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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  July 11, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> remembering the dead. nearly 100 newly identified victims from a the srebrenica massacre laid to rest. hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, eurozone finance ministers in brussels to does greek's proposal. the saudi coalition said it did not get an official request
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to stop airstrikes. >> i'm adam anyiy near the dominican border. the dominican government insists it has not begun to deport people, but many say they were forced to come here. >> hello, many people come to commemorate the killing of 8,000 men and boys in srebrenica. a funeral wag head for 136 newly identified victims. two decades later there is much debate over the description of genocide. [singing]
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>> prayers as attention fell on the cemetery for the victims of is he brethren knee shah. 136 more people were being laid to rest 20 years after they were killed. in many cases just partial remains were found. this woman came to bury her brother, who is 33. she said it's a painful day for her. >> i feel better because i know where to come. i wish this would never have happened though, or feast that i would have the entire body. i only have three bones. but at least now i can come and visit my brother. >> among the political figures invited on saturday, former u.s. president bill clinton in power at the time of the killings. >> i'm begging you not to let this monument to innocent boys and men become only a memory of a tragedy. >> and the current serbian prime minister aleksandar vuvic.
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it was an effort of reconciliation when he met with a woman when was muslim. >> beyond the anger there is renewed grief. there are visits and speeches from leaders from around the world. but year in and year out what the events really mean for the families of the victims is a chance to remember their loved ones. there are hundreds whose remains still have not been identified. they're likely to be digging
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fresh graves here for days to come. al jazeera. >> eurozone finance ministers are meeting to discuss the ongoing greece financial crisis. the greek prime minister has one support of the parliament. now he needs creditors to accept the revised plan for exchange of the bail out. >> it has the backing of the greek parliament, but for rebels the own party voting against it, there are concerns about the strength of the government. do the finance ministers believe that the greeks can deliver? >> it's anit's a measure of
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trust. can they be trusted to do what they're promising of doing in the coming weeks months and years. >> an once bustling shipyard a few miles away, they've been waiting for good news for years. once the vital engine of greece's economy thousands now have been laid off. they have everything here but no ships to work on. >> the european union is trying to strangle us. maybe they're right because we owe them money but greece is not the place to conduct experiments. >> there was no love lost here. the e.u. insisted it was almost shut down and since then the dry dockets one of the biggest and best in the world now lays empty. if you're a greek ship owner these days you take your vessels to malta or turkey to be
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repaired. they're finishing off four ships for the greek navy, and then the work runs out. at nearby suppliers it's the same story. this business is working at 20% capacity. at a small private yard a damaged cruise ship has provided last-minute work for 100 skilled workers replacing this bow section that has taken just seven days of frantic work. >> every day it's a struggle because you hear a lot of bad things. it makes a little bit sad. >> ialexis tsipras will have to worry about dealing with opposition in his own party. politics could still torpedo this deal. >> let's get more from
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al jazeera's jacky rowland who is standing by for us in brussels. what has been the initial reaction from the finance ministers to the greek plan, and what are they seeking to do in this meeting? >> well really the reaction in the finance ministers meeting here in brussels fall broadly into two counts. there is one count that is mostly from european nations people like the germans the dutch, the baltic states who are very skeptical about what the greeks may have to offer what they're bringing to the table and also very resistant to the idea of pouring in more money and a few of them, and this is really pouring good money after bad. so that is if you like the skeptical count. in the other hamp there are more southern european countries countries in many cases like the italians may be wondering if they will find themselves in,
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they're taking a more conciliatory approach. that group is led by the french, and the french prime minister arriving at the meeting. he was phrasing the determination of alexis tsipras so trying to take a positive view of this. obviously that very much set up the northern european and their position is of the dutch prime minister who came in basically saying there is a fundamental problem of trust here. they feel that the greeks have not been acting in good faith over so many months of negotiations, and they say that the greeks will have to work very very hard to convince their rube piano mart necessary that they do have a serious plan and a serious intention to implement whatever proposals they're putting on the table.
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>> thank you very much. all the latest in brussels. >> now airstrikes in yemen have broken a cease-fire just hours after it started. the saudi government said it was not officially long that the week-long truce was beginning. we have reports that there has been fighting on the ground. >> places in yemen medicine is running out. aid agencies warn if the aid does not go through over 6 million people will face famine. >> they cannot survive without external aid and without getting food assistance. we do not know when their meal
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will come from. >> this is the city of taste. the forces loyal to government in exile has been battling houthi fighters. we don't think it will hold this time. >> the saudi-led coalition said that it has little reason to the hold fire. >> first of all before the coalition holds to any agreement of humanitarian truce the houthi must verbally agree to the tuesday and stick with it.
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and without these two terms the truce cannot last and it cannot be one in the first place. >> in the hours leading up to the truce both sides express an equal lack of trust but it has happened before, and many expect a weak cease-fire to take place with some violations. >> no one expects the cease-fire to be complete because yemen is a law also country that is controlled by militants. >> on the streets of yemen some people showed cautious optimism and a strong desire for peace. >> we ask for the truce to land longer. only piece of people who work can move freely. >> a desperate 21 million yemenis hope to get some help. a hope that hinges on the possibility of a fragile truce. >> egypt's prime minister said that the country is at war after
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the islamic state in iraq and the levant said it carried out a car bombing in cairo. at least one person was killed and seven others injured outside of the italian consulate at one of the busiest enter intersections. >> meanwhile we've heard about heavy fighting taking place between the egyptian army and sinai province. the group said it's ahigh schooled toallied to isil and has carried out attacks against police. in vienna negotiators including u.s. secretary of state john kerry go on for more discussions. they say they've made progress but they blame each other for the delay. as a sign of growing i am
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patients the iranian supreme leader has accused the u.s. of arrogance. >> two of the foreign ministers the british foreign secretary philip hammond and the french foreign minister are back in vienna. but three-hour are some last difficult areas where they've been working on for days. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said he's prepared to walk away, but he's certainly not doing that for now. the talks here continue, and secretary of state kerry has been on the phone to his russian counter part sergei lavrov. mr. lavrov had indicated might be coming to vienna on saturday, but it appears that his trip has been delayed. watching mr. lavrov's movements are important because the return foreign minister has said all along he wants to be in vienna for the final deal. the moment he gets on a play from russia suggests to me that
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perhaps we're getting close. >> well, still to come for you on al jazeera. suffering on the streets of somalia we meet the children who have nowhere to call home. and soil and sky scrapers farming in the middle of the metropolis.
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>> putting loved ones in a nursing home... hoping for the best. >> my father died because of the neglect. >> are they betraying your trust? >> it's a for-profit business. >> welcome back. watching al jazeera. let's take you to the stop storiestop stories. thousands gather to commemorate the atrocityies committed in
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srebrenica. europe's finance ministers are in brussels to discuss greece's bail out proposal. and more violence in yemen as airstrikes break the humanitarian truce just hours after it came in to effect. al jazeera spoke to families of haitian descent and said they're being forced to leave. >> a camp is growing in this dry desolate landscape. just a few minutes from the dominican border. most people here were living on the other side until recently.
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working, raising families many now feel they're in a foreign land one they know little about where life is hard. for two months this has been home for joanis and his wife. the dominican republic said that they're not deporting people, and joanis said that is frost true. >> i was born in the dominican republic. i was coming home from work when the authorities grabbed me and deported me to haiti. my children are still on the other side. it's been two months since i saw them. >> a couple lived in baronaa three-hour drive from here. >> every day they're deporting a lot of people. every day they send them to the border. >> there are signs of expansion everywhere. people are staking out whatever land they can, a pastor who has lived in this area for years showed me around the camp pointing out all the new arrivals.
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>> in the first few days i made a list of 160 160 deportees who have "h" arrived. finally i stopped counting. >> a human contradiction to the dominican republic government's stance. when told what we found, an dominican republic immigration spokesman said that no one has been deported. this man said he lived in dominica republic working on farms. >> this is an injustice from the dominican. for years we have worked to grow the economy. >> many feel abandoned by haties' government. many say it's a struggle just to meet their basic needs. there is no food or water here. the closest river is a half hour walk away. and the haitian government has been here once to bring food and
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water. we lent joanis our phone so he could talk to his kids. his friends are caring for his children. i'm alive. i'm alive. the signal dropped. the connection lost. who knows when he'll get a chance to speak to them again. >> burundi's presidential election have been postponed by nearly a week. it comes a fuse days that the u.n. warned that the president's bid for a third term could lead to more violence. the vote will now take place on july 21st. move to go somalia now where ten people were killed in attacks on two hotels in the capital of mogadishu. special forces intervened shortly after the at all times began lead to go a fire fight with the gunmen. al-shabab has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
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staying in somalia. many people are living on the streets in that country. in mogadishu thousands are children and the government says it cannot afford to shelter them. >> these boys are all under the age of 13, and no one is looking after them. the streets are one of the world's most dangerous city are their home. >> at night it is cold. there are explosions. you can hear gunshots. we have nowhere to hide. we would like somewhere to hide from the cold. we would like to go to school in the long. >> no one knows if we're dead or alive. every day and night we spend our time how we can better our lives. only god knows if we'll make it to tomorrow. anything could happen to us. >> the years of conflict in somalia have orphaned thousands of children. many parents are not able to support theirs families because they have lost everything. and an entire generation of
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young somali boys are growing up neglected. adults are looked after by their extended families. thisalmost in every back street corner on this road there are groups of young boys. most of them are under the age of ten. they haven't are desperately trying to find shelter and safety in a city which has neither. morning brings more hardship. none of them ate dinner so finding breakfast is a top priority. to do that they must find work. that means wondering the streets of mogadishu. if there is no work there is begging. and beggars are not welcomed in this city. >> we beg. we go to the houses and ask if there is anything left over from the night before. if we are lucky we find cars to clean and a little bit we get we buy food with the money. we're lucky if we can eat one
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meal a deal. >> the country cannot afford to look after them. >> it is our responsibility to look after and improvel welfare of thighs children but we have no funds. we've been promised funds but we have not yet seen any. >> the boys have not had much food this day. as the city falls asleep the only guarantee is that the next day won't be much different. al jazeera. mogadishu, somalia. >> 17 people have been killed in an explosion in chad's capital. last week there were two blasts, and they came down on an attack by boko haram. >> this is the central market where dozens have been killed and injured in an explosion near the main entrance of the market. according to the police, suicider has been prevented from coming to the checkpoint and
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injuring more of the people. many of the killed people are civilians and are women. >> pope francis has led thousands of people in mass at paraguay. the head of the roman catholic church is in south america as part of a eight-day tour. >> paraguay has a history of widespread poverty and unequal land distribution, a and the issue is something that the pope has tried to highlight. >> the 46-year-old goes through the same ritual every day. like tens of thousands of paraguayan farm workers this
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mother of eight had no choice to but to move to this inner city slum. >> we had no money. only $4 a day. >> now her husband picks through rubbish where one man's waste is another man's meal ticket. in paraguay 2% of the people own 80% of the land. in recent years land owners have turned to export crops putting many people out of jobs. many move here. children, their parents and even grandparents livering in the rubbish and from the rubbish the type of poverty that pope francis says is unacceptable. >> that's why the pope is coming here to show his support for the landless and the dispossessed. in a country where the liberal and conservative wings of the catholic church are at odds.
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>> a fellow jesuit works for the poor and supports their fight for better lance distribution. >> the capitalism that the pope denounces so much has taken over here. as i've said many times i hope francis seriously criticizes our government because poverty is expanding by the day as accumulation of wealth in few hands grow. >> in 2012 a former catholic bishop and advocate of land reform was impeached. paraguay has a long history of frustrated attempts at better land distribution, which is why here in people say for the pope's visit to make a difference would truly take a miracle.
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>> hong kong is known as the world's most vertical city with more sky scrapers than anywhere else. while there are still stunning areas of greenery, rural life in hong kong is increasingly under threat. in part two of our series of food security in asia here is sarah clark. >> nestled in the shadows of these sky scrapers is a group of farming plots. becky is one of the enthusiastic producers. a third generation farmer, she left her job in hong kong central financial district to return to her roots. >> i love this place. i was born and grew up here. we grow health food for our community. we want to show people that the rural and urban area can coexist in the city. >> but as demand for the housing rises land like this is being
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snapped up by developers and farmers are driven out. becky au's family has joined with three other households to create a cooperative in a bid to survive the encroaching urban wall. >> food are driving more consumers to buy local and organic produce. one reason is fresh. it's much more fresh and also the taste is very good. >> there are still around 4,000 farmers who are actively working here in hong kong, but the plots are small and the amounts they produce are limited because of land size. but it's the next generation of farmers who will see the agriculture in the city grow.
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>> they said that the city could boost its local supply but the farming must be protected and. >> local farms are willing to do it. and over this can be decided. >> now young farmers like becky au are relying on the community for support. >> this is our home. we want to stay here forever. >> even so, her future on the farm remains in doubt.
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sara clark al jazeera, hong kong. >> well, you can find much more on that story and everything we're covering right there on our website. >> the wonder of the world's forests... is often found in the creatures that live in them. but the most rare and precious of animals are increasingly falling prey to poachers. the u-n now classifies the trafficking of exotic wildlife... as second only in scale to the illegal drug trade... so vast and lucrative is this black market underworld.... that authorities say its driving more species than ever into extinction. while there have been seizures and arrests... only one criminal kingpin has ever been caught: anson wong... a-k-a... the lizard king.


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