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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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thority to northbound trade deals. we'll have this story later this afternoon on aljazeera america.
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as cover for espionage they issued the following statement.
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in a major development the government. pakistan has decided to seal the premises of the save the children facility. the government said that the charity was working against the country's interest, their problem started after the attack on bin laden and the fact that one of the doctors was recruited by the c.i.a. and, he is under arrest, but that was enough to arowses sus
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submissions about the activity of save the children k. they had no doubt as to why it decided to seal the offices of this charity. for many years there was no accountability and simple engineers were working freely without obeying the laws, the job jurisdiction was limited and, they were found in a tribal area of the country and enough is a enough, we will not tolerate any organization working against the integrity of pakistan. however, they said it was critical that they had done a lot of work in the field of the anti polio program and, they were working in conjunction with the government of the pakistan, they were aware about what they were doing -- government of
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pakistan was mulling over the idea of adopting legislation to stop this. australian prime minister has refused to answer whether the navy paid boats to turn back migrants. asylum seekers, in the coast australia, has tough measures to stop the journey and detention centers have been set up, and the military toe boats back to where they came from, but in a new talk kick, and prime minister was heard saying that the navy pay people $5,000 each
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to turn back their boats. he didn't deny the allegation. what they have done is, stop boats, we have stopped the boats, and, we have used a whole range of measures dispark we will do whatever we can consistent with the principal making sure that they stay stopped and i'm never going to apologize. they get money and people who work with refugees say that they should come clean over the issue. this whatever it takes by hook or crook approach, which we hear in the high strenes of government is an unacceptable position for a country that has signed up for refugees, when it comes to asylum seekers, there is no moral compass and no moral limit, and that's not only
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astonish but unact emsemmable to take. they are demanding an investigation to see if any any laws have been broken, if true, this policy may backfire, encourage more people 14ugers to risk the journey to australia. and she's working in human rights laws. are you surprised by this claim. unfortunately not. they have a very poor record, in terms of the way it deals with refugees and, they are ever escalating the sorts of punitive responses and for their head of state to come out and say they will do things by crook is to attest to an illegal approach to immigration processing. he said, he wouldn't
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apologize and what we're doing is saving lives at sea and we're defending our country from the evil trade of people smuggling. do you think that resonates well where the home audience? it may well resonate with some of the home audience and there are many critics of his policies. but, the thing thats extraordinary about it, is to enmesh yourself with crime sin today cats. we hear about these smuggle crime sin today cats and the government itself, stresses how badly they behave, and so to be leading people under their controls and paying them, not only going money from the might go dprans, but then the government giving them a fare on the way back, is an extraordinary and per versus thing. i suppose, we haven't had a outright denial, and it left room for it to be out there.
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we need an investigation and start to be straight with the australian people. how likely is it that we'll ever find out if it did happen? these things do have a habit of can youing out and, there are a number of ways being in which they are in breach of the refugee convention, the penalties that they impose, the refugee convention doesn't allow you to impose penalties. and australia does impose those penalties. their detention policies and cam body a, to take. all of this is a failure to live up to the principles and the legalities of the refugee
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convention. how concerned are people about this? that there might be some sort of broaches and we have talked to europe and governments want to do things, to keep immigrants out, and that's the case, in this particular case in, australia and, they want to look like they're acting tough. is there a likelihood that it will change? the problem in australia is that these international instruments have no bite. so goment can avoid their spirit and that's what they are doing consistently. it's different in europe, where you have conventions that are incorporated into the domestic laws and in australia these international convisions, can't directly be enforced. so it allows the government to avoid the obligations that they
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have signed up to. thank you very much for your expertise. now, another two people have died, i 13 fatalities, and more infected. and they want to find out why mers spread and, they say a businessman brought it back. and, it was found 3 years ago and, may have spread from camels and, two hospitals have been closed as a precaution. elsewhere, four western tourists who posted naked have been sentenced to 3 days in jail and, after pleading guilty, to to obscene behavior. the act has been blamed for causing a earthquake. the four served three days in prison.
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coming up, airstrikes hit on another deadly day in yemen. junior row pea engames get underway, with the spotlight on human rights as well as sport and, armed and dangerous, find out why this t.v. stunt went horribly wrong. shares have fallen with no sign of significant progress twefn greece and its lenders athens closed 6% low every and cash strapped greece is seeking a deal to unlock more bailout funds. trying to avoid defaulting. i.m.f. chief has been cleared of pimping charges they put an end
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to four years of legal battles which began in new york. he never denied he took part in orgies and france and the united states, they were group sex sections, and forms of recreation and he insisted it paint his morality involve, he didn't know that the women were prostitutes and the in the end the judge believed him. were can see there's no legal basis and all the noise that has surround i had this story has given us all something to think about. he was the finance minister who prepared france for the introduction of the euro and then the director of the i.m.f., and he was weeks away to declare
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presidential election when he was arrested in new york. he was accused of sexually assaulting a hotel made and that trial collapsed after the prosecution had doubts about the alleged victim's credibility. and he settled a civil case out of court and now he leaves the court, a freeman, it seems hard to imagine that he can ever revive his presidential ambitions, but he still may try to play a role in public life. dresses and skirts of famous women are on display in a football, and the work was created by a london artist, and the first if he mail president gave one of her dresses as the first lady, and rita, and, last year provided welfare support for rape victims.
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folks in geneva, and putz it back to monday. they would hold separate discussions and won't come face-to-face. andtion saudi airstrikes have killed more than 50 houthies, and, strikes and military centers. and elsewhere 20 houthi fighters have been killed, and exhaustdy led airstrikes have killed six and world heritage strike. they began friday, and also destroyed 3 houses belonging to the same family. criminal pilot targeted unarmed civilians, and they say they're targeting military sites, where are the bases and rockets? if god wills, we will attack as soon as possible. thousands of people in syria
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are fleeing isil, and men women and children have been gathering at border crossing. turkey's emergency management agency say more than 6,000 have crossed into turkey in the past week. residents of baghdad, have told al jazeera that they are living in fear. now, the dangerous life in iraq's capital. this is the largest neighborhoods and home to a large she a community. it's always been she a, and even here, people are now too scared to leave their own neighborhood. life, has become a living nightmare, everywhere you go there are car bombs and we only leigh if it's a life or dead measure. and security is unpredictable. isil car bombs had such an
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impact that they're suspicious about traveling across the capital. last month two car bombs blew up where my grocery stand is located and look at the damage. we don't leave our neighborhood at all- across town, it is the same for seanmy muslims who were forced out of their traditional homes and now live in just a few neighborhood. we don't feel safe, and, i don't live here, and risk from government forces. it is not safe to drive through streets of baghdad any more after tweel baghdad split into sunni and she a sections with no mixed sections. those words are echoed by the changes, and they noticed that the sunnies have been increasing and what is concerned to one is the impact of sectariism on future
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generations. when they are kids and when they wake up, and open their eyes, in the violence, and, you know subconscious, fun days, and from 5-7, and many kids, they have that feeling. i think the future, we will face a real problem from those kids. there are still mixed neighborhoods across baghdad but they're normally well off. now, this neighborhood, in particular, has been hit byself car bombs, and the reason they do that, is to try to keep up the tension and it's not just isil and she a mount revenge attacks, and many are worried because, iraq might see a return to the kind of levels of sectarian violence when this
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country was plunging into civil war. the body is being guarded as reports that it was being snatched. iraq's aviation authority said it was delayed by a lack of official documentation. the families of four boys killed when israel bombed a beach are outraged that the army is closing its investigation. it happened during the gaza war the two airstrikes targeted hamas and struck the boys in error. he joins us, so, what's your reaction to the findings of, in this investigation?
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well we never trust these investigations that are conducted by the army, that is committing the crimes itself, how can you trust that group of people who committed the crimes, are investigating themselves, and in my opinion this investigation, is going to be used as a way to cover the war crimes that were conducted in gaza including this crime of killing children who were playing on the beach. this conclusion, shows very clearly that we cannot trust them and also, proves that the only way to discuss these crimes or investigate them is through the international criminal court. nobody should accept this. yes. these investigations are an excuse. how do you think this is going to affect that it will and
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because they have carried out an investigation and it may not be gated. what are you hearing about that. we don't think such investigation because it lacks credibility, as a excuse, for for not commit or conduct their own investigation. on our side, we are preparing two important things, that will be presented to them, and relating to the war crimes, including killing 590 children and, there will ab file, and it is a war crime. they are sending a group of judges that will arrive, at the end of the month and we hope they can reach us and, they can visit us, and that israel will not prevent them from doing so, and we'll see if they will accept our proposal that there
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should be an investigation into the war crimes. just on the . of this investigation, itself, in their evidence they said, that, they found that during it, some affidavits from witnesses that the compound which they were attacking was known as a compound that was used by hamas' naval police, is it going to be any clearer, what was going on, in that place? as more time goes past, how difficult is it going to be to get to the truth? these children playing on the beach, trying to find relief from horrible war, there was no indication of any kind of military activity in the area, the whole incident of killing these children was very well reported by many journalists. it was a war crime in a very clear manner.
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let me tell you that, we have evidence very powerful evidence, that shows that israel was not pinpointing targets as it claims and we have evidence of israel using explosives that were throne from planes and not shown on many media outlets and these barrels were just throne all over gaza, and killing people without identifying it. the israeli claim that they were killed because fighters were using civilians as a human shield is not true. it's israel's way of running away from responsibility, and exoring a war crime that was done. thank you very.
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6,000 athletes, from 50 countries for the next two weeks and, it has been overshadowed by the human rights problems. now, how significant are these games? how do they stand out? well, they are going to be a big success. the ceremony that took place, was pretty spectacular and, thousands of the athletes coming out and pyro technician and all the rest. but, overshaded to boy all this criticism, of authorities
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unless human rights abuses and high level corruption, with recent reports appear to show. talk about the corruption. well since then, have found themselves behind bars. the games and cause the spotlight, for focus on, and that criticism and and a
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thought to discredit and but from turkey and others, that you can take politics, out of the sport. thank you very much. still to come, how technology is helping the next generation of entreparenthesis nors and why almost 100 bikers are still in custody. china, leave it late.
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they are accused of working against pakistan which it denies they have destroyed buildings. today, against child labor and, they are highlight education, it affectses 168 million. 78 million are in asia. 59 million enter africa. that's about 1-5 children there. there is 13 million in latin america, and the caribbean and 9.2 million in north africa. and, cambodia, says it is on track, to targeting child labor. from the capital now the
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report. we have come here with world vision and, one of the organizations, helping cambodia putting its goal, into putting children like these putting children in school full-time. i prefer being in school, but we need the money. across cambodia, child labor is still a problem.
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he is main income earner when his mother isn't working. it's very difficult. a local non government a organization be wants to bring her to the protection of its center for full-time education. come from slum area. but it is a hard job to convince the parents. want to get money to provide for their family, so that they can help them, so that, some people who say and in its commitment to eradicating child labor, they have taken a lead, the region that's one of most
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affected problems and, it is one of the least well equipped to achieve its targets. the goal is to end the most hazardous forms by 2016. whether or not we can achieve this, we don't know, but it is our priority, that we have to reach our commitment to the international organization. but those children carrying the burden of working maybe this will be the year their lives change. a ceremony has been held for the victims of last month's
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avalanche, more than 180 people lost their lives, which is popular with trackers, and tourists. more now from cat man do you ♪ ♪ ♪ a prayer for dead, and these people are chanting prayers for the 170 people who were swept away by an avalanche triggered by the earthquake and, today is the 49th day of the dead, which marks an end to the mourning, these prayers are supposed to open the passage for griefers for those who died. the survivors who, this will bring a sense of calmless, lost 11 members of his family, including two of his children. these prayers are for the dead and for our peace of mind,
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i don't know what else to say or if i should say more, those who died experiencessed terrible suffering, and many were buried alive and, it's like they were murdered. the question is what's next? nothing remains, in the village and, just around 400 survivors remain and all they want to do is go back home and rebuild what is left. suspected, fighters have killed 37 people. they arrived on motor bikes and 4-wheel vehicles and, it emerge he after a new president held up a summit to set up a new military force to counter the group. a lack of funding and low levels of computer education
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has stopped them from providing change and now a tech company is change that go. she and her two partners run small online food delivery service, food i like, people go online and order from local restaurants and she delivers it. she is working with about 30 restaurants and she calls it a food logistic service and sees huge business opportunities, in the technology center, that could include employment. the penetration has made it so, there is a need for convenience, and delivery, and there's a need for that provision of logistics in terms of the meals. got started with help of inspire, a organization, that
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helps startups and, it is funded by the government, they are taught the basics of computer programming, and online business ventures and, it has helped 50 businesses get started and there's still major challenges. you need to have patience, in tech businesses. and people are beginning to see in the next 5 to 10 years, they are likely to be the businesses like we have now.
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almost a month layer fewer than half have been released on bond. among those cities behind bars with no indict men, father and son john and jake wilson. they should be here. bobby wilson said her husband and son are motorcycle enthusiasts, and they were at the wrong place and now the family bike shop has stood
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shuttered. we have put everything that we got into it. it will be hard on us. could you possibly afford the million dollar bond,. absolutely not. on that sunday, her husband president of the club, left home to attend a club meeting at the twin peeks restaurant. i didn't think anything of it. did you know the bandied dose were going to be there? no. do you think your husband knew? probably. why on what he go to a place where his sworn enemies would be present? well, i never understood them to be sworn enemies. she said they did not bring weapons to the restaurant and when the shooting erupted they immediatelied in from the patio to the bathroom.
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not for one second do i believe, my husband my son or anyone in his group was responsible for this craziness. michael white is john wilson's attorney, they have taken close to 200 people and decided they are all guilty of something, and they were there and they were wearing certain jackets,. 26 days layer the majority remain locked up and a grand jury has not heard their case. texas law allows a person to be detained for 90 days without an endoubtment. no one would talk about this case on camera and, they did tell us, over phone that the investigation is ongoing, and a lengthy process, do you to the high number of individuals involve. though not indicted, all those arrested face a charge of
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engaging in criminallized activity. nobody has said what it might be. usually, you're aware of what you're being accused of. wilson hopes a hearing schedule for friday will lower bond and if not, she has no idea what will come next. i adore this man. he's never given me any reason not to trust him. so ahead this news-hour shedding light on the candidates for next year's elections, and sometimes the moves, in the n.b.a. finals and lebron james and the cavs.
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this is for money who are giving money to the campaign and, they don't like it, when you crash their fundraiser. on this day the fundraising is for hillary clinton who according to the website, this week is holding six fundraisers just like this one. hello, iowa. the clinton campaign has projected it will raise 2 billion by the time the november
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2016 double what they raised in 2008. 80% of americans all are disgusted, with the amount of money that's pouring into our elections and it's unpoliced and coming from secret corporate sources. like the money of undeclared republican candidate jeb bush, they say his refusal has allowed him to exploit limits for official contenders and that's because they aren't giving it to him, but to a super pack. the money raised so far totals more than $100 million, and is often harder to trace. disclosure is one of the tools to fight corruption, and when you have undisclosed political spending she it creates a window for corruption. unlike donations to an
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official candidate the anonymous or dark money donated to non-profit groups, does not have to be reported. it's going to have a direct impact on the integrity of the governmental process. that's because it is expected the money raised to raise the next u.s. president could top $5 billion and, it will be raised in secret, and the next isn't likely to be decided by one person, one vote but by a small number of wealthy elites who will spend enormous amoments on the election outcome the interpool suspended fifa following the corruption scandal, and they have now been frozen until further notice, the
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former vice-president, on its most wanted list, on a u.s. led corruption indictment, and 13 others the expresident for north america ann, is accused of being involved in 150 million bribery scheme. something he didn'ts many. the extradition doesn't worry him. i not my fault. [laughter] so, very early, i am not concerned about the fifa scandal and, my position.
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qualifying for 2016 continues this friday and turkey winners. and belgium and whales, and. he says he'll be staying and, it is just the beginning of the success and four trophies at france. with his national team. the head, on sunday. you never know what will happen but it doesn't look like that i'm happy, we are a fantastic team, we won everything that we could win to make the quarterfinals and it continues to develop and we're getting better. so no plans for me.
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they have completed the signing after four-year contract 54 million many he scored two goals for the nether lands, and, he is backing him. copa america is off and running. and mexico played bo live via. and. the star, shot wide with the first real chance of the match. midway through, they were given a penalty.
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ecuador came close after but the header hit the bar. and make it 2-nil. and winning for the team, that has never won the tournament in the 99 year history. the only sour note came in stoppage time, and substitute, given their second yellow card and, sen off for a foul. they have no other way and it was the referee's decision and, we have to respect that, and, respect the next game. we have no choice.
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the a match is against mexico
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i'm not going to put myself, i know file need to get back to where i need to be. so, when i get to beijing, i'll be ready to go, and that's when the showdown will be. a short while ago australia posted 3999, and natalie in the double was up 199. and it was the last, to jerome taylor and, just about to start. been marching to the total and, only against bangladesh, and, 47.3 possible, on day three, before rain ended play, and, 10, and 469. the nadal beating berdych
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and, slip on the grass. and his quarterfinal, and 17, and 18, and three sets before he could get it, against nadal. if you have a weak stomach cover your eyees like now. ready and go. the new player, and injuries doing an arm wrestle with another retired player, and, television, and, taken to the hospital with a broken arm. the pair agreed to give up arm wrestling for good. it was revolting, thanks for that. that's the news-hour. we'll be in for more news,
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thanks for watching.
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more than 70 houthi fighters are kid, and rockets kill one in saudi arabia. hello, you're watching al jazeera from london and also coming up, pakistan said it's ready to throw out more foreign aid groups after expelling save the children. australia prime minister deny reports that they paid