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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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en cops deploy deadly force they could also reveal much more than you bargained for. >> lot of times people don't see the camera, it's very small. >> police officers go into people's homes. >> jury neighbor wants to see the video. does your neighbor have a right to see what took place in your house? >> that's our show for today i'm ali velshi, thank you for joining us. >> falling short. >> the ghost soldiers that don't show up and don't exist greatly diminish their capacity. >> the head of the pentagon lays out the strategy of fighting i.s.i.l. as congress questions the strategy against the group. no relief. people in texas cope with rain
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and floods. as a trop fiscal depression continues to -- tropical depression continues to hit the lone star state. four people gunned down in a dea operation their families say they're innocent, what we have uncovered about their case. and samsung security alert what could let hackers get control of your smartphone. we begin with break news. there's been a shooting at a church in charleston, south carolina, it happened at the emanuel methodist episcopal church. there are unconfirmed, i want to stress unconfirmed reports of casualties. so far police have only said shots were fired and as of a short time ago the suspect was still on the loose. police described him as white
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and clean shaven about 21 years old weaker a gray sweatshirt and jeans. we know there was a bible study group meeting at the church tonight but we don't know if that was related in any way. right now swat teams are on the scene and there's a massive manhunt underway for shooter. we'll continue on this story throughout the broadcast. two defense officials were grilled on capitol hill today about the u.s. strategy in i.s.i.l. and iraq. both individuals indicated there is no need to change course, while acknowledging weak points. jamie mcintire says, the u.s. situation is a tough sell. >> reporter: the chairman of the joint chiefs who retires in three months could not be clearer about why he opposes putting more u.s. boots on the
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ground to quote unquote stiffen the spine of feckless iraqi forces. >> if their spine is not stiffened, nothing we can do will stiffen their spine. >> ash carter, called the situation a work in progress. >> the combination of disunity deserters and so-called ghost soldiers who don't show up or don't exist have greatly diminished their capacity. >> cutting off a major i.s.i.l. supply line to its stronghold in raqqa and slowing the is flow of foreign fighters. but it was a triumph of kurdish peshmerga fighters who have demonstrated prowess while iraqi soldiers have not.
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>> you're right, committed capable, the kurdish forces are what we aspire to. with respect to their iraqi security forces in general. >> but with the progress against i.s.i.l. in iraq slow and uneven, house members were highly dubious of the pentagon's stay course mantra. >> are we winning are we losing? is it a stalemate? is it a quagmire? >> if you are asking is the united states winning that's the wrong question. >> i'm sorry that's question i'm asking. >> we're on path to deliver the capability to confront i.s.i.l. inside their sovereign territory. this is a far different approach than if we were to decide ourselves that it was our responsibility to defeet i.s.i.l. inside of iraq. >> reporter: dempsey was adamant that the presence of u.s. spotters to coordinate air strikes would change little, not limiting u.s. and coalition air
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strikes but secretary carter indicated he might revisit the topic. >> if you don't remember anything else i've said today you should realize that the strategy matches the complexity. this is not a simple situation by any sense in the world. >> he conceded syria is he an even tougher challenge because of what he called a lack of letting government and the faction he on the ground, the u.s. has failed to trainl train a single i.s.i.l. fighter there. to use his words we got to pick a partner there. >> bill is no longer a tropical storm but it is still a form daniel weather system. flood warnings are in place in four states tonight. the forecast calls for continued downpours in texas oklahoma,
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arkansas and missouri. the severe weather is expected to last at least until friday. stephanie stanton joins us from el campo texas just outside houston with how residents are coping. stephanie. >> good evening to you antonio. residents who live behind me have been pumping floodwaters off of their property for most of the day. we are about an hour south of houston, it was nowhere near the devastation parts of texas saw three weeks ago. flooded streets and roadways filled small texas town of el campo after tropical depression bill made an unwanted visit. even law enforcement got stuck in a ditch. the latest blow to a town that saw a string of storms pass through area. the creek is normally dry. >> we experienced for the last 24 hours nine and a half inches
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of rain in that short period of time. >> at least a foot and a half higher. the water has gone down tremendously. >> this morning eugene a lifelong resident of el campo rushed to his daughter's house to rescue her and her family from rising floodwaters. >> did they have to get out quickly? >> yes, when i got here i told my son-in-law i said look at my running boards on my truck. they ran in got their clothes about ten minutes come back i said now look at the water. he said we better hurry. >> luckily the floodwaters narrowly missed their home but emotions ran deep. >> it's rough means a lot to everybody, of course my family is very important so i got to make sure that everybody is safe and everybody's sound. >> down the road, sloane's yard has turned into a small lake. >> we could probably go fishing here. it's never this high.
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>> but it's nowhere near the devastation that struck central texas three weeks ago. dozens were flooded several washed away, more than a dozen died during the deadly round of memorial day storms. this time no lives have been lost but texas governor greg abbott warned rents to remain vigilant. >> this is not over. there are more symptoms to come, there could be potential tornadoes. people need to be alert for the issue of rising water people do not drive into rising water. >> eugene hoping the worst is over. >> we don't know what it's going to do the rest of the night. hopefully it is not going to be as bad as it has been. >> the flash flood watch has been extended to 5:00 a.m. we understand that other parts of the state are experience being severe weather rain cells are moving through southeast
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texas all the way into parts of oklahoma and louisiana. antonio. >> thank you stephanie to talk about that we're joined by kevin corriveau, he has the latest on the flooding that's being caused by the storm and a lot of serious warnings out tonight. >> absolutely, it was 36 hours ago when we saw this storm. the storm center is making its way to oklahoma. but for south texas we're seeing the worst flooding right now. talk going this particular area, i want to show you the radar zooming into this area, especially through alice texas we saw over eight and a half inches of rainfall in just a six hour period, in this particular area. while we think alice is going to be out of i.t. soon we are still dealing -- out of it soon we are still dealing with a lot of it near brownsville. the storm making its way to the
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oklahoma border, dallas and fort worth, i don't think you'll be seeing too much in the way of rain. but down here in the south these rain bands have been pushing through and very heavy rain one to two inches of rain per hour coming out of there. we're going to be watching through oklahoma through the night and tomorrow because we're going to be seeing very heavy rain e-rain showers here, the ground is already saturated flooding is going to be a big problem and up towards friday up here in missouri is where we think the biggest issues is going to be. >> thank you kevin. smartphones, security, could allow hackers to access all parts of the information.
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and uber and job security. is
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>> an update now on our top story.
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a shooting at a church in charleston, south carolina. it happened in the city's downtown area, there are unconfirmed reports of upon casualties. so far police have said that only shots were fired. white male, clean shaven 21 years old wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans. it is believed he is still on the loose. we know there was a bible study group meeting at the church tonight but we don't know if that was remitted. police teams are over the area. the fcc says at&t deliberately slowed down customers with unlimited data plans. john terret is here. john what is at&t accused of doing? >> reporter: hey antonio let me say you can't buy these
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unlimited data plans anymore if you go into an at&t store and ask for an unlimited plan, they will look at you blankly because they suspended them in 2011. maybe if you inheritsomeone's plan when they died, you were grand fathered into a new unlimited scheme back in 2011. the only thing is the fcc says it runs out and slows down called throttling. very very annoying. people were phoning up at&t saying we can't stream what's going on, and at&t said, you have unlimited data, they said but we can't stream what's happening? stat says, you have unlimited
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data. so fcc is proposing fining them $100 million. >> and people don't like these unlimited pladgesz. plans. >> the problem is they're losing money because if they were today to begin selling unlimited plans, you would get a fixed fee and unlimited data, in the modern way of thinking, it does run out you get a lot of data but a finite amount, and then when you go over they can increase their fee they charge you and that improves their bottom line a lot. >> what's the result? >> fcc, as you can see here, they're not pulling their purchase very much. they say unlimited means unlimited but now here is at&t fighting back. they say we'll vigorously dispute the fcc's assertion is,
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we've been fully transparent with our customers providing notice in multiple ways and going well beyond the fcc's disclosure requirements. here is what they mean. they've been sending e-mails and texts to customers saying they have gone beyond their unlimited data. and this is what happened to one of our producers telling her she's going over her data and will be required to pay more which you can imagine she's not happy about. last year the fcc find at&t for another reason, this time the fcc said that the data on the internet for millions of americans was very, very slow, in fact, at dial-up speed for about 12 days out of every month. and all of this comes at a very poor time for at&t because they're trying to convince the regulators right now to let them buy the nation's largest satellite channel directv for
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$48 million. they're not taking it lining down. >> okay, thank you john. a major ruling in california could impact the ride sharing service uber. the state labor commission says the company should classify the driver as an employee not as an independent contractor. the service has long provided benefits or paying payroll taxes for drivers. uber plans to appeal the california ruling and a similar one in florida. experts say the ruling could impact other companies that use similar sharing applications. bad news for millions of samsung smartphone users. a new report shows more than 600 million of the company's mobile devices including the popular galaxy f-6 are vulnerable to a security breach. allowing hackers to seize control of the entire device including intercepting incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
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drew mitnick joins us tonight from san francisco. drew good to see you. an awful lot of people could be affectby this. how big a problem could this be for those hundreds of millions of possible victims? >> yeah, that's right. these phones are everywhere, you see them everywhere in the street and many of us have these devices that were affected. i think lesson is companies need to be very effective they need to not only discover these breaches but ensure they take necessary steps to fix the devices. >> talking about the necessary steps, samsung new there knew there was a problem as far back as november of last year. why didn't they let customers know about it? >> it's complicated. there are a lot of companies involved, there is the company that makes the software, samsung and carriers, so it's a coort
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aren'tedcoordinated effort. sam sunday gave themselves a certain time frame to fix problem and they didn't end up fixing it and the information was affectindicating it was affecting a lot of people. the important thing is we support the researchers who are doing this kind of work and we ensure when they are able to report the vulnerabilities to the company the company takes the time and respects the research. >> is there any way to know whether your smartphone has been compromised? >> there doesn't appear to be a great way to figure that out yet. that's the concern. we need to ensure that we are developing processes to quickly address these flaws in the devices. >> aside from this particular case aren't all smartphones susceptible to hacking anyway and are phones that run android operating systems like the
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samsung's more vulnerable than iphone? >> they are not necessarily more or less vulnerable than iphones but there are some precautions that users can take. taking steps like ensuring encryption is activated two-step things to ensure that your be phone doesn't need just a password. there are a lot of steps that we can all take even though our devices may have flaws in them that can give us a little bit of peace of mind. >> what's the upside for hackers? >> well the upside is they potentially have access to all kinds of personal information and there's a lot an individual hacker ask do if they are interested in gaining access to our personal information. it's not just about an individual that's interested in committing crime but also the government the government facilitates these vulnerabilities they conduct surveillance and they hoard
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vulnerabilities that are not yet known. they can facilitate surveillance -- >> samsung has been approved by the government for government employee use. >> it's not just any individual user it's everyone. it's government, it's nongovernment. so i just think that goes to show how critical it is for the government to really support strong security settings and for the government thought to undermine settings and for the government to take skirt very security very seriously. >> drew mit96, thank you very much. we'll be examine a case where dea agents killed innocent civilians then left the scene.
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>> more than 80% of the cocaine bound for the u.s. from south america is believed to have passed through honduras. in may 2012 four people were
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killed there in an operation that the u.s. dea played a central role. as our paul beban has learned the justice department is now investigating the incident and the dea's role in it. a warning the story contains some graphic material. >> reporter: on the night of may the 11th, 2012, a long motor boat was rolling up the river in an area of honduras known as la moskitia. most of the 16 people on board were simply on their way home. all of them were about to be caught in the cross fire on the war on drugs. remote and roadless, it is a haven for cartels and traffickers. cocaine arrives on the coast by boat or by small plane landing on jungle air strips. clara wood and her 14-year-old son who had just nshed school
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for thefinished schoolfor the summer were on the boat. >> i shouted where is my son and he wasn't there. >> firing on the passenger boat in the process. witnesses say that after the hon hon arehonduran and us. >> four passengers had been killed. emerson martinez, juana jackson candelaria and clawr clawr clara's
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son haskett. >> our requests for comment were never returned. the dea says someone on the boat was trying to get the drugs and that they fired first on the dea and hon honduran team. survivors and victims families deny that. said no one on the boat even knew about the drugs. two honduran vehicles equitted all of the people involved. other than an internal dea inquiry it would conduct nothing on its own. two years later in may of 2014 the department of justice and the dea finally launched an investigation. >> what happens is a wake up call for many here in america. >> reporter: in january 2014, congressman hank johnson of georgia wrote a letter demanding answer he from the dea a letter
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co-signed by 57 other representatives from both sides of the aisle. >> are you concerned that there is a lack of accountability at dea? >> our war on drugs has been a complete failure here at home and now we're starting to see the effect of that drug war south of our borders and how it has negatively impacted honest law abiding citizens who have nothing to do with the drug trade but yet they get caught up in america's war on drugs. >> a dea surveillance plane actually captured the entire incident on video. that video has never been shown to the public. we spoke to one person who's seen it, a congressional staffer who said it is shot from high altitude and it's too dark and murky to confirm the dea's version of events. back in may we asked the state department for an update on their investigation and were told they couldn't comment on
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any ongoing investigations. antonio. >> thank you paul. in athens today senior members of the greek government joined demonstrators to protest austerity measures. greece needs to borrow more money to avoid defaulting from its loans. two convicted murderers escaped from upstate new york earlier this month condition two pictures of david sweat and is matt. we are not ruling anything out not taking anything for granted. >> authorities also confirmed that the two inmates discussed a
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murder plot with prison employee joyce mitchell, targeting her husband. she has been charged with helping them escape. a historic black church in charleston south carolina, handy at emanuel episcopal church in downtown charleston. tweeted out a short time ago that nine people are dead but police are not confirming that. so far police will only say that shots were fired in the church, which is described as the oldest ame church in the south. we know there was a bible study group meeting at the church tonight but we do not know if that was related in any way. nearly a dozen people were seen outside the church a few minutes ago praying together. police say they are looking for a white male clean shaven about 21 years old wearing a gray sweatshirt and jeans, it is believed at the still on the
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loose. i'm antonio mora. join us for latest news, head over to we of course will have the latest on our morning news. ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a good night. [ ♪♪ ] repeated school shootings reopened the debate about the right o carry guns on challenge campuses if someone nearby had been armed, the thing goes, lives might have been saved. texas has become the latest in a roster of states opening public college campuses to students and others legally packing heat.