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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. now,. this is the newshour live from london. coming up: a desperate rush for water. supplies dry out in the yemeni city of taiz. dallas attack the man who launched an attack is now dead. saddam hussein's foreign minister is laid to rest in jordan. democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. pitching to middle america,
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presidential candidate hillary clinton skikzkicks off her second run for the white house. sports os stories. the latest qualifying from europe and africa. at the women's world cup, she is the lady colombia one of the biggest upsets in the tournament's history. ♪ first, to the fight for control of yemen. sawed saudi arabian backed airstrikes to push back houthi rebels and fighters loyal to the country's former president. talks aimed at ending the crisis are due to begin on monday. our exclusive report shows civilians are suffering increasingly. al jazeera has been to taiz where a siege has strangled the supplies of the most necessities. richard mantin reports.
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>> reporter: a tanker of water arrives on the streets in yemen. the rush of children and their mothers quickly follows. most government services have been cut here because of the fighting around the city. schools are shut. power is down. supplies are running desperately low. >> there is a war. we have to stay at home where it's it's safe. it's chaos. no one can live in such condition. >> the electricity was cut off here a month ago. this man has a generator. rare in the city. people are paying him to charge their appliances. they know who they blame: the former president who has joined forces with shia houthis against the president in exile, hadi. >> president sali has destroyed life in the city. he left us short of everything. >> reporter: there is little fuel here now. so donkeys are being used more and more. the queues for bred continue to grow. rubbish is strewn on every street corner.
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flight security is another restriction on normal life. forces continue to besiege the city. they have been here since march. further north in the capitol, sanaaa residents clearn up after what's been described as an airstrike by the saudi-led coalition and appeals to aid groups for an end to the fighting and civilian suffering are growing. richard martin al jazeera. >> the reports that the u.s. defense secretary is planning to present nato with a proposal to send heavy weaponry to the baltic states. the "new york times" says the pentagon subpoena poised today install tanks and heavy weapons for 5,000 troops. for more on the story, live to washington, d.c. what can you tell us about this po potential proposal? it. >> it did come as a surprise released in "the new york times" in the afternoon. someone off off the record has confirmed to al jazeera that this is indeed an act of
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proposal, that the defense secretary, ash carter has yet to approve it and if he does it will go to nat off defense ministers who are going to be meeting later this month. so this is a significant move as the "new york times" described it, because it's the first time since the cold war that the united states indeed, indeed nato, is considering positioning heavy equipment, military equipment in europe. remember they drew down significantly in the '90s and in the 2000s when it was agreed that russia and nato were not enemies anymore. but as the crisis has grown in the ukraine from the crimea to the eastern region of ukraine, it's just been scene perhaps necessary to make some sort of symbolic gesture. equipment for up to 5,000 people. as you said. >> tanks action infantry fighting vehicles and other things but the broad strokes have been confirmed. >> there has been concern among the baltic nations with can a what has been going on and the seeding of crimeea. what can we expect this activity
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by the americans from the russiansa. what can we expect this activity by the americans from the russians russians? >> the baltic states have indeed asked for this specific type of deployment in a letter to nato fairly recently. so no surprise there in the baltic states. what we can expect in moscow is no doubt the same kind of objections you would expect of any type of move like this. the baltic states despite the fact that they are long independent and long part of the spoken union and nato are still seen in russia as being very close to their borders. remember, they totally surround a russian enclave called kolinin koliningrad. even eastern europe, the other countries possibly involved in this poland romania, bulgaria maybe hungary. that's not confirmed at all. they are regarded as being a bit too close to a territory that moscow is sensitive about. we are going to see this gesture, if indeed, it's finally, confirmed and confirmed by a nato meeting, we will see moscow reacting strongly to this. no one is suggesting they are
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militarily threatening the baltic states or others but it is a measure of the concern being felt in those front-line regions. >> daniel thank you very much indeed for that update. meanwhile, ukraine's military says six soldiers have been killed and 14 wounded in battles with pro-russia rebels. the fighting was especially heavy near the destroyed airport in the donetsk, the biggest city under rebel control. these pictures show the separatists firing on ukrainian forces. the government says the rebels also targeted positions in nearby areas. it's one of the highest single day casualty figures since a shaky cease-fire in february. protection please have confirmed the death of a man who launched a gun and bomb attack in the u.s. city of dallas. now, the f.b.i. have been called in to investigate the incidents in which the central police station was sprayed with automatic gunfire. no .1 was injured but there was heavy damage and police chased
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and fatally shot the suspect. >> initially, at the first briefing, witnesses had told our offices officers that there might have been four suspects. what we believe to be true now is that this one suspect shot from different parts of the fronts of headquarters, and witnesses may have seen different views of the same suspect shooting from various locations. >> more from outside police headquarters in dallas where a major secure review is expected to take place. >> reporter: how often do you get the dallas police department becoming a crime scene, essential essentially and what the police chief was saying that there were bullets spraying all over bullet holes in the lobby, bullet holes on the second floor, bullet holes, you know, in police vehicles or on police vehicles and it's important to also keep in mind that the van was an armored vehicle that rammed into other police vehicles before giving chase. so there will be questions about this, but to provide a little
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bit of a context as well please stand-offs of this type do happen in dallas not too frequently, but it certainly does happen. so, it's not entirely new to residents here. a taliban raid has killed at least 20 policemen aiding to the record casualties the afghan security forces are suffering. more than 5,000 are reported to have been killed so far this year. the latest attack happened in musakala in helmut province. ten taliban fighters were killed. the army says it has killed at least 20 fighters in airstrikes as part of an operation launched last june against the talibantable and other armed groups in the area. more on the operation from outside islamabad.
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>> the military moved in to that area in june and it was a military operation which basically led to the displacement of almost 1 million people from, so this particularly bombardment has taken place close to the border because many of the fighters have escaped that marry area but some of them still remain nag very difficult mountainous area and there, therefore, the military is pounding them months after they launched the offensive. pakistan's military says it's killed more than 2,700 fighters since it launched it's offensive near the border. a retired general says pakistan is changing the focus of the operation to try to remove the talibantable frer -- from the area. >> there are still about 10 to 15 persons of the area which remains under the control ofr partial control of the militants which is the taliban pakistan
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and also some other militants who reside there and pakistan has been trying to continue and sort of completely clean the area but the toughest area is the one where they are operating at the moment. and this is the valley which is the toughest, nut to crack at the moment. they have been successful and they hope that in a month or two, they would be able to completely clear that area. there has been a defendant qualitative change as far as pakistan's position is concerned, and that is so, you know, and it's with the civilian government as well as the new military leadership under general shercherif. the basis is that we will treat your enemy as our enemy. kurdish militia have gun an add vance in syria. it's on the border with turkey and strat teencally important to isil as it's the nearest border town to the de facto city of
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raka city. >> hundreds have been blocked from entering turkey at the border. there has been an influx of syrians into turkey. about 13,000 people have crossed over. turkey shares a 910 kilometer border with syria and hosts 1.8 million refugees. to some the isil in the levant went through security checkpoints and military headquarters in the al haj area. the attacks happened over a 15 minute window. 24 people were also wounded. the u.s. has sent military advisors to iraq but has so much ruled out deplying combat forces. there are, however a few u.s. vet transwho volunteered to return to take on isil. zein ha hodr met some of them in kirkuk. >> reporter: they once fought
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in iraq. years later, they are back. but this time they are here on their own. these men used to be in the u.s. military. a few months ago, they came to the north of the country as volunteers to help iraq's kurds fight the islamic state of iraq in the levant. >> they utilize ghosts what we call ghosts, hidden snippers. they could be in the trees, in the bushes. they could be crawling up to us right now. >> reporter: they are a small unit but the kurds have welcomed any help they can get. that is what these former soldiers says they want to do. >> i just thought it was the right thing to do. i saw a lot of the atrocities happening via the news, you know, beheadings and the slave trade. i found a group that was helping facilitate the travel of westerners called frame. it's disbanded now but it's
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pretty much the group i utilized to get here. >> reporter: since they have arrived >> these volunteers have come face to face with their new enemy and experienced what they describe as a deadly armed force. >> they have a lot of volunteers from different countries. obviously a lot are prior military service. they understand flanking maneuvers, basic battlefield tactics. >> these men may have military experience, but they say they don't have the weapons to match isil. the arms they carry are good for urban warfare, not for a battlefield like this? >> this is good for up to 200 meters. these are probably good up to 4 if you get a nice one. they operate in southern kirkuk operated by one of the two kurdish parties in northern iraq. the american volunteers are not welcome on other front lines. the iraqi government doesn't want foreign boots on the ground.
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this doesn't concern these men. they say their decision to come here has nothing to do with politics or money. >> for these volunteers this is not a job. they say it is a duty. they believe the islamic state of iraq in the levant is a danger to the world, nots just iraq. at a time has ruled out forces as part of the strategy. the americans who are on the ground don't represent their government, but they say their presence is a message and troops are needed if this war is to be won. al jazeera, southern kirku ask. >> still ahead on al jazeera "newshour," sri lankans looking for loved ones after the civil war ended. why women are not allowed after 11:00 p.m. in ache province and in sport, find out why it was double joy. the spaniards in barcelona.
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former iraqi vice president terri kaziz has been buried in jordan. his family requested his body be taken there for burial. getting the body to jordan was anybody but easy. a report. >> reporter: hundreds of iraqis and jordanians attended prayers before putting vice president haziz to rest. he was sensed to death in 2010 died of a heart attack in an iraqi prison last friday. getting his body out of iraq was more than a week-long or deal for his family who has been living since the u.s. invasion of iraq. his casket was seized by an armed group in the international airport before it was recovered by the iraqi authorities. his son avoided talking about the inceidents. >> he belonged to the entire
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arab nation not muslims alone or the christians alone. may god have mercy on his soul and all martyrs. i thank jordan as receiving us a saz family and receiving my father's body. >> the former president and his inner circle were widely respected in jordan. the iraqi government had agreed to transfer his body on the condition that no big funeral was held but iraqi pressure on jordan seemed to have no effect i think the jordan king and government who has accommodated a request of his family. the government was heroic to accept the symbol in a show of loyalty for saddam hussein, his men and his supporters. >> the iraqi government may not the have wanted this large and public funeral to be held because it's inevitably represented add lack of trust in the iraqi government. family members of haziz always wanted to bury him in jordan fearing opponents would desecrate his grave if he was
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bur nishingd iraq, not only because he was one of the closest people to saddam hussein but because he is christian. they say this large funeral in jordan sends a strong message to the iraqi government about how sectarian iraq has being. >> his family chose a christian cemetery to put him to rest. iraqis and jordanians alike who participated in the burial appeared angry at rising intolerance in iraq. >> the iraqi government is a bully and we tell them you are malitias and gangs run by iran. >> reporter: many say it was only after saddam hussein's overthrow that will iraqis divided along sectarian lines. it's for this reason so many remain loyal to what the ousted regime used to represent the interior minister says the con sular staff kidnapped on friday are in good condition.
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the 10 employees were taken can'titch when members of an armed malitian stormed the area. they are saying they hope they will be freed soon. libya is in turmoil with two rival governments and armed faxes fighting for control room. is i will has -- isil is trying to build a stronger presence. there has been heavy fighting where the group's headquarters fell into the control of fighters after a battle on saturday the group is now cornered in western parts of the city. to discuss the crisis in south sudan and burundi. the heads of state will go on to attends the au leader summit on sunday and monday. the team of this year's talks is women's empowerment. they report that bashar will
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attends despite an icc arrest warrant out for him. our reporter sent this update from johanne sp urg. >> reporter: the peace and security council continues to meet at the african union summit in johan he isburg focused largely around talks on the buundi as the president is standing for a third term in. we have seen maven protests against that in recent weeks and we both have seen a large number of refugees flee to neighboring states. the african union chairperson said she would want to see talks continue between the parties in burundi, both the government and opposition on the way forward to end this political stalemate. one the topics is south sudan where fighting has flared up between the rebels and the government. the african union has said it's
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very concerned by the huge number of loss of lives in that country as well as the economic hardships faced by the people there. they said they are not very happy with the talks that have been mediated. on development and that perhaps, it's time that will these talks come back to the au to find a way forward for that their country. >> the greek prime minister says he would be willing to accept less thank ideal terms to secure a deal with international creditors provided he gets debt relief in return. some greek negotiators have returned to brulsz and say they will present a counterproposal to reach an agreement over the terms of the bail-out. adams has until the end of the month to repay $18,000,000,000 to the international monetary fund. on thursday, the imf pulled out of talks citing major differences. with the clock counting down some greeks are preparing for further financial strain. >> saying that we want to remain
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in the eurozone but that we don't want new measures is absurd. we have to make up our minds or we do what they tell us and implement whatever measures they want. or we negotiate or we might have to leave. since it's a given that if he we stay there will be catastrophe, perhaps leaving might be better. such harsh measures that we suffer the hardest will be for our children. there is nothing we can do. we don't trust anyone. >> definitely we need major reforms in the public and the private sect offer and measures that will implement growth. businesses must be given the opportunity to start work again. >> u.s. presidential hopeful hillary clinton held her first major rally in new york. she is presenting herself as a champion of the middle class, hoping to secure the democratic party nomination for next year's election. kimberly halkett reports from new york. >> reporter: they gathered by
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the thousands on the island named after franklin roosevelt, the former u.s. president who lifted millions out of poverty after the great depression something hillary clinton is also proposing? >> prosperity can't be just for ceos and hedge fund managers. democracy can't be just for billionaires and corporations. prosperity and democracy are part of your basic bargain, too. >> clinton believes the recent economic recovery in the u.s. has eclipsed too many working and middle class americans. she says she will billed on the program and causes first championed by her husband in the 1990s. >> hillary clinton says if elected president, she promises voters she will reform the u.s. criminal justice system as well as the immigration system in the united states. she says she will fight for equal voting rights and pay for men and women.
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there is little xoeings for the republican republican. questions about security for americans who died in benghazi while clinton was secretary of state,uous of a you private e-mail account for government work and a potential conflicts of interest including foreign down donations to bill clinton's foundation. >> there is no question hillary is going to have alternates of did you have stuff she will deal with this year she will have to explain why they are appropriate. >> i thought she was fabulous. i thought she was sardzing the issues that are important to the people in america today. >> she is right. it's what the important thing is in this nation to be inclusive and fight for everybody. >> over the next year and a half clinton says she will proof, despite her critics, she is a tenacious fighter, wanting
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to make history? >> i may not be the easiest candidate in this race but i will be the youngest woman president in thehit of the united states. >> they are message she will take on the road as she travels to iowa to meet face to face with the voters she says if elected president, she will fight for. kimberly halket al jazeera, new york. >> professor jones joins us from washington, d.c. in the speech there are quite a few economic proposals. has she a vision? >> it's plenty enough of a vision, seeming how the primaries don't start for almost a year. hillary clinton can give a christmas list of everything that she says she wants to be doing right now. she hasn't had to debate any other candidates. the republican field isn't
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complete. so she can kind of say whatever she wants. the real test is going to be how she backs these things up with once she heads to iowa for the primaries next january. >> how tough is that going to be for here? she is a known quantity. people know who she is but do they know what she stands for? or does that not matter? as you say, doesn't matter at this stage but it will eventually. everyone knows her of the there is no one voting right now in the united states who doesn't know who hillary clinton is. her challenge isn't specifying a vision, but will people trust her to get it done and trust her in general? >> her biggest challenge. what the collintons wants for america has been known for 20 years. >> she has been called a women's rights defender and talked about her mother's tough upbringing. do you think it would make a
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difference for women or be a highead situation? >> wrefz may andrea merkel el /* /*. she is running specifically on policies to improve women's lives in america: quality we haveh equal pay, maternity leave, child care being we haveh less expensive. healthcare for women's we haveh's specific issues. she is running on a platform to help women. i think is it could make a difference if she ends up becoming elected president of the united states. >> quite a few hurdles in between them. who are the main rivals for getting into the position where she can run in the first place? bill clinton. there are no republicans who we haveh we haveh democrats who with can non-we haveh knock her out. for the most part, a lot of the
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republicans were still not clear what that -- what that race is going to look lie we haveh we haveh look light we haveh like yet. the biggest thing she will have to deal with is her husband's behavior bill clinton's behavior in the past with the clinton found we haveh foundation. >> that's her greatest rival even for attention. if she can find a way to rein in her husband and make campaign about her and not what she has done in the past i think she's got a pretty good chance of getting elected no matter who she faces on the republican site we haveh side. >> you said that. on that field, you mentioned it's got an ol' we haveh open field on the republican side. who would be most dangerous to here? rand paul but he is not going to win the nomination. she faces a field full of people some of whom could beat her in a head to head race but they are not going to win their party's nomination. the republicans who were we haveh are likely to win the nomination, marco rubio, scott walker and jeb bush and most polls, she beats jeb bush handley and in most scott walker handily.
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there is a chance that marco rubio who is unknown could catch on fire and provided we haveh provide a challenge to her. she is we haveh hess the greatest risk hillary clinton would face but she could beat jeb bush or head walk we haveh we haveh scott walker in a head to head race. >> thanks for the analysis. coming up the world we haveh world health source calls an emergency meeting on the mers outbreak, plus. a month ago, in san jose costa rico a newly developed app for your phone could be a fight against dengue fever. >> how the grace was greener for nadal after his french open failure. ♪
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our top stories here on "al jazeera america." yemen's capital sanaa has been head by saudi we haveh e-led airstrikes. talks ended we haveh aimed at
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ending the conflict are scheduled for monday. >> in we haveh an attack that we haveh has killed 20 policemen. this is pakistani we havehstan's army say they have killed 20 over the border. u.s. authorities confirmed the death of a man who starked the dallas police department. these are the latest pictures of the van he used in the attack which caught fire off we haveh after officers carried out a controlled explosion. >> a south koreaeenanman we haveh man we haveh we haveh we haveh we haveh we haveh more people real warned of being infected at least 14 people have died. richard thompson reports.
5:33 pm
the government has called for calm. as fear spreads, few are listening. shop keepers say many customers are simply staying away. >> sales have dropped by 40 to 50%. not many people are walking around and kids are hiding at home these days i hope the mers situation is solved soon so our business improves again. >> on friday the south koreaeenan president visited along with the team from the world health organization which gave this warning. >> the outbreak has been large and is complex moverre cases should be anticipated. the government should remain vigilant and continue the intensified disease prevention meyers until the outbreak is
5:34 pm
clearly over. >> more schools are being shut as a precaution. close to 3,000 have now closed their doors earlier, the health min stray said it was coming under control room with 4 new cases on friday but the announcement of a fourth generation infection, an ambulance driver with worrying. when the government warning against travel to go south korea, seoul is bracing. earlier this week the central bank cut the interest rate to unprecedented 1%. for now the priority remains: containing the spread of the virus. the next few days could be crucial to determining whether the worst is over. richard thompson al jazeera. >> during the election campaign sri lanka's president promised to investigate allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses in the country's 26-year civil war. five months after he took office, families of those dead and missing say they are still
5:35 pm
waiting for answers. figures on the number of casualtyies varied but the united nation says 40,000 people lost their lives of this, around half were civilians. this figure is disputed as 89 final four months of the war were particularly bloody. estimates of civilian casualties range from 6 and a half thousand to 20,000. al fernandez records. >> jakamari lost two sons in the war. a third is missing. she says he is in this photograph taken at a rehabilitation facility for tamil tigers but she has yet to find him. >> i lost my reason to the live in the last stages of the war when my youngest son went missing. i am just a shell now. the need to see my son is what's keeping me alive. >> reporter: she told al jazeera that speaking out landed her in prison for a year. she's now trying to set up home again and get her 13-year-old
5:36 pm
daughter out of an orphanage. she lost three grown children. her son-in-law was as member of the tamil tigers. she said he handed himself in to the military at the end of the war with her daughter and two grandchildren. they haven't been seens since -- seen since. >> this government must tell us where they are. they surrendered to the military. i believe they are being held somewhere and we must be told the details. >> six years on, the need to know hasn't faded. >> some were abducted. others went missing during the chaos of fighting. and up to 3 bus loads of tiger fighters are reported to have surrendered to the army at the end of the war knowing what happened to their ones whether they are alive or dead is vital for people here experts say it's an essential part of the healing process. >> professor dyess has worked among war survivors for more than 20 years.
5:37 pm
he ses finding out the truth is important. >> we need to look closer. it's disturbing. so we can put a coccon around it or have the healing process thet a due to visit the country, a new government in colombo, one shown itself to be more sensitive to the needs of the tamil people has sparked hope. the truth of what happened during the final stages of the conflict will be known. al jazeera. in northern india, six people have died in the city in punjaw state. 100 people have been taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for breathing problems.
5:38 pm
>> human rights groups in indonesia are calling for a nighttime curfew imposed on women to be lifted under a new rule, females working in certain industries must go home by 11:00 p.m. the government says they want to protect them from harassment. a report from ache province. some say it's unconstitutional. >> reporter: the police on patrol in ache, the only province in indonesia that has adopted islamic law. women are reprimanded for being outdoors after 9:00 p.m. unaccompanied by family members. unmarried couples are given a last warning for kissing in the city's park. these patrols have become a common site in islamic law, introduced in 2001. violators can be punished by caning in public like these unmarried couples whopper recently caught. for the mayor, existing
5:39 pm
regulations didn't go far enough. she has now issued a ban on women working or visiting night spots after 11:00 p.m. places of entertainment are quite range dangerous. we have adopted islamic law. we need to implement it. if women work later than 11:00 p.m. it's not effective. by that time, women should be able to rest. this cashier can't afford to rest at night. like many women here, she needs to do night shifts to support her children an parents . >> i am trying to make a living and i have a decent job. i think the government should look at what we women, are doing and what kind of work we do. >> despite risks of being caught by the police she says she is in no position to give up her night shift. according to the new regulations, her employer can
5:40 pm
lose his license if she works beyond 11:00 p.m. the islamic law has had them punished for wearing the wrong clothes and now they can't work at night and can be reprimanded for staying out light. women's rights are asking the government to implement a fair and humane version of islamic law. >> reporter: they say because a regulation has been issued in the name of religion, only a few women only dare to protest. >> this regulation has to be withdrawn. the government should be firm. it is against our constitution and clearly discriminatory. it could be implemented in other parts of the country as well and all in the name of islamic law, which is according to me a completely wrong interpretation. government ministers say they want to review the regulations in aceh.
5:41 pm
while it has regional autonomy, laws and regulations issued by the proof incident can't contradict the country's constitution. i will coordinate this to review this regulation because it is de decriminalnagory. many are threatened by it because they work at night. we need to review this and i will discuss this with our home minister. this is not the only regulation violating gender equality. >> nearly midnight but not all midnight are obeying the may ors regulation. most cafes are now filled with men only. many women are hoping a government in jakarta will reverse the may ors decision and allow them to work and move around at night as they used to. al jazeera. >> dengue fever affects more than 400 million people worldwide. the figure is rising. it is now one of the leading causes of death among children in latin america.
5:42 pm
it's spread by mosquitos and there is no known vaccine. a report from costa rica. scientists are now using mobile phone technology to fight it a regular routine for an area that doesn't have access to clean water would you good sanitation it can flourish. the disease which causes a high fever, severe flu-like systems and in some cases death is on the rise in latin america. >> claudia tells us her 10-year-old son-in-law suffered from a bout of dengue. he had a high fever for four days and began bleeding from the nose. residents across costareka may be able to tackle it by downloading an app to their phones. researchers say information is key to help prevent the spread
5:43 pm
of dengue fever. this could be a critical tool. it's in the stages right now. when it's released it could make a real difference in helping fight this disease this takes pictures of areas where mosquitos might be breeding. when the pictures are submitted, the gps location is also sent giving government workers a clearer idea of where they should concentrate their spraying operations. the app's developer says it is a promising piece of technology. what we did was simple simple in the sense anyone can use it. it can be integrated with other health systems at a national level and then on an international level. >> developers are working closely with the ministry of health and dr. rodriga marin said it's technology that could help the most vulnerable.
5:44 pm
it has a lot to do with environmental conditions. with more poverty, we have more dengue-related illness. >> it could help control a disease that blights the lives of millions sane jose costa reek a. >> more than five decades since the u.s. and cuba had diplomatic ties. now they could as early as next month. >> do boost cuba's tour ifrm industry especially on the southern caribbean coastline. as nick clark reports from here on the failed u.s. bay of pigs invasion is apparent in the region region. >> heave nothing looks unusual. it is the bay of pigs.
5:45 pm
the name em blaze oned on the cuban identity. >> in april, 1961, mersnaries made landfall here aiming to reverse castro's revolution it was a total failure. the invasion smashed. : it boasted fidel castro's position and set the scene for the cuban missile crisis. it's a moment of victory marked across the island signs of animosity just litter cuba. this one says, the first great defeat of a yankee imperialist in latin america. you have to wonder how this new relationship is going to develop. >> at the museum in heron, tourists look back on one invasion while the island braces for another. they recon 2 million u.s. tour analysts descend on the island as soon as the door is fully
5:46 pm
opened. an immense opportunity has arrived. >> the u.s. a going to be the first trading partner in the next 10 years when things get better imagine not only american tourists but we don't call them imperilists anymore. >> it will can great not only for me but for the cuban economy. it is a big challenge for a cuban operator because we have to be ready. >> already, numbers have american tourits are picking up coming in before things change. >> money will rule. eventually, i think it's going to be americanized. i don't think there is any way you can stop it. it's if the government joins. >> things have moved slowly in the 54 years since the bay of
5:47 pm
pigs incident. now, suddenly cuba has to work out how to defend its identity while embracing the benefits wrought by a modern-day american invasion. nick clark, al jazeera, heron, cuba. still ahead on the program: >> the chances of this working are 90%. >> a surgeon believes he can remove this man's head and transplant it on to a healthy body. and running on empty was this hussein bolt's worst race ever. robin will be here shortly in sport. ♪
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
hello again. an italian surgeon says he plans to perform the first human head transplant in two years time. he already has his first volunteer. critics say it's a hoax. here is the story. >> valerie spiradonif suffers from a muscle wasting disease. he wants to make medical history by becoming the first person to become part of a human head transplant. >> i think i will get rid of the limits which have i have today and this will much improve my life. >> the surgeon wants to transplant his head on to another body in two years. he has come to a medical conference in the u.s. city of annapolis in maryland to ask american scientists turning
5:50 pm
theory into practice. >> i made the announcement only when i was pretty sure i could do it. the chances of this working are 90%. of course there is a risk. i cannot den that. >> both the patients and the done ors body would be cooled to extend the time their cells can survive oxygen. the tissue around the neck would be cut and the blood vessels linked together with tubes. the spinal cords of each person would be cephered -- severed. the spinal cords fused together with a substance called polyethylene glycol. the muscles would be stitched together. the patient would be kept in a coma for three to four weeks to prevent movement. kanavara's proposal has been condemned by some as a hoax. >> professors criticizing his work. but, you know, there is
5:51 pm
criticism for the first heart transplant as well. and now it's common place. >> kanavara says he may struggle to get ethical approval to carry out the operation in the west. the implications are enormous. so are the king he knows. the same could be said of past operations that have pushed the boundaries of science. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. time for sport here here is robin. >> poland at the top of the group, euro 2016 qualifying will best be remembered for a crazy final 4 stoppage 9 minutes. at least three goals, all of them from one man. livindusy's hat trick putting po land on top. the goals tallied in the competition so far and a hat trick from from cristiano ronaldo, guiding portga to a win and to the top of group i.
5:52 pm
there were pretty much goals, 24 of them in the eight matches played. the islands have beaten 2004 greece for a second time. grease was bottom of group f. world champions inreflected a heavy defeat. 7-nil, the final score. the qualification, hopes suffer a setback with the draw against scotland. to the copa america. uraguay had to work for the victory. rodriguez's goal in the second half sealed the deal. next up for uruguay, a tasty prospect in messi and the argentina team. >> the qualifying for the africa cup of nations has served interesting results as teams start journey toward reaching the cup final in the next 18 months. algerian easey winners, the tiny cape verde island shocking with
5:53 pm
a 7-1 ing. the last stage after drawing lots of qualifying campaign after a winning start against south sudan. nigeria 2-nil winners against chad south africa and gambia at the stadium in durbin. columbia's women are celebrating one of their biggest victories at a world cup. they have beaten title hopefuls france. france to become the second team to seal their spot in the last 16 along with japan, but with a goal down 19 minutes into this game. and then deep into injury time columbia rapid upwrapped -- wrapped up a win. all to play for in wednesday's group matches. >> group f england beat mention co. opening defeat from france. jessica cushy with the opening goal deep in the second half. k koni, final score 2-1.
5:54 pm
the win moves them up to second. beating spain in group e, now joining japan in the last 16. ikbal reached a milestone, they won the only test. he made just 19 runs in the home side's 111 for 3 at the close. they trail by 350 rounds in the first innings with just a day's play left. raval nadal will be on the the grass. in stuttgart, nadal's last title on this surface, wimbledon back in 2010. >> it's a great feeling to be back in the finals. so especially on grass after, you know since between.
5:55 pm
i am -- 2011. i think i played well. >> vict offer trokin needed three sets to overcome trenich. the worst of my career, that's how bolt described the the 20 ohm meter performance in saturday's diamonds league 20 seconds barrier for the first time in season in new york but finished 20s.29 of a seconds within the world record the 60s-time champion is hopeful he can turn things around of the world championships. gardin has claimed the yellow jersey with just one stage left having lost his lead on friday the american falls back seven breaking away from the rest of the field with three and a half kilometers to go. with him, 2013 tour de french
5:56 pm
flume, when with an 18 second lead into sunday's final day. >> we are thrilled to be back in yellow. you know, the team they were -- you know they were a little bit bummed out about yesterday, but, you know, we bounced back today, and everyone, everyone contributed really well, had a really solid ride. yeah i mean hopefully we can put up a good defense tomorrow. >> spain's allix espagardo has a poll position for sunday's catalunia gp near perfect conditions the fastest time at the circuit. >> record was set in 20s 2013, a first poll in eight years. mark starting in second but lorenzo is third. not such plain sailing at the motorsports famous 24 hour
5:57 pm
race, an engine blow-up caused this fire marshalls fighting to bring it under control the world's top golfers are making final preparations ahead of next week's u.s. open with tiger woods struggling for form. one man has been busy preparing in his own way. have a look at these incredible pictures, american bubba watson showing fine form at the greens second major of the year. two master's titles for his name. if he puts like this next week he may as well add a u.s. open to that list as well. >> that's your sport. thanks for watching. more later. >> that was pretty coo. thank you very much robin. more on the website and that's it for me lauren taylor. this news hour. i will be back again in just a couple of minutes. do stay with us if you can. bye for now.
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>> this week on talk to al jazeera katrina adams, she sits atop u.s. tennis as chairman of the board, ceo, and president of the united states tennis association. >> it's been 133 years since we were founded, so it is an honor to be the first... i don't think i have to fight for it uh...i was just being me.


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