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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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aspass yemeni's government says -- hello welcome to al jazeera live from doha our headquarters. i am jane dutton. hours after a double bombing at a busy market kills 50, the northeast has had more deadly explosions. memorial services held around the world to mark one year since flight mh 17 was shot down over ukraine. debating greece's future. angela merkel urges mriningsz to
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back the latest round of debt talks. first to yemen and the exiled government has declared the port city of aden has liberated from houthi rebels. president mansur hadi says the province is under controls of fighters loyal to his government. as al jazeera natasha gname reports, there is 'til sometimefighting in some areas. >> reporter: smiles for the camera and cheerdz all around as fighters continued to soak in what is hoped to be a game changing victory. >> these fighters allied with the government have fought for almost 4 months to drive out houthi rebels from aden. this week, they took control of enough of the port city for several government miles per hour sisters and intelligence officials to return. but fighting with the houthis continues on the outskirts.
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>> they are remnants. we will with the help of god clear up in the area in the next few hours. >> president mansuer hadi said aden will be the first in a series of victories that will lead to him regaining control. the houthi control the capitol of sanaa. they have proven to be a riz resilient 50 oe. analysts says the tight collaboration between fighters in aden and the saudi coalition led to the houthi's fall. he as if it can be duplicated it can have the same effect elsewhere. >> next to seize a lot of areas where there is a resistance on the ground to kind of end the fighting and it's probably something that's going to happen down the road? >> sanaa people went to the market to buy goats to celebrate the end of the holy month of
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ramad ramadan. people filled mosqued for friday prayers. sources say they saw military jets but there were no air strikes. >> we are so desperate from the conflict on the ground. people are struggling to get daily food and we call on god to give us a sign of relief. >> the humanitarian tries was intended to given them some relief. now yemenis must prepare themselves for whatever comes next. a triple starbucks in northeastern nigeria has killed 13 people. the attacks in the city of domaturu tarlingd muslim workers. let's go straight to nigeria's capitol and speak to them. what happened in these attacks, yvonne? >> jane, before we come on to the situation in damaturu bringing you new information coming to us.
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a number of blasts happening against the northeast, but we are being told these, at least 13 people have been killed or tried to bring more information as soon as possible as to what's going on there. but back to damaturu. what we know the attack was caused in one instance by two suicide bombers, two people bombers who detonated the explosives close to a mosque they came on a commercial vehicle. nobody expected anything until, of course, the ex mroethsz themselves, detonated. we are told one of the other blasts, again in damaturu a male suicide bomber and the device went off when he took one of of those small electric vehicles that you see in many cities across the regionshon. there has been no official response to the situation from the security services meaning the police and the military.
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this comes hours after the deadly attack in the northeast which its reported at least 30 people were killed yesterday in a market. the situation really is bleak. of course, all of this coulding on a national public holiday to mark the end of ramadan. >> where does this leave the president? he promised when he was voted in that he would tackle this sort of violence. >> many people are asking what is mohammed bahari new president doing. when he was sworn in on the 28th of may, he promise to defeat boko haram. he immediately at his inauction inauctionration satisfactory money e moved the command to the capitol to maism dura saying it made no spence for military chiefs to go away from where the violence is. he helped the army fight boko haram. he met with the leaders when
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have faced violence from the group and took the whole 6 facing the northwesteast by talking about it at the g something 7 and the african summit in joehan johannes johannesburg. he will travel to the united states where we are told he would meet barack obama and security in the northeast and the fight against barak obama will be top of the agenda. asking the president of the united states for military, equipment and intelligence gather gatherering, a lot going on the political front as it were. but for many people they are asking with all of this going on, how is it that boko haram is still able to perpetrate such violence? there needs to be more evidence of change on the ground to stop the sort of attacks that we are reporting almost day in day out. >> thank you for that yvonne. egyptian security forces shot and killed singles people talking part in anti-coup
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protests after ghee province, many angry over force against the utes of civilians. a journalist and blogger says egyptian security forces are trying to send a message. >> reporter: the people are tense these days. for example, the sisi was praying in a place near new cairo and the security legends were a fit. people who claim thes troops all the way from his residence from new cairo, trucks and armored vehicles and personnel like guarding all the way from his residence to the mosque where he prayed and the need the aids to pass without any elements of
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protest against sisi because they knew that after the prayer which is a time when a lot of people can gather and take to the streets, so they were really trying to send a message that we are not relating any kinds of disruption in the streets of cairo and alex andrea. people around the world are marking one year since malaysia flight mh 17 was shot down over ukraine killing all 298 people on board. flags will fly at half mast in the netherlands on friday and a mem memorial service will be held. most of the mh 17 were dutch. flowers have been ladies outside kiev to mark the anniversary and this was a scene where prime primary tony a bob unveiled a plaque tohon the 38 australian
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citizens killed. >> calls are growing for a u.n.-backed probe. many believe russian separatists rebels shot down the plane using a russian-supplied missile. moscow denies any involvement. we can cross to charles stratford in eastern ukraine where the plane went down. lots of attempts today to mark whethered, charles. talk us through what happened. >> reporter: surgery ab emotional day -- an emotional day here i am standing in the village. behind me, you can see a memorial set up there yesterday for those 298 victims. the plane, the main part of debra fell close to this area a lot of the areas found in
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gardens. there was a church service initially, a corngregation lighting candles and saying prayers. there was 10 then a march holding crucifications up to the memorial here. poimdz read by some of the local residents. it's when you speak to them personally that you understand the kind of trauma they are going through. we spoke to an elderly woman who broke down as we were talking to her. she described on the day hearing a large explosion, looking up into the sky and saying what she described, what she thought were paratroopers falling from the sky and then she realized that one of these peoplewas sitting in a chair. she said that person later discovered was one of the women passengers who was discovered dead who had fallen into a local mining area. her neighbor she said four bodies were found in her neighbor's garden, one of which was a child. they she had they are
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continuously finding little bits of the wreckage personal belongings belonging to some of the victims. a traumatic experience and a traumatic way of remembering tunisia. this has bin an awful experience. we know one of the rebel leaders has been speaking. what do people say about that? there is a camp this believes the rebels were behind the shooting using russian hardware. that's right. after a long wait this morning, a rebel leader shenko arrived and gave a brief speech at the memorial behind me. he interesty will did the not at ukraine. he said the separatist administration would could not. so, he said to cooperate with ongoing investigations as to who was behind the downing of this plane. he also invited the relative
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families of the victims to come here obviously there have been fears for the security of those people coming through into what effectively is still very much a war zone although there is no fighting in this immediate area anymore. but he said that he would supply the security and necessary means for them to come in and visit this area. but as you say, those investigations ongoing and all evidence suggests so the west says that the separatists were behind this attack. certainly some of the witness testimonies given to investigators and journalists from this area saying that that they saw what they describe as missiles capable of bringing down an airliner like that at high altitude. the separatist administration describing those witness reports as being many and as you say, now increasing pressure for this international pry buenal. the tribunal that russia so far has said would be premature. so we are expecting to here the
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results of those investigations towards the end of the year but certainly here today, a very traumatic experience remembering the events of exactly a year ago. >> thank you for that charles. still ahead on al jazeera: coming up homepe musicians spread a message of piece as burundi prepares for tension presidential elections. a study in success. we visit the south african school that keeps refugee children in the classroom. ♪
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>> you are watching al jazeera. here is a reminder the top stories. yemen's government in exile has declared the southern port city of aden has been liberated. the president hadi who fled to saudi arabia says the proof incident is under control of fighters loyal to his government. a triple attack in northeastern nigeria has killed at least 13 people. the attacks on the city of damaturu targeted worshippers starting eitl. the services to mark the downing of mh 17, all on board the malaysian airliner were killed. german's chancellor is pushing germany to back a bail-out. angela merkel tells parliament it would be irresponsible to
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refuse to help agrees. let's go to berlin. dominic kane is there. what are we waiting for, dominic? >> reporter: the last speaker will be going to the lectern. and will have six to 10 minutes to speak to the leaders of the bundeslag. we won't know the result for around half an hour. the buldestag has been debating the motion to give the power the authority to thresh out how much german money will be given to gleas as guarantees and what sort of shape will it take? when that agreement is arrived at it comes back for another vote on it but this is the sentence tral vote as it were. we have heard, for several hours, we heard from angela merkel an impassed plead and to her own -- impassioned plead to endorse this motion and that is
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because we understand something in the region of 48 members of her party of the cdu, conservative alliance l oppose this vote. we have also heard from the linka party, the left wing party, it's leader basically said he felt that what was being foisted on the greeks was the abolition of parlorary democracy and he singled out the chancellor and the finance minister and the leader of the social democrats as foisting this on the greeks and the importance of this vote well if this vote goes through, then it gives the government the power to sort out the bail-out for greece but public opinion here in germany is sharply divided. certainly in the last few weeks, there has been a defendant growing sense many germans are capacity per aid with this greek government and many indeed have said that they don't feel they can trust the greek government to honor the terms of this bail-out. >> that's what is in question here at the moment and we expect
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the vote to take place within the next 10 minutes. >> what are you hearing about the vote? is merkel going to get her way? >> reporter: the social democrats have a resounding majority but if you subtract the 48 to 50 members of her party and take away the votes of dilinka, the left wing party who have around 60 seats, even then that's not a majority against because we know that the social democrats have said they will vote for this proposal. the green party is likely to abstain. there ought to be enough numbers for a clear majority in favor of this motion. stay with grease" greece has
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evacuated residents from three villages because of a large forest fire. we are looking at a live picture now. you can see the extent of that fire and the smoke two helicopters, 125 fighters and nearly 30 soldiers were battling the plays in the laconia area. coast guard boats have been 70s to help people trapped on a beach. separately, a brush fire broke out on the outskirts of athens blanketing parts of the city? smock. two injured after police opened fire in a protest in burundi's capitol. the group was proceedtesting tension outside the capital. people have focused on poverty, not politics. catherine soi explains. prepared for the night.
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>> they leave at dusk fly into the open waters looking for fish without protective gear, strong boats and proper fishing equipment, many have died in the rough waters. this fisherman grew up doing this. they say they don't have a way out and they are afraid their children will also have no choice. tell me what protests. we just want someone who can empower us economically. the political crisis that led to proceed tests against president who is running for a third term in office despite a constitutional limit. >> this is a tough job that needs a lot of patience. on a good day, the fishermen will make about $100 but those days are far in between. >> today is not their lucky day.
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>> sometimes when there is too much of a current, the boat can capsize but it's our only job. we have to do it. our government doesn't care about our needs. >> burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world. about 10 and a half million people live in this relatively small country and most of them on less than a dollar a day. jobs are hard to find and the economic growth is slow. >> we expected something like 7 to 8% since maybe twesht 12. we are running at 4.5. these artists hope thundering drums and music will encourage peace for tense presidential elections. the renowned peace drums of burundi are a sacred tradition and a symbol of unity. >> this man and his son have
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performed in more than 10 countries. here at home he said, it's more than just singing. >> the songs we sing have a message we hope everybody else understands. >> so they keep drumming and perhaps thinking of a time when this drum galvanized people to live in harmony. catherine soi, al jazeera in burundi. >> in saudi arabia two splerz been injured in a suicide car bombing in ryad. the explosion happened on a road leading to al-har prison a high-security facility reporting the teenager was on young after allegedly killing his uncal. a request forea peaceful resolution making comments after meeting with the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry n washington on thursday. the united states is trying to convince its alleys in the middle east to support the nuclear deal with iran.
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>> a jury in the u.s. has convicted 27-year-old james holmes of shooting dead 12 people at a colorado sin may in 2012. the panel rejected his insanity defense and found hilt guilty of several counts of murder. he could face the death penalty. holmes opened fire during a midnight preview of a batman movie. invet gave thers say there is no evidence a man would carried out a gun attack in tennessee, who killed .4 marines in a shooting rampaged before being shot dead by police. his motive is still unknown. >> reporter: the government targeted two locations over the course of half an hour. first, he sprayed bullets at a military recruitment center located in a shopping center. one marine was injured here then he drove several kilometers on a naval center. hear 4 marines were killed
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before the gunman diechltd he was described as having numerous weapons. >> what we know is that somebody brutally and brazenly attacked members of our armed services. >> the gunman was named by the f.b.i. and a naturalized citizen from kuwait. he was .24 years old. he had been arrested for driving while intoxicated. officials say they are looking into whether he was irspired by isil or similar groups but from the president downwards, they are suppressing investigations are at a preliminary stage. >> i would ask all americans to pray for the families who are grief-stricken at this point and i want everybody to understand that well that well be thorough prompt secretary of homeland security so far added some federal add.
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>> jeh johnson warned against what he called unconfirmed and possibly false reports about the ince definitely. >> can indian farmers have committed suicide in the past week according to a government report? they suffered heavy financial losses due to dry weather. experts say if it doesn't rain within the week the cost of destroyed crops will be around $257 million, nearly 5 million debt ridden farmers have taken their lives in the last six months. ucca has killed at least two people and injuring dozens more packing winds up to 120 kilometers per hour, nearly 400,000 people were advised to leave their homes ahead of the storm. an oxford study is asking how
7:27 am
some are -- the albert street skoochl, familiarita miller looked at what it was doing. >> if it were not in the school emma monika would have no where to go. she began aevenedttending classes at albert street school. >> i couldn't communicate with the local languages and so my father decided to bring me here to albert where i could continue the same curriculum with the one from zim. >> it was opened after violence against foreigners began in 2008. one of the founders says they had to find a way to keep refugee children in the courtroom when they could not attend local schools. >> there was a lot of demand from the parents arrest from refugees in south africa having
7:28 am
difficulties of registering their children in the local school it is was when hethey thought there was a need of a better certificate there were at of challenges. >> the school has gone from 35 stud stents in the first year to 10 times that amount today. it's teaching staff is made up of regu ease but it is asked that may the school's dependency om public funding. they have had a 100% final year passrate for the last two years. some of the highest in math matteks and scientists. government schools in south africa struggling with. >> learners here qualify it metric qualification. >> it is accepted and, also the advantages at this level is when this -- they will be able
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to contribute to the economy, the government. >> while schools across south africa are officially closed senior students at albert street school prepare for their final year-end examinations. many of them knowing they have already beaten the odds. al jazeera, johannesburg. >> muslims around the world are celebrating eidl. the three-day festival marks the end of ramadan, feeding from dawn to sun set for a month. a time for gatherings and exchanging exists. this is a markey where people have been shopping for food. it's traditional to wear new clothes for eid. markets and shops in jordan's capitol have been busy. a local charity set up a clothes bank handing out garments for
7:30 am
those in need. in another part of jordan syrian children living in the zatari refugee camp dressed their best clothes, they visited the market: they have been saving money for the day. all of that you can find on our website. ♪ >> four marines gunned down in chattanooga, what led a man to attack two military offices. >> we have no idea the motivation behind the shooting. >> we are live with the latest investigation and the community reaction. >> a jury convicts james holmes for killing 12 at a colorado movie theater.