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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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announcement of jeb bush, the son of a brotherand thebrother of a former president. where thanks for watching. >> this is al jazeera. >> hello i'm sammy zaizan this is the newshour from doha. after defying a south africa court order omar al bashir returns to sudan. the worst refugee crises since the second world war amnesty international coouches syriaaccusessyria of a
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syria. and the paris air show. >> and i'm lee wells sepp blatter may try to stay if a is incremental replacement doesn't come forward. greeted by cheering supporters, flown out offlown out of johannesburg earlier on monday. now south africa is in midst uf an investigation of why he
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wasn't kept in the country. claims he committed atrocities during the darfur conflict. before his arrival brahim nadul was critical of sending ba assure to the isending bashirto the icc. >> against any country taking such a decision. simply for this and that it was a matter of sovereignty. we are a sovereign state. the president is elected by the people of da. andsudan and you have been all following all these statements lame and meaningful. >> former head of the united nations in sudan. he was there in 2003 and 2004 when darfur genocide is alleged
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to have stain place. he joins us from geneva, good to have you with us. first off let's start with what happened in south africa. does that leave the country in breach of its icc obligations? >> it certainly does. i think it's very disappointing that the country whose people who fought against the -- whose people fought against the evils of apartheid should have allowed this to happen. they have let all africans down and the world down. >> as far as what happened in darfur, you were there tell us about that sort of evidence and whether it can go away with time. >> well, the sort of evidence was snuff. i saw this with my own eyes. to alternative president the first sitting president of a sovereign nation to get
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indictments against crimes against humanity against genocide. that evidence of ethnic cleansing on a grand scale had tens of thousands of people who decide just simply because they were black darfuri tribes. you have tens of thousands of refugees still sitting in camps in chad and south sudan and the violence to the day into the mountains and blue nile. i do not know what other evidence is needed because the country be stays in be conflict, to the present day. >> looking at what happened, does this undermine omar al bashir's ability to travel to conduct international relations or does it undermine more you think the credibility of icc and
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its aibles to uphold its rulings. >> i think it certainly has undermined president bashir. the president of the 61 has to sneak away like a thief. he is a fugitive of justice. what kind of governance is it prig to his country who's a war criminal wanted by due judicial process of the international court. they are sake o well only astacking africans, it is an imperialist plot let the africans get on with running their own show. when a crime against humanity is committed in one of part of the world it is a crime against humanity throwd the world. discussions what happened in
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srebrenica 20 years ago and the 20th anniversary of the rwanda genocide as well. these aren't african events or european events, these are world events. president bashir stands accused of the same crime that hitler and his cronies were charged of. >> thank you very much. be idea as the worst humanitarian crisis since the first world war. turkey lebanon jordan, egypt and 3.5,000 people died trying to cross the have mediterranean sea, and southeast asia's
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andeman sea. is and fleeing the fighting between i.s.i.l. and kurdish forces. bernard smith has more. >> this latest surge of refugees is escaping an assault by the ypg on a border town under i.s.i.l. control. air strikes from the u.s. led coalition have helped the ypg push forward. is. >> we lost our hope. >> we were the recorded by terrorized by i.s.i.l. you die a hundred time every day. >> i.s.i.l. has controlled it for 14 months, the townspeople escaping the fighting say it's now deserted. ypg commanders say just a few
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i.s.i.l. fighters are left inside and the ypg controls the only road to raqqa about 80 kilometers away. this is the fourth time, most of these people have been waiting at least 24 hours to get through. they're carrying everything they can manage. for the most part they look relieved to have played it through. they will now be processed by the turkish authorities and allowed into turkey. this woman with hut her self hurt herself be on razor wire as she scrambled over a checkpoint. bernard smith on the turkey, syria border. most refugees, even when they do reach safety, face a
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struggle to survival. kim vanel reports. >> the main street is lined with life. young gamers play inside next door older ones do the same. several barber shops means there's competition for closest shave. all sure signs of a with developing microeconomy. but not all who call this camp home are convinced things are looking up. heaven is 30 years old and has four children. her tent is a playground, her designing room and a family meeting plawrs.
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most people share one toilet. things are changing. these tents have been homes since this was set up august, 2013 pretty much as you can see here the u.n. and the kurdistan regional government another part of compound. there we met mohamed his three daughters and his wife. their home has a kitchen a modest backyard and a wall so they don't have to share requires more than cement. >> translator: in the past when we first got here i.t. was fine because i worked very hard and had a very good income, 800 to 900. but now i can't find a job. i can only find enough work to earn maybe 200.
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>> reporter: mohamed is accommodated here. most syrians aren't allowed to work. more than a million refugees have flooded the autonomous regions. >> refugees from syria are better than iraqi idps. theyer lucky given better chances and more opportunities. everything is getting easier for them. >> reporter: with the kids in school, many parents have no plans, life will be better here. kim vanel, al jazeera iraq. good to have you with us. i'm reading here, the statement by amnesty in which you are calling for a radical overhaul
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in policy and practice. what does the correct policy and practice look like to zeal with such complicated issue? >> for the refusing crisis we're dealing with at the moment, better responsibility sharing amongst the international community. we saw your package huge refugee crisis that has been generated. most of the refugees are currently living in just 75 neighboring countries. five countries neighboring syria. as of june, the u.n. appeal for syrian refugees was only 25% funded. not getting the support of the international community and that's what we're calling for to change.
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>> why is the level of support not there? is it because of fatigue? is it because countries are simply grappling with their own crisis? >> largely one of political will, challenges when they talk about both donor and humanitarian aid and refugees and get caught up in migrants and refugee dialogue. far more money to support the countries that are shouldering the burden of the syrian refugee crisis but need to house more refugees from syria. there are refugees from a number of other countries. this righteous a coordinated international solution. have you talk about this being the worst be refugee crisis since the second be world war.
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not combining issues? >> there are several different elements to it. part of it, like the conflict new syria we highlight conflicts in africa, central african republic, long standing populations such as the refugee population from somalia. and the failure to coordinate and provide the funding to support nations that senior be hosting refugee populations. >> what does this mean for the world in terms of respect for human rights and what these people will go through as well as the potential for further conflict? >> well, i think unless world starts to look at this whole crisis the entire refugee cries and look atcrisis then there are other tensions and other problems and human invites refugee
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populations in lebanon unable to access adequate food or provisions because the international community is not providing support there. we see push back in mediterranean, southeast asia. so there are growing human rights problems associated with the human rights be problem which again is a problem. the failure of the international community to work as a whole on that. >> thanks for your thoughts. still to come. under crimes >> 800 years from the magna carta, one small community. and the world cup we'll have
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all the details a little later. now united nations has officially released an internal report investigate sexual abuse and exploitation by u.n. peace keepers. the report allegation that peace keepers regularly pay for sex with local women with cash, and other goods. the u.n. currently has more than 125,000 troops, police and civilians deployed in 16 operations around the world. in 2003, it placed the ban on peace keepers paying for sex in countries where they were deployed. for more on this let's speak with stefan gegorich. thank you for being with us. has the u.n. released several more allegation he, for the
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office of international oversight services? >> thank you for having me. we welcome the issuance of this report which was commissioned by the united nations itself as yet another tool to enable us to get to zero cases. there is zero tolerance for cases of sexual abuse or sexual comploitation. thiscoalition. exploitation.this report comes out which includes a survey. we are obviously working with oios the independent investigators who published this report to see how the report can best be used to continue to help us implement this policy. >> so you really didn't answer any question there. has an investigation though been launched into some of the specific cases of abuse which have come to light? >> well, we're obviously looking into all the allegations in
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cases that are coming into us, through this independent report. and looking at working with the investigators to see how we can get to the bottom of this. >> why is it taking so long sir to decide that, griffin that these allegations relate to something that has been going on for a while. you are still looking at it? >> we are constantly looking at the conduct of our troops. it is important the high lie that it only takes unfortunately, bad behavior and abhorrent behavior by just a few peace keepers to really tarnish the respects of over 100,000 troops stationed in the four corners of the world trying to bring peace and help with development all around the world. every mission has a constantly program of education and training for the troops and any allocation that comes forward
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any allocation that is reported is thoroughly investigated. and i would add that we are implementing is programs with the communities. because i think one of the things we understand is that it is sometimes difficult for victims of abuse to report these cases directly to the united nations. and what we're doing right now is working with community leaders to make sure that those who are intimidated to go to the united nations are able to go to their community leaders to report cases of abuse which haven't been investigated. >> if there are case reported to the u.n considerable amount of time months if not years helping people to come forward -- >> i think as i've told you every case that is reported to us is investigated. >> all right. let's pose a question. why hasn't the united nations released the names of some of
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the troop contributing countries which, according to the latest reports i'm reading here, there were allegations that more allegation raised about some member states when it comes to so-called sea sexual abuse sexualtroop contributing countries there are responses which remain outstanding, the report says. basically some troop-contributing countries are not playing ball. why not name and shame them. >> i think you've touched upon a very important problem.the peace keeping is a partnership between the united, the u.n. secretariat and those member states who give us the troops. the united states has no legal authority over those soldiers. after the soldiers go back home after being expelled, it is
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incumbent to track down away has actually happened. have they gone to court to jail have they paid the price for those have be crimes they have committed? it is the feeling the in his next report that is coming out next year but again the relationship cannot be adversarially, it dwarm owners -- adversarial it needs to be a partnership. a lot of the responsibility falls on member states. >> if they're not playing ball with you and if human rights are being abused and if as this report says, there are some member states, ban ki-moon has been seral for eight years, the above the good work
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relationship without those is. >> it is not just we are doing everything in in our power in the secretary-general's power to defend the victims. but we do not hold all the carts. cards. some kind of challenge. we need to work in partnership with those troops and i would also add that before troops are deployed there are not only trained in and formed -- trained to understand what sexual induce and coalition is but they are also vedded for human rights organizations which is something new, implementby the secretary-general, by be ban ki-moon in the last three or four years. we are also working on our end to help the victims to ensure that it is easier for victims to
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report on crimes committed against them by peace keepers. >> thanks for coming on to the show. >> thank you very much. >> and the search for missing people and zoo animals after a zedly flood in georgia is continue approximating. 13 people in tbilisi? were killed, and the number of potentially dangerous animals is that is still loose is unknown. paris air show is a place where deals are done between plane makers and airlines. qatar airlines bought boeing 747 be greems laips that and focus
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on the challenge of building the $1.8 extremely of jets they have already sold. airbus believe this will be driven by growth in the middle east and asian airms. kamal tsaal santa maria is in paris. >> you have got the usual fight between airbus and boeing but a lot more subdued in the last few years. the a-380 the airks emirates from dew dubai is expanding a lot there is a big question whether the engines can be fuel-efficient enough to make this work for airlines. this plane's already proven as
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far as fuel efficiency is concerned, boeing 787 dreamliner. they have announced at salon de deborget. the saudi airlines from saudi arabia, these are small orders and smaller planes. the big stuff is just not coming through at the moment. however we do have to remember it is just 75 months until the next big air show in dubai. >> tell to come, pope francis agrees to help. >> and nepal's volunteers are in desperate need.
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>> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. let's recap the headlines in al jazeera. da's president omar al bashir has returned home. he was be northbound johannesburg to teafned attend the african union high summit. thousands of syrians have fled across the border with turkey, be escaping the fighters of the islamic state of iraq and the levant. trying oretake a town in i.s.i.l. hands. at least 20 people have been killed in a series of blasts in chad. witnesses say suicide bombers on motorcycles simultaneously
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attacked two buildings in the capital. one of the buildings went off at a police academy. no immediate claim of responsibility. $kenya's security ministry said the be bl al shabaab al shabaab being. >> 11 al shabaab fighters were killed by kenyan troops. one of the dead is lukman osman a kenyan. close to 50 people murdered in pekatoni alone. a british national has also been identified. thomas converted to islam when he was 19th and came to fight along al shabaab four years ago.
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thousands have people have come to view the bodies. the air is thick with stench. the reason this public viewing is going often is so that people can help with identification but also to boost public confidence in the ability of security forces to deal with al shabaab. sam answer be brother was shot dead along with seven other men. >> translator: people here did not believe that the government was doing enough to protect our loved ones. today we came to see four ourselves and he now we go home feeling we are being protected. >> reporter: more than 50 gunmen trying to carry out multiple attacks. pursuing the gunmen, who the forest that spreads all the way to somalia. >> translator: we can't even say we are calling off the
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cooperation. >> esther cannot bring herself to view the bodies. her husband for 30 years was banned in car. croints, alcatherine soy. al jazeera peck atoni. >> did australia pay smugglers to return these asylum seekers to be indonesia? on monday, be australia's prime minister was questioned repeatedly, he refused. >> the position of this government is not to comment on the operational details of -- >> silent on my list.
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>> what has been done to stop the boats. >> reporter: stopped by bribing smugglers? the allegation is that six crew members on a boat carrying asylum seekers were paid $5,000 each to turn around. >> we spoke to the boat passengers in the group and they did confirm to us that the australian authorities did pay money to the boat crew. and if that in fact was the case and they were turned back away into the open sea it would go against that everything we are advising and urging states to do in this type of situation. >> turning boats around means not helping asylum seekers on board and paying smugglers not osmug could being encourage them not to stop. >> could become an incentive for fishermen in indonesia to get into a race for cash by helping asylum seekers.
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>> reporter: paying people smugglers anywhere, it's not likely to happen. >> this is a question of legality but a question of right and wrong. on any face of it this would be wrong. >> demanding answers summoned be ambassador in jakarta. >> we are really concerned. if it is conflict. >> indonesia has launched its own investigation too. would australia's government really pay criminals not to commit a crime? last week the very idea seemed ludicrous but the prime minister's nondenial and mounding claims in indonesia that the payment did take place has many tbleefg they must have done. for now australian government is standing firm but at some cost to the relationship with indonesia and widespread dereiteration at home and
2:35 pm
abroad. andrew thomas, al jazeera sydney. hundreds of ex-service men in india are staging a strike. be dlut has more from new delhi. >> these former indian army servicemen say this hujer strike hunger strike they're on is their last desperate measure. one rank one pension which means they want officers or serving personnel who retire at same rank to paid the same pension. they say that this was a key promise by the bjp party during last year's lengs campaign but they are still waiting to receive their dues. >> we will come this we will definitely go for action. that is not going to be in the interest of the nation.
2:36 pm
>> consecutive indian governments have reneged on the ruling now this has particularly significant political ramifications for bjp party. keeping in mind that over the last month it has now you've got millions of former army service men and women saying they haven't fulfilled a key election promise. between them these are millions of voters, for many of them to power last year. >> protesters in seattle have tried to prevent the depar chufer an arctic bound drilling rig. earlier 13 kayakers were arrested they also tried to create a be blokd.
2:37 pm
blockade. pope francis has offered to personally intervene to assist the is peace process. the government and the revolutionary armed forces of colombia or farc have been in negotiations for 30 months. about three weeks ago farc lifted its unilateral ceasefire. lucia newman joins us. how much of a significant step forward is this for colombian are peacepeace process? >> hello sammy. the peace talks have been going on for two and a half years and by all accounts are going through a particularly difficult and intense stage had moment.
2:38 pm
the next stage of talks is due to begin on thursday but as the military escalations continue to increase the confront stations rather continue the escalate in colombia itself. the pope told president santos that there was no one that he prayed for more than colombia president and the colombian peace process and he was willing to intervene personally and one can imagine that on one of the thorny issues which is that of forgiveness versus punishment and justice that's something that the pope could weigh in on. something that's made the peace talks very, very difficult. it is a very catholic country colombia so what the pope has to say certainly carries a lot of weight sammy. >> about the pope's personal intervention what does that mean, any expectation he will be meeting with farc leaders any time soon? >> well, that's an interesting question. because the pope is meant to
2:39 pm
come here in september, this is where the farc negotiators are based. i don't think it's too big a leap to be imagining he will be meeting with the farc negotiators. the pope brought the united states and cuba together, two countries this that hadn't spoken in half a century. the farc has not made any official statement since the pope agreed to play the official role. >> thanks lucia newman. authorities say teenager approached a remote south korean guard post in a province. it's rare for north koreans to approach mostly via china.
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and nepal has reopened nearly all of its historical monuments to tourists less than two months after devastating earthquakes killed 8,000 people and left many monuments in ruins. thousands of tourists visit the square each day paying up to $15 each. last week unesco warned nepal's cash strapped government historical sites were still in precarious states. kathmandu says it's sending experts to see whether it can reom the mount everest liking trail to climbers. >> help people with many aspects of their lives but now many of them are the ones in need. sabina shrestha reports. >> broken woman. she had single handedly been taken care of more than 100
2:41 pm
women and children's health but could no longer even talk about her work. when the earthquake hit nepal in april she lost what was dearest to her her two grandchildren. two-year-old and the newborn. >> translator: i was so happy to be working on child health, i used to go on house calls. but this is what god did to me. >> reporter: she is a community health volunteer one of the 52,000 that ensure that pregnant women new newborns and children under 5 are healthy. now many are struggling with their own losses leaving the entire health system broken. out of the nine community health volunteers in this village of 600 house she did not make it..
2:42 pm
her husband tells me that she was buried with her two children as she was running to protect them. 16 people in this village died. >> i feel like i've lost half my body, she tells me. the haiti post in this community has windows that rattle and large contraction. the government says it will take at least three years ago to rebuild but that's if decisions are made fast and morale of the workers stay high. with the monsoon season expected to cause landslides and bring disease people in villages like this expect more trouble. with sliding.
2:43 pm
>> outside an office, the other outside a bar in yorbe state. it is unclear who was behind the state. the armed group boko haram has been behind such attacks net past. now fetching more online than it ever was worth in the shops. dmawb wayzimbabwe notes central bank often for the same am amount. the zimbabwen currency was affectin 2008. 800 anniversary of the magna carta. the charter stashed the basics that no one's bofer law and everyone's entitlemented to a fair judgment.
2:44 pm
comex ration get underway. jonah hull meets a community living within the community. >> on disused community land, an ecocommunity gathers around the fire. deep among the sycamore trees they live in home made dwellings, subsist off the land well water and solar power. >> this is build of mary who built this beautiful, beautiful home. >> a very short distance away at runnemede, a document became to represent the are freedom of the individual against the arbitrary owner of the land.
2:45 pm
>> superintendent twist has put together a prevention of the event this evening. >> this is tyranny. this is tyranny this. this is an abuse of your power. >> sir i'm here to -- >> i'm delivering my message back to you about the abuse of your power. >> reporter: the villagers say they face frequent harassment by police. >> saying you're a free man here is some of our law. today we've been told we're not allowed to have our celebrations. by the conestablish wearing the crown. they're doing the queen's work. >> across the valley lie windsor castle. their majesty's law viewed with disdain. >> i don't believe that anyone has the right to draw lines on a
2:46 pm
map and to decide that this is mine and this is yours. the land is everybody's. >> they're not judgmental. you go out there and you're judged so much from your class rich people are judged acknowledge poor people are judged and we're all equal. this kind of environment is meant to be created. >> as magna carta celebrates its 800th anniversary in the presence of the queen herself it's unlikely this community will celebrate its 4th. jonah hull, al jazeera runneme runnemede. >> still to come. in sport with their teammates in hospital, a medal for
2:47 pm
austria's synchronized swimmers. lee has be sports up later.
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. >> only on al jazeera america. >> three decades of war has almost destroyed it. art and culture is making a come back. as ranel hernandez reports. >> drama reality of the civil war in these parts took over. today artists are once again be
2:49 pm
finding the time and space. >> now we've broadened out. though we do say that remember the war now we're at a stage where we move away and once again explore other subjects. >> reporter: cultural exchanges and visiting performers like view from clox colombo sensitive topic 52 focus. six years after the end of the war the changes are hard to ignore. jasna has amounts been known as a center of learning and culture but 30 years of war meant other people had other priorities. as the former war zone and its people slowly reveal their lives the region is seeing a revival of the arts. it's strongly influenced by the violence and conflict of the past obviously in jafna's first cast be gallery. >> the war is over and there is passions, there are many people
2:50 pm
searching for their loved ones. they show pictures or i.d. cards in an attempt to find them. it is this i'm trying to convey. >> they began work in northern sri lanka 50 years ago. its deputy priements session makingdeputy priements prime minister says. >> selling ticket for a drama production. most of the artists who work with us do so on a voluntary basis. >> be rag kumar also says the artistic environment appears to be improving. al jazeera northern sri lanka. >> let's catch up with more sports news and more fifa. >> oh yes there will be some
2:51 pm
for a while yet. two weeks after shocking the world, sepp blatter is still in place. a close advisory of blatter said he could stand for president again if a suitable replacement isn't found. pointed out to al jazeera he no longer officially represents him and this is his personal opinion. the marn who is overseeing, gave a reminder that mr. bleart needs to stick to the script saying fifa needs to follow through with the initiated process of leadership change as announced. meanwhile the man who was charged with technical assessments for 2018 and 2020 quardqatar bids, spoke to al jazeera
2:52 pm
daniel schwindler about the fifa crisis. >> it's not only construction of the stadiums. it's all what means to logistics. we think that qatar was in a worse position than other countries bidding. not here we will face trouble anyway qatar has the right they won it. and i think we can only expect that they will do a wonderful world cup a beautiful one unless they discover something really, really wrong. but i don't think they can take it out there that country. the country i'm sure they'll do their best to have a wonderful world cup but unfortunately controversy they cannot overcome it. >> what is needed to overcome this scandal? >> it is a very sad moment. but i think first one is transparency.
2:53 pm
i don't know, how they will do it but they need to do it. for instance, it's for me, very clear. the second thing i think we need to improve our situation nothing to do with what happens in the offices. but the credibility of the big conversation every year will be worse and worse and suddenly there will appear a second organization and another one and then it will be very difficult to recover. >> brazilian star namar has paid tribute to zito, part of 1958 and 1962 winning sides and men toward young players at centos.
2:54 pm
set up the winner against peru in their opening. their first competitive game since being tumbled 7-1 by germany from last year. venezuela thumbed colombia, solomon first win over colombia. united states, golden state warriors are within touching distance, since 1975 cleveland cavaliers, six of the seven series leading 3 to 2. that despite the best efforts of cavaliers star player lebron james. sarah coast coats watched. >> despite their injury woes the
2:55 pm
cleveland cavaliers were strong through the first three quarters causing big lakes for golden state. this contact was just ramping up his regular season. when bp jeff curry. lebron swraims who carried the cavs through series brought them back again playing the single best game of the finals, 11 assists and 9 rebound. but that lead wouldn't be enjoyed for long because just 14 seconds later a fired up curry did. firing off 36 points, 17 of those in the final quarter alone to top the cavs 104 to 91 at
2:56 pm
full time. >> we know the sense of urgency at the moment and there's a good feeling get a win in cleveland understand we can get it done and how we need to get it done. so ready for the opportunity. >> we don't want celebrating at all, whether it's our home floor or their home floor. we have come this far we have been very good, we got to understand why we were not good in game 4. lack of energy lack of effort. a lot of approximate of problems in game 4 and we can't repeat that or they will raise the trophy for sure. >> fir nba title in four years just one more win. sarah pope, al jazeera. >> world's top tennis stars are starting their final warm yumup
2:57 pm
events on grass courts. andy murray and rafael nadal are the top draws. fellow spaniard. and four days after three austrian synchronized swimmers were seermdz injured seriously injured by being hit by a bus. be 17-year-old twins and 15-year-old team mate, was the most severely hurt after being run over by a bus induced coma with spinal injuries. that's all for sport i'll be back in an hour. >> can you findyou can find those stories on
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our website
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>> sudan's president bashir flies home flouting the direction is of the international criminal court. hello there i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: chaos on the turkish border, as thousands of syrians flee fighting between i.s.i.l. and kurdish forces. talks over yemen in