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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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humanity... only on al jazeera america >> regardless of the outcome democracy has won the greek prime minister's words to supporters ahead of the bailout referendum on sunday. >> both sides stage rallies in athens with some violent scenes. hello, this is al jazeera live from london. coming up, protests in the egyptian capital cairo mark the second anniversary of the overthrow of mohamed morsi.
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>> boko haram is blames for 140 killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria. >> sex slavery victim, the south korean victim demanding recognition from japan over treatment of women in the second world war. >> prime minister tsipras made a call for a no vote not bailout referendum. some violence broke out as rallies were staged by both sides early on. these are scenes within the past few hours. police estimate the pro demonstration has attracted 25,000 people and the nearby yes crowd is thought to number 20,000 people, so large gatherings on both sides of the political divide. these are the live pictures coming to us from the greek capital right now.
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e no rally is taking place in front of the greek parliament, the yes demonstration 800 meters away in front of a stadium. let's hear more now of what mr. tsipras had to say. >> on sunday, we sent a message of dignity to the whole world. we will send a message of hope to the people, because on sunday, we won't just be deciding to stay in europe, we'll be deciding to live with dignity in your, to work, prosper and be treated fairly within europe. >> john is live in athens now. over the mast days, we've heard prime minister tsipras really trying to separate the vote -- veep rate the bailout deal from greece's overall relationship with europe. how do people there view the upcoming referendum? >> well, as you very rightly said, people are very divided
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and polarized between the yes and no champs. both do not want more austerity. both feel that europe has treated greece badly in some stages of the negotiation pros over the past couple months. it's domestic politics that distinguish business the yeses from the nos. this want mr. tsipras to go. mr. tsipras is trying to pump up the no vote in order to reassert his authority in government. he wants the no vote to act as a vote of protest against the way the european union is dealing with him in order he says to strengthen his hand at the negotiating table we never left the table web says, it is part of the table this referendum. he wanting to with a strong no majority if he can get it in
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order to ask them to approve the terms of the deal he was given last weekend. he has accepted it during the week just ahead of the expiring of greek's financial assistance program. he asked for a few very, very modest tweaks and time delays in execution of parts of the program. i'm not entirely sure what he would intend to improve upon on monday. i think that the very best we can hope that he is at least allowed to get back into the negotiation process, because even that is in question now that the program has expired. >> what are you hearing about whether people think mr. tsipras can survive this political gamble? >> well, that's what this vote is really about, about the sighful of mr. tsipras and his government. if he gets a strong yes vote, he may well find hips out. he may have to have it the opposition parties who are driving the yes campaign against him into a sort of national
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unity government and ask them to take part in the negotiation in brussels next week. that may even be a demand that his creditors will make depending on the result. i think that the internal politics are at least half the story here. the game with creditors has played out really. mr. tsipras tried using the referendum against them. it didn't work. he had to go back to them and say all right we'll accept your plan. i don't think the referendum is about whether the creditors will give him something substantially better than what he's got. i don't know anyone to expect that at all. whether the yes o. no votes carry it, we expect austerity either way. >> thanks very much live from athens as people from both sides of the political divide continue to rally.
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>> >> one person killed during clashes between anti government protestors and egyptian police, according to the country's health ministry. a rally marking with it years since the coup that tall would mohamed morsi the group called on all egyptians to join them. we were soon dispersioned by police. unauthorized common stations have banded egypt. the government is accused of human rights violations and organizing the killings of several opposition members. we have more. egypt's anti co alliance and party opposition are asking for an investigation of what they say are more massacres and abuses. we think in london several opposition leaders are calling on the world to intervene.
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>> we call for an investigation by the united nations and home rights organizations and the how many rights council of the united nations massacres took place in 2013. >> a member of the freedom and justice party has this warning. >> cairo is gradually turning into a battleground and egypt facing the same does in newspaper as iraq and syria. >> it's been two years since president sisi led the military coo against the democratically elected president of the muslim brotherhood. sisi has promised to bring stability. hit contribution say he is crocking on on dissent and it is feared silencing is what is to
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come. on friday, the 14th member of the group was killed this week. his family says he was as i had napped and tortured by government forces. sisi is backed by new laws. he demanded to confront what he called terrorism after monday car bomb attack killed egypt's top prosecutor. to the saw the egypt's ministry of defense has produced this video, showing what it called the terrorist plot in sinai on wednesday. this video also shows picture of the muslim brotherhood leaders describing them as enemies of the nation and religion. military commanders say 19 attackers were killed. there was no mention of the army's casualties despite the
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fer rossty of the attacks. 17 soldiers were killed, although the military cat is much higher. the government said it is at war in sinai and the country in turmoil. in egypt there are no differences between political parties and armed groups. the government is treating them the same. al jazeera. >> egyptian army's released a video of what it says, but clashes between soldiers and fighters link to isil wednesday. the fighters are from the group which is an affiliate of islamic state of iraq and the levant. they attacked 15 check points in north sinai. voluntarily injuries complained what happened. the other than said at least 117 people died in the fighting
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wednesday, including 17 soldiers. >> moving 140 people killed in a string of attacks in northeastern nigeria, boko haram is blind for the onslaught. a government officials say several mosques were attacked in the town wednesday night. 97 duties and children were filled there. two other killings were also attacked. on thursday, a bomb went off. we have more from the capital. >> more details are coming out about the nature of these attacks in the northeast. we know a suicide bomber was behind the tech on that mallory and happened just a few merits from from the correct point. vigilantes who have been supporting the minute city
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carried on. eyewitness accounts are emergion. we're getting a picture of extreme violence that took place, apparently when boko haram attacked, they stormed a mosque where they killed men and boys operating. they but should the corpses of those they killed. they attacked people in their homes, women and children, in some cases gang down these women and setting ablaze homes and businesses in the area. this latest violence will be a huge worry to the new government who came to power on a ticket of eliminating boko haram. there's been much diplomatic effort by the new president to try and work out a strategy to defeat the group involving chad and niger. reports of these attacks will make many feel all the effort
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made by the new government are not felt on the ground if boko haram are still able to launch these kinds of attacks. >> a syrian kurdish fighting force is 50 kilometers from raqqa. the y.p.g. advance has been described as the most serious threat to islamic state of iraq and the levant since that group declared a caliphate. now the kurds are currently the u.s. led coalitions only fighting force that is stationed on the ground, but syrian arabs are now questioning that cooperation, as zeina hodor reports. expelled from their homes kurds are no longer welcome. families move to the north. living under isil, these kurds were forced to pledge allegiance to the group.
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after the c.p.g. advanced, isil accused them of cooperating with what it calls the crusader coalition. >> they give us 24 hours to leave or they would behead us. they are afraid of the kurds and worried about losing the city. isil has been digging trenches along the cities perimeter. >> the y.p.g. helped with coalition airstrikes closed the main route to supply from turkey but it's main stronghold is far from being under siege. they have no plans to advance towards the arab city. any future batting would have to be fought without the coalition. >> y.p.g. is not interesting in
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taking the city. there are maybe stream opposition groups ready to fight isil in raqqa but need air support. the coalition doesn't somalia willing to support them. want coalition only supports the kurds. >> syrians have started to question the cooperation with the y.p.g. for now the kurds are treated by the west as the only viable and reliable partner on the ground in syria which is angering arabs who think there is only so much the g.p.g. can or is willing to do. >> the palestinian group hamas is cracking down on fighters claiming affiliation with the islamic state of iraq and the levant that it follows a threat by isil leaders in syria.
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they have vowed to overthrow hamas. >> this is the gaza faction now claiming affiliation to the islamic state of iraq and the levant. in this video, the leader of the group pledges allegiance to islamic state of iraq and the levant and calls for attacks against anyone who works against it. >> we ever made the decision to stand by you. you have thousands of supporters in palestinian lands. we are ready to support you and tonight on your demand. >> three rockets have been successfully fired at israel. the israeli military responded. after denying the existence of the group hamas which controls
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the gaza strip arrested armed suspecting. >> there are armed groups operating across gaza. most are strong, loosely structured but according to analysts, they are sustained in part by former members who pledged to the sinai peninsula in egypt following a hamas led crackdown three years ago. a view that contradicts israel's accusation that hamas must provide support in the sinai. whatever the case,s isil threat is growing in gaza. earlier this week, the leaders of isil threatened to overthrow hamas for agreeing a truce with
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israel and not being religious enough. >> we deal with these groups in a few ways. first with dialogue. we try to convince them to move away from this ideology. second is a security approach for those who try to dough stabilize gaza, including arrests. we use our own communication team to combat against their propaganda messages. >> hamas fighters set up check points along most page roads across the gaza strip as part of efforts to find sympathizers. >> why a fishing net in mexico could mean trouble for b.p. >> a plane powered by the sun's raise completes a record breaking pacific trip.
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>> welcome to al jazeera. the greek prime minister called for a no vote in the bailout referendum, saying voters should reject ultimatums and those who try to terrorize them. these are the scenes where people continue to rally after the prime minister made his address. >> egypt's health ministry said one has been killed during clashes between anti government protestors and police. a rally marks two years since the toppling of former president mohamed morsi.
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>> 140 killed in attacks in northeastern nigeria. boko haram is blamed for the killing in borno state. >> in other stories, 25,000 fisherman who's livelihoods were destroyed are taking b.p. to court. after a settlement was reached with the united states, the fishermen hope to be next in line for compensation. we have more. >> fisherman hernandez heads out to sea. he doesn't expect to catch anything. predictably, his net is empty. >> in all my 50 years of fishing, i've never seen anything like this. there had always been plenty of fish, but since 2011, we've seen a decline. it's a disaster and enough to make you cry. >> they blame the shortage on
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the 2010 b.p. oil spill. 5 billion-barrels of oil spill into the gulf of mexico that summer. u.s. fishermen received $1.8 billion in compensation. mexican fishermen, zero. 25,000 mexican fishermen are suing b.p. in a u.s. court asking for $50,000 each. it's the first lawsuit against the british company by someone outside the united states. >> we're asking the judge to treat us the same. we feel they are giving priority to those in the united states. >> b.p. refused to comment on the case, but fishermen say there is evidence everywhere. >> it's simple. we see dead fish, turtles and dolphins with oil all on their insides. >> fishermen long shared these waters with mexico's national oil company. they admit there's been contamination before, but say it never affected their catch.
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>> until recently, these waters were so rich, they could go out for a couple hours and bring back a ton of fish, but now it's so hard to catch fish here that some don't bother to go out at all. >> francisco hernandez stays onshore most days. his wife asks him every day if he's caught anything or brought home food. >> she gets upset and says what's wrong, we're not going to eat or what? what can i do? >> norberto has two disabled grandchildren to care for. on sea or on land, he heads out every day looking for something to bring home. al jazeera, mexico. >> malaysia is pushing to prosecute those who shot down a
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plane last year. flight mh17 crashed in territory held by russian separatists. >> islamic state of iraq and the levant destroyed a figurine weeks after capturing palmyra. the group showed the destruction of other artifacts, as well. >> as the u.n. world heritage committee meets to discuss the threats to cultural sites by isil. there is a significant site outside baghdad. we traveled for this report. >> 1200 years ago, it was of the capitol of an islamic empire from north africa to central asia. the spiral was an architecture
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achievement. the mosque had room for 80,000 worshipers. it echos sound. >> we have big challenges especially in the current unstable security situation. thank god, the site is now relatively secure, but it needs maintenance and repair. >> because the capital was abandoned in the ninth century rather than destroyed, most of it is still intact. it is now on the edge of a battleground. isil fighters are now just 20 kilometers from here. a mostly sunni city surrounding one of the holiest sites in shia islam is the shrine. the city has become a staging ground for former shia militias under the command of the iraqi government. they've left their mark. inside, there's evident of target practice. although this was once the most glorious cities in the world most iraqis don't know it.
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now essentially, the only visitors are off duty fighters. asked what was here, mahmoud explains it was once a huge mosque. the iraqi government is trying to continue excavations here and hopes to restore some of the buildings, but doesn't have the money or staff. this was just one of the palaces in what was once a huge city stretching 40 kilometers along the river. it's considered the best preserved city of its size of its time. there are parts now that are completely occupied by security forces. >> this capital was built in the golden age of the islamic empire. innovations in art, architecture and sciences spread from here to other parts of the world. these were baths. water was brought in by pipes from the river and then heated. even before isil, the site was listed as endangered, threatened by military activity and neglect. with fighting on its doorstep, the more than 80% of the city still buried is protected mostly
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by earth and sand. al jazeera, iraq. >> asian women kept as sex slaves during the second world war demanding japan apologize for the role it played. the so-called comfort women were kidnapped and forced to work in brothels. one of the few alive has traveled to the united states in the hopes of applying pressure on tokyo. this was the 1,184th wednesday the protestors gathered outside the japanese embassy in washington d.c. to demand an uneequivocal formal apology for those enslaved by japanese forces during the second world war. >> why don't we give them a big round of applause. >> an 89-year-old woman was in
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attendance, she was kidnapped by the japanese, and is still alive. >> to boost the spirit of their soldiers, they drafted young girls like ourselves and conned us told us we would work in a factory making military supplies. we were taken to battle fields. i was 14 and taken as a sexual slave. i had to live an agonizing life for eight years. >> the protestors want a sincere and unconditional apology from the japanese prime minister and compensation to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war this year. it's a prospect that seems more unlikely as the administration distances itself from past statements of regret. >> this is foreign soil here. >> they don't want you on their driveway. >> the following day she visits the peace guard that nearby in
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virginia. she refuses to be an anonymous victim. ahead of her meeting with officials at the state department, she was clear that the u.s. should put morality ahead of strategic interests. >> i think president obama is wrong. he should deny the request to expand the security alliance. crow korea is small but still is a nation. they should tell president obama to resolve issues before giving them the power to deploy japanese military overseas. >> the reason i'm still alive is i'm waiting for the apology. >> al jazeera virginia. >> a solo plane attempting to fly around the world landed in hawaii after a record breaking journey across the pacific
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ocean. the trip jam japan to honolulu set a record for the world's non-stop solo flight. it has wings equipped with 17 shouse solar cells that charge batteries. for more on that story go to [speaking spanish]