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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> car bombs kill and your dozens in yemen's capital and isil has claimed responsibility. >> hello this is al jazeera live from london. doctors give damning evidence to congress that syria is stepping up chemical attacks. north korea hit by its worst drought in a century. and warnings that greece's
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future in the e.u. is at risk. welcome to patriot park, russia's military disneyland. >> the islamic state in iraq and the levant have claimed the responsibility for car bombings. two blasts targeted mosques. this during peace attacks talks for yemen. >> car bombs hit a houthi stronghold in the yemen capital as iraq. houthi headquarters were locate
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there had. this was not the only attack targeting the houthies since they took over sanaa last year. in march islamic state claimed responsibility targeting houthi mosques. more than 100 people were killed. the attacks come at a time when crucial talks to solve yemen's crisis are under way in geneva. the united nations has been urging the warring factions to agree on a humanitarian truce. but each party has pre-conditions, and there has been little or no progress. the houthis and forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh say that the saudi-led strikes must stop. they insist they must stop shelling the cities.
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the saudi-led coalition said they'll stop bombing the houthis and allies once they pull out of the cities they control. in the meantime, the united nations envoy is on the offensive. he has only a few days left to salvage a deal. if yemen's rivals fail to make progress fighting will continue, and the humanitarian crisis will get worse with every passing day. the sanaa bombings might put more pressure on the parties gathering in geneva to solve yemen's crisis to face more instability that might play into the hands of al-qaeda or the islamic state. hashem ahelbarra al jazeera, geneva. >> members of the u.s. congress have challenged the obama administration to say where there are no grounds troops policy is the correct approach in the fight against the islamic state in iraq and the levant.
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rossroslind jordan explains. >> small victories in the yearlong war against isil. residents . >> they say it's unlikely that the train iraqi troops will be reached by the end of the year. >> we'vethe iraqi government has not furnished us with paid recruits. now that is turning around. it has to stay turned around for us to have success.
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>> carter and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general martin dempsey said that the situation is difficult especially in light of the recent fall of ramadi to isil forces. dempsey suggested that it might be ending sooner rather than later and they were talking about how to respond. >> it's generally the consensus there in the near term its mobly more likely that the regime would limit it's--it would go over to the defensive and when it's protection of the alawite shia and some of the minority groups leaving the rest of the syria essentially ungovernorred. >> the hearing dealt with the obama administration including iran. with the final weeks of negotiations under way on the nuclear program members of congress had plenty of questions about that country's influence and ambitions.
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cart was quick to insure the legislator. >> checking that line and defending our ally israel, and keeping our security commitments towards gulf partners who were in town a few weeks ago is the reason why there are 35,000 u.s. forces based in the middle east. >> but it doesn't appear carter's words were enough. some members of congress still doubt the obama administration commitment for leaving the fight for isil in other countries' hands. roslind jordan, capitol hill. >> the islamic state in iraq and the levant say they have shot down an iraqi warplane according to sources close to the organization. they brought the jet down in anbar province. that's where they captured a jordanian pilot when he crashed in syria. at least 33 people have been killed in and around damascus by
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fighting the arm and opposition forces. nine people died when shells struck a popular park. they raised with the government the issue of doing more for civilian and condemned the ongoing killing in syria. the world's chemical weapons watchdog say that they have destroyed almost all of chemical weapons but that's overshadowed by damning new evidence from the war-torn country. allegations that president bashar al-assad is increasing chemical attacks. >> they came at the invitation of the foreign relations committee to share eyewitness accounts of repeated chlorine gas attacks against civilians. >> since march 16th this year we have documented 31 attacks using
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poisonous gas. in idlib province where more than 300 and 380 civilians died from them. ten of them died from suffocation. >> the attacks intensified ten days after the u.n. security council resolution condemned the weaponnization of chlorine and threatened military action if the resolution was breached. >> i'm a doctor, and i'm very familiar with death. but i have never seen a more obscene way to kill children. i've never watched so many suffer in such an obscene manner. >> the doctors say that only the syrian government has access to the helicopters responsible for dropping the chlorine-filled barrels on to civilian areas this believes to be supportive of the syrian opposition. bashar al-assad has always
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maintained that his government is not behind the chlorine gas attacks. last month in an interview he argued that chlorine is widely available and has been weaponnized in the past by other groups. including the islamic state in iraq and the levant or isil. [ sirens ] but u.s. secretary of state john kerry said that the united states believes assad is behind the attacks and is working to hold him accountable. that's why doctors and activists are pressuring u.s. lawmakers to push president obama into targeted military action, to pressure political dialogue that would lead to the creation of a no-fly zone to stop the becomes from dropping. >> these weapons filled with random cheap and harmful items take dozens of lives every day. >> they say without an immediate u.s.-led international effort there is little hope for
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civilians' safety. kimberly halkett al jazeera, washington. >> crisis talks to salvage the palestinian government has been extended in the. talks to reshuffle the cabinet or form a new government will continue next monday. ten thousand asylum seekers as part of a plan to help the flow of migrants crossing the mediterranean. around 100,000 people have entered europe so far this year with dozens still camped on the french-italian border. france said it will take 4,000 next year and have another 5500 refugees who have already been granted legal status. repukeingrebuking hungary after it has announced it may
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build a wall to keep migrants out. most enter through serbia. they say they're committed to defending the human gearan people from the immigration. >> it can be clearly seen in the countries of the e.u. are searching for the answer to this challenge, and it can also be seen that the road to the joint answers seem very time-consuming and long, so hungary cannot allow itself to wait any longer. naturally we hope there will be a joint european solution. >> meanwhile serbia is asking the e.u. for help, saying that most of the migrants traveling threw serbia have come through the european state. >> we want to show that we're serious partner who protects its borders but also borders of the european union. in such a process we should
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consider citizens of serbia. that's why i call all e.u. countries to help us to give additional assistance in protecting borders from neighboring countries where migrants are coming from. they're mostly coming from e.u. countries, greece and bulgaria, so we can be more efficient and protect serbian citizens. >> north korea has announced that that is suffering it's worst drought in a century. result negotiation extensive damage to agriculture. >> on north korean state run television a rare announcement that all is not well. this government official says that we're establishing and actively carrying out various counter measures to prevent drought damage, and despite pictures of lakes hills full of crops and hillsides covered in trees, north korea is facing it's worst drought in a century. for people who work on
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cooperative farms like this one the rice fields are bear and it's a worrying situation. >> this is the first drought damage in my 20 years in farming experience. normally the rice seedlings should have five or six leaves and be about 30 centimeters by now. but as you see it's too small to do rice planting. >> a third of rice paddies have dried up. >> in the start of spring the temperatures rose quickly. with the strong dry hot air flow temperatures from at 30 degrees celsius, five to seven degrees higher than in an average year. >> the level of the river is alarmingly low. such images bring back images of the 1990s drought which is thought to have killed hundreds of thousands of people.
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on sense the south korean government held a media conference pointing out that rainfall has been unusually low on both sides of the border and food production could fall sharply unless it rains soon. a third of children under five in north korea are malnourished. partly because of the pyongyang reluctant reluctance to monitor distributions. >> still ahead on al jazeera, how syria's war is not only being felt on the ground but in cyberspace too. and a tiger that escaped from a flooded zoo in georgia is shot dead after killing a man.
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>> the new al jazeera america
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primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. weeknights on al jazeera america. >> a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. yemen's capital has been hit by a series of car bombs with dozens of people reportedly killed and injured. two of the blasts targeted mosques. the other hit the political headquarters of houthi rebels. a group linked to isil has claimed responsibility. doctors who lost friends in the chlorine attack spoke of chemical bombs being dropped. the u.n. agency rebuked hungary after it's announcement of building a wall along it's border to keep migrants out.
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>> it was a television controller he is nightmare. the cyberattack of epic proportions. 12 channels taken off air. so how did a french tv station end up being brought down by hackers. the answer may lie on the war-torn streets of syria. syria's up rising started so did another conflict, a cyber war. activists one of the first casualties. >> in my arrest i spent three days where i was tortured, but on the second day i was taken in for interrogation. but the questions were first of all they wanted my facebook account. >> digital media and the internet had become an weapon, and the revolution unfolded.
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>> greetings to our friends around the world. we are anonymous. the global resistence to tyranny. >> anonymous hackers to face syrian government websites. inside syria the demonstration has spread, and the level of violence increased, and suddenly the painfully slow syrian internet improved. the security agency has turned the tables on the activists. president bashar al-assad's secret weapon, his own hacking collector. >> honor loyalty. >> we make contact with the syrian hacker, the electronic army tried to recruit and he told me that they were extremely well equipped.
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>> cyber security analysts discovered that hackers had accessed 31,000 conversations. many relating to a 2013 battle during which opposition forces lost access to crucial supply routes. we may never know who struck, but it's clear that thousands of attacks on commercial and government targets take place every day around the world. but syria's war is a blueprint for the way future conflicts will be carried out with sigh be warfare taking place a long way away from the battlefield. >> and you can watch the full report on cyber war far on wednesday at 2230 gmt. that's in a little over ten minutes right here on al jazeera. now two days al jazeera avoided arrest in south africa. he has yet to comment on the
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incident. he fled to khartoum thwarting attempts to bring him in for war crimes. there have been mixed reactions from the people there. >> on the streets of khartoum, it's business as usual for the sudanese people. the president was nearly arrested a few days ago in south africa. >> if he should be put on trial to account for his deeds it should be by the sudanese people. >> it's unfair, those calling for the arsenal of our president want to destabilize our country. >> the international criminal court has urged to turn omar al-bashir over. instead he was allowed to leave the country. the defiantal bay sheer was al-bashir was greeted by
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supporters. >> we say that the international criminal court has been nearly completely ended in africa by the refusal of all african states to implement its decisions. >> for the opposition it was a humiliation that could have been prevented. >> if the regime listened to everyone else and dealt with the sudanese people in a just manner all of this would not have happened. this is a humiliation for sudan and the sudanese state. >> despite that it's thought the incident would not effect them locally. >> what i'm expecting is this has been enhance his image. >> during the 26 years in power omar al-bashir has faced set backs and obstacles.
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how long will he survive? al jazeera. khartoum. >> thousands of greeks have rallied on the eve of another meeting with its creditors about its financial future. all this as the grease central bank warn that the countries are paying full course towards default and exiting the eurozone. from @ athens we have the story. >> they want to send europe a message. this woman boiled it down to one word: no. >> i say no to those who are blackmailing us. i'm saying no to those who are selling our my country in piecemeal, even if it's means leaving the euro. >> i want to tell my prime minister what we fear is a possible retreat. we've prepared for a break up. not a set back. >> the two sides are entrench: creditors demand $4 billion in
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additional spending cuts and taxes this year. greece is offering half that and said that's final. >> these people represent the majority here. after six years of austerity greeks want their sovereignty back and find their own way out of this crisis. but it's difficult for the government, and virtually impossible for european partners to let it go it's own way. >> in the e.u. some members are more equal than others. >> greece is a sovereign state. it is this government that is responsible for deciding how it will reduce taxes where it will get money. the acitizen tense that this much come from cuts to pensions is incomprehensible. now with the political leadership in europe come to political decision. >> that charge that europe is pillaging greece has made
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officials in brussels furious. they said they offered the greeks a discount on repaying debt. >> it is truly false to present the commission is imposing austerity in greece. it's totally false. as it was said the budgetary figures and the surplus asked of greece are not the same as they were before. we had 3% in 2015 now today we're talking about 1%. it should be 4.5% in 2016, now we're talking about 3.5% in 2018. there has been flexibility on this matter because we want to give greece the chance to put in place social, humanitarian and economic measures for their future. >> earlier on wednesday the greek central bank would lead to a crisis with the country leaving the euro. most greeks don't want that kind of a divorce. but austerity is also a foul
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word to them, and they won't accept more of it. al jazeera athens. >> a tiger that escaped from a flooded zoo in georgia has been shot after it killed a man in the capital tbilisi. the police have been on high alert after dozens of animals escaped during the deluge in the weekend. itthe attack happened at a market where it was found after the flood. they say they had no choice but to to kill the tiger. >> one man was killed by the animal. we can say that the pan was definitely killed by the tiger. he was taken to the hospital unconscious and now we know he died. we were trying to tranquilize the animal but it was aggressive and attacking. unfortunately, we had to kill it. according' to the information that we have there should not be any more animals on the loose.
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>> russia it accused of saber rattling after releasing plans of modernizing it's military. a military theme park has opened in moscow. rory challands went to the venue's event. >> looking for bargains, it's like any other market, just with more uniforms. military men have brought their shopping lists to russia's army army 2015 military technical forum from all across the world and it's given park patriot dubbed military disneyland as it's venue. they've kicked the proceedings off to what the park will do when it's opened to the public next year. >> here you'll be able to see reenactments of legendary battles, get to know the history
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of aviation, navy and army, take part in extreme sports. i'm sure it will become important for the younger generation. >> instilling young russians an impulse to love and fight for the motherland does not come treat. with tensions with the west seemingly getting worse day by day it's money they are glad to spend. some may be feeling uneasy about the idea of russia trying to make a fun family diout from raw destructive power. tanks, missile systems, and this this is a type of weapon system that they destroyed the malaysian flight last year.
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upgrades for 70% of equipment by by 2020, and compared to all this park patriot is small fry. that is the brainchild of defense minister a man some say more conscientious of pr than other russian politicians. >> he's thinking about continuing his career, the defense minister of russia is not the end of it. maybe he has ambitions running for president some day. so he wants to be seen as the person who would bring russia to victory to revoke the military into something great and wonderful. >> russians are starting to speak of a new arms race. but history contains warnings. the ussr's collapse was hastened by a ruinous arms race with the
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west that moscow couldn't afford. rory challands. al jazeera. >> you can find much more on our website. the address for that is we'll be back in just a couple of images time with our current headlines. see you then. bye bye. >> every summer in america a force of nature becomes a man-made disaster. some call it a war millions of acres, billions of dollars. no end in sight. >> in this episode of fault lines we follow the 2013 wildfire season