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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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journalism does... >> the new home for original documentaries al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america >> this is the news hour live from london. coming up. a south african inquiry blame as defective police plan at the americana mine. after a string of defeats isil strikes back in syria attacking the curds and the government. deadlock talks on the debt crisis grind to a halt with
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greece and it's creditors. still, at logger heads. and striking taxi drivers bring traffic to a standstill in france, as they protest. >> finally the sports news, including the mystery of why hussein bolt didn't make the starting block at the jackman national trials. >> hello, after a three year wait, south africa's president has deliver add report into the deaths of 34 miners after police opened fire on them. during a strike in august 2012. the inquiry said the police plan to break up the strike at the americana mine was defective and police were wrong to do ahead with it. it recommended that a full investigation is needed to determine whether police are prosecuted for criminal liability. the commission said
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accusations against south africa's deputy president were groundless. he was on the board of the mine company at the time of the attack and was accused of using his influence to trigger action the commission also blamed the union for failing to respond to the threat of violence. a horrendous tragedy that has no place in a democracy those are the words of south african president, when describing the deaths of 54 striking miners almost three years ago. it's taken that long to determine who is responsible for their deaths. a commission mow blame the feet at the country's police who opened fire on the workers. it says there was complete lack of command and control by police. >> the commission, found that
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the police operation should not have taken place on the orders, because of the team witnessedfects in the plan. the commission has found that it would have been impossible to disarm and disburse the strikers without significant bloodshed. on the afternoon of the 16th of august. >> the commission also wanted the country's police chief investigation gaited to determine if she is fit to hold office. one of the miners injuried that day said he is lucky to be alive. he was shot eight times and says the investigation is not enough. what is important is that when you have wronged someone, especially taken a life, even though one cannot
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buy life you have to confess and ask for forgiveness. them still making our life miserable. >> her husband was killed she continues to work and live at the mine to pay but says the constant reminder of how her husband was killed is unbearable. >> this is effecting our mines because we know that policeman caused these problems. when we look at the videos it is clear that it is them who killed people. >> but mine bosses and unions have not escaped criticism. it continues to be concern around workers living conditions and the role the unions plays in provoking unrest. they know it will never bring their loved ones back. al jazeera. >> kevin with the spokesman for the inquiry and is south africa's deputy protector.
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he told us the police were ill prepared and therefore responsible for the attack. >> well, i guess it is the police, and of course, unfortunately, as well, there's been changes in the incumbentsy, in the sense that people have moved on, that the police commissioner who was effected the provisional commissioner she has since retired, and of course, will probably never have to really answer to this. i suppose it falls on the national police commissioner as to what happens. but i think what should really really be the crux of the issue is really, the improvements that have been recommended by the commissioners, bass it is all well and good to focus on individuals, and people, you get rid of one person, but the problem may still remain.
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the islamic state has issued a count ever attack where the groups have suffered recent defeats. isil fighters and the border town for the first time since they were driven out in january, by the kurdish ypg reportedly killing 35 people. the y pg has been gaining drowned in the area, in recent weeks taking and cutting off the groups main rout from turkey to it's de facto capitol, in a sprite attack further east, isil has driven forces out of districts of the city. which is partly government held, and partly under kurdish control. injured after another attack by the islamic state, there are also reports of villages being executed. others are again being proud in for turkey.
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suicide pommers hit forces in the town, they have struggled to fight off fighters who disguise themselves in uniforms also known as the ypg, fighters have been fighting for control since last year. they have been back by u.s. air strikes and are under attack again. under the control of the syrian government. there have been flashing between the syrian military, against islamic state terrorists in our national district. it's home to many syrian refugees who came this comes as the islamic state enter some territory. >> and say fighters entered from the western side of the town inside syria. claims dashed into kobane from turkey are just lies we
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strongly deny that, it is just not true. >> isil has recently had serious set backs. isil has lost supply lines in the border as well as influence. >> isil needs to show that it still has influence and that's why it is on the offensive, also, we have the regime itself because it is overstretched and this is giving isil a big opportunity to advance and finally we have the anniversary of the so called coming up on monday, and isil needs to show that it is still very influential and powerful on the ground. including families displaced. the kurdish families have been force today leave their homes around 8 million have been displaced and there seems to be no end in sight to the fighting.
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for more on this, the regional government representative the u.s., thank you for being with us on the program. kurdish fighters of course, we know have proved successful, both in iraq and in syria how much more difficult is the situation in syria, do you think? >> it is difficult, we don't have the set up there to really support the kurdish fighters there. but really before go into that, i really want to say how strongly we condemn what has been a terrorist attack against the civilians the reports we are getting of isil fighters disguised as ypg fighters, coming in to the villages and murdering
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people in their sleep. we have heard about the entire families being wiped out. this has to be condemned in the stronger terms. >> are the fighters receiving enough help now have the u.s. and other members? >> well, it is thanks to the u.s. and coalition forces air strikes that we have been able to push back isis not only in iraq but also in h syria. and critic clay in places. but we do call on the coalition to continue to help the people and all of the people in syria who need protection. this is a wild terrorist organization ha is extremely well funded and very well organized, and has the incredible weaponry that they capture or they buy we don't know, from various places. we need the support of the international coalition. >> how do you view though, the coalitions current
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strategy of providing air strikes but no ground forces and of course the air strikes are only really in iraq and on the border between syria and iraq, not actually in syria itself. >> we have long said the fighters are the boots on the ground. we know that the west is not prepared. they are not needed pause we have our own boots on the ground, what we don't have is the weaponry to match isis. and we have, of course, been speaking to the united states and other partners that have been providing with weapons we need more, we are grateful for what we are receiving but we need more and clearly in other places the coalition hander in hand with the kurdish fighters they have having successes and this is why isis isn't able to fight
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back -- >> isil has -- isil has been responding and has been launching something of a come back especially in the border town areas. are -- is what you are saying if the kurdish fighters both in syria and iraq did have enough weaponry, they would be able to defeat isil without the help of forces from any other of the coalition members. >> i am not saying that i am saying it is a collective effort, we need the air strikes and they have proven very effective many syria and iraq number two we need weapons for all of the forces that are fighting. and they are comes those weapons are coming particularly from the united states coalition partners like germany, france britain, and others nerve the region. but we need more, we also need the shares of intelligence, we need
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advisors what i am saying though is that it needs to be stepped up. we need much more to be able to really push isis back. >> finally just a brief thought about the possibility of some sort of cooperation with the president, is that something that the kurdish forces in syria would consider at all? communication with the president in trying to drive isil out? is first i should clarify i don't represent on anybody in syria, i am a representative of the pakistan government in iraq however we believe that the syrian regime has lost legitimacy. the yes is is what would replace it. right now the world doesn't have an answer to that, and neither do we, we need to defeat isis and we need to think about the future, because right now the people of syria the people of iraq, are the ones that are paying the price. >> really food to talk to you
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and get your thoughts. joining us from washington, thank you. >> thank you. >> elsewhere in syria opposition fighters have launched major attacks, they have take an square in aleppo after two years of fighting. further south heavy fighting continues in government held areas of the city. more from aman in neighboring jordan. earn after nearly five years of war it takes time for those hit by a bomb to make sense of what has happened. this is close so the border in southern syria, the birthplace of the revolution is being bombarded by government air strikes as rebels there make more gains. fighters are calling the latest defensive a storm. the fighters in the south have been swarmed. more than 50 groups including the front which is affiliated
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to al quaida have joined forces to force troops out. we the center of the operations announce the offensive to the oppressors to protect people's rights and sovereignty. >> the military has been hitting for months now. rebels say that jets are backed by iranian allies on the ground. the syrian generals say despite many, they have captured several villages in the southern province and cut fighters supply routs. >> if there are falls then that's another nail in the coffin. as far as the rebels are concerned but of course it is an opportunity for the regime to exert it's control to show that it is not -- it still has fight left in it. >> in northern aleppo, rebels surrounded barracks in the
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district, and seized an important square. the square is the northwestern government controlled parts of the city, and it has taken rebels over go years to win control. activists say the government has dropped dozens of bombs on the latest fighting is. the living in villages close to the border say they have not heard shelling this heavy coming from syria in a while although rebels have made significant gains it is close to damascus and the government always seems to strike there. >> still ahead on this news hour. >> . >> al jazeera is there as indonesia erupts again blanketing a nearby town in ash.
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this almost get as drenching as he tries to keep his round on track. first, european union leaders have been meeting for some dominated attempts to avoided a greek default and exit from the euro zone. the deadlocks continues. another meeting of the finance ministers broke one no agreement and no signs of progress. they will now hold further talks on saturday. sticking to his plan to close the gap in thens thes mainly through taxation. negotiators from the international monetary fund, and european central bank have submitted a counter proposal demanding further spending cuts especially to pensions.
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by now it was clear they were looking for their pound of flush, more austerity making people work until they are older, for all spents and purposes they could not break them down, and so they left with no deal done. many were admiring their will to stand up to institutions thigh regard as having impoverish them. >> i think he must not back down, he must not when people have been suffering the prime minister who got elect sod recently, must not back down, it is not fair. >> he should drop it and walk away when they say cut the
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money, what is the point. we should leave the euro and may god help us. >> one step pack, and you fall in the river. but in brussells the finance ministers were left to work out how they could find a way to create a bridge between the rock and the hard place in the end they odd con't do it, once again they ended without agreement pushing the talks back until the weekend. >> well, we have been working for two days two nights. we were given a proposal by the greek parties at the last hour and we need to do more work to exam the proposal to see how kit be reconciled. the door is still open, but i will inform the government leaders first now. >> the prime minister turned up again for the leader summit talking about
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compromise, in truth, many in his party feel they are being set up to fail by the creditors. some of this is spirally deliberate, they believe the creditors want to put them in the impossible position of having to face the cuts rather than leaving the euro zone. pause that could create a new government there more amean to believe the creditors way of thinking. >> what happens now is the people in greece with money in the bank, all the threats from the credit ever toes suggested greece would be on it's own and the greeks may run out of money no agreement would provide the ultimate test of whether the international financial institutions are prepared to let greece fail. lawrence lee, al jazeera. >> greece's creditors are pushing for more cuts to pensions. barnabie phillips spoke to people who are struggling to make ends meet.
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>> this country is now on the edge of a cliff. but in a working class neighborhood when we visit the weekly street market and ask about negotiations, the replies are weary even defiant. >> it doesn't matter to us, it makes no difference. we never had much, we aren't going to have much. >> we got there too soon, come back later and you will see people rifling through to pick up whatever food we throw out. >> no signs of panic outside the banks. but their pal lance sheets are looking increasingly alarming. >> greek banks are now in a critical condition. in recent days nervous have taken out billions of euros and the bank are relying on support from the european central bank. of course, the greek debt
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crisis has dragged on for five long years but it is the condition of the country's banks which now makes the need for a solution so urgent. >> just a trickle of people at the cash machines. mind you the cynics say the clever investors took their money out long ago and then there are the greeks that have no savings anyway. maria is a widow with diabetes. her caughtser unemployed. in fact, all greek households rely on pensions to make ends meet. if it wasn't for my mother, i wouldn't even be alive right now, i would have put an end to it, so i am not a burden, do these people care about me, do they come to my house to see what i am going through? i don't want to go out and beg, i have never done that.
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i have dignity. it is a met fore for a humiliated nation, greek dozen have dignity but little else to negotiate with. al jazeera. armenians are continuing to protest in the capitol against electricity price rises but the demonstrations have turned into a brawl of complaints about the government and it's overdependance on russia. by day the heat keep protestors in the shade. it is also a sign that this protest is not just about electricity crisis but about something deeper, about armenian's ability to look after itself. >> russia owns most of the infrastructure inar mania, the electricity and this is something that is there, this is something people know.
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but armenia needs russia. it has a military base, but that relationship is under strain. take for instance the slaying earlier this year of a family by a russian soldier from that base, and now the price hikes from the power grid it is not the relationship that is the problem, it is the terms of the relationship. the arrogance and the asymmetry is what is defining and in many waying driving a serying of moves of disconnect. for all the fun they are having, what they are worried about is this movement has been misinterpreted. but one of the closest allies.
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already officials are claiming this is some sort of western backed revolution, a bit like the way the russian media cations the ukrainian euro by day. >> three believe something unprecedented is happening. and that maybe they can decide their country's future. and the last thing they want is for outsiders to decide for them. al jazeera. the death toll from a heat wave in southern pakistan continues to rise, despite lower temperatures more than 1,000 people have died. >> after days of scourging heat, a sense of relief. residents welcome the gradual return of the cooler climate compared with previous days when breathing was difficult the weather is better the
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temperature is low the wind is plowing and the sky is cloudy hopefully rain will also come. >> it's been a difficult week thousands of people have fallen ill hospitals and clinics are still struggling with a rush of patients. the pakistani government is on the defensive after being accused of not acting quickly or doing enough. >> basically. >> we have deployed the pakistan army, and rangers. we set up 29 heat stroke centers, they have been distributing around 77 tons of mineral water. >> the heat wave has coincided with the muslim holy month of ramadan when the devout don't eat or drink during the day dehydration is a factor in many deaths. who toil in the sun. power cuts also worsen the problem, as many weren't able to stay cool the temperatures
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dipped but criticism of the government is a hop tottic, many kay is medical emergency should have been handles differently. >> still ahead on the news hour. >> in the occupied west bank, as palestinian officials submit their first complaints to the international criminal court, we look at the key issues. one of the vice presidents threes the country saying he fears for his life after denouncing the president. and action from one sri lanka pulls off a brilliant catch.
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welcome back to the news hour an inquiry into the deaths of 34 miners killed by south african police. found that the police plan to break up the strike was deforgettive and they should not have gone ahead with it. fighters have struck back in
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h syria after a string of recent defeats. they launch add suicide attack five months after they were driven out. the german chancellor says there must be a deal on the debt crisis before the markets open on monday now fear that pram legacy health care reforms were at risk, has lifted after the u.s. supreme court upheld crucial tax sub is siddys. more from washington. >> barack obama wanted a win and he got it. >> so this was a good day for america. >> the supreme court cheered the decision ending the last significant legal challenge to signature affordable health care act, a majority of 6-3 the federal government could provide subsidies. if it had gone the other way 6.4 would be facing higher
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costs or losing their insurance the affordable care about is here to stay. this morning the court july held a critical part of this law, the part that has made it easier to afford health insurance regardless of where you live, if the challenge to this law has succeeded millions of americans would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. >> this is the second big win in as many days. and the supreme court has stopped his signature domestic policy, being gutted and pulled apart. >> it is raising costs for american families, it is raising costs for small businesses. and it's just fundamentally broken. and we are going to continue our efforts to do everything we can to put the american
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people back in charge of their own healthcare, and not the government. >> the republicans have tried several times to pull it apart, and after this they still want to, but they are promising something to replace it, yet they have yet to reveal details. for a moment a key part of the legacy remains in place and untouched. al jazeera the supreme court in washington. >> palestinian leaders have gone to the criminal court with the hope of bringing war crime charges against israel. this is as close as he can get to land his family has owned for generations. an electrify fence was built he shows me how it prevents him from accessing his
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property, but says hes han't lost hope of regaining his land one day. >> we inherited this land from our grand parents. i am glad we are going to the international criminal court because i want a solution that will put an end to the israeliing occupying my land. >> israel settlements in the west bank make off key component of the palestinian submission to the international criminal court. dozens of settlements have been built across the territory, and are now home to more than 600,000 israelis. the key argument in the complaint against the settlement is based on article eight section is two of the i.c.c. rome statute. which stays the transfer of an occupied power population, is illegal. >> the file is broken down into three main categories the first deals with these illegal settlements which you can see here the second deals with the status and
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treatment of citizens and the final last summer's war with gaza. israel is also accused of seriously breeches the international rules of war during last year's 50 day bombardment of the gaza strip, more than 2,200 palestinians were killed mostly civil isians. the palestinian foreign minister delivered the submission, the document which is several hundred pages long, alleged dozens of israeli violations of international law including homes being demolished, and settlers and soldiers attacking the sub is mission shows the commitment and the readiness of the palestine state, to cooperate with the court. the information we have submitted shows crimes against humanity, the aim is to speed up the investigation, which is an important step.
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officials have refused to provide information. because in it's view, palestine is not a state iter will be up to the chief prostitute tore decide whether there's enough evidence to order an examination, and then a full criminal investigation into the allegations a process that will be long and complicated only individuals can be indicted by the court not state which is means prosecutor it cooers will also have to determine which military and government officials can be prosecuted for war crimes or not. al jazeera the i.c.c. chief prostitutor ever the court now wants to hear from israel as well as the palestinians before deciding on the next step. it is encouraging everyone, all side oz if conflict, to
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provide my office with information it is a phase that i need information. to be able to make a determinationer think way on determining the next phase. so i will just continue to could for that, it is important that this information is provided to my office south africa is considering leaving the international court he was allowed to fly out of the country despite a court in victoria. issuing an order banning him from leaving the government saying withdrawalling from the court would be a last resort, but it would determine if it is the best course of action one of the vice presidents has fled the country and is now in belgium, he says he fears for
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his life after he criticized the president for running for a third term. and election is now just weeks away, there are still protests almost every day. another grenade attack unlike last week, the city center shoppers were hurt. the grenades are thrown into is the street from the car driving past we heard a loud explosion, it was terrible. >> the government has called for calm the only way to stop is the government and opposition agree to talk and stop this in a sign things can get worse the second vice president has fled to belgium, he says he fears for his life, because he criticized the president's unconstitutional bid for a third term.
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i was no longer able to bear the attitude of the republic, his will to lead the people, and the way to illegality and as everyone knows very well, which is forbidden by the constitution, a crisis was caused by some demonstrations. the crisis becoming violence for consequences has been anticipated by those close to him, put also by the international community. >> the government insists the people have nothing to worry about, and no need to leave the country. the university students to remove him, sought protection at the u.s. embassy when police tried to acred them for trying to overthrow the government. the police are prohibited from entering the embassy so instead, they confiscated items. some old con't get inside the u.s. empasssy, they closed the gate, these students were locked outsite they don't
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know how to survive the night without blankets and other essentials. security has been increased the days and weeks leading to the elects could be difficult. >> al jazeera. rwanda's intelligence chief has been granted bail by a court in london, he was arrested on saturday on a european arrest warrant. he is wanted for war crimes. in rwanda. the general supporters gathered early carrying banners the indictment which led to his arrest accused him of tor sure, terrorism and again size. but to these people he is a hero who helped to stop it in the mid 1990's.
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these guys give their life and stopped the genocide so they are telling me that stopping the again side they are committed again side themselves? no. >> he is a close alley of the rwanda president whose rebel soldiers helped halt the again side but in 2008 a spanish judge indicted him and other members of the military for offensed related to reprisal kills p p hundreds of thousands including some spaniards. i do not was his answer. bail was set at 1.5 million dollars and the judge agreed to release him he will have to return to court here in september. outside the attorney general accepted the necessity but insisted his country doesn't
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need spain's help. we do not need pushing and prompts by anybody to oblige by our international obligations. >> nonetheless legal groups are closely monitors the case monitoring it as an important step among the groups attending the hearing was human rights watch. >> it is a huge deal that an official has been arrested the ever the crime and it is a realty very few have been held to account for crimes committed that is the group of individuals that helped to stop the again side. >> there is a high prospect it will grow in the prospects and it is expected to take months the center of this is the big question about which juster edition has the drive and capability to try a person for crimes 20 years
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ago, and it appears having a senior figure is focusing attention on that. london. tempers have flared as rivals argue about the choice of the most senior officials. as you can see blows were exchanged and ceremonial maid was taken out of the chamber. the volcano has been erupted for weeks and shows no signs of subsides. stephanie decker and her team witnessed one eruption first hand the army has come to some of the villages just outside the zone to hand people living here masks. and these are supposed to protect them from the air which is quite thick with ash here. it is hard to pete, and you can see it if you look down in the areas here, usually
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beautiful lush green everything has turned very sandy dull color. >> as we were interviewing a commander, something seems to happen it was quite an intimidating sight. and so we decided to leave the area. >> we were talking to people just in a village further up the road, so we are now drying to get away from it, it is scare ray when you see these cloud come towards you and it does move fast, and highlight the power of mother nature. and it makes you realize there is nothing you can do, just try to get out of it's way. >> over 10,000 people have been evacuated. no one knows when it will go pack to sleep. stephanie decker, al jazeera.
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the satellite in the streets against the transport booking system. they allow people to bypass traditional taxes. the low prices are undercutting their business, reports from paris. the streets and playing are quieter. a major strike pi the taxi drivers blocking what is normally a very busy intersection in the heart of the city. like owner, they feel are taking their jobs and not paying their taxis what we have been seeing here, are running battles between the police, and taxi drivers.
5:46 pm
many are upturns some of them smashed. maybe from united states it is okay. >> the police are here on stand by. there are some concerns from the government they will be a repeat performance. french workers held a strike there, they were deeply worried about the job cuts. two onus now is on the government whether or not they made concessions to these workers. still ahead on the news hour, more taxi news but with more upbeat feel. finding out what challenges they face on the road. >> as the women of the tennis world prepare for wimbeldon.
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hello ben. the country's first female taxi driver. al jazeera flags her down in the northern city. it is a typical day for sara look under the bonnet. wipe away the dust, and she
5:49 pm
is ready for her shift driving a taxi is this jock is anything but typical for a woman in after dan stan. i feel happy behind the steering wheel, and i share this with other women i want to give them more courage. >> this driveser like a sister to us, it is bet tore drive with her than a strange man sara borrows money and bought her first taxi two years ago after her brother-in-law was killed she was determined to support 15 people in her family many male taxi drivers tease women and gis they give them their phone numbers so other women encouraged me to become a driver it is hard to imagine it but 30 years ago there
5:50 pm
were women driving electric buses now it is rare to see a woman behind the wheel of a car let alone a taxi. >> sara says at least 20 women have told her they want to learn my message is is they should allow us to drive, how long do women have to sit at home in dark houses change's society attitude won't happen quickly. >> a woman can't be a taxi driver, any other city because there are security problems. still, she says nothing will stop her not even threats. they punctures my tires and stole my registration, other drivers cut in front of me on the road. >> if she is afraid she
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doesn't show it. and anyway, she is too busy picking up passengersny coal johnston, al jazeera. time to get latest sports news now. >> the mystery over the world's biggest athletic star hussein bolt withdrew from the trials at short notice, he is on the list of entries though his agent insists he was never confirmed. there is concern over his fitness just a couple of months away he has been out of formulately bolt could fall back on a world meter industry. football officials investigating an incident where chile defender prodded the behind of your guy's to
5:52 pm
provoke him. this worked and he did retaliate and was the first of two to be september off in the match the host won the game 1-nil to reach the semifinals. organizers of the tournament say they may be forced to use a $10 million reserve fund because of a cash flow problem. according to the verb surer they have paidless than half of the $18 million owed that's because the accounts have been frozen as two of the check tiffs are investigated the organizers have admitted they have yet to pay the $750,000 prize. that qualified for the quarter finals and the verb surer says they need at least $20 million to pay prize money and other costs for the remainer of the tournament
5:53 pm
neither of the finals are at risk. it is crew that these companies disappeared. i understand that this is of high concern, pause for the future there are major important tournaments ahead. there is no immediate threat. >> the first two-quarter finals take place on friday, the first match is a tournament favorite against france, and later in the day china played the united states. chine that will be very organizationed they have had a greet tournament this is been scoring up top i haven't looked at one game being easy and it hasn't been. the 2024 summer olympics the city council has voted 38-6,
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in favor of bidding for the games. the other declares bidders are boston, and ham burg, with budapest expected to join the contest. the host city will be selected in 2017. their former captain has been given the honorary role of president of the governing body for a one year term, but the current team has had an awful day only the second test mans. they includes the final quite brilliant catch. still going. in reply, sri lanka has already managed 70 only 68
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behind it's a week before the wimbeldon tennis tournament, in the semifinals of the warm up tournament, she beats in straight sets ranked 9th at the champions and beside her opponent 6-2 6-2 former worm number one got the better in her last eight, she has lost in the semifinals in last of last two years. the top seed left but he has now gone out the american has to fight back from a set down he has reached and in good form ahead of the slam on grass starting on monday, you h find out who he plays on friday, and marcus also thrown in as well.
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in golf, hahs year's runnerup in the bmw munich is in a tie for the lead german martin looks to be in a terrible position on the 9th but avoidedded getting wet and dropping the shot he ended the round 11 par. he still set up a birddy, and also carting a first round of 65 where jensen and daniel joined them at the top of the leader board with his perfectly waited pants. >> danny pedrosa set a lap record, in the netherlands. despite having a poor season but he put down a marker in free practice. world champion mark marcus was second quickest. tour de france organizers have changed the vote of one of the stages following a
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landslide in the french alps. the length of 110.5-kilometers remains uneffected, the tour starts july 4th, in the netherlands. finally, coast slow has won it's first medal in the european games with athletes unable to compete under their own flag. finally a mother and baby who survived a plane crash drank coconut watt tore stay alive for four days until they were rescued. a heavy load of fresh fish in the cabin absorbed much of the impact and that is it for this particular news hour, back with more in a couple of minutes, thank you.
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a south african inquiry blames police for the death at a americana mine. hello again. and this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. after a string of defeats isil strikes back, attacking the curds and the government zed lock in brussells talks on the debt crisis grind to a