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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> the cops is a legalized gang... it makes me scared for everybody >> fear and distrust in baltimore... >> they've just been pepper spraying people at very close range... >> years of tension between the community and police erupt... >> she was on her way home to her kid, and she never made it... >> a former cop speaks out... >> if you had taken steps when a man was assaulted, maybe freddie gray didn't have to die. >> is there still a blue wall of silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines >> hello everybody, this is aljazeera america live from new york city. i'm david schuster. more u.s. troops are headed to iraq. the obama administration said that 450 u.s. soldiers will help to train iraqi forces in the battle against isil. and in texas a police officer said that the client had let his emotions get the best of him. and pope francis is making a bold move to stop the church front covering up the pedophile
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problems. starting new it independentin' investigations. we about begin this hour with the fight against isil. a massachusetts man was killed earlier this month while fighting alongside offer kurdish forces in syria. keith broomfield is the first to it die fighting isil in combat. and the major shift in the focus in the piraki battle against isil. the obama administration plans to send 450 troops in iraq to assist in anbar province. isil has captured two male cities in iraq, mosul and ramadi. it has been a year since they captured the biggest prize and
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isil is on the move despite coalition airstrikes. they swept through northern iraq in days, and in december, isil lost erterritory in syria but ex manded it's influence in iraq as it moved toward baghdad. by march isil had reversed some of its losses, and by may the group took control of the iraqi cities of ramadi and fallujah. it brings a very different life forker ordinary iraqis caught under the group's control. inside of isil-controlled mows ill. >> beyond the bridge is isil territory, mosul, 2 million people are still live there cut off from the rest of the country. >> the people want to leave but they have to pay isil ill a huge amount of money which they don't have. they have to pay guarantee for
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to live. >> these people are born and raised in mosul. they fled to the kurdish controlled north last year when isil took over. knees journalists have contacts inside who will secondly it film. they explain how isil uses every opportunity to brainwash people and they think weapons in neighborhoods so the people will turn against the coalition when it comes into the area. but isil has grievances, and many people in the community have longle felt targeted bring the iranian backed militias. >> the majority of the people may not support isil but there are those who do. isil super a long oppression against sunnis. and they believe that the kurds want their land. had mosul is surrounded by
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kurdish forces from three sides, and they have managed to hold the land with the help of the u.s.-led airstrikes. they will play a supporting role if and when a decision is made to recapture iraq's second largest city. the iraqi government's plans to do so have beenle stalled. but isil has been reportedly preparing for that it battle. they have placed a french around the city as a line of defense, and it is breeding a new generation of fighters. >> isil ill is recruiting children. there are thousands of new ones. they are brainwashed. ♪. >> a major partly of isil's strategy is to control every aspect of the lives of the people under its resume. and even if it loses ground, it assures that it's ideology will
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endure for years to come. >> as you heard the isil forces anticipating a major iraqi counter offensive, and to that, the united states announced today that it will send an additional up to 450 u.s. soldiers to iraq to serve as trainers to help recruit iraqi forces and help them reclaim ground that they have lost. jimmy joins us, and how tough is the pentagon in recruiting iraqis to turn things around? >> well, these 450 troops being dispatched to an air base in iraq have one primary mission and that's to lift war weary iraqi troops into a battle force to retake the city. and the pentagon hopes that that will lay the groundwork for a futuren offensive against mosul, which you noted fell to
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isil a year ago today. the training mission parent of the president's pledge to ramp up training iraqi force to capitalize on the successful training of almost 9,000 iraqi troops so far. >> near the other training base in anbar the al-assad air base where we have seen iraqi security forces train by coalition force, that have received the benefit of advice and assistance of u.s. military permit, where we have seen the iraqi security forces be effective in it driving out isil. >> the new u.s. troops will be deployed to the air base where iraqis have been gathering in preparation for a counter obvious i have after they fled ramadi last month. the pentagon said that the bulk of the troops are american security forces protecting a
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much smaller number of advisers in the air base. the mission is not to train in combat skills, like the other four locations in iraq, but rather to it school the leaders in how to turn the ragtag remnants of forces in ramadi into troops to retake the city. the american advisers will be helping iraq to revamp and reinvigorate the iraqi troops who abandoned ramadi with the assault by a much smaller force. they are conducting the army division, after the estimate of several thousand. they will have fresh troops who have new weapons and bold armor and in some cases new weapons. they are saying that the u.s. is add advising from the rear instead of leading from the front. and the other is to reach out
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to the sunni fighters in anbar who have been many reluctant to join the iraqi forces in the past. it details on how they will be convinced to join the fight are it vague. the u.s. believes that a victory in ramadi will pave the way to retaking the stronghold of mosul. they thought it might happen this summer, but now it locks to be more than a year away. the pentagon said that it will take up to two ep months to get the new base up and running long before any sunni fighters can be train probably at another location in iraq, and the pentagon said that while strategy is up for constant review, another thing is not on the table, and that's putting u.s. troops on a combat on the ground. >> because of that pledge not to put troupes on the ground, many say that the measures are
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halfer hearted. inner new york system state, the hunt for two inmates who escaped from a maximum security prison has now entered it day five, and despite a massive search and hundreds of had leads the authorities say that it there's no clear indication of where the men may be, but officials are taking a look at one possible place where the escapeees could be headed. erica has more on that. >> reporter: and dave, tonight, we're learning that the search extends into two it states now and hours ago the governor of haven't have the joined the governor of new york as they both urged the public to it stay vigilant. they learned that the fugitives on the run are convicted killers. >> i'm confident that we'll find them. the only question is when. >> going door-to-door, searching understand houses and through brush. >> stay with your partners, two man teams. >> more than 150 law
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enforcement officers across two states, now looking for the fugitives, both convicted kill canners. hundreds of those officers in full bold armor have descended on willsboro new york, a tiny town in vermont near the canadian border. the residents have gun locked inside of their homes for hours on a possible tip that the escapees are now had headed for haven't have the. the governor told residents to this stay calm. >> this is not a time to panic. if you see suspicious people, call many law enforcement. >> but so far no sign of the two men matt and sweat many both be convicted killers. >> both of them are killers and they're dangerous to the state of new york and vermont. >> they escaped a maximum security prison in new york. they are relying to figure out how the men got powerplay it tools, the drilledthrough walls
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and a manhole. they have been asking the outside employees including this privilege worker, joyce mitchell. she was in charge of overseeing the escaped prisoner's work assignments. she checked herself into a hospital the same day that they escaped. speaking abc news, it had her it son spoke. >> she definitely wouldn't have an affair against my father. there's no truth to that. >> neither mitchell or any other have been convicted in aiding with the escape. and any encounter with the killers on the loose. >> again do not try to approach these men. they're extremely it dangerous. >> governor cuomo admitted today that the huge fugitives have a several hour start on the law enforcement. and why they may be headed to haven't have the a credible
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tip came in about the guys ep possibly hiding out in a camping area up there. >> erica pitzi, thank you. in washington d.c., the environmental protection agency has it taken a step in trying to curb gas emissions in the airline industry. in a statement about jet plane exhaust, they have announced an endangerment finding, proposals to hello limit had aircraft emissions. environmental groups are welcoming the move, but they are it concerned that they may wait for an be international system agreement before taking my steps. airline gases make up 11% of all if green how else gas emissions. federal investigators say that the engineer of the amtrak train that crashed in philadelphia last month was not using his cellphone at the present time of the accident. eight were killed and more than 200 injured. john what is the national
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transportation safety board revealing about this crash? >> good evening, david. you are absolutely right. the ntsb said that the driver of the train was not using his cellphone to it text or phonecalls but however cellphones are complicated things and they can not say with great certainty if he was using the device for some other purpose. >> there was no texting or talking or data had usage involved. >> but request those words on train safety, the mystery of what happened only deepens. the investigators cannot say that the driver, brandon boss bostian was not using it in some other way. >> there are 400,000 pieces of data, things like use of app or other use of a phone has not been determined. >> last month's philadelphia derailment was amtrak's worst
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crash in 50 years. aller cars derailed and the engine is separated as the train went into a curve in the port richmond district doing 106 ermiles per hour, 56 more than it should have. the accident could have been avoided if positive train control had been working on this stretch of the line. the engine was going too fast. it's along the entire corridor except philadelphia and new york. >> we're a nation that put a man on the moon, and we are operating a vehicle remotely on mars, but our railroads have not imleplemented a technology that is existing. >> there are multiple reasons for the delay. the committee heard a few. interle agency infighting and it technology, and priorities that lie elsewhere and lack of funding. >> it despite federal funding the resources available now to
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assist railroads in implementing. >> but they wanted to know if ptc is the be all and end all of rail safety. >> are we spending money on something that's already obsolete before we implement it? >> the answer to that, senator is no. ptc is the best answer. >> amtrak is go ahead and the plan to cameras on the northeast corridor, and will have ptc implemented at the crash site by year's end. and though congress has said that it should be, there are no guarantees. >> we continue accept failure. >> you heard that the funding is the key reason that the ptc has not been installed or at least turned on in the new york and philadelphia areas. david, yesterday the gop-controlled had house cut amtrak's budget by $242 million. though it did add in additional cash if cameras and cabs toker
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record the information like the one in philadelphia. >> john, thank you. >> the mers outbreak in it southeast asia has claimed victim. thele south korean president is he postponing a trip to wash next week. harad mix is is it it will drawingle criticism over the disease. and nine if people have been convicted for it spreading rumors. 100 cases have been confirmed in south korea with nine deaths. more from had seoul. >> at the medical center, the common cold is being taken more seriously than ever. everybody with had mild symptoms is many brought here, kept away from the patients in the main building.
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those suspected offing having mers arer quarantined. >> as we share information, the atmosphere will be more controlled. this will be a had major watershed moment. >> reporter: outside the measures are being taken to it protect the of it staff and other patients. so there are eight patients with merser currently being treated in this hospital. and they have been brought here from other hospitals so the risk of infection is very minute mam. but other patients have been presenting themselves in other facilities and they are concerned about the spread from had hospital to hospital. the prime minister said that anyone be suspected to have mers should stay put and call the authorities. and everyone else behave as normal.
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please impact avoid going into inbeingfected areas, and the government will consider the people's life and health as the first priority in curbing the spread of mers. like other cases contracted here the numbers should start to decline this week if it's being had limited to a hospital outbreak. inside the visiting experts from the recall world health organization are trying to decide why mers is spreading so quickly. and concern that it might have gotten out into the population hassle caused them to take precautions, though some employees aren't sure. >> the cameras are detecting people who are already sharing symptoms which means that the virus has already disperse. it's like prescribing medicine after a death has already occurred. >> there's a real attempt now to show unified it response to the threat outside of south south
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korea. but real concern is only if there were infects. >> just ahead the controversy is growing in mckinney, texas. civil rights leaders say that the much resignation of the police officer on this videotape is not enough. and it holding accountable pedophile priests. the reaction from victims.
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>> a texas police officer resigned yesterday after his actions at a swimming pool. his attorney is receive said that he's receiving death treatments >> reporter: this is the first time that we're hearing the officer's side of the story. he's apologizing and will said that he lost his cool because his nerves were frayed. the officer in this now it famous video said that it was
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stress, not racism, that led to the takedown of a teenager in texas. >> he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. >> corporal eric casebolt is in hiding, and the former mckinney officer responded to two cases that friday, a suicide where a man shot himself in front of his family. >> heel felt and believed that it was his many duty to respond. with all that happened that day, he allowed his emotions to get the better of him. >> but there's no excuse for his response said the attorney for the girl on the video. >> to handle the stress, it was clearly in no way. way appropriate. >> she said that 15-year-old damageeria is stressed and not
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sleeping. . >> she's 15, and had like any 15-year-old, she doesn't think there there was much she could have done to avoid the situation. >> he insists that hez not tashing minorities, and that he it detained a white woman who is not seen on the radio. but still they say it's unescapable. >> the actions at the community pool are indefensible. he came into the control out of control. and as the video shows walls out of control during the incident. >> he accepted casebolt's resignation. and they are demanded that casebolt be charged assault. >> a fair investigation in this process. these children were victimized. we need the city of mckinney
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to really stand up for the justice for these teens. >> case bolt's attorney said that he has no specific plans for the future. but does know that he possibly faces, david criminal charges. >> thank you very much for the update, we appreciate it. ariba martin joins us this morning, and ar reba, first of all, the fact that according to the police, that officer casebolt responded to two calls, one of which a man blew his head off. >> any charge filed by the district attorney, clearly those incidents may play a role in mitigating any criminal time or jail time that may come out of charges that may bel filed against this officer but it's not playing well in socialle media.
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those people who believe that he was out of control don't seem to be sympathetic to thele calls at the poolerrer party. >> what about officer case bolt, there's information about the 14-year-old girl, that somehow she deserved to be thrown to the it ground, or a white woman at the pool may have started all of this. social media is on fire. >> my first inclination is always to say due process and allow it as such that both sides of the story are told. and everyone has the opportunity to be heard. and cross-examinations to be told. and the facts but that's not how social media works. those constitutional rules those who are in the civil and criminal legal system don't apply to it social media. so what we're seeing on social
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media, people make very quick judgments, and once they reach their conclusions, it's very difficult to change their minds, even when new system facts emerge. >> i learned that there was a white teenager who was responsible for the video of officer casebolt throwing teenagers to the ground. and he said they didn't bother me and they went after african-american kids. the image from that it particular teenager who shot the video how important is that? >> well, i think he raises a really important point david. because again i watched an african-american man who lives in the community saying that he believes that the teenagers were out of control. and believed that the police were doing their job and this was not a racially motivated incident. so i think that it shows the complexity of race issues in this country. we have this white teenager saying look, i saw them targeting my black friends and not bothering me, and then we have an african-american
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man standing up for the police saying that this is not racially motivated and he wanted the police to take actions against all of the teenagers, including the african-american ones. >> the preconceptions of people different from them when there's video that may reinforce what's going on, and yet the video may show one little recall part of something that may be out of context. >> i think that it technology has really changed the game, david, particularly in these police cased. now that everyone has a camera, and everyone recall starts to record the minute that the police arrive on the scene we're watching what used to be played out in courting played out on social media. and we don't have the vantage point, again of coax, cross-examination, and we sent we don't have the opportunity to check the witnesses but all we have are the reactions that people have to these snippets, and it once we have them, we see how
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powerful they are. there are 30,000 people asking the bank of america to fire the white woman who allegedly it made racial slurs that started the entire incident. >> reba, thank you for joining us. >> thanks, david. >> just ahead fighting isil, we learned today an american was killed in syria with a group trying to it defeat isil ill. and ratcheting up an iraqi trainee and equipment. first it was had soda and now it will salt. new york's it city's newest proposal.
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>> there were several developments today in the fight against isil. the united states state department said a massachusetts man died earlier this month while fighting with kurdish forces in syria. keith bloomfield is the first to die in combat against isil. and president obama sending 450
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more u.s. troops to tir ac to advise and assist iraqi forces in anbar province. meanwhile isil carried on out attacks in two countries today. in libya a power plant. and iraq, a council building 40 miles southwest of baghdad. joining us from washington, mark a deputy in the u.s. state department. thank you for joining us. we have heard a number of u.s. officials today saying that the training of those going is to attract more recruits and localize more forces to iraqis in anbar, and is it true that the confidence has not been high enough. >> well, i think what this is, is a part of a learning process, if i can put it that way. we have seen success elsewhere in western an approximate bar.
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and we have seen it have success in iraq. it is about really mobilizing and giving these local forces as you pointed out the kind of equipment training material that they need to take the fight to isil. >> is there a fear that the reason you don't put boots on the ground is that it would create some sort of dependency that the united states is trying to avoid? >> i don't want to speak to hypothetical. we're not going to put boots on the ground, but what we want to do is crease the capabilities of the iraqi security force. again, this is their fight. and they need to be able to he control their territory and push isil off of the territory that they have gained within iraq and tole ultimately win this. it's the fact that to answer your question, it's about giving them the skilling set or the training, the equipment that they need to win this fight. >> how crucial is it for united states to reduce iraq's
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reliance on the shiite militia in this? >> again i think what we're looking for is a diverse fighting force. this is what the iraqis are looking for and what they have seen elsewhere in the country to mobilize the fighters, and that's a helpful thing. they're looking to ramp up their overall recruits into military. but again, the local forces can play a significant role in that effort. >> the observe administration, the president when he was in germany said that the united states has not yet completed what strategy is for defeating isil and some of that is due to the iraqis themselves. i wonder if you can expand on what did the if administration mean? >> again, the president was pointing to what i already talk billion dollars. which is that we need more recruits in the iraqi military to train and equip. and that's a challenge for the iraqi government. they have to attract more individuals, they have to clean their own ranks and bring up new recruits who can be
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equipped and trained by military advisers on the ground. and what happened today is a distinct effort apart from that, overall from raising the recruitment within the iraqi military. this is about local fighters, giving them the tools and the exeter tice and the advice to take to the battlefield. >> one of the things that the united states has learned along this way to better train the iraqi security forces. >> sure one of the things that we talked about it doesn't matter how many airstrikes you wage, and certainly, we have conducted thousands of airstrikes against isil and they have been very successful in taking fighters off the battlefield but as other u.s. officials have noted, it doesn't matter, you still have foreign fighters coming over to join isil. how we strangle the flow of
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foreign fighters into the fight. and that builds isil's ranks. we're looking at that and the coalition. i think that some 30 countries have straylinged the border legislation to had limit the flow of foreign fighters, and with the iraqi forces, it's about getting them the equipment that they need more quickly to get it to the battlefield. and it's about pulling iraqile soldiers from the front lines to give them the training so they can rotate back with better skills, frankly and better equipment and better material to take the fight to isil. and frankly as we have seen elsewhere, it's about mobile hadlizing the forces to give them the tools and the fight that they need because they have a strong stake. the fight is in their backyards if you will. so we need to mobilize them and give them the confidence that they need to be effective on the battlefield as well. >> mark, thank you for joining
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us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> russia said today it will be maintaining it's counter sanctioning against western nations. over the weekend the leaders of the g7 summit said this they are thinking of imposing new sanctionsening against russia for its involvement in the ukraine. they have banned food imports and said that it will continue, but vladimir putin said that he had hopes that the sanctions will be lifted soon. president putin had an intriguing meeting at the vatican with pope francis. but it may beer more what it represented than what was said. patricia explains. >> david the kremlin wants to show that it doesn't matter if putin isn't he welcomed by the g7 and what better way to demonstrate that than to travel to the recall heart of europe
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with one of the most religious he leaders in the world. putin tem said that he has a sent seer effort to achieve peace. calling oning both sides to for the cease fire, but the important i have has not taken sides. even before putin of touched down in italy this trip was playing well back in russia. >> he had a tremendous amount from the meeting because heocabled out the fact that he was cut out of g7, because it's just a club, but now he's meeting with the pope. and they are it deciding the world's fate. and that's more important. >> this is trip is an opportunity for putin to show his christian be credentials. the russian orthodox church
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filled the vacuum hell left by the collapse of communism in the soviet union and putin has it received on that to show the traditional christian values by for example championing the anti-gay had laws in russia. and he has played the christian participate on the be global stage the castingful himself as a defender of christian communities in the middle east who are under attack by isil and other groups. >> patricia, pope francis is taking a first of its kind it step to end the cover up of priest abuse. hearing a new tribunal sexual abuse case. covering up crimes by priests. he has long wanted to make them more accountable. diane is speaking with the victim's advocates and what's the reaction to this announcement? >> well, david chicago has a
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very large catholic population, and the fact that the archdiocese has paid out $30 million in claims bivictims. i talked to a woman who has a global he network for survivals, and she thinks that the tribunal may be nothing more than a publicity stunt. >> we know that pope france is has complete authority to take whatever action he wants. if he wanted to, he could have sacked any bishop at any time. and he is the boss. no one is higher than him in the church. and the fact that refuses to take any action against any bishops makes ital difficult to believe that something is going to be different now. >> she says that the vatican has not had a very good of history of had policing itself. and she wants to see it turn over records to police and prosecutors. david. >> diane have any bishops been
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removed for knowing about abuse and not reporting it? >> today none have been removed. earlier this year, one bishop was allowed to stem down because he did fail to report a suspected case of abuse. >> dianeest brook, thank you. . >> is postponing the 2026 world cup. he said that it would be nonsense to it start it in the middle of the current bribery it scandal and there are no plans to move them out of russia and capital qatar. internet is supposed to be a tool for everyone, but it remains a it digitalle divide. more than 4 billion people are still off the grilled.
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. >> more than 4 billion people are many connected to the internet. and there are 400,000 new people coming online each day. but the problem is that 40% of the people live in it just three countries china india and to give 1.658% of those on the internet. many of these countries help lack fiber and mobile networks, being making it expensive for people to get internet access. and that's why going to is testing drones and balloons. these flights were flown over the south island of new zealand. they declined an interview with aljazeera. but technology could be cheaper and more flexible than land networks. google's search engine is a powerful force and any control of the infrastructure
7:42 pm
would give the company too much influence. >> we're worried about speed and drones and balloons. these are awesome. but what are they being used for? are the under lying power dynamics changing? or is it a small group of people many exerting their power and he control over a specific group? >> they are looking at drones to enhad internet access in remote areas. >> our plan is to make basic he internet services affordable so everyone with a phone can join the knowledge economy. >> has an app in it countries saying that be it can be acceptanced by a billion people giving them unlimited access to a number of service. one of these is facebook. and it's which it determines which other services could be on the platform.
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>> they're doing it out of their self-interest not guat they're charities, or they believe in al truism, et cetera. they're doing it because having more people online of benefits them. >> google is working to improve wanting strength of the balloons, it's launchle system. and how it can keep them connected during flight. once these issues are solved, google will stale up it's airborne network. the question is whether thele people below will be able to had receive the internet from the sky and it's terms and it conditions. >> new york city has the latest it government that wants to mandate healthier food choices for consumers. ban machines, and transfats from restaurants and it posting the number of calories in the food they it serve and now they're looking to reduce salt inning take in it restaurants. ali velshi has more, and what's this about? >> we shouldn't personalize
7:44 pm
these things, david but it's hard to not think of it as a war on me. wanting chain restaurants, the department voted on wednesday to consider the proposal with a meeting of the board of health. all chain restaurants would have to add a saltshaker like symbol on menus and today contain more than the recommended daily living. this is more than 300 had mill grams of sodium. a teaspoon of the salt. the final vote could come as soon as september and the warnings by december. they already list the number of calories in food items that they it serve and mayor bloomer burgle fought hard to removal soda machines from schools, and he lost the help mandate to prevent people
7:45 pm
frommer new york. bill de blasio, the new mayor said that he supports the initiative and i have to tell you, the david. i get the nanny state thing. i come from canada, and i'm not bothered by it, but i definitely changed my eating habits. >> and you look great. >> that's where i needed this to go, so thank you. >> but ali you and i and everyone else who has to deal with what's happening in new york how are the nanny state initiatives playing out elsewhere. >> this is interesting. on the show, in 2010, congress passed the many healthy kids act champion billed michelle obama, the setting new standards for school lunches and in the meantime, healthier eating for kids, but now people are complaining about it. some school districts are complaining that more food is being wasted because kids don't
7:46 pm
want to eat their broccoli and the higher price that's they pay for lunch because the healthier food is more expensive than the quality food. bringing many fried stood back in and texas said that such bans hurt texas children's freedom. it's a topic that we cover on the show. and it's back in thele spotlight with the salt thing. >> what else is coming on the show tonight? >> hard look at iraq, we have john nogle a retiredder colonel from the u.s. army. he fought in iraq and wrote the book on insurgency for u.s. trainers while they were training the iraqi troops. what we did wrong then, and what we can do differently now. >> 10 p.m. eastern and 7 p.m. pacific many here on aljazeera america. >> nasa has just it released
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the first look at the on dwarf planet face craft was 3-5,000 miles above siri's surface. giving the closest view y they moved 1,000 miles closer. coming up next, senator marco rubio with his fundraisers efforts after questioning his ability toking manage money. and plus, pleasure and pain. a new had exhibit all about shoes. we have the late politics next.
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>> michael, what do you make of some of the problems they're facing? >> it's overblown and speculative. is he going to make it a super pack by june 30th. unpress dented money the perception he came in with the ability and said we're going to raise this much money and be here in the poll. and those things not happening go to it sort of challenge that and that's going to be a problem for jeb bush going forward. >> any chance that the jeb bush
7:51 pm
campaign is playing out in the media? and they bust through the headlines and become even bigger? >> when you have high expectations, you lower them and everybody becomes suspect and once you see those there's a possibility. the problem that the bush people have right now the campaign being in a little bit of disarray, it's hard to believe that the message is going to be coordinated when you see the message that's they have and dancing with the super pack and the campaign. those will be separate when he runs, he's expected to announce on monday. and that will be easier for them to clear the field and have separation, and then i'll find it more believable that this was a setup. >> michael from pack money, i was dying to ask you about the report yesterday. that former senator, marco rubio, has a history of financial trouble. how significant is that
7:52 pm
particular story. >> well, it depends on who you ask. if you ask marco rubio and his campaign staff, they will say it doesn't matter. these are the it same types of problem that effect everybody who wasn't born into wealth the way his opponents were, they will say. marco rubio was a boot strapper, he was born to people who are working class americans and immigrants as well. and his story is that story. but when you elect a president you want someone who can balance their checkbook and the other problem, there are times when he mixed his budget from his campaign with hisser perm and that's always going to be looked at very carefully. and that's the thing in the long-term that will hurt rubio with mismanaged. and those are things that affect every american. >> is that wanter sort of things that republican rivals might feed on this it summer if
7:53 pm
they see marco rubio doing well in the polls? >> it's been said mitt romney stayed away from marco rubio as a running maintain for precisely this reason. and if that's the case, it means that the republicans take this seriously. if he comes to the upper tier, if somebody is having a problem with marco rubio if jeb bush is and if scott walker in iowa is they're going to go after him for that reason. >> and want polls suggest that income equality is a huge issue for american voters, and there's hilliary clinton with all of speeches and thing foundation, and she's trying to do a relaunch this weekend. what would you make of what she's up to right now and what she's facing? well, the advantages, david, of starting a campaign soar early when you look at november of 2016 asking election day you can retool and revamp and shift your
7:54 pm
message. income equality is very difficult for these candidates to address because they're so much wealthier and they are raising more money. >> for a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour, john sig sig isseigenthaler is here. >> the goal to push back isil. could the americans be pushed >> action andle fight? how likely is it that more troops could be sent? and plus, helping america's female veterans, a new study shows that female veterans approaches the number of male veterans. in texas near the mexico border one man is taking matters into his own hands to stop immigrants from coming across the u.s. border. >> that electric fence has been
7:55 pm
here a long time. and some of the people that do not have it can't even run cattle on their property, like i was telling you because their fences are constantly being destroyed. >> why he believes this electrical fence is justified and what his life is like on a daily and annual basis dealing with the illegal migrants coming onto his property. and plus, classical music. meet a duo who call themselves two cellos. they grew up in the ball kins, and now have tens of millions of fans. the songs and how they came up with the idea. more than it stories coming up in about 5 minutes david. >> many time, some of us don't think very much about our choice in shoes and others, my wife, have collections that never it seem to end. well, a museum in great had britain has a history of shoes and explores their potential
7:56 pm
future. jessica baldwin laces up the story for us in london. >> it's a dazzling history of shoes and the pleasure they give. footer wear from around the globe. an egyptian sandal kicks off the timeline, and there's plenty of gold. >> shoes seem to have been part of our obsession for 2,000 at least. shoes arer important to show off the wearer's status, their advantage, their place in society. >> these 19th century slippers worn by an indian arist capital are decorated in it diamonds, and sapphires and rubies. there are plenty of modern day masterpieces, not with gems, but super expensive and tricky to wear, not for a long day of work. shoes have their place in plenty of fairytales.
7:57 pm
they have a mythicle quality. shoes have a special etiquette to them. they have the ability to transformer, they they can make you taller, faster and slower. these didn't slow down it david beckham, and a golfer may be able to it distract in these never before seen prada golf shoes. 19th century japanese prostitutes wore 20 it it stock marketer he heels nothing rivals the torturous tiny shoes had made for chinese women with feet bound to unimaginable shapes and sizes. the intricate processes to make shoes are explained from shapes and it sizes but that's allle changing with printed shoes, without a heel, pushing
7:58 pm
want boundaries of design for pain or pleasure. >> that is our hour for now and i'm-david schuster, thank you for watching. johningjohn seigenthaler will be here in a few minutes.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
>> hi everyone, this is al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. more troops. with i.s.i.l. gaining ground in iraq's military losing steam hundreds more u.s. soldiers are headed to iraq. will it be enough? crime and punishment. a detainee beaten to death in a new york jail. why it took three years to charge the guards involved. crossing the line. >> do you take any pleasure when you see