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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ >> the polls are closed in turkey'sly which will determine whether president erdowan can increase his powers. ♪ this is al jazeera live from donelon. also coming up the saudi-led coalition jets bomb headquarters in sanaa. the u.n. envoy tells us he is opt mistic about next week's peace talks. a summit on a mountain leaders of the g7 countries meet in southern jaerment. crowded on to boats like
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this, hundreds more are rescued in the mediterranean sea. ♪ let's start in turkey where voting has been taking place in the parliamentary election which could redefine the country's political system. the president is trying to win the big majority which would allow him to change the country's constitution delivering more powers to the presidency. opposition parties including the kurdish hdp are looking to thwart his ambitions, hoping to end it for the first time. the vote is finished. we are expecting the first preliminary results in around two hours' time. what's happened so far: >> reporter: this is a crucial election and voters know it. it's outcome could change politics
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politics. this is the beginning of the salvation of turkey. god willing, turkey will get a presidential system. >> inside the polling station, some are hoping for change. >> i am really excited this pole is important for me. i feel for the first time, results will bring us change. >> the justice and development part has won the last three consecutive general elections. now, it's aiming for a super majority in the 550 seat parliament. their party wants to change the constitution to change the parliamentary governoring system and replace it with an executive presidency. to do that, they need to win two-thirds of the seats. if they only win 30 seats they can put it to a referendum. >> but the people's democratic party could be the game changer. if it gets the required 10 percent threshold needed to enter parliament it would ruin ak party plans. the republican people's party
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see it is likely to remain the main opposition. it's power is not intoourl ruled out. a campaign on boosting the economy rather than protecting the state secularism. in his hometown the act part leader and primary says turkey's future is bright. >> today is a day of decision that will determine the country's fate. on a day like this, it's everyone's civic duty to vote with his or her own free will. i thank all of those who have voted. whatever their will it is a will that must be respected by everyone. >> turkey is polarized. if the presidency gets more powers, they say it would turn into a totaltarian regime. but erdowan became the first directly elected president says it contains appear new constitution that's not written under a military coup. turkey has one of the highest
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voters' turnout in the world. so far is democracy and those who have it freedom. we have core respond events aroundtie to bring us the latest on this. shamal is outside the headquarters of the ark party. bernard smith is with the hdp. first of all with jamal. what does turnout look like so far? >> reporter: it's gone in line withtie's tradition of having a very strong turnout. at least eighty %, more than 80% of voters are understood to have gone to the ballots80%, more than 80% of voters are understood to have gone to the ballots. it shows not only a peaceful and smooth process but a lot of strong feelings pushed to go and cast their ballots. this election is more than just about who sits in parliament.
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tell us a little bit more about what's at stake for the country as a whole. >> reporter: of course a lot are not just the parliament seats but the entire political system could be changed win by a large majority two-thirds or more than that it would mean they would technically have the power of the constitution which they say would change it from a parliamentary system here in turkey to a presidential one. even if they had the mandates through these elections, the economy is at stake. foreign policy has played a central role from syria and egypt to europe, itself.
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we expect the prime minister to address us from the balcony in a few hours' time it will be indicative as to what direction they will go or move forward. >> very important indication there loose cross over to bernard smith joining us from the southeast of turkey a crucial, sensitive area. the hdp, relatively a new party but they could be the ones to shake it up. right? >> they could be sammy but they are taking a huge gamble. this is the first time the hdp has a party in this election and any representation in parliament, they need more than 10 percent et vote. previous leagues, ldp is still the independent candidate. they never got more than 57% of the vote. once inside parliament they formed a political block.
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a political party, they need the 10%. if they manage it, there is a considerably at least 50 in parliament for the hdp that increases their rep presentation. if they don't, they don't get one single mp in parliament which could have drastic consequences for kurdish representation. >> somebody like bernard, the run-up to the voting has been rocked by violence. hasn't it? >> yeah. the hdp in various parts of the country throughout this election campaign has come under some attacks from unknown quarters. there was a bombing a couple of days ago here at the hdp's rallied two people died in that attack and many more were injured. so, it has been in places this election. i have to say a mood today at the polling station we were at was pretty boyiant.
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there was a fairly boyant crowd outside the htp head warsquartersheadquarters, they are hoping that the hdp will get over this 10 percent threshold. >> thank you bernard smith there. now saudi-led airstrikes have hit sanaa. the houthi-rebel controlled news agency says 44 soldiers were killed and 100 me were wounded from basis used by soldiers used by the former president and the houthi alleys. others targeted military positions where troops lloyd to al sala. we are told why he is
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optimistic. >> because i think as we have seen from day one, there is only one solution a peaceful solution we believe the only way to get this war stopped is by coming in around the table agreeing on a cease-fire and agreeing on discussion what he has been describing from day one. >> sawed 0 highlerred airstrikes from the government in exile are destroying yemen's economy. small businesses are shutting down. the lack of i ampots and fewer jobs are making life harder for millions. a report. a simple process of making bread is becoming difficult in yemen's capital, sanaa. it's estimated more than half of the bakeries have shut down due to a shortage of tapels.
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a kilo of flower used to talk -- flour is now 60 sentence. surprises gone up across the board in yemen because of insecurity that's hurting small visitors like this bakery. >> the difficulties we face are shortage of fuel now we are using gas which doesn't only make things slow but it's expensive gas is higher, poor outages are another problem. on top of that the shortage of fresh cold water is 1 of the difficulties we face and workers' spirits are down. >> petro used to cost 70 sentence a liter. now, 3$3 and a half dollars. on the black market it can cost up to 7$7 and a half dollars per liter. that's fueling a black market in yemen. people wait for days to fill up their cars. then many sell it on for a much higher price a sign of how bad it is getting.
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first, the absence of fuel and power were the biggest obstacles at the time the state thofrt was in place. now, there is no state. total vacuum. that's why big malls and companies have come to a halt. second, purchasing power has decreased substantially. for months a saudi high led air campaign targeting troops loyal to the former president. the conflict has really continued since last year when the houthis took over the capitol. basic services have been suspended and prize have kye rocketed due to the fighting. some aid has come through. the u.n. says 80% of those living in yemen need aid to survive what was once bustling tourist streets are empty. shutters have been closed. we are living in a real catastrophe. many of the big shopping centers where hundreds of workers are employed have been shut down. how will those families earn a living?
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>> that's the question none of the warring sides are willing to answer. it's not just the dead and injured in the fighting. why i amen's war has taken tys toll on everyone in the country. osama bin jabi. still ahead, a crucial call for help. iraq's prime minister takes concerns to the g7 summit in germany. and a major test to this man, mexican head to the polls for the mid-term elections.
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♪ welcome back. let's take another look at the headlines here at al jazeera now. voting has been taking place in
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turkey in a parliamentary election that could redefine the system. sawedudi-led air strikes have hit sanaa. the u.n. envoy for yemen says he is optimistic about upcoming peace talks in geneva. leaders from the world's seven biggest economies are meeting at the g7 summit in germany britain's prime minister david cameron, is calling for a united front against what he calls russian-backed aggression in ukraine. the leaders are expected to discuss the greek economy and climate change. a report. the spring sunshine lights up a picture of bavarian culture. this is the village of klune, transformed for one morning into a venue for two world leaders german's chancellor greeted the u.s. president and spoke of their two countries' enduring
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friendship. >> despite some differences in opinions that we have today, the united states of america are our friends, our partners and such an important partner that we closely separate because it is in our common interests, because we want it, and because we have shared values. and on sunday morning, they shared a food and drink that this part of bavaria is known for. despite good humor on both sides, these lead versus some serious issues on their plates. >> the global economy that creates jobs and opportunities, retaining a strong and prosperous european union, forging new trade partnerships across the atlantic standing up to russian adepression in ukraine, manning threats from violent extremism to climate
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change. >> the situation in ukraine is not the only flash point issue facing these world leaders here at the summit. also high on their agenda is the potential of what's called grecess where grease may be forced out of the euro zone for failure to pay debts. the eu president had stern words for unfulfilled promises for reform. >> i don't have a peppal problem with aleixis. nor to maintain it, we have to have sop. >> while ukraine and disagrees been at the for front on sunday dealing with the islamic state in the event is scheduled for monday's deliberations. angela merkel is pushing for agreement on how to fight the ebola outbreak in western africa and for new goals in dealing with climate change. dominic cane al jazeera at the
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g 7 summit. >> forces backed by shia fighters have been battling isil around the capital. the joint forces have recaptured key parts of the northern refinery town to iraqi military spokes people. the town is strategically significant. it lies on the road to mosul, the second largest city held by isil. iraq's prime minister is in that meeting germany. due to meet with the u.s. president, barack alabama to discuss the battles against isil. it's a crucial opportunity to ask for more help. a report from baghdad. iraq's not only a country at war. it's a country in economic crisis. a slum has leftvack with a massive budget deficit. it could be around $22,000,000,000. aid agencies have warned they are running out of money to help
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3,000,000 iraqis and the cost of the war, itself is in trouble. prime minister abadi said the lack of international support for rab is a failure. what iraq is looking for is strengthening military aid stepping up coalition airstrikes and helping iraq reconstruct war-torn infrastructure and for humanitarian aid. >> reporter: the u.s. has approximately 3,000 troops in iraqi training and equipping government forces and has sent 2,000 anti-tank anybody else to help with car bombing. the administration has pledged to speed up other shipments. relations have been strained of late. earlier this month, u.s. defense secretary accused the iraqi army of not having the will to fit. some iraqis say that's not fair. >> isil is well equipped and well funded. iraq is in debt. rack needs more support for isil
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financing and the g 7 to support iraq financially and to bred the debt gamp. >> the meeting between the prime primary and u.s. president barack intoomz in germany is supposed to be a review of what's happening in iraq. >> higher in the capitol, this sideline meeting means very little. what people are concerned about here is rising food prices electricity blackouts and security. isil regular car bomb attacks in markets like this. >> the budget influences every single decision it makes in fighting isil to paying government salaries. the real question is how much. imran khan al jazeera, baldad. >> thousands of migrants hoping to make their way to europe have been picked up by naval ships off the coast of libya. these pictures are from a british vessel which launched the next to rescue 500 nearly
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5,000 migrants have been discovered in the last 48 hours. al jazeera abdul hamid has been story studying and is in the italian city. tell us how this proceed is proceeding. we don't have yet the full picture of today's sixteen rescue operations. as you said 5,000 at least my grants have been saved over the past two dawes but that number could increase and actually i am pretty sure it will just the coming hours. as we understand it, there are six rescue operations that are going maybe a little less maybe wrapping up at the moment and from that area south of the area much closer to libya than it is to italy, they have to sail back. we understand the weather is
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better but here, clouds are buildings up wind is picking up up. with rain t will make it more difficult or maybe a slower process to bring them back for the landing. these my grants are dehydrated mary were suffering from sea sickness. all of that will have to be taken into account and, also they need to get the green light from the italians to know where to doc these ships in which ports here in sicily or if it's at full capacity they will have to hoff some of them to mainland italy. this is an inkrdbly challenging logistic operation for the italians, coast guards and italian authority. >> talking about move to go mainland italy, a bit of a rebellion on the receiving end of my grantsz. tell us about that.
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>> i think the italians have been for quite awhile. last year european union was pointing the fingers at them saying they were not doing enough in the 7 that once these immigrants land and request political asylum they should be identified here. they should have their files open here and the italians were overwhelmed and is hesaid we need help. the italians are trying to find an employ building or facility to put them. local communities are standing, also, the fact that amount of the local politicians are northern league, for example, are using this issue of immigration for their process. they mix it with the fact that maybe members of isil could be among these immigrants. this is a security concern, an comical concern. there is a lot of that going on and then you have those who say if it's true europe is going to help us they shouldn't just
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help us in rescuing them. once they land though should try to absorb some of these people, which at the moment europe has been very reluck tafrnt. they have agreed to more or less to 40 a quota for syrians and aretreans to be relocated to other european couldn't trees but it's not enough from the italian point of view. >> all right. saudi arabia's supreme court has upheld a sentence of 10 years in jail and 1,000 latches against his wife. she said she was shocked by the decision. the judgment was handed down despite the city. he was charged with insulting islam after an incident discussion group he coach founded was shut down when it criticized the saudi relabellingick okay beliefs. m cans are voting.
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the run-up to the ely with has been marched by -- marred by violence. he tried to stop the vote from going ahead. the president came to power promising to usher in an era of less violence better education and increased prosperity adam raney went to find out what's at stake in the vote. the president won office three years ago promising to reform mexico and usher in an age of prosperity and security. so far people have seen little of either. despite reforms, poverty remains deep-rooted. matskers involving execute forces and corruption skavenlingdzs have made pi panientio the most popular president in 20 years. mid-term elections, a referendum of sorts on the president is for
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the first time independent candidates have been allowed to run. the results can show traditional parties have lost their stranglehold on the electorate it sends a clear-cut message that the society is fed up with corruption. it would do wouldeders for the economy. >> mexico has success stories and rich industrial northern leone state, business is good. plants pump out products for export mainly to the united states. this northern border has long been one of the main economic engines in mexico being business leaders say the country never met tys full potential. they hope after this election some consensus can be reached that will push the economy forward this plant's owner says reforms alone aren't enough. we need to make sure some of the big structure reforms that have been pated in the past years before that value we need to
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make sure we implement them and create value out of those reforms. there is not enough. actually getting implemented. >> polls point to the ruling pri party and the alleys winning the most seats until. still, if he beats the fri's candidate for government as expected it could lead to a weakening of his coalition. >> these elections are going to decide whether panienta stays or falls but give pointers in what we can expect for the second half of the term. >> in campaign can, it has not been without violence. several have been killed. dozens of others attacked. there is a growing movement led by ballot-burning teachers calling for a boycott of the election. the government is unable hold the election in parts of the country? what we see a major failure, a for sale that paniento and his
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party could do without leon mexico. >> rescuers in nepal have found the bodies of 55 people in the rubble of the village more than a month after the earthquake. the foreigners and nepalese were buried under flattened buildings in kathmandu. the 7.8 quake in april killed more than 8,700 people. up to a million people are braving roasting temperatures to attend a soufi festival in southern pakistan. they follow one of the many spiritual orders religious orders. al jazeera met up with one man who told us why it's so important for him to make the journey. >> my name is shansha. i am from teslabad. i have been coming here since
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the past 20 years for spiritual inspiration. the people who are coming here should refrain drugs an restrict themselves to prayers and follow the teaching of the soufi saint. i frequently visit other places and/or important shrines, but i haven't found a true and rare essence in the devotees who visit these places. i never beg or ask anyone for anything because a true muslim never begs. he finds the lord takes care of his needs because the lord is the real provider. it is islam. these soufi saints did not have
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the it. anyone who can concur his temptation is a saint. those who come here with a pure heart, but those who come for fun go back without anything. they will fail and not succeed in anything unless they come here >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wildfire. >> we're going to


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