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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  June 23, 2015 1:30am-2:01am EDT

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world, and disconnected from the person next to them. a quick reminder you can get all the latest news, analysis and opinion pieces on our website. the address is schuster. "on target." plus gruns and violence in america will sarnt ever prevail. prevail -- will sanity ever prevail? >> less than a week after authorities charged a young white man killing 9 african
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americans in a chaferlts church. state lawmakers wrestle with the are being confederate flag. a symbol that fed the suspect dylann roof and his alleged crime. this debate has helped determine which man or woman will represent republicans in the race for white house. mitt romney the gop's last presidential nominee pushed the flag issue tweeting, take down the flag at that time south carolina capital, take it down to honor charleston victims. jeb bush made the point, florida moved the confederate flag to a museum where it belongs. and lindsay graham called to
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take it down from the grounds. take a look at what mike huck biand mar co marco rubio said and did not say. >> they have founded bipartisan scens, and i have confidenc consensus. >> for most people the confederate flag is a powerful symbol of america's racist past. america's first black presidential said the legacy of jim crow and almost every institution in our lives that casts a long shadow and part of our dna that's passed on. dylann roof mentions the group in a widely reported men fess toe he wrote, includes his
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opposition of, quote, all efforts to mix the races of mankind. and today, the guardian newspaper says returning or donating political contributions from council of conservative citizens president earl holt. darren taylor is a close associate of earl holt. he joins us from washington. mr. taylor, roof's manifesto says he got your inspiration from your website, roof wrote, "there are pages upon pages of these brooument black on white murders. i was in disbelief. i felt there was something vel ve i don't think. roof's step mother said, he was infected by internet evil. >> he did not get inspiration from the council's website, he got information.
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and the reason the information was so disturbing to him is because the facts, the reality, of the overwhelmingly black on white nature of interracial crime is something that is almost never reported. consealed. that is what he finds so be shocking. >> by the way, a number of people look at those websites and say they are dubious. an offense against god, do you really believe that? >> let's go back to the case of interracial crime which is what influenced mr. roof. the fact is that over the half a million interracial crimes, black commit about 85% of them against whites. whites commit only about 15% them against blacks.
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despite the fact hold on it's fully justified. it isfully justified -- >> sociodemographics, mostly poor against mostly wealthy, not necessarily causational against somebody's color. the website, compared the late pop star michael jackson to an ape and has referred to black people as a retrograde species of humanity. why shouldn't we be able to predict that they might cause violence against african americans? >> i don't endorse that kind of language. i'm here to talk about the group, the council of conservative citizens and what association it might have had with roof. >> but it's been on your website for so many years. >> that has been -- that goes back many, many years. what is important to talk about under these circumstances today is how do we prevent the
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repetition of a terrible crime of this kind. by the way, the council absolutely unequivocally condemns what roof did. we have to think about how to prevent such a crime in the future. and i -- >> and the way of that is to take away any class of american citizens is somehow a retrograde species of humanity. the fact that that was on your website for several years shouldn't you have some formal that? >> there is absolutely no proof that roof read that which appeared long ago. that's buried deep in the bowels of the website. there's no proof that he saw that at all. that's not a sentiment that i at all ambassadors. all -- endorse. the oant reaction of this crime is to ratchet up this narrative of white guilt, white responsibility, slavery jim crow. these days for young whites like
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dylann roof who have no hand in creating the society in which we live most of them are going to hear that and they think this is nuts. this is going to make them angry. the idea of the left seems to want to have all whites on their knees begging forgiveness. that may work for some but not for all. this one way street narrative of whites being responsible for everything that goes wrong for blacks, if that's being repeated and pushed consistently that is only going to make things worse. >> i want to understand something you said mr. taylor. you have suggested that only black on white crime that dylann roof was somehow inspired to do this. isn't it true though that dylann roof had a base hatred for african americans? >> i can't speak to that. in fact he had many black close friends. he had a fellow that he went drinking with practically the night before he went on his rampage i can't look into the mind of dylann roof. >> right but we can look into
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what he said during the shooting and he said because of african americans trying to rape white women and he went on with these racist taunts and the people he was killing, he had a hatred for african americans in general. and a lot of people today are trying to figure out what did he get that from? and clearly in his manifesto he got it from your website. >> no. what he said was, black people are raping white women. and he's absolutely right about that. according to the bureau of justice statistics every year there are about 20,00 20,000 raf white women by black men. that means 50 a day. that means even at this very moment a crime of that kind is probably taking place. the -- hold often let me finish. >> on white women. >> i'm talking about perpetrators of rapes of white men on black women. that number is so small, it's statistically rounding to zero. when is the last time you saw any kind of media notice of the
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fact that interracial rape is almost exclusively a black-on-white crime and hardly exists at all when white rapists are involved. >> you know better than that. >> what do you mean better than this? >> basically of the skin color it's because of the sex. if we were to suggest following your like e-logic that white people who rape white women we should have a hatred for them and it should be okay for someone to go in and gun down white people because of what white people should have done, that is to black people for many years that is not justified. >> many white feminists will hatred. there is one black panther who said he took joy in raping white women because that was his way to defile the white woman. that was an outride expression of hatred. i'm not saying that is always the case but face it, if the
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numbers were the other way around. if 20,000 white men were raping whit black women, there are utter and complete silence that is something that got underneat dylann roof's skin. >> a number of news organization he have looked at the website the council of concerned citizens and found that the articles and links of what you characterize at black crimes against white people are secure secure -- scurrilous. >> scurrilous indeed. the way not to solve it is to continuously ratchet up this idea that it is a one way street. that whites are responsible for what goes wrong for every nonwhite group in america. if we repeat over and over and over that whites are the
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villains of history that young whites bare on their shoulder that wickedness of slavery et cetera -- >> you put on the african american community, left to their own devices, it is the end of civilization when african blacks rule themselves that they can't boght t bother to have a civilization, you haven't written just about black on white crime. >> you are misquoting me there sir and in any case this is not an interview about me. this is an interview of the utle dylann roof and this terrible crime he committed and how he shouldn't have committed it. every ethnic and racial group in america is inspired to take pride in its heritage there is only one group for which that is
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forbidden, whites. whites are constantly told your an session tors were wicked slave holders. if you take the confederate flag which for many southerners are a be symbol of devotion to a cause, you say this is wicked wicked wicked, this is an unfair burden on young whites -- hold on, let me finish. >> you are having a filibuster here. it was only in 1961 that the governor decided to put the confederate flag on the state capital. this being a history for years and years and years is absolutely wrong. ted cruz rand paul rick santorum are returning the money they got from your organization's founder. mr. holt what is your reaction to that? >> are they going to set up some kind of litmus test for the
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donations they receive or their donors jumping through ideologic hoops, are they saying that there is no right to make a donation to a candidate? this sounds like grandstanding to me. >> and dylann roof what he has done to that community of charleston, south carolina? >> grand standing heavens, what the council provided are facts true. do you want us to lie about those facts and say that they're not true? do you want us to say that they don't matter? do you want us to ignore the truth do you want us to build our society often a pack of lies? >> a man who's racic e-ist like mr. roof where do they get their ideas? his stepmother called it internet evil. trying otake responsibility for stuff that is stuff that is spewing over the internet getting into the minds of the mentally ill and causing them in part to do this. >> sir, if you take a strong
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position on global warming for example, and you find out that someone who holds exactly the same views as you has grn into the exxon mobile building and shot up management does that mean your views were wrong? does that mean gee, i was wrong all along you may still hold on -- let me finish come on about the he let me finish or not? >> i'm not. you asked me a question and i'm going to annals. if somebody came to this broadcast and something we said on this broadcast they went in and shot up somebody from exxon or whoever we would do a lot of soul searching on this broadcast and this channel, what did we do to contribute to this debate. what i hear from you is no responsibility whatsoever to what your organization might have contributed to this mad main man and the violence he perpetrated in charleston, south carolina. >> absolutely none. what dlarnl said about the council's website was only one thing. that's where he discovered the reality of interracial crime. that is the one thing.
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if what you put on your broadcast and somebody shot up somebody, if it were absolutely verifiable truth i don't think you would be apologizing. what [simultaneous speech] >> what you have put on your website is not anniversary verifiable truth. we look forward to having you sometime on in the near future. thank you very much. just ahead. gun violence and politics. what is the ap image of ted cruz trying to say? that's next. >> brittany menard's decision to take her own life last year. sparked a national debate. >> brittany didn't wan't to die, the brain tumor was killing her, she simply took control over how that process would go. >> now see what her husband is doing to keep his promise to change "right to die"
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laws nationwide. america tonight only on al jazeera america. >> bold... >> he took two m-16's, and he crawled... >> brave... >> what you gotta do... >> then betrayed... >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> a lifetime without the honor they deserved... >> some say that it was discrimination... >> revealing the long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america
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sphwhr last week's killing of nine people at a south carolina church leaves congress right where they've been for years over guns, near impossible. in favor of gun control it was only three years ago that a gunman opened fire at sandy hook elementary school and killed 26 students and educators, brief outrage even then nothing made it through congress. not are a banning of high speed ammunition clips. b smeurmichael shurejoins us. >> the national rifle association does have a little bit of a hold on a lot of
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members of congress. the other thing is this is a regional issue and there's a fear of going against is second amendment for democrats because democrats have to compete in places they're not ordinarily comfortable competing on the presidential or local stage. rick perry the governor of texas says these events shouldn't be politicized on a national stage. they don't know how. >> i suppose accurately though in these cases whether it's sandy hook elementary or this case in charleston it is unclear what law would have been put in place that could have prevented the ultimate tragedy. >> right. and that's sort of been their go to for quite a while. it's been successful for them as well. the problem is until there is legislation, until we see something different republicans are going to be able to good to that. it's a problem for democrats. democrats haven't made this as much of an issue as a lot of
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their constituents would like. largely based on the map, the map goes through iowa new hampshire first. they are in the back pockets of the democrats, they don't have to be out front on an issue they already have. >> a number of candidates are going through iowa and new hampshire. ted cruz, one of the republican presidential candidates went to a shooting range and the ap released this picture of a handgun pointed at his forehead. outrageous how could a mainstream media organization release this,. >> i would be outraged, the a pfer has come back and said there were 11 or 12 photos taken maybe 14, five were used. it is
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surprising, to see that that was the choice made and nobody saw it. i don't think that when it comes to the associated press people think there is an agenda behind this photo. there were guns on the wall and it was an unfortunate and not pretty picture to look at. >> the images were not intended to portray senator cruz in a negative light. but a lot would say that is exactly what was going on. if you have a gun pointed at somebody's head that was suggestive and corrosive to the public discourse. >> it is. i remember after gabby giffords was shot in arizona and some of her staff killed, innocent victims in arizona, a lot of people said we have to stop using that imagery. it is absolutely understandable people would have this reaction.
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side track of this issue, you look for the sort of sensitive subject matter. this is not really, diswroant very much to do with the issue at -- this doesn't very much have to do with the issue of the subject at hand, and going after the press instead of what happened. it has been successful for them in the past and democrats haven't been pulled into the direction of guns. hillary clinton stepped back from the position she had on a national gun registry, she had that position in 2000, in 2008 she stepped away from it. martin o'e-maimalley is trying to make that his position. >> michael shure, thank you. does the deadly shooting in a charleston church have rethinking his position. that's next. ing history
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right now... >> al jazeera america >> the debate remains as to who
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or what was responsible for the charleston shooting. dylann roof was able to buy a gun even though he had a previous be drug charge. went into a theft on july 1st, 2014 made it legal for gun permit holders to carry guns in houses of worship if religious leaders opted in. not to blame for the charleston shooting but the shooter himself. he joins us from atlanta. if anyone in the church was carried a weapon that would have woid this? >> ithis -- avoided this? >> i believe there would have been a different outcome and less people killed. >> doesn't require anybody to have basic training if they want to take their weapon into a church or school. how is that helpful? >> it is helpful because of the
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fact that people who do carry firearms are trained with them. there is just no state mandated training here in georgia. most of the people i know spend an awful lot of time at the range training themselves to use those firearms. just the fact that someone was in the church that might be armed, would probably be a deterrent to someone like that as well. >> why does there have to be an obligation on somebody in a church or in a school to go ahead and get a weapon and go through the training in order to make sure that they ask protect their house of worship? >> well, there is no obligation that there is the right for you to do that. we don't advocate for everybody to carry a firearm, we obligate for you for the right for you to do so. if you want to be left defenseless that is by all means your choice. >> give you the case from lakewood washington in 2009,
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four police officers all trained with firearms they were all killed by a gunman even though they had weapons on them. >> that's correct, they were but i believe they were kind of ambushed at the same time. if they had walked in there amongst them that would have been a different story. you're right that doesn't always help but it does give someone a better chance for it to happen. >> doesn't it increase the chance he of an innocent person being wounded or killed? that was the case in the gabby giffords case, someone in arizona had he gone through with his impulse to shoot he would have killed somebody who had nothing to do with the shooting. >> those things do happen. however as a matter of fact if you go to new york stat new yore were innocent bystanders, if i have the right to defend myself i have a right to act responsibly. >> who are the folks like yourself jerry henry who should have weapons who are responsible
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with it and who are the folks who like i don't know like dylann roof, might keep hem him from having access to a firearm? >> the keeping dylann roof from having a firearm was the job of the south carolina police forces. they should have notified nix that hnixthat he was a drug user and he wouldn't have gotten one. he passed the background check. >> you think someone who espouses racist views ought to get a weapon? >> i don't think racist views have anything to do about it. the people who are going to pull these kind of stunts off are people who are mean at heart and have no soul. >> but if somebody's espousing rationist views in a manifesto like dylan roof say, he has the kind of hatred you're talking
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about, let's make sure he doesn't have access to firearms. >> if you are going to which the nsa is trying to do right now, if you want to spy on everyone and you find somebody doing had a you can do what you want to with that information. a lot of times people that talk like that don't really feel that way, they're trying to stir things up. >> jerry hinnary is executive director of georgia program. >> thank you for asking me. >> tuesday, the laws of attraction. come. >> there are couple of times in the past that i did. >> do you get that feeling sometimes? >> 10% of what it used to be in terms of frequency and intensity. usually it happens whenever i'm feeling lonely or feeling isolated or something's happened that i'm shaming myself about. >> gay conversion therapy has been one of the most controversial issues in the gay
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rights movement and now there's a movement to stop parents from forcing it on their children but some advocates say it works and some need to fight for it. that's on tuesday, 10:30. that's the show, i'm david schuster in for ali velshi, thanks for watching. as our machines got smarter and smarter technologyists said hey, don't worry, they on the know what they tell them. when certified smart guys like physicists steven hawking says wait a minute, you are playing with fire, is it time to be nor careful about artificial


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