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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 4, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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at. >> this not a peruvian problem this is a world problem. >> and the world wide campaign to clean up dirty gold. >> i really didn't want a symbol of love between me and my husband to be associated with such atrocities only on al jazeera america s this al jazeera america, it is being call add massive data beach and the personal information of millions of workers stolen by hackers. vice president of fifa says he now fears for his life after promising to reveal corruption secrets. and the failing american dream, a new poll says more americans are losing hope of ever getting ahead.
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we begin with a developing story, another major data breach hackers may have been able to get their hands on information on millions of current and former federal employees. live now from washington, what more do we know about this? you are right we are in the initial stages scramling to arecess the impact of what appears to be a major data breech, the office of personnel management, it is known in short hand as the human resources department for the entire government. they have personal records on every federal employee, both past and present including a job assignments training assignments, performance ratings and perhaps most ominously, background checks and investigations for clearances for highly sensitive positions within the federal government. no indication of just how far this goes within o.p.m., in the a press release out this evening they say that it was
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discovered in april, they were upgrading their cyber security protocols and that's when they discovered this breach but the breach itself could have begun late last year speculation now surrounding desks in the a statement they say in part, as a result of the indent, o.p.m. will send notifications to approximately 4 million individuals whose p.i.i., that's personal identifiable information may have been compromised. since the investigation is on going, additional p.i. may come to light in that case, o.p. m. will conduct additional notifications. now in the interim the office of personnel management is offering every federal employee a free credit protection insurance policy and 18 month membership i should say includes credit monitoring and $1 million in identity theft protection. meanwhile, the o.p. m. warning every federal employee that closely monitor
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their transactions their banking and financial transactions to make sure there's nothing suspicious going on. >> okay, mike, so let's be clear. this is just the latest in a series of breaches involved the federal government. >> and certainly we should mention tonight it is unconfirmed reports and elsewhere, that the chinese are behind the attack, there have been other hacks the executive office of the president, not too long ago attributed to russian nationals as well. obviously, this is a major concern, a mounting concern cyber security, not only within the federal government but across the private sector as well. >> okay, mike for us in washington mike, thank you. and we learn today that the nsa has apparently expanded it's internet surveillance to stop attacks just like this, the new york times reports that in 2012 the justice department allowed the nsa to search internet cables on u.s. soil without a warrant.
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a former high. >> rahing official says we only know the beginning of the fifa scandal. >> well, tony, that's right. he is a former fifa executive vice president, and he is rocking the already really world governing body of soccer he says he knows why fifa president suddenly stepped down, he also claims that he can prove fifa tries to manipulate elections in his home country. trinidad back in 2010. now, warner says he has kept kie yet for years out of fear and now he says he fears for his life. but even death won't stop what he called an avalanche of secrets. >> i have kept quiet with
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fear this day may come. now warner clearly has something of a flair for the dramatic that's him in a rambling seven minute video he released called the gloves are off. and in it, warner paint as picture of himself as a victim he calls himself a lone solitaire soldier he talks about gandy he says he is delivered his files to lawyers and people he calls respectable, on top of that video, warner made an impassioned speech yesterday to a group of his supporters. i also will give them my knowledge of the transactions at fifa including but not limited to sepp blatter. i have been here for 20 consecutive years. i was a heart beat away from blatter.
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now wearser one of the 14 world soccer officials who were indicted be the united states. accused of accepting more than 150 million-dollars in bribes. wearer himself is accused of racket tiering laundering and bribery. he has denied all the. >> thats saying it is a conspiracy concocted by the u.s. because the u.s. was angry that it didn't get the world cup for 20202. >> if fifa is so bad why does it want to keep the world cup? is. >> that's him in another video, the article is from the onion a satirical website says it was going to give the own world cup warner was clearly not aware that the article was fake in the video the fact that it didn't get the world cup like a man. now, this all comes on the
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heels of revelations about another former fifa executive, yesterday, a transcript was released of blazer admitting and heavy weaponry and other members of the executive committee were paid $10 million in bribes for supporting south africa's successful bid south africa has denied paying any bribes. to cooperate with u.s. authorities and cut their own plea deals. so tony, this avalanche of secrets that he has promised is maybe already engulfed him and his own family. just more ugly headlines inside the beautiful game. >> that's just today we will wait to see what we learn tomorrow. paul with us, the environmental protection agency says there is no thad the method of drilling known as fracking has effected drinking water but the e.p.a. isen waying today that it could. john joins us live now from washington. >> this flaw is in the face of much we have heard from
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environmentalists doesn't it? i know, tony, well the headline today is that they found no evidence of widespread concern enwith it comes to our drinking water and the issue of fracking, however, the e. p.a. also says that some working practices at some sites means means that some water supplies are vulnerable. exactly some campaigners that's what we are talking about. when it comes to fresh water and fracking there are no guarantees. >> to break up rock and extract natural gas. in the preliminary report that took fivers and cost $29 million says we did not find evidence that these mechanism led to widespread impacts on drinking water resources in the united states.
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the agency did say it found a small number of cases where poorly constructed wells and waste water management effected drinking water clear water campaigners say that alone busts the myth that fracking doesn't harm drinking water. for a long as time the industry has been pushing back. this report shows that it does in numerous areas and shows the whole process from where you get the water how tow you use it how how you dispose of it there are problems within each of that. >> the e. p.a. report sun likely to ease the concerns he believes fracking is making his 13-year-old daughter sick. >> i want to see my daughter laughing and jumping and running again. i love my daughter. and the poor people. >> record show three wells have been fracs within half a
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mile of his old school. in it's report three years overdue. the e.p.a. notes the findings could have been limited saying they failed to cooperate with them, making it impossible to draw conclusions about the effect in certain areas of the country. there was a lack of communication throughout, they did the best they could given the enormous data gaps and lack of cooperation with the industry. a real concern for environmentalists caused this preliminary report now goes to scientific review, and for public comment and it's hoping that the fracking debate will enhanced.
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today the country took a dramatic step, which begins with d huh-oh. and alley that d stands for default. >> it doesn't and this is a d we were not expecting defer. that it will not make it's $335 million paint which is due this week. we had suspected that was and case, and said it wasn't going to, but it was using a little used option, that the i.m.f. has to defer that payment and three other payments that it has got in june until the last day of june june 30th. greece owe it's creditor as total of about $1.7 billion. by the end of the month. they had previously rejected this bundling option. the i.m.f. has a rule, where it says if you have payments
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due in the same month you can pile them all up and make them in one payment. the fear is it would send the signal it has no money except we are clear now that greece doesn't have the money. the reason they have to make the money is they are desperately trying to make a deal, greece has a little more time to do that, if they said we aren't making the payment, any further deal would have been off the table. they are saying we will make the payment in a few more weeks. >> remind us why creditors and greece have been at this point literally seemingly, for months. >> it is a question you can't ask enough. what is happening. so it is a bit of a culture clash between germany and greece. germany was the country that let that money to greece. germany and europe,
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particularly northern and western europe want greece to buckle down, and make more budget cuts, reform it's labor laws and get it's financial house in order. the greek prime minister and his left wing party got elected on an anti-austerity platform. we are going to get europe's boot off the neck, and they are say no no the boot is staying there. the issue is that greece needs another few billion dollars. the end of the big bail out in order to make some of these back, it doesn't get that it won't go any further. at this point it looks like it is a staring contest europe does appear to be win. >> >> got you. if you would more on the big program? >> tonight i am talking about oil by rail. the industry continued to put pressure and say they don't want to make the chains that have been recommended and they say moving oil by rail isn't as dangerous as people make it out to be, so we will have that discussion. >> can't wait, appreciate it.
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>> thank you sir. >> and of course you can watch ali velshi on target at 10:30:00 p.m. eastern that's 7:30 pacific right here on al jazeera america. >> listen to this, ukraine's president says he is bracing for am eminent russian invasion he told lawmakers moscow has thousands of troops and he says, he has ordered the ukrainian military to prepare for a full scale assault. charles stratford has more. >> it's been months since hospitals like this one had to treat so many. these men were wounded in the sudden escalation of fighting between the ukrainian military and separatist fighters on wednesday. >> over the past 24 hours five seriously wounded soldiers have been brought into the hospital. one officer who was released from captivity was also brought here, he will be examined. soldiers have wounded from mine explosions, they are serious wounds.
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>> both sides accuse each ore of starting the fighting. the ukrainian president has again blamed russia for supporting the separatest fighters and warned of what he described as a threat of full scale war. right now there are 14 russian tactical battalion groups numbers 9,000 soldiers on the territory of ukraine. the concentration is 1.5 times bigger than it was a year ago the him tear must be as ready for a renewal of enemy offensive as they are full a full scale we must be truly ready for this. >> russia has denied there are any sols in eastern ukraine, the kremlin says it is monitoring the situation and is concerned about what it calls as provocations by
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the army. a representative for the self-proclaimed people's republic said that the d.p.r. respected the cease fire, and wanted to work harder towards a lasting peace. the organization for security and cooperation reports almost daily violations on both sides. it's spokesman. >> special monitoring mission to ukraine has no explanation in the committee. as well as on the movement, and the use of heaven weaponry. >> they report that both sites moved heavy weaponry closer to the front line in breech of the cease fire. ukrainian parliament has pass add law allowing foreign troops on ukrainian soil to it says support peace and security. it is a law that could anger russia the kremlin has accused kiev who it describes as provocations with the aim of putting pressure on the
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european union which is due to decide on whether to extend sanctions soon. now whoever is to blame for this upsurge in violence it represents the greatest threat to that cease fire so far, the cease fire aimed at securing a political settlement, and ending a conflict that according to the u. n. has claimed the lives of more than 6,400 people. al jazeera moscow. >> disaster teams are working on righting the cruise ship that sank monday night with hundreds onboard the ship. more than 350 passengers are still missing. as adrian brown reports through mounting anger on the family members of the missing. >> they are still calling eight rescue operation. but it is the dead, and not the living they are finding now. >> the weather is making that task much more dangerous. it briefly halted the work of rescuers drilling holes into the upturned hull.
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they eventually got inside, but found no one alive. officials expect to begin the delicate task, they feel there are no more survivors. on a day when then co firmed death toll continues to rise, more bodies arrived. where the painful process of identification lies ahead. that's what pan am is waiting for. his grandfather is one of the missing. >> i should have spent more time with him after i came home from overseas we let him travel alone we didn't expect this they are trapped in the cold administration of loss other families gather around the front desk, desperately offering their phone numbers there's any news. at a meeting with a government official, they are told that the priority now is to save lives not identify
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bodies please be patient he tells them. but they weren't patient on wednesday night, as they tried to break through a police quart didn't after being denied access to the rest sue site. they complain of a lack of information, a lack of sympathy and question why so many of the survivors were members of the crew. i want a responsible attitude from the government, i hope the government can think about our move. sensing the mood may become more hostile, police outside the hospital have been issues megaphones. june the fouring is a sensitive day student protests were put down violently 20 since years ago and today the government is becoming increasingly intolerant of all tomorrows of dissent. even grieving from families demanding answers.
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agreian brown. >> and then there were ten rick perry joined the field of republican candidates why he thinks he can win this time around. plus. the issue that could decide the 2016 presidential elests. it is something a majority of republicans and democrats actually agree on.
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an emotional vice president biden. struggled to hold back tears. hundreds streamed into leave hall at the delaware state capitol to pay theirn't ares bow biden died saturday of brain cancer at the age of 46. president obama is expected to deliver the eulogy. at saturday ais funeral. one of the biggestish sues in the campaign will be johnson wages according to the latest new york times. the poll americans are increasingly concerned about income and equality nearly
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six in ten said the government must do more to bridge the gap between the rich and poor. seven in ten americans say they support an increase of nearly 3-dollars in the federal minimum wage. and a number of americans that say everyone has a chance to get ahead has dropped dramatically. nearly two-thirds of people say only those at the top have an opportunity to advance. joining me now a labor economists and the former president of the ben innocent college for women. good to have you back on the program, it's been too long, thank you for being here. >> president obama called inequality the defining challenge of our times. so let me rattle off some stats here that you know, income in equality is at it's highest level since the depression. the top 1% take home nearly a
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quarter of the income paid. in that said, in a reever cooing economy why the frustration expressed in this poll tony, people are hearing about economic recovery, the data keeps coming out seeing the headlines but they are not feeling it. wages have been flat frankly for about 35 years you saw many the last career, increases of about 1%, the year before that, decreases. the only people that saw wage increases were the people at the 70th, percentile, people more than half of all-americans saw nothing. the tim call c. e.o. earns $11 million a year, 300 times what your average worker earned at $35,000 a year. so people hear about people making money they hear about people doing well, they hear
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about growth, and they just don't feel it talk for a moment about what americans say they want. for example a $10 tent cents an hour federal minimum wage, they want to be paid more benefits like paid six leave. americans seem to believe offering a blueprint a suggestion a list of suggestions but do you have any faith in this congress to respond not at all, in fact this congress wants to go backwards instead of moving forwards. of course, we can't forget the fact that this congress are dominated by republicans who even with a $10.10 proposal have dug their feet in. you know there's a group of workers and other worker whose are talking about the firefighter for $15. and a few jurisdictions have already voted l.a., and seattle, is already taken
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place but even as we look at this, there is five states that have no minimum wang at all. alabama, mississippi louisiana, south carolina. manage no minimum wage at all. so these are people who are really suffering. paid six leave issue is huge, you make a choice of mr. to go to work sick or stay at home and not get paid. but if you go to work sick you infect everybody, employers may think about that when they resist this motion before i lose our time with you where do you come down on free trade? now the president is trying to -- do you agree with the nearly two-thirds from this poll who favor some kind of trade restrictions. >> you know, tony, the president and his team have not shown where t.p.p.
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trickling down to the american people, we have heard about how this is great, but the fact is that we are exporting good jobs because people can provide labor for less, what is there then for the average worker, well we have nafta about 20 years ago at least the labor department had a program where you can retrain we don't have anything like that. >> is it time to disavow ourselves in america of the motion that if you work hard, and play by the rules you can make it in american when it is clear that for many in the country, if you work hard play by the rules you can still end up retiring with student loan debt? you know, tony, if we look at the uncertainty yoer generation people that graduated in 2008 and 2009, these young people still have not been welcomed into the labor market. they have b.a. degrees they have followed the ruling and they are working in retail,
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they are working in coffee shops, they are working in places where never are going to earn more than ten or $12 an hour. the pension is like -- a moronic concept. 45 percent of all-americans don't have pensions and about 60% will only have social security when they retire. and so yes we have to put the myth to bed or make the myth real, by insuring that people can accumulate. >> great to see you as always, thank you for your time. >> thank you tony yeah, good to see you kudos to our colleague, the host of inside story, ray received the journalist of conscience award last night at lincoln center right here in new york city the award was presented by an organization called educational video center. the group helps teen whose are struggling with a wide range of personal issues by getting them involved in journalism, and film products.
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coming up next, the future of fifa. what role the united states may play to rebuild the organization.
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a former vice president of fifa says he is coming clean. he is promising to release an a large of information about corruption. he was one of fifa's executives one of themed by the u.s. last week. he fears for his life now but will no longer keep secrets. >> i have a thirst, compelling comprehensive documents including checks and statements. >> well, the scandal surrounding fifa comes at a
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time of growing popularity for soccer here in the united states. well i think it is fair to say the u.s. public has been following this very closely it has been dominating the headlines on the radio and even satirical talk shows. in fact, fifa's interest in the american caribbean was based in the bidding right behind my cameraman here, and that was raided by fbi ats on the same day that those arrests took place. and remember, the u.s. had put a bid in for the world cup, so there is a question of lost revenue. at the heart of this is how truly popular football is becoming in the united states. it is growing hugely in popularity and pouncer. and the viewing figures were around 30 million, so there is a vested interest, and when you think about the demographics with that growing hispanic population, you begin to realize that this is a country that does care dupely about football and will be following this investigation.
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richard here now, he is a finance professor from notre dame that special aids in the economics of sports good to see you here, let's hope that skype holds up here. the u.s. was integral in taking down fifa, what should be the role in fixing it if any. >> well, there are two things really that need to be fixed. first you need some auditing procedures implemented not just on paper but actually follow through. second thing is you need to change the very culture. and i'm not sure that u.s. work on either one of hose is necessary. but i think u.s. can certainly improve both of those components. the auditing we out to have a financial audit on a regular basis where everything is
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transparent, where you know what the bidding is and there isn't room for back room maneuvers. it is those maneuvered. >> the big organizations and small have a difficult time with that word transparency, some have called for fifa to be split in two, with a marketing branch and a branch that monitoring corruption what do you think will that help? that might work, but the issue is more fundamental who are the shareholders who are the stakeholders if you want to compare fifa to someone or something it would be to an old committee where basically you have a third party that is taking revenue marking choices and then making relatively speaking small payments out to the teams that are playing. all the rest of the money stays with that organizing group, the they make payments
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to different foundations to kind of spread the wealth around, but there's nothing that requires them to do that. >> so richard another one, i am going to toss your way i am sure a lot of people watching us right now have works for organizations where there's new leadership, and the executive levels may on down the food chain, those people are asked to reapply for their jobs right. should the next leader of fifa ask everyone on that executive level to reapply? i think that is pretty much a necessary condition. we go back to the culture. everyone this time around, i didn't do anything to anybody else. but when you look back at the needs and the corruption, whatever almost everybody's name is up on the word. >> to the closest we have seen to i guess the sports corruption on this magnitude
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is what salt lake city any lessons that we can learn from that i.o.c. scandal as we see this unfold and the scandal unravel here. >> i think the lessons for salt lake city, is that you really need to start with a new page and bring someone in from the outside that will have no financial stake in the past so when you look at the potential candidates for president, probably prince ali is the only one that hasn't been fingering in one way, shape, or form for corruption, so prince ali tot with perhaps an administrator from outside that's not unreasonable name. >> someone that doesn't need the money and someone that will go in and clean house and bring in a cultural very different than what they currently have. >> quell, the prince certainly doesn't need the money, you are right about
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that. he specializes in the economics of sports. you know there was a bit after dejava today in the race for the white house. david schuster joins us for more, david. >> this is reck perry's second presidential campaign, and in this effort launched inside a texas airport hang gar he is highlighting his service and his optimism. >> rick perry thanked his wife and said here we go again then following the firm hand shakes perry made it official. >> today i am running for the presidency of the united states of america. >> the back drop including a transport plane like the kind kerry used to fly in the air force. >> i have seen american lives. i have seen fit the red dirt of a west texas cotton field, from a. capus and college station to
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the elevated view of a c 130 cockpit. and from the governors office of the texas capitol. >> unlike four years ago when his record as governor was central theme on this day it only got a few passing mentions. >> i led the world's 12th largest economy. >> our rights come from god not from government. >> and he highlighted his optimism and the nation's resilience. >> we have been through two world wars we have been through a great depression, we even made it through jimmy carter we will make it through the obama years. >> as governor of texas he won re-election three times and theyed in office for 14 years. america is not broken. washington d.c. is broken. that campaign had huge promise and at the time a
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major secret, kerry says he was suffering from health problems and during one of the republican debates there was this. and i will tell you, three agencies of government that when i get there are gone, commerce education, and the -- what's the third one there? let's see. oh, five. okay. >> so commerce, education and -- >> you can't name the third one. >> third agency of government i would do away with education. the -- commerce -- >> and let's see. >> i can't. the third one i can't. sorry. oops. the next day. >> i had a lappet of memory, so many federal agencies were coming to mind, i forgot the one i was trying to think of which is obviously the energy department. >> reports surfaced of campaign in fighting and a candidate who was unprepared. >> i have come to the
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conclusion there is no path forward in the campaign for me. >> and doing the kind of preparation work he says he bypassed four years ago. last year he thrilled conservatives by dispatches national guard troops to the u.s. mexico border, still some distractions hang in the air. it remains under criminal indictment in texas for alleged abuse of power. >> if i had to do so, i would street foe funding for the public integrity university again and yet the former governor is widely views as one of the g. best at retail politics plus there is no doubt now about his determination and grit. our people never stay knocked down we move forward and you know what, we will do it again.
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rick perly is now the 10th republican to jump into the race, and the field will soon get even more crowded. announcements are coming from five more republicans including jedd bush he will formally declare his candidacy a week from monday. >> 2015 is what we aring looing at, thank you david. >> you are going to be busy. a former al quaida opera tiff says yemen's former president double crossed the united states, he tells al jazeera that he supported and directed al quaida in the arabian peninsula, despite a long relationship with the united states. clayton swisher has the exclusive story. >> this car bomb attack killed eight spanish tourists. fighters claimed responsibility but this man says there is much more to the story and it may involve the former yemen president.
7:42 pm
he was a member of al quaida until his arrest of the c.i.a. in 2004. he returned to yemen and jailinged until 2006, he was released and began his work as a paid informant for the government. he claimed he warned security agencies one week before the attack, and provided details on the day itself just over a year later a daring assault on the u.s. embassy left 19 dead. again, he says he warned the security services three months before, a week before, and three days before.
7:43 pm
his handler as an informant was the colonels nephew. he says he did not just ignore the attacks he went so far as to hand over money for the explosives used against the embassy. the colonel then arranged for the materials to be given to the military commander in the arabian peninsula.
7:44 pm
al jazeera has verified his backgrounded within al quaida. we have also established that he was a bomb maker that's how he gained detailed knowledge about the attacks. he lost homicide right thumb handle explosives, we have shown his. testimony to experts on al quaida. >> my interpretation is that again, this is a guy who in substantial measure is who he says he is. he knows these people, he has incites into how they operate. >> if you look back, there's been few people that have come out about detail about what is going on at the top so somebody being able to report what was going on over a period of months earn perhaps years even if it is a few years back, is extraordinarily valuable. >> if i had to give him a ballpark grade i would say probably like 70/30.
7:45 pm
70 being genuine. >> spain and the u.s. have investigated the attacks and closed their cases. colonel omar could not be reached for except. he said he is willing to testify in front of any panel in order to bring justice. well, there is a newen waying about the dangers of sexual violence across children, the centers for disease control has been looking at just how big the problem really is roxanne is here with more. >> tony, the c.d.c. interviewed young adults in seven countries and asked them whether they had experienced any form of sexual say leans before age 18 the results are staggering. >> researchers from the centers for disease control say in seven countries they looked at in africa, asia, and the caribbean 25% of women, and 10% of men experienced some fort of childhood sexual violence.
7:46 pm
reported the highest rates of sexual violence among females. haiti has the highest rate among males. even more trowels fewer than one in ten victims receive support. in 2014 the united nations released what it called the largest ever study of violence against children, looking at data from 190 countries the u. n. found that one in ten girls around the world, have been raped or sexually assault bed i the time they turn 20. >> it shows us that no country is immune that often violence happened in plain site. witnessing it and not speaking out, nor stopping it makes any one of us accomplice sit. >> at the time u.n. said more needed to be done. >> violence against children is widespread, but it is t no inevitable we know how to
7:47 pm
reduce it. changing attitudes applying laws that protect children, all of those can help. >> cdc director said it is crucial that communities government and families increase legal efforts to protect children and provide health care, legal and counseling support. >> high rates of sexual violence have been reported here in the u.s. one in five girls and one in 20 boys have reported experiencing some sort of sexual assault. >> appreciate it, thank you. >> the retrial of three of our al jazeera colleagues has been adjourned again, this is the 6th time the trial has been pushed back. they were in a cairo court again today. australian peter greste could not return for the trial because he was deported the three were arrested in 2013 for alleged involvement with the banned muslim brotherhood, al jazeera of course denies all the allegations and still to
7:48 pm
come the first ever robotic hand shake between earth and astronauts in space a closer look at the new technology, and plus it is not just for men any more. the green light to a little pink pill for women.
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so you are looking now at a funnel cloud that has formed in elbert county colorado. that's northwest of colorado springs, the national weather service is reported that at least one tornado has touched down in the area some 16 counties in colorado and parts of utah are now under a tornado as visery until 10:00 p.m. mountain time. forecasters say severe storms are possible there is concern in baltimore that prescription drugs with being
7:51 pm
sold ill allowingly on city streets. more than two dozen right aid pharmacies and two clinics were looted in the city during an arrest. more than 175 doses of drugs were stolen during the looting and the police commissioner says that's enough narcotics to keep the city intoxicated for a year. a drug to boost a woman's sex drive could soon be available. a pan until recommended the so called female viagra be approved. first of all good to see you what is this new drug? >> they are calling it pink viagra. and this interesting because it is different from viagra, because it increases dopamine and say tone anyone rather than increasing blood flow. drug makers say in a study of 4,000 women 52% say they sex
7:52 pm
drives went up. but doctors are concerned about side effects that includes fainting, sleeping. >> fainting. >> but the fainting really only comes with alcohol, in fact let's take a listen pretty much for every medication if there's an effect there's a side effect, they are talking about newsness, crowdness, you may feel like fainting and that can be worse if you are drinking alcohol. my point of view you aren't supposed to drink with a lot of medications. >> because this is where the social controversial comes in some for the drug say this is simply a double standard, one that suggests a women aren't trusted not to drink to get drunk, and two this low sexual desire in women doesn't even deserve to be treated at all. >> we know that the companies the question is how long have companies been working on a drug like this? >> absolutely.
7:53 pm
>> in fact, viagra itself, was trying for eight years to allow it's drug to be used for women but they gave up in 2004, also approval has been thought twice for the same drug since 2010 but the f. d. a. rejected it because of those side effects. here we are again, this is what f can a experts voted for when they voted in favor of approving it. they asked for the overall risk was acceptable, none said yes outright, six did say no outright, but 18 said yes on the condition that certain risk management option os were taken and that has to go beyond the labeling. >> morgan good to see you. >> thank you. >> for a look at what is coming up, john is here. >> hi, coming up at 8:00, questions about privacy and protection. newly disclosed documents
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show the obama administration expanded the internet traffic, what the government was looking for and were any restrictions put in place. plus, he is taking his fight against relocating a u.s. marine corps base on a japanese island to the american public. the governor of okinawa is on a tour, and his message stop the plan to build a new base on a different part of the island. why locals want it stop. >> stopped an infestation of sea lions now local leaders believe they have an idea how to get rid of this problem without harming the animals. why they believe turning a parade float into a killer whale made of fiberglass is the answer and a message of love a facebook post by the company c.e.o., is touching people across the country. we h take a look at very simple message dealing with grief after her husband dies last month.
7:55 pm
those stories and more coming up in six minutes. >> john, thank you. >> new technology can soon let astronauts work on other planets without setting foot on them, it is being developed in the nether-lands and tested on the international space station. hand shake. >> in a lab in the nether-lands the movement of a joy stick signals success. it is linked to another joy stick controlled by nasa astronaut onboard the space station. both men fear the force of the other pushing and pulling with only the tiniest of delay. we control the joy stick here, we shook hands with the nasa astronaut, we felt his force on the hand, we had video virtual reality to it and we showed that it is possible to actually literally, reach down to ground and touch things on the surface the team is also working on a robotic exo skeleton that will make the
7:56 pm
technology much more user friendly. >> with my arm in this i am immediately able to manipulate the movement of this robotic arm in this case just a few meters away once this is fully developed that robot arm could be in space or even on another planet. astronauts have plenty of tasks to execute and part of it is also controlling robots and this requires maybe months or even years of training. so the idea here is by having a more intuitive interface you can reduce this training time not only for astronauts but maybe in the future for others to use robotic systems to execute different type of activities. >> the researchers say is technology can also allow astronauts in orbit around the moon, or a planet like mars to perform precise and responsive work, on the surface below. they can use a robotic rover without having to endure the harsh atmosphere, and without the 12 minute delay when
7:57 pm
signals are relayed back to earth. often in space station we have only one chance because of the time lynn restrictions because of dynamics because of other constraints. and so astronauts need to be well trained so when we take that action we do it correctly. >> for now the team is celebrating the technical success of the trial and other cases planned for september with a more advanced robot each step they say takes us closer to realizing the potential of machines to give a helping hand. >> nice to meow. >> al jazeera in the netherlands. >> for the third time this week poor weather has forced massa to dehay the test launch of it's new flying saucer, the craft is being tested to deliver goods and possibly astronauts to mars, nasa has been using parachutes to slow down the ships for decades the flying saucer can handle spacecraft
7:58 pm
weighing 20 to 30 tons and make softer landings. all the time for this news hour hang on over there thank you for watching john will be back in just a couple of minutes.
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>> hi, everyone, this is al jazeera america. >> hacked the records of millions of u.s. government employees compromised and officials say they know who is behind it. american crime is violence on the rise in the u.s.. >> all hands every single resource every single body, every single personnel. >> we will look at the numbers and separate fact from fear mongering in a bitter new debate. fracing finds the new federal record on whether the drilling.