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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 7, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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♪ songs of war in the fight for south sudan, coming up an exclusive report from rebel-held territory. ♪ hello again from doha this is the world news from al jazeera. afghan attack, the taliban targeted a nato convoy in kabul and greece cash emergency and banks on last reserves as urgent bailout talks begin and values and helping the poor and pope
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francis's message during his south american tour. ♪ it is only four years, almost to the day actually since south sudan was created and the newest country is in the grip of a bitter civil war and both sides fighting as ever and no progress on peace talks but al jazeera has been inside rebel-held territory for what is happening on the ground. before we show you that we want to put context in 2011 when the line was drawn for independence and south sudan became a country following a peace deal to end africa's longest running civil war and the peace was short lived because war broke out in 2013 after a power struggle between the president and his deputy and look at the resulting numbers, 10,000 people killed, 1.6 million people internally displaced. now last month while peace talks were underway rebels captured the capitol of upper nile state. it's an important oil center. this town has been retaken by
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the army just recently but much of the rest of the state remain in rebel hands and catherine has rare access to rebel forces a little bit further east in paga and we begin with her exclusive report. >> reporter: these are south sudan's rebel fighters the liberation army in opposition. just come from the trenches in the eastern state and taken them four days through the swam and jungles to get here. there are young boys among them, the united children's organization unicef says there are around 12000 child soldiers on both sides of the conflict but army commanders here say some of the children we saw have been separated from their families. >> that doesn't mean they are soldiers. they are just coming with the soldiers together to join. but all in all we do not accept that and we are having all the
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convention of geneva on child soldiers. >> reporter: the fighters are tired but upbeat. ♪ they sing songs of battle and victory. ♪ they have been fighting forces from the government innin duba for 18 months and the mission is to change the leadership. this commander tells his troops that special forces fighting further north are making gains near south sudan's only functioning oil fields and the rebels have joined forces with local malitia there and joined with the government until recently. ♪ . >> translator: we are not fighting for control of world or oil of south sudan. we are fighting the battle who wants to rule the country with an iron fist. >> reporter: they are eager to display some of their weapons. they showed us some of the heavy
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weapons like this d 30 and weapons as well and lots of ammunition and sudan has been accused of providing weapons to the rebels and the rebels say most supplies come from south sudan government. >> translator: we are not getting support from sudan, if we were were would have won a long time ago and it's the other side getting support from uganda and militia from sudan. >> reporter: fighters heading to yet another front-line position it will be a long tough journey on foot but say they are fighting for a cause they believe in. catherine with al jazeera, in rebel-held south sudan. in the past hour i spoke to benjamin who is south sudan's foreign minister and said they have taken over some towns but he believes the government is still in control. >> we have got ten states in the republic of south sudan.
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seven states are under complete quiet in the towns and the states of upper nile unity and the government controls all the major towns and major areas and the rebels are in a few county not more than three or four counties out of the four states so the country is under government control and the system is running and the structures and everything are running in south sudan today so i can tell you, yes, the government is in control, control in the insurgency is what is going on. it's true that in those areas where rebels have violated the cessation of hostilities they attack towns where civilians are located and how civilians get caught in the cross fire because of the rebels attack in those places. >> reporter: there has been an explosion on the outskirts of nigerian city and at least 20 people are thought to have been killed. you remember monday 44 people died after two bombings in the
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city as well. and two attacks in the afghan capitol kabul and armed men attacked a compound east of the city and earlier a suicide car bomb targeted a nato convoy. let's go to jennifer glasse who is in kabul and perhaps you can give us more on the second attack which happened today, jennifer. >> reporter: that's right, kamal and it happened a couple of hours ago in the eastern part of the city three attackers targeting an intelligence district compound in district eight here. the police chief tells us that one man approached on a three-wheeled drive vehicle and exploded that and two others wearing suicide vests tried to charge the compound, they were both killed but not before one intelligence officer was killed in that attack. as you said kamal it's the second attack in kabul and the first targeting a nato convoy one of their vehicles a four-wheeled drive vehicle
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heavily damaged in attack and three afghan civilians were injured in that attack and nato said none of its soldiers were killed. >> thank you for the update and jennifer glasse live in kabul. now talks taking place in brussels are being billed as a last chance to keep greece in the euro and banks are still closed and expected they will remain so until at least thursday and the european central bank has increased pressure on them by demanding more collateral in exchange for maintaining its emergency support and means the banks could be out of cash by wednesday night, a little more than a day away. the new finance minister says meeting his euro zone counterparts in brussels repairing the ground for later today and france and germany told them to come up with proposals consist with its wish to stay in the euro zone and they will address the summit in a last-ditch attempt to secure a rescue from european leaders and
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keep the country in single currency and european leaders are still prepared to talk after they walked out of talks on june 26 to call a referendum. european president said an agreement can be reached but there is a lot of work to do. >> translator: we have to put our little egos and in my case very large ego away and have to deal with the situation we face. i continue to believe, and i shall always believe that a gretske should be avoided and i'm against it. >> reporter: as you see two reporters covering the story for us today, john is in athens, i'll come to you in a moment but let's start with jackie roland in brussels and it's like where we were before the referendum back to talking although the situation is more dire. >> reporter: yes, we are back to talking again. clearly the message sent very clearly from various european
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officials after the greek referendum was that channels of communication are open again and on monday when the german chancellor and the french president met in paris they made it clear they welcomed and invited the greek government to come forward with new proposals but as we heard syria hazard incredible proposals, the fear of many here particularly european leaders from the north of the continent is that prime minister may in some way feel emboldened by the no vote and feel it gives him a much stronger hand and somehow enable him to refuse the kind of reforms that the rest of europe has been demanding. other leaders here are saying if that is how he feels then this is going to end in tears. it's quite clear if greece wants this process to continue there has to be compromise there has to be serious concessions on the greek side. meanwhile no one is assuming here it's going to end in success and many economists and
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analysts around europe are saying it's more likely that greece will leave the euro at this stage than remain in it. >> thank you jackie roland in brussels and let's go to john in athens and i said to jackie earlier that the situation is more dire than it was the last time they were talking in brussels. can you bring us up to date on how dire it has become in the banking sector for people there? >> reporter: i think it's illustrated by the statement made today by the president of the greek trade federation who said in an address to the prime minister we hope that the nightmare of the past week was temporary and that we will continue towards finding a solution. he also said six years of recession have brought us to our limits. now, greek trade has shrunk over six years with the greek economy but faster than greek economy and may have been reduced as much as 50%, twice the rate at which the economy has shrunk.
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the word we here from greek traders as well as greek producers and other business people is they are not only being squeezed by the lack of liquidity of what would be commercial finances, the banks, but also from the lack of liquidity in the marketplace and from falling demand and they themselves now have to finance their own imports and exporters from europe are demanding cash up front and means a business person has to get together money in order to purchase another shipment of stock and that makes staying in business extremely precurious and means you have to invest upfront in every item of stock you are prepared to sell with no guarantees and your sale also be as quick as you need them to be in order to cover your losses. and who you quoted earlier has of course made encouraging remarks to speak and offer
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proposals today but said ominous things and his statement is there are those who secretly or openly are working to exclude greece from the euro zone. let's not forget how politically difficult this agreement is going to be. greece is walking into a hornet's nest and they are not disposed after they said in previous meetings and the prime minister himself is somewhat out of favor having walked out of talks a week ago so we need i think to see that the greeks are first of all consill silconsill -- consilatory for the talks to go anywhere today. >> john is in athens thank you, john deadline day for talks in iran and six world powers meeting in vienna and an update on that. >> if you don't like it go back to where their fathers or their parents came from we don't need them here in this country if they act like that. >> reporter: former australia olympian speaking as they have
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plunged into a racism controversy. ♪
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>> wildfires lit by arsonists. >> this sounds like it happened in a flash. >> millions in damages. and the tragic human cost. >> he's not here anymore. >> find out how experts are fighting back. ♪ we are back with the top stories here on al jazeera, rebels in south sudan captured a major oil center in the northern part of the country. the main town of malakal has been retaken by the army much of the upper nile state remains in rebel hands. two attacks in the afghan capitol kabul on tuesday, armed men attacked an intelligence compound in the east earlier a
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suicide car bomb targeted a nato convoy and afghans claimed responsibility for that. european finance ministers started arriving in brussels with talks for a residence crew deal for greece and the banks are closed and down to last reserves of cash. in addition to that one-third of greeks do not have access to healthcare and for many clinics are providing a lifeline and we have more on that from the second largest city in greece. >> reporter: it's a busy day at this charity clinic. patients keep arriving hoping to have pain relieved in more ways than one. everyone working here is a volunteer. professionals who fill in where the government can't during these days of austerity. >> we want to stay a european country, to remain european
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country but many of these people they cannot smell what europe is any more. >> reporter: the clinic is run on donations and is political in its origins. it is clearly siding with the government with a no vote. when the clinic opened it was migrants seeking treatment but over the past four years the number of greek patients has increased steadily. on this day they are the majority in the waiting room, greeks who lost their jobs and with it all access to social security and healthcare. and he owned a furniture factory for 30 years. he sold it four years ago. he suffers from a tumor on his lung lung. >> translator: i can't go to the hospital. i don't have insurance. i couldn't pay for it. the only solution for me to be alive is to come here. if i didn't come here i would be dead. >> reporter: the wait can be
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long and frustrating at times but with the never ending crisis community clinics are a lifeline for many and this is an un unemployment electrical engineer and he is o optimistic except when it comes to his country. >> really realistic and engineer and technical and more and more going down. >> reporter: the volunteers listen sympathetically but are not immune to the crisis. and he only had this unpaid job since he graduated a year ago. now he is looking to travel abroad. abroad. >> and where i go to find a job, netherlands and it's very difficult. so we have arranged to be a good
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dentist and you want good situations put in place. >> reporter: his patients however will be left behind wondering when their country will come out of the european emergency rule. al jazeera. dozens of iraqi soldiers are reports to have been killed in several sue died bomb attacks by i.s.i.l. fighters. and we have an update from baghdad. >> reporter: there have been major suicide bomb attacks by i.s.i.l. some of them in areas where there is fierce fighting to regain control. one of those areas is beji one of the biggest refinery complex north of baghdad. after months of fighting that was retaken by iraqi security forces but there is fierce fighting again, at least three suicide vehicle bombs were detonated in the area killing several iraqi security forces and associated fighters fighting with them. in the western anbar city one of
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the few areas of that huge western province not already held by i.s.i.l. reports as well of multiple vehicle suicide bombs attacking both iraqi army and tribal fighter installations and areas near the dam and included bulldozers packed with explosives and an indication of the tactics that i.s.i.l. is increasingly using and an indication they are coming back in areas that they have lost over the past few months of fighting. now the u.s. president barack obama says he is determined to beat i.s.i.l. the u.s.-led coalition is intensifying its campaign against the group with some of the heaviest bombing since it began air strikes last separate and at least 19 of air strikes carried out in iraq and syria on sunday. kurdish peshmerga forces in iraq are helping on the ground and say they are caught up in i.s.i.l. attack near the city of kurkook and obama says the focus
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is on taking out i.s.i.l. leaders and infrastructure and regions in the middle east are united in the fight. >> i.s.i.l. weaknesses are real. i.s.i.l. is surrounded by countries and communities committed to its destruction. it has no airforce. our coalition owns the skies. i.s.i.l. is backed by no nation. it relies on fear sometimes executing its own dissolutioned fighters and unrestrained brutality often creates enemies and in short the losses in both syria and iraq prove that i.s.i.l. can and will be defeated. >> reporter: saudi arabia arrested three brothers on charges of being linked to a suicide boppmmbing on a shia mosque and dozens killed at the mosque in kuwait city after prayers and have not been named but he is the fourth brother and with
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i.s.i.l. apparently in syria. fighting between houthi rivals and the port city of aiden. 19 houthi fighters have been killed and clashes since sunday to recapture an area in the city which fell to the houthis earlier. and doctors in aiden say at least 260 people have died of mosquito-born infections like malaria and typhoid and has come to a halt because of fighting. rebels stopping food and medicine from being delivered two cities and hospitals is running out of medicine and fuel is also in short supply. local sources say there are new air strikes in north sinai and military is targeting sinai province fighters linked to
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i.s.i.l. and killed at least 17 soldiers, the photos here are said to show the attack and military says more than 240 fighters died in the offensive. deadline day in vienna and foreign ministers from six world powers meet without iran counterpart for a last-minute breakthrough on tehran program and an arms embargo remain sticking points and iran wants international sanctions to be lifted which crippled the economy and the oil exports. >> reporter: this is the deadline day but remember one week ago was the deadline day, this is the extended deadline and there is ever when you near these deadlines things get very tense and a little bit of drama and going on right now. there were two full meetings that took place between the p 5 plus 1 and iran and one of those
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meetings went on until the early hours of the morning and the first meeting i am told it was good, the second meeting perhaps not so good and it's interesting since this morning here in vienna there has not been a meeting of all of the participants, all of those countries negotiating with iran, p 5 plus 1 and iran. i spoke a short time ago to one iran diplomate and says for now no meeting is scheduled of everyone but what is happening and what started about 30 minutes ago is a meeting of those that are negotiating with iran, the p 5 plus 1 and talking about stumbling blocks and negotiation strategy and deadline because they can't just let this deadline sit and pass the deadline without doing something. that is because the interim deal that is in place has to be extended otherwise it collapses so at some point i think in the coming hours they are going to have to make an announcement and say we are extending the interim deal and that of course creates
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a new deadline. pope francis has celebrated an open air mass in ecuador, the first of its week-long south american visit, more than 600,000 people braved the stifling heat to take part and the pope called for stronger family values and solidarity with the poor and lucille newman has more. >> reporter: the heat was often unbearable but hundreds of thousands of pilgrims were undeterred as they gathered for pope francis' first open air mass in spanish speaking south america, his home continent and pope addressed the family which the catholic church considers the pillar of society but which in his view is suffering the ills of modern times. >> translator: the family is the greatest social wealth that no other institution can replace. it needs to be helped and strengthened. >> reporter: the pope has taken a more liberal stance on divorce
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and home sexuality but opposed to same sex marriage which is being legalized in many north american countries and hope bishop's meeting will help the families in our times. >> we would like the pope to bless our family that needs more father says this man. back in the capitol thousands are gathering hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope as he heads towards the presidential palace and the ka cathedral and he will address climate change and reconcile himself with mother earth. ♪ less than a month ago pope francis issued a critique of capitalism and warned that environmental degradation and climate change was in danger of destroying our planet. it's a subject he likely
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discussed in a closed-door meeting with ecuador's president who has come under fire for wanting to open up protected areas of the amazon rain forest to oil exploration. lucille newman al jazeera. thousands of people have gathered in spain to witness and take part in the annual running of the bulls in pampolona. now, oh, dear a dozen runners were injured on the first day of the week-long festival and hospitalized in serious condition after being gored and takes three minutes for the bulls to make their way through the streets of the northern city. why would you want to? goodness me. now the australian tennis nick has described one of his own country's olympic legend as a blatant racist and speaking of
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frazier saying that he should go back to where their parents came from if they miss behave playing sport and reacting to dissents from the defeat of wimbledon on monday. >> reporter: this could have been just any other game but australia's nick walked off this court and into a controversy. during the match the 20-year-old had a series of verbal exchanges with the umpire and was eventually warned for using bad language. and he reacted briefly appearing not to try and return his opponent's serve. >> you are not denying that that you stopped it? >> denying what? >> you stopped playing that game? >> i kept playing. >> what. >> i kept playing. >> you kept playing but for that moment you were not returning, you were not looking like you were returning. >> then that is coming from you.
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that is your opinion. >> reporter: back home in australia four-time olympic champion dawn frazier asked about his performance and she had this to say. >> they should set an example for the younger generation of this country, the great country of theirs and if they don't like it go back to where their father or parents came from. we don't need them in this country if they act like that. >> reporter: of greek and malaysia dissent and brother was quick to come to the tennis play player player's defense. >> i was born here and i feel i'm more australian or just as much australian as anybody else is here so i don't know. it's just disgusting that someone of that caliber and has that sort of exposure in the media could come out and say something like that and i'm embarrassed for australia of a hole. interrupting the eu policy chief speaking in brussels on the crisis. >> several coordination meetings
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has been difficult and challenging and sometimes hard on some things we get tense and some other things we make progress. the news is that we are continuing the negotiations and in these hours and you might see some ministers leaving in the next hours and then ready to come back in the next days. we are continuing to negotiate in a couple of days and it does not mean we are extending our deadline. i told you one week ago more or less that we are interpreting in a flexible way our deadline and means we are taking the time that we need to finalize the agreement which is something that is still possible even if now we are getting into the difficult time. m here to o stay to