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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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this sunday. thanks for being with us i'm jonathan betz in new york the the news continues with del walters. i'm dell walt j -- walters, this is al jazeera america in new york. >> jed bush on the eve of her announcement, and hillary clinton faking her message to voters in iowa. we look at the candidate and issues of political dynasties. violence in chicago, more than 1,000 gun-related incidents, is there an end in site and an answer to stop the crime. u.s. strikes inside of libya for the first time in four years. >> we have come to the last in a traumatic manner marooned in newfoundland an emergency passenger leaves hundreds in military barracks
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for their vacation. our top story involves the two big names in the race for the white house in 2016. a day after hillary clinton announced her run for the white house, her rivals are taking aim, calling her outdated and out of touch. jed bush set to make an announcement tomorrow taking to social media today with this campaign logo. >> reporter: a day after her high removal kick off hillary clinton rallied supporters in iowa, a state that tripped up her first presidential campaign seven years ago. >> now, there may be some new voices in the republican presidential choir, but they are singing the same song "yesterday", you know the one.
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>> reporter: clinton's republican rivals are using this gains her. in this ad, marco rubio mocks clinton was a politician of the past. >> yesterday is over. [ cheering and applause ]. >> before us now is the opportunity to author the greatest chapter yet in the amazing story of america. we can't do that by going back to the leaders and ideas of the past. >> reporter: it's a charge clinton faces on sunday from fellow candidate bernie sanders. >> people want real change in terms of economics and policies. >> reporter: critics like republican chris christie, who is soon to announce an intention to seek the presidency point to another theme, that clinton doesn't understand every day americans. >> mrs. clinton doesn't hear from anybody, she doesn't talk to anybody, doesn't take questions from everybody - how will she know what real americans are concerned about.
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>> reporter: clinton is emphasising her questions with regular people. >> now, over the past month i have been listening to what you here in iowa have to say. in coffee shops, in community colleges, in businesses. >> reporter: her husband, former president bill clinton is defending her. >> i think when people go to personal attacks this far before the election, it means they are scared of you, they should be >> reporter: also on sunday, former governor jed bush posted this image on twitter, a likely campaign logo missing the word bush. and in an interview he pointed out he's different from his brother, former president george w. bush. . >> jed is different from george my life story is different. >> reporter: jed bush is expected to announce his candidacy on monday. >> he really cares about us, he cares about people with developmental disabilities. >> reporter: he is leading up to it with a new ad, emphasising what he has done for what he
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calls the most vulnerable. >> we need a new leadership taking conservative issues and applying them. the big political news both represent political dine afties, for better or worse. we'll look at how jed and hillary clinton will define themselves as their own people, candidates in "the week ahead". it airs: after being criticized for her silence on the trade debate hillary clinton says she has concerns about the president's trade agenda. the president wants a deal with pacific rim countries that critics say would take jobs away from americans. >> the president should listen to and work with his allies in congress starting with nancy pelosi who have expressed their concerns about the impact a week agreement would have on the
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workers, to make sure we get the best strongest deal possible and if we don't get it there should be no deal meanwhile a former aid to the president says democrats need to stand together on the ttp. william daly was the white house chief of staff. >> i feel from a policy and political sense that it is very wrong for the democrats to undercut the democrats. this deal can get done white house officials scribed the vote as a set back, noting another vote will happen next week. >> the u.s. carried out a strike in libya, killing a former al qaeda commander. it was the first strike for the u.s. inside the country. moouk tar moouk tar was behind a hostage crisis at a gas plant. 20 were held hostage. they were killed. an armed group was trying to
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give i.s.i.l. from gaining control of the country. >> skirmishes continue for days in the city in eastern libya. >> the fighters say they made gapes and pushed back fighters linked to i.s.i.l. they belong to a coalition of militias calling themselves the ashura coup. people are afraid and put up roadblocks to stop advances. more than a dozen have been injured in the fighting. it flared up when the ashura council declared war on the fighters that the council described as tyrants and criminal. for months, i.s.i.l. has bolstered presence. videos were uploaded of christians being beheaded. ashura council is taking on i.s.i.l. in the east. in central cert groups are trying to take control from libyan dawn fighters, who backed the government in the capital
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tripoli. i.s.i.l. said it also carried out a suicide attack on a checkpoint. the ashura council is not a new body, it's been battling forces loyal to the renegade general, considered the military chief of one of libya's competing government. hardline groups are part of the coalition. one is led by a former inmate of guantanamo bay, considered to be close to al qaeda. another controversial group is the martyrs' brigade. with no central government in charge of the whole of libya powerful groups control areas under their influence. representatives met in morocco, and considered a unity plan. with one side seeing the general, saying he must go, and other refusing to share power. groups like i.s.i.l. take advantage of the political
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power vacuum. many find is hard to imagine how they'll ever reach agreement a u.s.-led coalition launching is it air strikes in iraq, hitting targets near baghdad aring fallujah mosul and other cities. a factory where they made car bombs was a target. another destroyed an i.s.i.l. strategic position near aleppo. fighting between i.s.i.l. and kurdish fighters is raging near the border as kurds make advances to an i.s.i.l. strong hold. a turkish take over of the town could take off a route that i.s.i.l. has been using to transport supplies. forces almost have the town surrounded and will be able to control the turkish border a summit is being held in south africa but the talk of the summit is whether one of the attendees will love in
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handcuffs, wanted by the international criminal court for war crimes. we have this report from south africa. >> reporter: when sudan's president arrived in south africa late on saturday he brought with him a political and legal storm. one. issues discussed at the african union summit he is attending is conflict resolution now the host nation faces the embarrassment of a legal challenge that could see basheer sent to the hague to surveys war crime matters. civil society organizations have tape the south african government to court to ensure the country upholds obligations to the criminal court. sa judge told him he kapt leave. sudanese are furious much...
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the court does not know about this, this is a matter to be assessed by law. >> it left the south african government in a difficult position. pretoria has an agreement with the axe u that sitting -- au that sitting heads of state cannot be arrested. the question is what is available now. >> they can prevent basheer leaving south africa. it's aggression, he'll have to be arrested. and we'll have to be put in the custody. all of those are not the court's responsibility. the court made a decision which, according to the law is quite correct. but it can't enforce its own decisions. >> the court asked south africa
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to arrest basheer, and accuses them of crimes against humanity and darfur. many african nations believe the i.c.c. is biassed against its leaders, picking them out for prosecution, meaning the south african judge decision on monday on whether or not to address the man that governed sudan since 1989 will reverberate around africa and the world. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu called a soon-to-be-released u.n. report a waste of time. the report looking into last year's war in the gaza strip. binyamin netanyahu says the u.n. report is a baseless automatic accusation against israel, and says an israeli report and u.n. official report compiled by a group of retirement western generals tells the truth about what happened in gaza. the two reports say israel did all it could to avoid civilian casualties. according to a british newspaper the united kingdom has been pulling spies from the
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field because they have been compromised by leaks. the "sunday times" saying russia and china has access to edward snowden's reports. >> it's two years since snowed your fled the united states after downloading 1.7 million files. he ended up in russia where he resides. the "sunday times" reports russia and china accessed a million documents, forcing western intelligence agencies including mi6 here to pull agents out of the field for fear for their safety. the paper quotes an intelligence source in britain saying we no russia and china has access to edward snowden's material, and will go through it for years to come, searching for clues. edward snowden has done damage, the agencies forced to intervene in some cases and lift the
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agents from operation to prevent them being identified and killed. the prime minister's office in london is not directly commenting on the reports, but says there's no evidence anyone has been harmed. edward snowden supporters maintained that he acted in the public interest, notably in revealing mass surveillance programs. the latest accusations strengthen arguments that he posed a threat to the national interests to countries like the u.s. and britain. coming up on al jazeera america - details about the new york prison break, how contractors working at the gaol may have helped the two convicts escape - and didn't know it crime in chicago - getting so bad a film-maker is comparing the city to iraq keeping it in the family a look at the bush and clinton's campaigns this time around.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story".
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only on al jazeera america. new details emerge about how the two convicted killers managed to escape from a maximum security prison in new york. david sweat and richard matt escaped from the clinton correctional center nine days ag. the power tools they used belonged to contractors. they avoided protection by turning the tools to their boxes, and a manhunt stretches to vermont and canada no signs of those escapees. >> we don't know if they are still in the immediate area, for if they are in mexico by now. right. enough time has transpired. but we are following up every lead the best we can a prison workers, joyce mitchell has been charged with helping them escape. a da says she was supposed to drive them away felt guilt and backed out james boulware's parents,
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who opened fire an dallas police spoke out. he rammed a police car with his van and fired round at officers in and out of the buildings. the attack ended when he was shot dead by a fighter. he assaulted his mother in 2013 and made threats against a judge who oversaw his custody case. his mother felt she lost him to mental illness the head lines in chicago says it all, two dead, 16 wounded in weekend violence. we contacted the chicago police and they couldn't give us a number on how many shootings there were in the city on the weekend. gun violence has been a problem in the windy city for decades, it is now the subject of a spike lee movie called "chiraq" comparing chicago to iraq. diane eastabrook says the numbers don't lie. >> we as a city must and can do better. >> reporter: in his inaugural
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speech in may chicago major ron emanuel promised change. >> when young men and women lose their lives, we as a state must do better. >> reporter: over the past yu years chicago has become infamous for final crime, and there's a spike during summer especially over the july 4th weekend. as of june 7th, a thousand people have been shot, one shooting every 3.5 hours. the flow of illegal guns say the police is a bigger problem in chicago than it is in los angeles or new york. in new york city there were 510 shootings through end of may. chicago's tally is nearly double that, even though the city is about a third the size. >> we can't sit ideally bias
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elected officials and allow this to happen. blood is on our hands much the blood of innocent children. the blood of grant mothers, the blood of innocent bystanders. the blood of trauma associate with this gun violence. it's on the hands of elected officials who are not willing to stand up and have the courage to lead. >> much of the bloodshed is concentrated into troubled areas plagued by gangs and drugs. chicago's south side and the neighbourhood west of downtown. as you see from the map, no community is immune, and no demographic safe. >> there are kids with post-traumatic stress disorder. there are kids that show the same symptoms as returning war veterans from growing up. >> numbers are startling, they may not tell the whole story. some criminologists say violence peaked decades ago in chicago, and it's on the rebound
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after years of steady decline tio is the executive director of violence interrupted, a community organization trying to stop the violence in chicago. thank you for being with us this evening. >> glad to be here. >> 1,100 people have been shot on chicago city streets alone. one person decide. six others wounded last night. you say the reason is self hatred. black people hating themselves, is it that simple? >> it's not that simple. there's a long history of of african american youth. not the entire community, but a number that engage in the violent behaviour. i believe it is more self-hatred compared to gang and gun violence. police are looking in the long direction. the guys are shooting each other about any and everything.
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grandmothers shot. kids babies that's a manifest hags of self hatred. 85%ful homicides and shootings occur in the african-american community. >> i want to read a quote to you, and ask if it's familiar here is the quote. it says at the rate we go we could kill every black male in this aim range, my concern is that group is an endangered species. any idea who might have said that? >> i don't know who might a said that. >> isaac full wood, former police chief in 1998. detroit has seen the problem, it was not solved there, as did washington d.c., new york city and chicago. do you feel there's no solution to the violence in chicago, and history as a barometer, it's going to play its way out? >> first and foremost there's a solution. we have to design curriculum
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addressing black on black. youth on the south side, west of baltimore and new york. we need to get fire to superintendent mccarthy. the major has no clue, and continues to hold mccarthy's hand. it has been a failure and the numbers speak for themselves. african american men have to step up in big numbers, addressing the youth, bringing them to the table, and that's the only which to stop the killing in chicago and throughout the nation in african-american communities. >> if i told you they said the same thing about marion barry in washington d.c., and smoak in baltimore and on and on and on would it make a difference? >> well yes, it would make a big difference. not just having a symbolic black leader, we need black men on the ground level. if young men are out there involved in a violent lifestyle,
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fathers, uncles and relatives should tell them we'll disown you as part of the family if you shoot people in the community, you will not be welcome to no family reunion, you put that pressure on the guys they may come around. let me say that quickly. another reason you cannot reduce a homicide no one talks about killing. it happens, police show up after the fact. community groups show up after the fact. you have to intercept whispers and have a relationship with the shooters in order to get them to put their guns down. >> chicago is not just a u.s. city it's a city that the president of the united states calls home. he plans to build a presidential library there. that said, do you believe chicago and violence is on the radar of washington and the white house? >> well, yes, the violence was definitely on the radar of the white house, and we had high-profile shootings,
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penalties. she lost her life. president obama, michelle, came to speak at a graduation where the idea was to graduate and she lost her life. violence is on the radar. so much is going on that violence in chicago is swept up under the parked. it's hard to focus and zoom in in chicago. once again police are looking in the wrong direction. you cannot police self-hatred. i say this because i talk to young guys, 15, 16 years old. i ask why you shoot the guys. i don't like the guys my brother didn't like them. it's passed down generation to generation. >> thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much more than 2,000 protesters marching through hong kong, all demanding the right to vote for leadership in upcoming elections, without the input of chinese lawmakers. government law makers will vote
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on a bill allowing beijing to vet a candidate for chief executive officer of hong kong. sarah clarke has more on that. >> reporter: in sweltering heat they marched through central hong kong. streets were closed as pro-democracy supporters returned to where long-running protests began. >> it's important to think about a course that is continuing. >> reporter: many holding the symbol of the protest. organizers expect as many as 50,000 people to march. the turn out was short of the expectations. >> so we want to get an assembly to show support to members of the legislative council to vote down the proposal. >> 5,000 police were mobilized to control the crowds. rallies were peaceful. pro-democracy groups called on legislators to vote down the government's electoral reform package. >> this rally, i think, is for those of hong kong citizens that
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want to make sure that the democratic group would veto the vote, the government proposal, when it comes to voting the government electoral reform plan allows residents to vote in the 2017 election. all candidates would be screened by china. it triggered 2.5 months of protests last year. this is the first of a number of rallies with a vote in the legislative council by friday. the government needs a two-thirds majority to get the bill passed. it's yet to get the support. coming up in the sunday segment, the week ahead. we'll talk about political dynasties, can hillary and jed carry on family traditions and 2 million new yorkers could face a rent hike as programs meant to
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keep homes affordable is set to expire.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. here is a look at top stories. a former military commander has been killed in libya. he master mined a deadly hostage crisis at an algerian gas plant. he has been reported dead several times and wanted by algeria and the u.s. on terrorism charges. u.s. is not commenting on the potential death of the al qaeda leader we are learning about the two that broke out of a prison in the united states. they cut their way out using power tools, belonging to contractors doing renovation work. escapas have been on the run for nine days. hillary clinton addressing crowds in iowa if demoyne. calling on president obama to work with congress to approve the transpacific trade deem
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it's sunday night, time for a regular look at "the week ahead". hillary clinton kicking off her campaign on saturday. jed bush announcing tomorrow. if bush and clinton is familiar it should. both come from families whose members lived in the white house for a combined 20 years. some call that a political dynasty. as david shuster reports, heavy is the head that wants to wear the scroun. >> in germany last week jed bush tried to show his credentials. >> russia must respect the sovereignty of its neighbours. and mentioned his father g h.w. bush, helping to bring down the berlin wall. the bush president jed did not mention was his brother george w, a figure most germans dislike
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because of the war in iraq. it's a difficult leg as si for this member of the bush family overseas and home. he's planning to announce his own candidacy amid conceptions that he represents the continuation of a family dynasty. >> i'm my own man, shaped in my own thinking and experiences. >> reporter: jed bush stumbled when asked about his thoughts on the iraq war that his brother led. >> reporter: knowing what you know now, would you have authorised the invasion. >> i would, so would have hillary clinton and anyone confronted with the intelligence they got. he spent days at damage control: iraq is a difficult issue not just for the bush family, but the american public. according to a poll 71% of americans, and
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a majority of republicans believe the iraq war was not worth it. and yet jed bush's record in florida and perceptions he is more like his father than brother made him a favourite of the national republican establishment. in the race for the democratic presidential nomination, the establishment is hillary clinton. show was first lady when her husband bill clinton led the nation to record-setting economic growth. and served as a u.s. senator, spending four years as president obama's secretary of state. >> she is somebody who has, you know been in so many different roles that we have gotten to know very well. that can be great. and can be a draw back. this is somebody who our views are cemented at this point. >> hillary clinton is chipping away at the idea that all clintons are political moderates, running against some of her husband's policies.
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and took positions to the left of the last criminal justice policies and trade. and has been trying to spin away clinton drama explained in the 1990s. >> we are back into the political season and we'll be subjected to all kinds of distraction and attacks, and i'm ready for that. >> reporter: some of those distractions were self-inflicted from foreign donations to exclusive relines on an email system while conducting government assistance. >> looking back it would have been better if i used a second email account and carried a second phone. at the time it didn't seem an issue. >> reporter: to the extent that hillary clinton could be playing by her own rules, could remind the public of her husband's scandal and impeachment.
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there is an issue for hillary clinton and jed bush. both 2016 candidates have a last name that brings promise and peril. the challenge is liver rimming what voters like about the family's presidential history, and breaking away from the embarrassment that some americans cannot forget jian carlos is a former visor to bush and basil an aide to hillary clinton. thank you for joining us, and please keep the talking points to the minimum. [ laughs ] there are 20 million people. getting to the white house will cost each candidate about a billion for a job that pays $400,000 a year. are we seeing the best that america has to offer, or is it two people that can raise that amount of money because the
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campaign system is the way it is. >> on the republican side we are seeing the best the countries has to offer. we have a wide array of former and counter governors who distinguish themselves and legislators responsible for keeping the wheels in washington turning. >> how many people do you have running? >> i lost count when it got to the upper double digits. it's a lot. it's a diverse field. it's another point of pride. it's a field that looks different to the fields in the past. >> mr smikal is that the best democrats can do. i'm not saying the candidates are bad. it's the same names over and over again. as we mentioned in a report earlier, george h.w. bush ran for the white house in 1979. >> i think with respect to the democratic candidate, if you go back to 2004 and beyond that you see heavy names running for the white house, and i thing in
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this particular year hillary clinton is the standard bearer of democratics politics, with bernie sanders and mark o'malley. this is the best that the democratic party has to offer. it's a winning ticket. i would say for the dollars that you are talking about, it's not just about electing them to run for president, it's a lot of races running for senate congress and governors. >> it's a lot of money for a job paying $400,000. >> it's not just a job, it's electing people downballot. that's important. >> everywhere wants to know how jed bush diffs from his brother and father. take a listen to what he had to say. >> jed is different to george. my life story is different. >> if you go to my home town of west virginia they'll tell you
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i'm teddy's boy and rob's brother. that said how different can jed bush be from his father or brother. >> i'm an only child, i may not be best qualified to answer that question. i know a lot of families with siblings he's a different person from his father and brother. they have different circumstances, they govern differently. jed bush's last name is bush. he's his own man. >> when he had to say something about the most important issue grg the election, separating yourself from your past, how did he feel about the way his brother handled iraq, by all estimates he stumbled. how do you separate yourself when you have to sit at thanksgiving and say "sorry to say that brother", or father. >> one of the benefits of having relatives in the seat that they occupied before they know what
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comes with the territory. president bush 41, like he says to bush 43, jed, if you have to break with policies of mine or your brothers all is fair in love and war. >> i want to play a sound bite from hillary clinton, following a lose to president obama. >> this is very personal to me it's not just political or public. i see what is happening. we have to reverse it. >> i bring this up to point out eight years ago we talked about the fact that there was a clinton dynasty, and a clinton campaign machine was unstoppable. it was stopped. >> right. that moment, after iowa when president obama won, and the entire country communities that were not paying attention to president obama were at that moment. that was a moment for hillary clinton that restarted her campaign. it changed her narrative a
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little bit. people thought she was a little too distance and not particular approachable. that humanized her. that's the campaign that you'll see from her in this election. >> after that humanized moment she lost the nomination and wound up being secretary of state. >> not by much much. >> and not the president. >> if you remember, that was a close primary, one of the closest we have had in modern political history, going into the convention. people thought there would be a fight on the floor at the convention. she did lose that's correct. and laying the ground work for the campaign in 2016, i think, we see a shift. she doesn't have the opponent that she did in president obama at the time. she has a bit of wriggle wroom. >> is it too soon to quarantine here saying she was the presumptive nominee when she was eight years ago and lost.
8:40 pm
>> sure you don't want to run like your victory is inevitable. >> jed bush is yet to announce he'll announce tomorrow, he's being attacked by a member of his own party, john mccain having this to say - he hasn't met the expectation level of what we expected of a bush. granted he's supporting lindsay graham. that's tough from a guy in your own party. do the republicans want jed bush to be the nominee? >> that remanies to be seen. this one -- remains to be seen. this one does. he distinguished himself as governor of florida, one of the most successful governors in a key state. he has an excellent story and is a formidable candidate. >> the former secretary from george w. bush and basil, senior aide to hillary clinton
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thank you both for being with us. this week it's been two years since the boston marathon leaving two dead and this week a friend of the two brothers will be sentenced to two years. he had nothing to do with the making of the bomb but denied knowledge rents could soar if represent stabilization laws expire on monday. 45% of the city's renters could be affected. 2 million people, 2 million new yorkers. kristen saloomey reports that landlords are break the law to drive rent stabilized ten at out a native new yorker from brooklyn. >> i lived around the corner and moved here 10 years ago. >> reporter: her neighbourhood is expensive. like many she put up with
8:42 pm
terrible living companies to hold on to a 2 bedroom apartment. >> we had no heat. at teems the hot water will go. >> it got worse. >> an axe took to the boiler. they destroyed the electrical system, gas and took a saw to the waterpoops so the base was flooded out. >> they were the landlords holding the building. they were arrested on charges that they wrecked three of their buildings to drive out ten at protected under represent stabilization laws laws that limit how much landlords can agrees rents annually. >> as represent in manhattan is more and more expensive. people are moving to neighbourhoods like this on the outskirts of the city cifg up the prices -- driving up prices. once a represent stabilized ten at movements out. landlords can raise the rent. >> landlord harassment
8:43 pm
approaches june versal levels in rent regulated junts that are below market. those landlords desperately want to evict those long-term residents and move in new wealthier folks. >> landlords say the small rent increases allowed are not enough. >> the turn over means long-term tenants are paying represent below markets and we are meeting ever-increasing costs. >> reporter: the issue is hotly debated as rent regulation lawyers are due to expire. the city's lawmakers are pushing for a requirement to include affordable units in luxury blocks, buildings blamed for driving up housing costs across new york. there are compromises possible, it remains to be seen. kata leana says it's a struggle to provide for her two children since her apartment was deemed unlivable. >> i had roommates helping me dipping into savings, to make
8:44 pm
sure the kids had a roof over their heads. >> her represent tripled, she nose it's worse. her former neighbour moved to a homeless shelter. when al jazeera returns - he fears for his life a mexican man trying to overcome the odds of winning asylum in the united states stranded on the streets. a challenge to save exotic animals and people from flooding in europe. voice be heard... >> struggling >> it's very scary... >> dreaming >> we're actually working on that as we speak... >> where are they now? >> nothing was given too us, we had to earn everything... >> see how it all ends.. >> all of the other families they give us hope... >> i know that keeps me going... >> we just have to keep doing what we have to do... >> an honest look at the american dream... >> this definitely gave me an opportunity to grow up... >> you just don't give up...
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>> hard earned reunion only on al jazeera america
8:46 pm
lence in american cities? >> did somebody get shot? fault lines baltimore rising only on al jazeera america dozens of migrants from africa refuse to leave the border of italy. they spent the last night on rocks in a coastal town, 3 miles from the border. they are trying to reach family members in other european countries and don't want to register as refugees in italy
8:47 pm
under european law. dozens of earth were rescued from the mediterranean sea. the italian coast guard saved 75 on board yesterday, 34 more off the coast of italy. >> last year close to 9,000 mix caps sought asylum in the united states. saying they feared for their lives. 124 were granted the right to settle in the u.s. chinese and others are more likely to be granted asylum. adam raney spoke to a man on the border, saying his life depended on escaping. >> reporter: the stories in the soup kitchen is all about abuse at the hands of smugglers and police. this man and others were robbed and beaten by federal police. most bear their mistreatment. but after years of killings and kidnappings, this man has had
8:48 pm
enough. he wants to apply for asylum. in the united states. he was recently deported and he was forced to dig tunnels under the border. he escaped, but can't escape his fears. >> translation: i haven't been able to sleep well. my nerves are shot. i'm afraid they'll kill me. >> reporter: this man can't confirm if migrants built the tunnels, but he has seen many. >> we found a lot of drugs, a lot of tunnels that had been connecting from mexico to the u.s. >> reporter: his boss said there's one word to describe the way migrants are treated by cartels. >> slavery. there's no two ways about it. they finish a tunnel, we don't know. maybe they disappear because
8:49 pm
they are witnesses. >> reporter: that is what juan miguel is afraid of. he made a formal complaint about the abuse suffered from the police and cartels, now he must leave mexico, he says. >> translation: i'm suffering persecution from the government, police and political groups they can't control. i fear for my life. i want an opportunity to carry on living. >> he is about to cross the mexican side to the u.s. side and apply for asylum. most of the cases are rejected, and there's a possibility he'll be detained by u.s. authorities for several months. this is what he's fighting to return to, his home in america. >> it frightens me more the idea of letting them go in mexico. that will be more dangerous. than if he's locked up. inside he's okay, guarded, contained, but alive. if he is sent across the border, his life is at risk.
8:50 pm
>> reporter: lawyers told us the best hope is for the case to go on for six months, and authorities will allow him to go home to family, until an immigration judge decides his fate south korea's president park geun-hye visiting patients with middle eastern respiratory syndrome or m.e.r.s., and the world health organisation sending a team reporting two new deaths bringing the total since may to 16. 160 south koreans have been infected linked to a man who returned from a business trip to bahrain, saudi arabia the fight against ebola is far from over, according to doctors without borders. they have seen a spike in cases in guinea and sierra leone. the medical workers warning there's the potential for it to
8:51 pm
spread again. some areas declared free are inquected again. more -- n effected again. more than 15,000 have been affected a city in connecticut was paid $17,000 over ebola fears saying she could not go to school because she travelled to nigeria. they have not had confirmed cases. the school wrongfully believed she was exposed to ebola if you sell umbrellas, the place you may want to be is texas. >> that's right, we have a break from all the rain that we saw in may. record-blacking rain. things are about to change as we go to the next 72 hours. i want to show you hear the amount of rain could exceed anywhere between 8 and possibly even 10 inches of rain. we are talking about houston, as well as areas south of dallas
8:52 pm
and into the central parts. same areas that saw record-breaking rains at the end of may. the reason for this is not any thunderstorms pushing through the area we are watching the south, and what is happening here on the western end of the eninnsuala -- peninsula, we have an area of low pressure and we think it will turn into a tropical form. look at the forecast tracks. these are the models taking the information. they are good in consolidation of where the system will be anywhere from here to louisiana. definitely we think this will be a major problem as we go towards tuesday, wednesday and thursday. look at houston's forecast. thunder storms and rain. the accumulation will be impressive. down towards - over here to the
8:53 pm
western side we are watching a tropical storm. it will become a hurricane soon. it was a hurricane. we are seeing land slides here. i want to take you to the south-east. they are not seeing rain. look at the temperatures that they will see. we are looking at temperatures - 99 degrees, not considering the heat index. savannah georgia, and atlanta - 94. we factor the heat index, triple digits. >> in texas we talked about a drought heavy rains causing flooding in the georgian capital of tib lis a. several animals were on the loose. rescue workers are searching for
8:54 pm
survivors of the rain claiming 12 lives. thousands are without water and electricity a wake-up call from a space probe with a robotic lander going offline a few days after lapping on a comet -- landing on a comet in november. it spluttered to life. the twitter account sending a message from space saying "hello earth" much scientists believe the solar collectors were blocked from the sup, but as its position changed light reach the spacecraft. >> next a 30 hour flight from chicago to the u.k. why passengers were forced to spend a night inside army barracks in canada.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
the new "jurassic world" is enjoying dino-size numbers, with a highest grossing debut,
8:57 pm
$512 million. chalking up impressive numbers in the use, $204.6 u.s. numbers the second highest opening all time, trailling marvel's "avengers" in 2012. by the tameime it's added up monday, it could surpass "the avengers." passengers touching down in london 30 hours after leaving chicago. problems with a plane forced them to spend a night an a place they thought they would never see. >> exhausted and exasperated. not how this family thought their european vacation would end. >> we knew there was a problem. after that you left on your own. what would happen how they'd get us to london. hundreds arrived at london's heathrow international airport after being marooned in what you
8:58 pm
could call the middle of nowhere. they left abort chicago flight 958 on saturday. three hours into the flight the plane experienced a maintenance issue. it was forced to land in goose bay, a tiny village in finland and labrador. >> here we are walking on a trail somewhere in canada. >> the captain and crew stayed in a hotel, passengers spent the night in military barracks for 22 hours. they received two meals in the mess hall. many bunks had no heat as temperatures came close to freezing, and some say they were given two blanketed, and sleeping in their clothes. >> we spent the last day and a half in a really traumatic manner. >> reporter: united said hotel
8:59 pm
space was not available so they accommodated customers at a military base sunday morning another plane arrived taking passengers to newark new jersey, where they went through customs and boarded a night to london. united says everywhere will get a refund. it's little comfort to this nebraska family that may have to come back. >> we had a 2-week trip to europe. the london part has been cut in half. finally for this hour the world toe wrestling championship taking place in england. competitors must go toe to toe using feet and toes to overpower opponents. newly crowned world champion says the competition is a source of pride for england. >> i like the fact this is the one sport that england win at. we are hammered at everything else. this time you are guaranteed it will be an england win. especially while i'm around. >> it's the 12th championship
9:00 pm
for nash. thanks for joining us i'll be back with another hour of noose at 11:00p.m. pacific. stay tuned. "america tonight" is next. artists who led the way. >> migration is a story of people doing for themselves what immigrant groups had done for generations and generations before, which was to vote with their feet, and make a new life for themselves. >> america tonight with the epic drama captured by jacob lawrence


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