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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i feel like we're making an impact >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropcal wind storm... >> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america ♪ tens of thousands of palestinians enter the old city on the first fry of ramadan as israel eases restrictions. ♪ hello and welcome you are watching al jazeera and i'm live from the headquarters in doha and also coming up, in the program scuffles breakout in geneva as the war in factions in yemen fail to reach a peace deal. under arrest, police have finally caught a man suspected of fatally shooting nine people at a church in the u.s. state of south carolina.
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peace in mali and we meet rebel fighters in the north who are vowing to continue fighting. ♪ the u.n. says it needs $1.6 billion in aid for yemen and the war in geneva are trying to reach a truce and scuffles broke out thursday after a shoe was thrown at the head of the houthi delegation and we report from geneva. >> reporter: from the mountains of sanaa to the united nations in geneva, a journey that sums up the houthi lines to power. houthi is a senior member of the houthis or the parties of god as they call themselves. his fighters and troops loyal to former president saleh have a growing influence in yemen and
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he is a charm offensive saying he is here to talk about peace and turn the chapter of war. >> translator: we are committed to dialog and to a political agreement between all the factions. we want a partnership. we don't want to exclude any party. >> reporter: the government in exile repains skeptical saying the houthis are buying time. >> translator: talks have not started yesterday because houthi malitia and representatives have for vision. we hope they join talks by the u.n. and recognize the legitimacy of the government. >> reporter: former president saleh and his ally control the republican guard and elite army unit blamed for shelling civilian areas. they have been firing rockets of neighborhood in thai to repel a push by tribesmen loyal to hadi and the talks say the army should stay intact to protect
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yemen. >> translator: the military establishments which is constantly being pounded by the saudi-led coalition is the only guaranty against a political vacuum in yemen. the army is the backbone of any transition to democracy, if there is no army and police the next gav will be under minded by malitia and al-qaeda. >> reporter: houthi press conference turned into a scuffle and from the south accuse houthis of killing people in southern yemen. as fighting continues across yemen talks are stalled in geneva. the united nations hasn't been able to narrow differences between the rival factions. in the progress here in geneva yemen's only hope is in agreement between the region's key players and the international community with a humanitarian truce and have all the parties in yemen accept it and stop the suffering of
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people. al jazeera geneva. houthi fighters in yemen have been accused of targeting residential areas in thai and backed by troops loyal to the former president saleh and bombed areas near the ancient citadel, a mosque was hit during the shelling and fighters also pounded a hotel and homes in the nearby mountains region. tens of thousands of palestinians are pouring into occupied east jerusalem for the first fry prayers of ramp done -- ramadan and it's a good will gesture and allowing men over 40 and women of all ages to visit without permits and we are at the damascus gates one of the main entrances to the old city of jerusalem so tell us about the larger numbers that we should expect. >> well, the reason we are
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expecting these larger numbers this year during ramadan it's to reduce movement restrictions on palestinians in the west bank in gaza and describing as a good-will gesture after it said was a positive security assessment by the army and basically as you mentioned men and women of all ages from the west bank accept those who are under 40 men who are under 40 are allowed to come to jerusalem to perform friday prayers during the month of ramadan and allowed to visit family members in israel and as well there is an easing of restrictions on palestinians living in gaza. a few hundred of them will be allowed to apply for permits to pray at the mosque in jerusalem and they will be able to visit during ramadan and relatives in the west bank and a number of them will be able to travel out of the palestinian territories in airports in tel aviv but may
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pilgram via israel and jordan instead of via egypt if the crossing remains closed. that said the easing of restrictions can be awarded at any time. israeli authorities have warned israeli army spokes person said any other group tries to exploit this easing of restrictions to carry out this inside israel then israel's response will be harsh. >> this is about a good will gesture easing restrictions but what are we to make of it? >> there may be a number of reasons israel may be doing this and some say in the absence of peace talks between israelis and palestinians israelis want to try to absorb the frustration of palestinians living under occupation and these continuous movement restrictions. let's not forget thl last year
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ramadan came after people were murdered in the west bank and used as collective punishment thousands were bans to go to jerusalem to perform friday prayers but if you ask most palestinians they will tell you this is not an easing of restrictions it's their right to worship and it's there right to free movement even while under occupation and this is a right that is guaranteed under international law. >> life from east jerusalem. thank you. 7 tunisia staff kidnapped in libya a week ago have now been freed. the foreign minister says they are back home. three of their colleagues are released on thursday. all ten were kidnapped last friday when gunmen stormed the tunisia compound in tripoli. vigils held in the united states for nine victims of the shootings, candles, cards and flowers laid in the church in south carolina where the black
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worshippers were shot during a bible class and 21-year-old man being questioned about the hate crime, as andy gallagher said the u.s. president says americans must face up to the fact that advance of weapons do not happen in other advanced countries. >> reporter: the first pictures of dylann roof since he was arrested on thursday morning in north carolina and suspected of carrying out a fatal shooting of nine people attending a church in south carolina. >> i'm very very pleased to announce we have made an arrest in this case. we arrested dylann roof roof from lesionington south carolina. >> reporter: police say the 21-year-old sent an hour of nighttime prayer meeting at the ame church in the center of charleston and stood up and started shooting this say the police was a hate crime. >> we woke up today and the hard
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and soul of south carolina was broken. >> reporter: as police worked around the scene of the massacre a nationwide alert was sent out, the alleged shooter was pulled over in a traffic stop in shelby in north carolina a three-hour drive from charleston and his uncle recognized the picture on c krchlt cc-tv and alerted the authorities. >> that awful person that terrible human being who would go into a place of worship where people were praying and kill them is now in custody where he will always remain. >> reporter: for the 14th time since he became president barack obama had to talk about a mass shooting in america. >> we at some point we as a country will have to recon with
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the fact this violence does not happen any other advanced countries and it's in our power to do something about it. >> reporter: in facebook dylann roof is wearing a jacket with a flag of apartheid africa and told one woman in the church she would live so she could tell the story of what happened and community leaders in charleston says this is the time for unity. >> we've got to pray but we've got to get up off our knees and we got to work and legislate and protest because enough is enough enough. >> reporter: this is a church that was founded by african/americans who fought to be free of slavery and today leaders are defy ents-- defiant in the face of tragedy and the question is whether he acted alone and why he allegedly did what he did. andy gallagher, charleston south carolina. turkey the funeral has taken place for former president
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dimeral and he served as prime minister 7 times before becoming president from 1993-2000, two governments were toppled by military coups and died on wednesday age 90. still ahead protests in the dominican republic where hundreds of thousands of migrants face deportation. plus remembering the battle of waterloo and how it changed the course of european history. ♪
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welcome back let's take a look at the top stories on al jazeera. thousands of palestinians are pouring in to the occupied east jerusalem for first friday prayers of ramadan and a good will gesture and allowing men over 40 and women to visit without permit. the u.n. says it needs $1.6 billion for humanitarian aid for yemen to prevent a catastrophe and comes as talks to try to agree on a truce between yemen's warring factions continue in geneva. prayer vigils held in cities across the united states for the nine victims of the charleston charles shooting a 21-year-old white man being questioned about what police say is a hate crime. international investors and criminal officials are in st. petersburg for the biggest economic forum which kicked off thursday, despite sanctions many european and u.s. ceos are in attendance at this annual event
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and alexis is also there and expected to speak at the gathering. time is running out for athens to reach an aide deal with interfacial creditors and talks with euro zone broke down on thursday without a deal and greece has less than two weeks to risk defaulting on $1.8 billion on repayments and has more than $378 billion to the international monetary fund the european central bank and union for bailouts it received in 2010 and 2012. according to some estimate the debt burden equals more than $34,000 for each greek citizen and john reports from athens. >> reporter: thursday's meeting ended with no agreement but the greeks left behind a proposal they believe could be the basis for a deal. >> recognize there is a problem of trust within the euro group. in order to overcome it in today's meeting we put on the
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table an article proposal a proposal has never been discussed before and not asked by the institution, an innovative proposal that came from us. and it is this: in the context of our agreement that we should have our fiscal council, dependent fiscal council with britain's office for budget responsibility monitor the execution of the budget. >> reporter: the council would automatically trigger spending cuts making future deficits impossible and illegal. creditors rejected a series of proposals over four months saying they remain on slight of hand to dodge tougher issues keeping up tax revenue and making the economy more productive but there is still a glimmer of hope they say. >> we send a strong signal to the greek authorities that it's really up to them to submit new and different proposals in the coming days to fully engage with
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the institutions within the framework of that statement of february the 20th. >> reporter: in athens greeks who fear the left wing government is running too close to deadline was before parliament chanting greece democracy and they believe ceaser is up holding them and not on suicide and want them on a path to the euro zone and means a government and smaller taxes for the private sector and suffered from the 25% unemployment rate. >> translator: i don't know what we can accept and what we can't but we need to avoid leaving the euro zone at all cost. >> reporter: there are fears too that brinkmanship may bring greece to the knees over the weekend and cyprus was forced to go to austerity two years ago but just how far apart ceser and
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greeks is be was demonstrated earlier in the day on greek debt said they neither can or should pay it position at odds even with the government. the debt it says is result of austerity and not the cause and these people believe the political standoff over the debt is slowly poisoning the economy. john with athens athens. den mark center opposition is celebrating a victory in thursday's general election and includes the antipeople's party that wants to limit the eu and prime minister schmidt resigned as social democratic party leader. eu criticized plans by hungry to build a wall on border of serbia to shut out migrants and tens of thousands crossed so far this year and it's 175 kilometers on the frontier and eu and serbia say it's not effective way to control migration and hungry
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insists the wall is necessary. >> translator: hungry is a front line country and everything must be done to protect the hungry people and hungry from this uncontrolled and uncontrollable flow of illegal migrants. >> translator: what are we supposed to do to build a wall toward macedonia and bulgaria and we will not build walls and we will not close itself and do not want to live in achwitz. >> reporter: fighting for autonomy in the country north and due to sign a peace deal on saturday and they are traditionally nomads fighting with the government for more autonomy and less discrimination and the up rising was three years ago when they over ran large areas in the north seizing towns and villages and fighting for more territory control over an area they call azwad in northern mali and we report about an armed rebellion on the ground that continues despite
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calls for peace. >> reporter: the camp in the wilderness and lamb meat for roasting and quiet like this is rare and brief in their life. leaders agreed on a new deal with the government which is supposed to end the conflict. but as the politicians prepare to sign peace these fighters get ready for war. >> whoever talks of ending the conflict only talks nonsense and it's a big lie this war cannot be ended with a stroke of a pen, as long as we are denied territorial separation there is no end to war. >> reporter: rebels in control of the major town and large areas of northern mali. recently they made new territorial gains pushing further south and majority firmly rejected peace treaty and issued this statement. >> let our political leaders sign whatever agreements they want to sign and give what
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concessions they want to give but for us here on the ground these fighters tell me this is not the end of the war and not the end of the strike. >> reporter: rebels announced an independent state in northern mali in 2012 but under the present agreement they get only a type of local administration. perhaps the biggest sticking point of any deal is the disarming of the fighters which is strongly rejected here. >> translator: as long as there is no separation there will be no disarmament. it's not mali that gave us the weapons, we paid for them with our own blood. >> translator: we handed over our weapons in 1993 and 1994 but the result was they destroyed the weapons and two years later they began to kill our people we are not going to return to that situation. >> reporter: those statements and complexity of the situation on the ground provoke the prospects of a real and final peace in mali with fighting still taking place including
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confrontations in the towns and some go as far as to predict a new and major war across the north. mohamed with al jazeera, northern mali. thailand's health minister says the first patient to be treated for middle east respiratory syndrome has shown some emprovement but his son and brother are also showing symptoms although it's not yet confirmed if they are infected. thailand is the fourth asia country to report the deadly mers virus and scott has the latest from bangkok. >> reporter: confident they isolated the first case of mers in thailand and identified 75-year-old as a potential mers patient the first day he arrived and taken off to a hospital as three members of his family he traveled her with and 50 people who came in contact with him in bangkok are monitored very closely. obviously the concern anyone with mers gets out in the general public in bangkok and
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it's a crowded city but they are confident with the mechanisms they have in place and 67 entry points in thailand have been monitoring for anyone with mers potential and told the people not to panic here in thailand and as the friday morning commute shows so far they are listening. prosecutors investigating a corruption scandal in honduras pressed charges on the vice president of congress and accused of fraud, falsification of documents and crimes against public health and comes after soldiers took over hospitals and medical storage facilities to guaranty the supply of drugs to patients and victoria reports. >> reporter: soldiers patrol the corridors of the hospital. the president her man dez ordered them to guard the storage rooms and carry out inventory to determine if there are short andages in hospital supplies and it's not an isolated case. >> translator: in terms of the
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health system there are eight hospitals taken over with the presence of armed forces and will guaranty transparency in the management of medicine. corruption sandcandal has $100 million of public money and paid inflated prices for medicines and other services businesses that benefitted paid kickbacks and that money was then used to fund political campaigns. it's alleged that some of the money financed the governing national party and led protesters to call for the president's resignation. >> translator: what we need the most in the hospital is medicine because what is the use of having the soldiers there if there is no medicine. we are accomplishing nothing then then. >> translator: i think it's good to improve security. there are soldiers in the hospital is a good thing. >> reporter: medical workers say the public healthcare system is already operating with half
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the budget it needs. most patients are poor and many are angry, the public money meant to pay for their medicines may have been used to fund political campaigns. victoria with al jazeera. in northern india fire in a hotel killed at least nine people and 13 others suffered burns as they suffered in the four-story building and guests were asleep when the fire started and an electrical short is being blamed. some of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who face deportation from the dominican republic are protested and a new law aims to go from haiti and they rushed to register with the government hoping to stay and work legally and adam reports from santa domingo. >> have not begun deportation operations in 24 hours since the deadline past despite the fact that perhaps hundreds of
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thousands of people perhaps of haiti decent are at risk of being deported across the island here to haiti side. now the government says about 300,000 people filed their paperwork trying to prove their status by the deadline on wednesday and only about 10,000 of applications had the necessary documents and we spoke to a man who falls into that category earlier on thursday and spoke to a man who said he was there up until the deadline and said he lacked some documentation and he is very worried and afraid he could become stateless or sent back to a country he knows very little about and not speaking creol. the government is sending mixed messages and government officials say they are patrolling areas where people of haiti decent are known to live and work and those people could be sent over the border to haiti but at the same time we are not seeing deportations and could be because they are weary of having
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media attention and scrutiny show massive deportations at this time and could be something done much more quiet or risk hangs over people's heads for days and weeks and saw a protest earlier on thursday in the capitol outside of the haiti embassy at protest and people of haiti decent saying they feel dominican and are dominican and this should not be allowed to happen and sent back to a country they know little about. belgium a light show kicked off celebrations of 200th anniversary of the battle of waterloo, hundreds of actors took part entitled inferno and confirmed the french dominance in the continent and barnabie reports. >> reporter: the british army is preparing to fight the
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french. they don't look like battle-hardened soldiers by the duke of wellington is confident over napoleon. >> never defeated by a french army and not starting today. >> reporter: not face-to-face with the emperor himself have you. >> the self proclaimed emperor is not the man he used to be. i understand he is not in good health and as you can see i'm in robust health sir. >> reporter: it's easy to forget what a terrible slaughter took place on these fields 200 years ago and at the end of the battle of waterloo 50,000 were dead and wounded in agony without access to any form of medical treatment and the duke of wellington said he was tired of war and never wanted to see another battle. on the opposite side of the battlefield a familiar figure is coming out to inspect his guard.
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napoleon was a short man but he cast a long shadow over europe. i have been summoned to meet him, a great honor. to what does napoleon make of europe in 2015? >> translator: he definitely would want to be in charge. but if he could see europe today he wouldn't be too impressed. he would prefer it to be a great empire but under french control. >> reporter: this lady is playing marie valeska, a polish countess, napoleon lovers and pays respect to the dead. >> remember the people who died here and it's not important which side of french or english or russian or perusian and just remember the people who died here. >> reporter: waterl o o was the battle that ended french domination of europe and brought peace for decades but people who have come here from across the world waterloo is an opportunity
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to live in the past for a few days and wear some fabulous uniforms. barnabie phillips. keep up to date for news around the world and check out our website any time that is al, again al stinging set back in his efforts to negotiate a massive new trade agreement with a dozen pass iic rim countries, it was -- pacific rim countries, members of his own party denied him the authority to strike a deal. now the house, led by the republican charge