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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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ppreciate it. that's the be show dam on behalf of ali ali velshi and the entire "on target" team, i'm david schuster thanks for watching. >> off the force. >> the focus has been too much on the leadership of the department and not enough on the crime side. >> a major shakeup at baltimore's police department. the mayor fires the city's top cop in the wake of bruising riots and a spike in murders. crippling melt down. wall street paralyzed and airline flights grounded after apparently unconnected glitches shut down computer systems for hours.
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i.s.i.l. online. >> we are creating safe zones where dangerous criminals and terrorists can operate and avoid detection. >> new fears about encryption technology. why the justice department says the drive to protect privacy is putting americans at risk. and the new majorities. latinos now outnumber whites in california. what the shift could mean for the 2016 election and beyond. good evening i'm antonio mora. we begin with the miernlg shackup in the baltimore police department. the city's police commissioner anthony batts has been fired. his tenure was marred by the death of freddy gray and the riots that crippled the city for a week. as paul beban has the story. that spelled the end for batts.
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>> former commissioner anthony batts just signed a new contract through 2020 and until now he had the support of city hall but today baltimore's mayor said it's time for the a new top cop. be stephanie rawlings-blake thanked anthony batts but said they needed a change. >> it is not an easy decision but one that is in the best interest of the people of baltimore. the people of baltimore deserve better. >> reporter: the mayor said an ongoing spike in murders demanded a change in leadership. batts firing came two and a half months after baltimore plunged into violence following the death of freddy gray. after the riots died down arrests in the city plummeted and the city's homicide rate spiebd. in may there were a reported 42 homicides, a 25 year high.
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batts called it a crisis and call for help from the federal government. >> this is all hands on deck. all hands every single resource, every single body, every single personnel on the streets of baltimore. >> reporter: tuesday night gunmen jumped out of two vans and opened fire near the university of maryland baltimore. three people were killed and a fourth was injured. but even amid soaring crime the mayor stood by her commissioner until now even defending him from the face of criticism from his own force. on tuesday baltimore's police union released its own report on response to riots following the death of freddy gray, it pointed directly to police leadership. it reads in part these riots were without question preventible. however baltimore police commanders failed to meet pro forma standards on all levels, as a result chaos and
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lawlessness ensued. tensions between the police department and the mayor has been running high. marilyn moabs mosby. nothing do with giving batts the boot but nevertheless, it was time for him to go. former commissioner anthony batts released a statement to the baltimore sun. let me read part of it. i've been proud to be a police officer for this city. deputy police commissioner kevin davis was named interim commissioner effective immediately. antonio. >> thank you paul. computer glitches caused major problems on wall street and in the skies today. u.s. stocks closed with sizable losses after trading was
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suspended for several hours this morning. not before the dow dow jones dropped 260 points. united airlines had problems second time in two weeks flights were grounded for nearly two hours. the white house and homeland security were both briefed throughout the day. as lisa stark told us, there's no indication that the problems were caused by cyber attacks. >> pushing it back three hours difficult traveling with three young children. >> the company scrambled to ground its flights around 8:45 eastern time then around 11:30 the new york stock exchange also went down. blamed on a computer malfunction. around the same time, the wall street journal's website went offline displaying this error message.
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the concern was obvious. was all this concern a be coordinated cyber attack? the good news if there was any these outages appeared to be coincidental. >> at this point there's no indication that it's based on malicious intent or that these events are related. >> reporter: it was a message that was repeated by the secretary of homeland security, during a forum on wait for it, cyber-security. >> it appears from what we know at this stage that the malfunctions at united and the stock exchange were not the wult of any nefarious actor. >> no cyber attack but it turns out the wall street journal breakdown was probably linked to the stock outage. >> people flooding their website in response to the new york stock exchange. >> even though computer experts were breathing a limb sigh of
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relief, united passengers were dealing with a travel nightmare. it took united just an hour to get its computer operations up and running again but that was enough to cause long lines and delays. >> they send us here he sends us here and here sends us back to the computers and they say they can't help us. >> united's problems turned out to be a computer router. but the airline told al jazeera it cancelled four main line flights, 50 united express flights and 800 delays. back at the stock market the outage lasted much longer more than three and a half hours trading finally resuming shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon once the internal technical issues were fixed. it was an event being closely watched by the securities and exchange commission and the treasury department. all in all a day that
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underscores just how dependent we are on our compute systems and how easily our lives are disrupted when they are. this was the longest computer related outage ever at the new york stock exchange, according to information provided to the waps. washington post. antonio. >> thank you lisa. those glitches came on a day when more information back looked upon about computer security. jamie mcintire has more from the pentagon. >> reporter: the fbi says one of the ways i.s.i.l. is winning the information war from thousands of miles away is not just through web pages that sympathizers have to seek out. but through highly encrypted messages sent directly to mobile
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devices, of potential recruits. >> it buzzes in thairk pocket so there is a device almost a devil on their shoulder all day long saying kill kill kill kill. we will see them give them directions to a mobile messaging app that is end to end encrypted and tell them contact me here and they disappear. >> in testimony before two senate committees comey and a top justice official outlined the growing danger of going dark. the increasing use of commercially available encryption to thwart fest thwart. thwart. phone calls e-mails text and instant message apps and data at rest locked-in devices such as mobile phones laptops and hard drives. >> these encrypted devices are
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becoming the equivalent of closets and safes that can never be opened even when a judge has expressly authorized a search for evidence inside them. >> if we intercept data in motion between two encrypted deviceor across the encrypted mobile messaging app and it's strongly encrypted we can't break it. sometimes people watch tv and think the fbi have some way to break that strong encryption, we do not that is why this is such an important issue. >> insist that encryption is an important tool for individuals to protect their personal private data and they say the government should never have a master key. >> if there's a legal requirement from a law enforcement agency to access any of the individual users's data it is not something that is granted by dechtion, definition, it goes through a review before we would grant access. >> but the obama administration
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insists it is not seeking a back door into encryption software, that is a highly controversial idea advocated by many experts in the tech community. they say advocating encryption would only make with this worse. >> that the companies themselves will restain an ability to be able to access the information and to provide that information to us with lawful court orders. >> jamie mcintire, al jazeera the pentagon. >> south carolina state representatives are still debating a bill to remove the confederate battle flag from the state house grounds. these are live pictures from the capital building. arguments for and against have been emotional. some defended the flag as a symbol of the state's heritage while others call it a painful reminder of racism. >> i cannot believe that we do
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not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. >> debate has been slowed by more than two dozen amendments to the bill. supporters of the bill are hoping for a vote by the end of the week. banks in greece will remain closed until monday. that's two full weeks without opening. and strict limits on atm withdrawals will stay in place. grease is expected to present details for its economic reform plan to creditors tomorrow. as jonah hull reports it could be a tipping point in the crisis. >> after the brinkmanship of greece. alexis tsipras makes his case
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before the european creditors. >> we are determined not to clash with europe but to change the mindset which has taken us and the euro zone down. >> reporter: the grandstanding is unlikely to have impressthe eu leaders who gathered the night before in brussels, only to learn that greece would not present their proposals until thursday, although greece has asked for a three year bailout. >> until now i have avoided talking about deadlines but i have to say loud and clear the final deadline is this week. >> final count down, a number of days to determine the future of greece and its people. a long way from brussels, a charity clinic in central athens serving people who have nothing left, means things could get
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marginally better or much much worse. dorks ofdoctors of the world cares for greece's own sickened poor. bettina is a german doctor. >> after 25 years in greece i'm very very greek. >> depending largely on german leadership and german money. >> i'm sure that mrs. merkel and all the german government knows very well the people are very bad, i'm sure they know and many german journalists have visited the place and have a picture of this country and i'm quite sure they're going to try the best. >> but in brussels and in berlin as in life there are few guarantees. jonah hull, al jazeera athens. >> to be markets in china have already opened for trading. after another brutal day on wednesday. the hong kong market is up. shanghai market had been up and
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is slightly down at this moment. the government has taken a number of moves to prop up the chinese-fall tergchinese faltering markets. the shanghai market has dropped 30% since june. it was the best performing investor market in the world. poor people locked up while others released. details on a plan some say will restore justice in new york's jail system. latinos outnumber whites in california. how the form will travel justice in the u.s. the pope has just arrived in santa cruz, bolivia his latest
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stop on tour of latin american countries.
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>> new controversy for hillary clinton tonight about her e-mails while she was secretary of state. she said she had never been subpoenaed by a house committee regarding e-mails but there is contradiction. trey gowzy released the subpoena he issued to clinton in march. she deleted 30,000 e-mails she considered personal and wiping her personal serve he clean. jeb bush, accusing the form he florida governor as being out of touch. the key for improving the economy is for americans to work longer hours and harder. >> we have to be a lot more productive. workforce participation has to rise from its all time modern lows. means that people need to work longer hours. and through their productivity
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gain more income for their families. >> democrats immediately pounced on bush's companies saying that americans work on average longer than any industrialized nation. new york is changing the bail system, trying to keep low level offenders out of jail. roxana saberi has the story. >> when kaleeef browder was 16, his bail was set at $1600 an amount his family couldn't afford. he ended up are waiting three waiting three years for a trial that never occurred. but he never recovered from the trauma. last month browder handing
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himself. >> if you don't have that bail right away you could be off on a bus to rykers island. >> calling for reform of new york city's be legal system. >> while they await for trial and resolution, just because they can't come up with 500 or $1,000 in mail. >> reporter: mayor be bill deblasio is vowing to make change. in a statement deblasio said, money bail is a problem because some people are being detained based on the size of their bank account, not the risk they pose. this is unacceptable. the plan will give judges alternatives to setting bail such as supervised released ranging from regular check ins or text messages. other option he include treatment for drug addiction and mental health. >> our modern system goes way
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beyond that, mass incarceration that needs to be reined in. the secondary effects of keeping people at home families stable and lower the rate of incarceration at rykers, is enormous. the ripple effects that will have is very exciting. >> browder's attorney says that will help where people endure what browder endured. >> that means a lot to his family because they will never have their son their nephew their brother their uncle they'll never have him back but at least they'll know he made a difference. >> roxana saberi, al jazeera new york. >> latinos now account for
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14,990,000 people in the golden state of california. 14,000 more than the nonhispanic white population. state dem dem og demographers graduate school of information and education. marcello, good to have you with us. california is the biggest state where it's happened. texas is expected to be the next by sometime before 2030. but does this matter? all these states already have tremendous diversity. >> well, it matters that this antonio has been a paul reveer momentreferreveremoment.
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the latinos are coming, the latinos are coming. a state that represents the fourth largest economy in the world. in fundamental ways we have been seeing the demographic transformation of the united states driven not so much by large scale immigration anymore as by the settlement of the second and third generation latino origin population. so it is significant in that the economic, the political and the deck graphic implications of the data tell us of a change that is irreversible moving forward. >> right, and the question of course is whether the american melting pot is working. many americans think it isn't. of course donald trump vocally among them. >> donald is the gift that keeps on giving. the data on this is very very
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clear. immigrants in our country have a deep deep connection, miscellaneous larmuscularconnection to the market. italians learned english a century ago who were undergoing a similar demographic change. latinos are working their families are strong they're voting. they long to be loved. >> talk about voting, i lived in california for a while in the early '90s when republican governor pete wilson got tough with policy, that led to the latinos moving away from the gop. how much of a problem is this now that trump has forced this issue into the forefront? >> the math tells us that without getting at least 40% of the latino vote the pathway to the warehouse becomes
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increasingly elusive. so the republican party has to reconnect with latinos. bush did very well with latinos so did ronald reagan. this trump an ticks are antics are fundamentally hurtful to the politics -- >> i apologize we're out of time. thank you very much for joining us tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> when it comes to green energy in the u.s. hawaii is leading the way in many areas but some homeowners say a utility company is standing in the way of progress when it comes to using solar power. jake ward has the details. >> when the owner of this multimillion dollar mansion told his solar installer that he wanted to get off the electrical grid it was a first. >> shocked me. he never seen that before and whether the crew came out to do it they had the exact same response. in fact what they said was here goes our jobs. >> cutting ties to the electric company wasn't the original plan. with plentiful sun and highest electricity rates in the nation, hawaii is a complicated place. hawaii is one of the most isolatecenters of population in the world. it's incredibly complicated to provide power here.
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you can't borrow power from the next state over, you can't even borrow power from the next island over, the water is too deep. things get very complicated. >> these are some of our screens to show how the grit is operating. >> colton ching says his utility has to closingly monitor how much solar power is on his grid, by forcing users to apply for adding to the grid. >> we have almost 300 megawatts of rooftop solar collectively. almost twice the size of the largest power plant this we have on the island. >> rooftop solar systems that feed right into the grid is the problem. the key to deflecting is batteries. >> powered by this bank of batteries. each one of them weighs 2,000 pounds and costs about $5,000.
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the whole system is about $40,000 all told. these were originally forklift batteries, that's what they were designed for and now they're being used as a solar-power retention system. john buse says the batteries solve hawaii's unpredictable power system. >> right at the end when we got it all finished and bought everything they said we can't do it. i said why? they said, because they aren't ready for it, haven't researched it enough. >> it's what drives his customers to defect from the grid. >> that's where the meter used to be? >> yes. >> it might not be for everyone but a few ultrarich residents here may be demonstrating the true be effectiveness of solar
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power. jake ward, al jazeera hawaii. >> i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, ray suarez is up next with "inside story." have a good night. >> [ ♪♪ ] when racial tensions rise in america, black churches seem to burn. sure some are struck by lightening or have faulty wiring plenty of people believe a burping church sends a potent message. what is it all about. burping black churches - it's the -- burning black chur