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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour and i'm julie with the top news stories and breaking news out of france and reports a person has been killed near the french city and we will have more on that. plus eu leaders agree to relocate 40,000 migrants who arrived in italy and greece. deadline looming greece has until the within to agree to a debt deal or face leaving the euro. police in south africa set the
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face criminal investigation after inquiry in the americana mine killers and fleeing a volcano and as it rumbles to life thousand s are evacuated. ♪ so let's start with that breaking news story, we are getting reports that a man has been found decapitated at a gas factory in france. it's said to have happened near leon and let's speak to our correspondent paul brennan on route to the scene of the attack and paul what details are you getting about that attack? >> yeah, julie, the details remerging and it's only a couple hours since the attack happened and happened at 7:50 gmt and that is 10:00 local time and as you say it's 35 kilometers
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southeast and details coming out from witness reports and media reports is a company called air products was attacked by one man who is -- has been arrest ared. the attackers believed to be arrested and in the region of 30 years old and to the preliminary report he is known to security forces. there was some kind of involvement with a car, an explosion of some sort in the entrance area of this complex, not sure yet whether it is the attacker stepping off gas canisters or trying to set off some kind of car bomb device or simply because the unit self houses gas canisters and there will be gas canisters already on sight that was sent off. details emerging are several people have been wounded and one witness said the attacker
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claimed to be from i.s.i.l. but that is unconfirmed at this point. and the interior minute industry of france is on his way to the scene and the prime minister of france has ordered an increased state of vigilance and the area is currently in lock down. the most graphic details relating to what we know so far the attacker has claimed one victim and has decapitated that victim. the head of the victim was some meters away from the main body and one indication that i saw was that the corps appeared to be on display like a gesture. very graphic details and we are on route there at the moment and the details remerging as the hours pass. >> paul, very briefly we are hearing there may have been an arrest, are you hearing any confirmation of that? >> yeah it does appear that one
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person has been arrested and the police say that is the attacker. police clearly want to question him in some detail. from their.of view it's incredibly beneficial to take him all life because the big question mark is why has this fight been chosen. this air product company is a gas company we understand and why is this company being chosen for feedback and it's randomly selected or it's actually involved in and the other thing is what is the connection of the attackers and it could be a former employee or nothing to do with it itself and they really want to know because the question they are trying to workout is the facts happening in the very near future.
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>> reporter: paul okay for the moment thank you very much indeed and paul brennan our correspondent on route to the scene of the attack at the industrial gas factory complex that paul was telling us about there, one man found decapitated, another man it looks like has been arrested. we think that is the attacker but as paul is saying no idea about possible motives at the moment. i think we have a security analyst we can speak to now. yes, security analyst who joins us on the line from paris. one of the things that is being reported on is that an islamist flag was found on the site. this happened a short time ago. we are still trying to get more details but what do you make about the attack the fact that a gas factory was attacked and a man found decapitated and as may have been put on display?
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>> for the moment we need a bit more information about exactly what happened and how we can qualify these events and with a terrorist attack we have to take care of that and to have to be responsible as well. so going on site sooner sure it is exactly the kind of concern, the authority has about what could happen next after january as terrorist attack. the authority is in fear of let's say a planned project organized from outside and local people and using this from
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burundi then the groups like i.s.i.s. or al-qaeda recall in use in france and we need confirmation that let's say it seems to be kind of a scenario or similar to the concern i was mentioning. >> those attacks you mentioned in january of course those were the series of shootings that began at the charlie hebdo magazine. we are expecting to hear from the french president shortly but just how sensitive is france about these attacks that may be linked to al-qaeda or i.s.i.l. as you say, we need more information about this one but just how wary and how much of a security footing is france after those attacks in january? >> you know, before the january
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attack we were already sure it would happen because our country is always mentioned as a target for those groups so we were expecting such event. now that it happened of course it was created of sometime and we will increase the security inside the country and specifically created on sensitive sides. but as you know it's not just because you are sure you broke that site, the enemy will not find another place to target under that direction. we are exactly in that scenario
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as well. and this was a concern about the risk of such attack and repetition of attack. >> reporter: and thank you very much indeed for your analysis and security analyst speaking to us live from france. well european leaders, european leaders agreed on a plan to deal with the record number of migrants crossing the mediterranean in boats and u.n. refugee agency says it's an important step but more needs to be done especially to address the root causes. a tense meeting in brussels on thursday eu leaders agreed to relocate 40,000 migrants who fled desperate situations in their home countries to come to italy and greece. they will be moved to other european states over the next two years and greece often the first destination for people who
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make the peril journey and now some will be settled in borders and numbers pale in comparison to 153,000 migrants who already landed in europe this year and increase of 149% when compared to the period of last year when 61 1/2 thousand migrants entered europe. here is what president of the european commission had to say following the agreement. >> translator: the fact we took hours for the system to be set up obviously shows that europe is not living up to the values it promotes in each and every occasion when it speaks abroad. italy prime minister was scathing about the proposals. he was quoted by sources from inside the meeting as saying if that is your idea of europe you can keep it. either give us solidarity or
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don't waste our time. however, after the meeting he was a bit more diplomatic. >> translator: we reached an agreement which is based on the initial proposal from tusk and could be much more ambitious and mentioned 40,000 persons and the first step to save it and finally a european policy rather than a policy of one single state. >> reporter: lawrence is live in brussels and not happy with the final proposal and tell us about this debate and why some eu countries are so reluctant about a quota system. >> they had to do something because if you cost your mind back two or three months when people were dying literally by hundreds in the sea because there was nobody to rescue them the people here acknowledged they had to do something and that is why they set about trying to decide what they could do and clearly 40,000 people is nothing really very much compared to the size of the
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problem and even in that three countries, the uk island and den mark exempted themselves from that arrangement. the idea of getting to a settlement on a quota basis is never really going to fly and there is any number of countries inside europe that say they have no moral responsibility to look after refugees. and, you know, we are talking about the motivation for this thing in france that just happened. every time something say like the charlie hebdo attack that sort of thing and what you see is a sort of european spasm, you know, that ends up bringing in all sorts of different things into the same mindset that bring in, you know ethnic and religious mixtures and uncertainty and threats and law and lack of resources in schools and hospitals and it all comes down to this big mixture that is gradually and literally pushing
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public opinion across europe further right and the results of this is emeritus at the eu is not to address whether countries have a moral duty to look after people who are fleeing persecution but rather to actually find better ways of shutting down the borders so they are much more interested in reframing the entire conversation about better ways of policing the mediterranean to blowup the boats and little ships that carry these people across. >> reporter: so is this the main problem lawrence that certain countries are seeing refugees and asylum seekers as a financial burden instead of a responsibility? >> in the poor countries and there is a block of four countries that call themselves v 4 and czech and poe land and hungry which said they don't want anything to do witness and the opinion there is very very right wing hungry in particular
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which is putting a fence up with the border with serbia just outside the eu is complaining bitterly because the rules say a person has to apply for asylum they have to look after people who actually don't want to settle in hungry and want to move further north and west so there is that that plays into it but as well as that in some richer countries they complain about the things we talked about before ethnic dilution and the right wing in government complain about too much muslim in den mark and things and there are lots of things going on at once. the other thing that is happening is that people are gradually not making any distinction between asylum seekers and economic migrants and happening at the same time as well, to all of these things shifting opinion in one direction and countries like say sweedon and massive burden for refugees are ending up in the
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minority. >> thank you lawrence, lawrence lee in brussels there. greece's finance minister says he won't accept any deal on the debt crisis he considers to be unviable and says a deal has to be reached this weekend or greece could exit the euro zone and athens won't be able to make a $1.5 million on tuesday without the $7.2 euros in bailout aid from creditors. eu set saturday as athens's last chance to strike a deal ahead of imf payment or trigger plan b which would contain any fall out from a greek default and provide humanitarian aid to greece. the sticking point remain pensions and creditors wants to increase the retirement age to 67 by 202 22. >> translator: we agree that there is a need for further work with the three institutions, the meeting on saturday with the euro group and greece is of
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decisive importance and bearing in mind time is very short and everyone in the eu agrees that a solution must be found on saturday. >> so i think that european is full of disagreement negotiations and compromises. so after the comprehensive proposals and i'm confident that we will reach a compromise that will help euro zone and greece to overcome the crisis. >> mark analysis a london based financial service business and joins us now live and good to have you with us and in the last clip seeming very upbeat and says he is sure that a deal will be found. do you share that optimism? >> well to be honest julie, he has been fairly upbeat from the start and have to take it with a grain of salt at the moment and
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i hope something can be fudged together in the last-minute and there is some debate over this june 30 payment deadline to imf because we have to consider the imf is a slightly different beast to that compared with private bond holders when you go into debt and miss a payment to private bond holders you are in a default. when you miss a payment to imf that puts you in arrears and that is not necessarily default here so then the thought process is that perhaps greece can still buy a bit more time before the next deadline which is july 20th. >> i get you so missing june the 30th debt repayment to imf is not the end of the world but the imf has been very tough on greece hasn't it greece has put forward several deals or several compromises of its own and imf not impressed by any of them so far, is that because greece is not giving it what it wants? >> well the ideal scenario for
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imf would be the original bailout proposal and i think what is giving markets a little bit of hope at the moment is why we have not seen stock markets fall off a cliff as we get closer to the deadline is this seems like it's maybe a negotiating tactic that the institutions are really just going to push greece as far as they can and get as close to the old arrangement as possible before actually holding the smoking gun and actually causing greece to default in the last-minute. so i don't think they want that kind of default on their hands but they want the best deal possible and i think this is interpreted as a negotiation tactic. as are all these final deadlines we keep missing, each final deadline is supposed to push greece closer to agreement and has works to an extent but deadlines keep getting missed. >> thank you very much indeed for that and speaking to us live from london. more to come on the program including before the funeral for the victims of the charleston
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church shootings what was life like when the city was legally segregated between black and white? plus. i'm adam outside of a hospital in honduras and the story of how corruption is costing lives and millions of dollars. and in sport guides peru in copa america and we have acthe action from chile a little later on. ♪ the latest round of talks on iran's nuclear program are due to start in vienna before a deadline in four day's time and wants to curb nuclear iran ambition in exchange for lifting sanctions which are crippling the iran economy and let's speak to diplomatic editor james base in the capitol and remind us james what are the main sticking
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points in this discussion? >> well, there are certainly key things that have not been agreed to julie and diplomates are telling me they are worried there are now only days away from what is supposed to be the final deadline and they tell me this was supposed to be the period when they were finalizing the technical and annexes and key parts about how sanctions for iran would work under this deal and how quickly sanctions would be removed. there is also the problem of inspections and verifications, how would you make sure that iran wasn't cheating on a deal. the international community wants inspectors to be able to go to sites in iran including military sites and the leader of iran made it clear in a speech in the last few days that military sites should not be allowed to be inspected and i understand as well as key parts in the deal and sticking points there are other things that p 5
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plus one and that is the group that is negotiating with iran thought they agreed when they came up with their interim agreement and some of those to do with iran and to do with plutonium in iraq and they are going backwards and some points they still are wanting to negotiate. so i think negotiators are concerned about the situation with that deadline coming back but i think they always knew it was going to be like this because no deal is done until all the details have been finalized. >> so what is the feeling there, james, are they going to make this june the 30th deadline? >> i think they will not say that the deadline has been dropped until we get to june the 30th but already there is talk around vienna and diplomatic circles they will have to go on a few more days and won't be
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able to make it by june the 30th june the 30th remains the key date at this moment but i think went we get there quite likely they will extend a few days. >> james base in vienna there. south africa commission investigating the deaths of 34 striking miners is recommending a critical investigation opened into police behavior, offices claimed they are acting in self-defense when they opened fire at a mine three years ago and families of the dead men says video evidence shows otherwise as miller reports. >> reporter: a horrendous tragedy that has no place in a democracy, those are the words of south african president jacob zuma describing the deaths of 34 striking miners almost three years ago and it has taken that long to determine who is responsible for their deaths. a commission of inquiry set up by zuma laid the blame at the
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feet of the country's police who opened fire on the workers. it says there was complete lack of command and control by police. >> the commission found that the police operation should not have taken place on the 16th 16th of august because of the defects in the plan. the commission has found that it would have been impossible to disarm and disburse the strikers without significant blood shed on the afternoon of the 16th of august august. >> reporter: the commission also wants the country's police chief investigated to determine if she is fit to hold office. one of the miners injured that day says he is lucky to be alive and was shot eight times and so
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the investigation is not enough. >> translator: what is important is that when you have wronged someone especially for taking a life and if you cannot buy a life you need to confess and ask for forgiveness and the sad thing i do not want to ask for forgiveness and make life miserable. >> reporter: her husband was killed there and continues to work at the mine and constant reminders of how her husband was killed have been unbearable. >> translator: this is affecting our minds because we know that it's police who caused these problems. when we look at the videos it is clear that it is them who killed people. >> reporter: but mine bosses and unions have not escaped criticism and continue to be concern on workers' living conditions and the role the union came with provoking unrest. now the report is finally out. the families of those killed are preparing to make civil claims
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but they know it will never bring their loved ones back miller with al jazeera. president barack obama is due to deliver the uology at one of the nine victims of the charleston church shootings and the shooting of the african/americans sharpened the debate about race relations in the united states. >> reporter: jim campbell doesn't see the history of the civil rights movement at black and white and almost 90 years old he lived it and he was born in charleston south carolina at the time a legally segregated city. >> i was in the company of africans who had survived enslavement and were pushing now into the frontiers of freedom. that's quite a thing to realize. >> reporter: he says his father was the first in his family to be born free. he says it wasn't until he moved north in his 20 to a city where blacks had free movement he realized what moving under
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segregation had done to him. >> i was downtown in baltimore and getting ready to go to a restaurant and found myself looking for the signs to tell me where to go. and in that instance i had to face the conditioning that had happened in my life. >> reporter: the guns and canyons and met marchers in the 50s. did it make you angry? >> no you can't do anything angry. [laughter] . >> reporter: a witness to the police brutality at the time now he has seen nine african/americans chilled in a church in his town allegedly because of their race. another chance for him to reflect on what is next for race relations here. one of the key achievements to the civil rights unit which is a classroom and now a museum were integrated and sociologists
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believe what has to happen next is informal segregation of communities, neighborhoods, churches, that is what is going to have to end. >> the contact basically argues that the more contact you have with people who are different than yourself, people who you might have negative views of, the more open you will be to seeing them differently. >> reporter: campbell says that is happening here in charleston. >> we were conscious of a black or white meeting. these kids meet together today as equals without the old hang ups, that is a tremendous step forward. >> reporter: he has seen a lifetime of change and he believes in three or four more generations there will be racial equality perhaps even harmony in the united states. patty with al jazeera, charleston south carolina. in hawaii a giant sinkhole has swallowed a pickup truck and it was created when a 40 centimeter pipeline broke on
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thursday causing severe floods in the area most residents managed to move their vehicles away but one pickup truck was caught in the hole. >> when i opened the door i saw the gush coming out of the water break and our truck was right above it. >> reporter: a state of emergency has been declared in the russian resort of sochi because of flooding. torrential downpour hit the city who hosted last year's olympic with two month's rain in just one day and rivers burst their banks destroying homes and carrying cars away and most transportation links have been cutoff. let's get more on that with everton so what is the latest with sochi and they have been getting a lot of rain. >> a lot of rain with more showers in the forecast, a crop of thunderstorms rolling away on the black sea and satellite picture is quite nicely and i picked this out a place where we saw 179 millimeters of rain in
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12 hours and sochi saw around two month's rain in one day and adler is 25 kilometers south of sochi and you see a crop of storms swirling away just around the black sea circulating over a similar area for hour after hour and hence the big downpours. area of low pressure associated with that, heavy showers will continue between the black and caspian sea with thunder and hail and through romanian the plain and here it's looking fine and dry and settled weather and cloud and rain across the united kingdom and parting skies will allow decent sunshine if you are off to wimbledon for the course of this week came friday a top temperature in london 24 degrees and 31 paris and we have 35 degrees in madrid. that heat will extent further
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north actually as we go on through the next couple of days. temperatures in london getting up in the mid 20s over the next few days and highs of 30 by thursday julie. everton thanks for that. still to come here on al jazeera protests in nepal over a new law of making people stateless. in sport the latest from the nba draft as the number one pick is confirmed. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back you are with al
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jazeera and let's give you a bit of breaking news and come in the last few seconds and getting reports of an explosion in a mosque in kuwait that has been reported by an al jazeera arabic correspondent and apparently people have been killed in that explosion at the mosque and we will bring you more on that as we get it. other top stories french antiterror police investigating attack on a u.s. chemical company where a man was found decapitated and happened near leon and there are reports that one of the two suspected attackers has been arrested. european leaders agreed to relocate some of the record numbers of migrants crossing the mediterranean in boats. thousands already in italy and greece will be sent to other countries but a quota system for eu country is being rejected. let's talk more about that michelle is chief of the labor migration branch of the international labor organization
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and joins us now from geneva and good to have you with us and no quota system but have an agreement to relocate 40,000 migrants in greece and italy, is that enough? what do you make of that? >> well first, i mean they are concerned with the tragedys that happened in the mediterranean since the beginning of the year and see 2000 died trying to cross and we know that about 150,000 or more have reached the shores of europe fleeing not just conflict but all kinds of crisis from poverty to natural disasters so clearly this is a crisis of global proportions especially when we look at just weeks ago having seen 25,000 migrants stranded on both land and sea. i think you can only be positive that the eu has met to discuss how to ensure better cooperation. but i think it's the first step as president tusk has said and
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certainly much more needs to be done. >> absolutely, the italian prime minister accused the eu colleagues apparently of just looking after their own interests. what do you make of the fact that countries like well the uk ire land and den mark are up to date of voluntary numbers of migrants the eu are wanting them to take? >> well in any global crisis, it really calls for cooperation and shared responsibility. so i don't think that the problems will be solved by simply closing doors and making this a problem of the neighbors to deal with. we have to really come together and address these crisis because they are not going to go away. as we saw the 150,000 who came exceed rates of last year and likely to see more and have to get at broader issues and deeper cooperation within regions and across regions and working with
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the african union and regular economic communities to look at how to create decent work opportunities so that migration can become a choice rather than a necessity and a deeper investment in these issues is really what is called for. >> the problem is though michelle, as obviously you know a lot of eu countries see asylum seekers and refugees and displaced people as a financial burden and are a political issue because people in the countries are worried about perception of being overrun by migrants, how do you change that perception and how do you make it more about a humanitarian moral obligation than worrying about the economic impact? >> well i think these issues are very complex and certainly the public we've seen is influenced by some very extreme views and perhaps not all the facts. maybe misperceptions instead of real perceptions and have to do a better job to change this.
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i think involving workers and employers organization as the eu called for in its platform along with labor ministries to look at the evidence for real labor market shortages where migrants can bring their talents and skills and some are entrepreneurs and bring to the contribution of european societies and have to get that information out and have a more balanced constructive dialog that would really help and have to look at regular, safe orderly channels of migration and involve all stakeholders in that discussion. >> michelle good to speak with you and later from the ilo there. now alliance of 51 rebel groups in syria has launched offensive to push government troops out of the southern city and activists say the syrian government has been dropping barrel bombs in the area. control here is split between government troops and the rebels. dozens of people have reportedly
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been killed in the fighting. syrian activists say nearly 150 civilians have been killed in assault by i.s.i.l. fighters in the northern city of kobani and the fight after being driven out by forces and attacked the largest city in northeast syria. u.n. warning up to 200,000 people could flee an i.s.i.l. attack here and it's a 60,000 people have fled so far since i.s.i.l. stormed government-held areas in the city, the largest city in northeast syria with borders of turkey and iraq. the u.n. special envoy to yemen traveling to saudi arabia and yemen hoping to broker a peace deal and they led talks in geneva last week for gender without agreement and the hospital in the southern city of thai hit by shelling by houthis and allies and the yemen medical
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facilities are struggling as fighting continue between the groups and forces that are backed by hadi are backed by them. and injured and shelling on the port city of aiden. u.n. said 21 million people need humanitarian aid and the country is close to famin. trying to flee the nighting in saudi arabia after forces loyal to hadi took over the border crossing and the houthis and allies control the three other crossings into saudi. the u.n. says more than half a million people have been displaced since saudi-led air strikes began in march. >> translator: we are working around the clock to ease off the pressure and the overcrowding thanking it's getting better and showing up without documentation and functioning better for people going both ways. number of people displaced by i.s.i.l. in iraq has topped 3
6:39 am
million. expected counter offensive against the group in anbar province is pushing more people from their homes and with i.s.i.l. controlling almost all of iraq's biggest province there are few options for those who are leaving, a bridge on the outskirts of baghdad who has become almost the only way out of anbar. >> reporter: just a few meters across the bridge and for most who cross it a painful journey, one side is anbar a province that is i.s.i.l.'s biggest stronghold in iraq. on the other side are the outskirts of baghdad. and she and her family left fallujah three months a going for countryside and now heading further for the kurdish region. >> translator: they were ready to attack fallujah from the first day of ramadan and aiming missiles at fallujah and everyone is leaving.
6:40 am
>> reporter: she says there are no doctors left around fallujah and the area is under i.s.i.l. control and there is no electricity or government forces. despite the risk and hardship of staying the decision to leave is almost as difficult. iraqi security leaders worry that i.s.i.l. fighters will infiltrate baghdad, just ten kilometers from here. to get to baghdad those escaping anbar need someone in the capitol to vouch for them. i.s.i.l. controls 80% and border crossings and almost all major highways and this small bridge has become a lifeline between anbar and the rest of the country and the only way out for many families trying to escape the fighting. for security reasons cars and trucks not allowed to cross the bridge without special permission. this crossing on the river is the only route left to eastern anbar, everything comes across
6:41 am
by cart. now he had to leave his cart behind but he lost so much more than that. their tent collapsed two months ago killing his young daughter. >> translator: a stone came up at 10:30 at night and the bars of the tent were falling down on us there were six of us four of us survived by my two-year-old died and my four-year-old had a broken spine and hip. >> reporter: some will try their luck in turkey or other countries and there is also traffic going back to anbar including some returning for the final time. a year ago few people set foot on this bridge and now tens of thousands of iraqis have walked across it. each step taking them further and further from their homes. jane with the bridge in iraq. let's just bring you a bit more detail about another
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breaking news story this hour coming out of kuwait and hearing there has been an explosion at a mosque in kuwait city. casualties are being reported. we will get you more details on that as we get them. now students protesting educational reform have fought with police in chile's capitol santiago and demanding transparency and wider reforms than have been proposed by the government. the march began peaceful and then violent after students strayed from the authorized route and police tried to dispurse the crowd with water and tear gas. alleged corruption in the healthcare system and officials been accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars crippling the health service and we report from there. >> reporter: she died two years ago and doctors say it was lung cancer but he daughter says there was no conclusive test and
6:43 am
her mother under went chemotherapy treatment and died after a few sessions. >> translator: it's with medical negligence and malpractice on the part of social security. >> reporter: she blames the social security system for her mother's death, the same system that is at the center of a corruption scandal here. officials allegedly inflated costs, cut deals with vendors and made off with some $300 million leaving the system short of medicines and services. at least 11 women are reported to have died after taking faulty drugs. this is the hospital where her mother died. one out of every eight people rely on the hospital and people are struggling just to get the basic care they need. inside long lines and only a little medicine. patience is wearing thin. >> translator: we come from far away to get medicine and when we
6:44 am
get here they don't have any. it's like they think we have nothing better to do with our time. >> translator: because we have to buy our own medicines they gave me this prescription for my son and they do not even have it. >> reporter: lawyer viktor is pressuring the government for more information on cases. >> translator: this is not just isolated to the social security system, it's a criminal structure and also drained funds from other government institutions. >> reporter: the scandal has reached all the way to the highest levels of government. earlier this month thousands of protesters called on the president to resign after he admitted his campaign took donations from companies tied to the corruption allegations. the vice president of country congress has been charged with fraud too. the army has taken over public hospitals while investigators build their case.
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both antiand pro-government protesters are planning marches for friday. marches in a country already marked by a 2009 coup for taking a stand often leads to violence adam for al jazeera in honduras. nepal protestors marched against new rules that require both parents to be nepal to be granted citizenship and will be denied citizenship forcing 4 million people to become stateless and we report. >> reporter: should mothers be able to pass on their citizenship to their children? well, these activists here say yes but the constitutional deal made by the major parties says, no, which means as many as four million nepal and four million people in the past could end up being stateless. citizenship document is needed
6:46 am
for everything in nepal from opening a bank open to getting a job and so far citizenship laws have been nepal being able to pass on the document to their children. there was much hope the constitution would be more progressive and promised that either parent could pass their citizenship to their children. the clause that has been tasked is not either parent has to be a citizen and they have been fighting citizenship for her daughters for a very long time, what does the new constitution do in terms of getting them citizenship? >> the new constitution has clearly said that the father and mother must be nepal for citizenship any more. so for people like us and i raise my daughters all by myself and not wanted to. just breaking into that package to bring you these pictures which are coming into
6:47 am
us from kuwait city in kuwait where an explosion has hit a mosque during friday prayers. we are getting casualties reported by various arab television stations. the al jazeera arab correspondent in kuwait city is also speaking about this explosion. you can see the clouds of black smoke there and people milling around obviously a lot of confusion and a lot of terror and getting and still getting details on what exactly happened but emergency services on the scene there at the site of this explosion in a mosque in kuwait city during friday prayers. okay, let's go to brussels now where french prime minister is speaking about an attack on a factory in france near the city of leon. let's listen to what he is saying. >> translator: person suspected has been arrested and identified
6:48 am
identified. important police forces were mobilized in the region and six of its networks were increasingly protected and all measures were taken to avoid all or any additional drama and tragedy tragedy. the minister of the interior will speak just after me to give useful and only useful information because the investigation is in progress by the antiterrorist prosecution. one must express solidarity at this time with regards to the victim
6:49 am
victim. the solidarity has also communicated to me during the european council meeting this morning and there are -- there is some emotion expressed but that is not the only solution. we must have action dissituation and the need to never give into fear and be up to all circumstances and not create suspicions that would be intolerable, in short to do the work that french people expect from us to be protected and to establish truth and to eradicate
6:50 am
groups who are responsible for the attack. i will be leaving the european council after this, after talking to you. i have advised a talk before my colleagues and i will have a brief council meeting at 1530 3:30 this afternoon at the palace and we will have further information and we if necessary, will take other steps, other measures. i have said to you, the person suspected was arrested and identified, there is an investigation in progress and i will let the authorities in charge of this investigation if there must be some discretion to ensure the efficiency of our services. thank you for listening.
6:51 am
>> french president francois hollande speaking in brussels and he announced he is leaving that eu meeting to head back to france following that attack and says the person suspected of that attack on the factory near leon has been arrested and identified and an investigation is now in progress. okay let's get to the sport now. >> thank you very much julie. and through to the semi finals of copa america and beat bolivia 3-1 for a last encounter with chile and richard has more. >> reporter: peru scored five goals at the last copa america but yet to net this time in chile. he made up for it against bolivia by putting peru in the 20th minute of this quarter final. and set up guerra to second and
6:52 am
just three minutes later and misplaced pace from mid fielder danny allowed the forward to complete his hat trick midway through the second half. and the last few minutes bolivia was given a penalty when louis and martin morano had a spot kick but too late as peru won the match 3-1. >> translator: it's good for perks, ru and us and it's logical going through a and has been away for sometime and getting to his best and he is succeeding and the goal osscoring goals are improving in up coming matches. >> we have to improve from the national league since a great number of players come from it and improve the structure and today the pitch was beautiful
6:53 am
and good but damaging for bolivia players and not used to it compared to the ones we usually play on. >> reporter: peru fans celebrated in the streets of the capitol lima and the team will face host chile in the semis, richard par with al jazeera. first two quarter finals of women's cup is on friday and two-time champion germany against france and later in the day china play the united states and it's the first time they met in the world cup since the americans beat the chinese on penalties in the final in 1999 in pasadena. >> china is going to be very organized and had a great tournament and scoring goals up top with their fore wards and it's not going to be an easy game. i have not looked at one game being easy in this world cup and it hasn't been. >> nba has taken place and minnesota timber wolfs had the first pick and they chose.
6:54 am
>> carl anthony pound from the university of kentucky. >> reporter: looking to help break in 11 a year playoff draft. >> it just means the world to me and means the world to me to play with an organization especially for me, my dominican roots and lopez playing for them so it's really a great moment for me to be able to keep the roots going in minnesota and be able to just continue my legacy and just trying to win more championships. >> reporter: and mavericks have made history they selected the first ever indian player to be drafted in the nba. golf and bubba watson leads after the first round of the championship in connecticut, two time champion shot 8 under par
6:55 am
62 and american won this tournament back in 2010 watson came close to eagle at 18th hole, the ball bouncing off the flag stick, two shots ahead of five players. shri-lanka will bowl out on thursday and begin day two and ruled out for the rest of the series with a broken risk and 278-11 and draw taken place for next place wimbledon and williams could face her sister in the semis and stars of the women's tour let their hair down on thursday as they attended the pre-wimbledon party in london and french open williams is looking to be the first player in more than 25 years to win all
6:56 am
four majors in a season. >> i just don't have that pressure on me like i have to win or i have to do this or anything like that. i just feel more or less like you know i'm just happy to be here and if anything i'm just going to enjoy myself. and while the ladies were getting all dressed up yakov i ch went on to win this match and judging by this a lot more female fans too. i'm going to be professional and not say anything. >> sanaa thanks very much for that. two breaking stories this hour, let's recap them for you, both attack on a chemical's factory in france. it happened in bolivia near
6:57 am
leon, a car driven on the site causing explosion, a lord was later found decapitated. defense minister has called it a terrorist attack. one attacker has been arrested and mixed reports about whether someone else was involved. and in the second breaking story coming to us from kuwait an explosion being reported at a mosque in kuwait city. now this is the sadique mosque and get reports it's in a shia mosque. unconfirmed reports there are casualties and there have been deaths in this explosion. al jazeera arabic reporter is reporting that there are unconfirmed reports that a suicide bomber is behind that attack. we are still getting information on that. so do stay with us here on al jazeera for more developments on those two stories as we get
6:58 am
them. ♪ >> bold... >> he took two m-16's, and he crawled... >> brave... >> what you gotta do... >> then betrayed... >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> a lifetime without the
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honor they deserved... >> some say that it was discrimination... >> revealing the long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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♪ an explosion hits a mosque in kuwait, several people are reported dead and others injured. ♪ i'm julie in doha also coming up on the program a body has been found decapitated outside a factory in france the defense minister calls it a terrorist attack. eu leaders agree to relocate 40,000 migrants who arrived in italy and greece. and senior police in south africa are set to face a criminal investigation after an inquiry