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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. i >> on the defense, saudi arabia said it shot down a scud missile shot into saudi arabia by houthi fighters. hello from al jazeera's headquarters in doha. i'm jane dutton. also opposition in turkey hold final opposition are ton lead itch to the election.
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and in in new zealand job to see they don't come back. state tv say the scud missile was fired from houthi rebels hours after a saudi is guard,.osama ben ja vfertionid has the details.javid has thestory. >> statement says dozens of the attackers were killed during battles lasted for hours.
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rebels allied to former president saleh. it happened on the 1500 mile e-kilometerskilometer border. >> this is a pretty serious issue, saudi arabia must deal with it before it gets out of hand. >> reporter: anticipated a territorial attack. more strikes were reported in chabwa. residents say tank shells and heavy weapons are being used in
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aden and ta'izz. there are hopes of bringing all sides to a settlement. the u.n. says the houthis and president hadi's government have agreed to send representatives to geneva. >> i think last two months has shown the world anything, it has shown us that just by bombing yes, ma'am the people will not solve the problem there. there has to be negotiations between various parties. >> more than 2,000 people have died and over a million have been displaced. osama ben javid, al jazeera. >> turkey a is performance test. for recep tayyip erdogan.
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what happened at those ral items and how if anyway did it affect what's going to happen today? >> well, jane it's still unclear exactly as to the details behind those explosions. we understand reports that there was some sort of sound bomb and some sort of improvised device, which were done, to create chaos. one of them falling off a high rise building in panic. however, that is not usual with regard to these elections, in fact entire election process has been peaceful throughout the country and throughout the process. it is unlikely this will cloud over away has been a pretty smoothlysmooth process here in turkey. for the first time the ruling ak
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party will be running under the leadership of ahmed when erdogan was electpresident was the foreign minister and with regard to turkey's foreign minister that is playing a major role at how people vote, this is taking a look at that time policy for many years. camps like this have become symbolic of the devastating war raging on there. but these images are a stark reminder the role the war is having here in turkey. to date it's cost the tush bish government more than $10 million to host them.
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its refusal to have anything the do with the bashar al-assad regime. only months before the syrian uprizzing, turkey enjoyed warm relations with syria. and an cara. are sinjar amir is a professor ever turkish relations. >> turkey is not a immediately power, not a world power. turkey cannot take the behavior of a world party. you cannot try to change situation in one country. >> last year to become prime
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minister he reject accusations that the party relations are at the heart of his proposed government. >> values like democracy values like supporting human dignity. >> reporter: turkey's foreign policies have not only helped dweend define their acts, but its bidhe saysthe criticism unwarranted. >> many actors they blame turkey and turkish leadership for changing its foreign policy orientation but this is not the case. when we look at the regional environment in which turkey's located, we see that the other side of the relationship, other
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actors were changed dramatically. >> there's no doubt that turkey's world presence has grown. far beyond its borders. assemble what else do you see jamal as the other issues at play here? >> one of the major issues is the economy, for example jane, over the last decade, turkey has boomed, average income of each turk had quadrupled, from around 2400 to $10,000. the economy has drifted quite a bit, it's seemed that it has hit a glass ceiling that it's unable
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to break through. also and increase in expectations of certain part of the pap last, that's another element, and coouchtions by the opposition thataccusations that ithas become undemocratic or single minded in its attempt to govern accusations that the ak party denies and the fact it has won tree and fair negotiations, if the ak party gets what's known as a supermajority then definitely a lot of concerns will come from the forefront who they believe wants to change, and give more power to recep
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tayyip erdogan. >> i know there was a imern human rights violations. thank you very much for that. >> 365 have died in the capsizing of a chinese ferry. more bodies were found on friday night and saturday. the eastern star sunk in the yangtze river but the capital and first engineer are in police custody. 14 survived. interfighters have attacked the habanea air base east of ramadi. after i.s.i.l. took control of the city last po. shia militias supporting them.
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the u.s. led coalition have conducted 15 air strikes in iraq and four in syria. the cities of hasaka and de la isz officer were included. more than 65 i.s.i.l. fighters were killed. the united states is investigating a personnel breach calling it a be national security nature. somewhere an investigation like this looks at the fingers being pointed at china. our white house correspondent patty culhane reports. >> environmental are lawyer david dickenson woke up friday morning to the knowledge that his identity had been hacked.
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>> there are so many instances of hackings, you think they would be smart enough to secure their website. >> national i.d. number, date and place of birth job title training and performance ratings, computer expert says it is valuable. >> valuable in identifying who might be on the other side, spice for us. who could be compromised through blackmail or distortion. >> as to who the u.s. government thinks is behind it, there's the official on camera response. >> i'm sake saying i don't have
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information to present to you. >> officials in china are denying they are responsible. >> without thorough investigation, you jump to a conclusion so quickly we think it's not scientific and it's not responsible. >> we no mo thanks oleaks by edward snowden the u.s. does its own elaboration. theyleaks. that is just one program. still, this is an impairsment for the u.s. president who made this a priority. asking for $freang billion to be spend on cyber-security in 2016. $14 billion for the program. >> much more to come in the
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program, number of ceasefire allegations in ukraine spikes. bosnia, pope francis has just touchtone down for the one day visit.touched down for a one dayvisit. visit. for growing tennis in america. >> and expanding access to play... >> at the end of the day it's about the kids... >> every tuesday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera".
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>> you are watching al jazeera a reminder of our top stories. three soldiers and a border guard from saudi arabia are said to have been killed if an attack by houthis on border areas in jazan and nazran, shot the down
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a missile shot down by houthi rentals. turks go to the polls on sunday. the vote widely seen as a performance test for president recep tayyip erdogan. artillery shelled in the habaner air base in. pope francis has arrived in the bosnian capital sarajevo. the visit comes 20 years after the end of the bonsian war bosnian war which killed about 100,000. lawrence lee is joining us from
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there. lawrence. >> there's a series of events this have been set under across the bay here to try to push his simple methodic of peace and cohabitation. the first thing shortly he will meet the three residents of this, he is going to come here to the olympic stadium which is already very very full of catholic workers from throughout the balkan countries and the sense of togetherness that he's trying to promote. the chair he will sit in has been paid for him. later this afternoon he is going to have a e-an interreligion
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meeting acknowledge all aimed at introllic terms to try to push forward the peace process ongoing for the last 20 years. it's a day full of significance and symbolism. >> how valuable do you think this meeting is to bring rbs recognition to the city of bosnia. i know we're having problems with lawrence, lawrence, can you hear me? let's leave lawrence, he's been having bad sound problems. there with the pope. western sanctions have failed to get russia to change its course over the conflict.
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nah nah diemnadim baba reports. >> left nearly 30 people dead and some of the worst violence known as the minsk zeal happened in fek. ukraine's president petro poroshenko has told a news conversation that 54,000 have been deployed the into the action zone. >> translator: is russian aggression possible or not? the amounts of troops in the territories is unpress accidented. since august of this year there has never been this many troops
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deployed at our borders. >> united nations on invoice at ospecial session. >> clearly indicates russian answer intenses to diswrum the process. an attempt to exert military pressure on international players on the eve of important international events. >> for its point kiev.accused. >> i won't go into a discussion with my ukraines ukraine ukrainian colleague. in fact a pooun advertised operation in croon. >> but addressing the session
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via video linch he urged both sideshe urged both sides totake one track sphwhrp these events undermy the need to link the cycle of violent nows before further escalation takes place. >> the leader of the self-styled donetsk people's republic, what some people are calling a low level war is clearly far from over. nah diem ba paz lndle. >> speaking out against gun violence, john hendren was at the rally. >> the march is called i am for peace, it began a few students
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marching through the chi's south side. this year i want organizers to know. >> legality medium out of chicago know that we are not this chiraq. >> on the memorial day weekend that kicks off summer last year, just this month 5600 people people. >> violence in their eyes rstles rivals that of iraq. that's why mayor rahm emanuel is here. the hope is that more people will be involved in trying to stop the violence here in chicago but with the number of
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killings that we have already had, are that appears to be a unreachable battle. magnitude 6.1 struck near the tourist destination on friday. at least 11 people decide, eight are still missing. thousands of people living near a volcano have been evacuated to highest level on wednesday. the volume volcano became skiff after years of it being dor man presidential demonstration against pierre nkurunziza. more than be 30 people have been killed by security forces since the protests started last month. the president would like the
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group to have no objection. main starveg is to prevent reoffending through paid work. s wayne hawaii has a look. >> the main purpose is to ensure they're not coming back. it's not about scared straight. >> we know that jobs are the best passport out of harntd ship is it's about reintegration officers drawn mostly from the local community. night the calls house being blocks it make look different but there are a few added grass gp judge even here the nssmentsdz get computers in their sell used for study and
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to a certain extent, to pave their way. they will also have prepaid internet. paulie sks howe (k). friends convinced to set up his business of training. he said he wishts he was given the stools to better hymns. >> people don't realize what options are out there. some we are used to being stuck in like i said the cycle and sort of waigd in many, not knowing where to look two the where to turn, who to ask. >> the judge will award if any
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system hoat clg sure. private enterprise with prisons. >> in order for a private organization to be in the business of pris ons prisons. >> there is criticism the is facility will be too soft and is clear, this is stills the place people lose their freedoms. have wayne heywayne hawaii, al jazeera oakland. >> the timing of the release is a surprise. be. >> the football association fifa. >> it's a movie that's been around for a year but with
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interesting timing it gets its u.s. opening this weekend. fifa's gathered hocialtd reviews. from the u.s. the guardian called it liken stanleyist liken stalin rhetoric not the usual fire of smoring movie but after the event of the last two weeks with the corruption of those take on additional significance. >> apparently good at finding money. >> you know the slightest error and you're out. >> i don't know where the money's going. i mean i have my suspicions.
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>> united factions only have only in a mannedful of scriedges and the only cinema that's showing it in and around washington, d.c. is a short screen, it fills the place with laughter which is unfortunate because it is not felt at,. >> happens to be coming out in theaters the very same week sepp blatter played by tim rothhe has just be resigned in a are be cloud of secrecy. >> the movie will be available on demand. for a spall fee people will be
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able to watch it at home, as long as the files are not corrupted. >> if you are not going to rushing out and watching this movie you can stay home at watch us. 24 hours a day the address >> ali velshi. "on target" tonight. could put american paychecks in jeopardy. why income inequality made worse. america's economy is looking up. more jobs being created, wages finally ticking upwards so what a shame it would be if president obama's trade agenda were to ruin


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