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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> turkey faces weeks of instability after opposition parties say they won't help the akp back into power.hello there i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live from london. turkey reopen its border crossing now that the election is over. >> we've seen successes but some set backs. >> barack obama dismiss the u.s. does not have a complete strategy to help drive i.s.i.l.
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out of iraq plus. >> i'm nick clark. cuba has some spectacular environments including spectacular coral reefs. >> hello there thank you for joining us. turkey faces weeks of uncertainty and political instability after voters stripped the ruling ak party of its parliamentary majority in sunday's election. turkey's president recep tayyip erdogan admits it needs a coalition to form a government. 550 seats meaning ak party needed 276 if it was to govern on its own. it did win the largest share 41% but it only you delivered the party 251 seats. chp came second with 132 seats.
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while the nationalist movement party mhp will have 38 seats as will the kurdish party gaining the first seats into the parliament. jamal el shael has the story. >> for first time since coming to power in 2002, the ak party found itself without enough votes to form a government on its own. but it's leadership and supporters still called sunday's result a victory. not only for them but for turkish democracy. >> translator: a decision of our nation is the final decision. the win of the nation is the final vote. here i am addressing you from the balcony of the ak party the platform of democracy in turkey
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and the will of this nation will be put in practice. no one should have any doubt about that. >> despite winning the elections, the akp needs to find support from one of the opposition parties if it wants to remain in power. it could try and reach out to the pro-kurdish hdp to form a coalition but that would be a risky move. is. >> translator: most of the ak parties have nationalist views most of the ak party could be better off considering a coalition with the hdp. >> or another option is to join with the mhp which has up until now been a success story for akp. >> the reason the ak party government managed to make progress in the process was a single party government. with or without the coalition it will be an effect on the
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results. >> faced with tough decisions turkey and turkish democracy are at a crossroads. if a coalition government is formed that could go a long way in narrowing the political divide that has gripped the country for so long now. potential of increasing the current state of polarization. jamal el shael al jazeera ankara. >> the group that is been evaluating the parliamentary process, restrictions on freedom needs to be looked at. >> the constitution obliges him to be nonpartisan and to form his duties without bias. and the increasing pressure and
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intimidation on media and journalists critical on the until now ruling party and political actors. >> in northern syria activists say injured have been taken to turkish hospital he but since march turkey has closed all entry and exit sites. osama ben javid reports. >> a bomb last just been dropped on this neighborhood in northern syria. the dense smoke and dust made the search for dead even harder. dozens were injured and many people killed. the government of president bashar al-assad has dropped dozens of barrel bombs most killed have been civilians. large number of people who escaped from a nearby city.
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taken to hospitals in northwest turkey. but that's been difficult to do since march when the country closed all entrance and exit points. the only way out of the conflict remains shuttle. out of nine crossings these were the only ones under the control of syrian rebels. they are considered vital for supplies in northern syria under the control of opposition fighters. >> that our border crossing has been killed by the turkish authorities who only told us one day before the closure the relief supplies can't go through and troops can't go anywhere. >> reporter: it is hard for many people to return to the border. syria's main opposition group says they host northern humanitarian situation and hope the roads will open soon.
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>> there are promises of the turkish government to reopen the border crosses after the parliamentary elections. >> there is also a concern about people joining islamic state of iraq and the levant and fighters returning through the border, with crossings closed it means civilians are restricted. i.s.i.l. is simultaneously moving towards are sites. out of the hundreds of thousands of people here, just a few dozen families are left. and they haven't left because they have nowhere else to go. >> this building was targeted twice by regimes here. it is not just this building, all of this area has been targeted. >> reporter: similar stories are repeated all across syria. president assad's government
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remains but what it governs is mostly in ruins. osama ben javid, al jazeera syria. yemen's compiled president says he won't be talking about reconciliation with houthi leaders on sunday. instead, abd rabbu mansour hadi abd rabbu mansour hadi says they will be talk about a resolution that stops violence. the president of the houthi resolutionary council mohamed al houthi insisted that no foreign sides should influence the decisions that would result in building the new yemen. we want the yemeni people to decide for themselves what they want. meanwhile saudi led coalition forces continue to bomb houthi force he in yemen.
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these photographs claim to be of bombing of a aden and sanaa. more saudi soldiers have taken up positions in nazran on the yemen border. earlier two saudi soldiers were killed by rockets fired from yemen. it's estimated almost 5900 migrants were rescued from the mediterranean sea last weekend as they traveled from nor africa to europe. 62 children were traveling without a parent. there have been similar scenes at other southern italian ports as the rescue ships come to shore. al jazeera answer hoda abdel hamid sent us this update from the italian city of catania.
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>> it's taking hours for the migrants to get off the ship. more than 1100 that were saved on several different operations on sunday. they were about 24 nautical miles off the coast of libya in international waters. it has taken the ship 19 hours to sail back to cyst le. now the sick have already been taken back to hospital. the rest of them have to stand in a skew and be a little bit more patient. process is that they are going to be fingerprinted and a file will be opened for them to mark the point of entry on european soil. some of them were given a new pair of socks because most of them were barefoot on those dinghies or fisher boats where they were found. now 6,000 migrants were rescued over saturday and sunday, 30 different rescue operations, a huge challenge for the italian authorities. most of these migrants will go
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to a reception center in sicily but five or 600 will have to be flown to mainland italy and scattered among the places where there is still space for them to spend the first few nights on italian soil. all this comes from the middle of a huge row we heard from the league today that they were against hosting and receiving more of these migrants. one of the leaders of the northern league said quote unquote there would be repercussions even though he didn't explain exactly what he meant. we're at the beginning of the summer italy is bracing for a continued influx of migrants, it will be extremely complicated for authorities to act as swiftly as they need to. many of the african migrants heading for a new life in europe
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are from eritrea. a state of fear through what it calls a pervasive repression system. its reports says eritrea effectively enslaves people by the a system known as arbitrary service, sexual torture forced labor and absence of leave. around 5,000 eritreans flee every month. >> we seldom see human rights violation of the scope and scale as we see in eritrea today. it is not surprising to us that these days, a thrarnlg large proportion of those crossing the mediterranean and using other irregular routes the reach europe are eritreans.
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they are fleeing a country ruled not by law but by fear. >> in the news south african prison officials have recommended oscar pistorius be freed from prison after searching one sixth of his term. he will have served ten months in prison after being convicted of culpable homicide of murder of his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. his release will be because of good conduct in jail. corruption claims and violence. plus india's noodle ban has people questioning the street food that they eat. eat.
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>> now, a reminder of the stop stories on al jazeera. turkey's ruling party has suffered a set back at the ballot box. now it faces weeks of negotiation with the rival political parties to form a coalition government. abd rabbu mansour hadi abd rabbu mansour hadi says he will not negotiate with the houthi rebels at the weekend meeting. leaders at the g7 have
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reiterated their compliment to fight the i.s.i.l. he'll and harsh words for russia for its involvement in ukraine. if the security situation fails to improve, from the summit in bavaria here is dominic kane. >> reporter: monday morning at the g7 and time to get down to business. the group was joined by leaders of eight outreach countries. fight against the islamic state of iraq and the levant was at the forefront of the talks. speaking after a meeting with the iraqi prime minister haider al-abadi, u.s. barack obama says blocking the i.s.i.l. watts part of the solution. >> we're taking a lot of them off the battlefield but if they are being replenished it doesn't solve the problem in the long
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term. >> one of the key issues the german chancellor wanted agreement on is climbed change. angela merkel said she believed real progress had been made. >> translator: the g7 has clearly stated that we need binding rules at the heart of the agreement. the world doesn't have binding rules that is why this has to be the aim of the u.n. conference in paris. we want to be sure that all countries are in a position to take the development path so the global temperature remains under a rice of 2° celsius. >> reporter: the situation in the ukraine had dominated the first two days of talks and it returned as the summit drew a close. the are germans called upon the is institution of the minsk agreement as a whole. >> translator: if it is shown that russian is continuing to arm and if it has also shown it is partly already the case that
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the eastern region does not take the steps to respect the status of the minsk agreement then we could justify increasing sanctions. >> but the question is will vladimir putin heed that message? this is the second sump summit his country has been secluded from and however strongly worded this communique is it won't change the situation on the ground in ukraine. dominic kane, al jazeera, at the g7 summit. >> enrique pena nieto's party has won more than 40% of the vote in mexico after gang violence and economic reforms. let's go live to al jazeera's adam rainey in mexico city for us. we won't know for sure no. wednesday but it does look like the president's party will
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retain a slim majority but anger has caused him to lose significant support hasn't it? >> reporter: yes personally he's the most unpopular president right now in 20 years in mexico and although his party with its two other party alliances are going to maintain this workable coalition that's not necessarily due to any success on their part. they actually lost some seats. but the p rferi inri has been working very closely with the green party which overspent by millions of dollars its campaign financing rules. the green party many see as a shell party created by people allied with the pri but fcc that of course that is not provable at this point. there is going to be a lot of fraying of this coalition
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because pena nieto is extremely unpopular now many see him low pressure as a lame duck president with shafl his about half of his term left. there will be a workable coalition but it is not easy for he and his party or these other parties to get anything done. >> how unhappy does the parties feel, i've heard him described as blunt and outspoken which i suspect is a euphemism. what do you think his victory is for mexico? >> jamie rodriguez known here as el bronco, who is laced with profanity and country wisdom and
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straight talk he wouldn't by a big number, went in double digits against his closest competitor and for our viewers all over the world understand that this man might be a harbinger of things ocome as people continue to get disgusted with politics as usual here in mexico. trying to look for people who label themselves as independent work outside the system was a member of the ruling pri fork more than 30 years it literally made hik sick with its corruption so he had to leave it. one of his young children was kidnapped, he had survived two assassination attempts. >> adam rainey from mexico city, thank you. six people have now died from middle east respiratory syndrome in south korea and 23
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new cases have been identified. the president has vowed to take all necessary action to contain the spread of mers. >> translator: the core of current preventative measures is working out the infection clearly severing the link and working out the contact poop prompt decision is needed for this so an immediate team should be made up to counteract sufficiently in the future. >> let's go to the nestle's noomed bannestle'snoodle ban. liddy dutt reports. >> for ten years jalal as been preparing food at this street stand in new delhi.
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his ingredients are few. source the vegetables and add the noodles. jalal says he has limb training of how to spot the food in this environment. >> i'm not very well educated. i don't know much about high jeeng issues. >> india's street food is legendary of being cheap and delicious. many people depend on it for their daily meals but food safety is an ongoing concern. >> people should not fall sick because they eat here, that would be wrong. it is the responsibility to make sure the food is not harmful to school. >> reports of dangerous levels of lead in magi noodles lead
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some to concern. >> first big move by the country's recently established food safety authority. people following its work says this shows that india is finally getting serious about food safety. all food proisers in india are producers are governed by a standard set of protocols. register with state health departments. many operate without clearances. but consumer rights activist says it's impossible to compare street vendors to big brands like nestle india. >> nestle has the best scientific brains branding brains the advertising brains. this street food vendor one guy with his wife, trying to make out a living. >> reporter: but people do get sick. treat food from new delhi has tested positive for e. coli back
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tear yar and he treatsbacteria. he treats up to 10 patients a day. >> acute gastritis vomiting, diarrhea and going on to other measures. >> wider change will drive wider change across the food industry. liddy dutt, al jazeera new delhi. >> monday is world oceans day and al jazeera is taking a look at some of the most pristine marine environments around the world. scientists are concerned that corral reefs arecoral reefs are disappearing.
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nick park has more. >> everywhere you go on this island nation you will see things that resonate from time gone. travel two and a half hours from havana you'll find the bay of pigs, a scene of victory over u.s. backed mercenaries in 1991. but here, pristine coral reefs. marine ecosystems have had the opportunity to thrive . >> cuba has engaged in an enormous program of environmental protection. world-leading. so here in cuba they're protecting 25% of their waters in marine protected areas. and that compares to pain about 9% currently in the united states and only 2% worldwide.
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>> the lack of chemical fertilizers in agriculture has also meant there's very little toxic runoff into the ocean. >> it's almost like a time machine going back in time to see what these coral reef ecosystems used to look like and that really gives me hope for future. further out to sea you go so the abundance of marine life grows. >> i see this as a great opportunity at a very opportune moment in history to have cuba leapfrog over those mistakes other countries have made. >> intact, totally unpolluted, the wetlands are one of the most extensive areas that remain, there are lagoons and vast areas of mangrover swamp.
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>> it is huge. >> this is a very small area. you go there you have kilometers and kilometers of the same environment. we see very shallow waters so it means seaweed receive plenty of solar energy, this is a very accessible area so well protected in general. >> reporter: the wealthy and beud of cuba's snarl environment is staggering, it is a huge source of tourism especially eke owes tourism. nick clark the bay of pigs, florida. >> close encounter of the nasa kind. it's the u.s. spate agency using a helium balloon on a test flight on its saucer-shaped cries. its mission using new
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technology to land larger air crafts and eventually a space station on to mars. you can find that and everything else we have been covering on our website front page acknowledge address page, address watching hello, i'll richard gizbert, and you are at the "the listening post". here are stories we are track. turkey goes to the polls. media is in government's site. two reporters casualties of war. were they used as human shields. washington has rules for