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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropcal wind storm... >> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america under a warrant sdmrfrming. live from london. also coming up standing strong against racism. the congregation at the church in charleston which has re-opened following the shooting that left nine people dead. the greek cabinet holds an emergency meeting ahead of monday's crisis summit. the world marks the first international yoga day. the idea isn't sitting pretty
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with everyone. an al jazeera journalist spent the night in german custody after being detained at the request of the egyptian authorities. the arrest warrant accuses him of having harmed the reputation of egypt and torture. protesters staged a protest outside where he is being held. >> reporter: mansour was detained as he waited to board a flight. german police say he is accused of several crimes but those crimes are alleged too have taken plates in egypt. he says his arrest is not only unwarranted and unjust but may have been part after secret deal made during sisi's recent visit to germany unfortunately, the german authorities are handling
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this case in a very suspicious manner. >> raises a lot of questions on how they are collaborating. >> his lawyer says his client's arrest is politically motivated. it is inconceivable to shall someone who is an innocent man. he was doing his job. two leading programs on al jazeera. >> he was sentenced in absentiatentia on the charge of torturing a lawyer. he wasn't en in country at the time of the alleged crime. it's because of these baseless charges interpose rejected his request for an international arrest warrant against mansour since the first democratically e lend president he hasn't held back from cracking down on journalists in any form of prespeech. several journalists were killed by the egyptian army during the early days of the coup and
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dozens remain behind bars. three journalits were unjustly imprisoned for more than a year. peter gresta was deported back home. now, he and his colleagues are facing a retrial. al jazeera has urged germany to release mansour immediately. the network's acting directing general said in a statement, the crackdown by egyptian authorities is well known. our network is the arab world's most watched, has taken the brunt of this. other countries must not allow themselves to be tools of this oppression. least of all those who respect media. one of the most respected journalists and must be released immediately. german politicians have also come out in support of mansour. the leader tweeted the german government must explain arrest of mansour in berlin. must not be sisi's hershmen.
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the international federation of journalists, the arab organization of human rights and dozens have con dimmed his arrest. protesters showed solidarity. he is one of the arab world's most renowned journalists. his arrest symbolizes much more. it is the fear that democratic countries could start doing the bidding of a military regime that has demonstrated disregard for free speech. al jazeera. >> paul beenan has more for us in berlin. >> the second stances of a did he tension are clearer. we know it wasn't an interpol red notice a international arrest warrant circulated by interpol. this was a request by the egyptian authorities. to countries worldwide. it was filed in a system of the germap federal police who control the airports a when
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mr. mansour attempted to pass through, his name obviously reagan alarm bell in that system. he was detained by the federal police. the details of the allegations against him are fairly sketchy, we understand, from his lawyers. one allegation according to the lawyer is that he's accused of having harmed the reputation of egypt that in addition to the always of core tour which he was found guilty of in abstentia back in 2014. >> said though the authorities here have not looked at the allegations in any serious detail. there have been hearings that have taken place but that was looking at the dotting the is and crossing the ts looking at the veracity of the paperwork, not the substantial views in the paperwork. as we talked about mr. mansour spending a night in custody, i am outside the state police headquarters here in berlin.
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mr. mansour will be on his way to mo abit where he will spend a second night in custody before he goes before a imaginestrationmagistrate or a judge at some point, we hope early tomorrow. a south carolina judge where nine were shot dead on wednesday has re-opened to worshippers. hundreds gather erbed in charleston for sunday's service. a visiting minister led the 400 strong congregation because the church's pastor was among those killed. outside the church more people gathered to show solidarity. police believe the attack was racially motivated. the suspected gunman dillon roof was charged on thursday with .9 counts of murder. gabriel has this update from charleston. >> a remarkable scene both
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inside the church and outside as well. they blocked off the streets here. >> i want to give you a sense of it. hundreds of people from the community have come out from all different ages and races to offer their support. they have been listening to the sermon that's been going on through loud speakers that have been set up here so they can listen in and partake in this. there was a moment of silence as well as dozens of churches that range their church bells at the same time to show solidarity. inside the church one of the leaders said this is not about the shooter. this is about a day to honor the victims all 9 that died so tragically and get some sort of closure and move on in their way they are able to do this. this is the first church sense since that terrible shooting. at times, it's been solemn and other times, very uplifting. clearly, very incredible scenes of a community coming together after this tragedy.
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>> now greek prime minister alexits tsipras has spend his sunday on the phone to european leaders discussing a debt deal. his ministers including finance minister were seen arriving at a crucial cabinet meeting athens. monday's sum missed are seen as one of the last chances to keep greece from defaulting on its loans and possibly leaving the euro zone. john psoropolas joins us. efforts to try to piece together a deal ahead the krurnl meeting. what do we know about those conversations? we know tsipras heads to brulsz to join two key negotiators facing three different meetings. the first is a member of the executive board to decide whether to extend for the third time in one week more liquidity,
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emergency safetiance for the greek bangking system in the last five working days alone. they are also then going to be called upon to reach a technical agreement with their partners at a youreuro group at the key meeting of the day. if they come away from that without a deal, it's been made clear to them in phone calls from the prime minister, from angela merkel and her french counterpart, fran skwa allande, the summit in theening will not be the forum to sort out any loose details left in the afternoon. they have to really reach the deal on the technical level that will ensures the greek didn't go doesn't run out of money. that's the fiscal gap. they've got to reach a deal on the sort of measures greece will undertake in order to ensure that. greece seems to be veering towards opting for raising more money through consumer tax or
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vat rather than further cuts in government expenditure. right behind me now you are seeing a reminder of that electoral promise made in january not to fire any civil servants and cut salaries. this is the public sentctor on the main square in front of parliament holding the government to its promise. >> reporter: >> holding the government to its promise, john, but one of the curious things about how people feel in the country, they don't want more austerity. that's for sure. polls suggest they are also still agent of enthuse yarm for staying in the eurozone. >> that's right. a new poll published today in the government friendly newspaper this is in fact the mouthpiece of the ruling party roughly two-thirds of greeks are opting for keeping grease in the eurozone. a similar majority is also ordering the government in this
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pole not to make any concessions that it has promised not to make such as salary and pension cuts the trouble is though that the government's general tenor with europeans as divisive and unpopular inrop europe has gone to the same poll if there were anally now the government would win 47% of the vote 10 points more less than points more than it came in january. if that is true it 3450i9 embolden the government to continue along an uncompromising path hoping to have anotherly in july post-default one line of thought that exists here among the more hard line leftits in the cabinet. >> it seems the government is feeling that much more am boldened in its negotiations with its eu partners. thanks john in athens.
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>> azerbaijan is the first host country of the games a fast developing nation displaying wealth to the world. behind the glamor of the games, the country has one of the highest elective abortion rates. parents can terminate a pregnancy based upon the sex of their unborn child. >> savera has been abandoned by her husband and his family. she didn't want to give her real name. the only crime is that the child she is expecting any day now is a girl. they said to me we will kick you out on the street if you don't have an abortion. i said i don't care. i am keeping the baby. >> her case is extreme but not unique. >> many women choose abortion just because they are having a girl. one of the highest selective abortion rates in the world. according to the government in
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2014, the ratio of girls to boys born was 100 to 115. there are lots of reasons why in azerbaijan is common. this region culturally is male-dominated. there are other pressures. families are getting smaller, which means fewer boys and as the prenatal technology to identify gender becomes more widely accessible demand for elective abortion grows. >> lawmakers say they are doing what they can to tackle the problem. >> all women have the right to have an abortion bi to protect against sexly, we wanted to ban abortion after three months without a doctor's consent. i am one of the biggest supporters of educating people because the law doesn't always solve the problem. >> mariban who works with vulnerable women says the problem runs deep? >> i think society needs to change its perception of women. the understanding that a girl brings evil to the world needs
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to change. overall, the perception of a woman's role in society has to change. the united nations warns that as well as a dangerous population imbalance, huge numbers of missing women in society could lead to more prostitution human trafficking and gender violence. those may be the challenges facing the next general rag robin forestier walker baku. >> still ahead, afghan forces launch a counteroffensive to retake a key district from the panel taliban. in deserted towns wherein hundreds of thousandsv of homes have been abandoned because of poor government planning.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the sound bites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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>> ray suarez hosts "inside story". only on al jazeera america. well back here withays. an update of thethe top stories this hour. ahmed man sour has been detained in berlin at the request of the egyptian authorities. al jazeera is calling for his immediate release. south carolina church where nine african-americans were shot dead on wednesday has re-opened to worshippers. greek ministers have left a meeting where they discussed a possible debt deal on monday. other stores we are following, afghanistan's army has launched a counteroffensive to retake a key district from the taliban fighters. earlier, the armed group took control. chadar outside of kunduz. 12 government soldiers died in the attack. 17 others were wounded. jennifer glasse has the latest from kabul.
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>> this is the front line in kunduz. afghan aerlz, the talibantable otter. the talibantable controls district. just a few kilometers from the kandu city. it's the first time it has been able to sees an entire district. the army has sent reinforcements. this is the first year afghan forces are fighting on their own, without nato support and they are struggling. >> we don't have air support. we only have ground troops. we don't have proper weapons. we only have m-16s. if you fire three bullets, the gun jams. we will fight until last drop of blood. >> the fighting threaten kundu city, home to thousands who fled from nearby villages. the take overcame hours after a roadside bomb killed several people in southern afghanistan. many of them church.
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those who were killed were my family members, including my nephews, my niece and my brother'swives. >> no one has claimed responsibility for this attack but the talibantable routinely plants bombs along roads. the talibantable also attacked a police checkpoint in gazni in central afghanistan muslim's holy month begins the talibantable is intensifying attacks keeping pressure on afghan forces and the government. jennifer glasse al jazeera, kabul. >> fighters from the islamic state in iraq in the levan have planned bombs, from the syrian observatory of human rights who say it's not clear whether they plan to destroy the site or to deter government fors from trying to advance toward the city. isil captured palmera last month and has a history of destroying ancient monuments. a suicide attack has been launched on mogadishu.
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the stackers set off a car bomb in an attempt to storm inside a military base. the exchange followed during which two attackers were shot dead. the third was a suicide bomber. no somoali forces were injured. >> this week, the country's government and an alliance by taureq rebels signed a peace deal. for the hundreds of thousands that face starvation security and survival are closely linked. >> a girlcow that doesn't stand up didn't have long to live. >> the chance of survival for a last remaining could you he can't buy food and there is no hey or grass here he has watched helplessly as they have died one by one. two years without rain in this part of northern mali has killed his only source of living. a younger nomad is facing the
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challenge differently. he owns the land along with his family in search of less drought stricken areas. we go back and forth cinching for grazing land. we believe there is no grass. we look for green trees. >> after each trip in the skoefrnlinging heat his wife puts up the family 10 again. their children are hungry and thirsty. so are the young cows. they have to wait for the return of an expedition to try to find water. it's ficced by donkeys from far away. far down a well water is found a camel has to walk hundreds of meters nearly half of the people of northern mali live as livestock herders. they have been facing drought for years and years of fighting has come pounded their problems
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people of this area say they have born the brunt of the war seeking autonomy and the army trying to maintain control. >> there are better areas for grazing further inside mali. the army there kills our people. there is no there is no grass. our animals are dying here not far from here on the moritanian side livestock herders are acted by drought. >> it used to be the last resort and that's because it used to receive more rain now they can't go there any more for another reason the lack of security. instead, it's the elders who cross into moretania knowing they won't be able to find grass but at least they can find security mohammed vall al jazeera on the mali mali moritania border. >> the mexican government started building affordable
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homes over a decade ago to address a housing deficit. many are empty riddled with unemployment and crime. john hullman reports on why people are leaving their homes. >> a house with no one to call it home. hundreds of thousands of them commissioned by the government for working class buyers in the middle of nowhere. most of the this wol's neighbors are gone. she is holding on, start herfor her job two hours. >> it's frustrating i leave at 5:30 in the morning and i get to work late. >> the government thought building huge out of town developments would solve the country's housing deficit but they neglected to put in a metro lines these neighborhoods en though many are in the middle of nowhere were seen as a greatyl idea for many poorer mexicans apparently afford their own
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house. a lack of basic infrastructure and public transport have led to many simply being forced to abandoned their homes mexico's last census in 2010 found 5 million abandoned houses, many of them these out of town estates. as they have emptied, crime has grown. >> there are people without work. young people here fall in to drug addiction. so they rob people's houses. >> one company is turning the failure of the government's plan into an opportunity. remodeling abandoned houses for a profit but they are investing in the community, providing paint for mura. is helping neighbors to clean up public spaces and supporting the local police's youth activity program. they say saving the estates is possible and profitable. >> rescuing the community is going to mean more people will want to live here.
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>> will mean higher house prices and better social capital and so that's just good business. the model seems to be working. in the developments they work in, crime is down and house sales are up. there is a notable lack of similar government programs elsewhere. without them the mass exodus from the middle of nowhere continues. john hullman, al jazeera, tijuana mexico. >> pope francis has denounced mafia conscious during the visit to the it al y'all city of charin. the 78-year-old pontiff was the burial cloth by many to bear the image of jesus christ. a report. entering turin's cathedral of john the baptist, the pope ven rated the piece of cloth, believed to bear the imprint of
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jesus christ the shroud is displayed for only two months every five years. in the still dimness the leader of more than a billion roman catholics pauses for silent prayer. the shroud protected behind a bullet proof case is believed to have covered the body of jesus after the crucification. outside the church large crowds have gathered to hear the pope speak. a major car manufacturing city the pope denounced the an exploitation of workers pointing the blame on mafia corruption. >> we say no to corruption that is so widespread it seems to be an attuit normal behavior but not in words. rather in deeds. we say no to the mafia conclusion, fraud and bribes and the like. the pope went on to speak about the plight of my grants thousands have arrived on italy's shores leaving the
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country's government struggling to cope. immigration increases competition but my grants shouldn't be blamed because they are victims of this throw-away economy and wars. skeptics say the turin shroud is a medieval forgery but pope frances follows in the footsteps of pontiffs past raise questions of faith millions of people away the world are taking part in international yoga day in afghanistan, hundreds gathered in the grounds of the area. it has been practiced for centuries. names of the various pieces are derived from the sandiscredit language. >> the primary joinedtins of thousandses and across the country, over 100,000 camps were set up to do the same. jamil has more.
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it was a sea of people. nearly 40 ,000 bending, twisting and breathing their way at an attempt for the world record for the largest yol yoga demonstration. they are joined by millions around the country and across the world as nearly all u.n. countries are expected to host it. >> not only is it a big celebration but to train the human mind with peace, good will and to reach high goals. >> many perform yoga for the health and healing benefit like sima sondi who teaches it. she was in an accident that damaged her ability to walk or stand correctly. >> there was a lot of clarity of mind. it is more holistic. i feel it works subtly changes the way you think the government is hoping the international day of yoga makes the ancient indian
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practice more popular there is more to international yoga day than setting a record with some hoping this day will boost the multi-billion dollar industry and the country's image abroad and although yoga originates in india, not every indian believes yoga is for them? >> for those used to spending tile behind a desk instead of on a yoga mat, the day is encouraged to promote physical fitness. some say it is hen due religious beliefs by making. i am a taxpayer. my money is not for the production of a religion industry but for the entire country. >> the government says yoga is not mandatory a healthy lifestyle and the country's image around the world.
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fez yam ill, new del jamil. you will find the latest comment, analysis and video on demand. do check it out. the address is right there. at "the listening post". some in the media are looking at this. edward snowden, and the story behind the scary headlines. during the cold war, miami based radio and tv survived a diplomat thaw under way between the u.s. and cuba


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