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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 22, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> germany frees ahmed mansour the al jazeera journalist detained at egypt's behest. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, live from london. also coming up a u.n. report on last year's war in gaza says, both sides committed offenses that could amount to war crimes. greek concession is as a
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possible settlement of a debt deal. and how one pop star got apple to change its tune swiftly over paying royalties to artists. hello, the al jazeera journalist detained in berlin at the request of the egyptian government has been released without charge after the german authorities reviewed his case. ahmed mansour spent two days if custody. the state attorney general in berlin has ordered mansour' un, release. unconditional release. to a charge he and his lawyer deny. >> i extend appreciation, i
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extend my thanks and appreciation to the honest, honorable judges of germany. and i appreciate your support. >> one of mansour's lawyers says his arrest was politically motivated. >> the germans have for their own reasons arrested him relying on some fabricate allegation, no one would believe them. mansour was in the square, and no one raised any charges physical almost two years later. they are fabricated and retaliatory allegation, who wanted to get away with it and extend its jurisdiction of repression unfortunately to democratic republics like germany. the germans really should not have acted so quickly and that is why it raises suspicion that the western countries are competing to get their own slice
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in now from the regime of egypt because they are engaged is into huge infrastructure programs, to extend the canal and so forth. it is a shame that western democracies are competing for political preaching of countries above them. >> paul brennan has the latest from berlin. >> there have been gloomy preeksespredictions that the situation would take days. but ahmed mansour is released, beaming from ear to ear hugely relieved the ordeal of the past 48 hours had come to swift conclusion. there was quite a struggle to make his way through well
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wishers, slapping him on his back and clearly sharing at his joy being released from custody 50 german authorities. of course germans were in a real pickle over this one they knew thezthey had to follow judicial process but they were well aware of the political ramifications of all of this. there is no doubt because the german prosecutor admitted as much in a statement that diplomatic and preliminary considerations were very high on the list that was being considered. the consideration of this went all the way to the very highest level of the german foreign ministry, at a very high level indeed. for moment mr. mansour is free, not just free, for the moment, he can go wherever he wants whenever he wants. i would expect he would be back in doha as he ormly originally planned to be back in doha pretty
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quickly. ftc >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has rejecta report as to the war in gaza. saying israel and palestinian authorities play have committed war crimes. compared to the previous gaza war in 2008. israel staging 2,000 air strikes pnd palestinian armed groups fired nearly 5,000 rockets and 1750 mortars at israel. 73 people died on the israeli side civics them civilians. our diplomatic editor jbz joins us fromjames baysjoins from washington. >> inquire y into the war the
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conflict that killed well over 2,000 people. the panel's findings criticize palestinian armed groups for extra judicial executions of those claimed to be collaborators. but there was particularly strong condemnation of israel's indiscriminate bombardment. >> the large number of family members dying together when their homes were struck in the middle of the night or as they were gathering for iftar meal. these attacks had the particular consequences for children, approximately 551 children died last summer. >> reporter: an israeli parliament in the knesset attacked the commission. >> the united nations human rights council has a singular obsession with israel and has passed more resolutions against israel than against syria, north korea and iran combined. in fact it has passed more
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resolutions against israel than against all the countries of the world combined. so israel treats this report as flawed and biased and it urges all fair minded observers to do the same. >> reporter: in gaza there was criticism too from hamas. >> fatal mistake that all the time they tried to be balanced and tried to make kind of equality between the killers and the victims. and this is something that is currently accepted. >> reporter: this latest report comes just two months after another internal u.n. report which says israel was responsible for attacks on seven u.n. buildings. the timing of all of this is significant. earlier this year palestine became a member of the international criminal court. chief prosecutor has already launched what is called a preliminary examination a process which should decide whether to launch a formal
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investigation and in the next few days she'll have even more to sift through as palestinian diplomats are expected to hand over a bunch of documents to the organization in the hague. james bays, al jazeera. despite talk of positive steps it is thought any deal with greece will come later this week. an emergency summit between greek prime minister alexis tsipras and european union officials is hang now. welcomed the proposals said the creditors need to analyze the information properly before it can make a decision. >> the general opinion is it is broad and comprehensive but they really need to look at the specifics to see whether it adds up in fiscal terms whether the reforms are comprehensive enough for the economic recovery to take off again. it's a welcome step and we consider it a step in the
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positive direction. so i think it is a -- also an opportunity to get that deal this week and that is what we will work for. >> so what is greece offering? the concessions are believed to include tax reforms and gradually raising the retirement age. greece is securing an additional $8.7 billion of funding. time is running out. greece must pay $1.81 billion back to the international monetary fund by june the 30th or default and risk crashing out of the euro zone. greece owes $362 billion. phil lavelle the euro zone leaders are meeting tonight what are they saying? >> well that depends on who listen to lauren. alexis tsipras has said all along a solution could only be reached at the highest level
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i.e. him talk to angela merkel andand frnd. francois hollande. it's a start, it is sl something to build on but this was also about the fact that these euro zone leaders have to look confident. you know we knew from about 2:00 this afternoon that a deal was not going to be reached. we were told that press conference just wasn't going to happen today yet those euro zone leaders still came. it's all about looking confident and that the euro zone is still strong and more importantly discouraging those is splairts
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speculators from taking their money out of the venture. everything seemed opositive. the fact that the greeks had put these solutions forward late on sunday, everybody was sort of thinking you know maybe there's a chance of some kind of compromise here. and then as the hours went on across the morning that optimism turned to a bit of frustration aimed towards the greeks. the finance minister turned up 45 minutes late, the fact that it emerged two different forms of these solutions had been put forward, one yesterday and one today. finance ministers are saying, we've got this solution in front of us. we don't know what to do, we don't have the time to analyze it properly, to see if any kind of deal can be reached. it was very positive, reading
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between the lines we should have had this much earlier so we could analyze it. we need to good away, we -- to go away, and hopefully reach some sort of resolution later this week. today was seen as probably the last chance but in reality it's not. thursday is probably the really last chance because that is when the euro zone officials will meet here, that is when if this proposal is not accepted, greece has to go away and come back with something else because the clock really is ticking. i know it's a cliche but there are eight days left to the 30th of june. that's when the money needs to be paid back. if there's no resolution greece has friday saturday sunday monday for something to be done. the euro zone so potentially find itself one member lighter. >> phil lavelle thank you very much indeed.
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>> pro european protesters have come out in athens, demanding that greece remains part of the euro zone. john siropolous, what has the reaction been what this feels like an excruciating process where we seem to go from one agonizing deadline to another. >> reporter: lauren when you see is another outward sign of a growing frustration felt by the greek people, as negotiations have lumbered on for the last five months. sounding very optimistic about its own ideas 24 or 48 hours later being refuted from creditors, this has gone on for several months now and particularly in the last few weeks as the government has come back to creditors with more and more ideas. and in an almost more and more
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frantic fashion i would say. now the greeks that appeared on the square hind me here, what they were saying to me is that we are absolutely exhausted by this. our nerves are shattered. we want to see that there is some form of communication between the government and the creditors. we want to know that we are actually going somewhere and that the economy does have a prospect of recovery because everyone has now cottoned on to the fact that the economy is slowly dying. the consumption has gone down, consumer demand has gone down, investment has simply disappeared. all sorts of investment that were planned for this year have now been put on hold both domestically and foreign investors. the result has been that what could have been a 2.3% growth this year has turned into a recession. greeks aren't willing to face that again after a quarter of the economy has disappeared.
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they have come here in order to tell the government to start communicating with creditors and give them hope that there is really going to be a deal before next tuesday which as my colleague phil lavelle pointed out really is the ultimate deadline when the bond to the international monetary fund expires. >> john siropolous, thank you very much indeed. still ahead on al jazeera the taliban launches a brazen attack on the afghan government. plus. >> one of the most dangerous countries in the world. losing the battle against crime. right now. >> unlivable wages... >> you can work very hard and
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>> hello again a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. al jazeera journalist ahmed mansour has been released, after german officials review his case, he was detained by egyptian request. top figures hold talks over greece's debts but no deals are expected until later in the week. the be release of a report that says both israel and palestinian forces committed possible war crimes. yet unacceptable attack on civilians. targeted the parliament building
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while officials were in session. afghan police say seven of the attackers were also killed. jennifer glasse reports from kabul. >> the parliamentary session was just getting underway when this happened. there was was confusion it's just an electrical problem officials say but it was a taliban car bomb going on outside. firing on the entrance to the parliament. parliament. >> translator: today there were two specific agendas one was the introduction of the defense minister and the other about money laundering. that's what we were discussing. the minister of defense was also in the parliament at this time, and wanted to come to the session, when the explosion happened. >> reporter: police and special forces quickly arrived to move the mps from the
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building while are observers looked often. >> a car bomb detonated. the parliament security forces pushed the taliban back so they couldn't get in. all six astackers were killed. >> reporter: taliban attacks aren't limited to the capital. in kunduz provincial capital about 40 kilometers away. thousands of taliban fighters are involved, and the government has sent in more than 7,000 soldiers and police. tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced in nearly two months of fighting. that's when the taliban so-called spring offensive have started. it has launched attacks all over afghanistan. without the nato air power heavy
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weapons and logistical support it had last year. jennifer glasse, al jazeera kabul. >> at least 180 have decide in an intense heat wave in pakistan. 45° celsius over the past three days. doctors say most of the deaths were by heatstroke. osama ben javid reports. >> he physical as a result of extreme heat. we moved him to a separate room, he didn't come out for noon prayer, we tbhent to find out why he didn't come out and he was dead. >> many here are fasting for ramadan meaning they don't eat or drink during the day. it's been one of the hottest summers in years and hundreds
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have been brought to hospital he. doctors say many have collapsed and suffer from breathe be problems. >> translator: patients with heatstroke brought to the hospital with high grade fever altered state of consciousness dehydration and fits. since the weather was bad and the temperature was high we expected more patients also and patients kept pouring in. >> searing temperatures meanful of the heatstroke patients did not make it. at least 150 bodies were brought to this morgue. people suffering from the spike in temperatures are also facing frequent power outages. many places in the port city of karachi and other areas have reported long periods without leverage. mps have criticized the government not keeping its election promises of ending power cuts. the administration is doing what
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it can of the demand and supply gap. there may be some relief in the next few days. meteorologists say there is a consistent heat wave before monsoon season. people are advised to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun during the next few days. osama ben javid al jazeera. barrel bombs dropped by forces loyal to president bashar al-assad. several people were injured on the attack of rebel held areas of northern syrian town of aleppo. the attack comes as the northern rebel army of conquest launches the campaign to stay full control of aleppo. and hundreds of syrian refugees who fled to turkey to escape fighting have returned home the border gate has been reopened after i.s.i.l. was ousted from the town of tal
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abyad. 23,000 escaped to turkey during the battle. two lebanese prison guards have been arrested, the jail in beirut was designed to hold 2,000 but holds twice that number. you might find the report disturbing. >> reporter: these pictures of inmates being beaten in lebanon's rumia prison have shocked many and made this crowd angry. in the northern city of tripoli families of the prisoners and supporters of the muslim selaphy movement, be accuse the military government of delaying trials of their sons. what was revealed in rumia prison reveals what goes on in prisons. >> there's a prisoner who lost his sight because of torture.
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there's an inmate who was forced to rape his fellow inmate. the majority of lebanese people don't know these things. >> reporter: lebanon's government says a full investigation is underway. the minister of interior says two have been arrested. rumia prison is the biggest in the country and overcrowded. it is also where some inmates charged with terrorism are jailed. in april there was rioting and it is believed the leaked videos show what happened during that sometime but some believe the release of these videos could be political to score points with within lebanon's complicated political system. i.t. has also highlighted the plight of those facing terrorism charges and those suspected of having links to al qaeda. families say the trials are delayed because of sectarian reasons. omar al saleh, al jazeera.
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>> the area attack targeted a building where i.s.i.l. fighters were gathering. taken earlier in june shows the fighters in the city. there have been no reports of casualties but witnesses say a number of fighters were wounded during the air strike. european union has launched a naval operation in the mediterranean to stop people smugglers bringing people over in unsea worthy bodes. moarnlgmore than 100,000 migrants have interpret the area. >> less than two months ago the european council tasked us to prepare an operation in the mediterranean to descript the business model of human traffickers and smugglers. the operation is being launched today. the target let me be very clear the targets are not migrants. the targets are those that are
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make money on the lives and too often on their deaths. it is part of our effort to save lives. >> reporter: now a 16,000 homicides last year venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries if the world. and the police themselves are becoming victims of crime. vehenia lopez reports on why they're being targeted. >> cesar villas, one of police officers in vedges who venezuela who have become victim to crime. >> i always prayed, my son told me to relax he knew how to stay care of himself. >> ville la's >> villa's family, fear among
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his fellow officers they might be next. on state patrol with the state police of miranda that fear is obvious. >> when we are off duty the risk is higher because people recognize us and they know we carry guns. >> reporter: according to criminologists killing of police officers have been on the rise since 2012 thanks in part because local communities have little respect for a force that can be abusive and corrupt. venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world yet policemen are often understaffed and your honor gunned by criminals. contributed ironically to a rise in crime. >> we have become victims because we are armed. in the country there's no sale on manufacturing of guns to the general public because criminals don't have access to weapons they kill officers but in addition to this, it's become a
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symbol of status. >> recent incidents where armed gangs have used grenades to attack police, no end in sight. vehenia lopez, al jazeera venezuela. apple has reverse its decision not is pay artists during a three year trial period, taylor swift took apple to task, the singer pulled her back catalog of music as she has also done on be spozify. pilot realized he had a feline stow away on board as he quickly returned to the ground, don't worry though, the cat is
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