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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 27, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> hedgehello there i'm barbara serra. coming up, no more money. europe's finance minister refuse to extend greece's bail out. [ gunfire ] kurdish fighters say they have retain a key syrian town from isil. >> still optimistic iran's
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foreign minister meet minute u.s. counterpart just days ahead of a nuclear deadline nuclear foreign tourists flee as this man kill several people at several beach resort. >> ahead the current championship leader fight it out at the checkered flag. we have reaction coming up. >> time is running out for greece after eurozone finance minister has announced there will be no extension of the country's bail out. they met in brussels of what was intended to rescue greece from defaults on default big debt
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payment on tuesday. but tuesday surprise announcement over a referendum next week appears to have derailed the process. we have correspondents in key locations. let's go straight to andrew in brussels we've seen many developments over the past few hours. what are we hearing now from the group of finance ministers? >> well, the euro group is engaged in a second meeting. we may hear from them shortly. this is to discuss plan b how to manage the euro if there is to be an exit of greece, if that were to take place and what can be done with greece with this situation that has now developed to its fullest extent with no further bailouts, no more money.
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it was clear from the outset that there had been a surprise announcement by greece that there would be a referendum. clear that the finance ministers were not going to have it. they were not going to deal with greece any more because they have unilaterally walked out. now what happened then what a series of discussions were held, but nothing no direction is positive. that's how the leader of the euro group made the announcement. >> the discussion was not finished as far as we were concerned. the proposals were not definitive. now the greece government has
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put them in an unfair way to put it to the greek people in a referendum with a negative advice. given that situation i they we must conclude that the program will expire on tuesday night. >> now the agree finance menster has been sent here to make these demands. he wanted a one-month extension of the bail out period, and he wanted the return of 1.9 billion euros so it could pay international monetary funds off on tuesday, which is what it's all about. of course, what will happen now with it being no continuation of the bail out period is that when tuesday comes then the there
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will be the money to pay off the imf. it simply isn't there. will there be a default right away? what will be the technical procedures? it is not clear yet because the european banks are feeing. andgreece says that europe is to blame for what has happened. >> the accuseer of the to endorse our request for an extension of this agreement for a few days, a couple of weeks so as to allow the greek people to deliver their verdict on the proposal especially given that
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there is a very high probability that greeks will go against the recommendation and vote in favor of the proposal. that refusal would certainly damage the credibility of the euro group as a democratic union of partner member states and i'm very much afraid that that damage would be permanent. >> so now they're moving into the unknown. there has never been anything like this to happen in the eurozone. 19 members. could it go down to 18. france was not like other finance ministers supporting this decision. it says that greece does not necessarily have to leave the euro despite an attention default being on the cards. now there is concern, of course, about a run on the banks about possible credit controls being introduced. introduce chaotic situation happening when the markets open again on monday.
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the markets have hoped for a last-minute deal. there never was one. and nothing like this has happened in the european finance sector before. >> andrew, we're waiting to hear from a possible euro group to speak in a couple of hours. john, it was always a gamble to announce this potential referendum five days after the deadline. it has not really worked in their favor. now they're saying no the deadline stands tuesday evening. what sort of political reaction have we seen towards both the announcement of brussels, but also the government that took greece to this point? >> well, in fairness to the greek side they did spend the entire week hashing out different positions with their
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creditors. they could not have scheduled a referendum in a quicker time frame than this. one week is considered already to be pushing the institutions that are going to be involved in organizing this referendum. the government here has already begun finessing public opinion leaking to the media that earlier this evening in a telephone call with german chancellor angela merkel and french president françois hollande mr. tsipras struck a defiant tone saying that it would go ahead as plan. he said don't worry, greeks will still have oxygen to breathe next week. and in further leaks made to national media here to which not everyone was privy apparently he was even more decisive and
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aggressive even in histone saying to mrs. merkel this is the birthplace of democracy, and we will not be told what sort of question to put to the greek people. all of this, of course, is going to be important in how it effects and shapes public opinion in the days to come. i think the government here having heard what the opposition had to stay is preparing for a war of words not only from its domestic opponents but also from creditors overseas who seem to have washed their hands of greece in the euro group and to prepare for greek's exit from the eurozone. it's worth noting that the conservative opposition is gathering signatures in order to launch a motion of no confidence in the referendum, perhaps by triggering a fall of the government here in athens, which is what would happen if a
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no-confidence motion were to pass. but it seems unlikely that they'll gather the votes to achieve that even if they manage to get the motion to take--to be carried. >> john with the latest there in athens. john, thank you. joining us now via skype in greece sir, thank you for joining us on al jazeera. in light of everything that you heard, all of the developments we've seen in the past few hours do you think we have now reached the point of no return, the point of which greece will have to exit the eurozone? >> well, it has been a very long negotiation dragging over months, and i think we're very close to the end point but it is still not clear what will happen. the europeans have aborted an
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attempted referendum in the past help to go overthrow the democratically elected government before. so we'll see if the referendum was announced. it was never carried through. we hear now reports that some of the mps are trying to repeat the same scenario. so it's not clear what will happen. it's not clear if either side will pass. but it's fair to say that most of the movement in the past few months has come from the greece government. they have made a lot of concessions in what they have proposed. it seems at this point the europeans are not interested in making a deal and what the top priorities are a political one to basically unseat the government that seems to not
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think with the eurozone. >> we've seen over the past months and years a lot of anger towards the eurozone and the euro group. but now that they're so close to potentially exiting the euro zone people must be quite frightened. we've seen queues at banks. no one knows how the markets are going to react on monday. do you see a shift in the way that the greek people are feeling, even though they may be angry in many of the things they consider unfair, but now when push comes to shove they really don't want to exit the euro? >> i mean, they certainly fear, and i think they're conflicted in their feelings. there is opposition to austerity, and there is also sort of a desire to stay within the eurozone. and of course, it has to be said that the europeans and domestic
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are trying to exploit this anxiety, and this is one of the ways that they have put a lot of pressure on the greek government. we're all familiar with traditional coups that rely on the military. but this is where we could be seeing something that through intense financial pressures that force the elected government to violate promises made to the greek people just months ago. >> they did elect them on this mandate of playing hard with the eurozone but now perhaps you think that they look at the greece a different way or they respect them? >> well, recent posts have shown that syriza is the most popular
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party. i don't think that syriza has suffered as a result of what has been going on. people recognize that syriza are trying very hard to make a deal. they realize they've made a lot of concessions and i think a lot of people would be willing to accept these concessions and to accept on very difficult measures. so i don't think you know, as far as the domestic political scene is at this point i think for the prime minister and syriza are the dominant force. >> for the moment costas, professor of socio-ologist thank you forcost of sociology
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thank you for joining us. now let's go to yemen where there have been strikes on a fuel refinery. artillery reportedly hit a military operation center two days ago. kurdish forces in syria say they have pushed isil fighters from kobane for the second time this year. but activists say they're continuing south in the town on the board with turkey. nearly 180 people have been killed since isil bombed the town two days ago. >> kobane yet again was an urban battleground. five months after isil was forced out the group sent its fighters back in. the hospital was one of the buildings where fighters took up positions after they tricked their way into the town in a surprise attack early on
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thursday. the ypg force fought back for two days before restoring peace and stability and it came at a price. around 200 people were killed, the majority of them civilians randomly shot in the streets. kobane is in mourning. it is also in shock. isil did not just kill civilians, it took many of them hostage. >> they entered my house. we were so scared. they took me with my family and they placed us in another house. of we were. we were 32 hostages in hotel. >> many believe that isil's intention was not to capture kobane. the result was more of sending a
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message. in recent weeks isil spokesman said we may lose the battle but we cannot be defeated. isil is now taking the fight to the ypg stronghold. it is trying to capture a city for the majority province. the kurds and isil are at war on many fronts in syria. for now the kurds can claim victory in kobane but only after isil breached the town the kurds symbol of resistence. >> stay with al jazeera. still lots more to come. including the manhunt continues for a convicted murderer who escaped the max security prison in new york state. plus the sound and fury of a country in rage. we're in honduras where thousands are marching, calling for the president to resign.
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>> and penalties are needed in the copa america finals between argentina and colombia. we'll tell you who went through to the semis later in sport. >> just three days to go before time runs out. to reach a deal on iran's nuclear program. now top officials including u.s. secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign minister are meeting in vienna for what could be their final negotiations before tuesday's deadline. there are still major obstacles to come. let's look at some of them. they want a tough inspection regime. they want strict limits on the number of centerfuges that could be used to enrich uranium and they want removal of iran's existing stock pile of nuclear fuel. iran said it wants to produce
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nuclear energy for electric and medical purposes. >> back around the negotiating table for who is supposed to be the final round of talks. >> i think everybody would like to see an agreement but we have to work through some difficult issues. >> wewe are determined to do everything we can in order to be able to make this important decision. >> but earlier he used tougher language when he spoke with report they need to implement and aside by its commitment particularly on the removal of sanctions. all of the sanctions sanctions need to be removed immediately.
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>> detailed technical negotiations are also under way with knowledge secretary representing the u.s. >> are you confident you might be able to get a deal? no answer. but he like all the delegates know that there is a great deal of work before the deadline now just days away. there are still significant parts of the deal that have not been agreed. i'm told there are also negotiating on the over all direction and some of the precise language of the u.n. security council resolution, which would deal with the issue of sanctions. one expert said that the idea is to have the language of the resolution locked in so that there is no way negotiations could be reopened when it goes to new york. >> it can be presented to diplomats in new york. but as by document that all have approved. then you move to the motions without having to jump through hoops that are unnecessary.
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>> french foreign minister has now arrived. and his counter waters his russia, u.k. and china are thought to be arriving soon. all needed for this final part of the process. >> more than 200 people have been injured in a blast that a taiwan water park. the explosion of an unknown power caused the fire which spread into a crowd of people in new taipei city. 83 people have been left with serious injuries. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. >> dismissing reports that a group linked to isil is behind the attack on a beach report. the tunisian prime minister said that the gunman has never traveled abroad, and was not previously known to police. they have closed 80 mosques forue citfor inciting power.
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39 people were killed including the gunman outside of the beach hotels. we have more on who might be behind the attack. >> the claim of responsibility appeared on social media under the name of the islamic state in iraq and the levant. saying that the gunman was someone who was acting on behalf of isis. but then different reports and security forces also saying that they doubt that. they don't have strong evidence to suggest that this is someone who is affiliateed with isil. they're following up with different leads knowing that one of the suspects arrested yesterday, but if you look at the armed groups. they have an up operate
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particularly the last four years. this group has been accused of killing opposition leaders in tunisia, targeting security forces and killing members of the army, particularly in the mountainous area. they tried to establish the gunmen. this building they can see behind me was he acting as an lone wolf or was he acting for al-qaeda. >> well, 15 of those killed were british nationals with the u.k. saying that number could well rise. simon mcgregor wood has more. >> the attack in tunisia is now the most significant involving british people since the attacks in london in july 2005. and the numbers keep rising. >> sadly i can confirm that at
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least 15 british nationals were killed in yesterday's atrocity. but i should stress that the number may well rise. several more have been seriously injured in this horrific attack. >> the targeted hotel was filled with british tourists. on saturday morning some of the 20,000 british tourists still in ins still shah began to leave. holiday cops sent extra flights to evacuate them and extra staff to help the injured and bereaved on the ground. >> the police were firing shots as well. it was a complete-- [ sobbing ] >> we could see that when the bullets were hitting the stand. >> the front pages of the british newspapers were dominated by the story and prime minister david cameron
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chaired a special meeting with his cobra security cabinet to discuss the attack and how best to respond to it. security has been raised in a number of events on saturday. >> these savage tourist attacks yesterday are a brutal and tragic reminder of the threat we face around the world from these evil terrorists. this morning i chaired a second cobra meeting focusing on the attack in tunisia. i would insure that we do all we can to help those affected and protect people from this terrorist threat. >> the british foreign office has been inundated by worried relatives trying to find those who may have been caught up in the attack, but there has been a lot of criticism about how the foreign officers has responded so far. tunisia has become an popular and affordable destination for the british and a crucial
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opponent of the travel industry. thethe attack has done damage, but it's not clear how long it will last. >> we'll go to the u.s. now where an african-american woman was arrested after climbing a flagpole at the capitol and removing the confederate flag. there have been calls for the confederate flag to be removed from public places after the massacre at a south carolina church. >> new york state police are continuing to search for a man who escaped from a maximum security prison three weeks ago. convicted murderer richard matt was shot and killed by police on friday. but david sweat is still on the run. the search area has narrowed, and is centered around the
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northwest area of the prison where the prisoners escaped from. kristen saloomey live for us from new york. give us the latest on this search. >> well, the police said on friday barbara that they think they're closing in on 35-year-old david sweat. but so far he has continued to elude them. he is surrounded, they believe in this rural area you mentioned in up state new york, which is too far which is the maximum security prison from which they escape. the police were called to this area after a motorist reported that shots had been fired at a camping trailer that he was told that there was a bullet hole found in the trailer. authorities swarmed the area and found a hunting cabin nearby and evidence that the men had been there recently. it was not far that this cabin that they encountered richard
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matt. they heard him coughing in the woods. they ordered him to come out and put his hands out. question not do so, that's when he was shot and killed. they have reason to believe that his accomplice is in the area surrounded by police. there is a state forest up there just very rural, a lot of hunting cabins, and they think that he's in very rugged terrain terrain, the area is surrounded, roads blocked off and people in the area are nervous because this man is a convicted killer. someone who was serving a life sentence for killing a sheriff's deputy. they worry he may act out of desperation, so a lot of sentencing in this area of new york. >> and also in part to the dramatic way in dramatic they managed to escape from prison. what do authorities think about the fact that these two did manage to escape from prison?
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>> well, it's been quite a scandal. it's something straight out of straight hollywood movie. some how these two men got their hands on power tools and were able to cut their way through a tale wall of their cell. they had side by side stone walls, they cut through the pipes. they got to a centimeter cement wall before cement walling through a manhole cover in a rural street. two prison guards have been charge in connection to the escape. clearly it was very embarrassing for the authorities and a big concern for the people in the area. it has been the subject of a lot of attention here in new york and around the country. >> kristen saloomey. thank you. well stay with al jazeera.
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loots more to come. burundi's election will continue as many say they're too afraid to fight against it. and we have details coming up in sport.
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>> challenge the way you look at the world. >> talking about big subjects. >> telling human stories. >> rising waters taking their toll... we go to the threatened
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marshall islands... to talk to the peole affected most >> is there a plan? >> a reminder of the stop stories on al jazeera. eurozone finance ministers have refused to extend greece's bail out program. the move is in response to the greeks prime minister's decision to call a referendum on the country's bail out deal. fighting in yemen has escalated with the houthi strike on a major oil refinery in the oil potter city of aden. witnesses reported seeing a shell hit a fuel tank which then igniteed.
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>> so the greek parliament has spent the day discussing whether or not to accept the government's request on the referendum of the bail out deal. at the moment it appears that the vote will go ahead despite the decision not to extend the terms of the loan. >> an extraordinary day in the greek parliament. they say there should be a referendum on whether to accept on what it says is the european and imf bail out plan. if they reject this plan, greece will be in a stronger position to carry out to agreement out its agreement with creditors. >> we want democracy and dignity.
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>> buffon cushion. europe finance ministers say that was never an agreed final plan. so what are greeks voting on? many in the opposition argue that syriza is pushing greece to default and expulsion the eurozone. >> they're ling the country with negative consequences. >> we found supported for the prime minister. >> the weekend is always busy here as athens stocks up for the time ahead. >> let's leave europe now. we've had it with all these agreements.
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>> how am i going to answer this question when no one is explaining it welcome what happened if we go back to the drachma and what happens if we stay with the euro. >> i think it's a mistake. if you owe so much money you cannot afford to be so arrogant so unusual queues are building up at the cash machine. some greeks are getting nervous it's not yet panic but a significant number of greeks are taking no chances with their own money. the government is trying to sound reassuring, but the re the more greeks take fright the more trouble the banks will be in. barnaby phillips, al jazeera, athens. >> let's go back to one of our
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top stories now the attack in tunisia with many foreigners racing to go back home. there is concern that the country's tourism industry will suffer greatly. tourism represents 15% of tunisia as gdp. last year there was 6.1 million visitors to the country the industry already has been facing challenges. figures have fallen by 25% this year. sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. i think the last statistic that i read, that's the number of tourists had fallen by 25% since april. it's quite obvious because it comes right after the museum attack, of course. do you think after this most recent attack that actually the tourism industry in tunisia is salvageable for the foreseeable
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future? >> i think the tourism industry has been dealt a serious blow particularly on the heels of yesterday's event. there are some steps that the tunisian government must take immediately. one, it has to show visibly that it has taken this very seriously. this is very important and it has to be done immediately. secondly the result to losses like this is to let employees go and to lay people off. this is something that the government has to do all it can to ensure that this does not happen. tunisia has enough of a problem with unemployment, so it's really important that it not let this happen, not create more
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hungry mouths that might turn to some terrible alternatives to address the situation. and then the situation was once towards them, in the social economic situation is addressed immediately, then tunisia can embark on a marketing campaign to help the world see tunisia is like 99% of the year, which is it's a safe place and very enjoyable place. >> we're going to have to leave it now thank you so much for joining us. and we're going to go straight to brussels where the president of the euro group is holding a news conference, let's listen in. >> the strengths and the preservation that have strength called the monetary union coming up out of financial crisis a lot of measures have been taken. the framework has been put in place.
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institutions have been built which have sustained our cooperation, deepened our cooperation, strengthened our union and be in a much stronger position than before the crisis. i would like to stress the point that we will make full use of the instruments available to preserve the availability of the euro area and compliment any actions that the ecb will take, of course, full independence in line with this mandate. we will take any necessary measures to further improve the resilient of our economies an ongoing process as far as i'm concerned. i must stress that the financial abringment with greece without immediate prospect of a follow
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up arrangement will require measures by the greek authorities the institutions stand ready to provide technical assistance there to safeguard the stability of the greek financial system. the arrow group that consists of 19 members. i stress that the euro group will work closely with greece and will stand ready to reconvene to take actions when and where needed with the prospect of greece and europe as a whole. this goes for the commission as well as other institutions, stand ready to assist and support greece and the greek people if and when required following the expiration of the financial arrangement with greece. that's all i have to say. the institution will provide any technical information that they
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may want on possible measures, risks or outcomes. it's not up to me to communicate on more technical specific level, but i just want to communicate our determination. so i'll take a couple of questions. >> what is the possibility of using the time available until tuesday to improve the current proposal. you said that if it is improved that the government would combine for a yes vote. are you going to play that game? >> i have always said and will say that the door is open. it's not the institutions who walked away from the last talks last night. it was the representatives of the greek government that walked away from those talks.
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it was not us who said that the talks have come to an end in a negative way. it was the greek government who said what is on the table now deserves a no. that's all i can say. the process has not ended. it will never end. we'll continue to work with greece. many things could happen. many scenarios are conceivable. the only thing i know referring back to the euro group meeting earlier, we would follow the path that they set out last night the program will expire. that's all i can say. and all other options in terms of process or what may happen to coming days are open. but this very clear stance from the greek government must also lead to a clear answer an our
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side. unfortunately, we couldn't avoid taking such a clear stance today. >> did you discuss about possible risk to member states? are you worried? and what kind of solution or measures do you think to adapt about it. thank you. >> we didn't talk about it specifically. it was in very general terms and we're and a much better shape than years ago. counties have gone through similar reform program and are in much better shape and stability than in years ago. again in general terms we have made many more instruments than we had in the past.
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they will be prepared to take action if need: it is not at all sure that we have to be more specific in the coming days or weeks. the gentlemen right here in the red shirt. you said that the group is ready to reconvene at any time. are you expecting any movement. >> first of all they left the meeting before it was ended. and this meeting was asked for by a number of ministers to discuss any consequences from the political position taken from the greek government last night. the second question was is there another date for the euro group?
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we'll follow it day-to-day and convenes when necessary. >> have you called for a new meeting? >> i have not called for a knew meeting yet but we will monitor it each and every day and if necessary we'll reconvene. >> we're living toreconvene. >> we are listening to the president of the euro group. he said that the euro group is ready to reconvene at any moment and the constitution stands ready to assist the greek people following the expiration of the deadline. let's go to andrew simmons live in brussels. he has been following all of the developments.
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>> they're not going to budge on that deadline. >> this was a firm message again and what was also quite clear there was a reassurance that this may not be the end for greece but as it was described it's going to be a process that may not have an end. clearly making the point that the euro group still amounted to 19 members not 18. greece has not left the euro, well certainly not yet even though there is a strong likelihood that this could lead to its exit. how that could take place is an interesting debate. it's claimed by greece that they have to say that they want to leave. they can't be excluded under the rules of the opinion. so a lot of debate to come. a lot of unknown territory is ahead, and potential chaos. the european central bank is
2:48 pm
going to be making a statement in due course. it has not had a meeting yet. it says it will do, they're monitoring the situation. and these ela, the emergency liquidity assistance moves. these are loans given to the greek banks. it is highly likely that there be need of these because of the big run takennic place. and is expected to go into next week. these elas, they're no longer able to put them out simply because of the greek government will be insolvent. if that's the case then the crisis really does start to go into meltdown. no one is quite sure of the circumstances, but this second news conference was to reassure people even though greece is not going to get its bail out fund any more, it's come to an end it is still part of the family.
2:49 pm
the two don't really fit but i'm really trying to calm any sense of panic that might be developing here in what is considered unthinkable of what happened to greece five years ago. but the concern is what will creditors will do and if credit controls will be introduced in greece as early as this weekend. >> it will be an interesting few days coming up. andrew simmons. thank you. we have still much more coming ahead on the al jazeera news hour including sports. find out which teams are headed to the super rugby final.
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>> monday. the fastest internet in the country. >> it's the next generation internet. >> but why isn't it in your town? >> our internet's half the speed of dial-up. >> could big cable be controlling your access to the web? >> it's not even gonna play. >> your right to access knowledge is being limited. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropical
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wind storm. >> can affect and surprise us. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> "techknow", where technology meets humanity. monday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> time for sport now. here's robin. >> the women's world cup takes center stage after the last spots will be decided. canada is expected to have well over 50,000 fans cheering for them at bc place stadium. japan and australia. >> we won the last world cup and now we're defending the title. but we aren't over loaded with pressure. we feel that we're here to compete for new championship. our team has come here as a whole, and everyone counts so we really don't feel under pressure at all.
2:52 pm
>> already through are the 1-0 win over china. it took them until the second half to seal the cricket. carly lloyd with the winner. >> the players have stepped out today magnificent. over all a fantastic team. clean sheet today. it was great. it was top to bottom we put china on their heels and we got the job done. >> they look to be holding against france. a should out would eventually be needed to decide the results. >> i think that our team has proven their character because we had to flick a switch in the second half, and they managed to do that extremely well.
2:53 pm
and to stay strong the penalty shoot out then we had our goalkeeper who didn't save a penalty. >> the men's game argentina up through the last four in the copa america after they beat colombia on penalties. they just could not get past the keeper so they went to penalties. carlos tevez brought in the 5-4 victory. >> when you dominate it, and you don't have a chance to score knowing that in the end you might have to go home it's hard to play in this kind of game. >> the italian yamaha rider would win the dutch grand prix. the final bend as you see now
2:54 pm
rossi now leads the championship now at ten points. >> is. >> to super rugby now and the new zealand hurricanes they were put in control at the break. they would score and finishing 29-9. they'll face the highlanders. the high lapped ders scored five times in the match. it will be their first appearance in the tournament's
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19-year history. 14 hours away, the players lower down the rankings taking any opportunity to fine tune their games. the world ace top players have been testing out the famous wimbledon surface. djokovic putting the disappointment behind him. and looking to cement as one of the sport's greatest players. she has played in four straight major titles and looking for a calendar year grand slam.
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>> it doesn't make it feel any different. which is a good thing. i don't feel any pressure to win all four and i've been saying that, but i don't feel that pressure. maybe if i were to happen win here maybe i might start feeling it after that. but i mean ultimately, you know, i'm just taking it one day at a time and not thinking that far thinking that tennis let's get you caught up on the latest cricket. confirming that he'll retire from his country's home test with india in august. for now the second test in pakistan. the visitors have been the source of much frustration for those sri lankan bowlers.
2:57 pm
this attempt to chip away at the home side. with the lead of 177 runs. >> this is a commitment that i made with the previous selection commit because i had originally planned to retire after the world cup from all international cricket. but following discussions with the previous election committee i gave my word that i would be available for these two series. >> it has been a very busy day in sport. but that is where we'll leave it for now. >> thank you very much. it's been a busy day in news as well. you can find loots more on the website or just keep on watching. julie mcdonald will have more news for you in just a few minutes. we'll have more news for you
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tomorrow. bye bye.
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>> this is a sad day for you? >> the greek finance minister remains hopeful even as euro zone officials refuse to give athens an extension to its bail out. hello, i'm julie mcdonald. this is al jazeera. tunisia's government dismisses claims that the gunman behind tunisia's attack has links to the islamic state. kurdish forces push isil fighters from the key


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