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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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on rebuilding their businesses and starting out on the long road back to where life was when the earthquake struck. and you can keep up to date with all the news and the days' development's our website. website. new details in the killing of a man in boston who pulled a knife on police allegations now that he was plotting to kill a conservative activist. another gop candidate jumps in the presidential race while rick perry thinks the second time is the charm. and several sunni tribes in iraq pledge support for i.s.i.l. and that controversy over the number of fighters killed since the u.s. got involved. ♪
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good morning this is al jazeera america live from new york city i'm stephanie and new the details to kill officers in boston and raheem was radical radicalized by i.s.i.l. and trying to kill a well-known activist and we have more. >> f.b.i. has wire taps between he and david wright and wright is charged with conspiracy but agreed to speak with them about the plot. criminal complaint details conversation with raheem about a potential attack and allegedly spoke about killing conservative activist pamela geller and talked about a knife he ordered online saying i just got myself a nice little tool good for
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carving and wright told him like thinking with your head on your chest, the f.b.i. believes that a reference to be heading. on tuesday hours before police approached him outside a cvs pharmacy he called wright and told him he couldn't wait that long and was going to attack the police instead and when officers approached him soon after he lunged at them with a knife and that is when he was shot and killed. in an effort to be transparent they gathered muslim leaders on wednesday and showed them video of what happened. >> the video is inconclusive and i don't think he was shot in the back by virtue of that, however, we couldn't see clearly at all. he was asking the question of whether he had a brandished a knife or not. however he was approaching them and they did backup and evidently and by evidence of his death he was fired upon. >> reporter: f.b.i. is investigating hundreds of i.s.i.s. sympathizers in all 50 states. >> onmonitoring for any type of
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action or overt steps and mobilization factors and when we see those we are not taking the chance. >> reporter: prosecutors and the boston police department are evaluating if force was justified and f.b.i. said a third person was involved in a plot on searched a house in rhode island and so far made no arrests. >> thank you. former texas governor rick perry has announced he is running for president. ♪ you see a lot of candidates will say the right things, whether it's about the border or about taxes or spending but we need a president who has done the right thing. we need a president who bridges the partisan divide rather than widen it and brings people together. we must do right and risk the consequences. ♪ perry is expected to kickoff his campaign in dallas in a few hours and he is the 10th republican to enter the race but has been a candidate before and david schuster reports.
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>> reporter: texas rick perry is an optimist. >> i think americans want a leader who has the experience of getting results so that they can better take care of their family. >> reporter: and yet perry starts the 2016 campaign as an answer to a trivia question to president george w. bush. >> so help me god. >> congratulations. >> reporter: when mr. bush a former texas went it was perry who took over back in texas and as governor he won reelection three times and stayed in office for 14 years. socially conservative perry restricted access to abortion vetoed to the death penalty and darling of the era. >> yeah. proud to stand before you today as a life member of the national rifle association and a lifelong
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defender of the second amendment. [cheers and applause] fiscally conservative he cut taxes and spending and a surge in job creation. four years ago he ran for the republican presidential nomination. >> america is not broken. washington d.c. is broken. [cheers and applause] that campaign had huge promise and at the time a major secret. perry says he was suffering from health problems and during one of the republican debates there was this. >> and i will tell you it's three agencies of government when i get there that are gone commerce education and the, what is the third one there? let's see. oh five so commerce education and the. >> you can't name the third one? >> the third agency of government i would do away with the education, the commerce and,
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let's see, i can't. the third one i can't, sorry. oops. >> reporter: the next day. >> i had a lapse of memory and so many federal agencies out there were coming to mind that i forgot the one i was trying to think of which was obviously the energy department. >> reporter: still reports surfaced of campaign in-fighting and a candidate who on the issues was unprepared. >> i have come to the conclusion that there is no viable path forward for me in this 2012 campaign. therefore today i am suspending my campaign. >> reporter: this time around perry has spent months talking with policy experts and doing the kind of preparation work he says he bypassed four years ago. still some distractions hang in the air. perry remains under criminal indictment in texas for alleged abuse of power. >> if i had to do so i would veto funding for the public integrity unit again. [cheers and applause]
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and in his fundraising for perry more challenging and yet the former governor still widely viewed as one of the gop's best at retail politics. and his life story is inspiring. there was his humble childhood on a texas cotton farm and college degree at texas a&m and services as an airforce officer and pilot and won the texas legislature in the 80s and his political career took off. today supporters credit him with boosting the texas economy and say he is just what the country needs and critics insists the play to play state house politics make him unfit for the white house. regardless perry has been down this path before and enters the race with the kind of searing presidential campaign experience that could prove to be crucial. get that right first. >> and david schuster al
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jazeera. former florida governor jeb bush may be the next to join the republican field and bush tweeted this out earlier today saying he will announce his decision on whether or not to run on june 15th. on the democratic side former rhode island governor is the latest to challenge for the presidential nomination and he made his announcement quietly in virginia on wednesday and a member of both parties and an independent. and he faces former secretary of state hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders and martin o-mali. several tribal leaders in iraq are pledging allegiance to i.s.i.l. and in fallujah are working in solidarity with i.s.i.l.'s leader and this was a long time coming for frustrated sunni leaders who have been asking for help in resisting i.s.i.l. for years. >> this was not a surprise and anybody who has been watching the political scene will tell the sunnis has felt has risen and risen and feel they have
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been ignored but not only by this government but by the previous government as well and say they were promised jobs in the army and development for the province and none of that lap happened and a year ago fallujah was occupied by i.s.i.l. fighters and a turn around at that point and said you need to arm us we are the only people who can get rid of i.s.i.l. fighters and causes for the i.s.i.l. fighters being here in the first place, we are the only people who can do this and done this with al-qaeda in iraq in 2008 which is a predecessor to i.s.i.l. and those pleas fell on deaf ears and they reached out to sunni tribes but clearly not able to get through to all of them and this announcement on wednesday is crucial. we don't know whether the announcement comes under duress because fallujah is under occupation by i.s.i.l. so many tribes may think they have no choice or whether it's done willingly and what has happened is i.s.i.l. now has a number of
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new fighters at their disposal and seem to use it and hearing of attacks in fallujah taking place already and looks like the tribal shakes are going to really take the fight to the iraqi security forces and their anger has boiled over into violence. reporting from baghdad. a top u.s. diplomate says the fight against i.s.i.l. is working but there are questions about his claim that u.s. led air strikes have killed thousands of fighters and john henry smith has that part of the story. >> a harvard educated veteran of both the clinton and the obama administrations. as deputy secretary of state he has been in france this week standing in for injured john kerry at international meetings but it was in a radio interview that he made his controversial claim. as a high-level conference on combatting i.s.i.l. wrapped up in paris this week the u.s. sought to change the narrative. >> i.e. merged from this meeting confident we will defeat them
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through our unity, our determination and our commitment. >> reporter: speaking to a french radio station deputy secretary of state tony blinken says despite resent battlefield setbacks like loss of ramadi the focus should be on the bigger picture and using the group's arabic name he said we recorded an enormous loss for dash more than 10,000 since this campaign started and this will eventually have an effect. since last august the anti-i.s.i.l. coalition carried out 4,000 bombing raids but the defense department says it can't confirm the figure of 10,000 dead. the military has avoided so called body counts for decades and were widely used during vietnam war and later discredited and today the view is they are often wrong and when they are accurate they are a poor guide to who is winning the conflict.
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on cnn thursday morning blinken said he made the claim to hurt i.s.i.l.'s ability to recruit >> they are trying to tell young imappreciable people around the world who were recruited as foreign fighters they are on the march and succeeded and we are not but it's the opposite one element and i emphasize one fact is the serious number of people have been taken off the battlefield. >> reporter: cii estimate i.s.i.l. strength to be from 20-32000 fighters. body count numbers could be compiled from a variety of sources including satellite imagery and reports from partners on the ground and i.s.i.l.'s own claims and again critics will point out none of those methods are very accurate. back to you. john henry thank you and i spoke with middle east analyst and said that 10,000 figure does not come from areas in iraq that the coalition is targeting now. >> the battle front both in iraq
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and syria is a very loose term. we have to be very careful about this. obviously when we hear that the war is going on and there are high casualty figures this is quite selective because the casualties that have been recorded and secretary blinken has spoken about this the ten ten,000 plus figure have not occurred where current fighting is going on whether in fallujah or ramadi where coalition forces has not scored that much. the coalition succeeded on the border with turkey and a few months ago, several months ago when i prevented the take over of i.s.i.l. of the city of irbill and over there the coalition used power effectively and it prevented i.s.i.l. from scoring. in the ramadi and in fallujah and elsewhere there is a dirth of coalition existence really nobody knows where these people are so therefore we don't know what is going on on the ground
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precisely but we have to make the assumption that, in fact, i.s.i.l.'s casualties pale in comparison with public support that exists among the large sway of sunnis in both iraq and in syria. >> reporter: also says the iraqi government must decide if it wants to keep the country unified by changing its sectarian policies. the soccer scandal is growing this morning after an american who worked as a top fifa said they took brides for world countries at the world cup and erica has details. >> reporter: in a bomb shell court document a former fifa executives admits under oath he agreed to accept bribes and kickbacks related to two sections of two world cup host nations, this is a fifa executive for nearly 20 years before the f.b.i. caught up with him two years ago. in 2013 he plead guilty to racketeering, wire fraud, money
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laundering and income tax evasion and the feds number one informant making a case against fifa soccer's governing body. according to the federal court document when blazer entered plea in 2013 he admitted to accepting bribes with selection of the host nation for 1998 world cup which was france and said he and others agreed to accept bribes and kickbacks in connection with broadcast and other rights to several gold cups regional tournaments in north america and details came on the same day as the international police agency issued wanted notices for six men at the request of the united states, these men are wanted on corruption charges involving more than 150 million dollars in alleged bribes. [cheers] others issuing denials including high ranking fifa executive accused of helping to secure a bribe of $10 million from south
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africa in exchange for votes to host the 2010 world cup and in an interview he said he does not feel guilty and does not have to justify he is innocent. south africa admits to paying fifa the money but denies it was a bribe. >> the feds got a payment of $10 million u.s. dollars and was made to approve the program above board. does not equate to bribery. those who allege should prove their allegations. >> reporter: in the federal court document blazer had a much different story when he admitted beginning in and our around 2004 and continuing through 2011 he and others on the fifa executive committee agreed to accept bribes in conjen shun of south africa as the host nation for the 2010 world cup, erica with al jazeera. another high-ranking official promising to work with investigators looking into the corruption of fifa former vice president jack warner is one of
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14 people charged by the u.s. in the case in a t.v. address from trinidad warner promised he will not keep secrets any longer saying blatter knows why he fell and if anyone else knows i do. warner says he has given lawyers documents that out line the link between fifa funding himself and blatter. it could be turkey's most important election in history, how sunday's vote could have a serious impact on the relationship with the u.s.
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welcome back to al jazeera america it's is 10:49 eastern and take agree look at the top storyies 90 are dead in ghanna after a gas explosion in the capitol at a gas station actually that caused a fire which spread to neighboring buildings, people were taking shelter from intense flooding at the station when the explosion happened and officials believe the accident is linked to flooding. a new warning this morse about mers in south korea, a doctor with the syndrome may have come
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this contact with 1,000 people at a meeting and three in south korea have died of the illness 1100 schools are closed and 1600 people are quarantined and there is no known cure. usda says a vaccine against bird flu in chickens is only effective 60% of the time and birds have been recalled as a result of the out break. turkey goes to election for the most important in history and we are joined by patricia and this could transform democracy in turkey as well as the relationship with the united states. >> it absolutely could stephanie, very exciting election to keep an eye on that is because turkey currently has a parliamentary system of government but president erdewan wants to change that. right now the prime minister holds most of the power in turkey and the president is mainly a ceremonial figure. and switching to a system where
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the president holds most of the power requires changing the constitution and erdewan and his party are hoping to win enough seats in parliament to unilaterally change the constitution or form a majority government to push through a referendum and this is raising serious concerns both in turkey and here in the united states. since protests swept turkey in 2013 erdewan who was prime minister until last year has become increasingly authoritarian, throwing journalists in jail, restricting internet expanding police powers and restructuring the judicial system to favor the ruling party. as the middle east explains erdewan's idea of a presidential democracy bears little resemblance to the united states. >> in u.s. there are connects and checks and balances but what president erdewan has in mind is no checks and balances and could lead to an imperil presidency in a sense where erdewan calls the shots and there is no authority or
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institution that can track his powers. washington is watching this election very closely, turkey is a crucial and even indispensable ally in the fight against i.s.i.l. and washington has some serious differences over strategy and priority. for example in syria turkey and saudi arabia are balk backing anti-assad and includes groups washington calls extreme but as the council on foreign relations explains washington has had little choice but to deal with erdewan and his party. >> i think washington has been hampered by the fact that no one can point to any viable alternative to the justice and development party or president erdewan and prime minister and one of the big problems in turkey is the lack luster performance of opposition parties. >> reporter: now erdewan has been the dominant political figure in turkey for more than a
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dozen years but this was growing discontinueent with the government and personal style and no question he still has a lot of support but concerns that sunday's election could spark renewed unrest. what is the ideal outcome for washington? >> one thing washington does not want to see absolutely does not want to see is instability. so probably erdewan remaining in power but not grabbing so much of it that it really sends turkey into this authoritarian downward spiral if you will. >> thank you. egypt's former president mubarak will be retried over killing of protestors and the highest court in egypt september a trial for november 5 and he is charged with failing to stop the killing of hundreds of protesters during the arab spring uprising and earlier conviction was overturned. the former leader is 86 and in failing health. giving women access to a little pink pill, the fda debating for a third time whether to approve a drug to boost women's sex drives.
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♪ the fda is holding a hearing today over a drug that some call viagra for woman and treats
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female desire and boosts chemicals in the brain and has been rejected twice over side effects and several women's group accuse fda of gender bias because there are no drugs to treat women sexual dysfunction but plenty for men and i spoke earlier with the doctor from the nyu school of medicine and explained why despite the side effects some people think the drug should be approved. >> a lot of side effects for every medication it has a side effect and here are the ones they are talking about sometimes nausea and drowsy answer and fainting and worse if you are drinking alcohol. my point is you are not supposed to drink with antibiotics or if you are talking about other medications like pain medications even over-the-counter medications you cannot drink with them so i think this is a little bit strange that is the reason that. >> your point of view the bar is higher for these sexual dysfunction drugs to treat women? >> maybe so we have to see.
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they are comparing it to the benefits as well and not looking at the side effects alone and the benefits when they looked at it found the drug actually helped in terms of people feeling more satisfied at the end of each month in terms of using these medications. they also felt a little bit less stressed out, the women who took it out sexual desire and stuff so looking at those measures it seemed to be positive but they were not hugely positive so what they say is that statistically it's significant meaning there is a difference but maybe not clinically where it creates a huge difference and weighing the two against each other. >> if it's approved doctors warn it will not help all women and corrects for dopamine and seratonin. a pipeline was badly crowded and found significant metal loss of section that failed and some 100,000 of oil spilled creating a nine-mile oil slick along the coast and several sections of
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the pipe were repaired for corrosion in 2012 and in long beach officials say it may be two days before they reopen beaches closed by shaktar balls and it's not clear if the shaktar is linked to the santa barbara spill two miles to the north and may take a few days to figure out the source. one city thinks the answer to infestation of sea lions on their shore is a parade float and we report how oregon is using a fiber glass killer whale to solve the problem. >> this is an interesting and hair brain project and we are in belling ham, washington and this is 32 foot long orca and a killer whale and it was for parades and a whale watching company and could this be the problem in oregon where california sea lions are on the public docks and creating a lot of havoc and quite a nuisance and they do not like orcas but
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they like sea lions and hoping getting this in the water near the sea lions can scare them from the docks and this is the gentleman who will be driving and you will climb in it and drive it. >> i will drive and see what happens. >> he is the captain and sit up there where kyle is right up there where jake is and he will have a little nine horse motor or better and sounds emanating from this recorded sounds of killer whales and jk and l pods are in the northwest or the trenches who spent time on the coast and see if either of those broadcasts works and scares the heck out of those sea lions and could happen any time in the port there and i'm al jazeera bellingham washington. you can watch the full report tonight at 8:00 eastern and thanks for watching and the news continues next live from doha.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello there and welcome to the news hour, i'm julie in doha coming up, in the program a shock in the arm for i.s.i.l. several sunni tribes in iraq pledges to the group fighting government forces. over 90 people are killed in explosion at a petrol station in ghanna. new documents reveal a former fifa executive took bribes to decide the