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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> a stark warning from health experts as another person dies from the mers virus. hello i'm darren jordan, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also from the program. a zedly gas leak on deadly ghast deadly gas leak in india. >> a helicopter above the
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andeman sea. they are facing the migrant cries he seriously. >> welcome to the program. large and complex. that's how the world health organization has described the mers outbreak in south korea. and it warns more people will be affected. earlier, healthy authorities reported 12 more cases bringing the total to 148. 14 have died so far. richard tonseth reports. >> in this hospital in seoul they brought out the big guns in the fight against plers. asmers. as the fear of contamination spreads, shopkeepers say customers are staying away. >> sales have dropped 40 to 50%. not many are walking around and kids are hiding at home these days.
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>> translator: the number of people have gone down significantly. i hope the mers situation solved soon so our market is restored again. >> visiting the heart of mers response operation including the team for the whro world health organization.o. >> the outbreak is large and complex, more case should be anticipated and because of this the government should remain vigilant and should continue its intensified disease identification until the outbreak is over. >> close to 3,000 schools have now closed their doors. earlier, it was said the outbreak was coming under control with just four new cases reported on friday an ambulance driver is a worrying development, seoul is bracing
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itself for more complek fallout. earlier this week, the central bank cut the interest rate to an unprecedented 1.5%. for now though the priority remains containing the spread of the virus the next few days could be crucial in determining whether the worst is over. richard tonseth, al jazeera. >> spreading with children to be affected. >> this whole situation is rather unpredictable which would suggest there is not much of a handle on this situation. yesterday we were rather reassured with the gentle increase of four infections, now it's increased to 12 and we're up to 138 overall also more deaths coming in over the next few hours up to 14 deaths and there have been several more people said to be in an unstable condition. we're also getting reports of a
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first fourth generation case that's been confirmed by the health ministry, an ambulance driver. secondary to tertiary and now a first case involving an elementary student and we're told children weren't supposed to get mers and it seems likely that we'll get the confirmation of the first case under the age of 10. >> in india six people have died after ammonia gas linked from a tanker in punjab state. hundreds have been taken to nearby hospitals after complaining of breathing problems. liddy dutt joins us. liddy what other information is emerging about the ammonia gas leak? >> the gas leak reportedly
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occurred at villages and areas have been vacated. there is suggestion business the police office there that [ fading audio ] industrial products like fertilizers. at this point it is not clear where the tanker was going or what the ammonia was being used for. at this stage there are at least 100 people that have been taken to hospital complaining of symptoms like breathing problems. we've also seen on local networks some pictures of people with red eyes and discolored tongues. a developing story in india but unclear how many people have been affected by this gas leak at the moment. >> all right liddy dutt in india, liddy, thank you.
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office of personnel management in the united states was the target, last week it was revealed that the data of 4 million people could be compromised. in both cases washington says chinese lacquers could be involved. john terret is involved. >> 24 hours after the largest government employer, far wider than had been led on comes confirmation there might be another even deeper breach. white house spokesman josh earnest said there was an intrusion affecting another part of the office of personnel management and data. >> at this point, i don't have anything further on the investigation into this matter. >> the newly revealed hack my have targeted the forms for security clearances. ranging from details about mental illness drug and alcohol use to arrests and even bankruptcies. the one revealed earlier could end up to 14 million federal
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records being compromised. the biggest trade union wrote to the administration accusing the government of hiding behind the ongoing criminal investigation as a reason not to give out too many details. but earnest was adamant protecting the government networks. >> protecting the networking is a daunting challenge and it requires the ability to be nimble. j. david cox said we believe the central personnel data file was the target, and the hearings are. >> possession of all records of federal employees and he backed his accusations up with specifics. social security numbers birth it deas, pay history health
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insurance, life insurance and pension information have been stolen. the rowe moved to capitol hill over who is to blame for the hack. read saying openly for the first , it may have been the chinese. john terret, al jazeera. >> u.s. president barack obama's ambitious trade agenda has been dealt a severe blow by congress. to strengthen ties with pierre nations. our white house correspondent patty culhane reports. >> this doesn't happen often. u.s. president barack obama was supposedly done working thursday night. the press told to go home. but then he decided to go to the annual congressional baseball game. the handshake continued into
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friday. the president's top priority the transpacific partnership was up for a final vote in the house. >> i don't think you ever line anything up here, it's just boom. >> he was there to ask them for fast track authority. if he gets a trade deal with 11 other countries congress can say yes or no but not change the agreement. >> facilitate another bad deal which will result in more jobs being shipped oversees. >> not smart policy and it won't help the american worker. >> nafta cost us 1 million jobs and michigan is still paying the price. >> the world has passed us by. >> the gentleman's time has expired. >> this cut one part of the
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bill the actual fast track authority passed which is why the you warehouse reactlike this. >> cheer up everybody. >> still the trade agreement cannot become law unless the assistance gets approval as well. >> we've got a really strong case to make. if they don't the act on it as early as next week it's going to expire in september. this is a program that the democrats supported last year. they supported it last year when it was on the floor. >> now they have to decide which one they haid more, looking whether they're leaving lower thairk e-health care workers what they want. the possibility of a trade deal and his legacy secured. pathy youpatty culhane, al jazeera,
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new york. >> medics say the sars virus mers virus continues to spread. woman restrictions going outside at night. plus. >> i'm robin forester where walker
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>> welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. the world health organization has warned that south korea should be ready for a further rise in mers cases. three more people have died in the past 24 hours. u.s. investigators say there's been a second breach of sensitive data related to government employees. the office of personnel management was again the target. 14 million federal records may have been compromised. in india six people have died after ammonia gas leaked from a tanker. in punjab state. hundreds of others have been taken ohospitals after having breathing problem. >> libyan exam trich capital tripoli.
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nazanine moshiri has more from tunis. >> other important members of the government are holding a crisis meeting to try to work out what to do next. they're very reticent to talk about which group is responsible for the attack on consulate or to answer questions about who was in the consulate at the time. we are hearing increaseing details of this could be a senior member of the libyan dawn group. this man was arrested in tunis in may on the charge of kidnapping. at the time in may more than 202 tunisians were held, as a bargaining chip. i ishe is still in custody
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continuing detention of this man in tunis tunisia is one of the few government in the world that have relationship with be tobruk and across the year, i think a lot of questions will be asked now what happens next between libya and tunisia. >> there has been violence in the coastal city of d erma. the specific target is unknown but i.s.i.l. is fighting for control there. also in derna a group of antiaircraft vehicles,. >> more than 50 heurgt fighters inside the city of lahige.
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strikes are targeted site many forces loyal to exiled president hadi. also killed six people in sanaa's old city. the site is listed as a world heritage site by unesco. >> before be being load on to a royal jordanianless jordanianless flight. the approach was due to lack of confirmation. the sphooun ral is expected to take place on saturday. australia's priementsdz has denied the charge that his crews
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offered migrant boats money to not enter. andrew thomas joins them for one of the encounters. >> captain is flying over the andeman sea looking or the boats of migrants. its helicopters dropped them food but wouldn't let them land on shore. thiestled promised a better response. large ship offshore ready to accommodatefully migrants found. >> when migrants were fowrn in the add man sea ill thailand's navy has been send twog helicopters like this and two
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planes like this every day since and so far they haven't found any toart vessels. >> at least not with ones and migrant, near impossible team of given each aircraft lies for two hours each day. that though the can't assists is enough. >> captain assists is an arrest. home for rashiza is a women's shelter near the thai ielt of poukette. sme says she was kid and in. after five years she was held for a ransom she couldn't pay in a jungle camp. she managed to 16.
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>> my experiences in myanmar and the jungle carchl, were horrific pip the first time in my life i feel like i'm worth while person. >> it says systems are now in place if boats tart conscious again. for dispris humidities its now has adesperate humans. >> scott heidler will report from rohingya. >> women are restricted from going out in public since 8:00 p.m. a e-an original sperption interpretation
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or your ability to. >> adopted islamic law. women are reppary manted for being outdoors after 9:00 p.m unaccompanied by their husbands or family members unmatter is couples are given the last warning, kissing in a public park violators can be punished by caning in public like these unmarried couples who were reliant caught, for the player of banda ache, she has now issued a banning for women after
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a certain hour. >> we've adopted islamic law we need to implement it. by 11:00 p.m people should be able to rest. >> elmie ne, she needs to do night shifts to support her family and liver for her children. >> i think the government should look at what we women are doing and what kind of risk is there? >> no position to give up on night shifts can a are accord to the new regulations her employer can lose his lines if she works past 11:00 p.m.
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you-k he can be reprimanded for be and humane version of islamic law. they say because a regulation has been issued in the name of religion only a few women openly dare to process protest. >> this regulation has to be withdrawn, the national government should be firm about this. it is against our constitution and clearly discriminatory. don't.all in the name of islamic law which is according to me a completelily wrofng interpretation. >> government ministers say they want to review the situations in ache. >> translator: i will coordinate this with the head of women empowerment in ah
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beingshe, they need to review this and i quill discuss this with our memo minister because this is the not the only regulation voights, most satisfy eights are filled with men only. many women are hoping that the government in jakarta will reverse the governor's decision and allow them to move around at night as they used to. step vaessen, al jazeera banda aache. >> a court sentenced tourist to three days in jail which they've now served and they must pay a $1300 fine. the defendants are from the u.k the netherlands and canada. more fighting in government troops and separatists in eastern ukraine.
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the latest battles around the rebel health airport in donetsk. feeling the area could descend into full scale conflict. the worst fighting since the truce was signed in february. alleged tapping of angela merkel's mobile phone. the german prosecutors say they have been unable to find evidence that would stand up in court. a prison worker in the u.s. has been arrested of helping two convicted killers escape in new york state. the prison employee has also been accused of smuggleing extra band into the jail. a washington state political
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caves been accused of lying about her racial heritage. >> rachel dolezal has been thrust into the media spotlight by her parents. who told local television reporters that their daughter is not ethnically african american. >> she knows it's false. but i think she's told herself as well as she's told others this erroneous identity of hers that by now she may believe it more than she believes the truth. >> television talking heads pounced on the case and social media networks lit up. but many scholars who study race and identity in america had a somewhat different reaction. >> so what? i mean seriously. i -- unless this woman has done something that is harmful and
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detrimental to her family and her community from what i've read to her she's doing extraordinary things and by the way, the naacp was founded and run by whites and blacks. >> exactly why and when dolezal decided to present herself as black is not known. she attended the historically black howard university on a scholarship, was once married to an he african american man and teaches africana studies at a local college. >> i think united states has a perverse relationship with race. race is so fraught in this country. one of the things i think this entire event does is expose how ludicrous the social phenomenon has been. it's had hardful effects incredibly detrimental effects on our society. we make fun of it.
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we make light of it and here is someone who actually exposes i think through her case how situational, how contextual the notion of raise can be, how voluntary the identity can be. >> the naacp issued a statement saying we respect this person's identity and racial identity is not a qualifying or disqualifying quality for our association. rob reynolds, spokane washington. >> robin forester walker has more from daku. >> this is the spectacular event we would expect from are amajor
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athletic ceremonies. lots of music lots of pyrotechnics and topped by lady gaga singing a rendition of john lenlennon's imagine. critical stance of israeli authorities and to release a number of political prisoners. many of them in jail with long jail sentences or awaiting trial, all really for having criticized the azari government. all the criticism is an attempt by thes western media to criticize azerbaijan. they will hope that everyone else will enjoy the next couple
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of weeks and make this a sporting event to remember. >> and a quick reminder. you can keep up to date with all the news on our website. there it is on your screen new and improved. the address that's we're finding slimples that finding shrimps that have no eyes, crabs that have no claws. >> lisa fletcher with the son of jacques cousteau, sending a strong message. >> it's affecting all marine life, crab, shrimp, lobster and fish. it's not going to be over for decades.


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