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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. ♪ hello. this is the newshour live from london coming up in the next 60 minutes, a huge rescue operation in the mediterranean, four navies pluck thousands from dangerous boats. scuffles break out between protesters and police in southern germany. mexicans go to the polls in a major test. the economy and the war on drugs loom large in voters' minds. i am lee wellington for
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sports news as barcelona are crowned jamchampions. a second goal of the famous spanish club complete a trophy treble. ♪ hello. we begin in the mediterranean where it's been another dramatic day on the sea with sthouzthousands of migrants rescued on saturday alone. 15 operations were carried out over a period of 24 hours. they involve vessels from the british royal navy and the irish italian and german navy. we understand the people rescued at sea were being taken to the italian ports. our reporter has been following the mediterranean migrant crisis. she sent this update from the italian island of lampadusa. >> reporter: the search and rescue operations carried out on saturday are now over. we do know that the my grants
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were found in nine different wooden fishing boats and in those, usually, you have people on top and below deck next to the engine and then there were some more found in six different rubber dingies. those are usually the ones more at risk for capsizing or drowning. now, they are being brought back to southern italy. about 100 migrants arrived here in lampadusa earlier. and then some more are heading towards the port of palermo and sicily. we don't know where the rest of them will be arriving because it is a logistical nightmare for the italian authorities. so many of them also end up on main land italy. now, some more ships are headed towards that area of the southern mediterranean and, an area that is now under eu mission called "the tryitan
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mission." there could be more rescue operations in the hours or days to come. it's usually on weeks that there is anguptick in the number of -- an uptick in the number of boats leaving the libyan coasts. when i was in libya, i was told when the libyan weekend starts on thursday and throughout sunday morning, there are less people on the streets and it's easier for the trafficers to transport this large number of migrants to the empty beaches from where they leaves from. if we compare the numbers of this year to last year at this time there is an increase of 30%. there is an estimated 1 million waiting in libya to make this crossing. so certainly, these arrivals are an indication that it could be a very busy summer for all of the ships that are patrolling the mediterranean. >> all right. move to go another top story this hour iraq there has been another day of intense fighting between government forces and
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fighters from the islamic state of iraq in the leva. t. both are trying to gain control of the vast province. from baghdad. >> reporter: the aftermath of an attack in anbar prove i knew. the battle for this iraqi outpost where fighters are keen to show their ad vance isn't slowing down. the mounting losses here suggest they are right. at least 22 people have been killed. most of them are iraqi soldiers and shiia militia. the u.s. has been carrying out airstrikes to help the iraqis says even sew, the strategy will change. so, the plan continues to the west of sumara military commanders are entering the second phase backed by u.s. led airstrikes, they continue to regain control of pockets of terrain. >> translator: we reached the most strategic pocket of
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terrorist terrorist. seizing control of the air we are standing in. we have secured the area and are providing security for the residents. we are backed up in the operation by artillery and army jet fighters. it was a surprise to the terrorists that we managed to accomplish the next in a few hours. hours. >> reporter: the task includes patrol the dangerous mission which borders an bar province. ils attacks have killed dozens in the past few days. isil has shown its ability to advance on several fronts. their bid their -- in many ways the current battle for anbar province is one for the control of its roads and smaller towns and villages. iraqi security sfrorsz had some success in taking back those roadsforces had some success in taking back those roads. they are using the towns and villages as a staging post for the battle to retake ramadi.
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the isil fighters have ang angadvantage. they are a few major border crossings and they are using them to great effect for reinforcement. that's giving the iraqi security forces a serious challenge. imran khan baghdad. >> in other developments iraqi officials have said 14 people have been killed by a car bomb. it happened near a market in the shiia town of belarus northeast of baghdad. rebels linked to the al-nusra fight and al-qaeda have receivedseized control of several villages linking to the mediterranean coast. the details: >> reporter: they call themselves army of conquest. they appear to be living up to their name. they have taken over a number of villages after intention fighting with regime forces. it gets the army of conquest closer to the key port of
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latakia. >> the salts gallon early in the morning with whechz including artillery and machine guns. >> this map shows why the battle is so important. the syrian regime has lost control over parts of apple 0. latakia is the an cest recall home of the assad family and his allowhite sect. the latest rebel gangs consolidated their pour in idlib. it fell back in march. the syrian regime lost control of another key city last month. meanwhile, rebel groups regime forces and isil continue to fight each other in neighboring aleppo. that province remains divided.
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the syrian regime is on foot here it will not give up the coastal province of latakia without a fit. survival of the assad regime and the allowhite sect to which he belongs is at stake. >> the syrian government is increasing strikes in aleppo. they are trying to wipe out forces fighting each other. nothing is being scared, not en aleppo's hospital. katelyn mcgee reports. >> reporter: with no help and no equipment, these syrians in northern aleppo dig to find survivors. they are picking through the rubble after a government airstrike on friday that killed at least three people. while civilians face bombardment on the air, they have to dodge isil fighters fighters on both
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sides were killed in the countryside. it has become the focal point for different armed groups all operated within it and vying for control. inside the makeshift hospital in aleppo the flow of wounded doesn't stop. patients are treated anywhere there is space o tables or on the floor. exhausted medical teams work for free and with constant fear that they are the next target. >> translator: hospitals are suffering. the shortage of medical staff has been worse. the working crews are not getting paid. >> field hospitals are under pressure. the city's main hospitals are in ruins. this used to be al sukor hospital one of the four largest. it's reduced to rubble. medical equipment strewn across the room and supplies destroyed in what local doctors say was a barrel bomb attack.
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>> this hospital is really significant as it provides much of the surgical and medical specialists. over the last year and a half there have been 11 barely bombs. three other hospitals in the city came under similar attacks. >> with no form of protection and no health system for syria's people makeshift hospitals are the only help they can get. katelyn mcgee, al jazeera. much more still ahead for you on the al jazeera newshour. a test for turkey's ruling party. we will tell you about the significance of sunday's election. back to school in south sudan. country's new multi-million dollar education drive. world number 1 djokovic takes another instead of toward a first french open title. reactions coming up ♪ houthi rebels have 300 scud
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missiles in their possession according to the sowed saudi hives led co a lot list. saudi arabia said it shot down a missile fired into the kingdom. saudi state t.v. said it was from the proof incident. a boarder guard was killed in jzan. the united nations said it would hold peace talks between yemen's warring faxes on june 14th. talks were postponed because of occasions because of the exiled yemeni government. they demanded the houthis pull out. the houthis want a cease fire as a precondition for talks. an egyptian appeals court has thrown out a decision that put the palestinian group hamas on its terror list. : a court ruled it was a terrorist organizations and extended it against the entire group a month later. it is an offshoot of the on you
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laud muslim brotherhood. relations have soured. kairo accuses the group of helping fighters in the sinai peninsula. >> the final day of voting in turkey widely seen as a crucial test for the ruling party. although turkey's constitution requires the president to be above politics the president erdowan has been campaigning hard. he wants to change the constitution and transfer the prime minister's powers to the president. let's take a quick look at the parties involved in running in sunday's polls. it's the most challenging ebley for members of the ruling justice and department party. the party has run a campaign based upon the importance of a religious and ethnic identity pushing for 330 seats in parliament so they can ask for a national referendum on changing the constitution. the main opposition of the republic clan people's party is
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focusing on the economy. they have proposed a higher minimum wage bonus pensions and a mega city to create economic growth. chp needs to win at least 267 seats in parliament to create a single single-party government. there is the peoples democratic party or hdp. it's been trying to change its reputation as the kurdish party by focusing on minority and gender rights targeting young, urban and secular voters. it's leaders have been critical of the erdowan. omar sent us this update from istanbul. >> reporter: this is a crucially not just for the justice and development party but for the entire nation. it is the changing the constitution. the ruling party declared the intention of changing the parliamentary into an executive presidency. in order to do that they need to win 330 seats in the 550
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parliament. if they got that number they would be able to call for a referendum for the people to vote and choose if they approve the new constitution. if they won two-thirds of those seats in parliament then they will be able to change the constitution right away. now, that happens, the opposition says turkey is shifting towards a dictatorship the ruling act party argues that the current constitution was written under a military coup in 1982 and turkey deserves a better civilian constitution in modern turkey. >> joining me is professor of political science. thank you for speaking to us. what are the indications, then for the ruling act party getting the majority it needs to push through the changes that it is seeking to the constitution? >> well i mean, you know,tie is
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until, march 20, '13, and it's all about the future of mr. mr. erdowan whether he will get the executive presidency without checks nor balances. it's a measure test for countries' democracy, it's relations with the west and for -- with the rest of the world. so, it's a krurmcrucial election. we will see the results. i am afraid we won't be able to see the results that quickly, tomorrow evening, gauze there are all sources of rumors about vote rigging and so on. >> we were just talking a little bit there about the opposition parties running in this election. what would a strong showing for the opposition pro-kurdish hdp, what would that potentially mean for the distribution of seats in the parliament and the power of the ruling party? >> well i mean, first of all,
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they made a brilliant campaign and they had a completely knew language. they were addressing the needs and the aspirations of a variety of people in this country and with a lot of humor and it's really the first time since 1946 that -- since the turks vote in a multi-party election. if they make it to the parliament, it will be a major, you know, event although they will represent only 10 percent of the electorate with some 50, 55 mps. you know with the way they make politics and they ask for things they are capable of changing the entire political landscape. if it does the make it, they might go back and try to, you know to continue kind of an oughtautonomous way of government there and this is really bad news. >> what are -- are we see, then
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a significant shift in turkish politics in terms of the way the kurds vote? >> very much so. i mean, you know the party in a matter of a few months managed to talk to turks, to entire turkey and everybody was considering them as the kurdish party here and kurdish party there looking for independence. you know they managed to convince many many turks who are not necessarily pro-kurdish to vote for them. i mean this is the major stake. this is why the ruling party is so anxious and so, you know disturbed. >> the ruling party is anxious, you say. just a quick final thought from you. we know that president erdowan has pushed itthis from a parliamentary to more of a presidential system. how do the majority of people
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there in turkey feel about that? >> well i mean all of the opinion polls so far have indicated that turks don't likelylike this putin-like presidential system with no checks or no balances. it will be very difficult for mr. erdowan to realize his dream. >> thank you very much. it was good to get your analysis from professor of political science. >> thank you mariam. mexico holds its mid turning elections on sunday as violence surrounds both political parties and their candidates. one mrabling candidate was shot deadpolitical candidate was shot dead dead. one group has been burning ballots. the president came to power promising to usher in less violence better education and increased prosperity. and rainey went and asked what is at stake this sundayney went and
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asked what is at stake this sunday? >> he won office three years ago promising to reform mexico and usher in an age of prospairerity and security. so far people have either little of either. despite reforms in education and sectors like oil and telecommunications poverty remains deep hoof rooted. massacres involving security forces and political corruption scandals have made him the most unpopular president in 20 years. against this brackdrop, mid-term elections, a referendum on the president it's the first time independent candidates have been allowed to run. the results could show that traditional parties have lost their stranglehold on the electorate electorate. >> the electoral sends a clear message this side is fed up with corruption. it would do wonders for the economy. >> mexico has a successful story for sure rich industrial northern leon state, business is
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good. plants have products for export mainly to the united states. >> this has been one of the main economic engines in mexico. business leaders here say the country's never met its full potential. they hope after this election some consensus can be reached that will push the economy forward. >> this plan's owner says roofrmz are not enough? >> some of the big structure reforms really become valueeforms are not enough? >> some of the big structure reforms really become value. we need to accurately value out of those reforms. it's not enough to change the law. >> polls point to the ruling pri party and its alleys winning the most seats in congress. still, if independent jamie beats the candidate for governor as expected it could lead to a weakening of pinietta's coalition. >> these are to decide whether
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he stays or falls. but if elections are going to give some kind of pointers in what we can expect for the second half of the term. >> in campaigning, it has not been without violence. eight candidates across the country have been killed. dozens of others attacked. there is a growing movement led by ballot-burning teachers calling for a boycotted of the election. if the government is unable hold thely in parts of the country, it will be seen as a major failure. a failure that he and his party could do well without. adam joins us live now. adam, we may be seeing roads blocked during this election ballots burned. what is behind all of the discontent? >> reporter: there are two big issues that have angered millions of people in mexico. one is the disappearance of the 43 students last september and we are standing in the mras plaza of that town where these students went missing, and parents of those students always
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promised they were going to lead a boycott and many of this otherr their supporters are taking part. the larger contingent are thousands of angry teachers who have always had a problem with him because they have stood against his education reform which they thought put their jobs at risk. now, they are having taken over this movement that's opposed to thely. they are saying that the leaks should not be held. they are burning thousands of votes. they are blocking roads as you say, but it's these two issues: violence and education, and what it's done is pit grass groups and organized leftist groups against the government a government trying to show it's ready to hold these mid-term elections, but these are clearly the most violent elections in more than 15 years. it's not a pretty picture for the government. >> what is government doing, adam to ensure that these elections can logistically take place given the violence you
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described? >> well they have sent security forces to four key southern states: the state of guerrero where i am right now michokan chopez and juahaca where it is strong. thely institute says they have done a lot to secure a lot of these ballots but they are admitting up to three % of all of the voting districts in the state of jojuaca will no not have vie lots come sunday. that's about 1% of ballots not being handed out. mexico shows a sign that these groups are having a very very large impact in this race so far. >> adam bringing us all of the latest from mexico. thank you very much. >> more than 17,000 police officers and military personnel have been deployed to provide security for the g 7 summit in germany this weekend. thousands of protesters are expected to try to disrupt proceedings. from the summit dom anything
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like that sent this report. >> nest lick in the mountains, seen as a retreat for germany's wealthiest but for the next few days, it will host the leaders of seven of the world's richest countries, protected by many thousands of police and military personnel, the g7 will discuss several of the world's flash points: notably the conflict in ukraine. in recent weeks, the fighting has intensified, particularly near donetsk. this summit is the second such that russia has been excluded from. the g 7 group says russia's looking for meaningful discussing. one leading german political commentator says excluding russia is a serious strategic error. >> the situation is get from bad to worse. it's very dangerous indeed. the russians seem to have started just these days a
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serious offensive. i rather than mean the russians. it's not the donetsk people the wild men, bearded men with kosack uniforms. nothing would have them there without the pushing of the kremlin. >> the group has asdvanced further into the front. barack obama is hoping to hold a series of meetings about isil. >>reporter: >> there is no joint sdrat zee. they will either be right or wrong. politically, what strategy do we have with syria? >> as host of the summit the german chancellor angela merkel is looking for agreement on issues like climate change and the fight against ebola, but some campaigning organizations say this is a missed chance. >> we have an opportunity to get to zero on preventable deaths
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for children to get to zero on hunger. this is a real possibility in the next 15 years. it's not just a pipe dream. g7 leaders can be catalitic, put on the table strong commitments to what they are going to do to make that happen. that's what we are hoping to see this week. >> reporter: then there are the people who have promise today disrupt the proceedings as much as thing. >> these protesters have come from across german from across europe with one intention to get as closes to the g7 summit as possible and demonstrate how strong their opposition to it is. >> some were involved in scuffles with the police as the march progressed. the authorities have put on a show of force with the hope that agreement on the issues is what this g 7 summit is remembered for. dominic kane al jazeera. still ahead for you on the al jazeera newshour crowds come out to hear the pope's message of reconciliation come bying
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tradition and technology to tackle mental health illness in nigeria. we will have all of the sport. barcelona are crowned the kings of european football. we will have the details for you in a moment. >> i am really really nervous... >> lives hanging in the balance... >> it's make or break... i got past the class... >> hard earned pride... hard earned respect... hard earned future... a real look at the american dream hard earned only on al jazeera america
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>> from going pro, >> i never know that was really a possibility. >> to becoming president of the us tennis association. >> we're about getting rackets in children's hands... >> building the game... >>'s the limit for growing tennis in america. >> and expanding access to play... >> at the end of the day it's about the kids... >> every tuesday night. >> i lived that character.
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>> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. ♪ welcome back. let's update you. 17 rescue operations have been carried out in the mediterranean sea in the last 24 hours. we now know around 3,400 people have been picked up. there has been heavy fighting in iraq's anbar province between isil and at el habina resources tell us 22 iraqi soldiers and militia were killed. >> in siryria, the army of conquest is consolidated.
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in other stories we are following, witnesses say at least one rocket has been intercepted in southern israel after being fired from the gaza strip. israeli army had already displayed three iron dome air defense batteries after rocket attacks from gaza towards israel on friday. there has been no claim of responsibility. what most investigations into israeli settlers accused don't result in a convention. dean says 85% of all cases are closed because police failed to investigate crimes properly. a report now from the occupied west bank. >> fuad says he lives in constant agony. he was attacked over a year ago about men he says are israeli citizens who live in an illegal settlement not far from his home in the occupied west bank. he shows me the x-rays taken after he received extensive surgery for the 14 frac tours to his leg and two to his
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arm. >> i was harvesting olives when settlers started throwing stones. i tried to run away. six beat me with a metal rod. an israel soldier saw everything. no one has been arrested or charged for assaulting me. >> according couldto human rights groups around 85% of these investigations are closed becauseris israeli investigators fail to find suspects or enough evidence to lay charges of those cases investigated only 7% lead to an indictment. often around a third of those lead to a full or partial con conviction conviction. >> she says the crimes against citizens usually go unpunished is because some senior execute officials appear to condone it. >> it all starts from above.
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there is simply no will by some commanders to see these perpetrators as outlaws should be punished. the motivation serves the country by expanding israel's control over territory. >> violence against palestinians in the occupied west bank is well documented according to the u.n. office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in 2014, there were 399 assaults. al jazeera requested an interview with israeli police officials to comment on the findings of the latest report but they declined. fuad says he is not surprised police officials are unwilling to talk about the facts settlers are rarely punished or the frequency of which the violence occurs because after more than a year of near constant pain he says he is certain his stackers will never be brought to justice. al jazeera, the occupied west bank. >> sydney's president has
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announced the formation of a new government according to state t.v. he has changed his minister defense of foreign affairs and oils days after he was comeworn sworn in after winning by a landslide. for more i am joined by joseph a writer and commentator. joseph, good to see you. so why has president bashear made these changes to his government now? >> it's probably too early but almost certainly the case that he is in a reasonably comfortable position at the moment to having given himself a new mandate considering what's happening in the region and across the globe, he wants to rehabilitate himself. good messages to the international community, changes in foreign affairs, changes in defense. defense is probably quite significant because if you see what's happening in south sudan, recent reports that he may be supporting the rebels in south
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sudan. there might be an implication down there. but changes in oil, and oil, the conflict is quite related. but globally the fact that he is trying to present himself as the neumann for discussions with the west particularly the question of the icc. >> he has been -- he has struck a con siltary tone hasn't he in recent days? but how likely is it given the pressure that sudan has been under, they have been subject to sanctions, charges from the international criminal court, obviously president bashear denies this but given the damage that has been done in sudan's relations with the international community, how likely is it that the cabinet reshuffle is going to fundamentally change things or be any kind of turning point? >> to be fair i think on the sort of particular occasion he might actually suggest that sanctions haven't impacted here. if you look at what has been happening in the region we have had less -- heard less about
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sudan, more about south sudan and the con conflicts down there. >> is he something of a international political isolation? >> it hasn't worked. the community is realizing rather than actually putting this in the box, it's actually in their best interest to have a conversation with him. how realistically that can take place in such a manner that both sides win -- >> how is that likely to materialize then? >> you know, if he is being con silt tory and if the sanctions are not working, then how -- you mean that process by the u.n.? >> i think at the moment the u.s. will probably be leading from the rear. the u.n. will probably play a roll. they are disappointed with the south. south sudan generally is a country and reb elion, to be
5:37 pm
fair he is the "good guy" at the moment. doing anything specific? not necessarily. >> thank you very much. >> taking control of the yongon district. around 300 taliban fighters took part in that attack which involved an assault on the district police headquarters from four sides. afghan forces are trying to regain control of the area. >> nicole johnson 70 thus update from banyon. >> reporter: the afghan government started its campaign to try to retake control of the district. special forces have been dropped in via helicopter from kabul and reinforcements of afghan security forces sent into the district as well. it's not the first time that the talibantable has managed to take control of the district they tend to looked any weapons and
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vehicles that have been left behind behind. we are seeing a shift from the south of the country to the north. >> many go without professional help in nigeria. there are only one 30 in nigeria which has a population of 174 million. the world health organization estimates only around three % of the health budget goes to health. psychiatric treatments are expensei. many have no choice but to turn to traditional healing. a report from abujua. >> hadiva was hearing voices telling her to harm herself. her family handcuffed here and brought her here to a traditional doctor just outside of abuja. she believes she is demonized. she is using herbs, leaves and other natural i needngredientsingredients. >> people come and tell me they
5:39 pm
have a problem with their head i pray and god tells me the cause of the problem. god shows me that these are the issues in the person's life. through that i know what kind of herbs and leaves to give them. when i give them such herbs, god relieves them of the problem. >> most nigerians suffer from mental disorders like depression anxiety or doesn'ts frien i can't go to traditional schizophrenia, go to traditional healers. some get referred here to the national hospital in abuja but it's a long way to travel for people living in rural areas where most nigerians live and expensive to get here. >> less than 10 percent of people who have mental health issues in mynigeria ever get to see medical personell. i am talking in terms of whether they get to see a nurse, a doctor a psychologist not even a psychiatrist.
5:40 pm
>> according to health officials, there are only one 30 psychiatrists in nigeria while there are more than 20 million people suffering from various types of mental illnesses. to try and close the treatment gap, doctors in nigeria, kenya, ghana and south africa are starting a trial next month that combines conventional and traditional treatments. it's funded by the national institute of mental health in the united states. they believe the trial will help improve the services of traditional doctors. >> people belief in them. that's why they go to them. they cannot be ignored. at the same time we need to try to improve what they do. we can not say we are going to wait for another psychiatrist psychologist social worker. >> during the trial, conventional doctors, nurses and community health workers will visit hospitals like ad i have a in traditional medical facilities. if it's successful it will be rolled out in as many cases as possible. there are worries this program may be too expensive.
5:41 pm
al jazeera abuja, nigeria. pope francis has held mass for thousands of worshippers in sarajevo. he urged the serbs, croats to leave behind the barbarity of war. a report. >> reporter: pope francis arrived at sarajevo's olympic stadium to a roar of approval. catholics joining bosnian croa 26789 s in what was called a call for peace and harmony with serb neighbors. >> an orthodox choir sang. the pope was given a throne made for him by a bows kneeian muslim carpenter. >> sort of symbolism carries great significance. >> war means children women, and the elderly in refugee camps. it means forced dissipatesment of peoples.
5:42 pm
it means destroyed houses streets and factories. it means, above all, countless shattered lives. you know this well having experienced it here how much suffering, how much destruction, how much pain. >> in the beautiful town of travnik, rachel and navitza has reflected. rachel is a muss let me. during the war, he was put in a croat's military camp and forced to dig trenches in the hills around the town as they attacked the muslim majority here his marriage to his croat catholic wife didn't fail. it's the kind of love story across the ethnic divide that would make the pope's heart burst with joy. >> we gain strength from staying together through the war. today, we live happily together despite our ethnic difference. >> all of the people are thrilled with the po coming to
5:43 pm
visit. his message of peace is going to make things much better. >> rachel is president of the local association for hundreds of survivors of the war camps. it's the only one in bosnia which indicators to victims from all ethnic groups yet just look at the condition of it. they have not received a penny from any political party. >> bows nia's old ethnic divisions hold the country back through three presidents here one serb, one croat and one muslim. there is segregation in and some politicians want greater autonomy for their own communities inside bosnia. for all of that many bosnians say they are ready for greater and greater reconciliation. the question really is whether their politicians have caught up with them. >> the pope took those questions to this country's three presidents who's political blocs are blamed by many for, for reinforcing divisions. discussing with young boss nanz
5:44 pm
designed to send a message to this country's leaders: less corruption better economy and end the ethnic did he have ides. it seems to have been a defendant popular visit. bosnia/hertzsegovnia. >> an artist shows us around his new sculpture in new york city. in sport, the 37-year-old drought to claim one of the biggest prize ins u.s. sport could end on saturday.
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well, back. new york's rockefeller center is known for its art deco buildings, high-end stores and the giant christmas tree but a new sculpture is giving patsers buy something else to look at. >> the artist described what he tried to achieve in his own words. hello. my name is thomas hosogo. i am originally from new england. i am based in los angeles. i am a sculpture. this is my first big project. a face what a face looks like, what it needs to look what it means to look at. what do you recognize? what don't you? so in a weird way that started to coalesce into the idea to build around. i knew the eyes would give some views of the city, but to me, that's been the real pleasure in it. it's interesting about the pentagon. you know, it's a structure, but it's not en. it's always, you know, you always have one of the masts
5:47 pm
being in the visual plane of the other. this interact and by doing a pentagon it also opened up the space to make it really almost a room. we need creativity. i think it's a really important component of life you know. and this gives you the opportunity to really address this massive public with this. it's not selling you on anything. it's not a billboard. it's not slick. it's not trying to show you a meant style you are meant to have. the first is just a group of schoolchildren that just kind of ran in and that was super moving and beautiful. these skidskids just intrinsically understood it and wanted to touch it and that couldn't be better, like -- that's like a blessing. sports party time for barcelona? >> thank you very much. yes, barce loan are loan a beat
5:48 pm
juventas. >> a winning goal means the famous spanish club competed domestic travel having won laliga and it was a midfielder that put nem front after four minutes. barca remained on top. in the 55th minute juventas juventasqual. >>ized >>ized. juventas had an exlicense game and there was a second goal. in injury time, the brazilian put a seal on it. 3-1 to barce loanlona and perfection in the first season in charge. the reaction of barcelona fans celebrating champions of europe for a 5th time. it was a thoroughly deserved victory before he heads to play in qatar. while that might -- a
5:49 pm
massiveaudience the women's world cup in canada due to be broadcast in 187 territories. it's hoped the increase interests in a north american audience to boost ratings in order to help the sport grow. canada opened the tournament against china in just a few minutes' time. it's the opening ceremony of the world cup. you want to kick this tunament off the way it should be kicked off. 55,000 people will be there. i imagine, you know, the country will partially stop for people to tune in. we've got to win this game. >> joining us now live from edmonton is our reporter andy richardson. andy this is not just a big tournament but it's the big moment for them. in the spotlight with a chance to shine. >> yeah. on so many levels the kicking
5:50 pm
off in a few minutes' time. we are expecting it to be above 52,000 it's the biggest of any national team ever happened in canada. it gives you some idea of the level of interest here but beyond that, we've got 24 countries taking part. >> that's the biggest ever field for a world cup. it gives you some idea as to the development of the women's gain. it's developed from 12 to 24 countries in less than two decades. you've got countries making their w did here, 8 of them, including the likes of ivory coast and camaroon and thailand whose men's team has never been to a world cup but their women's team have done just that. i think everyone involved here is hoping it won't just be regarded as a great women's sporting event but a great sporting event. >> andy the timing of the fifa meltdown hasn't helped really? has it?
5:51 pm
>> i mean it's been frustrating for the organizers. they put so much work in to getting the tournament ready and the first question is any press conference. to get their retions as to what is going on at fifa over in switzerland, the president of the canadian soccer association has to officially confirm he hadn't bribed officials to get the world cup in canada. he pointed out there was no other country actually bidding for it. it wasn't perhaps retired. and in a backhanded way t hasn't shown the spotlight on the tournament. it has revealed some relative purity of the women's game. we have been hearing about these multi-million dollar bribes allegedly flying around of fifa. there isn't that money flowing around the women's game. most of the canadian teams playing in this game have second jobs, college degrees and a couple of them run a bell jump waffle caravan in their spare time. to give you an idea in the women's league in england, they are running one of or $2,000 a
5:52 pm
week maximum, to compare to the hundreds of thousands of dollars the men are earning. the women's game the players, fans they are involved and a different motivation than the men's game perhaps. >> andy i think you said belgian waffle caravan. we will see how they get in the opening game. it has always been a defendant host nation against china. thank you very much for now. serena williams has won the french open. her 20th grand slam singles title but this was tough having been unwell she lost the second set, was broken in the third and that's when she showed her champion qualities. a report. >> reporter: they say there was a chance for the underdog this was it. a chance against the best in the world. having puterred through the semis, pass okay press sessions serena williams was fragile but the world number 1 under 4r50i7bd her status as favorite.
5:53 pm
peppering herunderlined her status as favorite. peppering her chances. williams powered through a first set lead. the second set started in similar fashion as serena proved her placing in second to none with defeat seemingly momentsing a, saparova gave serena a taste of her own medicine. breaking back at 5-all, serena seemed to have the title in her sights. but saparova sprung a surprise to force a tie-break. the check wasted checz pushed it
5:54 pm
to a third set with momentum firm nrc her favor, saparova continue today make serena suffer as she took a full-love lead. against any other player that might have been enough. instead, it shook serena into action. all signs of fatigue forgotten, her champions credentials came to the foreto power to a third french open title. >> this is definitely probably one of my probably most difficult time to win but it also makes me feel good that i was able to be fit and be able to win the event. i can't believe i won. >> that victory evans her name once more in the history books as only the third player, male or female to win 20 major singles titles. al jazeera. in the men's final, world number 1, novak djokovic will
5:55 pm
play. he was leading by two sets to won when things delayed match resumed saturday although murray force add fourth and decisive set. djokovic took it 6-1 to remain on course for a clear grand slam this being the total time he has never -- title he has never won? >> it was a tough four hours yesterday and today. no different from any other match that we played against each other. it's always a thriller. it's always a marathon and i am very glad that i managed to finish this match as a winner. >> lewis hamilton will start sunday's canadian grand 'from poll position after struggling in practice. hamilton managed to fend off the challenge from mercedes's teammates. it's his 6th hold in seven races this season and his fourth in montreal. >> i won my first grand prix
5:56 pm
here in 2007. and that was incredibly special. to be back here and to finally to get another pole here and be the 44th, that's very, very special for me. i am once again, amazing job by the team. >> double olympic champion mo fares is concerned his reputation is being ruined about the doping allegations against the coach. he says won't break ties with the american. the olympic 5,000 and 10080 champion is a star athlete. he says there is no evidence to prove t the coach has been address accused of using doping practices. he has denied the claims. >> i am really angry at the situation. it's not fair. it's not right. yet i haven't done anything but my name is getting dragged through the mud. it's something not in my control. but if i -- i want to know answers. i need to know what's going on,
5:57 pm
what's what. if these things are true? are they not true? if they turn out to be true alberto has crossed the line i am the first person to leave him. it's just not right. something i have worked so hard for, for everything i have achieved. >> finally it's been 37 years since a horse won the triple crown of rating in the united states. american pharoah has won the kentucky derby and preaknets stakes and et cetera about to go for history in new york. we will let you know what happened in the sport and update everything later. >> good. thank you very much. you can find much more on the sport and everything else we are covering in the program on our website. the address for that is you can see the latest there. the situation in the western anbar province of iraq. more on that story and the other headlines at the top of the
5:58 pm
hour, in a fewmins minutes' time. ♪
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>> this week on talk to al jazeera, the actor. wendell pierce >> the first line of my obituary will be, wendell pierce who's known for playing bunk moreland, the detective on the wire, dies today at 110. >> he's best known perhaps for his role in the hbo crime drama the wire but pierce , who grew up in the historic african american neighborhood of pontchartrain park in new orleans is dedicated to rebuilding


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