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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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also coming up. two dead and dozens injured after an explosion at an opposition rally two days before turkey's parliamentary elections. greece's prime minister rejects international reform plans calling them absurd, but says a debt repayment deal is closer than ever. >> an agreement to keep oil production at the same rate
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despite calls from the industry to push prices higher. >> apparently good at finding money. >> and timing is everything. we will tell you about the $16 million film fifa has made about itself and why it's release may backfire. he was the international face of sudan hussein's iraq. he has died at the age of 79 in hospital, having suffered a heart attack in prison. he became foreign minister in 1983 during the iran iraq war, developed a prominent international profile. and sudan invaded kuwait, he was a staunch defender of baghdad's position, and he surrendered to u.s. forces in 2003 and was sentenced to death in 2009, although the penalty was never actually
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carried out. a look back at his life. >> to many he was the best known face of saddam hussein's regime. meeting world leaders he defended his boss' policies at every turn. even after the gassing in 1988 which killed some 5,000 curds, terry deflected the blame. >> according to the information i had, it wasn't iraq. >> he is a christian came to the party in the 1950's, by the time the baptist came to power in iraq in 1968, the former english teacher was already a prominent figure. in 1970 he was named information minister, and a member of sudan's revolutionary council. in the early 1980's he became minister with strengthening relations between baghdad and
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washington. when he ordered the invasion of kuwait in 1990, he had to face the world and condemned arab leaders for not standing up to the u.s. >> the u.s. responded to the kuwait invasion by declaring war on iraq. he continues to get the policies. but that loyalty couldn't keep him in power and in 2003 under the guise of searching for weapons of mass destruction, the u.s. invaded. he was a tis of spades in the most wanted military and political leaders. in 2003 he turned himself in,
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and in 2009 was convicted on two different counts sentenced to 22 years in prison. the next year he was sentenced to death by the iraqi supreme court, for the persecution of religious parties. he remained in prison on death row and loyal to sudan until his death. >> he isn't seen as a member of saddam's inner circle. he was simply a man that was trying to do his job. he was big on the international scene particularly on the run up to the iraq war and the up vagues of occupation by the sures forces. he would say this has to do with two things, israel and oil. that won him a lot of fans people said that he used
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fighting for us, and that is perhaps the reason that the death sentence that was past was carried out because -- he is a member of the regime. >> . >> two people have died and more than 100 people injured. the blast happened in the mainly kurdish city just days before parliamentary elections. the government has denied earlier reports the blast was called by an electrical fault. on sunday, turks will vote in polls it is an election that's been dominated by the country's slowing economy and rising unemployment.
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the ruling justice and development party insists the economy has been the main success. not all of those are convinced. >> because of living is on every voters mind in the run up. the prices are not increases every day. >> the ruling justice and development party came to power in 2002. since then, turkey has enjoyed strong growth, development, and renewed pros errty for many. major infrastructure projects became the party's hall, ma. building more roads fast trains and airports including this one built on a man made island. big construction projects and massive infrastructure plans lured foreign investors.
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turkey's project reached $823 billion. annual income has trickled since 2002 to almost $11,000. but new indicators are raising concerns. ing this the first time in many years that annual growth rates have fallen and unemployment figures have raisin compared to previous election years. and the main opposition parties are trying to seize the opportunity. staunch defender tissics from the turkish government say last year's growth rate was just over 3%, while inflation was around nine. urn employment rose to 11% and the national currency lost more than 13% of it's value against the dollar. turkey relied too much on construction low borrowing rates and debt say some. in 2010, and twenties 11 very high growth rates but it
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was with the money and the turkish parliament. and we have 90% an average. but it brought on a huge deficit of 10%. which was definitely sustainable. >> government leaders say the slowing of the economy and are promising sustained growth, they are also vowing to cut personal debt, and boost annual income to $25,000 in coming years. more than 55 million people are eligible to vote on sunday and when they will be free to decide and make their own calculations. still speaking at the greek parliament. an i.m.f. was needed to put
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an end to leaving the single currency. they have postponed paying back millions of dollars until the end of the month. we need a solution, five years on we need a conclusive solution both for grief and europe, a solution that will put an end to any discussion of greece leaving the euro for good. it is time for everyone to prove that they are working toward as viable solution and not to sub judge gait an entire nation, because if that is what they are doing they should know they will have the exact opposite effect. what exactly -- i know the greek government -- they are going to pay everything back at the end of the month is this not a default?
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no not at the moment. the greek government has told the monetary fund that it is bundling the june payments into one large paint at the end of the month. until they default on that, on the 30th of june, it isn't officially a default. but what you are hearing at the moment, is the prime minister responding to criticism from the opposition parties about how he has handled the negotiation. the socialist leader said that he has been treated scandalously better by the europeans than the preceding pro government and the fall of that government has now cost the career of that leader, he is stepping down and will probably cost the political career of the conservative former prime minister.
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if it does so there would be an on going confrontation. all of these leaders have now advised him to take the deal he has been handed. but it isn't an easy choice, he has been given a discount of $11 billion on the amount of money he would have to spend repaying debt between now and 2018. that is a very significant discount of 30% of what was in the original memorandum. he has been told do continue to cut salary which is are core promises of his government that he won't do, and that is something he
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can't bring to par limit so he is at a tough spot at the moment. >> he is in a tough spot, as is his country. thank you so much. >> is calling for a cease fire to be fully respected. the emergency meeting was called by lithuania amido fears that violence would escalate. the monetary mission for the organization of security encorporation says crease friar violations in eastern ukraine are becoming more frequent amido growing concern that it could spiral out of control as there are reports of tanks moving towards the strategic town. and also, a report from the
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ukrainian president on thursday that russian troops some 9,000 of them were massing on the border. the council for a update from the o.s.c. said this latest activity was not necessarily an escalation of violence, but perhaps as reshuffling of equipment and personnel never the less, he is concerned. these events underline the need to break the cycle of violence now. before further escalation takes place the call on all sides to return to the negotiation table now the security council didn't take any action on the situation it was really a chance for everyone to make statements and this was a lot of
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finger pointing the russians blamed ukraine for escalating the situation in an attempt to get the e.u. to increase sanctions and the europeans pointed the finger right back. but one of the council diplomates did tell al jazeera that they thought it was important to have this meeting, in order to keep the pressure on russia. >> still to come, indian authorities pull maggie noodles from the shelves. the fake whale being used to scare offer hundreds of sea lions in oregon.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story".
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only on al jazeera america. >> for iraq foreign minister. died at the age of 79 after suffering a heart attack. he was the international face for more than 20 years. >> turkey's state run agency says two people have died and more than 100 people injured at a rally in the country southeast. two blast happened as an opposition rally in the mainly kurdish city just days before the,ish parliamentary elections. the greek prime minister says his government is closer to ever than reaching a deal with it's creditors. postpone paying mac millions of dollars until the end of the hospital. foreign ministers decided to keep the action at 30 million-barrel
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as day despitele faking oil prices prices have trended down for the past year, that's good news for motorists but thousands of jobs have also been lost. from vienna. >> in vienna volatility was absent and everything went exactly as expected. >> the confidence, the resolve to maintain the 30 million feeling and the countries to adhere to it. >> defending the organization commitment to stick with output levels decided upon last year, the secretary general sounded a confident tone. >> the action we took in november and the move out our member countries. >> that stance may seem like a unified one but analysts say it is one being driven by the cartel's wealthiest members. the united arab emirates. on the other end of the
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spectrum are countries whose economy has take an severe beating. in the past they have made no secret of their irritation at output levels. now, their oil minister said silent. >> i don't think opec is really interested in -- at this time, in accommodating from what they have seen. they just want to have the market share is many more important to them when prices are low. >> the price of crude is at 62 to $63. countries like angola, ecuador, would like to see a bryce of at least $75 then there's the question of iran. it's economy is crippled by sanctions iran's oil minister insisted they will most definitely get their oil back on to the market when and if sanctions are lifted. >> you know this market we have been in this market more than 100 years and we know this market, and way will return to the market, and sell our crude oil. >> but other members would rather wait and see what
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happens with a nuclear negotiations. >> iran has been raising it's production exports have been up close to one points 3 million in april. so it is absolutely iran is ready, we still don't know what the decision would be in june, whether to let the sanctions or not. >> experts here say opec is doing all it can to deflect any doubt it is a strong as ever. >> as for u.s. shale oil and interesting turn of events. when opec once tried to drown out of the market, it is now welcoming. one analyst suggests it was a cynical and realistic calculation, describing it to me this way members realize it isn't going oil production way, that fracking is a new reality they will have to live with. al jazeera vienna. >> the head of food giant nestle says maggie noodles are safe to eat but food safety regulators disagree. they have banned the sale and production of the popular food after dangerous levels of led were detected in some samples.
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nor more than 20 years they have been selling maggie noodles to university students. they have made the noodle their own by created 50 different dishes. but their business has dropped by 50%. since india's food regulator found samples of maggie noodles were unsafe to eat. we have dropped the name maggie from our menu board. which other noodle brands we will not use maggie at our shop and the government says that the grant is adhering to food safety standards. >> to prevent any further fall out, nestle's global ceo has stepped in, they say the noodles are safe to eat. from small corner stores to super markets maggie noodles have disappeared, nestle india has stopped selling them nationwide, but consumer rights activists say the decision is too late.
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>> the effect of led on children and the fact that this is high levels of led in blood in children is already a problem in india i think they should have shown more concern, and acted far more quickly. >> for decades millions of indians have eaten products made locally by global food and beverage companies. in the past, brands have also faced scrutiny over the production processes. this case is once again raised questions about india's food processing and safety standards. and whether the rules governing the operations of companies like nestle india are stringent enough. >> while governments and regulatory bodies are focusing on nestle india experts warn this is part of a much bigger national crisis. >> these contaminates are a part of our food -- of the environment, it is about soil, it is about water, it is about the air. they come from the exhaust they come from batteries, for instance the led they can be
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mercury, there can be so many things that come from different sources. >> already a ban on one of india's most popular foods is hurting appetites and business. that's the worrying sign whose bread and butter business is maggie noodles. al jazeera, new delhi. >> many syria a u.s. led coalition forces have reportedly launched more air strikes on strong holds. opposition fighters are also reported to have taken control of the town south of aleppo after heavy fighting with syrian government forces. more than 45 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the nigerian city dozens of others were injured the attackers walked into the main market with explosives strapped to their bodies. >> it's been called the biggest hack of u.s. government ever. 4 million past and present federal employees were hit by cyber attack last month the u.s. says china is behind the
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breech. the chinese embassy in washington has called the accusations irresponsible kimberly has more from washington d.c. would be the supreme court but at the same time we do know there may be a corelation between another breach that occurred for two very wealth hair companies in the united states. >> the wider spread the
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eastern star cruise ship from the river in china. the bodies of more than 400 tourists most of them elderly are still onboard. adrian brown has more from the river bank. the three day recovery effort so the only option to remove bodies was to try to right the eastern star, two large floating cranes were used for that delicate task helping to slowly turn the vessel upright. nets were spread around to catch what fell from inside. and next step is to bring the water out of the ship. also we will search for bodies of victims at the same time we will find the leaking oil.
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>> the powerful currents of the sea have dragged some further downstream. in the grim process of recovery, a task that could go on for many days. >> there are more than a thousand family members of the missing the city closest to the accident, and where many local people have been traumatized by the events of the past few days. such spontaneous gathers would normally -- but they allowed this to go ahead because so many wanted to express their saturdayness and sorrow. we came here by ourselves to pray, we hope we can lead the world peacefully. >> it is heartbreaking have been taking care of family
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members for the past few days. >> a still filled with satedness so much more to come, al jazeera southern china gets the release in the u.s. this weekend the united passions originally premiered at the kahn film festival, it's been shown in a few places around the world since. after the events of the last few weeks the timing of the release is a surprise. fifa. >> it is a movie that's been around for year, but with interesting timing it get's the sup opening this weekend. funded with $60 million of money from the organization but the u. k. the guardian called the propaganda.
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they said an unintentional comedy goal, and they described it add tedious and hilariously ill timed. after the event with corruption charges with those at the top and the resignation of the president some of the strip lines take on additional significant. he is apparently good at finding money. >> you have everything, but you know the slightest error. united passions only has a limited release, it is on in 11 cities. and the only cinema showing it around washington d.c. is sharing a screen, and the smallest one at that. those who have seen the movie
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says it fills the theater with laughter, which sun fortunate because it was not meant to be a comedy. >> it is a ludicrous movie. happens to be coming out in theaters the very same week sepp blatter has just retired in a storm of controversial and many of the top ed looing guys are being taken out in handcuffs from their hotel in switzerland. so the timing couldn't be better to laugh at this movie. the movie will also be available on demand, so people will be able to watch it as home, as long as the files aren't corrupted. allen fisher, al jazeera. >> remember, you are making history. they certainly did. a tag kill iraqi whale being used to scare off hundreds of sea lions has run into trouble.
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>> fisherman say they are looking -- and each lots of salmon. of course get more on this story, on >> wildlife poaching is big business... worth more than 17 billion dollars a year and growing. th