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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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always go to this is al jazeera. ♪ ♪. >> hello there. and this is the news hour live from london. coming up. greece's prime minister in brussells last ditch faulks the i.m.f. says the treatment is no mirror. spam from brace, china's former security chief sentenced to life in prison for bribery and abuse of power. the u.n. report finds peace keeping troops regularly trade goods for sex with women they desperate by
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poverty and hunger. plus a look at how the battle against isil is taking center stage at one theater in baghdad. a relief to move away from it's part in the scandal at fifa. hello, talks have run into trouble at the international monetary fund withdrew it's team. european union officials describe the talks between the commission president and the greek prime minister alexis as a last attempt to reach a deal.
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the i. m.f. says it's negotiation team has broken off talks to return to washington as there has been no progress. there are major differences between us in most key areas. there has been no progress in narrowing these differences recently. and thus we are well away from an agreement. >> the prime minister is trying to find a deal that is is acceptable to lenders but also the voters that elected him. the latest break came with the reopening of greek's state t.v. shut down two years ago to safe money. john reports from athens. >> unscripted the defenders
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faulted as if unsure whether they are really on air or perhaps unaware a vert go of defiance palpable in the studio as 2.5000 people were allowed back to work. >> but it is a different count down that really concerned the creditors. the country will become insolvent when it had to pay billions of dollars in debt. making a last ditch atent to bridge differences. we are working in order to assure an agreement that will assure that greece will recover, with and vibe public debt. >> it is my opinion that greek government has to be i think a little bit more realistic.
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there's no more space for gamble no more time for gambling, the day is coming i am afraid that someone says that the game is over. even if he strike as deal he may have serious problems selling it at home. seaing he is about to become the third prime minister to sell greece down minister. >> political poison in greece shortening the life expectty of government behalf during the crisis. socialists and conservative governments last add little more than two years and now that the poison sits before a left wing government, almost four in ten greeks say they want him to turn away from it. >> that includes back benches that can bring the government down by voting against a deal and splitting the parties. making good on promises can only take it so far he has to fix the economy and to do
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so he has to convince creditors to finance it. increasingly, greeks are choosing sovereignty over prosperity. al jazeera athens. >> well let's speak now to the author of greece in the euro. the european and foreign policies thank you for being with us on the news hour just how serious is the situation following the withdraw of the negotiating team. >> welt, i think the i.m.f. is extremely serious, they have sent a very clear message to athens, it is get serious, and then we come back. this is the most -- the real evidence that we are far away from an agreement. regardless of how much window dressing has taken place. and it's really the end game
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approach for breeze, patient has expired and the bail out is about to expire in about two weeks time. >> the problem, of course, is he is trying to balance demands and satisfy greece's many creditors but also keep people happy back home. and of course he was elected on this. >> exactly that's the problem, he has been completely trapped in his rhetoric, he has to appease the party, there are distinct voices within the party call thingar bra break out calling for an at terntive road to economic developments. and he will have to say three voices but at the same time now, it is quite clear that the agreement that he has coming up to get is more of a -- it's now or never.
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it is to take it or leave it, just what he wanted to avoided. because it will be much easier for him if you have an agreement, but now it seems that everyone's patience has run out. and he has to face the facts is and the music. >> the debt repayment has been delayed. doug those delays are now over. i think so, because the government the liquidity has dried up. the government has given uhl all the financial aspects so it can get it's hands on. from various government agencies from pensions, from everywhere. so the government kept saying if we have to decide between paying pensions and salaries and paying the i.m.f., then
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we will pay pensions and salaries. i think we have reached the point where the government has no money to pay pensions and salaries either. so it is very eminent, and it is very critical. >> i was going to say what do you foresee happening in greece itself? should he give way and agree to what the international lend ors want what will happen back home. >> i don't think there are a possibility for greece to get back to meaningful economic recovery. without serious economic reform serious adjustments and of course, provided that greece goes on that road, and proceeds with it's commitment that the european partners and the imf will also honor their part of the deal and move to debt relief.
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because i don't think that greek debt is sustainable. >> great to get your thoughts joining us live there from al thences thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's take you to china where a man was once with considered to be the most powerful has been sen is tensed to life in prison on corruption charges. chine can that's former domestic security chief appeared in a court in the north eastern city. to hear the verdict. he was found guilty of abuse of power bribery and leaking state secrets. he is the highest ranking politician to face charges in china. >> the defendant who is suspected of bribery is sentenced to life in jail, deprived of political rights for life, and confiscated of personal assets. he is sentenced to seven years in jail, on the charge of abuse of power. he is sense is tensed to four years on the charge of
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leaking national secrets. >> i accept the verdict from the court and will not appeal, i realize the facts that i violated the law and committed crime which is cause loss of the party i once again confess and i reglet. >> his retirement in 2012, he was considered one of the china's most powerful figures. adrian brown taking a closer look now at his fall from grace. >> deep in the lush country side of eastern china this is the village of a politician once arguably one of the most powerful men in china. a vast and empty compound stands on the spot of the childhood home. accord canning to state media it was built with government funds. a charm to ward off evil spirits still hanks above the front door. >> many villagesser resent the media scrutiny that's made the village infamous.
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>> and it is about the only place in china where people are prepared to speak up for him. >> he made our village a lot better, he was good, now people think he is bad. i don't understand. >> is he a good man. >> even if i say he is a good guy, it is use less, the government says he is bad and that's the conclusion the chinese character on the wall beside the village entrance says be loyal to your master and to joe this village remains just that. until three years ago, he was master of china's secrets head of the country's vast security apparatus. this community prospers from his patronage beside the village, a modern but largely empty highway. >> even a year abe it would have been impossible for a foreign visitor to stand outside the home who was once
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one of the most feared politician in the land. inch joying the think of doing what would once have led to arrest. but unlike the villagers they have little sympathy for joe. >> if he had been executed he could have ended up here, the family grave site, instead he will intend the rest of his life in jail. his down fall, as much as to do with politics as corruption. al jazeera in eastern china. a damming draft report says it's peace keeps regular lay pay for sex with cash and other goods exploiting women who they are supposed to be helping, they found that poverty and hunger are driving hundreds of women to sell their bodies. the u.n. currently has more than 125,000 troops police and civil isians deployed in 16 operations around the
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world. in 2003, it place add ban on peace keepers paying for sex in countries where they were deployed. because it jundt mined the credibility. this update from the u.n. >> the u.n. is making no comment, they say this is a leaked report, and they can't comment on it until this report is formally published. this is a report from the office of internal oversight that's a part of the u.n. there to investigate other parts of the united nations. clearly, it is embarrassing coming just weeks after allegations of sexual abuse in the central african republic by french and some african troops. not under u. n. command but they were serving in a country where the u.n. was present. i suspect we will once the formal report is published get comment and also from the office of the high
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commissioner of human rights now this is interesting because the prince was the man ten years ago last time there were allegations of abuse and exploitation, who conducted a review of the whole system. so his comments i think will be interesting. head of disaster preparedness, you can can see he is with me in the studio right now, thank you for coming in this is not the first time that accusations of this sort have been made against the peace keepers. but has the united nations do you think taken it a seriously before? it is important to come out so it will take it's time so we need to know everything but we with comment on this report. but the issue of sexual abuse and exploitation, has come up in the past, and the u.n. has investigated and taken actions in certain places. and in 2003, there was a
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special memo from the u.n. sex secretary general where the importance of everything sex is wall abuse and exploitation in humanitarian settings and that also called upon the peace keepers to be extra alert on this issue and be alert on this and take necessary actions. >> the first platter of the problem is they have 125,000 troops around the world made up of very different nationalities and also trying to police themselveses is quite difficult isn't it. >> it is a challenge when there are so many nationalities and it is a complex that is is it is a complex and challenging issue uh. but we with shouldn't fault them the important of people who are involved. women and children, in such setting whose are desperately need of humanitarian assistance. so there is a response to believe protect which of course the u.n. leads and
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also the rest of the humanitarian community so how complex the combination can be, this must be dealt with zero tolerance, there is no room for exploitation of the survivors of humanitarian crisis anywhere in the world. it is dime that this must be taken up very seriously. >> how do you think the united nations should go about tackling this then? right now what needs to be in place to i guess firsts of all educate peace keepers that it is not to be tolerated but isn't it also about recruiting the right people as well. >> i don't know what the recruitment process should be, because it is between the countries, but there are three thing which is are necessary, one we need to bring in a council where there are zero tolerance on sexual abuse when it comes to what happened -- that's the first thing, so othat's a clear indicator and also
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from 2003 on wards from the secretary general itself, there has been measures and initiatives that has been put in place so of course, if this allegation is proved to be right it should be to strengthen and tighten the system. the third thing to bring in the council of zero tolerance, that there is absolutely no abuse or exploitation in such settings of course, business leader, trading leader, it starts from the very beginning itself. and most importantly reminding them of the core mission that is principle action where they will be survivors of such crisis will be with counting on such systems and people for protection. >> so that's -- for example agencies like planning international, we take it very seriously all of the staff are always -- for the production and it is very important.
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we must also remember that today the world plays very little attention. this is one of the least funded activities in humanitarian settings so this called for donors to step up support so we can educate humanitarian actors including the u. n. peace keepers about some production norms and bringing a better focus so we provide resistence they were looking for and avoided any harm that can can happen. so there should be responsive action there should be remedy of action, there should be rebuilding action, and also we shouldn't fault the women and children who have undergone possibly undergone such abuses, so care and support for them. okay care can and support for them. one key can so actions are needed at different levels. care and support and educating the people who are providing assistance and
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intensively or intentionally could lead to doing any harm. >> thank you very much for for joining us. >> still to come on the news hour as the malaysian government continues to track down on domestic radical cannization, find out how need figures are changing people's views from the ground up. plus leaders from west africa meet to discuss setting off joint military force. in spouter, these players are carries the expectations of the nation, the start is just hours away. saudi sources have told al jazeera that two of it's soldiers have been killed. near the yemen border. there have been reports of a
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number of clashes across the boardner the past 24 hours. meanwhile, fighting in the yemen city has left 27 houthis fighters dead. seven fighters loyal to the president have also been killed. fierce fighting is taken place at a military air force in syria the violence unfolded syrian state t. v. said a coalition has now been pushed back by forces stationed inside the airport. a strategically important launch pad for syrian military shelling into nearby. hundreds of refugees have crossed the border. in iraq, at least 100 people are dead after air strikes on
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suspected positions. the iraqi war planes hit four targets in the district southwest of the province. witnesses say the planes attacked a crowded market, where isil is believed to have a security compound. >> and other infrastructure, setting up the sites. well iraqs speaker says the decision to send extra troops is part of a plan to boost volunteers battling isil.
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reports now on some of the tribes who feel they have been marginalized. and now want to help. >> >> these men once helped the iraqi government fight al quaida in iraq. the tribal feeter whose are part of the awakening councils. but last year, when the islamic state arrived in their city, they didn't have the armed to fight back. they were with forced to leave croatia and are now displaced and job less. they blame the government, and providing them with the arms needed to prevent isil take over of croatia. >> there were with people waiting for the right time to emerge so when they came prime minister syria, 6,000 men joined the group. many of the people were once locked up in jails and could cause the government. while some did join isil
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among those who chose to leave instead he hides his identity because his daughters are still in croatia, he is a man that couldn't expect the brutality, but he is also against the government which he says is no different from the new rulers. >> ? the beginning people are happy to be liberated. the army treat us and there is no government, it is a militia it is no different from isil. >> the district has a long history of opposition to the government in baghdad. five year before this district became an isil strong hold, it is a battleground.
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>> al jazeera northern iraq. toon any abbott was with speaking at the opening of the conference in sidney. he says countries must work to supply to groups like isil.
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more from pal la lumpur. >> the weekly sermon delivered to the congress gas. they know the majority of the community are law abiding people. but he also knows that some muslims ignore him who advocate for peace and instead, want to fight for radical groups in the middle east. >> two question is this the right way ard cooing the true teachings or has it been misunderstood to a point where the actions taken are against the teaching. from that interpretation joining in the violence is not islamic. while religious leaders are
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trying to guide their congregations the government has taken a more direct approach. it's been clamping down on anyone it thinks might turn to violence, in the name of islam. there have been a number of arrest ares the crack down led to these men being charged with with promoting terrorism. two government has also passed tougher laws the prevention of terrorism act allows authorities to detain people accused of being terrorists without trial, or legal representation. for up to 59 days. two government department is overseaing islamic issues knows that now is a critical time. there will be workshops and seminars to educate the message about what realize slam is, and why it is wrong. these thoughts have two when fits for the government. >> on balance, it is
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responding to both a domestic constituency trying to show people that the government is taking this issue very seriously, that there is real worry about this, and to malaysia's friends and partners that it is -- that it is seriously interested in combating this problem. >> the answer is simple. speak to people at a grass roots level. evening classes like this are a further attempt to explain the peaceful ideology and teaching of islam. malaysia is not the only southeast asian country battling groups that use religion to promote violence, the debate is about what works best at preventing hate. al jazeera kuala lumpur. >> still to come, why the classrooms at the biggest high school in kabul are rying empty. while the coal mining company is taking the tops of mountains finding it harder to get investment. >> plus, action from the biggest series in ice hockey,
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that is the stanley cup finals. that's why that goal really was a crucial one.
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>> a global climate crisis >> two feet of sea level rise is projected... >> threatening america's coastline >> you'll see water in the streets without rain... >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new technology >> there de-watering the ground... >> this is the first time anybodies done this before >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical wind storm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow...these are amazing!
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>> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. hi, again. negotiators are no closer to a deal on greece's debt. he is still working to reach agreements with the country's creditors. i.m.f. have walked out of the talks saying major differences remain. the security chief has been sentenced to life in prison on corruption charges. of abuse of power bribery and leaking state secrets. >> they found that poverty and hunger are driving hundreds of women in haiti and liberia can to sell their bodies. know the battle against isil
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is taking center stage. organizers are hoping performances will educate can, entertain, and reflect what the fight means for the country. reports no uh from baghdad. they call this the first theater festival against terrorism held at the national theater in baghdad iraq it seems is fighting back against isil's cultural tyranny. these events are rare but they want with to take a stand, the war against the group is draining ever limited resources. orallers this has been a tough challenge. >> it was very hard to put on we had no government because of the budget deficit, we reached out to the community and they funded this whole thing. it took us four months to
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secure the upped thing but everyone has been so generous. the message has captures the imagination of those that have risked the security situation to be here. >> i came with my family because i wanted to show that terrorists they have not won the blood spilled by our soldiers has not been in vain that we support them. >> a musical dominated the opening night entertainment the theme is patic. >> semibroughting those that are fighting in sectarianism is visible here. >> more by design than accident the three main groups of iraq, sunni shia and curd are represented here, as well as the minorities both on stage and in the audience. >> tonight is a celebration of iraq's rich cultural heritage and a homage to those people who are fighting isil what it isn't is about
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politics. there is no sectarianism here, simply a message from the autistic community against those trying to divide iraq. al jazeera baghdad. have been meeting in the capitol to set up a joint military force. the nigerian president has made defeating the armed group his top priority, the regional allies that nigeria should remain in command of any joint effort. between the five nations. a firm says the technology was so sophisticated it must have been created by a government. iran and sick world powers are trying to seal a deal by
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the end of the night. the british government, the barrister is scathing of current laws on the phone by a satellite and on the internetten come henceble he says offering inadequate information to individuals. ands now scattered all over the place, there are 65 different that govern this whole area, i think that should be reduced to one. it is a question as trust and it comes a as the
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government is planning new legislation here, among a great number of key recommendations is one in particular, the senior ministers be stripped of the power to authorize warrant withs and that power instead being given to senior judges. mr. anderson believes -- including platforms like skype. areas that the intelligence services currently feel very much in the dark. appear to be sharing and so on. i am in favor of encryption, but it does make the agencies worried it has forced them to become quite resourceful in terms of how they might try to access information in a really serious case. the important thing is that it seems to me is they should be able to do so when it matters. >> as the report was
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presented the government says it would produce draft legislation late they are year in the face of both consider and evolving threats. privacy campaigners welcomed some aspect, but expressed dismay at the retention the very sort of thing exposed two years ago. nothing less than wholesale reform is what is required. >> an egyptian court is sentenced eight policeman to 15 years in jail after the killing of a female protestor. shot in january at a rally maaing the anniversary of the 2011 egyptian uprising. the policeman has been charged with actions that led to her death, that is a lesser charge can. the retrial of al jazeera journalist has been adjourned until the twenty-fifth of
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june. teachers in afghanistan are on strike for the 11th day. they are demanding better pay and conditions which includes a free plot of land. something promised to them during the election campaign last year. ny coal johnson reports the strike is putting a strike on the country's fragile education system. there has been no classes for over a week. corridors are quiet, and classmates empty. >> but on the steps of the school, it is audi. teachers are on strike. government officials are trying to convince them to go back to work, they are not listening, and the strike has spread. >> we want -- we want with to
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increase our salary, we want to distribute the land, during last year's election campaign the president promised within with since months every teacher would receive a free plot of land. the government says it is doing something about the teachers demands. the minister of education is here and he is giving away 300 blots of land. the process of distributing land is continuing in kabul and the provinces. we have $13 million to meet demands. this is some of the land being allocated, rock kirks undeveloped and a one hour drive. i am hoping it is not just on paper but real. >> not everybody is so
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optimistic these teachers have more than 30 years experience each, and earn $120 a month. it is just for show, we with don't know when this will happen. the got should not conduct our pay. >> a few weeks out thousands of students are out of school. there are no lessons i am sad about that, because i am in third place in my class. french prosecutors have given more details of the medical condition can suffered be the pilot who deliberately flew his plane into a mountain killing 150 people.
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families have met to discuss compensation. co-pilot wasn't set to ply, but didn't tell his employers. he continues to lose his eyesight, he sent a letter to his doctor, and he said he only slept two hour as night and sought help to get to sleep, and doubled his dosage of anti-depress sents. he also mentioned the fear of becoming behind. he had an appointment that says his diagnose noise issue was threatening psychos issue. >> a european space agency has set a new record for the longest time spent in space by a woman. have just returned from a mission on the space station.
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that means that the astronaut has spent a record breaking 199 days in space. nobel lore yet has resigned from his position at a british university after he suggests male and female fighters should work in separate laboratories. he was speaking at a ton presence when he made the report saying three things happen. you fall in love with them, you fall in love with them, and when you retirement size them they cry. >> professor safety scott is a neuro -- he said such comments can discouraging more women from choosing science as a career. >> quite interestingly you look at the history of computing, you look at the 1970's women were quite well represented and then in the 1980's computers come into the home, women just dropped
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off the map and now there's very few numbers going into computer science not because, and this is a person thing, it's just been seen as a male thing to do, so women are not attracted into it in the first place. because it does haven't that reputation so if people are making decisions all the time about what they want to do with their lives what they would like to study and work in and these say well, this isn't nor you. what they can and account don't. coal mining by mountain tops. the blast off the summit of the mountains. they have long argued that the practice is charming the environment, and the health of local communities. several -- will soon be blown
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up uh, just a few hundred meters from the state forest and the appalachian mountains created by mining companies searching. >> what we are seeing here is going to be taken down to near that level. >> several banks have announced they will no longer lend money for the destination of mountain tops. why some thousands under ground when explosives can do the job. >> every time i look at it it is just as devastating to my soul as it has been to the landscape. >> even by normal standards mountain top removal is a particularly dangerous form of mining. as the detonated lairs of rock are pushed into nearby
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hills and valleys. >> the life expectsy for people that live in an la sha is one of the low nest the entire united states. any demographic. and it is all as a result of this. >> it is information that took to the shareholders meetings of several banks after environmental groups managed to get attendance rights from sympathetic shareholders. >> when i go to the shareholder meeting and i take a stack of 28 now scientific study and say here is the science of how we have been injuried injuried and continue being injuried and how we are dying. now, always, the history is shown that the science shows up first and then the lawyers are right behind it. what is going to happen when the attorneys come and deep pockets are you how much risk are you willing to take. >> the strategy is especially effortive as the cole industry comes under threat of alternative fuel sources
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and an invigorated share diversement movement. the other bangs look at them and say well maybe it is too big for us. >> the fund mining instead of the mining companies themselves was a novel strategy. but it is making real progress in the struggle to protect the mountains. still to come, a high profile figures lead the organization continues to deal with it's corruption crisis. lee will have the sport in a couple of minutes.
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silence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising
2:48 pm
only on al jazeera america all the spot now with lee. 44th kicks off in chili and first played in 1916, it is the world's oldest international competition. >> from the capitol. >> football at it's simplest. a long way from the tainted gain is just left behind. with with clear ideas about how to reform the disgraced organization. >> it is a very sad moment. the first one is the transference. 100%, i don't know how they will do it, but they need to.
2:49 pm
for instance it's from me it is very clear. and the minute of the must be public. it will be feels for the opening game. with. >> othe football figures under arrest, who will they be? >> there's a focus on who will represent south american football at this tournament, and who will represent politics. >> chili's president live on radio, saying that of course she will be there. >> she is dealing with corruption scandals at home, plus these regular violence student protests. winning helps it is an escape for society a mass phenomenon brazil is a good example, after the world cup there were many protests.
2:50 pm
a real latin party on the streets. >> but only if these players live up to great expectations. never have they wanted or need sod much to win a tournament that chilly has never won. but they have never had disvasts off the pitch been so great. these players main challenge now will be keep their eye on the ball world with football latin american football is in crisis. be uh the game goes on. football will still be number one sport because it has happened nothing to do with what happens on the offices. but the credibility will be every year worse and worse. al jazeera santiago. >> meanwhile brazil has called danny alves into the squad, he replaces an injury
2:51 pm
in a warm up match against mexico quite a wait for the defend tear decided to sign a new contact some of the credit to an argentinian. brazil's first match is against peru, on sunday. >> fifa says the vote to elect a new president in place of sepp blatter take place this year between february. it's extraordinary committy meet willing be on july 20. meanwhile, the director of communications and public affairs has suddenly left the organization. after the waves of arrests last month he has been fighting an increasingly impossible battle. amido claims he was sacked by the outgoing. he thanks him in a statement and said fifa was grateful for his hard work. >> the yemen national
2:52 pm
football team has played the first game since the air strikes on the country that started in march. it was a world with cup qualifier and infished 11-nil, north korea one. one of 14 qualifiers that has been played on the road to the 2018 world cup. scoring seven against the town -- meeting behind 2-1 in group h. there was disappointment for india in group d beating 2-1 at home. >> elsewhere resounding victories for syria a goal nine minutes into injury time. confirmation will beaten and return to action, saudi arabia is the latest score it is now 1-nil approaching
2:53 pm
half time. >> the stanley cup finals after the chicago black hawks beat tampa bay in game four, in the home fans it was one going into the third period. and brandon scored the winner to make it 2-1. just finding the gap between the two. the black hawks were able to hang on thanks in large part to their keeper, he made 24 saves includeing a crucial one the game five on saturday, at tampa bay. made a good play, and bounced around at my teeth, and finally i found it to my stick, and trying to get it to the net and it found a way into his legs so really i was
2:54 pm
just trying to get to the net, create chaoses and found a way in. >> the weather for the second test between west indies and australia. they won thes to, and bold removed both, and didn't con can seed a single one in the first six overs. clark responded to the century partnership australia now 143 for three they won the first step. around now it could fetch as
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many as 1 million u.s. dollars. the letters cover many subjects. to politics. rob reynolds reports from california. >> his maim is a synonym for powering intellect. whose theory of relatively changed forever our knowledge of space time, the universes, and our place in it was also a prolific letter writer. 28 of his personal letters are up for auction in los angeles this week. >> in congress can those letters from the 20th century great esgenius are being stored here. in a warehouse stuffed with hollywood movie memorabilia. what makes them so extraordinary and they get into the mind on an intimate level about very personal things. >> here is einstein on god and religion.
2:56 pm
in my opinion the idea of a personal god is a child like one. the self-describing a nottic writes i prefer an attitude of humility, cor can spending to the weakness of our intellectual understanding of nature can and our own being. writing to his ex-wife einstein laments his inability to reckon can seal relativity and quantum mechanics. saying theoretical his if i cans is currently enormously thorny. as adolf hitler takes power in the 1930's and begins the persecution of german uses, the jewish born einstein wrote to family members explaining he would never return to his homeland. decades later he denounced the anticommunism witch hunt in the u.s., calling it a systemic move to destroy the political rights of the individual. these letters also shed light
2:57 pm
on the human side in this one he writes to his young son congratulating him for his entrance in mathematics and reminding him to brush his teeth. and it is signed papa. >> einstein who was twice married musing about sex telling one with correspondent he believes men are not naturally monogamous. einstein was an earth bound human being just like the rest of us. even as his mind wandered through the limitless cosmos. am al jazeera, california. >> he wants described himself as tall, dark, and gruesome. that's it from the news hour, thank you for watching, bye
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frees' prime minister the last ditch talk with the e.u., but the i.m.s. says an agreement is no nearer. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. fall from grace, the former security chief is sentenced to life in prison. for bribery and abuse of power. the body of osama bin laden right hand mind stolen days after his death. and the u. n. report finds peace keeping troops regularly trade goods for sex, with