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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 26, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> my name is imran garda i am the host of third rail and you can find it on al jazeera america dozens of tourists are shot dead as gunmen target a beach side resort in tunisia. we'll have a live report. ♪ hello there, i'm barbara sarah, you are watching al jazeera live from london. a bomb explodes at a mosque in kuwait at least 25 people died. in france a man is beheaded by attackers who targeted a gas plant profited by an american chemical company. european leaders agree to relocate 40,000 migrants who
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have arrived in italy and greece. plus -- [ cheers ] >> celebrations in the united states as the supreme court rules that gay marriage is now legal across the nation. ♪ hello there. thank you for joining us. we begin the program with three attacks on three different continents which together have claimed dozens of lives. in a french town a person was beheaded at a chemical depot after a car rammed through the gate and set off an explosion. not long afterwards there was a suicide bombing in kuwait's capitol, which killed at least three worshippers, and injuring more than 200 >> and gunmen open fired in tunisia tunisia. we'll have detailed coverage of
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all of these incidents, but we begin with this report on the attack in tunisia. >> reporter: two gunmen started shooting at tourists at the beach outside of the imperial hotel. eyewitnesss describe initial confusion and then blind terror. they say tourists were shot at point blink range on the sand and then went to the swimming pool. >> translator: he started shooting on the beach and then went to the swimming pool. he had a grenade and through it at the people. >> reporter: local hospitals have been inundated. the tunisians say the dead are from six different countries.
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tunisia has been on high alert since a terrorist attack in march at the bardo museum in tunis killed 22 foreigners. its secular democracy has escaped the worst of the region's recent upheavals. >> in tunisia we have a lot of tunisias who went fighting in syria or libya, and have come back to tunisia. a lot of tunisias are angry against the state, and do not accept the democratic state and pledge to wage jihad against the tunisian state. >> reporter: this will remind tunisias of how vulnerable they are to the destructive forces sweeping the region. >> nazanin considering the bardo attack two months ago, two major
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attacks in just a matter of months obviously targeting the tourism industry which accounts for about 15% of the gdp. what is the aim in the destabilization of tunisia? >> reporter: well i think a lot of tunisians will be wondering what the people responsible for this were trying to do. are they trying to destroy tunisia's economy, which is reliant on tourism with the hundreds of thousands of people employed? or is this more of a political message. because tunisia is one of the few countries in the region which is heading down a democratic path. it hasn't had the same instability we have seen in other so-called arab spring countries like syria, iraq yemen, and libya, of course tunisia's neighbor. and it has held free and democratic elections, and it is
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working its way towards national dialogue of consensus, unlike many other countries. so people are asking is this an attack on the economy? yes. but also on the transition towards democracy. >> and we have heard that one of the attackers have been shot dead. more details emerging? what are we hearing? >> this is key, really there is confusion about whether there were two attackers or just one, and i think we're going to have to wait for those details to emerge. but the one attacker who was killed at the scene is tunisian. if you remember from the bardo museum attacks, the two men who carried those out were tunisian and it was believed they had been trained in libya, which is going through its own volatile insecurity and also groups linked to al-qaeda and isil are operating in libya.
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once again it does seem that a home-grown attacker has targeted foreigners on tunisian soil. this will have huge implacations for the government and what they are to do. because they have been carrying out a big security operation. thousands have been arrested. there have been many many checks on people coming in and out of the country. there are believed to be thousands of tunisians fighting in syria and libya at the moment. so the focus has been on people who come back to tunisia who are well trained in using arms so the authorities, really here are going to be facing a huge task to try to reassure tunisians, firstly, and then foreigners who visit the country, that they can cope with the situation. >> nazanin, thank you.
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a suicide bomb palace at a shia muslim mosque in kuwait has killed at least 25 worshippers. attack are rare from kuwait as our correspondent reports. >> reporter: mobile phone pictures captured the panic and chaos following the explosion at a mosque in kuwait city. shia worshippers who had gathered for friday prayers were the targets. initial reports that a man blew himself up as the congregation was leaving the mosque. the group which calls itself the islamic state is claiming responsibility. dozens were killed in the blast and there are reports that at least five of the injured in critical condition in hospital. pictured broadcast on state television showed the extent of the destruction. there was no regard to the sanctity of life let alone that of this place of worship.
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attacks like these are rare in kuwait, which has enjoyed relative harmony recently between its sunni and shia citizens. >> i think it targeted to make an [ inaudible ] between the shia and sunnis. particularly in a country like kuwait who has a good record. >> reporter: this emir of kuwait and head of the parliament made a visit to the bomb site quickly after the explosion. the cabinet also convened as security was beefed up nationwide. authorities fear more attacks could take place. a senior lecturer in security studies and middle east politics at the university in the u.k. i asked him if the attacked could be linked?
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>> we know that the islamic state has issued a declaration that it will escalate itself attacks during the month of ramadan. whether the attack in france and tunisia is connected we'll have to wait and see. in tunisia there are several other organizations that are operating in tunisia that could be behind the attack there. the french attack we'll still have to wait and see. we saw an attack earlier in friday where both al-qaeda and islamic state claims responsibility. in tunisia there was on earlier attack which was also more or less mixed responsibilities. so the situation in all three states are complex. the sectarian dimension is very
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clear in the kuwaiti case engulfing a very sectarian conflict in iraq and syria. >> focusing on the one in tunisia where we can see a direct attack on tourism there, which is about 15% of the entire gdp, obviously aiming for that and the destabilization of the country. >> it is a very negative impact. this is a country in transition a country trying to get itself together, a major percentage of its gross domestic product is based on tourism, and now you have two major attacks, one after the other, and also you had two governments that were not very successful in combatting the islamist militancy that was on the rise
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for the last two years there for various reasons. so it has a major problem, not that the government is not dealing with it but you will have these security gaps every now and then. there is a problem with tunisia for their so-called [ inaudible ] from syria. it has one of the largest volunteer battalians in syria, some of them are expected that they carry on extremist attacks when they come back. you have a security tenuous situation in libya, porous borders with algeria, and this will have repercussions on the tourist industry there. let's go to france now, because a man has been beheaded in what the french president is describing as a terrorist attack. a suspect already known to the intelligence services is being questioned by police. paul brennan reports now from
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leon. >> reporter: the intention of this man is still unclear, the effect of his act, though was horrifying. it now appears the attacker had accreditation to drive on to the site of the company. what happened next is unclear, but there was a large explosion and a man was decap a -- -- decapitated. >> translator: there is a lot of emotion, but this is not the only solution. we must have action dissituation, and the need to never give in to fear under any circumstances. in short to do the work that the french people expect from us, to be protected, and establish truth, and eradicate groups and individuals responsible for the attacks. >> reporter: the suspect was arrested from the seen. he comes from the leon region and had been on the watch list
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of intelligence services but his name has later been removed. >> translator: this person was noted for being radicalized. in time we'll have over information concerning him. to allow us to have more of a specific profile. >> reporter: the french interior minister visited the scene and said since the attack on charlie hebdo in january, the government has introduced new security laws. what happened here is going to put the effectiveness of the french intelligence services very much under a spotlight again. we know that he was on a watch list from 2006, but taken off of a watch list in 2008 and net you reports in the last couple of hours say he was the subject of intelligence memos in 2013 and 2014 because it appeared he was becoming radicalized again,
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the big question is why wasn't their response stepped up and this attack presented. it's unclear why air products was targeted. a a company spokesman said: two other suspects including his wife have now been arrested and are being questioned and french security services remain on high alert. well we can cross straight live now to leon and speak to paul. so paul i guess it's still early days but do the authorities have any idea as to whether saleh was acting as a so-called loan wolf or whether he was part of something bigger and a coordinated attack? >> reporter: it's early days i think early analysis of the method of his attack would suggest that he was alone wolf
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and certainly although there have been other arrests and raids and police searchers of addresses in the vicinity here they seem to be restricted to his immediate circle as opposed to a larger operation by what the french are describing as terrorists. so at the moment it appears to be contained. what we are expecting to hear in a matter of minutes actually from s from the french investigator who is going to give more details, we hope about saleh himself. >> and paul -- if i can stop you there, we can go straight live now to paris and here the french prosecutor giving an update on those attacks. let's listen in. >> translator: -- before 9:25 am. the footage of the camera
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enabled us to see that he accelerated towards a covered hangar. i want to specify at this stage, that at the site of the plant there are two hangars, one covered and one open hangar where there were several bottles of gas -- gas battles. at 9:27 an emergency call was made to the fire brigade, and at 9:41 the fire brigade arrived on-site. at 10:00, the fire brigade found the suspect in the open hangar whilst he was trying to open acetone bottles of gas. he was then stopped and detained. he refused to give his identity but nevertheless he was able to be identified by the employees of the factory who knew him as a
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delivery man who would regularly come at the wheel of a vehicle. i return to the profile of this individual. i wish to note the initial information, part of the hangar the rear of the vehicle, was destroyed, and the roof completely disisn't itntegrateddisintegrated. on the other hand the cabin was preserved from the explosion, there were some remains, so it shows that it was an important explosion. parts were discovered of a victim -- a head less victim close to the vehicle, was found a knife, that is being investigated, and not covered by cctv cameras was found the head of the victim enveloped in the
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[ inaudible ] the frags. with all of these materials, the presence of islamic flags, the an ter terrorist section of the paris prosecution, are the charges of attempted assassination with a terrorist organization charges by attacks with a terrorist organization criminals with the intention of committing terrorist acts. the investigation was under the paris prosecution of the paris judiciary under section of anti- -- the coordinating and -- and internal security
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forces numerous investigations are currently in progress and i'm restricted in the time available to preserve the investigation, but also taking into account the numerous, unanswered questions that need to be clarified, and i was going to say it's almost [ inaudible ] because the actual assessments started not at the beginning, but rather after 3:00 4:00. i remind you that my two colleague prosecutors arrived at 3:30 on-site the investigation has only started and it will have to answer a number of questions. first of all, with how the events took place, the -- the journey, the road taken, what happened inside the factory, and also the specific event of the decapitation, we need to determine the circumstances and
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whether the decapitation was postmortem or antimoretem. at this stage no element allows us to assert that he was accompanied by an accomplice who -- who -- there were witnesses, one particular person in the vehicle. and now i can tell you that four people have been detained still in progress. that of the suspect -- on -- accusation that his -- his wife and his sister and another -- another individual under charge of criminal terrorist acts.
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i wish to point out that the searches at the site there are still searches in progress. with regards to the victim the victim is 54 years of age. he was a company boss in the leon area. and the driver was -- since march 2015, 43 people were present at the site of the factory, 30 employees, no injured for the time being. i go back to the personality -- the person born 25th of march 1980 concerns an individual who has worked at this transport factory. married with a family for more than ten years, father of three
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children. no mention -- no police record and he was known to the intelligence services. we can say that he was indexed between 2006 and 8 for radicalism. since then he had continued to regularly attract between 2010, 2012, intelligence services because with the saleh face month. thank you for listening, and i will keep you informed of the investigation, and the three arrests. i have got nothing further to say. thank you very much. that was the french prosecutor giving more details about that attack a little earlier on. he said four people in total arrested and we also gave a few more details about the main suspect. question can cross to paul
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brennan who joins us live from leon. what else did he say? what stuck out for you? >> reporter: what stuck out for me was the actual circumstances of the attack and a bit more about the timings. we thought he rammed his way into this plant. in fact it appears he had regular access to the plant as a delivery driver. and he went in and attempted to open the asset -- asset ling tanks. the intention was to cause a huge ex-motion -- explosion at the sight. when they arrived they found the suspect trying to open the bottles with the apparent intention of blowing them sky high. that wasn't known before. and his victim that was decapitated, what we know now was that the severed head was
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wrapped in a flag which, according to the authorities is something akin to an isil flag and that is why they very quickly decided that this was a terrorist-motivated crime, and designated as such officially as a terrorist crime, so two details that stuck out for me. >> paul brennan thank you. european leaders have agreed to relocate 40,000 refugees from italy and greece to other e.u. countries within two years. they say it's an effort to share the burden of a growing migrant crisis. most migrants arrive on italy and greece's shores. lawrence lee reports from brussels where this deal was done. >> reporter: here they come again. 200 more rescued in the mediterranean. more people to be processed.
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more trouble for europe. but when as many european countries won't offer anybody shelter as those who will they were never going to agree on a bigger deal. >> translator: the fact we took hours to agree about the system to be set up obviously shows that europe is not living up to the values it promotes in each and every occasion when it speaks abroad. >> reporter: on europe's borders the fences are going up between hungary and serbia bulgaria and turkey. refugees are supposed to claim asylum in the first country they enter, even if they have no interest in staying there. this was last weekend in slovakia, where right-ringers paraded banners saying hang the refugees. even more moderate politicians say asylum seekers aren't their
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problem. >> i do not think that west is that much responsible for -- therefore. but i do believe that west should do something in its own interest, particularly when it comes do security. >> reporter: that issue of moral responsibility lies at the heart of all of this. should a country such as the u.k. which took part in the iraq war, take responsibility for taking on these syrian orphans, or europeans increasingly make no distinction between them and economic migrants. >> there are people fleeing conflict, rape torture, coming in desperate situations and there is indeed a moral imperative for europe to show compassion and match up to its obligations to offer access to asylum. >> reporter: 40,000 refugees spread out would only amount to 1,428 refugees per country, but
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three countries, u.k. ireland, and denmark have extempted themselves from this arrangement. in europe, the debate is being refrained to one that says better policing is needed of smuggling and trafficking routes. many people are inclined to see these people as a potential problem, a drain on resources or re -- religious or ethnic dilution. the u.s. supreme court has declared that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the country. before friday's historic ruling gay and lesbian couples were allowed to marry in 36 states as well as washington, d.c. barack obama says it is a victory for all of those who fought for change.
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>> sometimes there are days like this when that slow steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunder bolt. al jazeera's alan fisher joins us live from outside of the u.s. supreme court in washington, d.c. this was already allowed in 36 states, but obviously there are going to be people who aren't happy that this has been approved nationwide. >> reporter: there are many voices of disquiet. it was 5-4 vote. justice kennedy who is normally the switchboard, he backed the majority and delivered the verdict saying gay couples have rights the same as ordinary couples, and therefore the ban on same-sex marriage has to be lifted across the country. kimberly halkett has been to ohio to meet one couple.
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>> reporter: five years ago these two celebrated their 20th anniversary as a could .by getting married in vermont where same-sex marriage is legal. >> it was like we're married, but, there's a but, dot, dot, dot afterwards. >> reporter: that's because they knew their marriage wouldn't be recognized in their home in the state of ohio. that means no state spousal benefits a concern as they are getting older. two years ago the u.s. supreme court struck down part of the law that denies benefits to same-sex couples, but did not address the issue of same-sex marriage at the state level. so now legal challenges to state bans made their way to the supreme court. the argument that all people have the right to marry, regardless of gender the justices had two questions
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before them the first, whether the american constitution permits states to prohibit same-sex marriage, the second, whether states must recognize gay unions conducted in other parts of the country. politicians and religious leaders had been defending the bans in the name of state rights, and also the freedom of religion needs to be protected. >> we deeply love our neighbor, but at the same time deeply loving and caring for should not carry the burden of endorsement. >> i understand the religious argument, but that's their religious belief. and the question is should someone else's religious belief dictate my legal rights? >> reporter: they believe despite the supreme court