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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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ech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america ♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha with the world's top news story and this is what is coming up in the next 60 minutes scathing words ahead of the european commission says he feels betrayed by greece over the failure of the debt talks and meanwhile stock markets around the world are hit hard as greece falls deeper in crisis. voter underway in burundi for parliamentary elections but the
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african union says they won't be free nor fair. >> the government for the international act. >> reporter: activists call for help as israel stops attempt to reach the naval blockades on gaza. ♪ well the eu's top executive says he feels be troytrayed by a referendum in groups and playing one against the other in europe was not worthy of the great greek nation and the president criticized what he called the egotism by government during the talks and talk about the bail out by greece saying it's demanding but fair. >> european countries went to very difficult talks, portugal
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spain, cyprus to name only these few countries. all governments took very difficult decisions. nobody is out to give the impression about the cuts in the package. there are no pension cuts in this package. no pension cuts in this package. in fact, it's a package which gives families more growth and more modern and transparent poverty administration. it would be advisable to the greek government to tell the truth to the greek people the test of simplifying its on message to no message to next sunday. >> markets reacted to the
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turmoil in greece when they opened earlier on monday and share prices around the world have been hit hard from europe to asia billions wiped off the value of companies and germany stock exchange opened 4% down and bank customers faced with a week of closed doors and a daily limit of 60 euros and cash withdrawals is limited to try to stop the run on the banks and talks with international lenders with the terms of the rescue package broke down when it called a referendum on that deal and we will have more with john from athens in a minute but crossing to dominick cane who is at the bank in frankfurt and clearly frustrated by the greek government and quite critical of cyprus. >> yes, quite critical indeed and feeling slightly betrayed as you referred to there and as we heard from him just there and hearing soon from the german
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chancellor angela merkel and has been briefing parliamentary parties in her camp and the chancellor in berlin and she will speak about it afterwards and we understand that certain media were reporting in the newspapers today that perhaps the finance minister may have said to his euro financial minister counterparts he couldn't conceive of presenting any kind of deal to the bailout, further bailout for greece that has been reported in the media. that is why this meeting with parliamentary party leaders is so important because, yes, the greek people will get a vote this weekend coming on the proposals put forward at the moment but then there is the suggestion other parliaments may need to endorse any new long lasting, far reaching deals and whether angela merkel has the parliamentary support to get a majority in favor of such measures, more german money and
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more german guarantees to the greek central bank is a very open question and that is why the feeling in germany about the uncertainty that has been created when you look and see the german newspapers for example they spoke about game over between cyprus and others saying the german government considers them to be bankrupt already and is considering humanitarian assistance and that gives you a flavor of the voices being raised about the potential grexus as it has been called and falling out of the euro zone and this is what we can expect mrs. merkel to talk about when she finishes the meeting in the coming minutes. >> we will speak to you later on and thank you for the update from frankfort and dominique is joining us from athens and speaking of the grexus and what are they feeling and if it exists is inevitable and what effect is the currency control
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having on individuals and businesses over in greece? >> i don't think greeks currently see an exit or an exodus as inevitable. i think they do feel the referendum on sunday still matters even though greece will have blown past the deadline of june 30 tomorrow which will formally end its financial assistance program and it's oversight program and the international monetary fund program continues until march so it's therefore not entirely out of the grasp of creditors both in the good and bad sense and it might ask for more money and enter an austerity program that will be overseen by them. the troubling part is we are three days in the referendum announcement and it is monday and the government has not published the document they presented with on thursday the document of which it walked away from saturday while negotiations
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were still in process. and this is an inexplicable act because greeks will be called on to decide whether they want to accept this specific package of austerity measures or not. the european creditors have pointed out it comes close to what the greek government proposed on monday and we are beginning to wonder whether that is perhaps why the government hasn't become clearer about the details of that agreement, whether perhaps it felt that it had over stretched itself and over extended itself and gone beyond what its own party would have tolerated and receiving in parliament as a largely greek inspired proposal and therefore distance itself from the document failing to make it document. >> john, thank you for that update from athens. we are just getting breaking news out of cairo and egypt a prosecutor has been killed in an attack, earlier in the day a
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bomb had targeted his car behind a military academy in the capitol cairo. three others were taken to the hospital but he was appointed as the prosecutor general in 2013 the same year he ordered the freezing of assets of 15 prominent religious activists and the arrest of a muslim brotherhood leader. burundi president pierre nkurunziza voted saying it is a good day for the country but the vote is held in condemnation from the international community as well as a security crack down and the u.s. says it's concerned the poll is going ahead and the african union pulled observers on sunday and says it's not free nor is it fair and boycotting the votes and in turmoil since april when they hired the president for a third term in
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office for pierre saying it was unconstitutional but the constitutional court ruled in favor of the president and a failed coup attempt in may led to the vice president to flee to belgium. crossing live to harry who is joining us from the capitol and a lot of issues at stake with this election and just tell us what is going on today with the parliamentary vote, how the voting is going. >> in the rural part of the country, in the city and the capitol the turnout is quite low. the opposition is boycotted and i'm joined by an opposition leader and his party is boycotting the polls and thank you for joining us and you called the president pierre suburb not to postpone the election and what did you mean
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by that? >> from pierre inside and outside of the country to sit together so we could create conducive environment and he didn't accept the deal and preferred to do the things the way he likes, he and his editorial commission which is it self also is not responding to the role because some of that commission re signedsigned just because they failed that it was not an environment in which they could really prepare a democracy election. and while looking for replacement of these two ladies they could attempt to say that it was voted by all the mps
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participating in the meeting. and they will looking for the commissioners and was already dead so it is just tricks after tricks which are happening in this country and i don't think that is the way a country should be run. >> so you are not participating but what is the plan then for the opposition? >> for the opposition as well as for many burundi people and since there is already some much lateral partners who spread themselves and saying they are not going to recognize the results of these current election, after all burundi tried it some time ago and he will be forced to embrace it. we will have to go by the dialog and find out the way forward. all of us.
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he and the opposition and international partners. >> thank you very much. the president did make an appearance in his hometown, a lot of reporters were there and arrived riding a bicycle to the polling center and got off with his wife and children and voted and got back on his bicycle and his body guards were running after him trying to protect it and he is determined to go ahead with polls and says the presidential polls will go ahead on the 15th of july despite what others say. >> thank you for that update. it's been a year since the islamic state of iraq and levante announced the establishment of the so called counter fate the group's leader released an audio recording last year announcing the creation of what he was call agree islamic state. thousands of foreign fighters traveled to syria as well as iraq to fight for i.s.i.l. since 2014 the armed group has rapidly expanded its territory
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and assets in syria and iraq with defacto capitol in syria. the u.n. says the group may have committed genocide and crimes against humanity against ethnic and religious minorities. the london-based observatory for human rights documented 3,000 executions by i.s.i.l. in syria since last year including those of 74 children. meanwhile britain's prime minister says the i.s.i.l. are applauding what he calls quote terrible attacks in the uk. the country's terror alert is set at severe which is the second highest status. in an article he wrote for a british newspaper he said they were a threat to the uk as well as other countries and cameron promised a response to the attack in tunisia which at least 18 british nationals were killed. and david cameron said teaming up with syria's president assad to fight i.s.i.l. would be the
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wrong approaches and differs from the talks with moscow between the sergei fedorov and counterparts and sergei fedorov says there is no justification for delaying political dialog especially among the growing power of i.s.i.l. and the al-qaeda linked al-nusra front. >> translator: today when the terror threat is implement and spreading beyond the borders of middle east there should be no more. >> reporter: captured territory from i.s.i.l. and fighting in the north and i.s.i.l. launched offensive to capture government-held areas on thursday and troops pushed them back in the south of the city and they are making gains in the east. the u.n. says more than 60,000 people have fled the fighting so far. now growing tensions between current and ethnic arabs are threatening to create another war inside syria's borders and
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the main kurdish force the cpg is being accused of ethnic cleansing in the northeast corner of the country. dana reports from the turkish/syria border. >> reporter: the ypg has reacted to accusations saying that they are baseless. in fact, it has been saying arabs are welcome to return and it is accusing the syrian national coalition of trying to complicate the situation and trying to create strife between ethnic arabs and kurds and according to ypg they are trying to make this war a war between arabs and kurds instead of kurds versus the islamic state of iraq and levante and these accusations have dangerous implications. there could be yet another layer of conflict in syria's war. across turkish border towns many syrians arabs from the area are choosing to live in these conditions rather than return.
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this unfinished building his home to 12 families. >> apologies and we break to go live to berlin where the german chancellor angela merkel is speaking on the greek crisis let's listen in. >> translator: it works like this that europe can tackle such a stage better now than before and the finance minister or they are ready to do everything necessary to protect euro. and what was the completion tomorrow will be expiring tomorrow in the evening and it arises not for the program. i made it clear that if the
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government on the referendum for example would ask for further negotiation, we will want to influence the negotiation and i want to stress the legitimate right of the great government to set referendum. there is no doubt about it, i will have to respect this but it's also alleging the right of the 18 member states to have a start for such a decision for greece and the euro did it and they have decided that the program not to extend but to let expire expire. what it's about, in essence it's the euro will fail and it means
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we have principles on which the currency unit is built. we have principles. the fact that we have joints that shows the trust in the eu have decided to have the joint currency. second europe can only with such principles act with principles with this acute situation concerning a euro is their own responsibility of solidarity of two sets with the same metal and further europe can only function when it's possible to make compromises. it means in finding compromises in the situation. no one can have 100%
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compromises. it was generous to present a different program as the second program was and the greek was fully aware of the euro by the greek or the principal for expansion, such generous offer was our contribution to the compromise. and there was no will to compromise on the greek government. no. it has showed this interruption in anything negotiation and it's important there were no changes from the start and the efforts at solidarity they are part of the same thing if they are -- if then the euro will fail with this principal and
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want to stress one more time what they have for the presentation and commission, we are ready to help as it's necessary to say on wednesday to be in parliament with leaders of the party with minister of economy, minister of finance and ministers will have a word of course and will inform the heads of partners if we need to stick to each other. after the roman agreements the europe was in never such a deep in the quest.
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and the strong nationalist movements, greek and we are on the test and being tested by german government with partners in europe and will do everything so we stand and endure this test. solidarity and awareness of the responsibility concerning greece greece's situation which arose. many people tried to prevent this situation but in the last day the representatives of the european commission is to be imf or the euro group have provided such a real publishing that went further in its negotiation of opportunity. and what has been provided before and this is the background of the group in the
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social situation and it was coined in the new or way out of social consideration. it's not about the second program. it was the offer, what comes after this so that we can get out and always associated with the conditions with what greece has already accepted. and this offer was associated to terms terms. and both sides they know and want to reform so this could be repaid. it was the central aspect of the crisis. with all these terms, there was
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already a compromise for the primary surplus for the tackling of the humanitarian crisis concerning also to cut down military access this is different accept this condition. >> so that is the live scene and this is the vice chancellor of the social democratic party in germany and for him we were listening to the german chancellor angela merkel and making a statement on the greek crisis and saying that greece has received a generous offer and she also said if the greek government seeks more talks after the referendum that they will be holding in a couple of
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days' time then germany will not say no and crossing to dominick cane in frankfurt you were listening to merkel as well as the vice president and you are looking at him live on the screens and let's talk about merkel, what was the take away message from her statement? >> well she is effectively saying the things she has been saying for sometime about greece. you recall a week or so ago she said greece has to implement the promises that it makes in months gone by and singled out the countries around the euro zone which they will have to take their medicine and bailouts in act reforms and bring back to equilibrium and there is help from the german side but only if they honor the promises they have made already and as you see the person who was next to her i could not see the feet but it's
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gabrielle and the vice president and head of the democratic party and it was against the two parties in the grand coalition, the former opponents but of course with the show of unity it's worth pointing out if there is a show of unity with a final bailout and agreement with greece and the euro zone they say the german parliament will have to endorse that and we know there are reports in the media that the finance minister said apparently to other euro zone ministers he could not see a way of getting such a proposal through and although we have the chancellor and vice chancellor together at the news conference talking about the greek situation and preparing to present a united front and if the united front is composed is another factor entirely.
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>> for the time dominique thank you for reporting to us from frankfort. you are with the al jazeera news hour and coming up the challenges facing architects who want to restore their polls damaged by the earthquake in april. dalai lama visits one of the biggest music festival and what he had to say. and justin makes a bold statement in front of the world championship and details coming up, in sport. ♪ but first a swedish vote carrying activists and blockade of the gaza strip has been intercepted with the navy in international waters and toes to the port and al jazeera spoke to activists on board including the former tunisia president. >> reporter: activists hope this troller named the marianne
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will go in gaza and hoping to donate it to the fisherman's union and gaza fishing industry like the rest of its economy has been hit hard by the eight year long israeli blockade. instead the israeli navy seized it in international waters and redirected it to the port at ashdod. this activist and sailer owns the marianne and explains what happened in a similar protest in 2012. >> they tried to make you afraid of course but we can stay there 40 days and another 40 days. >> reporter: israeli government promised to take all measures necessary to intercept boats participating in what organizers called the freedom flotilla three. prime minister benjamin netanyahu calls it a publicity
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stunt and provocation. >> i'm glad to say it has less propaganda because people around the world begin to understand the lie it holds. >> reporter: in 2010 ten turkish activists were killed when israeli commanders were on the first freedom flotilla protest and israelis maintained the blockade is to prevent hamas from smuggling weapons and attacking israeli citizens. >> i also sent a message to israel authority themselves to say hey, you need peace, we need peace, all of us do something for you. >> reporter: activists say, yes, this was a publicity stunt even their the marianne never made it to the shores of gaza they consider the protest a success and say it turned the world's focus to the plight of the palestinians even if only for a short time.
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natasha with al jazeera. >> as we are reporting that vessel is being escorted to the israeli port of ashdodd where we are joined to tell us what the very latest is and what you are hearing about the situation of the flotilla. >> well, as you rightly say that ship that was intercepted in international waters by israel's navy will be brought here to ashdod and once those activists which include one, at least one israeli politician and israeli politician former president of tunisia and a sitting member of the european parliament as well as a few dozen activists they will be processed by israeli security forces and they will then be deported from the country and barred from israel for at least a decade. now, as we have been hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu he described this as a publicity stunt and the israeli defense minister
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took it a step further saying that there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza whatsoever. here is what he said. >> translator: there is no humanitarian crisis in gaza or anything similar to bring aid to the strip. more over there was no humanitarian aid on the vessel but a provocation that is part of the legalization of this. >> reporter: but his definition are metric if you will of what a humanitarian crisis clearly differs from the activists on that boat and indeed international aid agencies says that gaza is in the grips of a major humanitarian crisis and they are not starving and no outbreak of disease the situation is extraordinary dire, tens of thousands of people remain homeless after last year's war in which over 2000 people were killed and 10,000 people were badly injured and many hospitals haven't been rebuilt but perhaps more
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importantly it's been nearly a year since that conflict and nothing has been reconstructed since then most likely or rather most because the blockade has not been lifted and crucial construction supplies have not been brought in. >> thank you for that update from ashdod port and we were just talking about the war in gaza last year. meanwhile the united nations human rights council is going to begin a debate on the report on 51-day war in gaza last summer and the inquiry commission called on international community with israel and palestine to hold people for possible war crimes. the year-long inquiry found evidence of serious human rights problems with syria and hamas and accused israel of using fire power including more than 6,000 air strikes and shelling densely populated areas of gaza. while the report says that 65% of those killed in the war were civilians, a third of which were
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children. it said palestinian armed groups tired thousands of mortars and rockets to israel and killed suspected israel collaborators. well, israel is saying it plans to release a prominent person on the edge of death and will end his 55 day hunger strike and held in 11 months in administrative attention used by israel to detain palestinians without charge or even trial. interior ministry arrested a group of aspects associated with a 23-year-old gunman behind friday's attack and interior ministers of britain and germany and tunisia visited the scene of the attack remembering those killed 39 people were killed, most of them british nationals. >> what happened here last friday was a despicable act of
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cruelty. how could a place of such beauty, of relaxation and happiness be turned into such a scene of brutality and destruction? sadly we know that at least 18 british tourists died in this terrorist attack but we know also that that number will rise. >> reporter: we will cross over joined to us to talk to us more about the arrests that have been made in association with that attack attack. >> basically the interior minister arrested a group of people associated with the gunman who was behind the attack targeting a hotel in the coastal city. but the tunisia government is under mounting pressure by the international community particularly members from governments like britain,
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france, germany where they have most of the victims to sort of provide them with further details about exactly what happened and why the security was not really deployed in those areas and at the same time they wanted to know whether he was acting on his own or he was affiliated with groups like al-qaeda north africa or islamic state of iraq and the levante. these are issues where the government is trying now to work on. >> okay, thank you very much for that update from tunis. relatives of the gunman say they don't understand how he could have turned into a killer. >> translator: i would never have guessed that he would commit such an atrocity. we did not notice anything. we did not feel he would do such a thing. >> reporter: he was normal when he came here and he worked in the cafe and returned home and went to pray and sat with the guys in the cafe. >> all right, so we have breaking news that we were telling you about just a couple
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of minutes ago on al jazeera, that story from cairo where egypt prosecutor has been killed in an attack. earlier in the day a bomb had targeted his car behind a military academy in the capitol cairo. three others were taken to hospital and appointed as the prosecutor in 2013 the same year he ordered the freezing of assets of 15 prominent religious activists as well as arrest of a muslim leader and our correspondent is live on set and first tell us how this happened. >> well, as i say a huge explosion in cairo which is a major shift in how things have been escalating in terms of the violence that egypt has seen most of these attacks have been taking place either in sinai or in remote places in upper egypt in the south and other places. they have been sporadic attacks at this scale being able to target a heavily guarded
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personality essentially represents the peak of the judicial system and egypt is hugely significant and massive shift in the escalation of violence in cairo. >> are we hearing who was behind this attack as of now and why he would be targeted? >> in terms of responsibility there was an attack and a very unknown group called the revolutionary commission of giza that had responsibility then withdrew it from their site and if that is because they changed their mind or what reason we are not sure but there has been this increase in terms of small, unknown groups and revolutionary punishment and other groups that have sprung up where they are essentially vigilante types and at the end of the day there are more than 40,000 political prisoners in egypt and many people have been killed a lot of people are now taking it into their own hands to try and effect what they believe should
9:37 am
be their revenge. why should he be targeted he is as i say the peak of the pyramid in egypt and somebody who has not only frozen the assets of many of the opponents of the military coup but oversaw the acquittal of mobarak and hold with a lot of spite and he seems to be responsible for allowing this to happen a lot of people find him very unpopular. >> under the current political climate in egypt how significant is him being targeted and now killed? >> hugely. i mean there was just the day before yesterday islamic state or so called islamic state in sinai released an issue showing gunman attacking some judges there. there has been a lot of attacks on the judiciary in egypt because a lot of people see it as one of the long arms of the government to suppress opposition but to be able to
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target someone that sensitive in the state is going to have a lot of ripple effects across the country, particularly this is the eve of june 30th, june 30th was the mass protest which ultimately paved the way for the 2013 coup so it shows to one extend a lot of nervousness in cairo and shows how dangerous the situation is. people have been saying now over the past two years that the lack of political room or discourse in egypt will lead to violence and many dismissed it because the army has been in control and violence has been in remote areas but to be in the center of cairo and reach someone that significant it will be awake up call to both sides. >> thank you for that. we will stay we egypt and will review the verdict of al jazeera journalists by the end of july and they are accused of happening the now band muslim brotherhood and peter greste
9:39 am
being tried in absence even though he was released and deported in february after 400 days behind bars and journalists as well as al jazeera reject the charges. you are with the news hour on al jazeera and still ahead, we meet the tattoo artists to the futbol stars and coming up in sports sink or swim in connecticut we will tell you who held their nerve to win the title. back in a moment. ♪
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♪ you are with the news hour on al jazeera, the headlines the european commission president
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says he feels betrayed by greece call for referendum and calls the bail out package demanding but fair and criticism comes as share prices were hit hard in reaction to a chaotic few days. egypt's state prosecutor has been killed in a bomb blast. the attack targeted his car behind a military academy in the capitol cairo and he was appointed the prosecutor general in 2013. burundi's president says it's a good day for his country as they vote in parliamentary elections and they are refusing to monitor the vote saying it's not free nor is it fair and they say they are boycotting that poll. so back to greece and its position is looking increasingly dire major cash withdrawals have caused chaos in the banking system with a billion euros taken out over the weekend alone and the banks have now been shut down. customers are limited to 60
9:42 am
euros a day at cash machines and will lead to a dramatic fall in the amount of money being spent causing another economic slump and leaving greece more in debt as people are doubtful about the future and head of capitol market and research at batter bank and if greece votes know in next week's referendum it should be made to leaf leave the euro. >> the euro zone and their rationale opposition would be to leave the euro zone to reintroduce and there by they have good and extremely successful positions and export things. and once a week we are still going by exports and could do their homework and do their reforms and in a couple of years maybe 10 15 20 years they
9:43 am
could come back and it's good not to have a political solution just to say there will be a member of the euro zone still. i guess we will have a referendum next sunday if the greek majority will vote yes for reforms and for being a member of the euro zone then i'm still a strong believer that greece will be a member of the euro zone but if they vote no they have to go. the u.s. territory of puerto rico has troubles and from the imf economist says major reforms have to be made to cut the $73 billion debt and facing crunch time this week because several bond payments are due and could face default and puerto rico governors will give a televised address to the nation later on monday. houthi rebels in yemen shelled a major oil refinery in aiden for the second time in three days
9:44 am
and houthis first attacked refinery in the southern port city on sunday a massive fire broke out and a witness says 14 people were killed and houthi rebels and allies are battling for control of yemen against forces loyal to the president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. we are crossing to beirut and speak to ambassador yemen's ambassador to lebanon and live from beirut and thank you for being with us and they are expected to hold talks in kuwait and saudi arabia on a draft piece of proposal and what are you hearing about that proposal what is in it? >> thank you very much. this made the raging battles and
9:45 am
ongoing violence and humanitarian situation in yemen the all parties in yemen and said that secretary-general initiative for consultation and only yemeni factions should constructive engagement in this consultation. >> but you sound pretty confident that there will be constructive dialog. where does that confidence come from considering the peace talks that broke down in geneva earlier this month? >> as i mentioned i'm very optimistic that the parties will go back to the consultation because they should look to the humanitarian situation in yemen
9:46 am
and they should take their responsibility in front of the yemen people to find the solution for this crisis. also with the united nations, only appreciate coming from the united nations to present the sense of tragedy in yemen at this time because all agency release to the unite t nations declare the humanitarian situation in yemen right now. >> speaking of the humanitarian situation ambassador when you hear the united nations saying they estimate that more than 80% of the population of your population in the country needs humanitarian assistance what do you think when you hear that? >> i think this gives a good idea about what the
9:47 am
international community should take real responsibility in front of yemen because we are an area of tragedy this time because the yemeni need for relief for medical supplies and many things in this time because of these air strikes to yemen. >> ambassador thank you very much for speaking to us from beirut and we appreciate your time on al jazeera. we go to vienna and a lull after closed door negotiations regarding iran's nuclear program and went to tyron on sunday and that is deadline for agreement for iran and the six world super powers and let's finds out if that is going to happen and cross over to our diplomatic editor james base who is joining
9:48 am
us from vienna james. >> yes, you say rightly there is a lull of what is going on in vienna, the tempo of the talks much lower than it has been in resent days,, in fact, all the foreign ministers apart from u.s. secretary of state john kerry has left and he is back in tyran with the president and leader and arguably this is the most important day and what is not clear of what he is discussing with them and whether he is discussing some of the tougher lines coming from the international negotiators, p 5 plus one and if there is a snack he can take back to his bosses or whether there is some sort of new proposal coming from the p 5 plus one that he has to put to his leadership but the decisions made in tyran before he gets back here in the next few hours
9:49 am
can be absolutely crucial to the deal and we will see foreign minister zarif back on tuesday and the u.s. secretary state stays here and for the first time sergei fedorov will be arriving here, i think it will be a very important day to watch what they have to say when they come back. >> speaking of diplomates james, are they optimistic that a final deal is going to be reached and all sides are going to be happy? >> no one is using the words optimistic but i can tell you in the last couple of hours the french foreign minister has been speaking to reporters in new york he was here in vienna and flew for a climate change summit and said yes, we are making progress but the only deal he will accept is a robust deal. >> all right, james, thank you very much for that update and james base our diplomatic editor joining us from vienna. you are with the news hour and it's time for the sports news.
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>> and we start with wimbledon and yanukovich on center court right now, world number one is taking on germany in the first round and it's two sets up. meanwhile next seed chile has kicked off its campaign with straight set victory to bring u.s. open champion 6-3, 6-2, 7-6 to book the place in the second around. women's serena williams through to the next round, world number one has beaten russia margarita in 6-4, 6-1 and also had a successful start to her campaign and becoming the first player to advance the number 23 seed beating her 6-2, 6-1. defending champion hopes she can retain the title despite disruptions to preparations and the to-time winner was forced to
9:51 am
pull out of the traditional warm up events due to illness and she will start her campaign on tuesday. tuesday. >> it's nice to be back. i missed it for a year and i'm really glad i can be able to play here again. i'm getting better and everyday is better so i hope on tuesday will be good form and of course appropriation because i got sick i wasn't perfect but i'm trying to find a good form. gulf from bubba watson won the 2015 championship and beating paul casey in a playoff in connecticut. the player both finished the fourth round at 16 under par and casey has the advantage going in the second playoff hole and made a complete mess of it sending the ball straight into the crowd. and watson managed a birdie putt
9:52 am
to claim the hole at river highlands and it's the sixth time since 2004 the tournament has been decided in a playoff. cricket in sri lanka and needed it to chase down a target of 153 on the final day in columbia and they did that with ease losing three wickets with scoring a half century. result means that sri lanka levels the three match series one on and will begin on friday. justin has sprinted his way into the history books at the u.s. trials. sending a warning to the competition he will face at the world championships in august. and he had two doping bans with a new personal best in the final of the men's 200 meters and
9:53 am
1.9.57 seconds is a new record for the meter and he is the fifth fastest 200 meter runner in history. major league baseball and los angeles beat the mariners on sunday and got an rbi singles to put the angels ahead in the 8th inning and now the mariners turn to come back and did just that in the ninth and paul segar a solo home run to put them on level terms but in the next inning they threw the game away letting la score off a wild pitch and final was 3-2 to angels. and now two of south america's biggest rivals on the pitch at peru and host chile out of fourth place in the copa american finals in santiago later on monday and crashed bolivia 3-1 and they fought a
9:54 am
war with in the 19th century in a time known as the pacific classic. peru were beat 3-0 in the last encounter friendly and finished and coach feels history will count for little when play gets underway. >> translator: i don't see it in a complex way. the bottom line is in the match we are 11 against 11 and we are the people shaktar pace -- participating in the spectacle and we can face the chile and peru team and i think we can put on a good show. and there is more sport on our website for the latest go to al and of course more on copa america with doreen. >> not just watching for skills and they are inspiring people who want the latest tattoos and
9:55 am
we have more. >> reporter: movie stars have their favorite dress designers but when it comes to futbol players for many this is the man to see. >> here i am with nidal and i tattooed him in italy. >> reporter: chile tattoo artist has made a name for himself tattooing some of the most famous stars especially people from chile who can't seem to get enough. >> translator: mostly the images are good luck charms and names or portrait of their children or mother symbol meant to protect their career. >> reporter: english futbol star david beckam was the pioneer and not just them but fans demand tattoos. >> europe and south america, it's so pronounced but in our society the futbol player is an important person and there are a lot of youngsters that want to follow in their footsteps so imagine they want to copy their
9:56 am
look and they want the haircut and others too. >> reporter: tattoos are a worldwide fashion but following the trends set by futbol stars is something that took off on a mass level a year ago during the world cup in brazil and it was during that world cup that paris most famous tattoo made headlines, during elimination game chile striker last-men shot hit the cross bar depriving chile of victory over brazil and a moment he had this tattoo and the words one centimeter from glory. he says when players can't come to him he goes to them with his tattoo kit as far as dubai. right now though he is booked solid until september at home in chile hosting the all important regional cup championship. and an event that win or lose he
9:57 am
knows his famous clients will want to remember with a new tattoo. i'm with al jazeera, santiago. well, investigation is underway after an unmanned rocket and its way to the international space station exploded shortly after lift off from florida, it's a third cargo mission to fail in eight months the rocket launched by nasa commercial space x was carrying 18,000 science and research materials and the company is saying the upper section of the rocket blew up due to pressure in the liquid oxygen tank. that is a daily llama and is visiting the festival and held east year the in the southwest of england and the leader of buddhist said he was dismayed at the ungoing violence in syria, iraq as well as nigeria. thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera. we have much more news in just a moment or two. see you then. ♪
9:58 am
>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity.
9:59 am
>> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? >> "faultlines". al jazeera america's award-winning investigative series. monday, 10:00 eastern. on al jazeera america. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on not just in this country but around the world. >> if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution. >> this goes to the heart of the argument >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target only on al jazeera america >> on al jazeera america >>'s a vital part of who we are... >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... don't try this at home!
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>> tech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america >> egypt's state prosecutor has been killed in a bomb attack in cairo. >> also coming up, germany's chancellor criticizes greece saying its government has not been able to compromise on a debt deal. the africa union said that they will not be freed. >> we're waiting for our government to act. we're