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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 21, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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he long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america >> hello everybody this is al jazeera america. i'm david schuster in new york with a look at today's top stories. >> we still believe that prayer changes things. >> a time for healing. charleston's emanuel ame church opened today to a community and a nation. after having lost nine lives. plus. >> i had myself convinced that there was conspiracy inside the white race.
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>> like dylann roof. >> and pride or a vifd reminder yet again of racial hatred and a bridge to peace. thousands of people spoke with one voice tonight from one place, in charleston, south carolina. >> this has been a remarkable day in charleston, south carolina and it continues through this evening. del walters is live in front of the emanuel ame church. del. >> david, about five seconds ago they started singing again. it has been that way for all day.
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major step trying to heal over the thur arthur ravenel bridge. they wanted to send a message to the rest of america that what happened two three days ago isn't common. the pastor was a father. and on that day before a packed house this was a sermon. jonathan martin has more. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> determined not to legality fear and age are out weigh their faith. >> i felt like i really needed to come out today to strengthen myself. >> reporter: members of emanuel ame church in charleston returned to worship first time since wednesday's mass shooting with heavy security at hand. >> it's been tough. it's been rough.
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we've, some of us have been down right angry. but through it all god has sustained us. >> ame church elder norvel goth presided. clementa pinkney was among the nine killed. >> there they were, studying your word, praying with one another. but the devil also entered. and the index was trying to take charge. >> in this historically black church sunday's crowd was as diverse as ever. with south carolina's governor nikki healki haley attending. and many others compelled to attend. >> i've never attended an african american church. it was inspiring they spoke a
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lot about families, that we could come together, there's no division between each other. >> virginia williams has attended mother emanuel for years. she says grief today almost kept her from attending. >> i was determined i was going to do this. >> this is a measure just how determined people are. this is not merely a worship service. this was a statement of character, as we're not going to give up. >> yes, there are answers that we're still waiting for. but the answers still by leaving our hands in the hand of god. >> during the service there was no direct mention of dylann roof the 21-year-old suspect charged with nine counts of murder. but focused on catching him.
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encouraging parishioners in their sorrow to find the strength to press on. jonathan martin, al jazeera charleston, south carolina. >> so the singing continues. many believe what happened here was nothing short than a modern day miracle. consider this. after columbine it took weeks to reopen. and sandy hook elementary school never reopened its doors it had to be razed. >> del, stick around. we're going to get your reporting on another issue in south carolina. the gunman's admiration for the conconconfederate flag.
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there is a deep divide among political leaders whether the flag at the civil war memorial should be taken down. >> want the states to decide that. but right now we should all be in mourning. i think flags should be at half-mast across our states across our country. now's the time for mourning. >> that needs to go to a museum. it sends at best mixed messages and at worst for people, hateful people like roof, it is an affirmation because they have appropriated something and used it as a imol of symbol of hatred. >> you are a candidate for president. do you not have a position on this at all? >> i'm not a south carolinian.
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i don't think a federal candidate should be make decisions on everything and opining on everything. this is a decision that should be made here in south carolina. >> mitt romney says the flag should be taken down but nearly every republican running for president this time around says the debate on this issue should be reserved for the state. south carolina has a crucial early presidential primary and many republican candidates obviously fear offending south carolina's republican primary voters. let's go back now to del walters in charleston. del clearly more republican candidates would rather punt than risk offending south carolina voters. but give us a sense of this lathest controversy over the confederate flag. >> actions speak louder than words, the old saying goes. people taking to social media to demand the flag come down.
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one person tweeting, if ronl reagan told mikhail gorbachev to tear down that wall, my goodness members of congress are loud to take down the confederate flag. to honor charleston victims. members of congress, south carolina governor nikki hale yrveg, and a former nazi skin head who drove hours to get here how the crowd moved him to tears. back to you. >> lookinglooking back to a former white supremacist why he was feeling that way and changed. we'll have that coming up at the half hour. there is news the right wing
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group that radicalizeed dylann roof, has donated money toen $65,000 in recent years to that man, republican candidate ted cruz and republican senator rand paul and former republican senator rick santorum. the guardian said that ted cruz's presidential campaign will receive all the money they received from -- will return all the money they received from the group. still on the run ever since reports of a sighting yesterday. pennsylvania border town of friendship. if the conevicts are still in the area they will be found. >> we will continue to search this area until all leads have been exawfded. as we have -- exhausted.
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we wim search behind every rock every tree every structure until we're confidence that that area is secure. while this is an unconfirmed sighting the state police are asking residents who live on this area, to be on alert. >> richard matt and david sweat broke out of prison two weeks ago.. >> travis boy is sppted of fatally shooting an officer boyce was arrested still with the handcuffs around his wrists. >> when the police officers are together we're unbeatable. when you kill a police officer in the line of duty it is an attack on an entire community. >> boyce will be charged with
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murder of a police officer and and.illegal discharge of a firearm. >> spending cuts athens submitted today without that new bailout cash, greece will face a financial default in one week. but the austerity measures of the past few years have already had a huge impact on greek accidents. and as john siropolous reports many are taking to the streets osay enough. >> syriza is unpopular in some areas, not here in athens. these people believe they have a government that's on their side. weighing in at more than 600,000 people one in six greeks still in work. >> translator: our government is negotiating an honorable compromise. it wants europe united not divided under germany. we want to stay in europe as an
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equal member not as a debt colony. >> on the poor and middle class austerity. >> we came here to support our government's efforts and to tell europeans that numbers aren't everything. there are also people here. and they are suffering. we don't want the same social classes to continue to lift this weight. >> reporter: century old laws have given state workers tenure for light. the state has shed 300,000 jobs since the crisis began but most were fixed term workers who contracts expired. all workers who took early retirement deals deals not available in the private sector. labor force in greece capable of swinging elections at $1 billion a month it is most expensive. want expensive benefits clipped already. they don't always want their
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tenure. laying off now would cause further recession. >> there's little sympathy for these people in the engine room of this economy the private sector. still last thur private sector workers -- thursday private sector workers took to the streets, to protest this and pensions are the government's biggest expenses. red lines it has vowed to defend. as the government heads in for a showdown with its creditors its popularity seems to vindicate it. 47% would reelect it today 11% more than it got 75 months ago. but the greeks desire to stay in the euro zone, without further austerity, may turn out to be two incompatible positions. john vob siropolous, being being al jazeera, athens.
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currently one in four greeks is jobless and thanks largely to the austerity measures imposeby the european central bank, greek popularity has fawnld 25%. a poll published in today's athens newspaper indicate62% believed they would be worst off if greece returned to their form he currency, the democratic drachma. . the u.s. has said it needs access to military sites in order to monitor iran's activity. the bill also says as part of any agreement iran will require any international sanctions be lifted. >> translator: come clean and
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take effect ton day of implementation of iran's commitments. >> the bill won overwhelming support in iranian parliament with 119 approving and 14 voting against it. it has not yet been vote intermediate law. they are having nuclear talks and hope to reach deal by june 30th. protesters in berlin today called for a release of a prominent al jazeera journalist. dozens rallied before the station where ahmed mansour is being held. mansour was sentenced to 15 years in prison for allegedly torturing a lawyer during the 2011 pros insurrection. he has always denied that.
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$184 per share from larger arrive of cigna anthem. also declined three other offers from the company this month, as well as anthem's management. anthem published the two companies discussion he over the weekend, a situation that cigna criticized. up ahead racial tension and al jazeera exclusive, a conversation with a former white supremacist on the issue of race in american e-america. also stateless and now homeless in the dominican republic, tens of thousands of ethnic haitians are facing deportation. we'll explain. and the south china sea coming up in our week ahead segment a crucial meeting between the two governments is set to get
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>> it has been tough. it's been rough. we've, some of us have been down right angry. but through it all god has sustained us and has encouraged us. let us not go weary in well-doing. >> turning back to our top story remarkable day at emanuel ame church in charleston, south carolina, where that community is trying to grief and make sense of nine lives in a church shooting last week. del walters now joins us live with what happened there today and what's likely to happen in the days ahead. del. >> reporter: you know if there is a single question that is
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being asked over and over again it is why. why did a man walk through those doors and open fire. where did the hatred come from. we had the rare opportunity to talk to a person who said he was just like that person dylann roof. the face he saw on television. >> 21-year-old dylann roof whose hate filled manifesto paints a picture of a white prem sis bent on revenge. >> i was very angry. i was convinced that there was a conspiracy perpetrated against the white people by the jewish people that had been going on for thousands of years. i felt it was my duty to fight that supposed genocide by any means necessary.
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>> arnold was just like him. he says the 61 is getting it wrong when he it tries to describe him as a racist, terrorist, hate crime. he says it's all of the above. >> people talk about these as mutually exclusive when they're in fact much like this. much less murder nine people in cold blood after sitting with them in prayer for an hour. >> he says people like dylann roof are the new lone wolves. >> i think there's no question that the lone wolf is by far the most dangerous. we're all interdependent in the society so in a sense all of us helped to create the society that produced dylann roof. but the organized hate groups who diligently practice pumping hate and violence in the society and promoting this narrative of
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white victimhood and also white supremacy, that narrative is absolutely what drives the lone wolf actor. >> reporter: at the time of his arrest dylann roof was quoted as saying, you are reapg our women and taking over the 61. that is code word for a man who once spoke them. >> i think any of us who are blaming things on other people or entities casting blame from ourselves we're cultivating fear. >> he says when words are used as weapons there are no guarantees as to who gets hurt. >> if you have a talk show host who's constantly blaming obama and he's blaming by proxy black people for the problems in our country, it most tragically blaming obama for poor state of our race relations in our 61 country now you are justifying
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and validating the narrative that drives these lone wolf actors. >> he also paints to the past as sign that that racist rhetoric has been the weapon of choice for decades. as a result lone wolf attacks come without warning. no one saw it coming in greensboro, north carolina in the late 1970s when the klan shot it out with the communist workers party leesk nine leaving ten dead. timothy mcvey used a truck bomb. >> there may be a shooting at the sikh temp in oak creek. >> when a gunman opened fire in 12, he said he had to do something to stop the violence. he had to speak out. >> if i didn't change my ways, death or prison was likely to take me from my daughter. where. >> reporter: the former skin headskinhead drove 20 hours to
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console those in south carolina. >> i came here to bear witness. having great responsibility having been once part of the hate movement. >> what happened when he got there reduced him to tears. he found himself being embraced by the same people that he once hated. >> person after person came up to me primarily black people saying hey it's all right brother, they gave me you hugs and they held me. it was really powerful. >> reporter: robert mitchell is a city councilman here. he told me had seen chatter and heard disruption of funerals in the days and weeks ahead. we talked to charleston police and they too are listening but have heard of no specific threats. at this hour they are still sing being, they are still praying but the police are still here as
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well. david, back to you. >> del thank you. in southern italy a mediterranean migrant crisis deepened today with arrival of 700 people. migrants needed to be treated at hospitals for dehydration. other migrants apparently suffered broken bones. so farce an estimated 100,000 people this year have managed to cross the mediterranean and half them have arrived in italy. protesting the eu's handling of the migrant crisis. demanding more should be done to help the migrant crisis. protesters dug symbolic graves, 1800 migrants have died trying to travel through mediterranean this year. in the dominican republic the number of haitians living
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and working in that country the government is planning to deport. adam rainey has more from the haitian dominican border. >> this is the friendship bridge that connects the dominican republic and haiti. officials say they are going to build a detention center here in dahabon and the other side the haitian government says it's going to build a reception center. only to deport so-called haitian migrants to certain areas, here in dahabon and the other in the south near to santo domingo. it relies so much on the workforce of the haitian and descendants of haitians.
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we are seeing sporadic individual cases of deportation but nothing on the scale that's possible at this time. >> adam rainey reporting. just ahead cuba could soon be open to tourists. hoping u.s. vacationers steer clear. plus, u.s. government and leaders from china in our week ahead segment we will take a closer look at the intriguing talks and explain the controversy over the dispute right there in the south china sea.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm david schuster in new york. here is a look at our top stories. charleston emanuel ame church reopened today. first services since nine members of their congregation were shot and killed last week.
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the pastor sends a message that evil can never triumph over good. on sunday thousands of people rallied at the state capital at much columbia to protest the flying of the confederate flag. austerity package for greece to stave off insolvency at the end of the month. summit meeting tomorrow. and time for our regular week ahead segment. the united states and china will hold their seventh strategic and economic dialogue meeting this week in washington d.c. the agenda includes a range of
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bilateral, regional and global issues including territorial disputes between several nations in the south china sea. patricia sabga explains. >> satellite photos of china gaining grounds ground. building islands to cement its claim over disputed territory in south china sea. a projects that's drawn strong rebukes from washington. >> we want a peaceful resolution of all disputes and an immediate and lasting halt to land rereclamation by any nation. >> foot holds for asserting rights over rich fishing grounds and potentially vast undersea reserves of owl and gas. such riches led to heightened tensions. china is not the only country that's carved out territory in the south china sea.
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other countries have been building outpost thrts for the there for the past 20 years. a fact beijing says is not reflected in u.s. rhetoric. >> countries such as vietnam philippines, even malaysia, they all have viewed more construction ton reefs and islands than china. before it started. >> china has reclaimed some 2,000 acres in the south china sea since last year. more than all other claimants combined. power play that troubles washington because of tensions between china and its nation escalate into armed conflict the u.s. could get drawn in through military alliances. beijing says it's nearly finished with its land reclamation, but given china
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intends to build up military facilities on these reclaimed islands. patricia sabga, al jazeera. dynasty ruled back during 2,000beck,2,000 b.c. the country mapped and claimed 2,000 islands in the region. at the heart of the dispute is a major trade route that china uses to transport most of its oil imports. exclusive control of that area could disrupt countries in east and southeast asia and china could keep foreign military forces you including including the united states from having a presence in that area. joins us tonight from washington d.c isaac, first of all this meeting that the united states and chinese officials are
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having this week how significant is it and what will you be looking for from this meeting? >> thanks. it is a very significant meeting. usually it's significant because you have top leaders from both sides actually sitting down and talking together. and not saying anything. the meeting in years past has produced some extremely boring press releases. but with all of the tensions going on right now in the south china sea we might actually see some news come out of these meetings. >> what is the news that you're expecting regarding the south china sea? >> i don't think i have anything i'm particularly expecting but we could see some sharp worded statement that says both nations are digging in their heels or some statement that says china is willing to back down a limb morea littlemore than it has done
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since be xi jinping's visit in late september. so the state visit is a success. >> building up for that state visit in september the chinese says that this one issue involving the south china sea should not essentially dominate the agenda. that is their position. but what is the u.s. position, and can the u.s. live with just a verbal agreement over the south china sea in preparation for the big meeting that the president will have with the chinese leader this fall? >> i believe they will live with just a verbal statement. there are a lot of important things that they want to talk to china about too. they want to talk about north korea, they want to talk about trade. they want to talk about this big hacking that's happened. and the south china sea is something where they have the upper hand. china recognizes that other
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nations are seeing it as the gracor and the south china sea is notaggressor. >> to specifically blame china but how much of an issue is this one for the meetings that will take this week? >> i think this will definitely be an issue. it's hard to determine how much about the united states is not only one that gets hacked. china and chinese companies get hacked a lot. we just don't know much about it. chinese reporters are not as tenacious figuring out about the hack as we do in the states. but i just don't think -- i think the u.s. is going to press on it. i don't think china is going to want to talk about it too much. and if we look for somebody to blame then we definitely blame
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people in these officest who set their password as password. >> definitely their own fault to not do something that would protect them better. hong kong, how does that play in the area of one person one vote, how does that affect the discussions this week? >> i think that's going to be something that china is really not going to want to talk about and the u.s. is going to up quite gingerly. you had a big vote on june 18th where pro-democracy people in hong kong the lawmakers in hong kong did not think that was allowing them enough suffrage, enough suffrage for the people of hong kong. united states tries not to wade too deeply into the disputes over hong kong. they say this is a sovereign
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issue, the people of hong kong should be able to deal with it in any way they feel they should. the united states does bring it up in part to be able to publicly say it is on the side of human rights in china. >> there are a number of experts who suggested that the entire u.s. chinese relationship needs a reset given the way things have happened in the last couple of years and in advance of the big meeting coming this fall. do you agree with that, and what should the reset of u.s. chinese relationships focus on and look like? >> that's a good question. i don't think i have a strong position on that either way but this is something we really have to think through. that china is the world's second most powerful country and that they really are ready to compete with us economically politically and militarily. around i think people are realizing it is time for united states to have a plan so that when we think about all the different things that different bodies of the u.s. government
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are doing to engage or to relate with china that it would be nice to have a strategy behind that so it could be more productive in whatever the people making these decisions are really deciding to do with china. do we want to deal with a china that is as strong or stronger than united states? do we want china to remain weaker than the united states? these are things people need to be discussing publicly and we need to think out. >> isaac, thank you for helping us think these issues out we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> several major rulings could be coming this week from the united states supreme court. one of the biggest cases involves the constitutionality of same sex marriage, gay couples in states that currently ban it are making wedding plans hoping that the court will make it legal. turn in to al jazeera america
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all week for the decisions turned out in the supreme court. the bodies of irish have now been moved home. a balcony in berkeley collapsed last week, seven other students were also injured in that california accident. funerals for the four students are set to begin in dublin on tuesday. as cuba enters a new era of relations with the united states there's some concerns in havana that cuba's unique heritage will disappear but there are people who say they will before from the changes. nick clark reports. >> it has a faded grandure, its architecture is stunning. it's still chasing the mod modern world. not havana but a town be 200
11:41 pm
kilometers to the south. cienfuego. it draws the tourists, thousands of them. and then cancun of cuba, now many fear that the country will be swallowed by this by what they believe will be the wrong kind of development. >> ironically, the united states can be more of a threat to cuba as its friends than it ever was as its enemy. because millions of us want to with come down and enjoy this place and that creates pressure on cubans to built hotels, to build accommodations and tourist resorts and all that. >> here a new marina waiting for american yachts that will surely come. how to maximize the tourist dollar and yet preserve the
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country's cultural and environmental heritage. >> there's good economics here, there's good deeds to do well, in other parts of this region, cancun or the dominican republic. >> the argue is that cuba's winning quawments draw qualities draw tourists. >> we have the privilege of being the largest caribbean island. we can offer museums and theater, high quality opera many things that the rest of the caribbean islands cannot offer. >> one thing is clear the country has not enough infrastructure to cope with the sheer number of american tourists that are expected. the way forward is going to be slowly and carefully negotiated
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if cuba is to preserve its identity. nick clark, al jazeera cuba. officials in thailand say 177 people there have potentially been exposed to middle east respiratory syndrome, or mers. the government fears a potential outbreak stemming from one case of the disease reported three days ago. meanwhile, south korea reports of two new deaths from the virus bring the total to 27. 127 people have been infected with the disease in south korea. it is worth outbreak of the disease anywhere outside of saudi arabia. everybody wants their parents to be home. >> a bittersweet father's day for the children of inmates in california's san quentin prison. plus texas can't seem to catch
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a break. more flooding is in the forecast and we'll have the latest.
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>> every year on father's day. california's governments buses family members to prisons around the united states. it's a rare channels for chance for children to see their dads. melissa chan reports from san quentin. >> the years go by and the prisoners of san quentin can only plod on. overcrowded with thousands of other inmates and yet alone. separated from their families who are often too poor and too far away to visit. with the help of an organization called get on the bus which provides financial assistance and transportation for the families of those incarcerated, some have the opportunity to
11:47 pm
visit once a year ahead of father's day. the endless hours of bonding that other families have, jack packed into one day. for the moody family, this is first in 14 years where the family has all been together. >> so i told the kids i was really nervous right even though i talk to him all the time on the phone but i haven't seen him physically for 14 years. i was nervous. >> eric.and deja have only seen him once since his imprisonment. >> his phone calls and letters that's reminder that he was always with me. >> eric was sentenced to 40 years in prison, for robbery at gunpoint. >> i love them so much and i want them to succeed in life.
11:48 pm
i don't want them to end up in a bad role and i'm powerless being in here. if i were out there i could do more in their lives. >> reporter: the punishment has not been dispensed on them but on their children in the form of parental absence. study after study show family visits help, especially if the visit is in a relaxed less restrictive environment. >> there's board games face painting, or people can sit and catch up. basically, everybody has about four hours here. >> not everyone was fast tiff. some were silent. perhaps because there was too much to say in too little time or from a sense of shame. the stigma of having a parent in prison impacts so many children in the country that even sesame
11:49 pm
street rolled out a puppet named alex. >> my dad's in jail. >> more than 2.7 million children in the u.s. have a parent in prison. the trauma often starts at the time of arrest. 67% of children witness their mother or father getting handcuffed and it's african american children who disproportionately suffer. one in nine of them have an cateedincarcerated parent. >> it's hard, he's my parent. i want him to be here for birthdays and holiday and i want holidays
11:50 pm
and i want to have him see me graduate. he's my dad i love him a lot. >> vin morris lost his father to the system as a teen. he overcame the odds to become a postal worker. >> most people use it as an excuse, but i was old enough to know that it can't be an excuse for anything it shouldn't be. >> father and son are meeting for first time in 19 years. thomas morris may spend the rest of his life in prison under southernsouthern california's three strikes law. his last crime assaulting someone with a hammer. >> i can't wait to go -- if i ever get out i can't wait to go home to be with him. i miss him i miss my son. >> for moodies the teens hope
11:51 pm
to see their father's sentence changed. both study hard and plan to attend college. >> next year i plan on bringing him my graduation pictures with the cap and gown and stuff. >> and a couple of years later i plan on bringing my college football contract. >> yeah, yeah! >> even with an early release many more father's days will pass here in san quentin as eric moody sr. gets his release. his children will become adults. lost time, the punishment for those in prison. melissa chan, al jazeera san quentin, california. >> meanwhile, california inmates are dying of drug overdoses at nearly triple the national rate. the department of corrections spent nearly $8 million on drug sniffing dogs and security
11:52 pm
measures. more than 150 california inmates died of drug overdoases in overdoses in the last nine years. tropical storm bill, several people trapped after a bridge collapsed in hunt county, texas. more than 7 inches fell on wyley texas this weekend. kevin corriveau is with us. >> leaving a lot of places flooded on top of areas that were also flooded from weeks ago. now today we have seen a lot of thunderstorms here across parts of northern texas even southern texas as well. the flash flood warnings are out, flood warnings are across the trinity red and mississippi river areas.
11:53 pm
we will probably not see much of a change in this over the next week. this area will stay flooded for a very long time. well here across the south we're dealing with not the flooding but the heat in this area and this has been going on all week long. with temperatures five to 15° above average for this time of year. so this time charlotte you're going to be 99° with a heat index of over 100. for orlando 96 and for atlanta 96 as well but as we go towards the rest of the country you can see washington is going to hit by the time we get to tuesday we'll see washington hit 100 with triple digits about 104. heat index feex how phoenix how about 112 for you and miami you're not looking too bad this is about the norm you would see for this time of year. >> all right kevin corriveau
11:54 pm
thank you. the goal that dozens of surfers set out to break in california. plus, the hunt for answers why sea lions are making their way into city centers instead of staying at the beach.
11:55 pm
affected most >> is there a plan?
11:56 pm
>> 66 surfers just set a world record for the most people riding a surf board at once. they came together to hang loose at a custom built 42 foot board off huntington beach california sat. that broke a previous record in queensland australia and they managed to hang 10 for only ten seconds. now to a strange phenomenon involving california sea lions. thousands are washing up on california beaches starving and near death. "techknow"'s phil torres has the story. >> rebounded from 10,000 in the 1950s to over 300,000 today but now it seems they may be in trouble again today.
11:57 pm
sea lion pups are finding their way as far as l.a. freeways. is it just nature taking its course? shini somara investigates. >> this sea lion pup may hold the answers to a sad epidemic along california's coastline. l.a.'s 90 freeway isn't a safe place, a sight of a baby sea lion a quarter of a mile inland is a sad sight. what is really going on is more complex. "techknow" went to the san diego headquarters for noaa, a federal agency that studies the ocean
11:58 pm
for answers. >> what's happening is the walters have warmed up more than anything we're used to. >> according to noaa, a warmer ocean has made it harder for nursing sea lions to forage. el nino is a phenomenon that scientists are seen often. >> usually the water warms after the en19 yoa develops, now it's preceding it. >> the el nino develops. >> you'll see more of this on tomorrow night on token. i'm phil torres. >> that will do it for us now. we leave you with the sights and sounds of charleston, south carolina where that community is trying to heal just four days after a church shooting.
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>> i hope this will be the fiscal list to change. ♪ so please please please lord ♪ >> we ask you god that you will guide and direct and strengthen those families who have been victimized. ♪ hear us when we pray ♪ >> there was people, it was joyous and you just felt god's spirit there. ♪ oh lord ♪ >> we're going to pursue justice and we're going to be vigilant. and we are going to hold our electionelected officials and others accountable to do the right thing. ♪ lord hear us ♪ ♪ we need your spirit ♪ ♪ we need your spirit ♪
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♪ right now ♪ ♪ right now ♪ ♪ spirit ♪ ♪ spirit ♪ ♪ your holy spirit ♪ ♪ and later in our panel, is congress broken because politicians care more about their own ambitions than passing bills that actually help the country. and indicted by the international criminal court but still free, what does it take to get arrested for crimes against humanity? this is third rail.


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