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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> yet the people decide, the greek prime minister announces a referendum on his nation's bailout here. hello, i'm darren jordan, you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also on the program. the once peaceful country is now a target. unitedunited in greece and kuwait. a an attack on a mosque.
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♪ amazing grace ♪ >> president obama's rousing eulogy in south carolina. the greek prime minister alexis tsipras has called for a referendum on whether his nation should accept a proposed debt bailout. the vote will be held on the 5th of july. he will ask for an extension of the bailout which ends on june 30. >> translator: tomorrow with the letter i will ask officially from the european leaders and institutions an extension of the program for a few days so that the greek people can decide free are pressure and blackmail as the constitution of our country dictates and in the democratic tradition of europe. >> barnaby phillips has this update from athens. >> alexis tsipras gave an extraordinary address to the nation at 1:00 in the morning
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local time. he said the terms were humiliating and a violation of european rules. it seemed little doubt from the tone of his remarks that he would be recommending a no vote when the greek people vote on sunday, july the 5th on whether to accept the creditors' terms. government ministers have also said that they will be recommending that the greek people vote no. what would the consequence of a no vote be? many unknowns that are difficulty to understand at this time but perhaps mr. tsipras thinks he could return to the european union and imf and say i have the greek people behind me you have to give us better terms or maybe he thinks if greece is expelled from theeurozone his position would be
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strengthened. don't forget, greece is set to pay back to the imf close to $2 billion, money the greek government says it does not have. mr. tsipras was extremely disparaging about the imf. seems to be breaking down completely now. also, we have to watch what happens to greek banks in the coming days. we know that nervous investors have taken billions of euro outs out during the last nine days. surviving on a drip-feed of money. now that mr. tsipras has taken this extraordinary gambit, many questions unanswered and extraordinary moment of drama from the greek crisis. >> be greece's decision to call a referendum is a smart move,
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says this expert. >> european authorities have not been bargaining in good faith from the beginning. that was clear you know ten days after syriza was elected. within a week and a half of the election on february 4th the european central bank started to restrict credit in a way that they didn't do to the previous government. and they had no reason to do that other than to undermine the government. and this fighting, they're fighting over pensions and things that really shouldn't concern the creditors at all. all they really should be concerned about is the budget balance. they are trying to undermine the budget of greece. they have a nuclear weapon which is to cut off credit altogether and force greece out of the euro. they can't use that, they have been trying to instead your honor mine the government directly by restricting credit
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to get rid of it so they get another government that will do what they tell them. that's their goal. i think that's why tsipras was smart to do this now he's got two-thirds approval rating. if this goes on indefinitely, given the european unions are biased against government, it's better to take the vote now while he has the support of the people. >> prime minister habib aziz, has ordered the closure of 80 mosques for insighting violence. 39 people died in a shooting spree near sues which is popular with european visitors. naz neenlnazanine moshiri reports from the resort near tunis.
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>> witness he say he took his time targeting people at point blank range first on the beach and then around the swmg swimming pool. some ran for their lives into the sea. others for the safety of their hotels. many of the injured were taken to the hospital, still wearing their swimming costumes. >> translator: when i come out on the landing there was a loud explosion so i said oh, this is really happening now. >> reporter: the victims are from a number of european countries. the resort in suess is one of tunisia's popular packed with large hotels. the minister of tourism has called this a catastrophe for economy. the attacker was shot by police, there are reports he was a young tunisian student. in march two tunisians killed 22 people mainly foreigners in a
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museum in the capital tunis. they were trained to fight in libya. tunisia's democracy has escaped the worst of the region's violence. its political system has been inclusive, there are are religious and secular together. thousands of young tunisians are fighting for armed groups abroad. >> between syria and libya many of them came back to tunis. a lot of tunisians are actually how to say are actually angry against the state and do not accept the tunisian state as a democratic secular state and also pledge to wage jihad against the tunisian state. >> reporter: the government has called for unity and calm.
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it's under pressure now to react. tunisia's government has already stepped up security before this attack. now it's talking about more police and soldiers on the ground. but there are thousands of tourist spots and hotels around the country many of them an easy target for someone intent on killing. nazanine moshiri al jazeera tunis. >> u.s. president barack obama has delivered a eulogy for a pastor who was killed along with eight others at a church in south carolina last week, he urged people to eliminate the symbols of racism including the confederate flag. patty culhane reports. >> amazing grace ♪ >> he's renowned for his speeches but on this occasion u.s. president barack obama used his voice to convey his
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feelings. have ♪ that♪ that saved a retch like me ♪ >> a plan he knew, the reverend clementa pinckney killed. the president wanted everyone to know just what was lost. >> he was in the pulpit by 13. pastor by 18. public servant by 23. >> reporter: but the president used this speech to do more than just eulogize his friend. he said the death that happened in this church was really a call to action. the shooting spurred a debate about the confederate flag hanging in the capital. it seems likely to be taken down. the president says that isn't enough. there needs to be racial parity in jobs and education. deja thompson said she can help.
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>> educate people more. i work with a lot of people that they may have certain attitudes towards certain races and i'm thinking that education is the key to actually make people more tolerancetolerant of other races. >> the president called for the end of income inequality. >> i believe we should have faith on exchanging. what are we here for? i don't believe in giving up on anything. >> the president called for gun control but the crowd seemed doubtful of that. >> not as long as you have the loibt andlobbyist and the opposing party it's not going to happen. >> the president said the conversation especially about race has to continue. >> there would be a betrayal of everything reverend pinckney stood for i believe.
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if we allowed ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence again again. >> reporter: as the president left there was not silence outside of the church. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: there was a harmony that for now tom here seems like a change. patty culhane, al jazeera charleston, south carolina. bombing in a shia mosque in the capital of kuwait city. from kuwait city, mohammed jemjun reports. >> a suicide attack at a shia mask during the muslim holy modify ramadan left dozens dead and hundreds wounded.
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>> pictures have been shown of the suicide coward that walked into the place of prayer today wearing the same robes that i'm wearing now it's very difficult to be able to stop that type of activity. we are investing or we will be investing in metal detectors and the like. but even that can be overcome with the use of different types of technologies. >> reporter: this is the third such attack of its kind within a relatively secure gulf arab nation in recent weeks. suicide bombers killed several in saudi arabia on consecutive fridays. now, kuwait. where sunni and shia have been able to coexist relatively
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harmoniously. the country's amir called for national unity. security officials here have been placed on heightened alert and numerous officials have vowed to do whatever is necessary to ensure kuwait and kuwaitis are protected. reassurances that were taken to heart. by day's end a remarkable delay of solidarity. shia and sunni side by side in are worship. mohammed jemjun, kuwait. >> european leaders come to agreement on the large number of migrants crossing the mediterranean sea. and the white house takes on an array of colors as gay marriage becomes legal. more on that, stay with us.
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>> welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. tunisia is to boost security after many armed attacks at doouristtourist resorts. greek prime minister alexis tsipras, calls for a a referendum. ♪ i once was lost ♪ >> u.s. president barack obama has delivered the eulogy for a
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pastor and eight others in south carolina. police have arrested a man following a decapitated body was found. causing an explosion near the city of l yirvetionyon. san franciscan raised its terror alert to the highest level after the attack. european union countries have agreed to relocate 40,000 migrants who have landed in italy and greece after landing fleeing their home countries. lawrence lee has the story. >> more people to be processed more trouble for europe.
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whereas some european countries will never offer anybody shelter, while others will, a bigger deal for looking after refugees. >> the fact we took hours to agree about the system to be set up obviously shows that europe is not living up to the values it promotes in each and every occasion when i.t. speaks abroad. >> reporter: on europe's borders the fences are going up, between egypt and syria. even if they have no interest in staying there that is pushing anti-migrant sentiment over the edge. this is last weekend in slovakia where right wingers paraded banners saying hang the refugees. even more moderate politicians in these countries say asylum seekers aren't their problem. >> i do not think that west is that much responsible for therefore, but i do believe that
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west should do something in its own interest, particularly when it comes to security. >> reporter: that issue of moral responsibility lies at the heart of all this. should a country such as the u.k. which took part in the iraq war feel a duty to take in these syrian orphans we found living in a ditch outside calais in france? or do europeans increasingly take no distinction between them and economic migrants? >> there are people fleeing conflict rape torture coming in desperate situations and there is indeed a moral imperative for europe to show compassion and to match up to its obligations offering access to asylum. >> 40,000 refugees pred all spread all 20 nation of the european union even three countries the u.k ireland and denmark have
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exempted themselves even from this arrangement. in europe now the debate about refugees is being reframed to one that says better policing is needed of smuggling and trafficking routes. many people in europe are now inclined to see these people as a potential problem poop drain on resources or religious or ethnic dilution of european values. that's about as far from the ideal of free movements europe believes for itself. lawrence lee laks. >> jazeeraamerica. >> i.s.i.l. group five months after it was forced out. zeina khodr reports from the turkish border. >> reporter: a desperate father, he managed to reach the
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southern syrian city of syruch. his daughter was injured in the syrian town of kobani. i.s.i.l. fighters attacked the mainly kurdish town early thursday. the survivors still in shock. he saw i.s.i.l. fighters randomly killing people in the street. >> we ran out seeing people on the ground shot and killed, bodies and blood everywhere, my father was shot. we kept moving from street to street to escape. >> reporter: others remain trapped. kobani's residents such as ahmed, don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead. snipers have taken position in high rise buildings and taken civilians as hostage and using them as human shields.
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from >> translator: my brother's family has to escape. >> border crossing has been officially closed for months and raimentsremains shut. turkish border guards say they are only allowing anyone to enter because of continued fighting. months of fighting with kurdish forces who were supported by u.s. led coalition air strikes. five months later i.s.i.l. came back. if i.s.i.l. fighters wanted to terrify the people of the town they succeeded. are. >> translator: they entered the city wearing the be uniform of kurdish fighters. >> reporter: kurds believe they will regain control of kobani. i.s.i.l.'s intention may not be
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to capture the town but send the message that it can't be defeeted. zeina khodr seruz. al jazeera. >> we have had a sad news. one of our cameramen has been killed. his younger brother was killed two months ago in a barrel bombing by the syrian government. one of two escaped convicts from a u.s. prison was killed. he was found and shot after refusing a police order to surrender. both escaped three weeks ago the other man is still on the run. >> we have no reason to believe that mr. sweat was not with mr. matt at the time. put but we don't have any confirming evidence that he was either. there are several leads that are being tracked down as we speak.
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to about mr. sweat and his possible whereabouts but we don't have anything to confirm where mr. sweat is at this time. >> reporter: the white house has been transformed into a rainbow to mark the legalization of gay marriage across the entire country. the u.s. supreme court declared the same sex incumbents have the right to marry in any irs state. before the historic ruling gay and lesbian couples were only allowed to marry in 36 states along with washington d.c. allen fisher has the story. >> reporter: the decision on a 5-4 majority that bans on same sex marriage were illegal and had to go. >> i'm really glad that everyone can love who they want to love. >> a world where rights for all people all nationalities gender
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identities and sexual orientation. >> reporter: 14 states mainly in the south and midwest will mainly be brought in line with the rest of the country. the four justices who oppose the lifting of the ban were all conservative. scathing in the ruling. john roberts ruling, celebrate the commitment to a partner celebrate the ability of the new benefits but do not celebrate the constitution, it had nothing to do with it. spoke after tweeting his delight with the verdict with the hashtag, love wins. >> this ruling will strengthen, offering to all same sex couples the dignity to marry across the land. >> 1967 it ruled that interracial where plairnlg was marriage was
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not illegal. outside the court,. >> our community needs not just marriage but also employment protection and we also need housing protections and a whole host of protections that we are combating today. >> motion americans support same sex marriage now the court has made it clear: the law does too. >> we will marry free. >> allen fisher al jazeera at the u.s. supreme court in washington. ♪ we will marry free today ♪ >> well that ruling on gay marriage followed another major victory for president obama. on thursday, the u.s. supreme court upheld tax subsidies that are crucial to enforcing a law that gives affordable health insurance to poor americans. it was the second time in three years that the court has ruled against major challenges to the policy. in pakistan people in karachi have staged a protest
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outside the country's electricity country. slow response to a heat wave that have killed more than 1,000 people. many be public public agencies are struggling as people keep streaming in. south china sea china insists it's doing nothing wrong. marga ortigues reports. >> broadcasting from beijing this radio station is 50 years old but it's facing challenging times. >> aims to bridge cultural divide among chinese and filipino people. and to enhance their friendship and much mutually mutual understanding.
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>> the with divide between china and philippines has never seem wider. china is disputedly building islands, in areas claimed by the others such as the philippines pfn it's been years since the philippines brought the matter to arbitration before an international tribunal. insisting it has indisputable rights over the water. as far as china is concerned the only way to work through the issue, is, curriculum at the beijing foreign studies university, a school known for creating diplomats. it aims to develop an entire course in fill penal studies. >> translator: to mask the language of the other country
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you can understand the culture. you can communicate with locals better. it would be easy to solve the problem if you could speak their local language. >> reporter: when he's not at work at china radio he teaches his native filipino martial arts to students in beijing. doing his bit he says for bi bilateral cooperation. >> this is not so pleasant right? focusing on more beautiful things of human life. if we only focus on the things that we enjoy more or the things we could agree more then we can resolve the political differences. >> reporter: it's an optimistic perspective not shared by many. beyond these walls political relations continue to fray, attempts at diplomatic communication flounder as mistrust continues to grow and out in the ocean china is still
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building ieltsbuilding islands eemgly seemingly unconcerned what its neighbors have to say. >> a quick requirement keep up to date at amazing grace. ♪♪ ♪♪ how sweet the sound ♪♪ >> as the president honors victims of a mass shooting, we look at a legacy of slavery. >> you'd never know these are the fingerprints of the slave. brick. >> als


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