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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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lot of trouble with hamp too. >> formerfordformer fd fdic chair see la bair. have a great weekend. i'm ali velshi. i'm ali velshi. >> cyber-threat. security experts say all signs point to china after a passive breach of u.s. government information. fighting i.s.i.l a growing chorus calls for a riskier but potentially more effective strategy. friendlier skies. the obama administration proposes the first rules that would force airlines to follow emission standards.
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and operation overboard. an unusual plan to scare sea lions away from one oregon town has a soggy ending. good evening i'm antonio mora. this is al jazeera america. china insists it was not involved in hacking us government computers. personal information was stolen from as many as four million federal employees. the obama administration has not formally blamed china but there is overwhelming evidence that hackers in china is behind one of the largest thefts of government data. senior white house reporter mike viqueria has more. >> the question is who did it? multiple reports say china and while the white house won't point the finger in public it is not disputing those reports either. >> when it comes to china you all know that the president has frequently including in every single meeting that he's conducted with the current
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chinese president raised china's activities in cyber space as a significant source of concern. >> reporter: the government is scrambling to figure out what and how much data was exposed. the office of personnel management is the human resource arm of the government, handling everything from raises to background information for sensitive posts two cyber incidents last year exposed workers to outside hackers up to 75,000 of them. opm's top i.t. officer donna seymour warned the agency was under constant threat. >> 2.5 billion attempts to hack its network. these attempts will not stop, in fact they will if anything
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increase. >> officials sea they believe the attack began in december. it is latest in a series of high profile attacks. anthem was breached earlier this year officials say china was behind it. accuse the chinese military of hacking and cyber espionage russia is blamed for an attack on the white house last year and the department of defense this year. why do hackers do it? >> it is valuable in the black market. it is valuable for nation-states. it's really valuable for intelligence communities. it is valuable in identifying who might be on the odor side spies for us who could be compromised through blackmail or extortion, who would be vulnerable to that, who would be vulnerable to being recruited. >> in recent years officials have repeatedly warned of a potential cyber pearl harbor. now comes the opm breach,
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responding to indications that china is responsible the white house scoffed. security upgrades on the fast track, hoping the government can keep up with an unseen enemy. >> the threat is ever evolving and it is critically important for us to make sure that our defensive measures that are intended to prevent these kinds of intrusions reflect that ever evolving risk. >> mike viqueria, al jazeera washington. >> one of saddam hussein's deputies has died. tariq aziz was 76 and was imprisoned. as an english speaker a frequent spokesman for country. according to the pentagon coalition air strikes are taking out more than a thousand i.s.i.l. fighters every month.
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as the u.s. reviews its military strategy one option gaining support involves a small number of u.s. troops help guide those air strikes. but as jamie mcintire reports the idea carries a risk the pentagon is not willing to take at least not right now. >> the debate is over what the military calls jtacs joint tactical air controllers these are highly specialized usually air force on the ground with the troops in the thick of the fighting and can use laser designators. >> that is your target. >> reporter: and gps to call in direct strikes with pinpoint accuracy. even in the most chaotic battlefield conditions. >> good impacts good impacts continue to engage, continue to engage. >> the three star general running conditions in iraq says
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it is not necessary. >> would it be helpful yes. necessary not so far. >> too feeble. >> make no mistake our coalition team is having a profound effect on the enemy. the most precise and disciplined in the history of aerial warfare. >> senator john mccain. >> 75% of those combat missions return to base without having fired a weapon. it's because we don't have somebody on the ground who can identify a static, a moving target. >> the air force says that's about right for what's called dynamic targeting, that is putting planes up and waiting for targets of opportunity to appear. the army sites factors the need to avoid killing incidents and the difficulty of telling enemy fighters apart from civilians in urban areas. >> 02, 057.
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>> both could be addressed with u.s. eyes on the ground. as former central commanders david petraeus told pbs this week. >> should there be teams of joint tactical air controllers on the ground. >> should there be? >> i think there probably should be. >> is there risk to losing lives? >> there is risk but there's also risk not winning this fight. >> there is risk, and joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey of recommending you spotters, that would shift from advising and assisting to a ground combat role. it's not just an aversion to morn american deaths that argues against putting spotters on the front lines. it is also an aversion to doing more of the fightings that the iraqis should be doing for themselves. as one official put it, the
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iraqis should be owning this, but maybe they would own it more if they knew the americans from above. >> thank you jamie. according to cbs news, an intelligence bulletin was sent out to law enforcement nationwide it warned social media has made it easier for groups like i.s.i.l. the recruit fighters in the u.s. major public events involving military or law enforcement could be easy targets for home grown i.s.i.l. sympathizers. two more friends of boston mayor thon bomber dzhokhartsarnaev are going to prison robel phillipi and azamat are tazhayakov.
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pakistani accused of trying to kill malala yousafzai have been released. >> pakistan announced her attackers didn't get away. >> this gang comprised of total of 10 terrorists. >> and in april police said all ten were convicted and jailed for 25 years each. now, this story is changing. a senior pakistani police official says eight of the ten men were never convicted. he says they went free because of a lack of evidence. the case is raising questions about the competence of pakistan's police and its justice system. police are often poorly trained and equipped and trials are often hemmed behind closed doors. pakistan says it's been doing what it can to find and arrest the taliban leader molla afsala
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who ordered the attack on yousafzai. >> we ask leaders to unite and make education their top priority. >> since the shooting she has become a global symbol of die phi answer for education for boys and girls. the malala fund told al jazeera it has no plans to comment on the latest news. roxana saberi, al jazeera. >> authorities in china have called off the search for the survivors of a cruise at this point disaster. death toll has reached 331. only 14 people including the captain survived. many victims' relatives are asking why the ship because out during a severe storm. a terrible inclusion involving an amtrak train and a tractor trailer happened in wilmington illinois, the truck
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carrying 70,000 pounds of bacon was split in half. we are told there were no serious injuries. >> the economy added 280,000 jobs in may but the unemployment rate increased slightly to 5.5% because more people were actively working or looking for a job. emissions standards the obama administration's attempt to use the act for climate change. john terret has the story. >> antonio, they're about to do the same to the aviation industry. the announcement coming we think early next week, that will say your jet engine emissions are harmful to human beings.
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once that's out there you can expect a whole raft of regulations against the aviation industry sure to follow. >> taking off at reagan international, coming and going at washington's airport by the potomac. president obama is concerned about what's spewing from those jet engines. greenhouse gas emissions the president is expected to say are endangering human health. that finding will allow the pea to impose emissions standards on airplanes and commercial airlines. requires the feds ting regulate pollutants. now they are turning their attention to aircraft. it will lead to much tighter emissions regulations ahead. the aviation industry says it knows it's a polluter, it
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welcomes the new rules and points out it's already doing quite a lot to kill eapplications. >> power plants are 50% automobiles are almost 25% of those, aircraft are 2%. we're not saying that's nothing but we're saying we're working on the issue and this is another arrow in the quiver to address that. >> reporter: in fact according to the epa american aircraft are responsible for about 11% of greenhouse gas emissions in the u.s. transportation sector. 3% of all american greenhouse gas emissions and about 29% of all aircraft greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. the industry accounts for about 5% of u.s. gdp or overall economic growth, nonetheless environmentalists say it's the only key industrial sector that goes unregulated when it comes to emissions. >> this is a totally unregulated industry and they are the largest remaining unregulated industry in the transportation
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sector. greenhouse gases are a threat oour planet and they should be reduced and epa is only announcing its intent to reduce emissions. they're not telling the industry yet what it has to do. >> reporter: so it's a prod? >> it's a prod and it's not even a prod. it's a promise to prod. >> with new rules on cars trucks and coal fired power plants come fresh technical challenges. it's time to take off with fresh thinking on pollution in aviation too. a big week next week, the airlines are going to be put on notice in the way we just told you about. also the truckers who were put on notice by the administration, are going to be told how much they have to cut their emissions by 40 per we're told, the announcement could come next week or the week after. antonio. >> thank you john. allegations of sexual abuse
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against dennis hastert. a woman comes forward and how she says she confronted ha hastert at her son's funeral. and american pharoah. at the belmont stakes. and a tornado lighting up the sky. sky.
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>> former house speaker dennis hastert is due in court next week. he's been indicted by lying to the fbi about alleged misconduct. as paul beban reports the sister of an alleged victim spoke out. >> still not a word ore or even an appearance from former house speaker dennis hastert. the man once second in line to
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the presidency was indicted last week about lying to the fbi about mysterious cash withdrawals, it is soon to be learned that they were used to cover up alleged misconduct. now sisters of one of hastert's alleged viments is speaking victims is speaking out. >> i think he damaged him more than we know. >> had sex with hastert who was his teacher and wrestling coach at the time. he died in 1999, not according to his sister without revealing the alleged abuse. >> i asked him stevie what was your first sexual encounter with another man he said it was with dennis haas hastert.
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>> why didn't you ever tell anybody? he was your teacher? why didn't you ever tell anybody? he looked at me and said who is ever going to believe me? in this town who is ever going to believe me? >> reporter: hastert has not been charged with sexual abuse but the revelations is the first time that somebody has ever been identified as a possible victim. according to the fbi the recipient of the 1.5 approximately was from yorkville illinois, the area that the formerrer politician taught from 1960 to 1989. >> no favorites no hanky-panky no gossip no nothing. >> gary matlock said he saw hastert more than his own father and remembered him as a good
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coach. >> he treated everyone equally and had each excel to their personal goals. >> that didn't stop her from confronting him at her brother's funeral. >> i said i want you to know that i'm out here and i know. >> in a letter published in the south african newspapers, the world cup the u.s. says the payment was to secure warner's vote for south africa to host the world cup. south african officials don't deny that payment but says it was to support soccer in south africa.
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>> tomorrow, american pharoah will attempt to pull off a rare feat. since affirmed last won one of the largest of the triple crown races. jim good to have you here. you were out at belmont today. >> i was. >> you saw the horts i'm sure you saw bob bafford the strainer. you have written about the o against triple crown winners in this day and age. >> it's like charlie brown with the football, he's going to kick it he's going to kick it but at the last moment it's pulled away. he doesn't kick it. >> why does this happen? >> this is a tough task. the horse is worn out. this is three races in five weeks, he's facing a lot of fresh horses that haven't run.
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>> that is changed over the years, you are getting more horses that haven't run didn't even run the first two legs of the triple crown. >> this is the only horse running in all three races facing a field of seven rivals, a lot of well rested horse he, he's going to be a little tired. the belmont is going to be the longest of them all. >> never run the distance. >> the stretch the top of the stretch is the finish line of the kentucky diser derby. he's got the whole stretch -- >> the preakness is even shorter than kentucky der bi. he won everything else, the kentucky derby was relatively close. >> he won more impressively, in the preakness. many say he had an injury to end
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the season last season some said that would have benefited him otherwise he would have run another tough race, the breeders cup, and some say that was almost a blessing because he was well rested and he came back a little later this year and he's pretty much primed and ready to go. >> racing in this country has suffered not nearly as popular as it was hollywood race track this week torn down. do you think a strip l crown winner could somehow revive the industry? >> the fact that we're talking about horseracing right now is wonderful for horseracing. this is a benefit for horseracing. if american pharoah had lost the preakness, we wouldn't be talking about the triple crown. 90,000 tickets have been sold, sold out they don't want people to come without a ticket and they are turning people away. so a sport that's turning people away --
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>> good for that sport that's for sure. if he wins he's going to continue to race, as opposed to other winners who have been retired to stud immediately. >> his rights are sold, his owners say he's in the game for racing he's in racing for rest of the year. >> what's going to happen? >> the odds say they are long, i don't think he's going to do it. >> he's still a favorite? you won't be betting on him? >> no. >> jim i'd bet on him if i were betting but thanks. we told you about this last night, a fake killer whale that was supposed to scare away sea lions from an oregon town, didn't quite make the grade. the story and the next steps. steps.
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>> an update now on a story we first brought you last night. a phony orca brought in to scare away sea lions turned into a whale of a fail. allen schauffler told us how the idea sunk before it got started. >> belly up, in full sight of the sea lions it was supposed to scare away, the boat yard scrambled to create a motorized
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orca the long highway trek from bellingham washington, not the effect terry buzzard wanted. >> the trial was last night. what more can i say? it was a very poor sea trial. >> based on his 50 plus years watching orcas and sea lions in the wild, buzzard came up with this idea to scare sea lions off the docks. it launched in a circus atmosphere. more than 300 people were drawn to the peer for a look at the 32 foot long converted fiberglass parade float. there was one brave soul aboard. >> i was skippering the whale. hopefully it was going to do a little bit better than it did but that's the way it was.
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>> with john at the controls, the orca cruised out of the marina under its own power and that's when disaster hit. the skipper had to be rescued. after the wave tipped the orca, a wave clipped the fin. >> so tipping an orca -- >> no big deal. >> planning a salvage operation nobody's getting paid. >> you can't be real brilliant to attempt this to begin with but hey you're here watching so i'm a little worried about you too. >> if port officials and terry buzz ard have their way the sea lions haven't seen the last of this intruder, there appear to be far fewer sea lions on scene today. this dream is still alive.
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pumped dry may be better this summer with a better, stronger sea lion control vessel. allen schauffler, al jazeera astoria, oregon. duane wade fulfilled a high schooler's dreams by showing up at her high school prom. via a social media campaign started by ueugenia alazete. the miami heat star posted a photo of himself on his instagram account because that's where it all started. i'm antonio mora, ray suarez is up next with "inside story," have a great weekend.
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. >> on my honor i will do my best. it's the way every boy scout and scout leader begins the official oath. two years ago the century-old organization relaxed its ban on gay scouts but not on adult volunteers who supervise them. recently the national president of the boy scouts told the group the country is changing and the ban on gay leaders should be lifted