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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  June 28, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> wow! some of these are amazing. is >> a yes vote, the greek parliament votes in favor of the country's bailout deal. >> hello there i'm shiulie ghosh. you're watching al jazeera live from dhea. >> running for their lives. fire rips through a water park in taiwan injuring more than 500 people. remembering the zed hundreds gather at a tunisian seaside
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resort. and unuganda could pull in more to pull in tourists. the greek parliament has decided to back prime minister alexis tsipras'alexis tsipras' came for a are referendum vote. firmly rejected the request to extend the bailout program beyond june the 30th. greece needs to make a $1.6 billion payment to the international monetary fund on tuesday or risk default. that brings greece closer to a possible euro exit. as he relies on emergency cash injections. there is a real fear that greece may run outer of cash.
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despite the fears of many that this may mean an exit from the euro. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. it was a long and acrimonious debate shiulie. it lasted 15 hours here in athens. mr. tsipras told parliament that the greek government had been offered insulting terms. the vote will happen july 5th although i say that even five or six days away seems a long time. opposition parties accused mr. tsipras keeping his own cities divided. leading greece towards a potential exit from the euro zone and economic disaster. but the opposition, the centrist
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and center-right parties did not have the numbers. syriza on the far left allied with its nationalist partners in the country and incredibly golden door on the far right all voted in favor of holding this referendum. >> and barnaby how worried are they to have this happen and what's going to happen with the greeks and their money. >> well, i sense that greek society is increasingly polarized and increasingly anxious. greeks will be waking dawp and reading estimates how much money was withdrawn from banks not just banks cash machines, yesterday. most banks were closed yesterday. one estimate was that 1 billion
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euros were withdrawn yesterday. looking for european central bank whether it decides to extend emergency liquidity to the greeks. will banks be able to open tomorrow? greek people are rest ling wrestling with a contradictory mandate which they gave the syriza government back in january. they told syriza government to keep greece in the euro and indeed in the eu at all costs but they also demanded an end to austerity on all terms. and that's why we are where we are today. >> it remains to be seen if they can have both of those things at
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the same time. thank you very much indeed, barnaby phillips. flames erupted over a stage causing party goers to run for their lives in taiwan. erica phillips reports. >> theatrical powder that was being thrown from the stage accidentally ignited. some thought it was special effects and part unfortunate display. >> whoa whoa whoa! >> reporter: amateur footage shows that within section seconds crowd members were engulfed had a massive fire ball. they ran to get away but more than 500 suffered from berns especially to their lowerburnsespecially
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to their lower legs. >> we saw many that were seriously burned. it was just like hell. >> reporter: some are in a critical condition. one 18-year-old is said to have burns to 90% of his body. >> everyone was screaming and burning, there was blood everywhere. >> others made their own way to the closest hospitals. >> as we have to keep changing dressings for burned viments vims we havevictims, wehave called in all dorks from doctors from their dorms. >> reporter: police are questioning the cause of this event. erica wood, al jazeera. >> forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. earlier the houthis attacked an oil refinery in the sunny city
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of aden. victoria gatenby reports. >> houthis fired shells on the refine write a fuel tank then ignited. the refinery hasn't been receiving any oil through port but it has 1.2 million tons of crude in storage as well as gas tanks. >> translator: what happened today is a heinous crime committed by criminal militias who are trying to seize the city of aden and target its oil refinery which is considered the only source of income for city. >> reporter: aden has been the source of sustained fighting. artillery reportedly hit a military munitions centers two days ago. its location is important because it's near gulf of aden and offers easy access to the red sea. became a base of operations for
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yemen's president in exile, abd rabbu mansour hadi, when he was forced out of office this year. they have been battling houthi rebels and forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. houthis still control large parts of yemen and they are well armed. fest. >> translator: i >> translator: i ask ourbrothers to help us. right now we live in very difficult circumstances and people are wondering how long the fighting is going to last. when with will it stop? >> the humanitarian situation is only worsening with the lack of fuel as well as essentials like food and water. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> denouncing friday's attack on a popular resort in sousse.
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a government worker killed 38 people, before he was shot by police. voiced concern over a security crack down over the government which is closing down scores of mosques accused of insighting violence. inciting violence. >> the teuns of social tunisia of socially equality. >> many tourists have already left the resort town but the owner of the hotel says he is determined to keep the hotel open. hashem ahelbarra has the story. >> his family own the imperial hotel where 38 tourists were killed in an attack. he shows me where the gunman came from and started randomly firing at the guests.
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but mohammed says he is determined to keep the hotel running to honor the memory of those who were killed. >> today you see there is maybe 50 50 tour iforts who areists who are at the hotel. i would say even if we have zero tourists in the next week or even two days, we are not closing the hotel. >> fatima treats the hotel guests as if they are members of her family. >> as the bodies of the victims were lying on the ground i was desperately rushing from place to place to see if they were alive. we never treat the tourists as guests, we're a member of one family. >> the impact of the bloodiest
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attacks on tourists is felt everywhere. he has a horse cart. it was a good business when sousse was bubbling with tourists. but now he only makes a few denars to share with his children. >> i spend hours without a single tourist showing up. bad times. >> reporter: bad times indeed for tunisia's tourism. the only way to protect tourism is to have the government beef up security across the country. it's a tough moment for a 61 which has been trying to restore its image as a peaceful tourist friendly destination and to boost its economy. all that is under threat after tourists were shot as they lay on the beach. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera
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sousse. >> an act of defiance becomes a statement as an activist takes down the confederate flag in south carolina. investigative series... chaising bai
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> welcome back, i'm shiulie ghosh. let's remind you of the top stories now. greek legislators now back prime
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minister alexis tsipras's call for a referendum. water park in taiwan, flames erupted as colored powder was thrown into the crowd setting hundreds on fire. in aden 14 people have been killed. a few hours later a saudi soldier was killed. kuwait says the man who carried out a suicide attack at a mosque was a.quaidi national. mohammed jamjun reports from kuwait city. >> a funeral procession unlike any before it in kuwait.
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demonstrating defiance and sorrow in equal measure. mournmourners prayed through their pain. >> our whole lives in kuwait have been united. one hand one heart. this is unthinkable. >> says it's far too much to take. >> why? why? for what scene did they die? for what scene were they killed. for what scene did this happen to them? >> reporter: if the attack targeting a shia mosque was meant to sow religious strive it had the opposite effect. a very clear show of sectarianism. much more than about one sect or another. >> we are all one here. there is no sunni no shia, we
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are all one ands this about all of us. >> one by one the bodies went by as men and women tried to process something they never could have imagined happening. >> the prevailing sentiment at the graveyard here today shock and grief. a society so accustomed to feeling secure now contending with a horrible new reality. above all else the bereaved wanted to honor the memories of the dead. >> translator: my tears haven't stopped flowing from yesterday until today i haven't stopped crying. >> reporter: their grief this woman tells me, will last for a long while. but their resilience, she assures me, will remain forever. mohammed jamjun, al jazeera kuwait. i.s.i.l. fight verse stormed kurdish held positions in
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kobani. now going door to door searching for any i.s.i.l. forces left in hiding. activists say around 200 people were killed after i.s.i.l. attacked kobani on thursday. zeina khodr reports from the turkey syria border. >> reporter: kobani again is an urban battle ground. five months after i.s.i.l. was forced out it sent its forces back in. a surprise attack early on thursday. syrian kurds of the ypg force fought two days before managing to restore peace and stability. it came at a price 200 randomly shot in the streets. kobani is in mourning. it is also in shock. i.s.i.l. didn't just kill
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civilians. it took many of them hostage. >> translator: they entered my house. we were so scared, especially my own children. they took me with my family and they placed us in another house. we were 32 hostages in total. >> reporter: the attack is a blow to syria's kurds who have been boasting about their recent military gains. many believe i.s.i.l.'s intention was not to capture kobani. the attack was more about sending a message. in recent days, i.s.i.l. lost strategic territory to the kurds. we may lose battles but we cannot be defeated he said. i.s.i.l. is now trying to capture hafake, a city in the northeast. the kurds and i.s.i.l. are at war on many fronts in syria.
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now, the kurds can claim victory but only after i.s.i.l. has managed to breach a town the symbol of resistance. zeina khodr, al jazeera. negotiators are in vienna for critical stage of the iran nuclear talks. while ensuring it doesn't develop nuclear weapons if tehran fails to meet its part of the deal. it's been 11 days since a gunman shot and killed nine church members. a demonstrate who briefly pulled down the flag at the state capital is being hailed a hero.
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tom ackerman has more. >> reporter: bree newsome a 30-year-old activist climbed up the 9 meter flag pole early on saturday. she removed the piece of cloth that's become symbolic of a much wider national debate. she and her supporters say they were taking down the confederate state battle flag. police put the flag back up and arrested newsome on $3,000 bond but within hours a crowd funding campaign had raised more than $60,000 for her. while some civil rights demonstrators praised her act pfn newsome said actionnewsome said
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the time to act was now. >> nonviolence. we have to do the right thing or else it won't stop. every day the flag is up there it's an endorsement of hate. >> reporter: in nearby alabama whose governor had ordered the flag taken down from the grounds of his capital several hundred white flag supporters turned out. ♪ ♪ >> they sang the anthem of the confederacy. those who object to the flag say it's more than a symbol. >> for many in this country it still represents oppression. not from the oppressed side but from the side of people who choose to oppress. >> in this community of prayer and love has sent a desperately
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needed message to the world and that is, you respond to hate with love. the world needs that message and it's coming right from you and from this community. >> the state's governor pledged to join the movement for its removal. tom ackerman, al jazeera. a proposed like in electricity prices. tens of thousands have been out in the streets for more than a week after the government approved the raise in prices of 22%. plea titian has the latest. >> it's more than the rate hikes
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many thehikes. thethe armenian lack of accountability transportcy when the public services regulatory commission unanimously approved the commission. >> in karachi the temperatures lowered to mid 30s after soaring to highs of 45° celsius. investigateinvestigation of a
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collapse of a garment factory in bangladesh has been finally completed. rana plaza building came crashing down. the court's about to decide whether it will put the government officials on trial. >> reporter: still not getting better. she was working inside the rana plaza building when it collapsed. her arms were crushed you under piles of debris. two years later she still has to make regular hospital visits. >> translator: the rest of the world might be ready to forget what happened, but you can't forget when you are in pain every day. >> reporter: the rana plaza tragedy has been sling from people's consciousness here. to those responsible for the
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disaster and their lack of punishment so far. >> translator: the garment owners new better, yet the government workers forced the workers to enter the building the day it collapsed. the rules flouted resulted in so many dying. it's taken more than 2 years just to complete the investigation. criminal negligence trials involving powerful businessmen can take years in bangladesh. for instance, trial looking into the deaths of 300 children who were given fake medicines 23 years ago has only started. >> we are talking about historic crime of immense proportion.
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we have had to interview thousands of witnesses. this takes time. so from our point of view this is not an abnormal delay. >> reporter: that doesn't go down well for frustrated survivors. >> it doesn't look like the government wants to punish these people at all. i want those responsible to be handing. i want them to understand what my suffering is. >> while the police investigation has been completed survivors now fear a trial could take many decades. it is a tough prospect for survivors, who believes their government owes it to them to do better. player s satisfactionthar, al jazeera. >> bodies of lions were found in the ghia forest in the western state of gugerat.
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now uganda's wildlife tourism industry is best known for its las. guerillas. gorillas. >> reporter: conservationists estimate there are only 150 left in the country as a result of hunting trafficking or loss of habitat. uganda is home to 11% of the world's birds and thousands of tourists flock here each year, to see the fishing eagle or africa jicana. >> has about 50% of the total
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bird specious found on the african continent. you can never see this richness anymore. we've got more per square meter than any other part of the world. >> the bird watching industry generates $6 million per year for uganda. but it could increase. tourists say they have no idea where to go to see the birds. >> animals, there's good marketing good tourism for birds, uganda needs to do better because that's such beautiful birds, the world needs to know an way to go. >> things have started to change. tour operators have provided a mobile app to provide more information on the birds they might see on safari.
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fest after years of political turmoil, its astonishing wildlife is make a draw for tourists. >> keep up with all the news at


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