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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a south african inquiry blames police for the death at a americana mine. hello again. and this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up. after a string of defeats isil strikes back, attacking the curds and the government zed lock in brussells talks on the debt crisis grind to a halt still at logger heads.
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and indonesian erupts planet canning a nearby town in ash. hello, after a three year wait, south africa's president has delivered a report into the deaths of 3040 miners digger a strike in august 2012 and up query said the police man to break up the strike was defective and police were wrong to go ahead with it. it recommended that a full investigation was needed to determine whether they be prosecuted. the economies said accusations were groundless. he was on the board of the mine company at the time of the strike and was accused of using his influence to trigger police action.
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the commission also blames lawman and the unions for failing to respond to the threat of violence. a horrendous tragedy that has no place in a democracy those are the words of the south african president when describes the deaths of 34 striking miners almost three years ago. it has taken that long to determine who is responsible for their deaths. a commission now lay the blame at the feet of the police, who opened fire on the workers. it says there was complete lack of command and control by police. the commission, found that the police operation should not have taken place on the citizens. because of the defects in the plan.
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the commission has found that it would have been impossible to disarm and disburse the strikers without significant bloodshed. on the afternoon of the august. >> the commission also wants the country's police chief investigated to determine if she is fit to hold office. one of the miners injuried that day says he is lucky to be alive. he was shot eight times and says the investigation is not enough. >> what is important is that when you are wronged someone especially if you have taken a life, even though one cannot buy life, you need to confess. the third thing is they don't want to ask for forgiveness they are still making our life miserable. >> her husband was killed she continues to work and live at the mine to pay.
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but says the constant reminders of how her husband were kill have had been unbearable. >> this is effecting us because we know police have caused these problems. it is clear that it is them who killed people. but mine bosses have not escaped criticism, it continues to be concern around living conditions and the roles they play in provoking unrest. the families of those kills are making civil claims put they know it will never bring loved ones back. the islamic state of iraq has -- on two fronts in syria where the groups have suffered. for the first time since they were driven out in january by the kurdish y pg. reportedly killing 35 people. they have been gaining drowned on isil in the area
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in recent weeks. and cutting off the group main rout to the capitol. in a separate attack further east isil has driven the army forces out of the district city. which is partly government held and partly under kurdish control. >> injured after another attack by the islamic state of iraq. there are also reports of villages being executed after fighters stormed in. others are again being brought across. suicide bombers hit forces in the town. they struggle to fight off who disguise themself in the people protection unit. also of the y pg. they have been fighting since last year. back by u.s. air strikes and they are under attack.
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the hahs remaining towns. >> the army -- the clashes between. >> this comes as the islamic state terrorists entered from turkey. the government denied fighters crossed the border and said isil fighters crossed from the western side of the town inside syria. claims that they crossed in from turkey are just lies it is not true. isil has had serious set backs. fighters havic thatten control to the edge of the province the capitol. isil has lost supply lines as well as influence isil needs to show that it still has
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influence and that's why it is on the offensive gend also we have the regime itself retreating from some areas and this is giving isil a big opportunity to advance and finally we have the anniversary coming up on monday and isil needs to show that it is still very influential and powerful on the ground civilians are caught up in the fighting. families have also been force to leave their homes around 8 million and there seems to be no end in sight to the fighting as for the various groups that say isil has been pushed back, becoming a flash point again is a cause for concern.
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the council called for an end to the explosive devices a year ago buts han't take any real action to stop it, more than 70 countries also expressed outrage and demanded they stop the air force from using weapon which is are banned under international law. with the meeting of finance ministers breaking up again. the european union leaders also discussed the impasse between the creditors. there must be an agreement on the crisis before markets reopen on monday but the prime minister insist as solution is possible so i think that it is full of disagreement negotiations and for them compromising so after the proposals and
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confident that risk compromise that will help the euro zone and agrees to overcome. >> the creditors are pushing for more cuts but that's half the households in greece rely on to goat by barnabie phillips spoke to people who are struggling this country is now on the edge of a cliff but in a working class neighborhood, when we visit the weekly street market and act about negotiations the replies are weary, and even defiant. >> it doesn't matter to us, it makes no difference. we never had much, we aren't going to have much he got here too soon, come back later and you will see people rifling through that dust bin. >> no signs of panic outside the banks in central athens.
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but their balance sheets are looking increasingly alarming. >> greek banks are now in a critical condition in recent days nervous depositors have taken out billions of euros and the bank are relying on support from the european central bank. of course, the greek debt crisis has dragged on for five long years but it is a condition of the country's banks which now makes the need for a solution so urgent. >> mind you the cynics say the clever investors took their money out long ago and then there are the greeks that have no savings anyway. maria is a widow with diabetes. her daughter is unemployed, so is her husband and their two grown up children. so the entire family lives off of maria's pension. in half of all greek households rely on pensions to make ends meet.
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if it wasn't for mir mother i wouldn't be alive right now i would have put an end to it, do these people care about me? do they come to my hussein bolt to see what i am going through? i don't want to go out and beg, i have never done that, i have dignity. >> it is a met fore for a humiliated nation. greeks do have dignity but little else to negotiate with. barnabie phillips al jazeera athens. >> palestinian leaders have submit add file to the international criminal court about the illegal settlements in the west bank. they are also hoping to bring war crime charges against israeli officials. the palestinian authority joined the i.c.c. this year, a move rejected by israel. the i.c.c. chief prosecutor has told al jazeera the court now wants to hear from israel as well as the palestinians before deciding on the next step to take. >> i am encouraging everyone,
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all sides of the conflict, to provide my office with information. it is a phase that i need information to be able to make a determination. either way. on determining the next phase. so i am just continuing calling for that, it is absolutely important that this information is provided to my office. >> barack obama's legacy healthcare reforms were at risk, have lifted after the u.s. supreme court upheld crucial tax subsidies. anna fisher has more from the supreme court in washington, d.c. >> barack obama wanted a win and he got it. >> so this was a good day for america. >> protests outside the supreme court cheered the decision, ending the last significant legal chang to a signature affordable healthcare act, or obama care. a majority of 6-3 the court said the federal government could provide tax subsidies to those who have signed up. but have gone the other way
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since is .4 million people will be facing higher costs or losing their insurance. >> the affordable care act is here to stay. this morning the court upheld a critical part of this law. if the challenge to this law has succeeded millions would have had thousands of dollars worth of tax credits taken from them. >> congress has given them approval and the supreme court has stopped the signature domestic policy. being gutted and pulled apart. >> but the republicans say the courts decision is wrong expensive and damaging to america it is races costs for small businesses, and it's just fund mentally broken. and we are going to continue
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our efforts to keep the american people back in their own healthcare and not the fellow government. >> they have tried several times to pull obama care apart, but they are promising something to replace it. yet they have yet to reveal any details. a key part of the legacy remains in place and untouched. >> allen fisher al jazeera at the supreme court in washington. >> and still to come, a special report on new generation of child soldiers. in the southern plains. plus, anger on the streets of paris, as cabdrivers vent their frustrations.
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agen quirery into the deaths of 34 miners killed by south african police in 2012 thy found the police found to break up the strike was defective. they launch added is attack which they were driven from in january by kurdish fighters. and the german chancellor says there must be a deal on the december crisis before the markets open on monday. she made the except after
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talks probing up again without agreement. the volcano has been erupted for weeks and shows no signs of subsiding. stephanie decker and her team witnessed one eruption first hand. >> the army has come to some of the villages just outside the danger zone to hand people living here mazings and these are supposed to protect them from the air which is thick with ash here, it is hard to breathe and -- if you look down in the areas here, which is usually beautiful lush green everything has turned very sandy dull color. >> as we were interviewing a commander, something seemed to happen. it was quite intimidating sight and so we decided to leave the area.
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woe were talking to people so we are now driving to get away from it, it is scary when you see these cloud come thwarts you. and it makes you realize there is nothing you can do beside get out of it's way as fast as you can over 10,000 people have been evacuated. no one knows when it will go back to sleep, one of the vice presidents has fled the country and is now in belgium. the election is now just weeks away, and there are still protests almost every day. and another grenade attack in the capitol before the
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elections next week city center shoppers were hurt the grenades are thrown into the street from a car driving past, we heard a loud explosion, it was terrible. >> they have appealed for calm but some feel only one thing can end the unrest. the only way to stop these attacks is the opposition talk and agree to stop this the second vice president has fled, he says he fears for his life, because he criticized the unconstitutional bid for a third term. i was no longer able to bear the attitude of the republic his will to leave the people, and as everyone knows very well since he launch add candidacy to run for his third mandate, which is forbidden by the constitution, a crisis was
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caused by some, the crisis becoming violent has been anticipated by thought close to him, but also by the international community. >> government insists people have nothing to worry about and there's no need to leave the country. university sought protection at the u.s. embassy when police tries to arrest them for trying to overthrow the government. >> the misare prohibited so instead they confiscated items. some people couldn't get inside the u.s. embassy officials close the gate before things got out of control. these students were locked outside, they say they have nowhere to go. many don't want their faces shown, afraid their families can be victimized. they don't know how they will survive the night. >> security has been increased in several parts of the city center, and the days and the weeks leading to the
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presidential elections could be difficult. tempers have flared in nigeria's parliament when rival politician argues about senior officials for the legislature, as you can see blows were exchanges and the ceremonial mace was taken out of the chamber. cars have been overturned and satellites in the streets of paris as taxi drivers proses test against the system owner. french cab byes claim the low prices are undercuesing their business the streets and placing are significantly quieter a major strike by the cities official taxi driver whose have come out in force blocking what is normally a very busy intersection, in the heart of the city 30
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angry with preorder companies line owner they feel are taking their jobs and not baking what we are seeing here are running battle serve cars that have been parks bore the brunt of the anger there have been sus is pis that these vehicles have been preorder taxis and many of them have been upturned some of them smashed. owner has no business here. maybe in the united states, it is okay but in france we have regulations up to here. >> debris covers the streets and police are here on stand by there are some concerns there will be a repeat performance of what was seen when french ferry workers held a strike the on news now is on the government with they michon sessions to these workers or run the risk of further chaos in the heart of
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paris. >> more news now in the funerals have been held for some of the victims of the charleston church shooting. there have been violent clashes during a student demonstration in the capitol the march began peacefully, but when they strayed they are met with water cannon and tear gas. and a mother and her baby boy have survived four days in the columbian jungle after their plane crashes on sunday. they were taken to hospital, but are virtually unscathed which killed the pilot rescuers say a heavy load of fresh fish absorbed much of the impact. >> armenians are continuing to protest the capitol against electricity price rises the demonstrations have turned into a broodier
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complaint and it's dependance on russia, robin walker reports. >> by day the heat keeps protestors in the shade. it is also a sign that this protest is not just about electricity crisis or corruption, but also something deeper about the ability to look after itself, russia owns most of the frush in armenia, and the electricity grid and this is something that is there, this is something that people know, and i think it really underlined the grievances. >> but airman yeah needs russia sha, and russia continues to provide a measure of security from the old foe it has a military base, but that relationship is under strain. take for instance the slaying
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of a family by russian soldier from that base, and now the prices from the power grid. >> it is didn't relationship that is the problem, it is the terms of the relationship. the arrogance and the asymmetry is what is defining and driving a series of moves of discontent. for all the fun they are having what many are worries about is that this movement is somehow being misinterpreted by the closest allies russia, already officials are claiming that this some kind of western ref lewis in the making the way the media cations the ukrainian divide. >> they believe something unprecedented isn't haing and awakening that maybe they can decide their country's future. and the last thing they want
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is for outsiders to decide for them al jazeera. the southern region of the philippines has been plagued for violence for decades. and they are recruiting children, in the second part of our special series from the southern philippines reports from the battle to save a new generation of child soldiers. he has been living a quiet life, but he says his past remains just as vivid. he was a child shoulder at the age of 12. who were part of the first recruits. an armed group operating in the southern philippines. years later he is still too afraid to show his face. >> what happened to me is done. i can't go pack to it now. but i don't want my children to go through what i went through. >> he grew up in an island in
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the southern most part of the philippines long held back by poverty and armed rebellion. the number of child soldiers recruits here is still unknown, the problem has remained on the back burner for too long, and as a result a new generation of rebels has emerged. in this exclusive video obtained by al jazeera a new group of fighters is presented and they are getting younger they are called sons of martyrs that's because most of their fathers were also members and were kills fighting the government. some of this recruits are as young as 14 years of age according to the military, they are involves in kidnapping extortion, and terrorism and they are far more violent than the
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previous fighters because they are also involved in illicit drugs. they are eninch kateed poor and marginalized. they say there is no escaping we are trying to save the next generation, we can't save the present generation, because they have already undergone experiences since the 70's. they grew up in war so what we are trying to do is cut the title and try to save this generation from experiencing war and giving them hope. these children also come from the villages which are many armed troops but for these boys football has now become a unifying symbol. most of them are also back in school, this play center has been organized by the community the ever the first time, children here have a semblance of what it is like to be a normal child.
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the parents are grateful, they hope this means the children will grow up playing with toys instead of guns. al jazeera, southern philippines there is plenty more news, click on inner section of hardware and humanity, and we're doing it in an unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight "techknow" investigates