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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, i'm lauren and this is the news hour live from london and coming up and dylann roof was charged with killing nine people in south carolina and has expressed his anger. >> at some point we rz an as a country will have to recon with a fact this type of violence doesn't happen in other advanced countries. >> displaced by war in prosecution of almost 60 million
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million. scuffles at yemen peace talks and ex simon good evening to throw shoes at houthi officials plus. >> there is no grace period or two months delay that i have seen here and there. >> despite to pay on time or default euro zone talks end with no progress. >> this is the star player and captain looking for a band with the next matches at the copa america. we start this news hour in the united states where police have arrested a suspect in the shooting which killed nine people in a historic south carolina church. 21 21-year-old dylann roof was pulled over in north carolina and detectives said he spent an hour at a prayer meeting on wednesday evening before opening fire and of nine dead was the church pastor and democrat state
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senator clementa-pickney and for civil rights and police violence and u.s. president barack obama expressed anger over the shootings saying gun violence do not happen in other advanced countries. in a moment we will go live to charleston but first this from allen fisher. >> this is the man arrested in connection with the fatal church shooting in charleston, south carolina. >> i'm very pleased to announced we have made an arrest in this case. we arrested dylann roof from lesionington south carolina. >> reporter: dylann roof was there at hour in the center of charleston and he then stood up and started shooting. the police say this was a hate crime. >> we woke up today and the heart and soul of south carolina
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was broken. >> reporter: as police see the massacre a nationwide alert sent out and alleged shooter was pulled over in a traffic stop in shelby inn new york a three hours drive and the uncle knew of the picture and alerted the authorities. >> that awful person that terrible human being who would go into a place of worship and people were praying and kill them is now in custody where he will always remain. >> reporter: for the 14th time since he became president barack obama had to talk about a mass shooting in america. >> at some point we as a country will have to recon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries and it is in our power to do something about
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it. >> reporter: in a facebook picture roof is wearing a jacket which carries the south africa and in charleston people voiced their anger. >> gun violence has to stop. >> people are scared to talk about the real issue which is race that is what we duck around from. >> reporter: it's alleged roof told one woman in the church she would live so she could tell the story of what happened and community leaders in charleston say this is a time for unity. >> we have prays for the family members who lost loved ones here tonight. >> reporter: they will interview roof and want to know if he acted alone and more importantly if there was a reason why he allegedly did what he did. allen fisher al jazeera. let get the latest from andy in charleston, south carolina so things have been unfolding quickly and had an arrest quite fast in this. how are people reacting there to the events? >> well this is a community in deep mourning. now, if you look over my shoulder here you can see the
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flowers gathering on the corner here, people from the community coming up, every few minutes for lay down cards and flowers and the mayor of charleston saying this is a time for everyone to wrap their arms around each other and start that healing process but of course things have unfolded very quickly here. the suspect, the only suspect is dylan roof has been arrested three hours from here apparently in a traffic staff there was a huge effort on behalf of the police to track down the only suspect in this case and seems he was still driving that same vehicle because on wednesday night when the alleged gunman walked into that church and sat there for an hour before firing they got cc-tv pictures of him and also his vehicle and think he was still driving that same vehicle. but here in charleston don't want to concentrate on the arrest of this suspect, they want to begin healing and nine people have lost their lives in an extremely historic church and
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this is the mother hurt and the heart of the community church set up by slaves and people in deep shock and this is being treated as a hate crime. many questions still remain as to what dylann roof acted alone and if he is part of a white race hate group and we know none of the answers answer here in charlton are not what people are addressing and they are trying to heal and come together no matter what race creed or color they are. >> reporter: you mentioned the fact people are trying to come together and it has raised the issue of gun control again, is that something that is likely to change at all in the united states given we have had so many of these incidents in the past? >> well, unfortunately in the 15 years or so that i've lived in the u.s. i've covered most of those mass shootings and it's a question i get asked time and
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time again and i can say with certainty it won't change in the current administration but i think what president obama wants to do and indicated is they should at least have that conversation but as things stand right now you cannot get the people against gun and for control in the same room. remember this is a pretty political spot and hillary clinton was here and jeb bush was supposed to be here today but cancelled the visit after what happened and certainly it's a conversation that many americans would like to have but right here right now in charleston people are just coming together mourning the loss of nine lives. >> andy thank you very much indeed. almost 60 million people around the world have been forced from their homes by war or persecution according to the u.n. refugee agency which says it's the highest recorded and under 14 million had to flee in 2014 alone and the biggest increase ever seen in a single year that is average the 42,500
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abandoning their homes and a refugee internally displaced or seeking asylum and turkey hosts 1.6 refugees or more than any other country and the main reason for the up surge is syria, since the fighting began there in early 2011 nearly 3.9 million people have been forced out of the country. let's go live now to anchor and speak to the u.n. high commissioner for refugees and thanks for joining us on the program and you are in turkey and that is one of the places they have some of the largest numbers of refugees how are they coping with those kinds of figures? >> as you can imagine it's a dramatic impact in the economies and in the societies, not only of turkey, look at lebanon, when serbs or palestinian or refugee
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population and the international community needs to understand that these countries cannot cope with this challenge. the impact in the education and health systems and infrastructure, in water these countries need massive support from the international community here as in kenya and ethiopia around somalia or charred and cameroon and nigeria or pakistan and afghanistan. support to those countries is absolutely essential. first of all for refugees to be protected, for relations of refugees in the communities and for the suffering, the terrible suffering that corresponds to the need to leave one's house and community and not to be multiplied by the suffering of not having enough assistance enough support and not having a dignified life. >> syria is one of the key problems which is causing this mass displacement of people.
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could you actually have a figure for how many syrian refugees there are now? >> today we have about four million syrian refugees in the region. and in turkey already 1.8 million. we grew since the beginning of the year and a few weeks ago we had a serious incident and 23,000 people crossed into turkey. and what i think is important to understand is that behind each one of these there is tragedy, a personal tragedy and that the suffering inside syria is something we cannot imagine due to this ongoing conflict that never ends. a country like turkey has been very generous and the border is open. there is the possibility for syrians to have access to education and health. turkey already spend more than $6 billion of its own budget to support refugees but unfortunately other borders in
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other parts of the world are closed and at the same time the financial support to the humanitarian aid is dwindling. an organization like mine who has less money in 2015 than 2014 for the food program is forced to cut food support even here in turkey for the refugees in lebanon or jordan or other situations in the world. it's absolutely essential that the international community understands that much more solidarity needs to be expressed with displaced but also with those countries and those should not be left alone with refugees and it's important to have legal avenues to come in the eu and it's tragic to see people dying in the mediterranean and we need more legal opportunities for refugees to come from these troubled regions into the most developed countries in the world. >> the number of children now is staggering i read from your report more than half of the world's refugees are children.
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if people realized that do you think they would be more likely to actually want to help and do you think that some of the european governments who have been resisting increasing the numbers of people coming in they need to be in some ways shamed into taking more refugees? >> i think what is important is to appeal for more people to be accepted. in europe in the gulf in north america, in the developed world. only one in each two children has access to primary education, refugee children. only one in each four refugee children has access to secondary education. less than 1% of refugee children have access to the university. and we cannot let this generation be in a situation in which they will become lost in which they will not be able to first of all to guaranty their own future and second to contribute to the reconstruction of their countries to contribute to global peace and security.
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it is absolutely central to demonstrate to the violent troops that are acting in the zone that international solidarity will prevail and they will not be able to use the propaganda and to be effective with their propaganda taking profit of the people. >> thank you for taking the time to talk to us. as you heard there turkey is now hosting more refugees than any other country but the government says it's getting too little help from the rest of the word and bernard smith reports from turkey southeast. >> reporter: these are the basic of conditions for the latest refugees to arrive from syria. no running water, no electricity, no toilets, and no relief from the 40 degree heat. in this small park trees are the only shelter. the nearby camps these people want to go to are full. there is space in others but they are hundreds of kilometers away. >> translator: we had everything we needed before the war. a home a car.
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and when the war came we lost everything, our house and i got injured and now we are biggers just waiting for handouts. >> translator: we suffer from everything here. no services not much food. for children it's difficult to adapt in this heat. some have been bitten by scorpions and i have shrapnel wounds but i can't go to the hospital because i don't have an id. >> reporter: 30,000 are accommodated in refugee camps. what were intended to be temporary for a few months have become permanent fixtures along the border with syria. turkey has overtaken pakistan as the world's largest refugee hosting country. this is one of the first camps the turkish government built and it's more than three years old and aid agency says it does have the capacity to increase its facilities should there be another influx of refugees. the turkish government said it had little support from other
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countries to cover the cost of refugees and spent over $2 billion so far and provides food and water even to these makeshift camps. >> translator: everybody should be doing more. there are too few countries providing assistance to our relief and humanitarian efforts. it's a few western countries. it's a couple of gulf countries. but there are 50 big economies in north american europe and elsewhere. we need to have more resources. >> reporter: the u.n. says that the massive suffering from syria's war has made the middle east the world's largest producer and host of people forced to move from their homes. bernard smith, al jazeera, southeastern turkey. a german chancellor angela
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merkel are urging countries to share the influx of asylum seeker and arriving through greece and at odds for a plan to be forced in to take in a certain number of migrants and all member countries should shelter an appropriate number. meanwhile serbia prime minister says wars and fences are not a solution to keep migrants out and was responding to hungry's plans to build a four meter high barrier along the border and tens of thousands are crossing balkins to reach europe and says he shouldn't be blamed. >> translator: what do yo do -- you do and serbia will not close itself and we do not want to live in an schwitz. coming up, in the news hour pope francis has praise for decisive action to save the planet from climate change. georgia warns that a tiger, bear
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and hyena are loose ap floods destroyed the zoo. and in sport and baseball lovers are suddenly going football crazy and we have more later. ♪ 30 houthi rebels have been killed during fighters with local tribesmen in central yemen and happened in the province and the hootys were met with resistance as they launched offensive to take over the area. and scuffles broken out at a news conference held by houthis in geneva and the head delegate to the u.n. sponsored delegates had a shoe thrown at him which is insulting in arab culture with deep divisions trying to make a humanitarian truce in yemen and we report. >> reporter: from the mountains of sanaa to the united offices in geneva the journey that sums
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up the houthi rise to power. houthi is a senior member of the houthis or the parties of god as they call themselves. his fighters are troops loyal to former president saleh, have a growing influence in yemen and he is on a charm offensive saying he is here to talk about peace and until the chapter war. >> translator: we are committed to dialog and to a political agreement between all the factions. we want partnership. we don't want to exclude any party. >> reporter: the government in exile remains skeptical saying the houthis are buying time. >> translator: we have not started yet because houthi malitia and representatives have no vision. we hope they join talks brokered by the u.n. and recognized the legitimacy of the government. >> reporter: former president saleh and ally control the republican guards and elite army unit blamed for shelling
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civilian areas. they have been firing rockets of neighborhoods in thai to repel a push by tribesmen loyal to president hadi and says the army should stay intact to protect yemen. >> translator: military establishments which is constantsly being pounded by the saudi-led coalition is the only guaranty against the political vacuum in yemen. the army is the backbone of any transition to democracy. if there is no army and police the next government will be underminded by malitias and al-qaeda. >> the houthi press conference turned into a scuffle. from the south accuse the houthis of killing people in southern yemen. as fighting continues across yemen, talks are stalled in geneva. the united nations hasn't been able to narrow differences
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between the rival factions. in the absence of progress here in geneva yemen's only hope is in agreement between the region's key players and the international community with a humanitarian truce and have all the parties in yemen accept it and stop the suffering of people. al jazeera, geneva. euro finance ministers failed to strike a deal on greek debt crisis and announced after a day of talks in luxemburg and discussions next week with another euro zone summit set for monday. >> as of today it is still possible to find an agreement and extends the current program before the end of the month but the ball is clearly in the greek court to cease that lost opportunity. we feel that an agreement must be credible. it has to be credible from the perspective of sustainable
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finances and economic recovery in greece but also needs to be credible from a point of view from credibility of a monetary union and the euro zone as a hole. imf chief says there is no grief for greece if it fails the repayment due at the end of the month. >> 30 of june is the day when a lump sum payment is due to imf and there is no grace period or two months delay as i have seen on here and there and on july 1st, no payment being made. >> in the last few minutes the greek finance minister is talking and in today's group they sent a powerful message with a proposal and could put an end to the greek dry may and coming out in luxomberg and we will go live in athens and seems they have not made a deal and greek finance minister said he
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had a proposal that would have led to a deal what is going on here? >> well, lorne, there are lots of proposals flying around but at the moments the factors we don't have a formula that both sides agreed upon and what you are seeing here behind me now is a good 3-4,000 people reacting to that failure or rather even reacting preemptively to it because they timed and organized the gathering over 48 hours through social media calling upon the government to reach a deal as quickly as possible, that keeps grease in europe in the euro zone and feel greece is overplaying its hand and don't believe that greece can blackmail it's european partners threatening suicide and have come without slogans and no flags belonging to the sole lists that fell from power in january and not many politicians and a few did drop in. this is a true citizen's
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movement behind me and they are carrying banners like no to stalinism and cut taxes and it's killing the economy. this is the private sector speaking and want the government to cut down the state, cut their taxes and get on with rebuilding the economy recordless of political coloring. >> in the meantime a few more lines dropping on the wires from this greek finance minister's speaking in luxomberg saying it's unfortunate they chose to folk enon the focus on the greek side and they blame the european partners for failure to agree a deal, how is that going to go down with the people behind you because they are already cross with the way the government is handling it? >> it's the creditor's general line and it's nothing new and saying the ball is in greece's court quite consistently and the real problem here is that the greeks and their creditors are
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not really reading off the same page. creditors are saying that we need to see proposals that make us believe that they will be carried through, that the money will be there at the end of each execution of each budget and that these are not just promises that will then break down six months into the budget for a year and the greeks will ask for more financing and do not have that sense of faith in the greek proposals and no faith in the left wing government. many people i think on the other side of the table simply don't believe the greeks are negotiating in good faith in the sense of wanting to fix the economy along the lines of greater liberalization greater competitiveness, a more expert oriented economy that will become a strength for the euro zone. i think many people on the other side of the table feel that the greeks are trying simply to get more lenient financing with fewer terms attached that have political costs back here at home.
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>> talk very much indeed and john is live for us there in athens. human selfishness is the reason for global warming is the message from pope francis on long awaited speech on the climate change and we report from the vatican on how the prayers of environmentalists have been answered. >> reporter: it's judgment day on climate change. the vatican had a letter written by pope francis with his views on ecology and the environment. embracing the theory that global warming is mainly caused by human activity. in the 184-page document published in eight languages pope francis calls for dramatic changes in lifestyle and action and consumption to prevent what he calls the unprecedented distraction of the eco system with serious consequences to all of us. accusing the government of not doing enough to tackle the problem. the pope's stance is announced
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at prayers from environmentalists. >> translator: it's important that the pope says climate change carries an ethical and moral burden. we agree, climate change is an ethical issue because it evens the poor and also those who bear less responsibility. the pope's call for action will have an impact on 1.2 billion catholics around the world and push politicians to act. >> reporter: while pope francis bases his conclusions on global warmings and findings by the scientific community the vatican says it was one of the first to believe that global warming is caused by human activities. built in 1603 the vatican political of sciences was the first exclusive academy in the world. among the first members was galaloh and later tried for heresy and later said the catholic church nowadays has full faith in science. >> translator: they say we
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follow what the american scientists are saying that it was us through our academy members, paul and mary who first claimed in the 1990s that the disproportionate use of fossil fuel caused climate change and global warming. >> reporter: the vatican is trying to set an example before aiming at becoming the world's first carbon neutral state, not an impossible task for the smallest state in the world with no industries. ironically it pollutes the most the day the new pope is elected. >> time to take out the trash. >> reporter: it has become a blockbuster for environmental groups around the world, a nonprofit organization based in brazil even believes the hollywood style of the trail and in it the pope fights big oil and gas corporations. now the real pope has been urged to use his power of persuasion to make the world a cleaner place. al jazeera, vatican city.
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still to come this hour the asylum seeker whose say they witnessed australian authorities paying people smugglers. democracy politicians vote down democratic reforms in hong kong. we will explain why. in sport the defending champion cashes out at wimbledon tournament. ♪ >> shot dead and the government does nothing. >> they teach you how to eliminate people? >> ya. >> we've done it and that is why
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we are there. >> my life is in danger. >> anyone who talks about the islamic religion is killed. >> don't miss the exclusive al jazeera investigation. >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job.
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>> brittany menard's decision to take her own life last year. sparked a national debate. >> brittany didn't wan't to die the brain tumor was killing her, she simply took control over how that process would go. >> now see what her husband is doing to keep his promise to change "right to die" laws nationwide. america tonight only on al jazeera america. >> hunted to the brink of extinction... >> we need an urgent method that stops the killing. >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new science. >> this radio carbon dating method can tell us if
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trade of ivory is legal. >> it could save a species... >> i feel like we're making an impact >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropcal wind storm... >> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! ♪ hello again and reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, u.s. president barack obama says the country needs to question how killers get ahold of their guns after a mass shooting in a south carolina church, nine people including the pastor died. police arrested the suspect and named as 21-year-old dylann roof. record 60 million people around the world forced from their homes by war or persecution according to the u.n. refugee agency. and euro zone finance ministers failed to strike a deal with greece after a day of talks in luxomberg and they have been questioned and released after a
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catholic church in northern israel was badly damaged by suspected arson attack in with multiplication of the sea of galilee and hebrew prayer and believes it's where jesus performed a miracle feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and to fish and ban ki-moon is urging the government to take steps on killings and refers to the controversy over his decision not to include israel on the list of parties that kill or injure children in armed conflict. >> as my latest report makes clear, last year was one of unprecedented challenges for children in conflict zones around the world.
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it's crucially important we protect the world of children. as the report shows that is a goal that we are failing to meet. i'm aware of the controversy surrounding the report. >> reporter: 30 people have been killed in attacks by boko haram in southern niger and they shot people in two villages in a different region and reportedly announced air strikes with boko haram and twin suicide bombings that kid 34 people in chad capitol and denies that chad carried out strikes in its territory. dominican republic hundreds of thousands of migrants from haiti fight deportation and they share one island in the caribbean and david mercy reports from the dominican republic. >> reporter: lining up for days desperate to get the papers they need so they can stay in their adopted country.
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immigrant workers from haiti and some lived here for decades. >> translator: they don't want haiti people here and started the process to stay illegally but it's all for nothing because they want us out of the country. >> reporter: those who have not managed to register as foreign workers and rights group say there could be as many as 300,000 who have not now face deportation. some leading dominican business men says taking workers out of the country will damage the rapidly growing economy but they are not the only ones under threat and they will are born to immigrant parents had their citizenship taken away. wilma is one who could be stateless, the 22-year-old was born in santarica to a community dedicated to cutting sugar cane and the father who arrived 50 years ago is undocumented and means he has lost the right to stay, when he tried to renew his
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birth certificate it was taken from him and he and siblings and children are facing uncertain future. >> translator: i feel dominican, i'm a native of this place. i was born here. my child was born here. this is the only country i know. >> translator: st. charles an activist visits those most vulnerable being do deported to haiti a country many never visited and says the threatened deportation are the latest example of discrimination towards those with hatian roots and a prejudice has grown as they moved out of the countryside and into the cities. >> translator: some dominicans are afraid because they feel haitians are invading and there is a phobia because we are black and we are poor. many conservatives say a poor country shouldn't have to take in those even poorer. >> reporter: international human rights group like amnesty international are concerned how people will be rounded up and
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taking to newly built detention centers and if they have the right to appeal but making this case on television to a pop laying escalation largely in favor of the plan the dominican interior minister rejects international criticism. >> translator: if someone arrives and says they are dominican how do i know they are dominican and how do i know their identity when i don't even know their name? tell me. should i register them just for telling me this? how? >> reporter: for those still without the required papers and with no options left all they can do is wait and hope that their family will be spared. david mercer santa domingo. dodging questions if the navy bribed the crew of a migrant boat to turn back to indonesia and andrew has been speaking to the crew and asylum seekers who are on board.
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>> reporter: did australia pay smugglers to take these asylum seekers here and from bangladesh and myanmar they are now in an immigration hostile in the city of qupang and they were on boats similar to this and did a month-long loop in the sea and the passage to new zealand where they hoped to seek asylum each paid about $4,000. but in international waters they were intercepted first by an australian australian customs vessel and later by a ship and passengers were taken on that but others take end to the australian mainland and there they were given money and told to go back to where they come from. australians reunited them with passengers, gave them two fishing boats and then escorted those boards to indee --
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indonesia. >> we had very limited food on those boats and fuel and not more than ten hours of fuel and gave us a useless navigation device and not a toilet on board. >> it ran aground and a remote island and most swam and others collected by fisherman and taking here to island and police got involved and found out about $31,000 allegedly paid by australia force and money al jazeera was able to film. >> i don't feel it's a good thing to pay them to help them. and should not be because they are the defense and they are a feared law. never break the law. it's their duty. >> indonesia the crew are
2:39 pm
arrested their money has been confiscated by police. in australia it has been dominating the base all week. australia's government is still refusing to comment but seems almost certain that the payments did take place and australia stands accused of paying money to the very smugglers its government says are part of an evil trade. all australia's prime minister is we will do whatever we need to do to stop the boats. andrew thomas sidney. >> thailand confirmed its first case of middle east respiratory system or mers and the victim is a 75-year-old man who traveled to bangkok for medical treatment and the death toll in south korea reached 23 and almost 7,000 are in quarantine at home and medical centers and doctors say there are doing all they can to halt theout break. hong kong rejected a reform bill
2:40 pm
and would have given voters to tune to elect leader in 2017 but would have been restricted to choosing candidates approved by beijing and a move that say is undemocratic. at least five people are dead after torrential rains in china and searching for four people missing in severe flooding in the central hoobay province and thousands of homes evacuated and heavy rain will hit southern china in the next three days. zoo keepers warning that some animals may be loose in the capitol georgia after flooding destroyed their enclosures and a tiger was shot and killed on wednesday after attacking a man and we report. >> reporter: a smear of blood marks the spot where a predator killed the first man to walk into this flooded warehouse across the road from the ruined zoo. alexander had the screams.
2:41 pm
>> translator: we broke windows and saw how the tiger had bitten the man on the neck and i threw a brick at the tiger and he jumped away and ran. it took police two hours to find and shoot the animal. >> reporter: zoo managers heard claims that all animals were accounted for but last weekend it caused chaos there and it's still not clear how many other animals survived some considered dangerous were shot but most drown. rescuers are still recovering dead animals from the mud. >> we treated them just like our children and we knew their names, the stories, so we carried about them really like parents. so of course it's very hard to lose all of them. >> reporter: it looks as if they had to cut open the cages just to get the bodies out because the back entrances are completely silted up. the river and flood waters brought through and huge amounts
2:42 pm
of mud, rocks and debris and it went to the top of the cages and the animals didn't stand a chance. still cleaning up neighborhoods, at least 15 people are known to have drown and others are still missing, this has been a human tragedy tragedy. >> because one of them had all seven and 14-year-old boy. >> reporter: there is still concern that out there somewhere may lurk another predator. those animals that have been found like the now famous hippo are safe. robin walker, al jazeera. the uk parliament building are said to be at risk of irreversible damage unless restoration is carried out and could cost up to $9 billion and found asbestos and date back to 1099 the stone work is
2:43 pm
crumbling and pavement is failing and roofs leaking and will debate in they want to vacate the world heritage site for six years while the work is being completed or have a 32-year-old renovation program. coming up, in sport oath candidate puts his name forward of blatter as fifa president, just for men or is there room for women too, we look at video game gender shift. 200 years on remembering napoleon and the tens of thousands who died in the battle. ♪
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now think of video games and most people picture a pastime that is dominated by men and teenage boys these days though half of gamers are women. as rob reynolds reports from the e 3 gaming convention? los angeles a gender gap was there itself. >> reporter: a quick look around the e 3 international gaming expo shows how white male dominated the gaming world is. there are few women game designers and technician in the fast growing, well paid industry. >> we have 50% of game players are women and only about 20% of game makers are women. >> reporter: it has been debated within the industry for years with little to show in the way of diversification but as more games meant to appeal to women are made the content of games overall is slowly changing. >> the traditional image of the 15-year-old in the basement
2:46 pm
playing call of duty has been with us so long and we are a young industry and maturing and evolving very quickly and for sections of the audience that is really tough to take. >> reporter: the gaming industry gender problem was thrown into sharp relief last year when female game designers and feminist critics of video games were subjected to an organized campaign of online harassment that included death threats. that episode became known as gamer gate. blogger and critic anita was harassed after writing about the depiction of women in games after sex objects and about the predominance of macho male game characters. >> i had death threats and rape threats and my family and my colleagues were harassed and threatened. the intense visceral we have seen simmering up is that the game the street is changing and they are doing everything they can including throwing these
2:47 pm
temper tantrums to stop it from happening and having conversations about representation of women, about what you know having more people of color in games, what are these stories telling us, what messages are they sending. >> reporter: game developments association director kate edwards says the harassment came out of a hate group lurking in the internet's dark under belly. >> i've gone to countless women and game events and we talk about the issues and nothing really happens. this because of gamer gate froorngly i think we are finally going to see change happen because i think it was the thing that broke the camel's back and enough of this. >> reporter: the industry is changing but very slowly. industry officials say they are taking steps to encourage more women to work in gaming and that their goal is having those who create the games better reflect those who play them. rob reynolds al jazeera.
2:48 pm
time for sport. >> brazil captain is out of his country's next two matches at the copa america and chile pending appeal against a two-match ban for 1-0 defeat to columbia and they are playing in yellow and scored ten minutes before half time and the group from santiago and defended jason and beat venezuela and the final group match only monday depending on results and will have to do it without name and they are attending to head butt after the final whistle and also sus suspended for quarter final and has 24 hours to appeal. >> translator: i had an issue with one of their defenders,, in fact he has an issue with me when the game was over and i heard the whistle i kicked the ball and it ended up hitting a colombian player and defender wanted to get in trouble with me and i looked at him. i did make a mistake but it's part of the game. we lost and i believe we played badly. i didn't play well either.
2:49 pm
i acknowledge that and take full responsibility of what happened today. now it's up to us to win the next game. >> reporter: also in group c tournament surprise package venezuela kickoff against peru and venezuela shocked columbia in opening game and ignited interest back home in a country where baseball is usually the number one sport and lopez is in the capitol caracas and behind the team known as the burgundys. against all odds venezuela scored a goal against columbia in the first match of this year's copa america and sunday surprising result is being greeted by many here as a change that has been slow in the making but that could soon amount to something bigger. >> translator: venezuela football is improving and saw new player and new goal keeper and they stand a chance this time and beat them in the last american group state.
2:50 pm
>> reporter: but overall venezuela futbol record is dismal and the only country in south america never to have played in a world cup and then according to the technical director of the country's biggest training school there are now more kids playing futbol than they are base baseball. >> translator: futbol is a breaking point and foreign league sign up is helping and making huge strides thanks to what older players learn abroad and changing the approach to training. >> reporter: it has been a baseball loving country but several small victories and futbol could be the first sign that change is in the air. but it is baseball that has historically defined venezuela and they can play soccer and can turn a patch of grass or cement into a baseball field. the reason for this preference
2:51 pm
are so deep that to many it's simply a matter of identity. >> translator: baseball just comes easier to us. we are caribbeans. we like baseball. it's just like that. we like hitting the ball hard. and sliding home. brazilians were born with a ball and we were born with a bat. >> reporter: in a country facing deep economic woes another unlikely victory in copa could welcome change of luck at least on the playing field, lopez with al jazeera, caracus venezuela. 16 days after blatter dramatically announced he would resign as fifa president we have another candidate for success and head of world futbol governing body and in the last hour the liberian futbol association says he will be standing in the election and should be taking the lead in reforming fifa and africa has the largest block in fifa 54 nations all voted for blatter the resent presidential election
2:52 pm
and fifa will decide at the election date at a meeting next month and december is the likely earliest date and futbol is the other candidate so far. a week and a half to go until the start of wimbledon, the grand slam of the season and a shock in the warm up in queens club and the champion is out of the last 16 stage and beaten by miller. a player 37 places below him in the world rankings and going on to win the match in two times. >> tough match today of course but, you know, i'm just going to stay positive, wimbledon is coming out. i'm going to have a good time to get ready and, yeah everything is going to be -- i think everything is going to be fine for me. >> reporter: plays the top seed in the quarter finals the home favorite will equal with the fourth title at queens and 7-5 and 6-4.
2:53 pm
pakistan's former cricket captain finally confessed to spot fixing five years after ordering for a test match in england for gambling purposes but has apologized to the pakistan cricket board and one of three players who served jail sentences for the crime and that is former pakistan team are playing the first test of the three-match series in shri-lanka and close at day two. australia golden girl of swimming at the center of a bizarre cases of doping the sport has seen and olympic gold medallist will have to defend himself from a positive test two years ago and 25-year-old was uninformed of the failed doping test and had no idea how the substance came in her system and has withdrawn from the
2:54 pm
australian swimming team for the championships after having a ban in swimming and slammed the antidoping agency. >> we have concern about the length of time that it has taken for swimming and the athlete to be informed of this alleged offense from the 2013 world championships and we have expressed our concern. our priority now is to ensure that the case continues through its due processes and aligns to the policies and we are confident that will do so with policies and practices. we will work both with fina and athlete to ensure that it does comply to the satisfaction of all parties. >> reporter: the chicago blackhawks ice hockey team have been showing off the stanley cup trophy after winning nhl and paraded through the streets of chicago in an open top bus as you can see there after they made their way to the packed soldier field stadium, it's the third stanley cup crown in the
2:55 pm
past six years. thanks for watching and more later. >> thank you very much indeed. to belgium where they have been celebrating the 200th anniversary of the battle of waterloo and marked a turning point in history, the rise of the british empire and the fall of french dominance in the contents and armies converged on the the battlefield and barnabie fillphilosophyfill fill -- phillips went for reenactment. >> reporter: preparing to fight the french and do not look like battle hardened soldiers but the duke of wellington is confident of victory over napoleon. >> never lost a battle. >> never face-to-face? >> i understand the self proclaimed emperor is not the man that he used to be. i understand that he is not in
2:56 pm
good health. whereas you can see i'm in robust good health sir. >> reporter: a midst all this pump and ceremony and fun it's easy to forget what a terrible slaughter took place on these fields 200 years ago. at the end of the battle of waterloo some 50,000 men lay dead and wounded in agony without access to any form of medical treatment and the duke of wellington said he was tired of war, he never wanted to see another battle. on the opposite side of the battlefield a familiar figure is coming out to inspect his guard. napoleon famously was a short man but he cast a long shadow over europe. i have been summoned to meet him, a great honor, so what does napoleon make of europe in 2015? >> translator: he definitely would want to be in charge but if he could see europe today he wouldn't be too impressed and he would prefer it to be a great
2:57 pm
empire but under french control. >> this lady is playing a pollish countess and one of napoleon lovers and pays respect to the dead. >> and the people who died here and it's not important which side it was french or english or russian or perussian, just remembering the people who died here. >> reporter: waterloo ended french domination of europe and brought peace for decades. but for the people who have come here from across the world waterloo is also an opportunity to live in the past for a few days and wear some fabulous uniforms, barnabie phillips waterloo. stories on our websites at al and the details is the south carolina shooting suspect in custody. that's it for me and we will be back here just in a moment with another if full moment of the
2:58 pm
day's news.
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at some point we'll have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advance countries. hello, this is al jazeera also coming up, there is no great period of delay that i have seen here and there.