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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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us. murdered marines - a gunman opens fire on two military offices in chattanooga. when the shooting stops, four marines and the killer are dead. we are live in tennessee with the latest stepped up security - the military puts recruiting stations and sensitive sites on alert after the attacks 165 counts of guilt. a jury relates the argument that
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james holmes was insane when he murdered 12 people in a colorado movie theatre good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. we begin in tennessee, where federal authorities are trying to understand what drove a young man to open fire at two military facilities in chattanooga. four marines were killed. police shot and killed a lone gunman. officials from the fbi and department of justice are scheduled to hold a news conference. we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. jonathan betz is in chattanooga for us. local officials spoke out earlier tonight. what did they say. >> well we are expecting officials to speak in a couple of moments, hopefully more information on what may have sparked the attack in chattanooga, tennessee.
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the mayor held a conference saying the hearts are breaking over the targeted attack focused on those that serve in the u.s. military. >> today is a nightmare for the city of chattanooga. around 11 o'clock this morning, we have someone viciously attack at two different locations people that proudly served our country. >> reporter: over a 30 minute peered, the gunman unleashed a number of shots. several were treated for injuries. mohammod youssuf abdulazeez died at the scene. >> what we know is somebody brutally and brazenly attacked
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members of the arm services and officers of the chattanooga and officers of the country sheriff's department responded quickly and made sure there was no further loss of life. >> reporter: according to eyewitnesss he pulled his mustang convertible up to a navy recruiting takes, and shot. >> someone drove by shot through the windows of security officers. we went inside. it was like something on tv. >> from the recruiting office the gunman trove the navy support center and again opened fire. there the four marines were killed. after the shootings, police and swat teams swarmed what is believed to be his house. two women were led away in handcuffs as mourners lay flowers at the site of the carnage, the fbi vetted the
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attack as a case of domestic terrorism. we'll do an intense look at him to see what his connections are, looking at friends, family associates and any that associated with him, determining the cause and reason why he conducted the attack. that is a big question for authorities, whether the suspect was inspired by overseeing groups like i.s.i.l., which called on their followers to follow and target law enforcement targets a clearer picture of who the suspected gunman is is coming into sfoection. focus. stark is in washington. >> the fbi says it's too early to speculate on the motives of
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the shooter mohammod youssuf abdulazeez. he was 24, picked up by police in april. this was a mug shot from that time. he was picked up and charged with drunk-driving. mohammod youssuf abdulazeez liked mixed marshall arts and took part in a fight, part of his passion in 2009. we have video of that. the family came to the united states from kuwait. his father works for the city of chattanooga, and is a soil engineer in the public works department. police samped the family home in the nearby suburb of chattanooga, and came to the quiet neighbourhood in full force and took two women from the home in handcuffs. we don't know if they were arrested or brought in for questioning. >> mohammod youssuf abdulazeez attended a high school. during his senior year he was asked to put his senior quote, and this is what he wrote "my
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name causes national security alerts, what does yours do?" officials fell me he grateduated in 2012 with a degree in electrical engineering. his family lived here for more than a decade. he was known, he was is nice kid and people were shocked when his name was mentioned, id'ed as the shooter by the f.b.i. agents trying to figure out what turned this very nice kid into someone that opened fire at two facilities in chattanooga. >> thank you. joy smith is an investigative reporter with the chattanooga times free press and was one of the first journalists on the first scene and joins us. good to have you with us. i believe you were the first reporter at the shooting. you talked to people who saw it all unfold.
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>> yes, i talked to several witnesses who never got out of the car. he shot up for of five military officers and drove away. >> when did you hear another shooting happened in a separate military site. >> it was kind of happening at the same time. you know we had a team of reporters out. but there was a car chase after that and so there were officers down here where we are standing. that were waiting. but i was there all day. >> and you lived in chattanooga for years. our hearts go out to the families of the victims. it has to be traumatic for the community. how are people responding? >> absolutely, it's very dramatic. people are shocked. this was a local family who lived here their whole life or most of their life, and they
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went to the local high school. a lot of people called us in shock that this could have happened. that he could have done something like this. there's a resilience, also. chattanooga is a down where people have a lot of faith and goodwill towards their neighbours. people are really coming together and hoping to really get through this. >> normally when you hear about people involved in the mass shootings, you rarely hear that they were popular, nice bright. is that pretty much what everyone is telling you. >> yes, we haven't had confirmed reports of anything negative. he was on the local wees lick team in -- wrestling team in high school. he graduated with an engineering degree. he was well respected and well liked, yes. >> good of you to join us.
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thank you officials from the fbi and the justice department are holding a news conference to update the investigation, let's listen to that. >> with the fbi's commitment to finding out everything possible and devoting the resources to answer every question. i'm impressed with the commitment they have sheen and the commitment of the local law enforcement folk, state people and federal officers much on behalf of the state of tennessee, we grateful for that. i'll turn this over. >> thank you governor our nation mourns the loss senseless loss of four of our nation's heros. and another one lays in various conditions here in a local hospital. also today one of our great men
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in blue is wounded in the hospital. not too serious a condition, and someone that came to the aid this is a great city. the city and the nation come around, the families who need support, who have a sudden shock of loss of a loved one that came to work carrying out their duties in a normal way. doing the things that our great military men and women do do protect us and carry out support to make sure we continue to be the great nation that we are. today, senselessly, for are gone one is fighting for their lives. i want to thank oung state and local officials. the fbi has been outstanding.
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the fbi will lay out the details. i want to thank them and i know the community will come around the families the community will de erg they con to ensure -- will do everything they can to make sure lea enforcement has what they can, so they can investigate why this person did this terrible thing. i turp it over to the -- turn it over to the mayor. >> thank you senator. this has been a long day for our city. hopefully soon i'll put my head for a little while. and i'll say a couple of things i'll thing about as a drift off for a few minutes.
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i want to think about this afternoon, when i came back to the police service center with chief fletcher and walked up to see a woman at the scene, telling the chief about the heroic deeds that one of her fellow officers did to help her and save another fore. i'm going to think about another officer at the scene, who engaged the criminal telling us about how the training that he had received helped make sure that the actions didn't have greater effect. i'll think about another officer who is truly my friend who as i hugged him and said good job, shook just a little bit. this is the reality of what happened in our city today, and the tremendous work of our law
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enforcement officers. also i'm going to be thankful that these people who over the course of my couple of years, are not just employees, but truly people that we care about and know are at home with their families tonight. you are going to think about those that aren't. who will not see their families. >> they live in a state rich with tradition and affiliation with armed forces and we cannot countenance what happened to those four families today. so our heart aches for them. we understand as a community what it takes to heel. we are thangful for those that are home safely, and we'll give a prayer in all of our hearts.
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thank you for coming out tonight, as we close out this portion. and we want to answer whatever questions we have, i'll bring up edfrom the f.b.i. he's most likely to have answers about the ongoing investigation. questions? . >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> no, we have no idea at this point what his motivation was behind the shooting. >> reporter: do you have any possible [ inaudible ] >> we are just beginning the investigation, we'll explore that option. at this point we don't have anything that ties into international terrorist organization. >> reporter: was it a lone wolf [ inaudible ] >> i can't speculate on what the motivation would have been or what if any affiliation he may
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have. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> let me say we are at the beginning of the investigation. we have three active crime scenes that we are investigating. it will be a long night for our folks. we'll be here processing the crime scenes. we'll continue to cover every lead and again, if i reiterate what the u.s. attorney-general said, i ask the public if you have information to contact us i can provide our phone number. 865, 602, 7582. if you have information, contact us or the local place department who will provide that information to us. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> we are checking every
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possible place that he could reside or could have resided. visited where he shopped, where he went to school who his friends were if he worked out at a gym. every lead. we have evidence he's been at various locations and we will check each and every one of those. >> that's not been determined as far as how he decide. an autopsy will be conducted. we'll determine the cause of death. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> as far as we can tell at this poison it's preliminary. he started shooting over at the recruitment center on lee highway. moved from there. we do not believe he exited his vehicle, we belief he shot inside the vehicle.
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moved over to the naval marine core center here, about 15 miles away. where he did enter the facility exit his vehicle and engage in gunfire. >> there's no indication that anyone else was involved. obviously we are still at the beginning of the investigation. we will explore any possibility, including whether or not anyone else was involved in this. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> we will not release the names of the marines. it is our policy that we will not release the names of the victims at all. the department of defense will make that decision. >> reporter: what about the police officers? >> the chattanooga police department requested that that officer's name not be released for his privacy, he asked for that, we will honour that.
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>> reporter: [ inaudible ] >> current condition. >> he's doing well as can be expected after being shot. >> reporter: can you go into more detail about [ inaudible ] we are listening to a new conference from chattanooga, tennessee, involving senator bob corker of tennessee, the city's mayor, police chief and the man talking, the fbi special agent in charge. they have not brought much more information to this. four marines are dead a sailor in serious condition. they have no idea what the motive was they are exploring connections to international terrorism but have not found anything and cannot know if the shooter killed himself or was shot to death by law enforcement. president obama promised a thorough investigation of the shooter, and speak with the fbi director and counterterrorism
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advisor at his side. >> my main message right now is obviously the deepest sympathies to the american people to the four marines that have been killed. it is a heart-breaking circumstance for these individuals who served our country with great valor, to be killed in this fashion. >> some military recruitment facilities around the country are sustaining up security as a precaution following the attacks. jamie mcintyre joins us from the pentagon with more than that. what measures are being taken? >> the pentagon hasn't issued overall guidance. the department of homeland security announced that it will step up security at several federal facilities without specifying what they would be and which facilities they would
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include. the new york city police department said they would increase patrols around new york city as a precaution to increase securitiy. and the u.s. northern command has not raised the overall threat lef, but told individual commanders that they should take whatever measures they think are prude ent. a problem is that the u.s. military is on a heightened state of security. after just a few weeks ago. the northern command decided to raise the overall threat condition, they call it at u.s. military facilities at alpha, to bravo, which is something that indicates that not only is there an elevated threat but there's information to suggest something
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like this is more likely based on the overall threat condition, the idea that i.s.i.l. was thaet thing attacks against the mainland and urging people in the united states to carry out the attacks through social media, and it was decided all facilities be on a heightened state of alert. you can't harden every target to the point where it can be defended against these attacks which are difficult to detect. especially the recruiting station, it was a store-front operation designed to be open to the public to get people in. it's not a target you can harden.
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an interesting thing they said at the pentagon is one reason there was no loss of life was because there was a bag door and as you heard from the news conference, the gunman was firing from the convertible, never got out of the car, and sped away. >> the great fear has been a lone gunman that is it importantly what happened today. the other big break, an erik colwell jury convicted james holmes. the 27-year-old killed 12 people and wounded others. paul beban is there with the verdict. the jury didn't take long to reject the in sanity argument. >> that's right, they took 13 hours to decide that they had taken three months of trial to argue after hundreds of witnesses, thousands of pieces
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of evidence. the jury rejected the defense argument that james homes was insane not able to term right from wrong at the time of the crime, and throughout the sentencing the reading of the verdict. 165 charges, james homes was standing virtually motionless as he was convicted of one of the worst shootings. >> we the jury find the deft guilty of murder in the first degree after deliberate raying. >> after less than two days of deliberation, the jury returned with a resounding verdict. guilty of murder in the first degree for each and every person killed in the aurora theatre. now he faces the death penalty. prosecutors put 200 witnesses on the stand pointing a picture of a calculating killer. >> one person was slaughtered.
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>> on vooul 2012, holmes entered the midnight premier of the block buster the dark night rises. he killed 12 and wounded 70 others. holmes admitted to the killings pleading not guiltying with by reason of insanity. his lawyers say he was in the throws of a psychotic penalty. prosecutors pursued the death penalty. >> he tried to murder a theatre full of people to make himself feel better. >> jurors had to despite if he was legally insane when he walked into a theatre. kiss arming the crowd with tear gas, he opened fire. police found him in the theatre, standing by his car. police used remote controlled robots to getted in where they
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discovered an arsenal of bombs. days after. hole s made -- holl s made his first appearance. he sat ahead before swivelling this his chair. for the victims and families it is a chance for justice they have been waiting for for three years. >> we've been living with it. it's horrendous. how much harder can it be. we know that six bullets hit our daughter. >> reporter: after the readings of the verdict the judge sent the jury home for a long weekend. they won't be back until wednesday morning when the sentencing phase will begin, it's almost a trial within itself. there'll be defense witnesses for mitigating circumstances. there'll be prosecution witnesses called for aggravating circumstances.
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it could take as long as a month as the jury decides whether to give holmes life in prison or sentence him to death. >> thank you. >> the grandfather of the youngest victim spoke to the media. robert sullivan's grand-daughter was six when killed. sullivan said he was relieved but not surprised by the juries decision. >> i felt vindicated. i was certain that's what it would be. i felt only an insane juror could find otherwise. seriously. you could not come back with any verdict but guilty. >> one person who survived the shooting said she wanted to hug holmes parents saying they lost a son to. >> a trial date for the man accused of killing nine in south carolina is set. it will get under way a year if
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from now. dylann roof sat expressionless. the public defending said he would not seek a bond. the judge said it wasn't going to happen anyway. pass more than a dozen victims, family members were in court. no one from dylann roof's family was there. >> prime minister joe biden went to drum of support for a nuclear agreement. he made a similar pitch to democrats in the house on wednesday. tomorrow president obama is expected to meet with saudi foreign minister at the white house. the secretary of state john kerry met with him today. i'm antonio mora, thank you for
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joining us. an update is up next followed by ray suarez and "inside story".
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good evening, i'm antonio mora with an al jazeera update. four marines were gunned down if killed during shootings at two military facilities in chattanooga, tennessee. the lone gunman was killed during a shoot out with police. jonathan betz joins us from chattanooga. >> well, we just heard from a news catholic church a big question we hoped would be answered is unsolved - that is what precisely motivated the attack. the fbi saying bluntry they don't know what motivated the shooting at two sites,