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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> sudan's president bashir flies home from south africa, thwarting teams to bring him to justice in front of the international criminal court. hello again i'm felicity barr and this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: thousands of syrians flee into turkey to escape the fighting and kurdish forces say they've driven i.s.i.l. out of a key border town. talks to end the war in yemen begin in geneva and the houthi
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delegation are finally under way. >> and jeb bush confirms he will run for republican presidential nomination but why no mention of his surname? hello. sudan's president omar al bashir is back in his home country after fled an arrest warrant in south africa. greeted by cheering supporters, he flew out of johannesburg earlier on monday. south africa's high court has ordered an investigation as to why officials did not serve a warrant for his arrest. international criminal court be acclimationclaim he committed atrocities during the darfur incident.
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>> sudanese president omar al bashir is wanted by the international criminal court left south africa, after an african union summit. >> the impact of his leaving can be regard he as defeating the ends of justice or committing contempt of court. because he is a member of united nations. poord fromapart from being a member of au, his government is part of ununited nations. >> the u.n. has ordered south africa to determine how he was able to leave the country. this is in line with growing au
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sentiment that the icc unfairly targets african states and lacks credibility. >> this is 2015, not 1715. the concept of a european funded ngo, trying to enforce a european directed european funded court trying to force black africans to send other black africans back in chains, that's incredible sort of travesty. >> there's been no indication yet if that court would take up the allegations against al bashir. al jazeera johannesburg. >> kurdish forces and the islamic state of iraq and the levant fight for control of a key border town. kurdish ypg fighters say they have taken control of tal abyad.
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bernard smith reports from akchakalay on the turkish side of the border. >> their flag now flies over this border crossing. the three week assault by the ychgypg on tal abyad u.s. air strikes have helped the ypg push through, the price they paid is homes turned to rubble. >> we lost our home ten days ago. before that life was okay. is. >> translator: we were terrorized by i.s.i.l. we left because of the heavy bombardment from all sides but i'll never go back. in there you die 100 times a day. >> reporter: the ypg has had tal abyad in its sights as a strategically important
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connection between the turkish border and i.s.i.l.'s effective capital in raqqa 80 clom away. i.s.i.l. have now lost control of the only main road to their city. this is the fourth time that be turkey has opened the border from tal abyad to akchakalay. for the most part they look relieved to make it through. they will be processed by the turkish authorities and allowed in to turkey. losing tal abyad is the most significant defeat for i.s.i.l. since it first swept through northern syria more than two years ago. and for curds it means for first time control of an increasingly large area of syrian territory along the border with turkey.
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bernard smith, al jazeera akchakalay, turkey. >> kim vanel reports from camp in northern iraq. >> the main street of kalagosksk refugee camp is lined with life. young gamers play night next door older does the say. several basher shops mean there's close competition for the shave. all signs of developing micro-economy but not all who call this camp home are convinced things are looking up. heaven is 30 years old and has four children. her tent is a playground, dining room and a family meeting place. >> you see this child she became very sick but when i took her to the hospital they just
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gave us something to clean it with and then sent us home. that's because they don't have enough medicine. >> there is just the one health center for 10,000, mostly kurdish people who live here. these tents have been homes since this camp was set up in august of 2013. but there used to be many many more. the camp used to stretch pretty much as far as you can see here. the u.n. and the kurdistan regional government started moving people on, building them more permanent accommodation in other part of the compound flp we met mohamed their home has a kitchen, a modest backyard and a walled toilet they don't have to share. but building a life requires more than cement. >> in the past when we first got there was fine because i worked very hard and had a very good
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income, and i to 800 to $900. but now i can only find work two to $300. >> in iraqi kurdistan unemployment and poverty are rising. more than a million iraqi refugees have flooded the autonomous area and that is causing tension. >> refugees from syria are better off than iraqi idps, they are lucky given more advantages. there is nothing to make their lives more difficult. everything is getting easier for them. >> with the kids in school, many parents in the area have plans to return to syria they believe the times will be better there.
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kim vanel. al jazeera turkey. >> four million syrian refugees are struggling to survive in turkey lebanon iraq egypt and is bejordan. >> in the case of syria it's imperative that international help is made available. >> most of the refugees from syria are currently living in just five countries neighboring syria and the international community has not provided resettlement places for those place or release settlement
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people any amount that need to be resettled according to the u.n. refugee agency, the u.n. isn't funding these neighbors to cope with this burden. the u.n. application was only 23% funded. you have lebanon coping to struggle with these ratification but not dealing with the u.n. mandate. that's what we're calling to change. >> u.n. sponsored talks aimed at ending violence in yemen be houthi delegation has been delayed in djibouti. as hashem ahelbarra reports the pressure is on all sides to agree an end to the conflict. >> reporter: the be united nations secretary-general was
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hoping to meet all faction he involved in the war. that didn't happen, because the follow eshesers of former president ali abdullah saleh weren't there. they were stuck in djibouti. for ban ki-moon it's an important meeting. >> while parties bik are yemen burns. the parties have a responsibility to end the fighting and begin the ream process of peace and reconciliation. >> ban ki-moon called for a two week truce to allow aid deliveries to the needy. the chairman of the yemeni government delegation, blamed the houthis for the continued fighting. >> there will be no ceasefire or
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pose unless houthis withdraw from all the area unless they stop all fighting on the ground unless they release all hostages prisoners. >> meaningful talks will start when the houthis arrive in good geneva. now, neither the houthis nor the government seem to be willing to make concessions. >> translator: we are not happy of this version of taking the security matters in our hands. who is going to fill in this vacuum this state institution police and army are not able even to froak protect themselves. >> fighting continues across yemen. in the city of ta'izz, forces loyal to president hadi said they would stop a houthi offensive.
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parties fear an all out civil war if the talks collapse. they don't seem to have a eunt approach on how to solve the country's problems but all agree, the humanitarian tragedy has to end. >> alleging sexual abuse and exploitation by peace keepers. allegedly say that peace keepers, 125,000 troops and civilians deployed in 16 operations around the world. in 2003, it placed a ban on peace keepers paying for sex in places where they were deployed. a little earlier we spoke to stefan du jarak. >> peace keeping is a partnership between the united nations, the u.n. second stair
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yacht and those member states who given us the troom e-troops. the u.n. has no legal authority over those soldiers. after those sole engineers go back home after they may be expelled, it is incumbent for those soldiers to help us track down have they gone to jail, have they gone home, it is the u.n. secretary-general's responsibility to name those countries of his butte which is coming out next year. the relationship cannot be adversarial it needs to be a partnership. and a lot of the responsibilities here fall on major states. >> still ahead on the program kenya claim a major victory after a top commander is killed. and 800 years after magna
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>> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. >> hello again a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. sudan's president omar al bashir has arrived back in khartoum after defying a court order preventing him from leaving south africa. hoped to have him arrested and sent to the international criminal court on war crimes charges. thousands of syrians have fled over the border with
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turkey. taken charge of the poured town of tal abyad. yemen's houthis are on their way to u.n. sponsored peace talks in geneva. the talks are scheduled to begin on tuesday. the former florida governor jeb bush has launched his attempt for the 2016 presidential election. both his father and brother were presidents and he the bookies fairtsiesfavorite to win election. election is still 17 months away. >> the presidency should not be passed on from one liberal to the next. so here's what it comes down to. our country is on a very bad courts and the question is, what are we going to do about it?
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the question for me, the question for me is: what am i going to do about it? and i decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. [cheering and applause] >> and andy gallagher sent this update from miami. >> well, if there is one sound bite to take away from jeb bush's first speech it is this and he said it pretty early on in the speech. he said i know i can do it because i did it twice before. that's when he ran for florida governor he created an economy a common core set of values and ran an optimistic campaign. four years ago things got pretty nasty amongst those candidates. he has some issues and one is the bush system name. if you look at the poafers it posters
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it says simply jeb. many don't want to see another bush in the white house. remember he is not in this alone. ten candidates, some more somewhere conservative and younger than him. of course, jeb bush is for immigration reform, something conservators don't want to see. he has a long battle ahead but he has ray raised plenty of money to take on that battle. >> kenya's military says it has killed an al shabaab commander responsible for ciblg 60 last year happened in the coastal town of be mpeketoni. catherine soy has the story.
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a warning, there are some images that are sensitive. >> a british national has been identified. thomas evans converted to islam when he was 19 and came to fight alongside al shabaab four years ago. thousands have come to view the bodies. the air is thick with a stench. the government says the reason why this public viewing is going on is so people can help in the identification but also to boost public confidence in the ability of security forces to deal with al shabaab. symon's brother was shot dead during the fight in mpeketoni. >> people here did not believe the government was good enough to pursue those now we go home feeling that we have been
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protected. >> reporter: more than 50 gunmen floond carry out multiple attacks. these are gunmen who escaped into forest which stretches all the way into somalia. >> ongoing we cannot relent, we can't sleep and we can't even say that we are calling off the cooperation. >> esther could not view herself to view the bodies, instead she scale up to view the memorial put up. her husband of 30 years was killed had in his car. catherine soy mpeketoni. >> in daramaturu in yorbay state. the armed group boko haram has
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been behind similar attacks in that area. at least 20 have been killed in a series of expoations in explosions in chad. chad has been taking a leading role in regional efforts to confront boko haram. and fadul aduraza send this report. >> the explosions happened in two places in chad. center was attacked by suicide bombers using motorcycles. the chadian authorities believe the attack was carried out by the group boko haram. this is a first attack, carried out by boko haram in chadian capital since chad joined the original campaign against boko haram. al jazeera anjemena.
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>> russia says the plan to station more tanks and heavy equipment could come to serious consequences. moved to nato states on russia's bother. the kremlin warned it may enmove more missiles closer to the border of poland and lithuania. a rift is growing between australia and indonesia over the clam that australia bribed people smugglers to take be migrants back to indonesia. officials are demanding an inquiry. andrew thomas reports. >> on monday, australia's prime minister was asked repeatedly to confirm or deny the allegations. he refused. >> the consistent position of
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this government has been not to on the operational details what has been necessary and when has been done to stop boats. >> reporter: but stopped by bribing smugglers? the allegation is that six smugglers were paid $5,000 each to turn around. >> we spoke to the boat passengers in the group and they did confirm to us that the australian authorities did pay money to the boat crew. and if that was in fact the case then they were turned back away into the open seas it would go against everything we are advising and urging states to do in this type of situation. >> turning boats around means not helping asylum seekers on and could encourage others to start. >> such payments if true could become an incentive for fishermen in indonesia to get
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into a race for cash by helping to smug asylum seekers. >> lawyers say paying smugglers to take people anywhere probably breaches australian and international laws. it's not likely to happen. >> there is a question of legality but also a question of what's right or wrong and on any face of it this would be wrong. >> indonesian leaders are demanding answer he and summoned the ambassador in jakarta. >> would australia's government really pay criminals not to commit a crime? last week the very idea seemed ludicrous but the prime minister's nondenial and mounting claims in indonesia that the payment did take place has believers.
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cost of the relationship with indonesia and to widespread derestriction at home and abroad. andrew thomas, ldged sydney. >> embraces are being head held for the 800th anniversary of the magna carta. the brairveg principles that no one is above the law and ail are be subject to injuries jurisdiction under it. is is. >> on disused private land an ecocommunity gathers around a fire. deep among the sycamore trees. >> this house was build by mary,
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a beautiful beautiful home. >> near runnymede the magna carta was signed 800 years ago a document which represented the free dom of the individual from the arbitrary monarch. a reputation running thin, this community faces eviction three years ago after they arrived. >> superintendent twist has put in place an authority under section 63 of the criminal justice and public order act which is a prevention of the event this evening. >> this is tyranny. this is tyranny this. this is an abuse of your power. >> sir i'm here to deliver -- >> i'm delivering my message back to you. this is abuse of your power. >> the villagers say they face frequent harassment by the police. >> slightly defeat over us, you think you're freeing me here is some of our law. and in addition, we've just been
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told that we're not to have our celebrations by conestablishes that are wearing the crown. they're doing queen's work. >> across the valley lies windsor castle the queen's country seat, preparation is disrupted, her imaginity's laws viewed with disdain. >> i don't believe that anyone has the right to draw lines on a map and to decide that this is mine and this is yours. the land is everybody's. >> they're not judgmental. you go out there and you're judged so much from your class you know which -- rich people are judged, poor people are judged. we're all equal and this sort of environment enabled that to be created. >> as magna carta celebrates its 800th anniversary in the presence of the queen herself it's unlikely the village will
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see its 4th. arbitrary exercise of authority is alive and well. jonah hull, al jazeera runnymede. >> you can find much more on most of our stories on our website. that's what the front page looks like at the moment. the address is >> this is "techknow". a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. >> we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity but we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates climate change. >> i can really feel it vibrating now. >> it's science versus