure that we are providing essential services that people need, but at the same time trying to attract new busiss rtri, iesento r ro. il opouhe. suaonhat it i eo ca a arinsye pned omo e ats to get a better deal, to find jobs, opportunities, and be treated fairly in federal programs that are important for a quality of life, let's said medicaid, medicare. >> i upped your point entirely. coming back to my question, would congress agree to take on an island in this kind of financial shape? >> a couple of years ago the g axe o did a study about the fiscal impact of statehood. if it happens for portio ricco. it basically concluded that this is a win, win situation. that on the one hand, the federal government would be spending more in porto rico through equal treatment in programs. on the other hand corporations and individuals will be paying taxes, taxes which we are not paying now. we only pay social security dheuture at of isnd dive e o in they will refuse to be caught up in a battle of the united states authorities and f.i.f.a. who have never been speaks persons for f.i.f.a., and do not intand >> f.i.f.a. has to speak for itself. >> the u.s. envoy to the global anti-i.s.i.l. coalition says all forces fighting against the
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group should fall under the authority of the iraqi government, general john allan has been speaking at the u.s. islamic world forum in doha. >> i describe the campaign as organised across five lines offest. first as a military component to deny safe haven and provide security assistance to the partners. second disrupting the flow of foreign fighters. third is just disrupting access to the financial resources available locally to and through the international financial system. the fourth is providing humanitarian relief and stabilization support. and finally countermessaging or defeating as an idea. >> let's talk to the former arab league envoy to syria he's joining us lie to the veb u, thank you for -- venue. thank you for joining us. the last three points that general john allan made is
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disrupting the flow of fingerprint. what will do you make of the points seeing that you have written in the past that the security response is not only insufficient it's useless. >> exactly. well i think that definitely there are good steps that have to be taken. there's another step which is a measured one, and the real way to fight d.a.e.s.h. is to succeeded. it's not there yet, we do not have to accept from the beginning that iraqi people who accepted to have a political process and the occupation there were other iraqis that took arms against the occupationment those are not involved. even all the efforts now, with the people from national
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reconciliations after the problem in the parliament. my contact date day. >> a momentous task. from your experience you headed to the damascus office. this is a task you are talking about. >> well, it is the only way. we have d.a.e.s.h. it's one organization operating in two countries, syria and iraq. we have to ask ourselves why there's more than 70%, or anything like it. in syria, they are less than 20%. why people were not supported, but were accepted. they were supported years and years. i had some contact in this part especially in the sunni areas, we never sold the army as a national army it was an occupying army and we were suffering and took advantage from the situation, and now they
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feel so badly, they have only two alternatives accepting d.a.e.s.h. or the other one under the occupation of sectarian militia, they need to be helped internationally. the problem exists at the local iraqi level, regional level and with conflicting matters. we need to work very very hard to have will from everybody. they can be a part of the solution. >> 24 hours ago, at the paris conference for the coalition that is fighting i.s.i.l. the focus very much there was on iraq and not so much on syria can you talk about detailing i.s.i.s. and iraq, and exclude syria? >> well i - with iraq i asked the general after pointing
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there, i talked to the governor. >> for a lot of sunnis. we have to take it closer to the region. this is good for syria, the two societies. with a very high level, between the two societies. >> and finally, since i have you with us let me ask you about comments john allan made as well in qatar, he said there was a very energetic discussion among a number of countries about how to bring about a political transition, but it would not include bashar al-assad. you are on the ground there, what are you hearing about that? >> yes. well it's a totally different problem. the problem of syria and the approach of it. you know, a lot of things need to be done. just to give you an example, everywhere is talking about the geneva document. if you see the geneva document the words of terrorism, and the
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major problem is d.a.e.s.h. a lot of things have to be done again and again apt the local regional and international to have the goodwill for all parties, the reason is difficult for me. >> we thank you very much for jing us on al jazeera -- joining us on al jazeera. >> thank you for having me. thank you vep yemen's government in exile is prepared to attend a meeting in geneva to end the country's war. talks have been postponed once but no new date has been set. james bays has more from the u.n. headquarters. >> taking place in a matter of hours, a u.n. security council meeting to discuss the situation in yemen and ahead of that meeting the government of yemen made an important announcement, the spokesman for president abd-rabbu mansour hadi told al jazeera that the government of yemen is prepared to go and have a meeting about the situation? geneva remember there was supposed to be geneva peace talks starting last week but
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they had to be postponed. but the government is saying if it attends the meeting in geneva, there'll be consultations about the situation, not negotiations because they say they'll only take part in negotiations with the houthis, if the houthis comply with the existing u.n. security council resolution and withdraw from all the areas that they have captured. i can tell you that separately talks have taken place in recent days. it took place in muscat in omanner. there a number of nations were represented. we know that the u.s. sent a senior official and the houthis were also there. so a fresh effort from all parties to try to get the talks under way again. the u.n. would like the peace talks back underway. the u.n. making it clear that it would like another pause in all the fighting in yemen gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead two members of egypt's tourism police in cairo, the attack on a road near the giza
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pyramid. >> meanwhile the egyptian president abdul fatah al-sisi is in germany, seeking to boost military and economic ties. some supporters turned up to greet him there were protesters. the president of parliament refused to meet him, citing a lack of democratic protest. wolfgang was the spokesman for the human rights watch, and he said egypt can't be a human rights spokesman. >> he cannot understand why he gets the red carpet in germany, why the representatives such as chancellor angela merkel and the president is meeting him. if he's here if he's to talk in germany, it's clear that the currency rights and privacy rights and making dependent further relations on two
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countries on an improvement in the situation in egypt. >> rescuers in china are considering raising a capsized cruise ship to find 400 missing passengers. another option is to drill holes in the hull. the "eastern star" carried 400. 18 are dead, 14 have been rescued. drown sent this update from jinly. >> this is where some of the weary rescue areas come to rest. we are talking about not just soldiers but police, fire crews and divers working in shifts in what are treacherous waters. the current in the river, in this part of the river are very strong, indeed. now, rescue officials have been discussing two options of trying to reach those they believe could be alive. they are thinking of drilling
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three large holes into the upturned hull. the other plan under consideration is to lift the vessel and we saw today two large barges besides the eastern star with cranes on either one, that is an operation that could be underway in the coming hours. relatives of those missing have been arriving in the town of jinly. it's from there the rescue and relief operation has been coordinated, and their emotions ranging from anger to grief. they want to know why it is that the eastern star sank so quickly on monday night, and why is it that the captain and the chief engineer survived. these are just come of the questions that these people want aped. and, of course we are on course for this sadly, becoming possibly the most serious maritime accident in china in recent times. >> hundreds of migrants drifting
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off the coast have landed. most of the persecuted re live. it's not clear if the migrants on the boat are rohingya. they were stranded in a converted fishing boat in the andaman sea five days ago. thousands are leaving myanmar for india, travelling over land seen by some as a faster and safer way out by boat. they met some of the newest arrivals in hyderabad. >> every day this man leaves home with the hope of finding work. he is an ethnic re coming to hyderabad. he escaped from myanmar on a bode and arrived in india. he is safe but it hasn't been easy. >> i can understand a bit of local languages, but i can't speak them fluently. that's why i'm not picked up for
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day wage workers. in the last month we had five days of work. other rohingya are settling in. they said they arrived here three days ago from the state in myanmar. >> we have been tortured back home. we escaped to stay my life. i have relatives here, and thought i would be safe. >> in recent years, thousands escaped. more than 1700 came to hidera bad. some are refugees. others are not. conditions here are basic. most people are happy to give up comfort for safety. >> just a few minutes from the refugee camp the neighbourhood represents the hope that many come to india with. being able to rent a property is a sign of stability.
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and acceptance by the wider community. >> reporter: as the unrest grows, so does the rohingya in hyderabad. it's testing patients. >> local people found they were competing for jobs. re go for the wage. the second issue was about the house rents. more and more come back in here. the houses started to go up. locals started dissenting. many have missed out on find work today. in one of india's biggest cities he's a face in the crowd. compared to sorts, the journey to get here has been longer and harder. >> still to come on al jazeera, south korea stepped up efforts to contain an outbreak of the virus. >> already the international
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>> on al jazeera america >>'s a vital part of who we are... >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... don't try this at home! >> tech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america o the top stories on al jazeera. sepp blatter is reported to be under investigation by the federal bureau of investigation and u.s. prosecutors after shocking the football world by announcing his resignation. interpol interpol announced it put six
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members on the most wand list forces battling the armed groups - it's important that e come under iraq's authority. they said i.s.i.l. is a regional problem with global implications. rescuers in china is thinking about raising a cruise ship. another option is drilling holes in the hull. the eastern star was carrying 400 when it capsized. a 12 hour curfew is in place in maiduguri after a bomb exploded at a cattle market killing at least 50 people. there has been no claim of responsibility. but there has been repeated attack in north-east nigeria by the armed group boko haram. >> in the democratic republic of congo, five soldiers have been killed in goma. gunmen raided an army depot near the airport on monday night. three attackers were killed 10
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captured. it's believed a local rebel group is behind that assault in south africa a memorial has been held off cape town to remember hundreds of slaves who died when their ship sank 200 years ago. the wreckage was discovered by archeologists. more than 400 african perished when a portuguese vessel went down in bad weather. some artefacts will be part of the museum greece's prime minister alexis tsipras is due in brussels for last-minute talks with creditors, hoping to strike a deal to save his country from ruin. they may have their own plan. >> reporter: given what we know at the moment there appears to be three major differences between a proposal that the greeks submitted, and that submitted by creditors 24 hours later. the biggest of those three seems to be that the greeks are proposing that they know no more
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than 1.5 million on repaying debt and that would rise that would double and rise thereafter. for now the greeks want a reprieve limiting how much of this economy is struggling to break back into growth. the creditors are proposing that the greeks spend 6.5 million this year. this i think, would be a deal breaker for the greeks. if there's a reason the government was elected, it was to reschedule the debt so it would be repaid over a longer period and lower the amount spent each year so some money can be spend on being reinvested on the economy. the second difference is because there are two documents on the table. the greeks want theirs adopted as the basis of talks in today's and wednesday's euro working group meeting, a technical level
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meeting, and in the meetings taking place this week amongst finance minister of the eurozone. a third difference is the greeks think they'll have a shortfall from taxes. creditors think it will be twice that. they have to arrive on an agreement on how to plug the gap. >> the deadline for agreement between the u.s. and iran is looming. many men's with relatives in iranian gaols say there should be no deal until family members are set free. the families of plirchers in iran share their stories with u.s. lawmakers, and speak of torture, a lack of process and representation in iranian talks. >> let me be clear. the charges against jason are false. they did right about the domestic and foreign policy. it's recognised arrangement the
7:23 am
world as practicing journalism. the trial has been ongoing. charged with passing information to a hostile government. he's the first american to receive the death sentence. amir is a dual national. she served in the u.s. military. despite being issued a visa. she was arrested there three years ago. amir has been tortured. even . >> how can they be a hostile government. >> that is a question democratic and republican lawmakers want answers, as the u.s. negotiates a deal they want concluded by the end of the month. >> we should halt the negotiations until the prisoners are released. >> they continue to poke us in
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the eye and continue to spit in our face. it would be ludicrous and outrageous to drop a deal which doesn't include the bricking home of the hostages. it will not allow the prisoners to become bargaining ships. lawmakers introduced a resolution impressing iran. they say when u.s. negotiations are now in the final staples, they are hopeful that there's still time to secure release. >> u.s. president obama has criticized the israeli prime minister on israeli tv. they say the position on palestinian statehood endangers sustainability yip. fairly blunt criticism from president obama speaking to a reporter, talking about the
7:25 am
israeli prime minister. he said he was predisposed to think of security first. perhaps he sees peace as naive and tends to see the worst possibilities than the best. the toughest talk came when asked about what the prime minister said. if he was re-elected there would be no 2-state solutions. >> subsequently his statement suggested that there's the possibility of a palestinian state. but it has so many caveats, so many conditions that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future. so the danger here is that israel as a whole losses credibility. already the international community does not believe that
7:26 am
they are serious about a two-state solution. the statement the prime minister made compounded that belief that there's not a commitment there. >> what is next the u.s. president reiterated that he is reevaluating the position at the security council, where they protect israel from resolutions where they recognise the people or set a framework for negotiations and didn't think now was the time to come up with a framework agreement, but wants to see confidence measures. he did point out that he thinks the settlement construction and the in ability to move freely they are problems. >> south korean president say everything must be done to stop the spread of m.e.r.s. south korean hospital set up quarantine zones. doctors diagnosed five new cases in the country bringing the
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total to 30. >> m.e.r.s. cases have increased in two weeks after the first case was confirmed. there are a lot of people worried about the situation. since two patients died. everything must be done to stop any further spread. general elections are taking place in turkey. sunday the ruling party is expected to win again. but opposition parties are winning their votes. we report from istanbul. for the first time in years, turkey oppositions are trying to change the image. the main opposition the republican people's party is focussing on the economy. so is the main opposition party, the national movement. for both parties, the issue of segular religion and nationalism is not the top priority.
7:28 am
the chp has been holding rallies like this across turkey promising major comments improving lives and increasing the minimum wage. >> i don't know how the leader got it right. he's promising more money. >> the secretary-general of the chp has been touring the streets, meeting and greeting potential voter. he said parties campaigns resonate with voters. unemployment is as high as 6.5 million. 10 million retired people are struggling to survive. 43 millions are in death, what kind of economic picture does this present. >> the opposition message could appeal to voters. winning a general election is unlikely. ruling justice and development party won elections since it came to power in 2002. the main opposition partner had
7:29 am
a problem. with the last general election the party won only around 26% of the votes. it's because voters were not sure about the economic position and economic policies and failures to appeal to conservative borders. >> some analysts leave the parties need to address the core beliefs such as secularism which alienated conservative voters. >> it only appeals strongly to a segment of voters. c hp has to become a mass party that can appeal to the votes, to get all segments off turkish waters in a demographic sense social and idea logical sense. >> the nationalist movement is seen by many as ultra nationalist. it also opposes a peace process with the kurds. opposition parties are unlikely to win the election. but hope their popularity will
7:30 am
increase, and they'll have more seats in parliament. well more about the talkish elections on the website. there you'll find the day's other top stories, everything we are covering on al jazeera. s >> president obama signs the freedom act into law dramatically changing the government authority to spy on americans. >> subject had been under 24 hour surveillance. >> police in boston kill a man who was being watched 24/7 by the f.b.i., but was he planning an attack? >> interpol calls for the arrest of four more in connection with fifa hours after