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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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markets round the world are hit hard as greece falls deeper into crisis. the banks and stock exchange remain shut sending shock waves around europe. ♪ hello i'm julie in doha and welcome to the program and coming up, questions over burundi election and the african union said it won't be free nor fair. >> waiting for the government to act and international bodies to act. >> reporter: activistst call for help as israel stops attempt
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to breach the naval blockade on gaza and dali-lama wows the crowds at one of the largest music festivals. ♪ share prices around the world tumbled in reaction to a growing crisis in greece where the banks and and stock markets shut down a week and wiped off the value of companies and germany's main stock exchange opened 4% down and bank customers in greece where greece closed the doors on monday they are desperate to stop a run on the banks and concern has been growing since the government announced referendum on bail out deal that want cutbacks in return to cash and in the past few minutes the president has been speaking about the crisis in greece and
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defending the eu and says the eu doesn't deserve criticism for not being able to reach a solution and says greece has an attitude not worthy of the great greek nation and the nation is not being given the true picture and we will speak to john in athens and john many greeks worried about the facts that banks have closed, the stock exchange has closed and they have restrictions on the amount of money they can actually withdraw from atms. >> that is right, the withdrawal is 60 euros per kurd per day and of course as you said those banks will be closed for a week so you can't make physical withdraws going inside to the teller. there will be normal web banking and phone banking in the country but not internationally and credit cards will operate as normal. we don't know what the restrictions are set at for companies and is the key because
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consumers can probably get by a week for the basis they have been withdrewing in weeks in anticipation of a bank crisis like this one and knew there would be a confrontation with creditors and don't know if businesses will be able to transact and remain open and trade normally that is something the bank of greece still has to clarify there is obviously a different set of rules for enterprises than there is for individuals but the worst case scenario is with banks closed for a week there may be no international transactions on the corporate level for that period of time either julie. >> that will affect the greek economy and they are saying eu doesn't deserve the criticism that has been directed its way and that seems to be a reference to the greek government saying the reforms that the eu wants are completely untenable. >> well the greek government
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put forward a proposal on monday by was mulled over for a couple of days and what creditors including the eu came close to the greek good evening positions and there are of course important conditions and the greeks do not want 23% rate on restaurants and hotels because that hits the tourism industry and half of the economy here and the greeks did not stay to thrash it out further and stayed on for another day but on saturday they left as the euro group president said while talks were still in process taking everybody by surprise so i think what he is implying here is that the greeks are trying to disguise the fact they got something fairly close to what
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they themselves had proposed maybe not 100% but didn't have the guts after that to bring it back home and put it to the greek people with their signature on it even though many people fell this was a document the greek government could have defended in parliament and i think what he and other creditors are now guarding against is being painted as the people who made the agreement end possible. i think the war of words between greece and its creditors is probably going to ramp up during this week's referendum. >> thank you for that john updating us from athens there. now egypt's public prosecutor has been injured in an attack and a bomb targeted his car behind a military academy in the capitol cairo and he and three others taken to the hospital and was appointed to the general in 2013 and froze the assets of 15
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prominent religious activists and arrest of a muslim brotherhood leader. egyptian court says it will reveal the verdict against three al jazeera journalists at the end of july and they are accused of heing the now banned muslim brotherhood. peter greste is being tried in abstentia even though he was released and deported in february after days behind bars and al jazeera rejects the charges. israeli military has intercepted and stopped a boat from trying to break gaza's naval blockade and activists on board the vessel released a video on social media saying they are not safe and filmed on the vessel before i was it was intercepted and they are back on the island to tikrit and 20 people were on board the marianne and didn't use force to stop the breach and they released the video calling for international help. >> if you see this video it
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means that the israelis have broke international law again and means they took us as prisoners acting like pirates. it means again they have prevented us to reach gaza and reach palestine and means that we are now sitting there and waiting for you to act and we are waiting on our government to act, we are waiting the international bodies to act. israel's prime minister praised his navy for detaining activists on the flotilla. >> protest at the state of israel, the only real democratic state in the middle east to fight against terrorist and deliberately fired citizens and deliberately hide behind civilians and this flotilla has democracy. >> began in 2007 after hamas won
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elections the previous year and means israel controls land sea and air around the tore territory and borders are controlled by israel and egypt and u.n. says the living conditions of nearly 2 million palestinians in the gaza strip have been adversely effected by the blockade and israel prevents goods including construction materials in the strip making it difficult for palestinians to rebuild their home after the gaza war. there have been at been attempts to break it and in 2010 six vessels taken over by israel army and nine turkish acing visits were killed in the raid. going to the port and we have this update. >> reporter: it's here at the israeli port of ashdod where those on board the ship that was
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intercepted by the israeli navy in international waters will be brought. they will then be deported out of the country and barred from entering again for at least ten years. now the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has accused the activists on board this bow and indeed parts of this flotilla which tried to break israel's blockade of gaza as hypocrite saying that all they are doing is supporting hamas whatever the case israel is extremely sensitive about these flotillas and blockade of gaza and remember five years ago when it intercepted a boat which nine activists were killed and israel was harshly criticized for that but one thing that has remained is the blockade is still in place. five soldiers have been killed in a chad security raid on an illegal weapons store
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thought to be use by boko haram fighters and five fighters died in the operation of the capitol and it's the latest chad operation since a serious of suicide bombs struck the capitol earlier this month and thought boko haram from neighboring nigeria is to blame. they voted in the parliamentary elections saying it's a good day or the country. the vote is held with condemnation from the international community and security crack down. the u.n. says it is concerned about the poll going ahead and the african union pulled observers out on sunday and say the election is not free or fair. opposition parties are also boycotting the vote. burundi has been in turmoil since april when the party elected the current president for a third term in office and violent demonstrations erupted saying a third term was against the constitution and rounds 70 people have been killed and more than 120,000 have sought safety
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in neighboring countries but the constitutional court ruled in favor of the president and a failed coup attempt in may led the president going to belgium. a grenade was thrown near one station hours after polls were opened and several others attacked overnight and we have this from the capitol. >> reporter: some parts of the capitol city and, in fact the grenade attack early on monday and brought to various voting centers and they are physically searched to make sure they are not carrying grenades et cetera and people who support the president want to come and vote but are scared saying opposition leelders could attack them because they voted and they say they are being victimized and the president has just voted in
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gazi in the areas he is popular over there and spoke to al jazeera and said this is a great day for burundi and means people are exercising democratic rights and a different vibe in the countryside and opposition stronghold and also very different, a lot of people are scared and a lot of tension in the city and are boycotting the vote and say they cannot be part of a system that is unfair and they have violence and intimidation and saying the government has not allowed them to campaign for elections and don't want the president to run for a third term come the presidential election on the 15th of july and are staying away and what people are asking is if you don't participate that means you don't have representation in the parliament, what is the way forward and what does it solve and wondering what the next step of opposition is going to be. next on al jazeera a possible new front in syria's war as kurdish forces refuse the ethnic cleansing plus.
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efforts by australian university to increase the pitiful numbers of students the aim may be good but are the right indigenous students being reached? ♪
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♪ welcome back, good to have you with us, i'm julie and remind of the headlines, in the last few minutes the president of the european commission defended the bailout package offered to greece and he says it's a demanding package but a fair one, share prices around europe tumbled as markets opened in
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reaction to the growing crisis in greece. burundi president zizi says it's a good day for country as people vote in parliamentary elections but they are not monitoring the vote saying it's not free or fair and boycotting the poll. and immediate public prosecutor injured in the attack in cairo, a bomb targeted his car behind the military academy and three others have been taken to the hospital. the syrian army says it captured territory from i.s.i.l. as fighting rages in the northeast and i.s.i.l. launched to get government-held areas on thursday and they pushed them back south of the city and kurdish forces say they are making gains in the east and 60,000 people fled the fighting so far. growing tensions between kurds and ethnic arabs threatening to create yes another war inside syria's border and the main
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military force the ypg accused of ethnic cleansing in the northeast corner of the country and dana reports from the turkish/syria border. >> ypg reacted to accusations saying they are baseless and saying arabs are welcome to return and accusing the syrian national coalition of trying to complicate the situation and trying to create strife between ethnic arabs and kurds. according to the ypg the snc is trying to make this war a war between arabs and kurds instead of kurds versus islamic state of iraq and levante and has dangerous implications and could be another layer of conflict in syria's war. across border towns arabs from the area are choosing to live in these conditions rather than
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return. this unfinished building is home for 12 families and scared to show identities and came when syrian forces went against them in early june and i.s.i.l. has been forced out of here and surrounding towns but these people are afraid of the new authority on the ground. >> translator: i don't trust the kurds, we are afraid of them and heard reports that the kurds are arresting arabs and burning their homes and they will kill us because we are sunni arabs and want to create their own state. >> reporter: they share this and intimated by the ypg the main kurdish fighting force in northeast syria and many don't want to speak on camera but tell you they looted arab homes to prevent them from returning and ypg listed many of them as i.s.i.l. collaborators. more than 20,000 people fled
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during the fighting, only 2000 have returned since they captured the town earlier this month. the coalition and main in exile is accusing ypg of what it calls against arabs and he is hoping that will happen and has documented evidence that shows ypg violations against arabs that date back to 2014. he says the kurdish force has depopulated and raze edd villages and want to prevent to an international organization. >> translator: the kurds look at arab as i.s.i.l. supporters and excuse to kill us and they are allies and supported by the
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u.s. population. >> reporter: concerns growing by the kurds and ypg has denied the accusation of forcing arabs from their homes as part of a plan to create a state. but perceptions are just as dangerous. the ethnic tensions could lead to yet another conflict in syria's war. turkey has also accused kurds of what it calls ethnic cleansing and are concerned of the growing strength of ypg along the border with syria as of late they control 400 kilometers of territory along that border and turkey considered this organization linked to pkk and considers it a terrorist organization so the kurds making gains against i.s.i.l. now being seen as a kurdish plan to create its own state and carve out its own state in syria. syrian rebel groups have also expressed concern about the latest military gains but according to the ypg they
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believe that these accusations are not true and have no plans to partition syria and to them they want atonomous syria. the 23-year-old gunman on attack on foreign tourists had accomplices and there is a nationwide manhunt for them and the father and roommates have been detained and being questioned. the tunisia government will arm its tourism police and move additional reenforcements to boost security and interior ministers from brittish and most were killed and are british nationals and can't understand how he could have turned into a killer. >> translator: i would never have guessed that he would commit such an atrocity. we did not notice anything. we did not feel he would do such a thing. >> reporter: he was normal when he came here and worked in a cafe and returned home and went
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to pray and sat with the guys in the cafe. britain's prime minister says islamic state in iraq and levante are plotting terrible attacks in uk and the terror alert is set at severe which is the second highest and david cameron said i.s.i.l. poses a threat to the uk and other countries and promised a full spectrum response to the attack in tunisia. israel says it plans to release a prisoner on the verge of death and agreed to end his 55 day hunger streak and due to get out on july 12 and he was in detention to detain palestinians without charge or trial. at least 11 soldiers killed and four others wounded after they ambushed a convoy and on pickup trucks when they were in the
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herod and they step up attacks with reduced support and they formally ended their mission in december. chinese president ping has met with delegates from member countries of the newly formed asia structure called aiib and 50 countries signed agreement in beijing to join the chinese developed bank and it's seen as a rival to the western dominated world bank and the asian development bank and japan and u.s. are not represented but china has left the door open for them to join. >> translator: i believe this is a step of historic significance toward the establishment of the bank and we are happy to see what we have achieved so far. >> reporter: the u.s. territory of portuerto rico has troubles and major reforms need to be made to cut the $73 billion debt. the island is facing crunch time this week because several bond payments are due and could face
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default and puerto rico's governor is expected to give a televised address later on monday. the second of two murderers who escaped from a u.s. high-security prison is now back in custody after being shot by police near the canadian border and david sweat was transported to a hospital for treatment. he was cornered in the same area as the other prisoner who escaped at the same time and rich hard mat richard matt was shot and killed and friday and they escaped from new york state on the 6th of june. australia the number of indigenous students going into higher education is particularly low, the scheme of the university of sidney sames to tackle that. andrew thomas has this report. >> reporter: sidney university is one of australian is press
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tee prestigous and makeup 3% of the population of the university students. >> we talked to communities and surprised me that so many people still think universities are the place you go to learn how to be less abroginal so we have got a challenge. >> reporter: sidney is trying to tackle that challenge. the entry requirements for indigenous students are lower for non-indigenous ones and are given lighter loads and are invited for a week-long taste of university life. >> it would be wonderful and the facilities are phenomenal and the teachers are wonderful, even the students are so friendly especially in the network they have here of students and nonindigenous as well. >> reporter: in australia being indigenous is not a measure of
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skin color, what wants is all these people have some personal abroginal identity and dissent, however slight that others in the community recognize too. she has an aboraginal mother but father is scottish and an eight-hour drive from sidney she is a star pupil and her heritage makes that rare and 15% go to university, the proportion of indigenous students who do is much lower still. >> one student every three to four or five years are indigenous and we have fantastic kids at this school, i can't speak highly enough of them but when we say going to uni, no. >> reporter: schools like griffith can access special funds for indigenous students and australia wide university have positive discrimination programs and sidney university says unequal treatment of
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applicants is fair when their starting points are unequal but it's reaching the people most in need and there are plenty with more indigenous heritage than those represented here. and sidney initiatives are working. the number of applications from indigenous students is going up but there are still many indigenous students who are not being reached by these efforts and still a big gap to close, al jazeera, andrew thomas, sidney. investigation underway after an unmanned rocket on its way to the international space station exploded shortly after take off from florida and the third cargo mission to fail in eight months and launched by nasa partner space x had materials and it blew up due to pressure in the oxygen tank. england is known for controversial choice of act and this year has been no exception
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and dali-lama was invited to take the stage. >> reporter: it was a visit guaranteed to provoke the wealth of chinese government and one the dali-lama was to make and only to keep the tibet on the world stage and also to promote peace. in rare comments on the escalating violence in syria and iraq he calls for love tolerance and forgiveness. >> if we see a token of a oneness of humanity, there is no business to kill and i love my own life. >> reporter: in the lead up to his visit there was strong criticism by the chinese government and accuses the dali-lama of trying to split china. >> translator: our position on tibet is consistent and clear
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tibet is inseparable part of china and resolutions any country, organization body or individual giving any platform for the affording dali-lama to engage in anti-chinese activities. >> reporter: diverse artists and performers inspired by a culture movement in the 1970s and huge business with headline acts like kanye west and it's a festival of people and not politicians and should be more conscious of one another. >> must look at education as i mentioned from kindergarten to university level and education and want one heartedness or a sense of care. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ the crowd responded with a rendition of happy birthday in the advance of dali-lama turning
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80 and he once described himself as an monk but he is a beacon of peace and hope, victoria with al jazeera. and you can keep up to date with all the day's news and sport on our website, all the news all the time on al greeks pull out all the cash they can as banks close doors. up neck the debt crisis and possible default that could bring down the greek economy. the three-week manhunt comes to an end after police find the second fugitive just miles from the prison where he escaped. several states push back against legalizing same-sex marriage. some clerks today can refuse giving out the licenses.