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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ an explosion hits a mosque in kuwait, several people are reported dead and others injured. ♪ i'm julie in doha also coming up on the program a body has been found decapitated outside a factory in france the defense minister calls it a terrorist attack. eu leaders agree to relocate 40,000 migrants who arrived in italy and greece. and senior police in south africa are set to face a criminal investigation after an inquiry in the americana mine
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killings. ♪ knew we are hearing there has been an explosion in kuwait the blast happened at a shia mosque in the capitol kuwait city during friday prayers. casualties are being reported. several deaths have been reported. we will get you more details on that as we get them. france is on high alert after a man was found decapitated following an attack on a chemical factory and happened near leon and president francois hollande says a suspect has been arrested and identified. let's speak to paul brennan who is at the scene of the attack and paul tell us what you are seeing and what you have been hearing about that attack. >> hello, julie, we are at the police at the edge of what is a light industrial unit. there is a large police presence
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here and a number of media and a quarantine around the whole area. bright sunshine and you would not expect much smoke over the area and it's rather peaceful but that is not what appears to have happened this morning. the details that are emerging as the minutes pass are quite chilling. at around just before 10:00 local time this morning it appears a man in a car rammed the entrance area of a company called air products. there was some kind of explosion. it's not clear whether that was set off from within the car or whether it was because the company itself stores gas cylinders and there was one person that we now know to have been decapitated in quite a deliberate way. the reason why we say that is details emerged in the past half hour say there were enscriptions
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near the body and they are categorizing this as a terrorist attack. the other things that i can tell you are that the authorities said they have arrested the suspect and they know his identity. he is apparently known to the security services. he is now in custody. he will be questioned and clearly his motivation is what everybody rewants to know. it appears that police are working on the theory he was working alone, this suspect so fears this was perhaps the start of a wave of attacks or perhaps the work of a cell are receding at this point in time. the current thinking of the authorities if this was a single attack by one attacker and that although there is a high stakes of alert here the fear of subsequent attacks or additional attacks now are quite low. >> reporter: stay with us on
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the line for the moment and french president francois hollande has been talking about this from the eu summit in brussels and described this as a terrorist attack and this is what he said a short time ago. >> translator: there is a lot of emotion but that is not the only solution. we must have action. the situation and never give into fear under any circumstances and not create divisions or suspicions that would be intolerable. >> reporter: paul president francois hollande speaking about a lot of emotion and presumably what he is harkening back to are the series of attacks that took place in talose and outskirts of paris in january, france is very, very sensitive to these attacks and can imagine what happened to the factory has put everyone on high alert about what it could mean. >> well indeed. i mean, this is not a big town but it's now crawling with police and with media and people
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here are extremely shocked to what has gone on here this morning. the fear of the authorities and you can hear it from what francois hollande just said is that this might actually cause some kind of animosity towards muslim people perhaps. and francois hollande continues to say there is no leak of that and would be wrong to have that. others say the authorities are currently working on the basis this man was working alone. although there have been reports that there was an islamic state flag he was carrying those are unconfirmed reports at this point in time and the idea that this was some kind of wave of terrorism is not substantiated at this point in time. it looks more and more like it's the work of one person who has now been taken into custody and authorities are at pains to try and calm the sense of worry in the local vicinity at the moment. >> paul, thank you for that.
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paul brennan updating us from the scene where that attack on that factory took place. now eu leaders agreed on a plan to deal with a record number of migrants crossing the mediterranean and the voluntary scheme is aimed at speeding relocation of migrants in italy and greece, at a tent meeting in brussels on friday agreed to relocate 40,000 migrants to other countries and others and mostly syrians in camps outside of the eu will be resettled within its borders and president of the commission had to say following the agreement. >> translator: the fact we took hours to agree about the system to be set up obviously shows that europe is not living up to the values it promotes in each and every occasion when it speaks abroad. italy prime minister was
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scathing about the plan. he was quoted by sources from inside the meeting say if that is your idea of europe you can keep it, either give us solidarity or don't waste our time. however after the meeting he was more diplomatic. >> translator: we reached an agreement which is based on the initial proposal from tusk and could be much more ambitious and mentions 40,000 persons and the first step to say finally there is european policy rather than a policy of one single state. >> reporter: lawrence lee sent us this update from brussels. >> reporter: clearly they had to do something because if you remember they were so heavily criticized earlier this year and literally hundreds of people drown in the mediterranean with no sign of any rescue operation but what they have managed to agree to is still pretty small compared to the size of the problem, 40,000 refugees spread across 28 eu countries will only
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be 1400 refugees per country but that was still too much for three counties and uk and den mark exempted themselves from that arrangement and given that the idea they could come up with a much bigger platform a quota system and proper settlement for many more refugees and spreading them out across the eu union were simply never going to work and the plain fact is any number of eu countries now don't believe they have any moral responsibility to look after people from places like syria or eritreans and in a lot of countries they see people in much the same way as almost a burden rather than some people that they have to look after. back to breaking story out of kuwait explosion at a mosque in kuwait city shia mosque and let's speak to an academic and
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writer at kuwait university and kuwait's former information minister and joining me on the phone from kuwait city. first of all witnesses say the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber can you confirm what caused the blast? >> i cannot. i'm about eight away from where the explosion is and still awaiting the official version of what exactly happened but this terrorist attack is another reminder that nobody is immune from terrorism in the region. and all the way from france to kuwait or anywhere but particularly in our region. i think this terrorist attack particularly targets it and makes an infringement and means the shia and in a country like kuwait with a good record with
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shiites and sunni. >> what is the feeling of what can be behind attack like this given it was is shias who were targeted? >> well so far we i don't think a suspect will be named in the next few minutes or so but i think that they will definitely be able to find out who would benefit from such a terrorist attack and if you cannot catch a suspect and cannot point a figure on the perpetrator of this attack then you could definitely say who could actually benefit from this and i think that those who want to check the whole region in a sectarian war will definitely be behind this kind of attack because the agenda is actually to start the blowup the whole region in a sectarian war out of
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kobani to aiden in the south. and let's look at sectarian countries and regimes in the area and you will find that and iran anti racky regime which is ruled by rule a sectarian political party therefore all of these together i think will benefit from destabilizing the whole region because they want everybody to be in the same boat with them for their own benefit. so far i don't think that there is anything in particular but i wouldn't rule out that it would be an extremist, terrorist organization. >> i think i'm right in saying these kind of attacks are very very rare in kuwait so how well set up are the kuwait police in investigating something like this? >> that is a very good question and that is what is be wildering the people and it's easily managed and security is good and
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coexist answer with people and rule of law is acceptable degree to the regional standards and there for it is an explosion of minds and explosion of a mosque to really try to figure out who could have done this. i think there will be definitely no popular support for this in the region let alone in kuwait but i wouldn't be surprised if it's an lone wolf who committed such a crime or very small cell that should be caught and we are hoping actually to see a communication with interior very soon knowing exactly what happened. >> i'm sure we will be getting more information from the government. thank you very much indeed for speaking with us and that was live from kuwait city. now the latest round of talks on iran's nuclear program are due to start in vienna after a deadline runs out in four day's
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time and want to curb nuclear ambitions to lift sanctions that are crippling the iran's economy and let's speak to james base in the capitol and how far do they have to go before a deal is made? >> well this is supposed to be the final stage of these talks so we have come to the crunch moment. we were in lozan just three months ago, an interim deal them but still a lot to work on. diplomates saying by this stage they were supposed to being working on technical annexes and have much more to do with that days away with key sticking points that need to be resolved. for example the issue of sanctions relief for iran and how quickly would the sanctions be lifted, how would that work that still has not been finalized and the whole idea of inspections to make sure that iran doesn't cheat on a deal that is still an area where they have not come to agreement,, in fact, the leader of iran saying earlier this week there is no
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way there possibly could have been inspections taking place on i'll military sites and bits of the deal done in lozan on uranium and platonium at the plant and technical details of those they thought had been agreed now the iran yanukovichs are revisiting some of those. so i think there is some worry if they are going to make this deadline the end of this month most believe we will go past that deadline but for now the deadline remains in place. >> reporter: okay james, thank you very much indeed for that james base live for us from vienna there. still to come here on al jazeera, protests in nepal over a new law that left four million people stateless, stay with us. ♪
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♪ you are watching al jazeera and welcome back, i'm julie and reminder of the top stories a suicide bomber behind the blast of a shia blast in kuwait capitol and eight were wounded in attack after friday prayers. antiterrorist police in france are looking at a factory. and french president kran kran says one attacker has been arrested and identified. this is live from the scene of that attack of the factory near leon this is bernard, the
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french interior minister holding a press conference at the scene and let's listen in. >> translator: identified all services are under my responsibility and are mobilized by the antiterrorist brigade of paris, in order to make this inquiry proceed quickly. the author of this crime has been neutralized once the crime has been perpetrated by one person person. the police officer was there with a lot of courage and cold bloodedness, proceeded on the scene to neutralize this person. i wish to address the fire brigade and all the people who and to thank them for their
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intervention as i do to all these security services my thanks also and gratitude for the speed with which they intervened and instructions of the prosecution so the people who could have been involved in this attack be immediately neutralized. i also wish to state that for some months the government takes all steps to ensure the projection of french people faced with a risk which we have repeatedly said to the prime minister and the president we are at a high risk level with two laws introduced and adopted, a third law regarding the activity of our intelligence services has been adopted by the
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parliament the day before yesterday and in a definitive way which allows our services in the framework of antiterrorist services to have the means necessary which we are not currently applied. i also wish to state the draft of the national territory of france under my responsibility and that of a prefix of a powerful tool facility has been put in place to ensure the protection of french people who are particularly targeted by terrorist terrorists attacks. finally i also wish to state that once after a country lost throughout the services and security services the prime minister took the decision and took the decision in last jan to increase significantly the means available to our services in
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terms of staff. 1,500 new jobs were created. 233 million euros were allocated to the services to carry out their missions. this exceptional effort demonstrates the government's efforts in particular difficult circumstances for the country a high level of protection of the french people, in the specific circumstances of this drama which is a new challenge for our country as the president did a few moments ago in brussels calls on dignity and responsibility and the gathering of all those in our country who are attached to the values of the republic and aware of the general mobilization of the country to face the risk of
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terrorism. i also do so with feeling a lot of emotion for the victims of these acts and this innocent person who was assassinated decapitated and the victim in the month of january in specific circumstances under which our country has faced and violence of these attacks the barbaric abject action of the terrorists our country will be stronger in dignity. it is a individualn individual who lived in the leon region so we have to be cautious and we don't have
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definite information. he was noted to the authorities in 2008. he was part of the movement but had not been identified by the intentional services as having taken part in terrorist activities contrary to other persons who were involved in such operations or crimes during the last few months. he was not noted, he had not been been -- he wasn't closely watched since 2008 or 10 for being radicalized but not known to have connections with terrorist activities.
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today there are a high number of services who are mobilized in all the departments in france to keep an eye on the proximity with regards to persons who could be radicalized and those who are have contact with terrorists organizations which was not in this -- the case here. we are going to have forensics. we have an inquiry in progress. when we have the information results that the public prosecutor from paris will comment. i cannot give specific information on this point for the simple reason that there is still an investigation in
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progress. why was this plant targeted in particular? you will have information in due course course. if there is further information, naturally the paris prosecutor myself will communicate this information, but as always with serious events i don't want to give information that is not absolutely accurate and the investigation has just started. it is conducted in respect of the norm. the information that i give an investigation is in progress and as always when such a serious event takes place we will
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communicate the information to get with the antiterrorist prosecution as when the information comes in and it is confirmed. thank you very much. >> that was the french interior minister bernard speaking at the scene of the chemical factory attack in france. he was saying that the suspects in the attack is in custody. he doesn't have a criminal record but registered as possibly radicalized by police. he also said that suspected accomplices in the french attack are also being held by police so that investigation on going in the attack on the u.s. owned chemical factory. one person decapitated, gruesome reports emerging of possibly his head being found on the gate of the factory. it is being treated as a
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terrorist attack and one suspect is in custody. let's get other news and european leaders in brussels at a standoff over greece's debt crisis and and finance minister says he will not have a deal that is unviable and they say it has to happen or they will exit the euro shown and has to have 1 1/2 billion loan repayment on tuesday. >> translator: we agreed that there is a need for further work with the three institutions the meeting on saturday with the euro group and greece is of decisive importance. bearing in mind time is very short and that everyone in the european council agrees that a solution must be found on saturday. >> so i think that european is full of disagreement negotiations and to them
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compromises. so after the comprehensive proposals i am confident that we will reach a number wise that will help euro zone to overcome the crisis. >> reporter: market analyst and says a deal with creditors the likely. >> i'm optimistic that something at least can be fudged together in the last-minute. there is some debate over this june 30 payment deadline to the imf just because we have to consider the fact that the imf is a slightly different beast perhaps compared with private bond holders. when you go into debt and miss a payment to them you are in default and missed payment to imf is in arrears and that is not in default and the thought process is greece can buy a bit more time until the next deadline which is july 20 and
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the ideal scenario for imf would be the original bailout proposal and i think what is giving markets a little bit at the moment is why we have not seen stock markets fall off a cliff as we get closer to this deadline is this seems like it's a negotiating tactic that the institution is going to push greece as far as we can and get as close to the old arrangement as possible. south africa commission investigating the deaths of 34 striking miners recommending a criminal investigation into police behavior and officers always claimed they were acting in self-defense when they opened fire at the americana mine three years ago and video evidence proves otherwise as miller reports. >> reporter: [gunfire] a horrendous tragedy that has no place in a democracy. those are the words of south african president jacob zuma describing the deaths of 34
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striking miners at americana almost three years ago and taken that long to determine who is responsible for their deaths. a commission of inquiry set up by zuma laid the blame at the feet of the country's police who opened fire on the workers. it says there was complete lack of command and control by police. police. >> the commission found that the police operation should not have taken place on the 16th of august because of the defects in the plan. the commission has found that it would have been impossible to disarm and disburse the strikers without significant blood shed on the afternoon of the 16th of