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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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. >> plenty more stories for you any time an our website. the address for that is also watch us live by clicking on the watch now icon at the top of the screen. for the website. >> worries stretching from texas to oklahoma and arkansas. a tropical depression brings heavy rains. and the federal reserve needs to discuss interest rates and what they decide could impact everything from credit cards to mortgages. and finding new ways to fight isil. nine steps the u.s. must take to destroy the group.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. heavy rain is sparking flood worries again in texas. the remnants are sweeping through the state. the area around houston has been hardest hit so far. but county officials say that the worst is over. dallas is bracing as the storage moves in that direction. heidi zhou castro has more. >> crews are giving out handbags to those who need it. they've filled 15,000 sandbags and give away 6,000. in houston in the nearby community of seabrook, floodwaters were cab high where tropical storm depression made landfall as it moves into
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oklahoma it does seem to be dying down. now this is just a reminder of how dangerous mother nature can be in texas. 30 people died in texas due to flash flooding. that's why authorities on the ground were take nothing chances, making these preparations as soon as that flooding became clear. and notably people knew they had to heed these warnings seeing the devastation that happened last night. >> heidi zhou castro in arlington. kevin has more on where this tropical depression is moving to now. >> meteorologist: the big problem is the amount of flooding we get. we're going to see a depression.
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we don't see the winds with the storms, but definitely a lot of rain. down towards the south notice these cells pushing up the coast. we do have to be worried about that because we could be seeing severe weather with the possibility of tornadoes through the day by the time we get to tomorrow we think that threat will be over. as we go through tomorrow, will be what will be parts of this to be. oklahoma a is a four times the amount of rain for the amount of may that they absent saturated. they're expecting to get a lot of rain the threat will move towards the new york east. we're talking about arkansas, st. louis may get it as we go towards friday night. here is your perfect by the time we get to friday things will start to clear out and the
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weekend is we'll be seeing active weather and heavy rain as well. >> attorney general loretta lynch was formally sworn in as attorney general this morning. the >> president obama referred to link as the american people lawyer ago. he called her. >> the law is her map. she's tough but she is fair. she's firm but kind. her intelligence and her adjustment, her grace under fire are earned the trust and of those she works with, and those she serves. >> the federal reserve is wrapping up a two-day policy
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meeting and it could decide the direction of interest rates. although the fed has not hiked them since 2006. but there is a growing consensus that this could change by the end of the year. >> they think they'll hold off in july, but expectations are mounting that the fed will hike rates either this fall or in december. now u.s. interest rates can't hibernate forever. for one thing there are groaning experienced that they're stopping said i couldn't but the fed must time its move in such a way that it does not derail the economy. there are signs that the economy may be deal with to hard hiredder right womenning picked up nicely in may as well. that that's when with strong
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doctor making u.s. experts more expensive to buy overseas. and the latest u.s. factory data unexpectedly week by the way suggests the strong doctor continues to drag on the economy. now the imf weighed in on the great u.s. debate earlier this month arguing that the fed should hold off until next year because there no sign of cheaper inflation. but yellen will be watching the data months to months until those mixed signals can converge into one message, that message being that the u.s. economy is strong enough to pull the trigger on interest rates. >> what do you think will be the immediate impact when that happens? >> it's really when the expectations converge into one sense that wow this rate hike is imminent. >> not necessarily the move, but
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the pressure. >> yes, and when interests raise here. it will reverberate around the world because the dollar is the preferred currency. >> we'll watch the fed, thank you, patty sabga for us. thank you. the obama administration is laying out its strategy to defighting isil in the middle east. the message was the fight in iraq is a work in progress. >> the u.s. defense secretary ash carter is taking most of the questions at we know's house arms committee hearing, and what he says is that the u.s. military is in a role of supporting the iraqi military as that country tries to deal with the takeover in some areas of the country by isil.
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carter was asked if he had a strategy to defeat isil, but he said this is a fight much more important to the iraqis than it is to the americans because this is, after all happening on iraqi territory. but carter also said that even though 450 additional u.s. military advisers are going to be deployed to the air base in anbar province, they're not going to be training any iraqi troops. they're going to be helping those who are already part of the iraqi military improve their ability to plan and execute attacks against isil fighters and try to retake key parts of that important province. >> roslind jordan on capitol hill for us. hundreds of syrian refugees are returning home after a kurdish fighting against isil.
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>> deciding it's better to go home, these syrians crossed back on wednesday. only two days ago syrian-kurdish ypg fighters took control of the strategic border town from isil, after a three-week battle. >> we are at a loss. wherever we go they will kill us. i do not feel safe going back. >> we're going back after two years. our homes were blown up by isil, who accused us of being ypg. >> we've been in turkey for three days without anywhere to stay. i'm not afraid to go back. i'm a civilian. i have done nothing wrong. >> most of the 20,000 syrian who is crossed are still in turkey. of those we spoke to who were going home, some were nervous about being under kurdish control. others were indifferent and
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others were glad to see the back of isil. >> the airstrikes are changing the political map of syria. turkey has long been concerned about the strengthening kurdish presence along it's border. now the ypg controls an area of land that runs along the front tear of turkey for 1400 kilometers from the euphrates to kobane and close to the border in iraq. in january after a four-months battle, the ypg forces controlled the syrian town of kobane then they were under siege with
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>> in all this, the defense of the baltic state nato seems to believe that it can offer
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legitimacy over russia. >> so is all this an unnecessary provocation of the russians? >> i think that every nation has a right to exercise, to make sure that they have military skills, and what you see in nato is we have absolute transparently. we talk about the sizes of the exercises, the objectives of the exercises. there are no secrets here. that should be contrasted to snap exercises and sometimes snap exercises that sometimes during into invasions. >> you would be comfortable if the russians conducted exercises off the coast of united states. >> the russians have a right to conduct exercises in international space. >> russia's president putin said that it's madness to think that an invasion is on the cards and he may well not have such plans but when.
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>> the debate over assisted suicide in california. coming up on al jazeera america. the state legislature considers a death with dignity law letting terminally ill patients take their own lives.
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>> families of five irish students who were killed in a balcony collapse in berkeley, california, are now in the united states. the balcony came down early tuesday morning during a birthday party. more than a dozen people were out on the balcony when it collapsed. officials believe that it had dry rot and could not handle the weight. there have been cases of the state department killing people who were not connected to drug cartels in any way. paul beben found that those incidents happen more often than you think. >> on may 11, 2012, people died
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in honduras. they were caught in a cross fire. it's estimated as much as 90% of the cocaine that enters the u.s. transits through honduras. it's often flown in on small planes that are transported by boat and truck over land through mexico to the u.s. the victims and family members of those who died that night said they had nothing to do with drug trafficking but the u.s. drawing administration shows a very different story. there are obtained documents providing new insights into exactly what happened that night and the two different versions of why those four people died. meanwhile here in washington some members of congress have said that the u.s. investigation into this incident is taking far too long, and what's more, that
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the u.s.' war on drugs is not working, either here at home or abroad and too many people are counted up as collateral damage. >> now a major ruling in california could impact the ride sharing service uber. the state labor commission said that the company should classify its drivers as employee and not independent contractors. uber plans to appeal the ruler a similar ruler in florida is also being appealed. the internet is increasingly becoming a weapon of choice for those who are involved in syria's civil war. government and opposition forces are active on social media but so are hackers as juliana rufus reports. they are having a serious impact on the battlefield. >> it was a television controller's nightmare. a cyberattack of epic proportions. 12 channels taken off air.
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so how did a french tv station end up being brought down by hackers? the answer may lie on the war-torn streets of syria. [ protesters ] >> a serious up rising started and so did another conflict. a cyber war. activists red sox an rami was one of the first victims. >> first they wanted my facebook account. >> digital media and the internet had become a weapon. as the revolution unfolded the regime was confronted not only by the syrians. >> greetings to our fans around the world. we are anonymous. the global resistence to tyranny tyranny. >> anonymous hackers on syrian government websites. inside syria the demonstrations had spread and the level of
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violence increased. and suddenly the painfully syrian internet improved. the security agencies had turned the tables on the activists. president assad found a secret weapon, his own hacking collective. >> the syrian electronic army nation honor loyalty. >> we made contact with the syrian hacker the electronic army tried to recruit. he told us that the hacker space is extremely well equipped. >> they offered me the intelligence of the commitment this they had. i said i would think about it. >> cyber security analysts discovered that hackers had access to 30 conversations. many relating to the 2013 battle where security forces lost access to crucial supply routes.
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we may never know who struck them but it's clear thousands of attacks on commercial and government targets take place every day around the world. but syria's war is likely blueprint for the way future conflicts will be played out with cyber warfare taking place a long way from the battlefield. juliana rufus al jazeera. >> our stephanie sy spoke with tre herr. he said the syrian electronic army is collecting real intel that is helping the assad regime j. >> this is where it's important to draw the detention. they have been able to compromise isil groups, cellphones and laptops to gain strategic information about the battlefield as well as content and communication capability of those groups. it appears to be something ever
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an intelligence boon for the regime. >> and these opposition groups are ones supported by the u.s. the u.s. is trying to arm them and train them. bus the u.s. have the ability does the u.s. have the able capability to counter this cyber aspect of the war. >> they would be able to counter both the censorship as well as the targeted in fact compromised screen. >> they claim they have hawked a number of website. and coming up on al jazeera america. gilded victory the golden state warriors top the king to take the championship.
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>> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america
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>> the world's underground water supply is running dry. aquifers are drying out at an alarming rate. the worst one here in the u.s. is cal central valley aquifer. it is being drained to irrigate farms during the drought. the report points to water problems in india pakistan and north africa. the golden state warriors are the champions of the nba. they beat lebron james and the cavaliers last night to take the title. crowds in the bay area watched. they roared their approval as the warriors won their first championship in 40 years. john henry smith has a look at two of the warrior's biggest stars and the men who made them who they are. >> before they were nba champions, stephen curry they
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were they were the flash brothers, they were sons of two men who knew something about basketball. >> how did they become the best shootest in the nba? well, it's in their nba. >> clay's day played a little before clay can remember. i remember my dad's career. there is a little difference there, but when you grow up around the game of basketball with a dad that was successful, a lot of comparisons. it's nice someone else had the same situation that you did growing up. >> steph curry's dad was one of the top ten point shooters of all time. >> direct is good. i always thought where i thought he was at, what he needed to work on and how he needed to get there and what he needed to do. i could never handle the ball
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like he does. >> clay's dad was rugged nba man who retired after 13 seasons and two championship rings. >> i tell him every minute of basketball you'll remember as the sweetest time of your life. >> my dad always tells me patience. that helped me out the first couple of years when i was going through a slump. >> and it seems their dads set the tone. >> i was never a flashy guy. the kids were always around me growing up. they saw how dad handled himself. i hope i passed a little bit of that on. >> i'm sure they had something to do with it. it let us be ourselves and i'm sure somebody will have something to say long the way but that's not who we are. i got a little bit of style but i don't need a flashy jesus peace to let it speak for me. >> i manage my money. he jokes about it. he put me on an allowance and all that, but i learned how to put your family first sports
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second and everything will fall into place. >> scoring 30 points. that's all part of it. but when you talk about how nice he is to everybody that makes me really proud of him. >> that will no doubt be the happy father's day weekend in the curry and thompson households. the bay area's 40-year championship drought is now over it is now 67 years and counting since any cleveland team has returned home the conquering heroes. back to you. >> scientists are hoping to hear today once again from a space probe that landed on a comet. this past weekend it was the first time in several months that the lander made contact. scientists thought it was lost due to a lack of power but now they're confident that experiments will be able to get under way soon. that's some all of our time. the news continues next live
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from london. >> this is al jazeera ♪ >> hello i'm lauren taylor. this the news hour live from london. multiple car bombs explode in yemen's capital as talks in geneva hang in the balance. syrian doctor gives graphic evidence of chemical weapons used by pro asass forces. worst drought of the century, north korea admits it struggles as t