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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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cago police... >> you think people make a distinction between cia, black ops sites, verses torturing a thirteen year old kid from the south-side? >> people realize that torture is torture. >> lisa fletcher brings you an in depth report chicago torture only on al jazeera america >> hello i'm barbara serra. this is the news hour live in london. coming up for the next hour, after a night of violence in dallas we confirm the man who attacked the headquarters is dead. saw saddam hussein's foreign minister is laid to rest in
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jordan. >> america cannot succeed unless you succeed. >> hillary clinton promises to fight for ordinary americans at the first major rally at the white house campaign. >> we have the day's big sports stories for you. >> hello, thank you for joining us. police have just confirmed the death of a man who launched the gun and balm attack on their headquarters in the u.s. city of dallas. >> the fbi has been called in to investigate the incident in which the central police station was sprayed with automatic gunfire. nobody was injured but there was heavy damage to police cars
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and building. the police chased and fatally shot the suspect. >> the witnesses told our officers there might have been four suspects, but we believe to be true now is that this one suspect shot from different parts of the fronts of headquarters and witnesses may have seen different views of the same suspect shooting from various locations. >> al jazeera's melissa chan gave us this update earlier from outside of the police headers. >> iheadquarters. >> i think it's interesting that police themselves thought there were four gunmen. but this morning in their press briefing they did clarify that they do believe that it is one gunman one suspect. a name has been floating around. this is a name provided by the suspect himself during communication with the s.w.a.t. team.
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we're not going to mention that name yet because it is un unconfirmed. what police understand is that this is a family matter about child custody that this person has been unhappy about. >> a taliban raid in afghanistan has killed 20 policemen adding to the casualties that the forces are currently suffering. the latest attacks happened in hell monday helmand province. meanwhile, over the border in pakistan the army said it killed 20 fight necessary airstrikes in north waziristan. it's part of an operation launched last june against the taliban against other armed groups in the area. we have more on that operation just outside of islamabad.
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>> according to the military the airstrikes close to the border, the military moved into the area in june and it led to the displacement of 1 million people from north waziristan. this bombardment has taken place with many remaining in the difficult mountainous area. therefore, the military is still pounding them months after they launched the offensive. >> pakistan's military today it hassaid it has killed fighters at the afghan border. they say that pakistan is changing the focus of the operation in order to remove taliban from the area.
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>> i think most of northern waziristan has been cleared but there are many who still remain under the partial control of the militants which is the taliban and there are other militants which reside there. and they have continued and completely clean the area. this is the valley that is toughest nut to crack at the moment. but they have been successful. they hope in a month or two that they would be able to clear that area. there has been a qualitative change as far as pakistan's position is concerned. they're committed to improving relations with pakistan.
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>> the interior minister from libya's tripoli-based government said that the consulars kidnapped are in good position. they stormed the consulate in tripoli. they say that they're hopeful that they will be freed soon. libya is in turmoil with two rival governments and their armed factions of fighting for control. three people have been killed and 15 more injured in a car bomb attack by isil-linked fighters. isil has sought to build its presence in libya in recent months capitalizing on a power vacuum left by the fall of muammar qaddafi. >> kurdish militia have begun the advance of the isil-held town in syria. it's on the border with turkey, and it's strategically important to isil as the nearest border
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town to its de facto capital of al raqqa city. there has been an an influx of syrian and 13,000 people have already crossed over. well the islamic state in iraq and the levant has killed 11 iraqi troops and their shia militia allyies in attacks in the north of the country. the attacks happened over 50-minute window. 24 people were also wounded. well the u.s. has sent military advisers to iraq, but so far it has ruled out deploying combat forces. there are offer, a few u.s. veterans who have volunteered to
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take on isil. we caught up with some of them in kirkuk. >> they once fought in iraq. years later they are back. but this time they're here on their own. these men used to be in the u.s. military. they came to the north of the country as volunteers to help iraq's kurds fight the islamic state in iraq and the levant. and they brought their experience with them. >> you can guarantee that this field is laden with ieds. they utilize ghosts a lot what we call ghosts. hidden snipers. they could be out here. they could be in the trees the bushes they could be crawling in the fields right now. >> they're a small unit but the kurds have welcomed any help they can get. that's what these former soldiers say they want to do. >> i thought it was the right thing to do. >> i saw a lot of atrocities happening in the news, the beheadings and slave trade i
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found a group that was helping to facilitate the travel of werners, they're disbanded now but that's pretty much the group that i utilized to get here. >> since they arrived these volunteers have come face to face with their new enemy and experience what they describe as a deadly armed force. >> they have a lot of volunteers from different countries. a lot of the volunteers have prior military service and understand basic battlefield tactics. >> these men may have the experience but they don't have the weapons to match isil. the arms they carry are good for urban warfare not for a battlefield like this one where there is open terrain. >> this is good for up to 200 meters. these are good up to four if you have a nice one. >> the volunteers only operate in southern kirkuk. this sector is controlled by the kurdistan one of the two kurdish parties in northern iraq.
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the american volunteers are not welcome on other front lines. the iraqi government does not want foreign boots on the ground. this does not concern these men. they say their decision to come here has nothing to do with politics or money. for theme volunteers it is not a job. it is a duty. they say isil islamic state in iraq and the levant is a danger to the world not just iraq. >> the americans who are on the ground don't represent their government but they say their presence is a message that troops are needed if this war is to be won. >> a funeral has been held in jordan for iraq's former foreign minister tariq aziz. jordan agreed to bury aziz at
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the confident his family. he was a top aid for saddam hussein. the ceremony followed reports on thursday that his remains had been snatched at baghdad airport. an egyptian court has sentenced 23 men to 14 years in jail without role for the deaths of shia muslims in 2014. the four shia muslims included a cleric. she had been angered by a shia religious ceremony. eight of the accused people were acquitted. egypt has ordered the border crossing open to allow the crossing by palestinians from the gaza strip. 15,000 people had registered to
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make the crossing. the commercial shipment to cross rafah since 2007. they will attend the au leaders summit on sunday and monday. there are reports that president bashir will attend despite the arrest warrant that is out for him. let's go out to johannesburg and speak to anita miller. what has the security council said?
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now the african union commission chairperson was almost at a loss for words trying to describe just how bad the situation is in south sudan. they said that people there have been suffering economic hardships and warring factions were ultimately killing the people they were trying to governor. she said that the africa union is very disappointed, and that the governmental authority on development hadn't done very much. they would go back to the drawing table and this time involve the african union to look at a solution, a lasting solution in south sudan.
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the chairperson the commission chairperson have now returned to ultimately concerned about the loss of life so far. >> another crisis in south sudan sudan, the a.u. commission chair, what does she see as the ultimate solution there? >> well, the a.u. commission chair spoke about how burundi had peace for more than ten years and they were hoping that this would continue in burundi although it's president said that he would run for a third term as president. a large number of people fleeing the country to neighboring states. the chairperson said that she
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was concerned that talks to continue under the auspices of the east africa community and ultimately the dialogue and cooperation that would allow for some sort of consensus to be reached with regard to the political stalemate in their country. we do know that elections have been postponed. however, they the president's run has been a sticking point and hopefully they'll find a way forward. >> speaking to us from johannesburg from the a.u. summit. thank you. also to come in this news hour, the "world health organization" calls for an emergency meeting on the outbreak as it warns to expect more cases. >> in costa rica where a new app for the phone could be a tool in the fight against dengue fever.
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>> croatia football in trouble again after a nazi symbol appeared in the pitch before the game. >> the "world health organization" says that it's holding an emergency meeting on tuesday to discuss the south korean outbreak with middle east respiratory syndrome or mers. at least 14 people have died. >> at this market in seoul they brought out the big guns in the fight against mers. the government has repeatedly called for calm but as fear of contamination spreads few seem to be listening. shop keepers say that many customers are staying away. >> sales have dropped 40% to 50%.
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no one can walking around and kids are hiding at home. >> the numbers have gone down significantly. i hope that the mers situation is solved soon so we can get back to work again. >> this outbreak has beenage and complex. more cases should be anticipated. and because of this the government should remain vigilant and should include it's intensified disease prevail lens until the outbreak is clearly over. >> more schools have been shut as a precaution. more than 3,000 have now closed their doors. the the health ministry said that the outbreak was under control with just four new cases, but with the announcement of the illness spreading to an
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ambulance driver has brought concern. the next few days could be crucial in determining whether the it is over. >> women's rights groups in indonesia are calling for a night-time curfew imposed in aceh to be lifted. under the new rule, females must be home by 11:00 p.m. the government said that they want to protect them from harassment. but some say it is unconstitutional. >> the police are on actually in patrol in aceh, the only province in indonesia that has adopted the islamic law.
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women are not allowed after 9:00 p.m. unaccompanyied by their husbands or family. this couple is arrested for kissing. violators can be punished by can caning in public like this unmarried couple who was recently caught. the mayor in aceh did not go far enough. she now has issued a ban of women working at night spots after 11:00 p.m. >> after 11:00 p.m. places of entertainment are quite dangerous. there are many problems. we adapted islamic law so we need to implement it. if women work later than 11:00 p.m. it is not effective. but by that time women should be able to rest. >> this woman works as a cashier at a cafe cannot afford to rest
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at night. she needs to earn money to support her parents. >> i'm trying to make a living and i have a decent job i think the government should look at what we women are doing and what kind of work we do. >> despite the risk of being caught by the sharia law police, she said she's in no position to give up her night shift. according to the new regulations her employer could lose their license by going her employing her past 11:00 p.m. >> women have been punished for wearing the wrong clothes now they can't work at night and may not stay out late. >> they say because regulation has been issued in the name of religion only a few women openly dare to protest.
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>> this regulation has to be withdraw. the national government should be informed about this. this is against our constitution. don't let this happen because it could be implemented in other parts of the country and all in the name of islamic law, which according to me is a completely wrong interpretation. >> government ministers in jakarta say they want to review the regulations in aceh. while aceh has eveningal a ton regional autonomy, it's laws cannot contradict the constitution. >> many women are effected by it because they work at night. we need to review this. this is not the only regulation in aceh violating gender equality. >> not all women are obeying the mayor's regulation.
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but most coffees are filled with men only. many are hoping that the mayor will reverse the mayor's decision and allow them to work and move around at night like they used to. >> ukraine's military said that six soldiers have been killed and 14 wounded with battles with pro russia rebels. fighting near the destroyed airport in donetsk the biggest city under rebel control. [ gunfire ] >> these pictures show the separatists firing on ukrainian forces. the government said that the rebels also targeted positions. it's one of the highest single day casualty figures since the start of a shaky cease-fire back in february. the greek prime minister alexis tsipras said that he would be willing to accept less than ideal terms provided he gets debt relief in return.
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some negotiators have returned from brussels saying they'll offer a proposal. with the cross counting down some greeks are preparing for further financial strain. >> saying that we want to remain in the eurozone but that we don't want new measures is an should. we have to make up our minds. we have to do what they tell us or we negotiate and accept the risk that we might have to leave. but since it's a given that we'll have to stay there could be a catastrophe. maybe leaving would be better. >> there are such harsh measures that we have to suffer. we don't trust anyone. >> definitely we need major reforms in the public and private sector, and we need
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measures. businesses must be given the opportunity to start working again. >> well, for more on this situation between greece and it's lenders we're joined by the senior correspondent from greece media. thank you for joining us at al jazeera. what does it mean that he's willing to accept terms. >> he's willing to compromise water down his wine. >> it would be difficult. i don't know what exactly is in his mind, but my feeling is that he doesn't want to--he wants to
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have a deal. >> of course he also said that he would be willing to come to less than ideal terms for debt relief. are we getting any ideas on the figures mentioned there and what the greeks want to get? >> i think it's very difficult right now to say what will happen, and what exactly will be the measureing support and what the greek government is willing to accept. because we don't really know what is going on behind the doors. no one knows that. my feel something that both sides will go up to the end in the last minute. and at the last minute we have a deal. there is a high hob ability, a high risk over an accident. and this accident can be called called-- >> what do you mean by accident?
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it has seemed optimistic. with everything that we've seen up to now does not i am ply that there would be an agreement or a short-term agreement but not a solution. >> if you ask anyone either in europeen union or greece, they'll tell you that it will be a disaster. especially for the greeks but as well for the european union. who will trust europe if they don't support greece. >> tsipras's party was elected not long ago under the platform of changing the severity. >> yes. >> are he were they overly optimistic by sending in tough guys that would be hard with the european union but that has not been the case over the last few months. >> let me tell you something else even when they voteed
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they insured that it would not be possible to implement everything that he has promised before the election. there were people saying even if he does two or one thing we will be happy for that. what i'm trying to say is that people who voted for tsapris were not left. they were execute with the previous government, they wanted to try something else. but at the same time, it's clear in the greeks' mind that they want to stay in europe. >> i'm sure we'll be discussing this at length in days and weeks to come. thank you. >> thank you. >> still more to come this hour including more than half a century after the bay of pigs disaster. why cuba is bracing for a new kind of u.s. invasion. plus the sri lankans looking for
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loved ones after the civil war ended. and why there was joy for this spaniard in barcelona.
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>> he was electro-shocked and tortured. >> decades of corruption abuse, and torture, by chicago police... >> you think people make a distinction between cia, black ops sites, verses torturing a thirteen year old kid from the south-side? >> people realize that torture
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>> challenge the way you look at the world. >> talking about big subjects. >> telling human stories. >> fraud, waste and abuse.
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>> we've spent 110 billion dollars. >> this is their dirty little secret. >> a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. >> confirming the death of the man who attacked the dallas police headquarters armed with guns and explosives. the suspect was chased from the scene and shot by officers. a taliban raid in afghanistan has killed 20 policemen. this sauce says pakistan's army said that they have killed fighters in the interest of waziristannorth of waziristan.
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>> hillary clinton has held her first major rally. mrs. clinton launched her second run for the white house. she's hopeing to succeed barack obama in next year's election. >> you brought our country back. now it's time your time to secure the gains and move ahead. you know what, america can't succeed unless you succeed. [ cheering ] that is why i am running for president of the united states. [ cheering ] >> well, let's speak now to kimberly halkett who joins us now from new york and who was there during the speech. the economy was the major theme
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of the speech. >> it certainly was a big part of the speech, barbara. the speech seems to be income versus equality. the recovery has not included all americans the working class and middle-class americans who are still working many times two jobs or working with low wages while many on wall street are working for record profits. she said if elected president this is something she would try to overcome not just reforming the tax system but she said they're not working as a result of legislative gridlock. she would like to work for reform, immigration reform and
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equal pay for women. >> there were nuances in the speech where she was countering the message this is were put forward in recent weeks regards to the fact that she has earned thousands in the last few months for speaking engagements. she has been asked about how she handle security the result of ben bengahzi libya and using her personal account for state work. she said if she was elected she would be the first female
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president. >> thank you. it's more than five decades since the u.s. and cuba had diplomatic ties, and it's thought that the two nations could reopen embassyies and that could give a big boost to cuba's tourism industry. we have reports now. the nailed failed bay of pigs operation is still seen. >> this is an infamous stretch of coast. it is the bay of pigs, the name emblazoned on cuban identity. >> in april 1961, mercenaries backed by the cia made landfall here. it was a total failure.
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the invasion smashed. it bolstered fidel castro's position. it's an evacuate visibly marked crass the island. this sign says the first great defeat of a yankee imperialist in latin america. you really do have to wonder how this new relationship is going to develop. at the museum tarots look back at one invasion while the island impresses for another. they reckon that 2 million tourists had descend on the island as soon as the doors are open. and for many the they'll it will
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be best in at the point years. we don't call them imperialists. >> it will be a really big challenge because we have to be ready. >> already numbers of american tourists are picking up, coming in before things change. >> money will rule. eventually i think it will be americanized. i don't know if there is any way to stop it. >> things have moved slowly in the 54 years since the bay of pig incidents. now cuba has to figure out how to protect its identity while bracing for an american invasion. >> dengue fever effects more
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than 400 million people worldwide, and the figure is rising fast, according to the "world health organization." the disease is one of the leading causes of debt morning children in latin american. it is bread by >> in the neighborhood of san jose workers from the ministry of health are spraying to kill mosquitoes. it's a regular activity for an area that does not have access to clean water. without good sanitation mosquito larvae can flourish. that makes dengue an unfortunate part of life here. the disease, which causes high fever, severe flu-like symptoms, and in some cases death. her ten-year-old son recently suffered from a bout of dengue.
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he had aify fever for four days and then soon had a bloody nose. most people will be able to avoid dennehy dengue figure. this could an critical tool. it's still in the development stages but when released it could make a real difference in helping fight this disease. the'the people are encouraged to take pictures where mosquitoes might be breeding. when the picture is sent it includes the gps of the location. >> it's simple in the sense that anybody can use it. it can also be integrated with other health systems at the national level and then on the international level.
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>> developers are working closely with the ministry of health, and they say that it's technology that could help latin america's policy. >> it doesn't have enough to do on climate. it's directly associated to poverty. with poverty we have more problems. >> the app is not a replacement for better living conditions and clean water supplies, but it could control the disease that blights the lives of millions. san jose costa rica. >> sri lanka's new president promised to investigate allegations of war crimes and abuses. but five months after taking office, families say they're still waiting. the united nations said at least 40,000 people lost their lives. of this around half were
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civilians, but even this figure is disputed as the final four months of the war were particularly bloody. estimates of civilian casualties range from 6500 to 20,000, as we now report. >> she lost two sons during the war. a third is missing. she said he is in this photograph taken at a rehabilitation center for tamil tiger fighters, but she has yet to find him. >> i lost my reason to live in the last stagessers of the war when my youngest son went missing. i'm just a shell now. the need to see my son is keeping me alive. >> she's now trying to set up home again and get her 13-year-old daughter out of a orphanage. this woman also lost three grown children. her son-in-law was the member of
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the tamil tigers. she said that he handed himself in to the war at the end of the war. they have not been seen since. >> this government must tell us where they are. they surrendered to the military. i believe they're being held somewhere, and we must be told the details. >> ike years on the need to know has not faded. some were on ducted. others went missing during the fighting. knowing what happened to their loved ones, whether they're alive or dead is vital for people here. experts say it's an extension part of the healing process. the professor has worked among war driverrers for more than 20 years. he said finding out the truth is important.
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>> er. >> the united nations enforced is due to visit the country in august. groups that show have sparked hope. >> revising down the number of survivors from this young's yangtze river cruise ship surviveers. no explanation was give about i revision. the cruise ship went down during a freak storm.
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in northern india six people have died from ammonia gas leaked from a tanker. it happened in punjab state. hundred people were taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for breathing problems. those found guilty for posing naked on a malaysian mountain has been deported. they pled guilty to obscene acts in public. they were fined $1,300 each. holelocal people believe their actions caused the earthquake which killed 18 climbers. indonesia said that australia will have stooped to a new low if allegations that it paid smugglers to turn back are true. prime minister tony absent has neither denied or a approved the report. he refused to say if the
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allegations were true, angering indonesia. >> you they were told to return back to indonesia with the people on board. in return $5,000 each. at the moment this is part of an on going investigation. >> meanwhile, the flow of migrants into europe is not slowing down. a greek cost guard crew early saturday morning. many were from syria and afghanistan, including many children. the number of people who have arrived has grown to more man 7,200 in may. still ahead. >> the chances of this working
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are 90%. >> the surgeon who believes he can remove this man's head and transform it on to a healthy body. and coming up in sport robin will tell us why the grant is greener after the grinch hopeam...
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>> this definitely gave me an opportunity to grow up... >> you just don't give up... >> hard earned reunion only on al jazeera america
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>> the chance of this working is hundred%. there is marginal risk.
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i cannot deny that. >> the success will be determined how long the body can be live without oxygen. the recipient's head will be removeed from the donor's body. the blood vessels and the muscles will be stitched together. the patient will be kept in a coma for three to four weeks to prevent movement. it has been condemned by some doctors as a hoax. >> there are several professors criticizing his work. but you know, there is criticism for the first heart transplant as well. now it's commonplace. >> he said he may struggle to get ethical approval route the
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throughout the west. but the same could be aggravated about techniques that have pushed the edge of science. >> the manager of croatia has apologized after after a swastika was seen in the grass. >> what we know so far is that some chemical was used which had been applied on the pitch sometime between 4 to 48 hours prior to the game so that it would be visible during the match. the timing was perfect. we tried to fix this during the halftime break. and we also notified uefa.
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this is an act of sabotage and a felony. >> i'm appalled. i can already see the face of the disciplinary commission, and i feel terrible about it. i hope the hooligans will not prevail and i demand that someone protect the croatian football team, the croatian fa, and the city itself. >> poland now lead group d with their thrashing of georgia. ireland's qualification suffered a set back and scotland against ireland. the africaen cup of nation, angola beating the central
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african republic. over the next few minutes mali will get the group c qualifying against sudan. the kick off against south sudan and algeria against seychelles. in cope copa america bolivians have not been to the match in 18 years. on saturday they'll take on paraguay in group b.
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>> the chosen number nine must have the same qualities and tevez has. the good news is one will play and will be 50%. and any of the other two will be the other 50%. it looks like i'm taking this decision like a joke, but i'm not. it's hard, i'm fair, but one will be left out. >> they'll chick off against jamaica in the opening match. jamaica along with mexico has been invited to play at this year's copa america before taking part of the concacaf gold next month. at the women's world cup the group f match they needed to win to open up an overwhelming lead at the top of the group. colombia now at the top of the table by one point.
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and in the later matches england under pressure to perform against mexico and lost the opening match against france. they extend their lead at group e with their win over spain. those team hoping to join japan in the knock out stages, the top group c recorded their second win and will be 2-1 in vancouver. the progress was stalled after held back by sweden, but they do remain top of group d. one man was not too excited ahead that have game in the group against australia and nigeria, she saw two goals though. bangladesh cricket reach the milestone on day four of their one and only test against india but they fell 19 runs for the home side 111-3 at the close.
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and trail india in the first inning. it's just a day's play left. and hoping to put further daylight between themselves and host the west indies, the women managed to reach kingston. the aussies back at the crease for their second inning. the opening making progress. the aussies now have the lead for 270 runs. at the mercedes cup in a doll's last time on this surface was back in 2010.
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approaching the finish froome would take the win with the 18-second lead into sunday's final stage. >> we're thrilled to be back in yellow. you know, the team, they were--you know, they were a little bummed out about yesterday. but we bounced back today and everyone contributed really well. they had a really solid ride. yes, i mean, hopefully we can put up a good defense tomorrow. >> that for the motor sport unexpected and record-breaking pole position for the motogp. the fastest circuit previously set by another spaniard back in in 2013.
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>> if it wasn't such clean sailing, the engine blow up caused this fire. they would fight to bring the blaze under control. the world's top golfers are making final preparations against next week's u.s. open. jordan speith will be battling rory mcilroy. and there is in incredible put by bubba watson. watson with two master's titles to his name. and he might as well add an u.s. open to his list as well. that's it for sport. >> thank you. that's it for the news hour and from me, barbara serra. lauren taylor will be here with more of the day's news. bye bye.
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>> dallas police attack. officers say the man who launched a attack from their headquarters is now dead. >> hello i'm lauren taylor with al jazeera live from london. coming up, tariq aziz is laid to rest in jordan. and south korea's mers outbreak will expect more cases. >> america can't succeed unless you


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