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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 30, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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a powerful statement on iran from president obama just moments ago. greece is back at the negotiating table as the clock ticks down towards a huge payment for the international monetary fund and a possible default. >> today i'm proud to announce my candidacy for republican nomination for president of the united states of america. new jersey governor chris christie joins the race in the republican field. could his political past haunt his bid for the oval office?
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this is al jazeera america live from new york city i'm randall pinkston in for tony harris. president obama says he's willing to walk away from nuclear talks with iran speaking with reporters alongside the president. mike viqueira is outside the white house. the president is holding firm on his position on the iran talks. >> that's right. the president is forthright about that. if anyone back in april when the interim agreement was reached had the hope that this was the end of the heavy lifting, that this would be a formality around the next deadline for a final agreement on june 20th that does not appear to be the case. the deadline exedtended. it will be july 7th. secretary of state john kerry has been in vienna talking with international partners. his counterpart, the foreign minister mohammad javad zarif
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flew back to tehran at one point to consult there. he's expected back at the negotiating table. the critics, meanwhile, pounced on the latest delay saying that president obama wants this too much he's willing to give up too much for the sake of a deal over iran for the sake of president obama's legacy. he went to every effort to take a tough line sayingee davis cupped trust rain and that this -- saying that he doesn't trust iran. let listen to what the president had to say. >> there's a lot of talk from the other side from iranian negotiators, about whether they can abide by some of the terms that came up in lausanne. if they cannot that's going to be a problem. because i said from the start, i will walk away from the negotiations if in fact it's a bad deal and so ever since that deal
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was struck the interim deal in april, the iranians and the united states had two diamet likely opposed interpretationers of what was agreed to. iranians say no military facilities would be open to inspections, that's something the united states says must happen. iran says sanctions against iran, economic and financial sanctions will be lifted on day one, of a deal was struck. the united states and its partners say the easing will be gradual. >> the president made comments about n.s.a. spying on world leaders, including his guest at the white house, brazilian president dilma rousseff. >> seems like an all's well that ends well. dilma rousseff famously snubbed president obama, got a coveted education to a state visit, one with all the ceremony fight, elaborate gowns and pomp and circumstances. she snubbed obama in the wake of
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that scandal. it was revealed that the n.s.a. spied on dilma rousseff but across broad sections of brazil society and the business community. now a different story. dilma rousseff having a tough economic time embroiled in scandal, and the state-owned oil company which she served on the board. she said she takes president obama at his word. she announced the german leader the french leader said to be sur veiled by the n.s.a., the president announcing that would no longer happen. if he needs information, he'll pick up the phone, and on that point the president elaborated. >> we believe that this meeting that we had this week builds on a series of steps that continued
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to deepen cooperation between the two countries, there'll be differences, but that is true with every one of our close friends. dilma rousseff the next stop on the tour is going to the west coast to talk to tech industry leaders. thank you mike viqueira at the white house the greek government is in left-minute negotiations with its creditors, with four hours to go before it faces default on a nearly $2 billion debt payment. we are looking live at the greek parliamentary building in athens at a crowd gathered outside. government officials saying they have opposed a 2-year deal covering financial needs and restructures its debt. it's unclear how creditors would begin. john psaropoulos reports from
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athens. >> greece is in the last few hours of financial assistance and oversight programme with european partners and international creditors. when the clock strikes midnight legally and politically greece will be outside of any formal arrangement within which it might come back to its creditors, and say it willon austerity programme and receive cash for reforms as it has been doing in the last five years. >> as he arrived for work on tuesday, finance minister was as assertive as ever that the referendum will happen. >> translation: the most important thing at this time is to secure with sobriety and harmony the rite of the people to express themselves on sunday to the referendum, a rite the euro group deprived them on by securing it. that's our goal to allow the break people to express their
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view. from monday we'll build a viable solution to the greek economy. >> if greece falls into arrears, money markets are likely to increase the cost leading them to be cut off from funding and go bankrupt. with the banks closed for a week and possibly long prime minister alexis tsipras is considering a renewed overture from the european commission. >> this would require a move from the greek government which the president asked to see before midnight last night. as we speak, this move as not yet been received registered and time is narrowing. angela merkel says there's no sign of such a deal yet. >> this answering at exactly midnight central european time the program expires, and i'm not aware of indications of anything
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else. beyond this it's clear we will not close the channels of communication after midnight otherwise we will not be the european union. that means the door will be open to talks. i cannot say any more than this. >> alexis tsipras is unlikely to accept unchanged the plan that he put forward to the break people to vote upon. monday night he signalled that he was open to a last-minute deal. in this game of brinkmanship he sees it after a no vote on the plan. alexis tsipras has to contend with a rested home front, it's not just the media that turned against him, public opinion turned against him with a no vote, and a very vote maintaining a loss of sovereignty stinging greek pride. all may not be lost and a last minute deal could happen if it doesn't, the euro dilemma could
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tear the greek society apart. >> the referendum is artificially dividing society, as people tied in terms of the referendum, whether they can resolve the economic melas by voting yes or no. in favour of the yes vote are those that are afraid a no vat will signal a greater departure of greece from its european partners, not just in terms of a currency, but political terms as well. porto rico's government is set to approve a new budget. one of the questions, how much to put towards the territory's 73 billion debt. officials say the island is unable to repay much of what it owes. >> the inherited debt is so big it bars us from accessing the financial markets and the economy does not generate revenue. >> porto rico's government
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called on the federal government to allow restructure of its debt. under the current law it can't do that because ifs a territory not a municipality officials say they will not bail the island out. a jobs plan from the white house will expand overtime pay for millions of americans, the rule doubling the pay threshold for guaranteed overtime raising it to $50,440. in an arg for the huff i'ming tonne post -- huffington post president obama said it's good for workers who want fair pay and business owners that pay what people should the new jersey governor chris christie is on his way to new hampshire, after declaring that he is running for the white house. >> today i'm proud to announce my candidacy for the republican
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nomination nomination for the president of america he made the announcement at at school he studied. a few dozen teachers protested, call him a bully and liar. inside he said he was running to bring a spirit of compromise and honesty to the american people. >> i'm not running for president of the united states as a surrogate for being elected prom king of america. i'm not looking to be the most popular guy that looks in your eyes and figure out what you want to hear say it turn around and do something else. when i stand up on a statement like this in front of all of you there's one thing we know for sure. i mean what i say, i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. >> governor's christy's approval rating skyrocketed after sandy.
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since then his population plummeted, and christy has a long road ahead. >> a new jersey republican stands before you tonight. proud of my party, proud of my state and proud of my country. >> that is chris christy delivering a keynote address at the 2012 republican convention. at the time the honour was a mark of his popularity and power, he is known for his combative style. >> you must be the thinnest skin guy in america. if you think that is confrontational, you should see me when i'm pissed. >> reporter: and a salty moments when warning residents about hurricane sandy. >> get the hell off the in asprey park and get out. you are done it's 4. : 30, you've maximized your tan, get off the beach. >> chris christie started here in living stone new jersey where
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he was born and raised and left the state, meeting his future wife. he came back to his home state where he attended seaton high. . >> in 1995 cit ran for the state assembly. he settled as a lobbyist and campaigned and served as an attorney, appointed by george w. bush. during that time he earned a reputation as a media savvy prosecutor making a point to tackle corruption. eventually he pursued the highest office and a decade after losing his first political race he became governor of new jersey. he took on teachers unions tax incentive programs and pension reforms, and his tangle became known beyond borders, he's pointed out his ability to work
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with the state's democrat. in the days before the 20 is it election he welcomed president obama to new jersey to a tour of areas ravaged by hurricane sandy. in 2013 he won re-election as gore but not without controversy. during his campaign when two lanes of the george washington bridge was shut down it caused a massive problem. chris christie's aids were accused of shutting down those that did not endorse chris christie. he denied involvement. >> i had no knowledge. planning execution or anything about it. i found out about it after it was over. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney in newark said his office would no longer bring charges, meaning chris christie is in the clear. the controversy took a big
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political toll. two years ago before bridge gate chris christie's popularity was at a high. now they've plummeted to a low. >> my political obituary has been written before it's okay something i'm used to. each of those people that write the obituary has one vote. activists and donors say the person considered a presidential front runner has been hurt by the controversies, but have not stopped chris christie, he plans to head to new hampshire after the campaign announcement a car bomb attack in afghan's capital. one person dies. the afghan's government plan to rebuild a police force and take control of international aid. more than two dozen homes reduced to rubble in washington statement the race to control raging wildfires in the west.
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back lie now outside the greek parliament building in athens. thousands of people gathered. just a little over four hours to go before greece faces default on a nearly $2 billion debt payment. the greek government is in last-minute negotiations with its creditors. o a car bomb went off a short distance from the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. one person died. more than 20 injured when the bomb went off in the diplomatic area on the road to the airport in kabul, near a base for foreign troops. the united nations says it will transfer full control of police salaries to the afghan government within 18 months. the mulity billion fund it to rebuild the police force and give kabul control of aid. >> reporter: inside the ministry of interior this man is teaching a police accountant a new payroll system eventually to
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be rolled out to police headquarters all over afghanistan. >> it's online now, it wasn't before. what would happen is our users would input the data into the system, and deliver it to us on compact disc. >> reporter: some say that led to corruption including allegations of non-existent police officers, with salaries going to supervisors. the new procedure showed how to stop that. >> translation: this internet system for salaries is very good. it sped up salary payments making us happy and it stopped corruption. >> reporter: six months of negotiation between the afghan government and negotiation brought a new deal. they'll teach procurement and administration skills to the afghans, and introduce and train oversight measures all to allow the ministry to take over the $6 million police fund in 18
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months. >> it's a new and strong start with the international community for our professional place. >> it's a big job, with about 150,000 police men and border police across the country. they are often on the front lines, defending against attacks, and doing local policing. there's a provision in the dal to improve training to ensure the force has professional standard. >> at the end we hope they are handing over payroll management to the ministry of intero and the work in the area of institutional development and police professionalisation will continue based on the needs of the minister. >> no one things it will be an easy task. these are updating the systems. there are stations in the capital not connected to the computer system. >> the new deal will not mean changes. if all goes to plan police salaries will be paid on time. there'll be better security
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support. all administered by the afghan government. >> reporter: in new york 12 workers at an upstate prison have been put on leave over the escape of two prisoners, including two executive team and nine staff. convict david sweat was recaptured and is in serious condition in a hop. fellow escapee was shot and killed on friday. a texas law has been blocked creating strict standard for the abortion clinics, forcing two to close this week, heidi zhou-castro has
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more. >> reporter: in the middle of our interview, inside a busy texas abortion clinic preparing to close wednesday. >> that's 40 patients that would be on a 2-week clinic >> reporter: came news of an order allowing this clinic and 18 others left in texas to stay open. >> i'm very excited. i'm trying to hold my tears in. i'm superexcited we are here and cap keep going. a couple of hours ago we didn't know, and we didn't know before we turned the right out. i'm entitled to change the light bulb and keep going. >> reporter: the high court order stays a law but it demand that all centers meet the standard or ambu latory centers, by july 1st, or close, and doctors performing abortion have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. at whole women's health it would mean the facility would have to be built with thicker walls and wider hallways. the state says it would provide safety, others argue abortion is safe. why is it difficult to make the safety changes to make what the law is calling for. >> it's not that it's difficult, it's not necessary.
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for some vendors, and for some companies and some clinics, it is impossible. it is impossible. >> now the clinic will remain open until the supreme court decides whether to give the case a full hearing. in response to the set back texas governor says: >> why should you dictate to me when i become a parent. you should not. it's a medical procedure like anything else. >> reporter: and you know that question has been said, that's what roe v wade is for. >> exactly. >> why are we talking about it? . >> good question. >> reporter: it's politics encroaching an women's rights, something that will not be settled until a final decision.
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ahandful of states are holding out despite a supreme court's ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. in kentucky, some county clerks are refusing to issue lineses to anyone to avoid giving them to gay and lesbian couples. there's con fusion in alabama where the highest court issued an ord blocking clerks from issuing licences. but louisiana has relented and is now allowing same sex couples to get married. these images are from a paris near baton rouge, three couples picking up licences there california's governor signing a vaccination law making it a requirement for every school child in the state. it is one of the toughest vaccination laws in the country, eliminating exemptions based on certain religious and other
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beliefs. >> a soccer showdown for the ages. the u.s. women's team prepares to take on germany in the semifinals, and get a step closer to winning another world cup. >> the technology is there...
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why isn't being done more? how to make recycling work... >> when these different plastics are blended then the recycling becomes difficult, to impossible. >> can we fix america's plastic problem? >> we can't unscramble an egg... >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> i'm standing in a tropcal wind storm... >> ...can effect and surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live...
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apple launched an online streaming service. it's free or now but will cost. it will charge $10 a month. musicians hope they'll have more money in their pockets. apple is offering slightly better royalties than competitors. a deal will get rid of data roaming charges for european cell phone users if they stay within the e.u. to happen between 2017. the deal with require companies to treat internet traffic equally, but the rules will allow companies to block phones such as counter cyber attacks. >> a clash of soccer titans in canada. team u.s.a. facing off against germany in the semifinals of the
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women's world cup. john henry smith is following the action. >> you see it often in sports a semifinal match-up sure to outclass a match-up in the championship finals. that's the scenario destined to play out in montreal when team u.s.a. second in the world takes to the pitch against top-ranked jerm ni. that has the right to advance to the 2015 women's world cup finals. now this type of high stakes action is not unfamiliar territory for either of these squads. with two wins apiece the u.s.a. and germany one four titles since the competition in 1991. tonight it will be strength against strength. germany bringing high powered offense, scoring a tournament high 20 goals. team u.s.a. bringing lock-down defense, giving up one goal in the world cup.
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the team u.s.a. goalkeeper hope solo, has gone 423 minutes without gives up a goal. she'll be someone to watch. kick-off in edmonton between the united states and germany is 7:00p.m.. i'll have reports throughout the evening from here in montreal here on al jazeera john henry smith in montreal. that's it for us. coming up in 2 minutes live from london - the countdown to the deadline for greece. you are looking life now outside the greek parliament building in athens. there's a little less than 4 hours to go before greece faces default on a nearly $2 billion debt payment. for the latest headlines go to the website
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♪ ♪ this is al jazeera. hello, this is the news hour, hive from london, coming up. as greeks count down to a debt default by government reaches out with another last minute offer to the euro zone. egypt's president says he will change laws for swift justice to though what killed the chief prosecutor. military personnel and it's families killing all onboard.